Give Patrice a look

Tonight will be the Bruins last game before the Olympic break.  Patrice Bergeron, who is arguably the Bruins best overall center, will be lining up as a winger this time next week.  It is rumored he may play on a line with Corey Perry and Sidney Crosby. So my theory is, why not give Bergeron a look on the wing before the Olympics?

It seems like the perfect opportunity to do so.  First Satan is out for tonight’s game, leaving Savard without a right wing.  While Paille has been solid all season long and has play well with Savard, we all know his hands are just as bad as P.J. Axelsson’s.  To add to that, before last game Milan Lucic has been invisible since returning from his injury. Having marginal second or third liners play with Savard is a waste.  Second, Julien, as of late anyway, has been limiting the minutes of the fourth  line.  So throwing Begin or Sobotka out there for a few extra shifts couldn’t hurt.  Finally, it will give Bergeron a tune up for wing action before the start of the Olympics. While I am not an advocate of making this a permanent fixture, a one game experiment is worth a shot. Here’s what I would like to see:






123 Responses to Give Patrice a look

  1. willisss says:

    so i heard nbc will be showing ice dancing instead of usa/canada hockey game, which i find stupid and lame as all hell.

    anyone know where the hockey games will be shown? even the low bracket rounds are fun to watch

  2. backbruin says:

    wow that’s awful, i guess being from Canada i can’t comprehend that ever happening!


    it’s kind of funny actually!

    i feel sorry for you! would versus show the game, or will they have men’s beach volleyball on instead!!!


  3. BosBrn77 says:

    Toronto picked up Lundmark from waivers.

  4. Jefe77 says:

    I think we both have been chirping this for a while Pekese. Not sure why Julien hasn’t tried it yet while Savvy was healthy, and they were searching for offensive answers.

  5. #4 says:

    I would make it Paille-Savvy-Berg

    Let players know if they score they’ll get their chance. If Paille isnt cutting it by the second move up sturm and use the lines you said.

  6. Pearson says:

    I think the only drawback julien would see with that is bergys faceoff ability. Although i dont agree completely, i think julien would be more interested in winning draws and having more solid lines.

    I do think #4 idea of keeping paille on line numero uno is the best bet because the skill set of those players would complimeny each other perrrrrfectly.

  7. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    is there much hitting in the ice dancing lmao? I can’t see not watching the USA Canada game. Thats going to be a great match.

  8. Bruins says:

    we have won 3 in a row and hae been playing great for the last while so i wouldnt switch anything up right now. if start losing after the break then maybe try it. if it was going to be savvy with bergie, i’d want bergeron taking the draws though, and then switching over to wing after he takes it

  9. Bruins says:

    wow big-time win by the isles over the lightning today in regulation. that helps out alot

  10. backbruin says:

    I want to see a 60 minute effort tonight, to me that’s the most important thing..we are just fine if we can do that. I don’t really see us far off last year just need to add 1 key peice and look out..

    Florida has been struggling and we obviously need to come out like we have been over the last 5..

    my prediction is it will be low scoring (vokoun) maybe 3-1 b’s

    this is the finish i had wanted going into the break let’s win our 4th in a row boys


    by the way did any of you see the olympic opening last night, i thought Canada represnted!!!

    ashley mcissac is deadly!!

  11. G cole says:

    4-2 bruins with an empty netter.

  12. Pearson says:

    2 to 1 bruins

    Late 3rd period winner by sturmie

  13. da wreck says:

    5-4 Bruins. Bruins go up 5-0 and have to hold them off after 4 straight Panthers goals.
    Oh wait. that was last game. I don’t wanna go through that again.

  14. mcpuck says:

    haha funny wreck

    3-2 Bruins.

    I’m not sure if this makes any difference, but NBC had the women’s game on CNBC today. I was watching NHL on the Fly the other day and they said that NBC is covering each and every hockey game. I imagine they’ll do the same thing? CNBC?

