Satan injured

Miroslav Satan was injuried in the first period after a battle in the corner with Tampa forward Steve Downie.  Satan did not return for the second or third period.  The status of his injury is still unknown but expect him to miss tomorrow’s game.  While Satan hasn’t exactly been lighting it up since the Bruins signed him, he a much better option on the top line over Steve Begin, Byron Bitz, or Shawn Thornton.  With Satan out of the lineup it means either Bitz or Vladimir Sobotka will be in the lineup, most likely  on the fourth line.


65 Responses to Satan injured

  1. G cole says:

    Oh well.

  2. Hammer says:

    I like Paille & Satan on the 1st line. They have good speed which is what Savard needs to line them up.

    Any B trade rumors for the 3pm trade deadline?

  3. jimmy50 says:

    @ the game last night. On TV was that interefence on Krejci, a non hooking call on Bergeron in front of the TB net, and a non boarding/check from behind on Wideman?

    Seemed the refs let the Lightning get back in that game.

    On to Ft. Lauderdale I go for tomorrow’s game!

  4. Pete says:

    I’d rather have Sobotka than Satan.

  5. Haus says:

    Word is Boyes is available. Sobotka and a 1st or 2nd for him. He fits in the cap too.

  6. cebbie says:

    I always liked Sob – he plays hard for his size – I would not like to see him get traded – He can fill in for almost anyone on the team. I would get rid of Wheeler Satan Recchi Bitz before Sob

  7. Haus says:

    Yeah i like sob too but remember blues deal boyes only to rebuild. They wouldnt take recchi or satan. Bitz is dime a dozen. Wheeler is a RFA coming up. Sob is signed and cap friendly, and NHL ready. Maybe they do wheels tho.

  8. #4 says:

    Sorry I wouldnt like to see us trade for brad boyes back, I think chia has more integrity than that. Look at how the B’s caught fire lets see what a healthy team that finnaly finds chemistry can do first. (minus satan haha)

    • #4 says:

      well nvm.. I just wouldnt want to see sob or wheeler go for him though. Would be nice to see some more scoring in the lineup either after the olympics or now!

  9. Haus says:

    Also to deal boyes 1st rd pick has to be involved, prob have to throw in a top prospect too. Satan cut his hand open Btw. If he can hold the stick, he will go.

  10. Haus says:

    whats wrong with boyes? I know this whole convo will probably end up strictly masteurbatory but he is an offensive minded player who is known to score shitloads, imagine what he could do when paired with Savvy.

  11. #4 says:

    Well I was a big boyes fan didnt want to see him leave in the first place. Seems wierd to try and get him back. I think a line of Boyes-Krejci-Wheeler might be sick in 1-2years

    Thats why I said NVM

  12. Haus says:

    like i said, this could all be masteurbatory. I dont understand why blues gm would consider moving him. Guys that young with a few 30 goal years arent easy to recoup, especially one who has a 4mil cap hit and 2yrs left on a deal.

  13. #4 says:

    woah all this masteurbatory talk, were talking about the bruins here right?

    I dont see boyes coming back to boston, it would be kinda cool though if it happend.

    I honestly dont think that I see anything happening I wouldnt get worked up over a trade before the deadline, so your not as dissapointed when you dont see one happen.

  14. Bruins4life 13 says:

    id like boston to make a move for either paul kariya or jason arnott nathan horton or pat sharp
    or someone who has more the 0.05% shooting

  15. cebbie says:

    Wheeler is not ready for the big time – lucky last year – looks good for 2 minute spurts through some games – Maybe a few weeks with the Prov B’s might do him some good – For a guy of his size he should be better on the puck – lately he looks like an overgrown Samsonov – skate like hell – make one deke and fall down. If the resign him it should be for 1.5 at the most per year – he is not worth any more

  16. Haus says:

    Haha #4 yeah once is enough for that word. Cebbie, if you wanna send wheels to providence you gotta put him on waivers. Still think its a good idea?

    • cebbie says:

      Ya I guess loosing him for nothing would suck –
      No win situation – bench him and he gets worse – play him you pull your hair out – trade him and next year he plays great – that is the problem with most players this year – eventually something needs to be done and you have to burn a few of these bridges – even if the current players hit the top of thier potential there is still not enough to win the cup – unfortunatly you need to move good players to hopefully get the great players to take you over the top.

      • #4 says:

        If you took Looch’s attitude from last year and put it in wheeler’s body/hands youd have a 40goal scorer VWalla.

        I just think wheeler plays soft that fight was uhmm embarassing. maybe somebody can a light a fire in his gut if not he’ll never be able to finish those chances hes great at getting 2-3x a game.

  17. pearson says:

    cheechoo is on waivers…….


    • Birdman2403 says:

      So is Lundmark….I’d take him first !

    • JRy says:

      Also cheechoo scored 12 goals last year an has only 5 this year with a big contract….he scored 56 goals with Thornton and I think he wud do good with savard but idn if he is worth the contract even still.

      • Leafstank says:

        cheecho is worth a shot. i mean, we can just throw him back on waivers if we dont like what we see, right?

  18. Vince_M says:

    I have a feeling the deadline today is going to come and go and nothing will be added.

