Bruins Predictions

Going to go out on a limb, I predict Peter Mueller and Ryan Whitney to the Hub.


81 Responses to Bruins Predictions

  1. bruins4eva says:

    im predicting nobody comes to the hub

  2. adu says:

    pros and cons
    peter muller- pros- potential,some what of a goal scorer,will save pc if no other deal done.cons- mediocore season,future is foggy,back up plan.

    ryan whitney ???? who is this guy i thought it was ray whitney i guess anything thats sounds cool will help.

  3. OnTheFly says:

    Don’t see whitney and Mueller here.

    My guess is Horton and Kaberle. Kaberle looked fantastic in Vancouver.

    Ok, it’s really my hope, but for now it’s my guess.

    Wideman to Toronto or 3rd team in trade.

  4. G cole says:

    Well they’ve already got rights to/traded for two no-names so who the fuck knows what’s happening next.

    • Bruins says:

      that can be looked at as adding prospect depth for a bigger trade though if we part with other prospects

  5. Richardo says:


  6. Bzibziak says:

    There is no way we are cup contenders. Lets not waste our picks and instead be sellers. I would trade everyone open to the amrket except: rask, Wheeler, and Krecji.

    Chara, Savard, Ryder, Sturm can all go! Why the fudge do we have Satan.

    • leafstank says:

      correction, build around Savard, Bergeron, Krejci, Chara, Rask, maybe Stuart, Boychuck, Sturm, Paille.

  7. backbruin says:

    WOW that was pathetic, i have so much i could say about that game but i’m not going to waste my time…same guys same mistakes…and i mean MISTAKES!!!RASK WAS THE ONLY GUY THAT SHOWED UP!!!

    When did we become team russia passing the puck???

    i would get rid of three defenseman on this team. and i mean a garage sale 5cents a player!!!

    i don’t care if it’s 1st game back this was a huge game!!!!

  8. Birdman2403 says:

    WAKE UP PC !! MORRIS and FERENCE are absolute SHIT ! Brutal fucking third period again !!

    Don’t trade anyone….like usual….FUCK !

    I was so excited for the season to get going again…and same shit, giveaways and soft plays by our shit D ! Scratch fucking Ference and put Boychuk in ! FUCKING HABS….

    • bruins4eva says:

      its not just morris and ference…mark stuart looked like garbage chara look like garbage….the only two i liked were savy and sturm thats it…oh rask played well

      • Birdman2403 says:

        Chara and Stuart bad night. Ference, Wideman and Morris are consistant…..BAD !

  9. Bruins says:

    ugh…not a good way to start out. every single player was a minus except chara and wideman

  10. Gcole says:

    what more will it take before these assholes MAKE TRADES?! how worse can you play? against the HABS too!! FOUR GOALS IN THE THIRD WHEN LEADING??? GARBAGE!!

  11. Bruin123Gone says:

    There i nothing the Bruins can do in a trade that woud help them. They have nothing to give to get anything good in retuurn. Unless they give up Tukka.

  12. backbruin says:

    scratch..hunwick…widemen…ferrence…satan….lucic…ryder….thornton….chara…..oh ya who plays on savards line because i’m beginning to forget….honestly!!!pathetic!!!

  13. Haus says:

    Garbage. Heart transplant needed.

  14. Gcole says:

    paille and recchi on the first line… might as well have boogaard and 90 year old milt schmidt on the line. might be better

  15. backbruin says:

    ponikarovsky to PITTSBURG!!

    wow the stanley cup champs are atleast trying to win!!!!

    i wonder how that feels????

  16. Boston2213 says:

    whos saying that we have nothing to give up in trades because im pretty sure were loaded with picks. we have 2 1st round picks next year, and you think the bruins are goin to sign both those guys your wrong. they have the assets in picks(besides torontos cant trade that) and some guys in the AHL. its just them not doing it once again. I might be over exaggerating but it just looks like management isnt behind this team and if thats the case then stop playin fuckin games with the fans jackin up ticket prices and that shit, were in the playoff hunt and a goal scorer and a sold d man behind from makin a run. EVERY ANALYST SAYS THE SAMETHING ABOUT THIS TEAM, THEYRE 1 OR 2 PLAYERS SHORT FROM MAKIN A DEEP RUN

    • leafstank says:

      im pretty sure they’ll sign both 1st round picks.. idk why they wouldnt. but i agree. the management better step up tomorrow, this team has proven that they cant stay consistant.

