Bruins Potential Targets

With the NHL trading deadline less than 72 hours away, here are some names to keep an eye on.

Peter Mueller- The former 8th overall pick is loaded with skill, but has had a rough almost two seasons in Phoenix.  He is still young, and a change of scenery could do him wonders.  His value is at an all time low, good time to buy.

Nathan Horton- The power forward from Florida is injured, but he is under contract for 3 more seasons.  He could be that winger Marc Savard has needed.  It will take a decent amount to pry him away.

Dan Hamhuis- The impending UFA is a top target for the B’s.  He’s a good skater and can be plugged into the top 4 easily.  Wouldn’t need to deplete the farm or trade a ton of picks to get him.

Tomas Kaberle- Would likely cost a roster player, plus a Toronto’s 1st in 2011, but he is the exact type of d-man this team is looking for.

Teemu Selanne- Not the same Finnish Flash of 1999, but Selanne can stick score.  Would probably cost a 2nd or 3rd.


59 Responses to Bruins Potential Targets

  1. Elgin says:

    All talk & no action. That has been and will once again be the mantra of Chia’s trade wrap-up speech, i.e.,we tried but we felt that we are better off with the group of players we have.

    Same ole same ole, year-in and year-out. I personally am growing sick & tired of this approach and effort. Following PC’s approach I once again see the Bruins acquiring an over-the-hill underachiever for so-called chartacter and leadership reasons. F&^k that!! It’s time for Chia and management to grow a pair and go for it. The Pittsburghs and Jerseys do it every year – why not the Bruins? Cuz there is a pussy on PC somewhere and no balls.

  2. Bruins4life 13 says:

    I hope nathan hortan is true!
    how bout:

    BOS:1st pick 2010, tor 2nd pick 2010
    mark stuart

    FLA: Nathan Horton, 3rd pick 2010

  3. bigbadbruins1 says:

    kovalchuck is signing in russia for next year.

    jersey better win the cup!

  4. Hilroy says:

    Forget Hamhuis. He’s going to Philly for Parent.

  5. Bag o chips says:

    If the Hamhuis to Phiily rumor is correct then the B’s need to counter. How about Seidenberg?

  6. Bzibziak says:

    everyone is shouting for seidenberg. Lets not forgot Boston could of had him in the summer. He was an UFA and no one really went after him. hate for us to waste a high pick on him now.

    If we don’t get Horton,Hamhuis, or Mueller. lets stay pat! Love 2 see Thomas gone for Gagne or Versteeg, but who knows

  7. Elgin says:

    The Bruins will definitely not stand pat. PC will make a move just for the sake of saying that he did try. Like i said earlier, same ole same ole. I don’t expect much from the Bruins and never have and never will. Face it, they are a run-of-the-mill team who occasionaly make themselves look like world beaters. There are not Cup contenders and never will be under Chia’s guidance.

  8. vince_m says:

    I have to agree with in part with Elgin. The Bruins will try to make a move but nothing will come through. Chia will say they tried but nothing could be done. It is a shame, there is some players that could help that they can get but they won’t.

  9. Bruins says:

    wow people are so negative on here. i still believe not much tinkering needs to be done. tomorrow night will be the FIRST TIME we’ve been fully healthy all season. it would be nice to compete without losing too much of our absolutely loaded assets for the future.

    • leafstank says:

      its not only the fact that people dont understand theres just a little tinkering needed, theres also practically nothing out there. everyones in the playoff race in the east.

      • Bruins says:

        yeah, looking at the standings, the only definite sellers are the oilers, leafs and blue jackets. hell, the hurricanes might be thinking twice about trading their players as they’re on fire, and only 9 points out with games in hand.

        other than that, no team is more than 5 points out of a playoff spot in the league. for whateer reason florida already announced they’d sell though, and i’d expect the isles to sell (although who do they have?).

        so, who’s out there that’s valuable to boston?

        toronto – ponikarovsky? kaberle has a NTC
        edmonton – cogliano?
        florida – horton (too expensive)
        columbus – torres?

        other than that the market is filled with other playoff team’s outcasts like mueller and svatos

      • leafstank says:

        ive heard that Kaberle will not waive his no trade clause

  10. leafstank says:

    grebeshkov to nashville.

  11. elgin well said i have been saying that for the longest time and i get grief from everyone and that im a negative asshole i agree 100% again well said

    • leafstank says:

      because nobody wants to believe thats whats gonna happen. but your probably right.. i hope charelli gets moved. i want a gm like pittsburghs, it seems they always make the right moves to improve their team.

