Bruins Deadline is a Failure

Fans were pumped for this day, only to be disappointed.  The moves of trading out Derek Morris and bringing in Dennis Seidenberg were useless.  GM Peter Chiarelli has always said, we don’t want to make a move to just make one.  But today, he did.

First off, the trade of Derek Morris was awful.  The Bruins arguably most consistent defenseman netted just a 4th round pick…in the 2011 draft.  When guys like Andy Sutton, Dennis Grebeshkov, even Andrew Alberts, are netting more in return, you know you got fleeced.  I know he had a NTC, but why bother moving him for just a 4th. It’s essentially Derek Morris for Steven Kampfer.  What?

The B’s overpaid for Dennis Seidenberg.  He was acquired for Byron Bitz, Craig Weller and TB 2nd in 2010.  That 2nd round pick is at the top of the round, so it’s almost a late 1st.  Adding that to Bitz, it’s a bad move.  This is a guy who we could have had instead of Morris in August.  Poor asset management.  If the goal is to re-sign Seidenberg, why not wait until the draft and acquire his rights.  Seidenberg is not much if at all an upgrade over Morris.  And if Seidenberg leaves, it was a waste of a good pick.

Chiarelli always wanted to hold onto the picks, and yet he dealt a 4th, and 2nd for close to nothing of an upgrade.

Now the prices were high, but Joe Corvo went for a similar package of Seidenberg.  Ryan Whitney went for a lot in Lubomir Visnovsky.  But you are telling me you couldn’t add a Fredrick Modin for a conditional pick.  Just something minor to add a body?  Maybe try and pry Peter Mueller out of a Morris deal?

I would have rather they made no move than deal a 2nd and Morris for Seidenberg and a 4th.

Offensively, the guy who could have made a difference was traded to NJ a long time ago.  This deadline failed.

End result, you paid a top 40 pick for a lateral move.


106 Responses to Bruins Deadline is a Failure

  1. Gcole says:

    what a bunch of bullshit. we wouldnt have these fucking cap problems if he didnt OVERPAY PEOPLE…

  2. Bruins says:

    what is this an official “we hate the bruins” site? visnovsky made no sense with his cap hit and it’s pretty obvious that if colorado was offering that, we would’ve had to offer something along the lines of blake wheeler (even though he definitely wouldn’t go back to phoenix).

    weller was nothing, and bitz really wasn’t anything either. we still have two other second rounders in this draft.

    seidenberg leads the league in blocked shots, and is an upgrade over morris.

    chia was handcuffed with morris with a NTC. it’s obviously no coincidence that he is headed back to phoenix as he probably hand-picked it.

  3. Peter says:

    Boys we aint making the playoffs and Chiarelli just confirmed that today. Sick and tired of the same old shit. I hope it cost him his job it will foresure cost Claude Julien his because he will get the blame when they finish tenth in the conference.

    • Leafstank says:

      yup. thats exactly whats going to happen.

    • zvic says:

      you got it! what was our GM thinking? we are the second lowest scoring team mabey even worst scoring team in the NHL now and we trade way too much for a second rate d-man……why didn’t we get forwards? we have a team full of second rate players, we have nobody to play with savard, the “great” lucic from last year who was compared to NEELY of all people by idiots is playing like he came from the women’s Slovak hockey team! what the hell man!?! I love this team too much to see it go backwards. TERRIBLE TRADES

  4. Bruins4life 13 says:

    I really hope we fire peter chiarelli! he has no fukin idea when he needs to make a move and he is the biggest bitch of all the GMs in the nhl. i wish we could get the GM from the rangers or sharks in at boston then maybe wed make a good trade once in a while!

    who agrees???

    • Bruins says:

      yeah, mike o’connell was much better…

      chiarelli saved this franchise when he came on board. how quickly people forget.

      • Sick Bruin says:

        Saved what. This team is a joke we they got lucky last year and he ruined this team for the next few years with all this no thinking signing now this team fucked.