  17. BostonVin says:

    I would like to trade Wideman, Lucic, Satan, Ryder and f-ing Hunwick for some heart, soul, pride and a bag of pucks….might even get a water bottle for Hunwick.

    • Gcole says:

      i would never trade lucic, but i have to say hes playing like a GIANT PUSSY, no heart no meanness or anything… its terrible. what the fuck happened to him?! someone put him on happy pills and muscle relaxant?!

      • leafstank says:

        i think hes out of shape. i honestly do. hes not hustling, not finishing his checks, obviously, on the fourth line.

      • BostonVin says:

        Lucic deserves what he is getting. He is not the player he was last season. I know the injuries and all that but he had at least a week to get into shape before the Olymipic break to get going and then two extra weeks to get his shit in gear. He has lost his heart. He has gotten comfortable. He has forgotten what got him on this team. Time for a seen change….maybe Providence, I hear it looks nice this time of year. Plus while he is in the minors maybe he can fight Boyton again and remember what it’s like to kick some ass.

      • BostonVin says:

        sorry about the poor grammar and misspellings.

      • Bruins46 says:

        I know the whole team hasnt been great all year but I honestly cannot believe the change in Lucic from last year to now. Fighting and hitting aside, it seems like the guy can’t catch/make a pass!

      • jacobs says:

        Lucic needs to remove the skirt. This team suuuuucks. Oh also put the F in puck in the net.

    • bruins4eva says:

      i like this deal…but you might have to add someone who doesnt have a VAGINA

    • Sick Bruin says:

      Problem is we have to trade our good picks to get rid of our crap players no one will take them and there is no point in trading just picks. This team needs a fucking leader I am sick of this shit that they out played us in the third or they wanted it more then us (which is true) Someone needs to stand up and take charge and Cj needs to take that C off of Chara and put it in the gabage because no one is a captain on that team.

      • JRy says:

        I think the closest thing to a captain is bergeron. How can chara b an effective captain if he has a hard time with the English language! but of course I don’t no what goes on behind closed doors.

  18. Bzibziak says:

    lets start over and have anew team. Love to get young guys on this team: Mueller, Torres, and Horton. Trade Chara, Ryder, Sturm, Thomas, Recchi, Ference, Morris and start fresh. get some new blood in her with fast young talent. Even Lucic is tradeable now

    • leafstank says:

      what do you have against Sturm? really. hes our top scorer and he still has speed. he can fit in on any of our lines.

  19. pearson says:

    for what its worth, i think we need a guy that can change the offensive scheme. a quick guy that CAN DEKE and GET OPEN.

    backbruin is right about savard… why waste money on this guy if your gonna stick him with a grinder and a defensive forward?

    if im PC. i go big, or go home. the talent is there in the minors and the future is there with picks. thomas, stuart, wheeler, and sturm would be the guys of interest i wouldnt mind hearing offers for.

  20. jcarb23 says:

    same old fuckin team no heart,no balls..hunwick is fuckin horrible,wideman is fuckin horrible we couldn’t get a cheap hoar for these fuckin stiffs

  21. ELWOPPO says:

    We will see tomorrow what Chia does. Maybe this is a good thing that we lost? We all know what the team is lacking so………do it Chia.If he does nothing we know that he has thrown in the towel for the season!
    We could than at least know where the team stands and talk about next year! Plain and simple!!!!!!!

  22. Bzibziak says:

    Lets grab Boyes from the Blues. bring him back with Bergie and Sturm.

  23. Paille says:

    did you hear chiarelli talk today. idk if were getting anyone… haha

  24. Bzibziak says:

    I would love this line-up and it wouldnt take much wheeling n dealing

    1st line: Lucic- savard- Mueller
    2nd line: Ryder-Krecji- Wheeler
    3rd line: Boyes-Bergeron-Sturm
    4th line: Pailee- Begin Bitz

    Not a bad 4 lines u think?

