Chiarelli not a Kovalchuk fan?

In an interview with Felger and Massarotti on 98.5 The Sports Hub, Chiarelli defended his actions to not acquire star winger Ilya Kovalchuk.  Here is what he said:

“People clamored for me to acquire a certain player and we didn’t,” he said. “Well, that team that acquired him certainly hasn’t taken off since they’ve gotten him, and there’s reasons for that. Reasons that we looked into, also.”

I guess that means we won’t be seeing Kovalchuk in a Bruins uniform come next season.


5 Responses to Chiarelli not a Kovalchuk fan?

  1. KST says:

    And how well will Kovalchuk’s style prosper in the playoffs? Vinnie Lecavalier would be a good fit.

  2. ry.boychuk says:

    Just say he’s not worth the money in a new contract and get it over with…

    its a contract and a player that doesnt fit in with this team’s game, granted this is easier to say after putting up 5 against a hot goaltender. An enormous contract like that would hold this team back going forward. he is a special talent but let someone else take that burden. In the playoffs not only is defense and physical play still the most important part but this guy has been known to disappear in big games.

    The bruins can squeak in the playoffs without him and then once there a physical player who can score (horton) and good goaltending and solid D wins a Cup. The only offense minded teams to win a cup in the past 15years have been Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay.

  3. G cole says:

    He’s a greedy bastard anyways

  4. Haus says:

    Well said Boychuk, I hope your broken face heals soon and we see you back on the ice soon. Haha. Ok, now to the post. Horton would be a nice player, whats his contract and cap#? Looking around the league overall, doesnt seem to be much value out there as compared to other years.

  5. bruins 27 says:

    i say we give bobby ryan an offer sheet. This kids young and he can score and play in the D zone. defienatly going to be star in this league and if we dont go for him toronto will

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