Bruins to add defenseman

According to Joe Haggerty of CSNNE and Darren Dreger of TSN the Bruins will add a defenseman once the freeze is lifted. No word on who that may be but Haggerty does not believe it will be Aaron Ward.  Haggerty also says he has heard Dan Hamhuis’ name thrown around in recent days.


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  1. #4 says:

    why??? What is the organizations obsession with puck moving defenseman.

  2. Birdman2403 says:

    Maybe it’s a package with a scoring winger as well…..I hope ????

  3. jimmy50 says:

    My assumption it will be for a signed D-Man not a rental. Plus we will have 7 healthy starters come March 1st. Chara, Morris, Wideman, Stuart, Ference, Hunwick, and Boychuck. One would have to be demoted or traded.


  4. mcpuck says:

    I think Jimmy may have the right idea… something larger in the works?

  5. jeff says:

    i agree it better be something in the works unless they can unload wideman for this d man

  6. pearson says:

    that 4 game winning streak really impacted how the bruins would play out on the deadline. (i hope) that they are going to be modest buyers…

    i think a cup run could be made with very minor tweaks, as well as putting us in a fantastic position for next season

    i hope ryder and wheels are on the ice daily practicing their shots

  7. Bruins4life 13 says:

    holy sweet flyin fuck, why would chiarelli make a move for a goddamn d-man, when we need SCORING for fuck sakes. Unless thats a package deal with a scoring forward it would be a completly useless deal. PLUS we already have a logjam of D-men Chara,Morris,Wideman,Ference,Boychuk,Stuart,Mcquiad where the fuck would we fit him in? I hope peter does somethin besides get another fuckin puck moving d-man

    U guys agree?

    • Leafstank says:

      i disagree with your statement. this is not insult you, but you do know how the bruins work their zones right? mainley off a nice pass from the d-man. right now, its been often the defenses fault for breakdowns in our zone. some adjustments on defense isnt a bad thing.

      • jimmy50 says:

        Wishful thinking that it will be Kaberle, but he would increase our PP production thus score more goals!

      • mcpuck says:

        That’s a good way of explaining it. It’s been very frustrating to watch this team not be able to function in it’s own zone like it did last year.

        We’re fairly effective when we DO transition into the offensive zone.

        That being said, it would be wise to grab a D-man AND a finisher… it could be done, and we have the assets to do it.

  8. pearson says:

    well they would likely be moving one to get another?
    maybe morris seeing as how his contract is up after the year? although i cant see that making too much sense.

    heres a question though…

    if it was a package deal, wouldnt the report say it was a package rather than “a defenseman”


  9. ELWOPPO says:

    Saw this on hockey buzz, Take it for what it is:

    the Bruins have a deal done for a D-man to be announced March 1 here Darren Dreger agrees and tweeted this as well today Here. So if you don’t believe me, believe Darren, who really works harder than any other pundit in the trade game

  10. Birdman2403 says:

    BERGY clutch with the draws !!

  11. backbruin says:

    I think it’s Kaberle but time will tell!!

  12. #4 says:

    I have that feeling too bb.

    How bout that swiss team I mean no chance in the shootout but wow. If they upset canada I bet alotta stuff woulda been thrown on the ice. Im sure some people on here were gritting there teeth during that ahahah

  13. da wreck says:

    Wow I wish had the boxscores for the Olympic hockey games… I’d like to see the TOI and shots stats for the games.

  14. willisss says:

    jonas hiller was unreal, what a game. i was cheering for the swiss. BACK TO CURLING!

  15. bigbadbruins1 says:

    bruins4life i agree we cant score i got an idea lets get another defender like i said pc i dont know about u

  16. backbruin says:

    You know I’ve been a major lobbyist on getting a scoring forward. But I’m starting to think a little more and i see when we get scored on, most of the time it’s on a brutal type turn over or a fumbled bs pass that flips over are d-man’s stick…Now I’m not saying we don’t need a goal scoring winger but what i am saying is we get a Kaberle type dman who’s not only responsible in are own end but adds value in the offensive end and pp we could be on to something!!

    just food for thought, but adding a kaberle “who i would want to sign of course” and maybe a rental type 30 goal man that’s not ridiculously expensive we could make a run!!!

    just trying to make sense of these rumors going around, but adding horton and kaberle and wowsers…i know it may not be feasable but i like to dream!!!