  25. Bzibziak says:

    Would love 2 trade Chara to LA for kopitar and Jack Johnson/Doughty

  26. Paille says:

    i mean. im def down for mueller and whitney. but idk if its gonna happen.

  27. Trevor says:

    Who the hell told the Bruins that they were good passers……wtf? Shoot the god damn puck…..Rask was the only guy on the ice tonight… one else even caught my attention except for effin mistakes and pansy passes or turnovers. Wideman gotta go, Satan is an arse, and where the hell are Krejci, and Wheeler. Ferrence who?…Jeesh….if Charelli Let’s this team finish the year…then he gotta go next.!

  28. Paille says:

    i was pretty pumped about how krejci was playing tonight. too bad bergy was out but wheeler needs to start finishing. wideman needs to go though. i agree w that.

  29. Habhater says:

    What an absolute brutal performance. No energy, no effort, no intensity, no urgency and certainly no grit. Such a performance is such an important game speaks volumes as to the character of this team.

    After watching that 2 point mail in, PC should be a seller tomorrow. But who in the name of God would want the Bruins garbage. I would even consider moving Lucic at this point but who will take him and his $4M. PC has bogged this team down with such high-priced players as Wideman, Ryder and Lucic.

    Oh , excuse me – all our problems are solved – we do have Kampfer. Another brilliant move by our astute manager.

    Hw wouldn’t manage a one-hole shithouse. Other teams at least try to improve – the bruins always stand pat and say that they could not make a deal. Enough of this bullshit – it’s time to move forward and at least try to win.

  30. Sick Bruin says:

    Toronto Lost

  31. Badazzbees77 says:

    We should Trade Ferrence , morris , wideman, Ryder , wheeler the list goes on… but seriously lets stop talking about it the bruins nor PC will change, his balls are in his wives purse and there they will stay…….however if for some reason he does do something it will be the typical Bruins way, bringing in some 38 plus year old player that wont do shit and retire the year after . Fuck PC Fuck this year hope for a crosby or ovechkin with those toronto picks.. GO BRUINS in 2011!

  32. Bruins46 says:

    Build a new team around David fucking Krejci, enough said. FRANCHISE PLAYER.

  33. North B says:

    Slap the puck in, slap the puck out, maybe it will take a funny bounce off the boards and we will get a scoring chance.. Bruins style of play.. Fucking brutal!!

  34. Badazzbees77 says:

    If anything wouldnt mind seeing Horton over here for ryder and morris.. also huge fan of Kaberle would be nice however they would have to get him to waive his no trade clause! Seriously tho we need someone that can get over 40 goals a year and some fuckin DEEEEEE! Find a way to deal thomas to a team that needs a goalie!

    • Bruins says:

      ryder and morris is an awful offer though. the panthers will be trying to rape teams on a horton trade

      • Badazzbees77 says:

        Well judging by what ive seen this season when it comes to trades anything goes… there have been some good player gone for nobodys this year. Kovalchuk deal horrible… ponikarovsky deal just made horrible how about grebeshkov real dumb on edmontons part. we have players to throw on top of that ryder morris deal how about throwing in marchand from providence.

  35. Badazzbees77 says:


  36. Bruinschoke says:

    Hunwick has regressed so bad its unbelievable. He does not deserve to be on the ice. He has no confidence yet Claude keeps putting him out there. I am now starting to see why Montreal and NJ fired this guy. He obviously gets no respect from his players. They have given up more leads in the third period this year than the other 3 years COMBINED! WTF…we all know that PC is gonna go to that podium tomorrow and say: “We tried to make some impact moves but it just didnt work out”. I think based on the moves hes made hes confusing which Bruins team he needs to improve. I know PC that the baby B’s are struggling too but your job is to make the BOSTON BRUINS better. And to think i was gonna buy 150 seat to the game tonight. SOOOOO glad i didnt! Another CHOKE!!!!

  37. Bruins says:

    i really wouldn’t mind seeing wheeler go if we can get something good back for him. he has all the size and speed in the world but he has hands of stone.