      • Bruins says:

        this team was awful before he came here. the thornton trade, no prospects, old players like zhamnnov and murray doing nothing bust wasting space and cap room, and he came in, stole late draft picks, signed chara and savard, and completely turned the team around.

        this was a team that was near the bottom of the league for two straight years, that just traded their franchise player for nothing and he came in and righted the ship in one year.

      • zvic says:

        what did he save… we are in 8th and that can change with another loss. he over signed thomas and lucic and he let Kessel go yet pays Ryder $4 million. he does nothing to save this season while we are clearly sinking. he sucks! you want to see a GM who saved a team look at Vancouver. I don`t blame Bruins fans not filling seats who wants to watch a team who can`t score, blows leads, and sucks in the shootout. What happened to these guys from last year

      • Bruins says:

        injuries is what happened. if the bruins do some damage in the playoffs once they get healthy, every single one of you will be praising chiarelli like you were last year for remaining competitive while holding onto the deepest pool of future assets in the league.

        do you actually regret the kessel deal? look what it landed us. all for a team cancer that can only score in streaks. if you hadn’t noticed sturm (who was out last year) is keeping up with kessel’s goals this year. it’s not like their offensive woes are because of losing kessel.

        lucic provides a skill set that no other player in the league provides. who else can hit/fight/score, etc. like he can. i know it’s easy for fair-weathered fans on here to completely disregard his injuries and type of injury as to why he’s playing like he is right now, but he should be back to normal and improving next year (when the contract actually starts).

        what did you expect with thomas? he’s been our best player for years and he just came off of the best season by a goalie since hasek. he wouldn’t have signed for anything less than that money and term as he hasn’t had a big contract his entire life. to not sign thomas would mean going into the bad free agent goalie crop of this year, or forcing tuuk in when he was basically a complete unknown at the NHL level.

        the bruins have never drafted and developed prospects like this since chiarelli came in. we also got two of the best signings i’ve ever seen with chara and savard under him. i can’t even imagine what would have happened if we kept o’connell.

      • jimmy50 says:

        Well said, well said.

      • Jefe77 says:

        Bruins, I couldnt have said it better. We need to come to expect many of the posters here always think the grass is greener on the other side.

        Sure we could have used a goal scorer, what good ones were available, and at what cost? We all wanted him to get something done, but now he “sucks”??

        How bad would the Bruins have SUCKED, had Chara and Savard never came here? Pretty fuckin bad.

      • zvic says:

        who can fight, score, and hit like Lucic? are you kidding me? how many fights has he been in this year….what hits? have you been watching this year???? how about Dustin Byfuglien, Mike Fisher, Jerome Iginla… I can keep going. he has yet to score 20 goals in his career and never will! if an injury is your best excuse for him then that’s weak. If you are using injuries for an excuse that explains Kessels totals so far. who is Kessel playkng with in Toronto? I can’t beleive you even mention Sturm and Kessel in the same sentence, he has 41 points in 50 games and he came back from surgery, missed training camp and plays on a terrible team! ask any GM or coach in the league who they would take first and I would be shocked if one picked sturm. Kessel is a star in the league and he WILL score at least 40 goals a season for many seasons….Savard misses him not the other way around it was a huge loss for this team and the numbers show it. as far as signing savard and Chara yes that was great…what’s he done recently? he hasn’t made this team better, they are going backwards good GMs make good moves more than a couple times. Signing Thomas to a long expensive contract when you have a young golie who everyone knew was gooood was stupid. thomas has not been our best player for years, and comparing him to Hasek is nuts that guy carried teams on his back. and I could find over 20 guys to pay 3 million a year that are better than lucic. you should ask what’s the cost of not getting a goal scorer? Savard can keep passing the puck to Ryder and Lucic and they can keep missing the net and we can rely on Sturm to score all of our goals b/c it is totaly working right now. like it or not we are paying losers too much money, we are relying on a 42 year old to score on this team! how bad would they suck? You are blind this Bruins team does suck, they have broken team records for home losses, and losses in a row, 10! they lost 10 staight! and they are the lowest scoring team in the NHL. if you cut your arm do just let it bleed? that’s what PC is doing, nothing, we are bleeding and he did nothing.