  17. Birdman2403 says:

    Russia loses ! What a game…..CHARA was a force !! This tourny is wide open !

  18. bigbadbruins1 says:

    atta boy z way to shut the russians down i tell u montreal gets rid of halack montreal is in big trouble i hope they do

  19. Bruins says:

    bergie was solid but man, canada sucked last night. i thought brodeur was awesome though

  20. bridgemanusa says:

    backbruin – I like your thinking and have been pushing for the Bs to get Horton all along. I think it would take the Bs a first this year, a roster player (Sabotka?) and prospect. As afar as Kaberle, I think it would also take a roster player (please be Wideman, who, a change of scenery may benefit) and a high pick next year (#1 or 2) + maybe a prospect (not named Colbourne or Caron).

    Adding those two to our roster makes us instantly better for a run.

  21. bridgemanusa says:

    btw.. it’s more likely the Bs get Seidenberg (lower cap hit). He would definitely add some experience to the back line and could be had cheaper. Maybe multi-player deal with FL in in order???

  22. Bruins says:

    i dont think there’s anyway that it’s kaberle. if it was, you’dhave to figure that the leafs media would be all over it.

    i never thought we needed another d-man, but if it is indeed hamhuis, i will be VERY happy. this guy is agreat defenseman, and is so underrated. he almost made team canada this year.

  23. Haus says:

    Wow last night they made it sound like a slam dunk now its a maybe. Last night when I heard this I made a list of possibilities. I like Corvo, Hamhuis, and any of the 3 Anh Dmen Wisniewski, Whitney, and Neidermayer. Whitney would be awesome coming home, with his size and skill set.

  24. backbruin says:

    found this on TFP:

    The Boston Bruins would like to make at least one addition to the roster once the Olympic roster freeze lists on March 1.
    Even though the Olympics are underway, teams are still analyzing their positions as the trade deadline quickly approaches.

    The Bruins scouted a number of teams prior to the Olympic break and are looking to add depth to their roster before the trade deadline kicks in on Mar. 3 at 3pm ET.

    It’s believed Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli would like to add a second or third-line player, as a top-four defenseman.

    It has been widely reported the Bruins are entertaining the thought of trading goalie Tim Thomas, however last year’s Vezina Trophy winner has not yet been asked about the possibility of waiving his no-trade clause and that wouldn’t come until after the Olympics, if at all.

  25. Kurt says:

    I hope the bruins are scouting some of these euros who don’t currently play in the NHL. I have been pretty impressed with the teams from Norway and Switzerland.

  26. cebbie says:

    This sucks without NHL hockey – the olympics just does’nt cut if for me — the womens hockey is a joke – and the mens is boring so far. I hope they cut the nhl players from the next olympics – no doubt they are the best players but dropping the nhl season for two weeks is the stupidest thing – the nhl teams should be allowed to send players if they want or pull them from other leagues – This whole season has been a mess – play 4 games in 5 nights then off for a week and a half – Once the olympics are over there is 3 days untill the trade freeze – who knows which players will get hurt and the rest who have not been playing will need a week to get back into shape — frigging joke

    • Pearson says:

      Relax man. Is there such thing as a womens league (that competes with a mens league) that isnt a joke?
      Who are you to conplain about the scheduling too? All the guys at the olympics are thrilled to be there and for many, this means more to them than the nhl team.
      Now im rotting for the usa but have you seen canadas roster? Your telling me you would rather watch ANY nhl team over team canada, usa, russia, czechs?
      And as for the deadline… Wouldnt it put less pressure on the gm’s to slam out a deal? You know they arent just sittin around right now…
      Its once every 4 years and its amazing hockey so sit back grab a beer and enjoy it

  27. Gcole says:

    defense inst the problem, ITS OFFENSE! GET A SCORER!

    • backbruin says:

      I disagree to an extent G…while we don’t allow a lot of goals i find most GA are from mishaps in are own end…a solid dman could settle us down to where we don’t make all those mistakes in are own end..