      • Bruins says:

        let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. where would we be without chiarelli right now? savard, chara, lucic, etc. would never have been bruins if not for him. he’s completely turned the organization around since the o’connell era.

        as for shero, i could sit there with my 4 straight top 2 picks (including 2 generational talents and 3 that he didn’t even select himself) and wait for the wins to rack up as well. he even screwed up the staal pick with guys like toews and backstrom on the board

  12. Haus says:

    What a bunch of crybabies! Root for the Pens!

  13. leafstank your right i dont want to believe it either but come on now u and just like everyone else here are bruins fans we all know how this organization works old men past thier prime and getting rid of our raw talent i dont think pc is cutting it and just like elgin and i have said pc has no balls

  14. Haus says:

    wahh! Take some anti-depressants or something you all said tank the season now its we have to trade the future for now. Well what is it? I wouldnt be upset if no deals were made we got a 2 or 3 year window. Unfortunately, the Bruins have never been a tank it team and werent the winners of the fixed crosby lottery, both of which the pens have. We got a good to great team when healthy as is or with some tweaks. Next year we got a little cap room and a franchise player with the number 1 or 2 pick in the draft. Funny its mostly you guys that never go to games that are the biggest bitches.

  15. now house house when the fuck did i say tank it and when the fuck did i say trade our future away u need to get your facts straight i said pc has no balls so did leafstank i dont know what your talking about i hope they keep all their draft picks and make a mess next year

  16. Haus says:

    All in all i do have to say im surprised we havent heard anything about a deal though.

  17. willisss says:

    i hate this time of year…i need to know what the hell is going to happen!

    so last night, after drinking just an inordinate amount of beer/mai tai to clear my depression…i found myself to awake with about 23 new texts from various people in which i decided to contact during the night. now i, of course, and understandably, remember NONE of this. now i want to go on record and say, top 10 worst things..ever…i would say the feeling of just pure regret and anxiousnes mixed with sever head aches and stomach pain, after reading the terrible shit you sent out. whether it be to a buddy…a sister…or in my case, 3 ex girlfriends…you always wind up saying somthing you would LOVE to take back. now this is a bruins blog, not a place to share random usless shit, so i will go back to what is important…

    fuck it. to be honest? i have no clue what so ever what chia is going to do. i cant wait to beat those ole singing pussies tomorrow night. god damn it i hate montreal fans.

    • bruinsfanupnorth says:

      been there willis. when i start drinking i give up the cell phone and the keys.

      as for PC, I say be patient, he will get a deal done. I would rather him get it right than screw up the future. Either way can’t wait to kick Montreals a$$ tomorrow night.

  18. Pearson says:

    Your right guys. Pc is a monster. Hes getting paid buttloads to do nothing and likes to do nothing. This team doesnt have a history of making the splash move, so why start now? I mean really, boston isnt a city of champions and at least the bs dont have other successful sports teams to compete with………

    Have faith man, thats all we can really do as fans

  19. Haus says:

    Leafs and bbb1 i know for sure you werent trashing pc last year. Did you want Leopold? So far thats who weve seen dealt that the bruins would want. Idk i like pc for bringing on neely and sweeney, fixing the farm system, improving fan relations and being the catalyst for the chara signing. He dont make a deal based on a rumor then he sucks? Trust me we will make a deal, relax. Now im out before i criticize and hurt feelings.

  20. Gcole says:

    i wanna see something happen dammit, everytime i get a text on my phone i keep thinking its going to say the bruins finally fucking did something, but noooo..

  21. Haus says:

    well said pearson, you are prob a season ticket or at least mini-pack owner too.

    • leafstank says:

      what does that have to do with anything? ive been to one game this year because i havent had the time or money to head down. but ive watched almost every single game each season for the past 3-4 years. i understand that PC doesnt have much to work with out there in the market, but he needs to get something done. this team is no where near as impressive as last year, and their lack of scoring makes them less interesting to watch, and much less of a cup contender.

  22. your not going to hurt my feelings i got no prob u voicing your opinion u think hes good i dont yes he got people in cause oconnell fucked up bad but all pc does is resign people with good contract which dont get me wrong is good but as a gm u got to do a whole lot better then that when is the last time he signed a big name and gave us bruins fans hope u cant just come in get guys and say im done u got to keep making moves whenever u can which in my mind is not enough anyway my opinion by the way thomas signing horrible 5 years 5 mill come on

  23. oh yeah leafstank forgot about that and exactly gcole

    • leafstank says:

      not agreeing that Kessel is worth 5 mil but im sure we could of gone to abritration or whatever that thing we did with Hunwick was. we’ll all have kessel out of our minds after we draft that top three pick.