  15. mcpuck says:

    Consolidated trade rumor sources. approved

  16. backbruin says:

    Nick tarnasky huh??? cmon guys…we do make the crap 4th liners look good…they seem to get some big goals against us!!

    nick tarnasky?!!?

    mc quaid left home on that one…not good!

  17. Bruins says:

    so that’s how you beat the hottest goalie in the league…huh. what a snipe by krej!

  18. Bruins says:

    this is some pretty shitty-ass reffing so far. leads to the panthers second…

  19. mcpuck says:

    I think you have to give Weiss some credit. He undressed Chara AND Tuukka

  20. Bruins says:

    i want thomas back in. rask has had his run; let the vezina winner back at it.

  21. mcpuck says:

    The first goal can’t be blamed on Tuukka, and Chara was just as responsible for the second as Rask was. I’m not concerned about Rask.

    • Bruins says:

      well we have the reigning vezina winner sitting on the bench. if he gets a few games in a row he could be back to last year’s form. even when he’s not he’s still a .915 goalie.

      its rask’s job to coer up for chara. he didnt do it there. and theres always going to be that rookie wall…

  22. backbruin says:

    I disagree bruins, rask has helped us back in a spot and this is what the first time we have trailed in four games and your already wanting to make the switch..hahahahahahahaah

    cmon guy let’s not get to crazy, the first thing your taugt as a d-man is to play the body not the puck and if you see chara’s looking straight down tring to play it with his skate…that was horrible on chara and rask just reacted, probably in shock that chara didn’t even touch him..

    You don’t take rask out until we lose a game, text book coaching in my eyes!!

    cmon chara you did win the norris last year, that stuff shouldnt happen!!

    • Bruins says:

      i dont think rask has been winning us these games by himself though. thats what everyone seems to be making it out to be

      • mcpuck says:

        he’s been making 40+ saves night after night. If he’s not been their best player than I’m watching a different sport than you.

      • Bruins says:

        im not saying he hasnt been good. im just saying thomas is capable of all that too. if he gets into a groove he’s the better of the two. he hasnt been given that opportunity this season

      • mcpuck says:

        Thomas had a long string of games in a row where he didn’t play so hot, I think it’s only going to benefit this team having Rask push him to play better. Let him sit until Rask cools down.

      • Bruins says:

        he wasnt as bad as people made him out to be. sitting thomas for over a month isnt going to solve anything

  23. Bruins says:

    bruins look pretty bad tonight. not sure how a team that just announced that they are sellers and no one is safe are beating us.

    at least everything else is going right outside this game (lightning lost, flyers hammering the habs,canes hammering the devils)

  24. Bruins says:

    wow way to go mcquaid! hopefully that puts some life into them

  25. mcpuck says:

    it’s frustrating as hell to see Panthers players skating PAST our guys into corners to grab pucks… why can’t they hustle… this is the NHL not juniors…

  26. Cartman says:

    Piss-poor effort tonight. The B’s are not skating and definitely not hitting enough. The Panthers want it more tonight.

    If the Bruins can only be more agressive and puck hungry in the 3rd, the game is there for the taking despite having played poorly so far. Get some net presence and traffic in front of Vokoun. We are making him look awfully good tonight.

    C’mon Bruins – 20 minutes and we pass the Habs into 7th. Let’s go and prove that we are the better team.

  27. Kessel's bro says:

    its over guys, thier done! i can tell! Plus this prick Vocoun kills us everytime!
    Not to mention we look like tired out thier?

  28. Bruins says:

    no PP’s this game. ive counted a few missed calls…

  29. Bruins says:

    yes! very nice work on the powerplay! not a PP goal though

  30. mcpuck says:

    WOO! it ain’t over yet boys! Beautiful tip man… Recchi blows my mind with how accurate he can be on those.

    • mcpuck says:

      Oh for fuck sakes… this team finds ways to put the breaks on momentum like nobodies business…

      Instead of a solid shit following the goal we have a PK


  31. Bruins says:

    wow what was chara thinking icing it with 3 seconds left? oh well, OT again, which, with the bruins, likely means a shootout.