  5. #4 says:

    I think the removal of PC and Julien is what the organization needs. A complete “Identity” overhaul we need to be the Big Bad B’s. Not the Ineffectual W/e We were good lsat year B’s.

    I bet just a new strategy and fresh management would do alot for our young players. We would keep the great ones like Neely in the development program just cut off its head.

  6. Boston2213 says:

    PC is studdering his way thru this press conference. He says he thinks this team can score still ok well were about 60 games in so when the fuck is it suppose to happen. This guy is on his way outta boston and he knows it…If the team performs well pay whatever to go to see it thats clear, if they dont and theyre gettin the money the fans want a change. I can see juillen getting fired if they have another bad week or 2 and chiralli blaming it on the players responding

    • jimmy50 says:

      Firing PC would be taking a step back for this franchise. Plus it is up to coaches and players to finish this season off on a high note.

  7. johnny mac says:

    no matter what the bruins could have done today, you people need to stop living in a dream world. THEY WERE NOT GOING TO WIN THE CUP! the focus needs to be on this offseason regardless of what we could have or couldnt have gotten. ray whitney, poni, visnovsky, torres…it absolutely wouldnt have mattered. i agree, the morris trade and siedenberg trades dont make a whole lot of sense, but stop living in a dream world. hope those lottery balls fall in out favor! look at it this way, we still have somewhat of a good core, those balls fall properly and BAM! Taylor Hall. shoot, miss the playoffs and suck pond water the rest of the way (im not saying tank it) and all the sudden youve got 2 picks in the top 5. WHHHAT?

    that will set us up nice, as its clear that now adays you do have to get those star players in the draft, as 3,4,5 years into their career theyre too expensive to put a competitive team around.

    i actually am excited for the future if those balls drop our way.

    i do agree chia needs to go, but not because of this deadline.

  8. ELWOPPO says:

    Just to let all you guys know me and bigbadbruins were saying that Chia is an idiot all year long….Yet all you guys kept defending him? Now you guys are all bashing him! i told u the guy is a fag…Maybe next time you guys will listen when we speak!!! we know this team better than most!!!! BELIEVE THAT KIDS!!!

    • Bruins4life 13 says:

      this team is not better than most! are u on crack? we cant muster a 20 goal scorer, no one with 40points thomas is way overrated, chara is making rookie mistakes, savard isnt doin jack shit, same wit krejci and ryder,wideman just straight up sucks and hunwick is giving away the puck every other play so how in the name of sweet flyin fuck is this team better than most?????????

    • Bruins4life 13 says:

      am i wrong?….. nope!

      • mcpuck says:

        he said he knows the bruins better than most. not that the bruins were better than most.

      • backbruin says:

        ya you’re 18 years old and you know it better then most………………….umm anyways ya we should all listen to spaz 1 and 2 and there ranting raving and foaming at the mouth…………………

        fk me stfu up both of you…i have sat hear and said nothing and just watched you two babble on and argue with everyone on here and i can’t do it anymore…shut the hell up!!!

    • Jefe77 says:

      Hey Backbruin, we better all listen to the higher hockey knowledge. Regardless of whether it is strewn with profanity, ridiculousness, insults, prejudice and outright idiocracy. Not to mention the use of the word “kid” when referring to anyone besides Spaz # 2.

      Everyone, stop blogging, just listen to Spaz #1 and Spaz #2. They hold all the knowledge that any Bruins Brass from Art Ross to Peter Chiarelli could use.

      Please! Save the franchise and hire a spaz to run the team. I cant wait to watch true genius go to work.


    We could have gotten ward for alot less. And he knows our system whatever though bs can’t score shit.