    #4, you say the B’s have caught fire??? I would love to see what you are smoking. We won last nights game barely.

    • Bruins says:

      i would say we’ve caught fire, except that fir fizzles out later in the game. we’ve gotten at least a 2-0 lead in the last how many games? overall they’ve been playing really well since savard cam back

  19. mcpuck says:

    I wouldn’t worry about not making a move before the freeze. We have a few days after the freeze before the deadline.

  20. Richardo says:

    Looch and Thornton got food poisoning!!! questionable for tomorrow nights game… Satan Out!!

  21. backbruin says:

    Barker to the wild….cullen to the sens!!!

    nobody to the bruins!!


    • Bruins says:

      solid job by both the wild and hawks on that deal. wild get their defensive building block and the hawks shed salary that they desparately need. i would have held out until the endof the season if i were the hawks though

  22. Bruins says:

    definitely NO to cheechoo. the guy is awful.

    i really want whitney. people may not because he isn’t really a sexy name but that will all be forgotten if he comes here. all he does is produce

  23. Bruins says:

    i had a dream last night that i met bobby orr, phil esposito, willie o’ree (wtf?) and johnny bucyk. freud would probably tell me that i’m obsessed with the bruins. oh well.

  24. backbruin says:

    or you like men maybe??haha


  25. ELWOPPO says:

    Bruins in on Tkachuk , Whitney,and Torres………. Lets see what Chia does!!
    PS Whitney and Torres have 17 goals a piece……something to think about!!??

    • BosBrn77 says:

      I think Torres might come cheaper. Rumor is Carolina wants a first for Whitney.

      Florida GM says he is listening for deals on ANYONE! I’d send a player, prospect and a pick for Horton.

      I also would not mind trying to get Malone from Tampa.

      • #4 says:

        amen with with horton deal that would be awesome. Who would you send though?

        I think hed look great in black and gold especially on the savard line. HOrton-savard-paille

      • BosBrn77 says:

        It would have to be something decent for Florida to part with him.

        Maybe Wheeler, McQuaid and our 1st this year?

        I would suspect Florida would want young players to build around. But if we could send Ryder I’d swap McQuaid with Hamill and still include the first.

      • backbruin says:

        did you see what kovalchuk just went for???i can’t see horton being worth wheeler,mcquaid and are first????

        but you never know.

        that seems high to me!

        maybe are first hamill and future considerations!!

      • BosBrn77 says:

        I know what Kovalchuk went for, but there are major differences

        1) We would have to fit him under the Cap.

        2) Horton is NOT a rental, he is signed for 2 more years with only a 4 mil cap hit.

        3) He is young and is Florida’s corner stone.

        4) He is not refusing a major deal and not pushing his way out. Atlanta HAD to get something for Kovalchuk. Florida doesn’t HAVE to trade him.

        I do not see Wheeler’s value being THAT high but he is young and could pan out. Plus we did not have to trade for him, since he just signed with us. McQuaid is a 6 or 7th defenseman and if we make the playoffs, we are looking at our pick being early 20s at the lowest.

      • backbruin says:

        good points i must say, i just see wheeler being worth more then maybe most on this site…although his numbers aren’t huse by any means, i really like his upside. He and krejci have both underachieved but have to me been one of our bettter lines and wheels could easily be a 30 goal guy if they are clicking in the next couple years…so giving him up still leaves ahole in our lineup, and where we plug horton in to savy’s line we lose some real future chemistry from the krejci line…i really like ryder of late and feel wheels has been important in the success of that line all be it smaller then we would like..

        good points though bruins i guess time will tell!

      • BosBrn77 says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I like Wheeler too and I agree with what you said as well. But they have to give up something to get a player like Horton.

        I’d love to give them Begin, Bitz, Whitfield and our first, but I think the phone line would go dead! LOL

  26. Richardo says:

    Whitney wants an extension of 2+ years… I dont see PC doing that…

  27. backbruin says:

    i’d take whitney in a second…great pp guy..but you would have to play him with savy and they would be very small which would out a lot of pressure on looch to grind it out on the boards…the problem i have with that is that looches hands don’t look as good as last year!!!

    butttt whitney can score and i wouldn’t mind seeing the experiment and how it would work out…you could move satan to bergy’s line who is great on the boards and may prosper there!!

    just a thought!

  28. ELWOPPO says:

    Who are we kidding boys, This Chiarelli characture wont make no deal! If so it would have happened long time ago!!!!!!!!

  29. backbruin says:

    I do believe he will make a deal, from what i here they can negotiate during the olmp. break so expect something…we are currently in a playoff spot and we do have a gold mine of picks. P.C knows he will have to make some kind of deal to get savy a scorer.

    we will make a dal..mark my words!!!

  30. backbruin says:

    We don’t sit so bad, the grubby habs are 1 point ahead and we have 3 games in hand…if we could somehow finish 6th we would have a good chance on playing the sSens in the first round and i think we could dominate that series….very premature but wow i would feel good playing them first!!!