  32. mcpuck says:

    HAHAHAAH nice shot by the camera man on Rask

  33. Bruins says:

    lol 3 on 3 is so fun to watch

  34. mcpuck says:

    PLEASE PETER, GET US SOMEONE WHO CAN FINISH… In my opinion this team is SOOOOOO close to getting back to form. 4 wins is a start, but they need just a little more offense.

  35. gibbz says:

    what the fuck was that ryder???!!

  36. mcpuck says:

    WOW… absolutely… WOW

  37. gibbz says:

    damn. nice shit david.

  38. gibbz says:

    “He kesseled it!” you mean he got one testicle removed and turned into a sellout?

  39. mcpuck says:

    wow who knew Recchi had it in him! I’m a happy Bruins fan tonight.

    • backbruin says:

      bruins i hate to tell ya but rask won us that game and he is are guy..

      i know thomas is your fav but you need to realize the changing of the guard is upon us!!


  40. G cole says:

    Mark recchi wins in a shootout in the 8th round… Knew that would happen!!

  41. Bruins says:

    yeeeeeeahhhh, wow krejci and savvy were clutch there. very cheeky move by savard too. i still think julien is a clown for most of his shootout picks though (ryder and chara?)

  42. backbruin says:

    what the fk were chara,and sturm doing….sturm missed the net by 4 ft and chara sykes himself out before he starts skating…

    personally i hate when the shoot, ryder needs to try and fake a shot then deek…they know he goes high every time!!

  43. backbruin says:

    but 4 in a row was very clutch to are season and will force P.C to grab a solid scoring winger at the deadline…

    were happy bruins fans…although they really didnt deserve that one!!

  44. Bruins says:

    wow, what a way to go into the break.

    big bruins winning streak? check.
    isles beat the lightning? check.
    flyers thrash the canadiens? check.
    canes hammer the devils making the leafs pick een better? check.

  45. backbruin says:

    bye bye habs have fun in 12th when you get there…7th place boys yeahhhhhhhhhlike i said i would love 6th and play buff or ott!!!

    but let the chips fall where they may!!!

    i’m so happy

  46. mcpuck says:

    how is Naoko still allowed on TV? She’s embarrassing… lol (sorry, need SOMETHING to whine about haha)

  47. bigbadbruins1 says:

    i dont what the hell happened i thought we lost could of sworn the florida announcer said they won and i changed the channel and threw the control across the room oh well never been so happy to be wrong 4 in a row go bssssssssssssssss wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  48. bruins 27 says:

    how did PC not put a claim on cheecho? does he not want anyone with a little bit of talent?

    • Hammer says:

      Yes he does. That’s why they passed on Cheechoo…..he’s done.

    • mcpuck says:

      I admit, I held out for Cheechoo when he was a Shark… but after the last two years, and his final year was a 12 goal dud, I gave up on him. He played with the premier center in the NHL and fell apart, I like Savy a lot, but if Jumbo Joe can’t set ya up, then no one can.

      • bruins 27 says:

        all im saying is that it cant get any worse. they guy has put up 50 goals in a season we need someone whp can fnd the back of the net and im sure hed be better than sabotka or satan

    • bruins 27 says:

      or move begin to providence and put cheecho as a third liner

      • mcpuck says:

        I don’t think that solves the problem though. You only bring in Cheechoo if you think he can be a top 6 forward… I wouldn’t be against it as an experiment, as long as it didn’t cost us any resources to try it, but at this point he already cleared waivers so no go.

  49. Charlie says:

    Larry Brooks of the New York Post reports of a possible return of Jagr to the NHL next season and he also reports that the Florida Panthers are looking at moving Nathan Horton but aren’t going to get close to what they’re seeking for a player with a problematic work ethic.

    Food for thought?

  50. mook says:

    making trades for the sake of making trades:



    • mcpuck says:

      Cheechoo wasn’t a trade suggestion, someone mentioned picking him up off waivers when he was sent down a few days ago.

      Horton has immense tools, he’s young and in the right circumstance could blossom as a goal scorer. If the price was right I don’t think that’d be a bad one. I don’t know what Florida thinks they could get for him though.