  10. #4 says:

    What I dont get is that Morris is going to go to PHX and play right away in the top 4 or maybe 6 there.

    OK so wtf do we do with 4th round draft pick?? Look at it all pretty like? Then if we were going to fire sale why the fuck do we trad a 2nd for morris’s replacement wtf is the difference. We just traded a 2nd for a player similar to one we have who we traded a 4th for….

    Why not morris and get siedenberg and improve the defense not just change out 1 guy… Who was actually playing allrite most of the year. If we kept morris and did the Siedenberg trade it makes more sense. Idk fuck this im going to watch my B’s. but I am going to get pissed everytime they show PC.

  11. bruins 27 says:

    the whole team sucks and is over paid

  12. Haus says:

    Ive been defending PC all year but he really screwed the pooch here. I pretty much agree 100% with matt. I will however still give PC for bringing this franchise back to respectability. I will give him credit for what he got in the kessel deal. What happened today is just baffling. There was no need to dish morris unless you want to open up salary. Seidenberg is solid but is a ufa. You also lose bitz and a strong 2nd rounder. I dont think any forward moved today could have helped savvy. He was better off not doing shit.

  13. Johnny Rocket says:

    as much as i would like to rip chiarelli apart right now and throw him under the bus…were just guna have to take it as it is and move on..the dealine is passed we can’t do anything. our team is capable..they proved that to us last year even though we are missing a few key ingredients like kessel, axelsson, ward, etc.

    we lost morris today but we are getting a good return in seidenberg. he’s solid and will add something fresh to the back end with that left hand shot. I just wish we could have gotten a little more in return than a 4th round pick…i know chiarelli was looking to free up some cap space for another potential deal buttttttttt we never got one. so what we have is what we have and maybe they will bring up a guy like hamill to see what he can bring to the table.

    2011 will be the rebuilding year…i predict atleast half the team will be gone when the season begins

  14. #4 says:

    All the people gone should include


    • bruins4eva says:

      cant move satan he has a no movement clause

    • zvic says:

      Recchi is 42 his salary doesn’t even dent our cap and he is on pace for over 20 goals what do you want from the guy? he is one of our only bright spots! he is a third line player that is doing his job well saying we should get rid of him is stupid! Hunwick is stil young, why give up on him like we did with Boyes in st.louis? you are calling out the wrong guys. the guys that are a problems are out top 2 lines, most of the guys you mention don’t play on the top two lines, they are good 3rd and 4th liners and don’t get paid a boat load, we need to rethink guys like Lucic and Ryder who get paid a lot.

  15. Bruins says:

    seidenberg vs. morris


    games played: 62
    goals: 2 (1 PP goal)
    assists: 21
    points: 23
    +/-: -3 (team high +6)
    TOI: 22:53 (1st on team)
    PP: 2:16 (10th)
    SH: 2:39 (3rd)
    blocked shots: 179 (1st in LEAGUE next closest is 153)
    missed shots/total shots: 38/116
    hits: 133
    giveaways: 21
    takeaways: 19


    GP: 58
    goals: 3 (2 PP goals)
    assists: 22
    points: 25
    +/-: -2 (team high +9)
    TOI: 22:00 (3rd)
    PP: 2:27 (8th)
    SH: 2:28 (2nd)
    blocked shots: 84
    missed shots/total shots: 43/95
    giveaways: 24
    takeaways: 5

    seidenberg is definitely the better player. morris got to play with chara too, so seidenberg will probably get better.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Agreed “bruins” good research on the stats. You should work for sports center!!! lol
      I think Seidenberg was a good pick up, However we should have made a move for a solid scorer!!!
      I think were fucked now!!!