      But i do still believe we need some scoring for sure, i have just been thinking about this more objectively lately and think that PC may have good reason to go after a top 4 dman…remember i was a huge go after kovy guy but as time has went on i’m trying to reason a little more to what are management is doing!!!

      but yes scoring would help of course…if it came down to a hamhuis/kaberle or a ktachuk/kariya i think it’s a no brainer..dman 100%

  28. Mike Bruin says:

    Theres rumors about Tkachuk I DON’T WANT HIM, HE’S OLD AS HELL, AND I DON’T WANT pocahontas either (ponikarosky) we need to get our hits back up and we need a top four defenceman and a top 6 forward!!

  29. bigbadbruins1 says:

    beautiful powerplay finland go finsssssssssss

  30. BosBrn77 says:

    It would be nice if they got a package with both, like most have said. Jackman (or Brewer) and Tkachuk. On a lower scale, Torres and Jurcina. Whitney and Ward( or Gelason). Seidenberg and Horton.

    It is obvious we need scoring, but depending who we send out, defense can help too. We have an abundance of forwards so maybe a package….

    Wideman, Ryder, Sobotka, Hamill and the B’s first for Seidenberg, Horton and a 3rd.

    • backbruin says:

      whoa i can guarantee you won’t see P.C do that last deal?? He didn’t make a monster move to get Kovy so i can guarantee you won’t see him give up that much for Horton!!!

      You are really devaluing are players in that one..Ryder has just started playing well and widemen has glimpses of playing better(small ones). You won’t see P.C trade to much of are current roster…maybe one guy a pick and a prospect at very most!!

      Iwould like Horton to but by the sounds of it, most of these seller teams are asking wayyyyyy to much at this point for PC to think it’s even worth it!

      • BosBrn77 says:

        Not devaluing anyone… OUR players… or THEIRS! Horton is signed for past this year and is an upgrade to anyone I mentioned. Seidenberg is an upgrade over Wideman, but is a UFA after the season.

        I find it funny, that we bash Ryder and Wideman on here, but when we go to mention them in a trade, some think they are worth more then they really are. If we bash them, do you think other teams are looking at them like elite stars?

        ONLY thing I agree with you on is…. PC will not make that trade. Not because it isn’t worth it, but because he may think it would mess with chemistry too much.

    • backbruin says:

      And you were devaluing just a little but that’s ok, with the year widemen has had it’s hard to blame you…WE all know that he is better then that “JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE LEAGUE DOES”. He is just gripping the stick to hard right now because he was suppost to be are #2 dman this year and has more weight on his shoulders for probably the first time in his career so i will cut him some slack FOR NOW!!

      • BosBrn77 says:

        I will say it again…. in case you missed it! I’m NOT devaluing anyone!! I do see that the Olympics have calmed you down from the Wideman BASHING! But that should change around March 2nd or 3rd….. considering your “FOR NOW” remark! And IS he better? How many of us were flipping out when PC sent Boyes to St Louis for him? How many of us would give him back with our first, this year, to get Boyes back? Funny thing is…. Horton is a better player then Boyes!

        Seidenberg would be an upgrade over Wideman, especially the way Boychuk is playing! McQuaid is playing better right now then Wideman is. Horton is three times better then Ryder… on a bad day! So you have to add something to get something.

        To get a player like Horton, who is signed to a really cap friendly contract, you HAVE to give up something. Especially for a player of his quality!

        And like I said below, if it frees up more cap space for next year… it is a plus!

  31. Birdman2403 says:

    Bruins eying Frolov

    Alexander Frolov | Kings Alexander Frolov could net the Kings a locker room leader.

    ?????? ESPN.COM

  32. mcpuck says:

    The Kings are being picky, I have a feeling we won’t see eye to eye with them on Frolov.

    As far as devaluing Ryder and Wideman, I think that flies in the face of the tried and true “sell high” thinking. I think no matter how close Ryder is to the Ryder of old, 4 million was a bit more than he was worth in the first place to begin with… I have no problem seeing him go as part of a package. Wideman I’m on the fence with because he showed last year he can be a super effective Dman… but he hasn’t been there this year. I think WIDEMAN, not RYDER is the one we’d kick ourselves in the ass over next year haha.

