No Bergeron against Montreal

Patrice Bergeron will not play tonight
against the Montreal Canadiens. Bergeron, who apparently hurt his groin in the final game of the Olympics, is considered day to day.


47 Responses to No Bergeron against Montreal

  1. u got to be fucken kidding me wow

  2. Vince_M says:

    Kinda figures.

  3. John says:

    What kind of fucking shit is that the one shift he does get he gets hurt another loss to the canadiens again and goodbye to the playoffs

    • #4 says:

      Wow way to have faith in your team he’s only one man not even your starting center. Nut Up John you sound like a pansy.

      Savard and Krejc are going to come out flying so im not worried at all. Unless chara gets some red/blue jersey stuck in his teeth as he eats those 2ft tall canadien forwards up along the boards.

  4. well well im from scarborough anytime u want to meet up mook let me know i meet up with u no problemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. cebbie says:

    Not sure how much truth there is but rumours about Thomas getting traded – May not be a bad thing – 5 mil for a backup next year with Rask taking over #1. It would kinda suck to see him leave but that 5 mill could help finally getting someone who can score. Based on his play this year it looks like last year he played way over his head.

  6. Bruins says:

    well so much for me thinking we’d have our first game of the season with no injuries. this is actually ridiculous right now.

    i’ve heard people talking about visnovsky. yeah, he’s a good d-man and a great puck-mover but he comes with a $5.6 million cap hit for 3 years after this one and is 32 right now. it wouldn’t be the best idea.

  7. ELWOPPO says:

    Hey Mook come to Scarb. brotha! We see who’s tuff?

  8. ELWOPPO says:

    Bergeron plays 30 secs. the whole tourny and he pulls his groin!!!!! HA HA HA what a fucken joke! NOW thats bad luck kids….I guess some things never change with this team? The Injury bug WILL NOT DIE!!!!!Be prepared B’s fans more bullshit to follow…..Trust Me!

  9. bruins4eva says:

    thats what happens when you dont play much…you just sit there and get stiff…thats the worse thing you can do is sit there

  10. brendan says:

    bruins made a trade

  11. Bruins Fan in Montreal says:

    Bruins will announce trade after the game tonight.

  12. oh oh please dont talk about guns first of all u dont scare me trust me u dont scare me and second of all u sound like a little bitch

  13. Whopperfoo says:

    bs got a not nhl ready d-man.

  14. brendan says:

    bruins fan what detail need them

  15. Bruins Fan in Montreal says:

    this is just a precurser for the next trade.

  16. Vince_M says:

    so that is the big trade we have all been waiting for???

  17. brendan says:

    how do you know that they are annocing it?

  18. Bruins Fan in Montreal says:

    If it isn’t tonight early tommorow the trade will go down.

  19. brendan says:

    how do you know i need a sources?

  20. Bruins Fan in Montreal says:

    I got a family member that is good friends with a member of the bruins.

  21. brendan says:

    ok yea right? who which bruins they wouldnt know!!!! none of the players do

  22. Bruins Fan in Montreal says:

    not a player.

  23. brendan says:

    ok who then?

  24. #4 says:

    Wtf is this?? I hope its trade warmup heh (still skeptical) seems almost like a nothing for nothing deal to me.

    CMON PC time to make a move GOGOGO pull the trigger see what happens.. If you fail well good luck dealing with boston crowd after a bad/botched trade. But if your successful and net us a 30 goal scorer and top 4 DMAN HOORAY

  25. Bruins Fan in Montreal says:

    John Weisbrod

  26. brendan says:

    who is he

  27. Bruins Fan in Montreal says:

    he’s a scout

  28. brendan says:

    what is the trade

  29. Bruins Fan in Montreal says:

    I don’t have details of the trade. I was just told to expect something to happen. Don’t know if it is big or just minor.

  30. brendan says:

    are you lieing or seroius

  31. Jefe77 says:

    I think we took Mike O’Connell and Sinden for granted. I mean, I would much rather see a GM in control who left the Bruins reputation in the gutter.

    PC screwed the pooch when he signed the two top UFA’s 4 seasons ago. Also, he has no sense of building a team at all. Krejci, Lucic, Rask WHY THE FUCK would you re-sign people like that? Build a team around 3 excellent centers? Idiocracy! Just ask the Red Wings where that got them; 4 Cups aint shit, right?

    Also, lets look at the FACT that if PC did trade away a good amount of our future for a selfish russian who wont be here next season,…then we could have THEN heralded him as a good GM.

    But only then! It would be extremely disappointing to watch the Bruins actually dodge a bullet here. I mean, I PRAY to watch top prospects, draft picks and rostered players leave for 8 goals.

    Lets put one of you geniuses who understands the hockey market in control. That would be something, huh?

  32. KST says:

    Could Bergeron be the one on the trading block?

  33. Bruins Fan in Montreal says:

    I ain’t the source so if something doesn’t happen I can’t be blamed. I am just stating what I was told by someone who knows someone so anything can be lost in translation here.

  34. just like i thought cookie acting tough behind your ps3 u can talk bout grammar all u want and say all the jokes all u want cause in the end u aint nothing but a little PUSSY PUSSY PUSSY

  35. Andy says:

    Let’s give Bruins Fan the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they do have something in the works. Keep in mind last week Dreger said they already had a deal in play. Of course, Bruins Fan could also just be starting a rumor as well, but like I said, I’m willing to wait and see if this comes to fruition.

    The other thing to keep in mind is not to crucify PC if he doesn’t make a major trade (although you can crucify him for some of the signings and money involved). We don’t know what these other GM’s are asking for and it’s well known that PC has a lot of picks in the next 2 yrs to work with, so I’m sure the price is high. What happens will happen, but I think most of us will admit that we’re essentially going forward with this team “as-is”, so it’s up to these players to get their head out of their asses and play better.

    Bruins fan, I’m sure the Kampfer trade today wasn’t “THE” deal, right? HAHA!

  36. brendan says:


  37. joe says:

    It was not the last game. I have friends who have got some big bucks to watch the games, hes also friends with some staff that was working there. He was hurt in the first game. Since you cannot replace a player to injury it was his decision to play limited ice time.
    Hence his bad play and very little ice time. Also not much leg strenth so face offs were crappy. Some down time will do him good.

  38. Haus says:

    Jefe, thanks for being a voice of reason. Granted this is a rumor site, many who visit here are transaction hungry and dont look at the whole picture.

  39. Jefe77 says:


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