  31. Haus says:

    Seems to me that the kind of player PC wants to add couldnt be had as of now because of salary cap issues, you have to fit under the cap. All the picks and prospects in the world wont give you more cap space. At the deadline i estimate up to a 5mil cap guy could be had for picks and prospects, because the cap hit will be prorated. Just be patient, gotta couple of weeks to negotiate something and pull the trigger. horton or penner hopefully.

  32. Leafstank says:

    rumors are surrounding Torres right now. i really dont see us getting Whitney. NO POINT. just dumpin a first rounder for a rental thats not a kovalchuck, Hossa. etc.

  33. ELWOPPO says:

    Looking more likely that were getting a top 3 pick in this years draft! Number 2 if you ask me! The Laughs lost again 2nite! Anyway can one of you guys help me out on this? Maybe mcpuck or backbruin, cuz i know you guys are good at research and stats! Hall, Seguin and Fowler are expectting to go 123 in this years draft. So tell me what these stars bring to the table and where do they fit in this organization?
    I dont know to much about the young prospects of the world!!!!!!

    • Bruins says:

      yeah im loving this. the best thing is that the canes are on fire right now and are leaving the leafs in the dust. the leafs probably wont drop as far as the oilers as they’re in free-fall mode, but it’s definitely looking like second last. should that happen, we’d have the following odds for the draft:

      1st overall: 18.8%
      2nd overall: 42%
      3rd overall: 39.2%

      we wouldn’t be able to drop any lower than 3rd. perfect for a draft with 3 franchise guys.

      hall is a gamebreaker. he’s lightning quick and can do everything at high speed. he is an unbeievably talented scorer, but has shown some playmaking abilities as well, although he usually tends to do things by himself. steps up big-time in the clutch as shown last year.

      seguin is a savvy player. i dont think he quite possesses hall’s physical talents, but he’s the smarter player out of the two in my opinion. he can score and pass equaly as well and the most impressive thing about him is that he’s playing with nobody in plymouth.

      fowler is a step down from these two guys but he is still a potential franchise player. he’s an unbelievable puck moving defenseman that can create offense, quarterback a powerplay, and is very good in his own end.

      for hall vs. seguin it really is a tough call. the question about hal is if he’s benefitting alot from playing on the most stacked junior team in the CHL,where as seguin, although solid before this year, was never that elite player that everyone talked about.

      • ELWOPPO says:

        Thanks for the info Bruins.Interesting stuff! I Hope its Hall but by the looks of it Seguin sounds like a great player aswel……We will see?

  34. psands says:

    pc’s kovalchuk comments really interest me. i was kind of hoping that they would move space and try to sign him in the off season, but if pc really believes what he said about kovalchuk, maybe he is not even thinking about that.

    it is interesting that the devils have not been doing great since the trade, and atlanta is doing fine, they are winning right now.

    but kovalchuk is my favorite russians, and i think he does play with a bit of an edge, which i really like. i don’t know but it is interesting to think about.

    either way, if pc does not want to go after a top goal scorer like kovalchuk, then he at least needs to try and make trades for guys who he thinks can play his style and help the offense.

    horton, clowe and penner come to mind. even patrick sharp. but we need to get rid of our softer guys to add them in, like ryder.

    what about ryder, our first, and caron for horton. i really like caron, but you have to give to get. we might have to add even more.

    i think clowe could be had for a lot less, sanjose could use another top four d-man, and maybe some veteran experience for a cup run.

    maybe a morris/wideman recchi and a second?

    either way, pc had to make a move.

  35. Bruins says:

    how does everyone think the bruins are going to do in the olympics? we have:

    bergeron, canada: he should be a big part of the team, whether it’s playing up on the first line with crosby, or playing in a checking role with richards and morrow on other countries top offensive players.

    thomas, usa: will go in as miller’s backup, but with miller struggling lately thomas could see some games. you know he’s going to be hungry for it as he’s wanted to pay in the olympics more than anything.

    krejci, czech republic: krejci should play a big role, most likely as the number two center behind plekanec, or might even take the number 1 spot. he’ll have some weapons to feed the puck to there.

    chara, slovakia: if you thought he was a workhorse on the B’s, wait until you see him on slovakia. the way the slovak’s play chara is to usualy put him out on both the first and third pairings. i’m a little worried about him being overworked, especialy because he’ll have his hands ful with the russians and czechs in that group.

    sturm, germany: he’ll be germany’s go-to guy but that team will be hard-pressed to win a game with the talent surrounding him.

    satan, slovakia: depends on his injury, but he might even be able to crack a top 6 role

    • pearson says:

      wouldnt it be fun to see chara lay out satan or sturm

      not that i want em to see hurt, but i could totally see chara not having any regard for his other team and just absolutely take it to those guys.

      id piss myself

      im really f’in pumped for the olympics

  36. mook says:

    so kovalchuck finally scored, eh? i can only imagine what you guys would have said if it took him 4 games to score in boston.

    “chia messed-up, should have got horton”
    “paid too much for a forward who never did anything in the playoffs”
    “now we need centres”

    i will be at the canada/usa game, and the 4:30pst game on feb 23 (qualification playoff). should be good!

  37. d-dawg says:

    Should be interesting to see Forsberg’s play at olympics. I know he’s old but…

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