  33. 7271413929 says:

    jagr and czechs looking good.

  34. backbruin says:

    Well the same can be said about widemen’s contract. And Timmy as well being both around 5 million…My point was were not going to trade 2-3 players away along with draft picks to anyone for anyone…That would have been done by now and the market is garbage right now…Maybe closer to the deadline these teams will start sweating and decide to lower their prices a bit…I’m all for trading Ryder or Widemen but i would rather get rid of widemen and his fanning,missing the net, turning over the puck at worst time asssss!!!he’s really disappointed me this year to where i’m hoping he goes!!!

    • BosBrn77 says:

      So make up your mind, backbruin…. is he worth a lot or is he a fanning, missing the net, turning over the puck at the worst times, ass?

      If you see that, and the rest of the Bruins’ fans see that, don’t you think other teams see that? Wideman is NOT going to fetch us a sniper or a better defense man by himself. And to get a player the caliber of Horton, you HAVE to give something up.

      The trade I mentioned would free up 4.555 million of salary next season. (3.875m from Wideman and 680k from Sobotka.) Horton and Ryder’s salaries are a wash. Marchand can replace Sobotka in the line up, and if Hamill was THAT good, don’t you think he would have been called up over Whitfield? The Bruins first pick would be a late first rounder…. most likely in the early to mid 20s.

      Value wise, I think it would be in the Bruins favor. The better player and saving cap space.

      • backbruin says:

        I guess what i’m trying to say is that while widmen/ryder have struggled at times and pissed me off on many occasions, they still have a lot of potential. And i wouldn’t mind them being traded but it won’t make sense to trade them both a pick and a hamill type guy for horon and seidenberg…in my eyes it hurts us more then helps us…I understand i’m contradicting myself in a way but P.C won’t make a deal like that, not in a million years…he likes the core of this team and he will just tweek it a little…

      • BosBrn77 says:

        Not in a way… you are contradicting yourself! Potential means what, especially when you can get SOMETHING for it?

        And what type of player is Hamill? A first round pick that has not developed like the Bruins would have hoped? If so, don’t you think he would have been called up over Whitfield?

        Ryder and Wideman are replaceable, either from call ups or in UFA. Sobotka is a 4th liner. Hamill is a question mark still. And the Bruins 1st round pick is a crap shoot!

      • backbruin says:

        I’m just looking at it from PC’s side, you can’t expect him to trade to many current roster players right now…YES brns77 i do understand we need to give to get but I just think you are giving to much away “yes even struggling widemen”. And i will bash him as it’s my right as a B’S FAN to do when he play’s like garbage…I also think it’s ok to think a player still has a lot of value even if he’s not playing well at that moment in time… He has the skill and people know it, reputation does contribute to a players value and Widemen i still believe has a good one…

        I’m not trying to argue with ya 77 i’m just debating your position on what we need to give to get a horton…we just have a different point of view no biggie!!

      • BosBrn77 says:

        Honestly backbruin, I enjoy debating with you. I agree PC will not make that kind of trade… for the same reason as you said.

        And to be truthful, I like Wideman, and think he can pull it out and play like he used to. I would just rather have a player of Horton’s status on the team.

  35. JONOVISION says:

    it all don’t matter. we aint winning no cup for atleast the next 2o years,or till the Bruins get a new owner…

  36. Jagr says:

    Zednick anyone??

  37. JONOVISION says:

    Boston’s Stanley Cup is beatn the habs.

  38. ELWOPPO says:

    As per Nesn:

    Sources: Dan Hamhuis, Raffi Torres, Alexander Frolov on Bruins’ Trade Radar

  39. willisss says:

    sorry to bring down any of my fellow bruin fans….buttttttttt

    suck it canada

  40. Kurt says:


  41. Kurt says:

    Luckily games are not won on paper!

  42. vince_m says:

    Had a bad feeling about this game even before it started.