    • Bruins4life 13 says:

      are u dumb? we need a sniper both of those guys are snipers

      • Bruins says:

        cheechoo is worthless with a decent-sized contract

      • mcpuck says:

        Am I dumb? No, I’d rather have Ryder than Cheechoo. After all, he’s younger and has better #’s this year…

        And if you read it correctly I said I’d like to have Horton.

  51. #4 says:

    Yikes… Just watched that Weiss goal again chara looked like a 6ft9 pylon there. Maybe we’ll see him sitting on the sidelines before the endzone of football season next year.

    Just kidding.. But I hope Big Z comes back after the olympic break with the firey attitude he had all last season. Wiess looks good (always put him on my NHL teams hes got good speed)

    A deal for Weiss and Horton, maybe Wideman, Hamill, 1st-2nd??

    • Pearson says:

      Haha i said the same thing after seeing that goal… ” can we get THAT guy?”

      i do think we will end up trading for someone from FL after that note they wrote for their fans…

      Horton weiss booth… Floridas got the talent we need, but any indication on what they want in return?

      • #4 says:

        IM guessing picks and roster players. Their team full of prospects didnt exactly pan out. I dont think we’d get all 3 but 2 of those would be huge additions


        THose would be my lines if we could get that done.

      • backbruin says:

        i said a month ago to go after weiss, he’s skilled and if we could somehow get both of them wowsers…i know it would never happen but i like to dream!

      • pearson says:

        i wasnt planning on all 3, but just 1 of those guys could possibly make a big differance.

        maybe ryder, mcquaid, and a pick for 2 of them?

        i like mcquaid, alot, but you gotta give to get.

  52. Bruins4life 13 says:

    boston should take a serious look at nathan horton, stephan weiss, paul kariya, brad boyes, patrick sharp, david booth, shane doan, loui eriksson, bryan little, ryan clowe, ales hemsky, brendan morrow, joe pavelski, anyone of those would be a top prize i hope we make a move for at least one of those guys
    add alex ponikarovsky to that list

    • Bruins says:

      lol i still get a kick out of how little everyone values ray whitney.

      doan, morrow and especially eriksson are not going anywhere. hemsky is the oilers whole team (and is out for the season anyways). horton booth and weiss would cost us alot to get. i’m talking roster player + a high pick/prospect or two. the blues wont trade boyes with his value not as high as it usually would be. sharp wont be traded after barker was traded for cap room. thrashers wont give up little right after they gave up kovalchuk. the sharks will not deal any players off of their 1st place roster until at least the offseason.

      i see ponikarovsky and kariya as the only realistic options there

      • BosBrn77 says:

        I don’t think it has anything to do with value when it comes to Ray Whitney. I think it is more the fact that Carolina wants a 1st round pick and a prospect for him. He us an UFA and is also in his late 30s. No way is he worth that! A 2nd or a 3rd and a prospect…. maybe!

        If I’m giving up a 1st and a prospect it would be for Horton, Weiss or someone similar.

        I have a feeling we will see PC go after someone from St. Louis. Kariya or Tkachuk. Both have ties to the area and it would quiet some of the fans. I do wonder if Tkachuk would play hard in front of the hometown fans and how he would look on a line with Lucic?

      • Bruins says:

        seriously if we get whitney, all of this talk about him being only worth a 2nd and a prospect or whatever will go out the window. plus, getting him hinges on the fact that he signs an extension. whitney has made it clear that he wants a 2-3 year deal with whoever trades for him.

        yeah im always hearing that tkachuk has always said he wants to play for boston. and the kariya boston college connection makes sense as well. with tkachuk he’s pretty versatile as he can play either center or wing. im still not the biggest fan though

    • psands says:

      ryane clowe and nathan horton please.

      sanjose needs a top four defenseman and maybe a veteran guy, and i would add in a second pick. so morris, a second and maybe recchi?

      horton is a weird situation. i have heard he has a bad work ethic, and teams don’t want to give the panthers his whole value because of it. but he does have a lot of talent, and he seems like a pc type. if we could bring hi in let neely mentor him, that should wake him up, and his work ethic.

      i would gladly give our first and a solid prospect for horton.

      all these picks are great, but i want to see pc start bringing in some talent with some of them.

