Bruins looking to upgrade defense

According to Darren Dreger of TSN, the Bruins are actively trying to upgrade their defense.  Dan Hamhuis has been mentioned previously but Dreger also mentions Joe Corvo of the Carolina Hurricanes as a potential target.  A return for Corvo would be quiet pricey but he is probably the top defenseman on the trade block. Chiarelli has stated recently on CSN that he feels his offensive is capable of improving without making a trade. However, I still feel he will make some sort of deal to upgrade at wing. It should be an interesting few days….


32 Responses to Bruins looking to upgrade defense

  1. Pearson says:

    I mean i guess if you cant get players that are on the level of ovechkin kovy or the duo in pittsburgh then i guess it makes sense to get the best guys to shut them down. I still think the winger upgrade is top priority though

  2. leafstank says:

    what happened to “theres a deal already in place, and its ready to be made after the freeze is lifted.” Dreger doesnt sound to be much better than Eklund.

  3. #4 says:

    I hate the waiting game, Ill be going to TSN about 1,000 times in the next few days. Id be really dissapointed if we dont make a deal.

    • leafstank says:

      same here man. im gonna be really aggrovated if there isnt a move made today. dreger should shut his mouth if he doesnt have accurate info. he said, during the break, that a move was in place.

    • #4 says:

      Ok Leopold to pens. Comeon bruins if something was setup it would’ve been executed right away. Pens gave up a 2nd for leopold not that bad I guess, lets gets Seidenberg-Weiss for something cheap too like a few 2nds and sobotka or w/e.

  4. bruins4eva says:

    they shoulda made a deal before the olympics

  5. bruins 27 says:

    lets get corvo or kaberle

  6. leafstank says:

    i dont know about you guys. but i want moves that will be made to help not only this year, BUT next year too.i dont want a rental. theres no point. i want people moved, and people put it.

  7. Richardo says:

    There’s a video on right column with Jessica Moran reporting that Haggerty states a deal between the B’s and Caps is in the works, naming Tim Thomas and LW Tomas Fleischmann as parts of the trade…

    I might have missed something and I just cant see that happening…

    • leafstank says:

      how bout Semin for Thomas. idc what anyone says, Thomas is still a great goaltender, and the Caps arent gonna make it riding Theodore. idk how they would fit thomas under the cap though.

      • goosegoose says:

        I have said that before. I would love that trade one because I love the Bruins and it will help them, and two I love the caps. win win for me

    • backbruin says:

      We are not getting Semin for Thomas, that will never happen…I do love Fleishcman though he can score and would be a great pickup!!!and not super expensive to sign!!!

      • leafstank says:

        how would that work in favor of the caps. they would be over the cap. and the Semin for Thomas was a joke..

      • mcpuck says:

        Flash and Krecji played on a line together in the Olympics and they worked REALLY well together…. hmmmmmm

      • backbruin says:

        Depends how much is left to pay Thomas this year…I’m assuming since we are basically around 75% though the season that they would have to pay 25% of Thomas’s remaining contract for this year…after that who knows!

  8. Richardo says:

    Jim Murphy (NESN) tweeted, “Just been told that the Bruins may move a defenseman they have for a pick and then trade for another sending a pick to that team.”

  9. biggaybruinsfan1 says:

    how about we trade kathryn tappen and naoko funayama for more male reporters.

  10. mook says:

    let’s hear more tough talk…

  11. Richardo says:

    Blues get G Joe Fallon

    Hawks get G Toivonen
    D Danny Richmond

  12. backbruin says:

    Lets get some trade rumors instead of ripping the dumb brods on NESN….As fun as it is to rip them both we are 2 days to deadline and should be able to conversate on something a little better then those two, don’t ya think?

  13. Gcole says:

    michael ryder, andrew ference, and picks for joe corvo and ray whitney

  14. JRy says:

    I think this is rediculous. I was chomping at the bit to figure out which defenseman we were going to get and I even heard yesterday there quite possibly be 2 trades to be announced today. Meanwhile there is no trades and Chiarelli does’nt even know which posistion to focus on! The whole time its been “a top 9 forward” and now its defense? There is no solid rumors right now….there are Thomas rumors but I don’t see him traded and it seams like Chiarelli is kicking the tires on about every player over 37 in the NHL! And then the other day I see they want Peter Mueller and I knew he was 21 and did great a couple years ago so I look up his stats…..4 friggin goals this year. Theres the answer right there. Not to mention the price would likely be steep because of his age. But I would rather get him than the players going straight to the South Shore Retirement Center after this season, but still Chiarelli needs to get it going! This team can’t score.

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