  43. bigbadbruins1 says:

    wow that was bad oh well go finland and whillliss it aint over yet

    • willisss says:

      no worries, Pidän Suomessa enemmän 😉 it was just nice to the the US grab the win IN Canada.

      i love the Olympics, but damn i miss the bruins

  44. G cole says:

    If Tim Thomas was in there there would have been 20 goals, dam good game from miller

  45. psands says:


    huge win, i really like watching this United States team, lots of guys with a lot of heart. Ryan Callahan is quickly becoming one of my favorite players to watch. same with backes kesler and brown.

    btw i would be a big fan of getting hamhuis, he is a solid defenseman and i would try to sign him for next year during free agency before morris.

    but i am still hoping they go get a scoring forward, and trade some salary at the trade deadline. i am really hoping for nathan horton.

  46. JONOVISION says:

    that don’t mean shit Canada is still playn hockey,so were still medal favs,util we pack our locker…

    • da wreck says:

      Canada isn’t winning shit with Brodeur in net. He looked awful. 2 of those goals would have been saves had there been a butterfly goalie in net. I hate to say it but bring on Bobby Lu.

  47. Pearson says:

    I dont think broduer looked that bad. I just think usa team play took advantage at the right time and played an aweaome game with solid d and excellent backchecking.

    Has anyone else forgot kessel is on yhe team? Lolz@him.

    Usa aaaall the way

    • Bruins says:

      lol are you kidding? brodeur would have been good if it was baseball (he had that swing down pat), but that will go down as one of the worst goaltending performances in canadian history.

      meanwhile miller was an absolute stud. the game came down to goaltending and goaltending only. that isn’t an excuse as a goalie is part of the team, but it would have been a different outcome if luongo was in net.

    • backbruin says:

      The only reason you won is because of Brodeur….??? what game were you watching????

      He was horrible last night, which is a rarity so be thankfull he was and be happy Miller was hot…and we still scored 3 goals on him…and it wasn’t like the two to one shot ratio was a smokescreen to how the game went, because we had a ton of good chances…

      i hope we see you again!!!

  48. FatMat says:

    I want the b’s to trade for Mike Richards. Thomas Wideman and the Leafs 2nd Round pick for Richards.

    • Leafstank says:

      pretty sure the flyers are tight at the cap like us. thomas 5 + wideman 3.75? = mike richards…3.75-4? either way im sure he doesnt earn 7 mil a year.

  49. cebbie says:

    Good to see Thornton is continuing with his choke under pressure game plan. He must be the highest paid looser of all time – Cant wait for NHL to start again – It is bad enough seeing 3 – 4 overpaid whinning primadona’s during an NHL game, during the olympics we get to see teams full of them. Nice hit from Ovi on Jager – too bad they both did’nt break a leg – It was a nice high hit leaving his skates – that piece of crap’s day will come – Cant wait to see the famous pic of Lindros to be replaced with a pic of Ovi layed out on the ice.

    • #4 says:

      dude what??? You hope the best most exciting player in the game today breaks his leg?? Go to hell you fucking loser.

      • cebbie says:

        Hey jerkoff – Exciting I give you – but he still is a dirty player – mark my words – his day will come where he leaves the ice on a stretcher. His dirty playing has to be wearing thin with other teams – I doubt you have watch many of his hits this year – amazing goals yes but dirtbag through and through

      • leafstank says:

        i agree with cebbie. ovechkin is one of the best players in the game right now, but he is also one of the dirtiest. i wouldnt mind seeing him get cheapshoted,just like i wouldnt mind that happening to Scott Hartnell, Mike Komesarek, Steve Ott. etc.

      • #4 says:

        Hey Ill give you Ott, Avery, Komesarek and especially Hartnell. Yeah I know ovy gets away with the charge all day. Unlike any other players in the NHL becauase he is special.

        He gets hurt like 1-3 times a game allready always hops back out next shift.. Look I said tha just because when I was young and playing really aggressively to make my Juniors club I wound up getting my leg broken by a loser with no game other than throwing cheapshots.

        I bet you’ve never been in that situation and cant even know how bad it sucks. SOOO nexty time think about the fact that you are being a horrible douche before you wish someone breaks their leg.