  53. Bruins4life 13 says:

    if we get paul kariya he makes around 6 mil a year so we would have to give up ryder plus someone else in order to fit him in
    but maybe we could trade for an uncovered jem like we did with cam neely so maybe kyle turris or peter mueller

  54. Bruins4life 13 says:

    how bout
    Paul Kariya
    Chris Mason
    5th rd pick

    Micheal Ryder
    Tim Thomas
    2nd rd pick

  55. Bruins4life 13 says:


    Alex Ponikarovsky
    Lee Stempniak

    Micheal Ryder
    2nd rd pick

  56. Bruins4life 13 says:

    Kyle Turris
    Peter Mueller
    3rd rd pick

    Micheal Ryder
    Matt Hunwick
    Vladimir Sobotka

  57. backbruin says:

    i don’t want kariya, not the kind of player we need!!

  58. backbruin says:

    im a sharpe fan!!!i would love to get him!!!and keep him!!!

  59. bigbadbruins1 says:

    boys the argument i got into today with these bonehead leaf fans there so fucken dumb i had to hear about how kessel has more points then our whole team and these picks are not going to be better then kessel anyway to make a long story short cause trust me the stupid shit that comes out of their mouths i could be here all day basically i was a young buck when the leafs made the playoffs. Dummies they still argue with me but i dont care u talks shit bout my bssssssssssss then we got a problem

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Hey BBB1 tell the leaf fan’s i sprouted my first hair on my balls the last time the leafs made the Playoffs!
      And that was a loooong time ago cuz now “im hairy like animal”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gcole says:

      just put an abrupt end to the argument and say “go fuck a duck”. you cant really say anything back to that

  60. elwoppo says:

    less graphic what are you a fucking faggot and you know what fuck you and the leafs

    • Bruins says:

      cant say that im too interested in knowing about your pubic hair, so maybe keep that to yourself…or come across as a complete retard as per usual, either way.
      let’s hear your retarded comeback, which i won’t respond to because talking to you is pointless.

  61. Bruins4life 13 says:

    Anntti Neimi
    Patrick Sharp
    John Madden

    Tim Thomas
    Micheal Ryder
    2nd rd pick
    wut do u guys think of that one?

  62. mook says:

    Bruins management are still shopping around but a good deal by the deadline could be hard to find.

    BOSTON HERALD: Steve Conroy reports Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli hears the fans demands for a trade to bolster his lineup and while he’s certainly busy shopping around he hasn’t been impressed by recent offers from other clubs, calling them “complete horses**t right now”, noting there’s currently few sellers in the trade market. The Bruins could use a scoring forward for Marc Savard’s line but there’s currently none available on a rental basis. Potential trade candidates include Carolina’s Ray Whitney, Toronto’s Alexei Ponikarovsky and St. Louis’ Keith Tkachuk or Paul Kariya, and Chiarelli holds nine picks in the first two rounds over the next two years.

    BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports Chiarelli will have only three days once the Olympic trade freeze is lifted to address his club’s shortcomings, and with only Washington looking like a slam-dunk to advance past the opening round of this year’s playoffs Chiarelli could stand pat.

  63. #4 says:

    I dont blame him for not making a deal when theres nothing good available. Unless he actually gives up a first for whitney.

    The worst thing for the B’s now would be to make a bad trade, it would make things worse.

  64. d-dawg says:

    Any chance of getting Forsberg back to NHL?

  65. bigbadbruins1 says:

    bruin do u really want to start an argument cause elwoppo and i wont back down it was a joke and your comment was a fag comment even a gay guy would of said what a fag were punking off the leafs u want to defend them or cause u get mad at jokes that are clearly funny because i can guarantee if someone u get along with on this site said that u would laugh and if not clearly u are a fag so just come out of the closet i hear when gays come out they love life so dont deny it you will love yourself more cause a comment like that i dont know…… this site is for hard core bruins fans

    • pearson says:

      dude. stop. every fucking page you just end up ranting about someone here. no one here cares if “elwoppo and i wont back down” beacause no one is interested in arguing about “fags”

      talk hockey for fucks sake go be tough on myspace.