  24. cookie your such a loser by the way where u from

  25. Haus says:

    Using other peoples name is bush league garbage. Bbb1 i read ur post and u seemed to agree with me on every point. Believe me dude ive been frustrated this year, but when i look at it i see underperforming players and injuries. I agree with your contention that they should have got a replacement for Kessel. What can i say, maybe people think im a management shill but ive never had this much confidence in a gm in any time in the 30 yrs ive following this team. Hang in there, boys.

  26. Haus says:

    well you got chara and savard, last year we couldnt roll 4 lines like we did if u bring in another guy with chara and savard money to give us ‘hope’. Put a quality roster together top to bottom and that gives me ‘hope’. Ryder 4mil ufa best avail at that money that year. This season hasnt produced last year he had output proportionate to ufa contract. Thomas deal i didnt like it was personal not business trying to reward a guy who frankly should have been getting 5mil previous 3 seasons.

  27. u know haus well said i see your points and u have noticed i have agreed because u have valid points and know u what your talking about and good to see u notice what bitch mook is using my name so sometimes we agree sometimes we dont thats just how it is

  28. jeff says:

    Lubomir Visnovsky to the Boston Bruins is close to done. From what I heard, Brad Marchand and a 3rd round pick plus some salary to the Edmonton Oilers for Lubomir Visnovsky. The 3rd may turn into a 2nd round pick depending on how desperate Boston is for his services.

    has any one else heard this i saw someone post this on another site

  29. goosegoose says:

    why are there so many immature people here? what the fuck this site used to be great. I hope the Bruins can get some scoring but I suppose if you cannot get an elite scorer, you might as well get an great d man who can neutralize the other teams scorers, then try to win a 1 goal game…you know the kind of games the Bruins have been in 33 times this year going 12-21 this year…fuck man if we had a 40 goal scorer we would have probably 5-7 more wins…

  30. naw jeff haven’t heard that ill check tsn

  31. u know what goosegoose i agree and i know u think its me but i have never started a fight by calling someone a name and i sure as hell didnt use their name to start calling them names like mook

  32. jeff says:

    someone put that on twitter .. just checkin if any one else had heard about that.. we still need a scorer tho

    • goosegoose says:

      I agree we do need a decent scorer…I mean really 12-21 in one goal games? the Bruins could be chasing the caps for #1 if that was reversed. Our d has never been the problem this year. (minus wideman)

  33. goosegoose says:

    by comparasin the caps one goal games are not so great either but not as bad as the bruins they are 12-14

  34. Haus says:

    Well bbb1 your right when you agree with me and when you dont youre out of your fucking mind…. haha im kidding. Btw hope all is well up there in enemy territory congrats on canadas win coulda gone either way. People who never watch hockey watched it here in the merrimack valley. They come telling me how great it was. Not that i needed to be told how great hockey is now to turn them on to the Bruins.

  35. Haus says:

    Anybody else hear non-hockey fans talk about the game sunday? The olympics plus winter classic are best promotions the nhl could have. Nhl players better be released for 2014.

    • Gcole says:

      what the hell is the deal with NOT having nhl players in the olympics?? makes no fucking sense.. who the hell would canada and the US have?!

  36. mook says:

    all of a sudden bigbadbruins1 can’t take a little backtalk? someone get this guy some cocks to seethe on.

    i’m from toronto. i’ll be sure to smash some bottles over your head when you’re here for the pride parade this summer.

    anyhoo, visnovski is a good pickup.
    chara – morris
    visnovski – wideman
    stuart – hunwick

    safe to say wideman is gonzo as soon as possible…

  37. Haus says:

    Is visnovsky a done deal?

  38. Bruins Fan in Montreal says:

    James Murphy was just on a Montreal radio show and said there has been reports of a Tim Thomas to Washington for Jose Theodore + Tomas Fleischmann and a draft pick. He said whats holding this back is Thomas’ no movement clause.

    What do you guys think of this possible trade?

  39. mook says:

    i can’t find anyone talking about visnovski to the bruins.

  40. mook says:

    i asked thomas myself if he thought he would be traded and he said absolutely not. but you never know…

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