        -end rant

      • backbruin says:

        leafstank…….i was talking about cebbie’s post?????

        but normally with a cheapshot comes some kind of injury….no??

        anyways who cares how he celebrates goals…it’s called personality which this league needs…

        some of you sound like babies worrying about how guys cheer and hoping for injuries…wow

    • backbruin says:

      I don’t care how much of a “douche” he is, you never hope anyone gets injured playing a god damn game…think about what your saying???Hey we all know he likes throwing huge hits some of which are over the line. But i can say if he played for the bruins you wouldn’t be saying this shit and don’t lie and say you would…

      Now there is nothing wrong with hoping he gets drilled out there say by chara, because i know there is definitely some rivalry there but to wish harm to any player is rather “meatheadish”.

      Any of us who played some higher competitive level of hockey would say that you never want to end someone’s career…look at neely, you don’t think there was some Pittsburg fans who said the same thing about Neely as you did about O.V..??

      wishing that Samuelson would break Neely’s leg??well i geuss tghey sort of got there wish and all of us were jipped out of 5-6 great years of hockey….just think before you start ranting abut guys getting hurt…karma!!

      • leafstank says:

        i didnt say injuried, i said cheapshoted, if thats even a word. ovechikin is deserving of a hit, your so called karma is gonna come back on OV, ill tell you that right now. especially when he over does his scoring dances and shit.

  50. Kurt says:

    I want Kessler,Kane and Drury! Pick any three over paid bruins and trade em.

  51. bruno says:

    What makes me angry is that PC has known for some time that we needed a scorer, okay Kolvy was too expensive he should have gone elsewhere. Our D is good it’s scoring that needs help. These older players won’t improve this team he is looking at , but a Horton, Sharp or Weiss could help us. If he can’t get that type of player I say stand pat and wait until the offseason. Rebuild with the draft and some good RFA’s, it hurts but this team will not go far in the playoffs anyway, so keep the assets.

  52. jmeds says:

    The Toronto Maple Leafs traded for Phil Kessel last summer, giving up two first rounders and a second rounder. Think they’re regretting it?

    This might be a resounding ‘yes,’ especially after what we’ve seen in this Olympics. Leafs GM Brian Burke and coach Ron Wilson hold those same respective positions with Team USA, and in their big win against Canada, guess who was benched for long stretches? Yup, Kessel.

    Wilson told ESPN The Magazine’s E.J. Hradek, “I think we started standing around too much when we didn’t have the puck. We had to tighten things up and play to win. You can’t play like you’re trying to avoid making a mistake. It doesn’t work.” And thusly, Kessel was pulled.

    Burke also hinted that Kessel was among the players who played with a lack of intensity.

    Kessel has only played with the Maple Leaf for a few months, but he’s already been called out by Wilson a few times. He has shown flashes of greatness, but these questions only further the concerns about his attitude and work ethic. Granted he’s only 21 so there may be time for change, but if not, this might not be a pretty separation.

    Oh, and you know that No. 1 pick they gave up this year? It might very well net the Boston Bruins Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin.

    espn -insider

  53. #4 says:

    Just for those who may not have seen this yet; Its looking real good for the U.S to get a silver/gold medal this year.

    heres the brackets:

    The U.S toughest comp before a gold medal game will most likely be Finland or CZech who have to play each other in the quarter finals.

    Whereas Canada, Russia and SWE all have to play each other before teh gold medal game 🙂

  54. Birdman2403 says:

    The US beat Canada fair and square ! But don’t get ahead of yourselves….The tournament has just begun !

    Finland is a very good and consistant team at the Olympics ! There is no easy road for anyone.

  55. KST says:

    Let’s not count out the Swiss. It took Syd the Kid to beat them in a shootout.

  56. Michael Ryan says:

    Hey guys… can’t wait to watch the Bruins in the knockout stages– hopefully Krejci and Chara especially fare well. I find myself developing a huge USA bias so as much as I hope for the best from Bergeron, I would love for us to dominate Canada in a potential rematch.