  66. pearson says:

    so the olympics…

    does anyone else here think usa has a shot? i for one will not root for canada or russia and idk where all the sense of nationalism went when everyone keeps picking those other 2 teams.

    watch miracle. then tell me who’s gonna win. haha

    • Bruins says:

      well ill be rooting for canada as im canadian (i also think they’ll take it), but i definitely think the usa could surprise some people. IMO they have the best goaltending in the world, and in a short tournament like this, sometimes that’s all you need. they also have the luxury of having 3 guys that can play at a high level, so if one stumbles, just go with the other one. a country like sweden doesnt have that luxury if lundqvist stumbles.

      i dont buy everyone saying that the americans are young so they’ll be fresh in the elimination round. this is a 7 game max tournament so staying fresh wont be a problem for anyone. they are all great athletes. another thing that might hurt them is chemistry. it doesnt seem like alot of the players have played with each other before. that advantage will go to teams like canada and sweden.

      i do think that the medals are canada/sweden/russia’s to lose, but if any team breaks it up, it’ll probably be the states.

  67. bigbadbruins1 says:

    whatever pearson cant even bother with u i was talking bout hockey till bruin said that stupid comment so mind your business

  68. backbruin says:

    Stop with the petty BS and let’s talk trade rumors…holy fuck some of you act like your 9 years old…enough already!!!!no one here is scared or worried about two or three guys that seem to gang up on everybody in here…we all think it’s quite amusing at first but it’s getting old fast…

    either talk hockey or get the fk out of here…we don’t care about anything but the b’s in this room and have no time for internet gangsta shiit!!nobody CARES!!!!!


  69. pearson says:

    ^^right on.

    bruins is spot on. usa is backed by solid goaltenders(shout out to hamden ct!)

    if the forwards can gel fast, i dont see the defenses of the other teams being able to slow them completely. broduer is beatable every now and again, but when he’s on: game over. i think the same can be said about nabokov and lundquist. if they arent on their game, the backups might not be at the caliber to get a gold.

    all that is certain, is that this tournament is going to be incredibly offensive minded with solid goalies all over the place.

    this otta’ be good…

    • Bruins says:

      well if lunqvist stumbles i think the swedes are screwed, and maybe to some degree russia (i just cant take bryzgalov too seriously, and varlamov has been out months before this) but i dont think it’ll be true for canada. they still have luongo. you have to figure at least one will be on their game. im not confident in fleury at all though, and personally think he’s the most overrated goalie in the league.

      but you’re right about it being very offensive-mined. all of the top teams will be playing an up-tempo game. it’s only the shitty teams that will be trapping as there would be a zero chance of them beating anyone else if they tried to open it up. the only team outside of the top 7 that has a legit chance at upsetting a team with this style would be the swiss, but that’s only if hiller plays absolutely ridiculous (he’d have to be even better than he was in last years playoffs).

      but yeah, for the states, if miller plays the way he did early in the season and/or thomas plays like last year, they have a real shot. the defence is very solid and has every type of player (shutdown, puck-mover, etc.) that you’d want, and the offense should give teams fits with their quickness and overall skill level. chemisry will be a huge factor though

  70. backbruin says:

    Well Burke is paying team USA down but Stevey Yzerman is to smart for those games…we know the states can be a threat so don’t look for any free passes because i think the world knows the states are young but they can be dangerous!

    • Bruins says:

      haha yeah everyone is playing their team down. yzerman just said he doesnt think the pressure is on canada, and that the russians are the favourites. think i’m going to have to disagree with yzerman on this one. i think i can speak for all canadians when i say that anything less than gold is unacceptable. it’s always like that, but now the games are actually in canada, so yeah, no pressure guys…lol

  71. backbruin says:


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