    • Bruinschoke says:

      wheeler has been offsides more this year and last year than an a squirts team has in a season. He seems like he’s trying but has nothing to show for it.

      • Bruins says:

        yeah i’m not questioning his compete level, it’s just that the guy can’t put it together offensively with the tools he has. he still has good value, so trade him now IMO

      • Badazzbees77 says:

        Plain and simple he cant finish A for effort but he cant put it all together…..

  38. Johnny Rocket says:


  39. Bruins9 says:

    Wow does this team blow!!! What happened to all these deals that were suppose to happen once the freeze lifted??? Total BS!!!!!

  40. da wreck says:

    I like your prediction of Peter Mueller, but as for Ryan Whitney, I just can’t see the Bruins taking on another 4 million dollar contract for the next 3 years. I understand that you’d definitely be looking at moving salary the other way, but who would they take? Ryder +? pick (s)? Wideman +? Those guys are easy to want to throw in there, but isn’t the reason Whitney’s rumored to be on the block is that he’s been inconsistent? A change of scenery can do wonders for players, but if I’m a GM, I’m not wanting to try and move a headache and end up with another one in return.

    Also, you could offer Bergeron, Lucic, or Krejci or someone with a similar salary, but who’s willing to give up all that potential, who’s average age is 23?

  41. da wreck says:

    I guess as far as predictions go, I’m going to go with:

    Peter Mueller
    Aaron Ward
    Scott Walker (Wardo couldn’t leave his new buddy behind)

  42. Sick Bruin says:

    My prediction is nothing.

  43. Bruins123Gone says:

    The Bruins had a deal in place over the trade freeze that I expected them to announce yesterday. I’ve been told the deal has changed over the past 24 hours, may be bigger than before and will be announced today. Hopefully my source is right on this one.

    as reported on

  44. #4 says:

    When Bergy was out last night I said to myself hmm. Maybe he is gone?? But nope I dont think any trades are happening though. IF PC had some nuts hed make these trades.

    Chara 1st(boston) (Roster Player)|
    To LA
    JJOhnson and Kopitar

    TThomas, 2nd, Kampfer, (Roster player/prospect)
    To Wash
    Semin, Scare Crow with goalie equipment

  45. Haus says:

    How far into your ass did you have to reach to pull those trades out? Even if PC had the ‘nuts’ to make those deals, why would LA and WSH want to completely overhaul their rosters/ give up key players when they are comfortably in the playoffs and now looking to tinker for a cup run? Put down the bong for a second before posting, dude.

  46. #4 says:

    Sarcasm maybe dude? Did you read some of the deals on here? I didnt even fabricate those just scroll up. No way will I put the bong down tough guy shits decriminalized so fuck you.

    Anyways here we go
    Poni to Pittsburg
    Leopold to Pittsburg
    Barker to Wild
    K.Johnson to CHI
    Sutton to Sens
    Chelios Signs w/ Florida
    DaGostinin to Blues

    I know I missed a few but really only PITT-CHI are making changes to go deep this year if the B dont make a trade its fine w/ me. But they better re-arrange those lines and find the guys that play with heart then offload that baggage in the summer.

    I mean Ferrence-Morris-Wideman-Ryder-Begin-Thornton(love him but what does he add??)-Thomas-Recchi-Satan

    Replace them all with younger faster players and we be better off. Watch a pittsburg-washington game start to finish you’ll see what I mean. Everyone plays with 100% heart and 100% speed

  47. Haus says:

    Now thats better. See what a little coffee can do? Thomas value higher at the draft mark my words done deal in june as far as now lets get a dman with another year or two on his deal that slots in nicely cuz andy ference wont be back. If torres available for a 2nd grab him using torontos (highest value 2nd unless edm dumped theirs) and hope something clicks. Maybe Boyes for a 1st and alexandrov instead.

  48. Haus says:

    Probably gotta throw morris in a deal for boyes to make the money work.

  49. Vince_M says:

    BREAKING: Multiple sources indicated to Bruins are out of running for Canes F Ray Whitney in a deadline deal

    as per Joe Haggerty on Twitter

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