    Check out some coverage of the Bruins in Vancouver at my blog:

  57. jeff says:

    any way we can trade up in the draft this year with a deep draft this year.. maybe bostons 1st round, 2nd round , 3rd and hamill to florida for their 1st rounder and maybe a 4th???? obviously done at the draft

  58. Pearson says:

    Thomas is supposedly in net tomorow for usa/swiss…

    Obviously big implications for tean usa, but it could mean alot for the bruins

  59. G cole says:

    This is realy random, but tell me what you think.. In today’s game with goalies bigger and padded up like their in the bomb squad, don’t you think it’s rediculous that a goal isn’t allowed if you kick it or hit it above the crossbar? Who gives a dam how you score, if it goes in it’s a goal! Shit if you are physically capable of hitting the puck in mid air into the net you deserve the goal!

    • willisss says:

      where does it stop though? why not pick the puck up and throw it in the net? high sticks cause busted faces, and this is hockey not soccer. to be honest though, i wouldnt mind making high stick goals legal…but kicking? stick only.

      • MC Puck says:

        I think your original sentiment holds the most water… it’s hockey, and I think we should preserve some of the things that make the sport unique. By changing a rule like no kicking, it opens pandora’s box and allows all these formerly silly ideas to be considered, and in the end it’s only bad for hockey.

        Besides, how many more goals do you think would be scored via the methods you’ve included? Not enough to outweigh the damage you could cause with a rule change like that.

        Just my 2 cents.

      • #4 says:

        No kicking,,, its not soccer.

  60. backbruin says:

    OHOH can Hiller steal this from the Americans……stay tuned!!!he looks good 10 minutes in…wowsers!!

  61. backbruin says:

    Now you know how us Canadians felt!!…..;)

    I’m cheering for you boys because we want revenge…I had to take the night off work so i could watch it…case of beer and a way we go!!!

    Canada #1 Russia patuha(spitting)!!!quoting the sheik!!

    What a game it will be!!!

  62. backbruin says:



  63. willisss says:

    So that Hiller guy sucks at hockey….

    • #4 says:

      yeah who taught him to play goalie? Must’ve been somebody who really sucked bad like.. Whats his name,….Tim Thomas?

      • backbruin says:

        just for reference us canadians would say “who taight him how to play “NET” NOT GOALIE BUT IT’S OK”!!

        sorry i need my slang up here in Canada!!goalie sounds strange!!

      • #4 says:

        No you canadians would say
        “who taught him to play Net, Eh?”

        Rofl I also never heard of a taight? is that also canadian lingo see you in the Gold medal round

    • backbruin says:

      You didn’t just spell check me did you??..that’s weak!!oh and to top it off you also EH!!!! me…bahahahahah…i’m shocked you didn’t put me in an igloo eating bacon???

      all typical stuff that when used against us we just chuckle at!!!

      you better hurry up and play goalie!!!

      bahahahahahahahahahahaah…funny shit!!!play goalie!!!!bhahahahaha

  64. backbruin says:

    still 2 minutes left but you have to give it to the suisse team…my god they play everybody tough as nails…they should be proud of there olympics as they gave the best in the world fits!!!

    bravo to team switzerland!!!good for you!

  65. backbruin says:

    good game U.S now it’s are turn to complete what i think is destiny!!!

  66. backbruin says:

    wow i feel sorry for everyone left in the tournament…thanks for awakening the sleeping giant americans….


    wow impressive!!!!!

  67. bigbadbruins1 says:

    wow go canada usa make sure u eat your wheaties cause here we come woooooooooooooooo and go finland

  68. Birdman2403 says:

    Absolute CANADIAN domination ! Looking back now….nice move not getting Kovy ! He was brutal tonight….didn’t even notice he was on the ice !

  69. Bruins says:

    has anyone been watching krejci this tournament? he’s been playing out of his mind!no one can take the puck off him!can’t wait to see him back in boston!

    oh and canada has gold locked up

  70. Birdman2403 says:

    Chara too has looked awesome shutting down stars game after game !

    • Birdman2403 says:

      Sorry Chara…..too many weapons on Canada to shut down ! It will be nice to hopefully score many on a Habs goalie !

  71. psands says:

    olympics have been very exciting so far. so pumped to play finland, i hate the ruutu’s the koivu’s and jokinen.

    Krejci looked great in his games to btw. i hope it carries over to the rest of the Bruins season.

    • Pearson says:

      Krej has been played out of his mind. I really think he was the czech mvp. Solid run by them, should be proud.

      This usa finland game is gonna be a classic. Both teams dont dominate, they hang with everyone and have the ability to grind out games in the end

      the slovaks can def upset canada, but canada looked unreal the other night against a better team, hopefully they dont underestimate the slovs.

      Usa wins 2-0
      canada wins 3-1

      talk about a huuuuge gold medal game tgat would be…….

  72. KST says:

    Ryan Miller is going to see more rubber than a dead skunk on the Trans Canada highway!

  73. mook says:

    just got back from vancouver…i saw canada vs usa and canada vs germany.

    wicked! i also had about 25 beers with tim thomas after the usa game…i have pics! he wore his team usa polo jersey out…i guess he wanted attention. noone really knew who he was though…the italian ski team were there (smoking hot bitches).

  74. Richardo says:

    Gotta Qustions!!!

    If a player waives his “no trade clause” and gets traded, does he still have his “clause” with the new team??

    • KST says:

      You would have to assume that if he waives it to get traded, he has the right to include it as a condition of future negotiations. As well, he has the right to stipulate which teams he is willing to join. It really depends on the player/agent and how bad they want to move to another team.

  75. JONOVISION says:

    WooHoo!!our women kicked ass all over the ice and kept the gold where it belongs…with CANADA. 1of2…

  76. bigbadbruins1 says:

    congrats to the womens hockey way to stick it to the states go canada

  77. KST says:

    Silver looks good with those blue sweaters

  78. backbruin says:

    Well i sure hope you guys get by Finland, because i think that game could go either way so please win!!!

    We really want to see you in the final!!!

  79. mook says:

    let’s worry about slovakia and big-z first…canada has stumbled against teams with good defense and goaltending…

  80. backbruin says:

    It’s over, and i normally wouldn’t say it but we will roll Chara and his band of Slovacks….Did you watch Sweden in the 3rd period…the slovaks looked like they were standing still!!

    7-1 Canada! book it….

    • pearson says:

      the slovs can bring it man. they’ve upset a couple solid teams this tourney and they have the confidence to hang with canada.

      7-1 is pretty ballsy. forget who the goalie is, youre not gonna score 7 on chara.

      usa and canada want eachother badly in the final, so id look for finland/slovakia to be eaten by these teams

  81. backbruin says:

    I don’t care if they have 5 chara’s this isn’t going to be close!!! Slovakia has done well on th pk because of chara but they can’t even come close to matching are grit!!!what zednik or satan..hahahaha gimme a break….and hossa,demitra and gaborik don’t play that physical so be prepared to see an onslaught…

    and i’m pretty sure the states want nothing to do with TC….You know and I know it!!!

    go canada go…go canada go!!!

    here comes the pain!!

  82. Leafstank says:

    jeez. kinda surprised by how many fans here are supporting canada. USA!!

  83. Bruins says:

    i know i shouldbe worried about slovakia after what they did to russia and sweden…but im not. canada is going all the way. i fully expect a canada vs. usa gold medal game with canada coming out on top. just like the women (i’ve got a massive crush on agosta by the way..finest hockey player i’ve ever seen).

    canada 4 slovakia 1
    usa 2 finland 1

    finland 3 slovakia 2
    canada 4 usa 2

  84. backbruin says:

    Not everyone is a Leaf or Habs fan in this Country…we love are BRUINS up here, and can’t wait for the deadline to see what P.C is planning to do!!

  85. mook says:

    i guess there’s a lot on canadians on this blog…

  86. backbruin says:

    wow good for you U.S we’ll see you sunday

  87. Bruins says:

    the states tearing apart kipper actually makes me happy. serves finland right for not taking tuuk.

  88. mattg says:

    timmy’s in the net!!

    • #4 says:

      poor Timmy,

      They put him in net and that ridiculous bounce beats him and goes in. Im glad he got some ice time though because its going to be TUUUUUUK on monday!

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