    • pearson says:

      good work man. alot of people will just quickly look at goals and assists to determine the quality of a player. i think morris’ value was more than his stats showed but hey maybe this guy (if played with chara) can help shut some guys down get physical and get more chances for our offense.

      i dont think it opens the door (like PC thinks) to drastically more offensive opportunitys but the little stats like blocks, take-aways, and the amount of his shots that go ON NET might take a tiny bit pressure off of the forwards.

      in my mind they mildly improved on where they are now and will get in the playoffs, but i dont think we’ll be watching late into june.

      smile everyone, 2011 is gonna be sick

  16. jimmy50 says:

    No one bitched the last two seasons with Chiarelli running things and no one will be bitching come June when the B’s draft in the top 3, then again in the first round.

    Seidenberg is an upgrade in all three zones over Morris.

  17. joe says:

    It makes me think, about what was really available. The Van Canucks needed a scorer to, they didnt get it, chicago needed a goaltender they didnt either. And from the trades in this deadline. The trades where nothing really special, the most boring deadline i can remember.
    No suprises at all. I like the Dennis S trade hes is better than morris. Cap reduction good too.
    Sure feels like he threw the towel in the ring though

  18. Bzibziak says:

    Here is why the day was a failure. If PC would of stood pat today, it would of been better than the moves he made today. Seidenberg is a tad better than Morris but not by much. The bad part of the trade is the 2nd rd pick he gave up. The Bruins would of been better keeping Morris instead of giving up that 2 rd pick. That pick could later could have been used to trade up with our 1st rd pick to get back in top 10, or to trade for another player later on. It was not worth losing only to swap d-men. We dont need the cap space this year since Morris was a UFA after the season anyways. This didnt make sense,and I know u will hear he had another trade in place . However he should of then waited and made sure he could land that trade. But the trades he made today make no sense and is a waste of our picks.
    Looking now at the roster, PC does not look good at the contracts he gave out. We have 9 million between a back-up goalie and a 4th liner right now. (Thomas & Lucic) CJ needs to put Lucic back on the first 2 lines. 4 million needs to be there.

  19. Bzibziak says:

    Not to mention, peopel are saying it would of cost the Bruins Wheeler for Torres becasue of what the Sabres gave up. Not true. Im from Buffalo and Paetsch is as good as only Hunwick or McQuaid. In fact McQuaid is better. I would of rather kept Morris and sent the 2nd rd pick for Torres.

  20. Peter says:

    The players themselves know they cannot score and they lack desire and team toughness. Whatver happened to the saying the past two years “We are going to be tough to play against” With no scoring help added to this team today expect more lackluster play as you seen in the Montreal game last night. These guys know they cannot contend and this year is a write off. I am extremely disappointed because this team made great strides last year and now we took three steps back. Its hard to take being a fan of this team for over fourty years constantly being disappointed.

  21. BostonVin says:

    I like the Seindenburg pick up he is a better defenseman, but in all honesty, if a big move was not made earlier in the year then there was no hope for today. This season is over, but PC better know who is coming up to draft because these first rounders are going to be tracked for a long time to see what their production is. If these picks flop, so has PC career….and you might as well sink Jullian on that ship too. Not ready to give up on the GM and coach yet, but really close.

  22. mook says:

    once the bruins make the playoffs, all you idiots will eat your words. despite their struggles, would you want to play them 1st round? if–by chance–everyone started playing to potential, our team is THE SAME AS WE HAD LAST YEAR.

    chia is an idiot? why? for not making shit trades for the sake of making a trade? elwoppo, you and bbb1 are a couple of fags…not heros.

    AND wardoftherings…fuck off already, ward is a -17 and old as hell.

    why bother visit a bruins blog if you’re just going to say how bad they suck? do you buy nickelback concert tickets so you can go to boo?

    seidenberg is the better defenseman over morris. that is as obvious as bbb1 sucks cocks. there were no good forwards who moved anyways…and the ones that did the deals were shit and sometimes one-sided (see: wolski).

    why am i angry? cause i like the bruins, and people keep saying they’re shit on this blog. not saying we should only say good things, but at least be constructive. not just bluesky shit like “bruins should get a top-6 forward” and “trade tim thomas”.

    cam neely is making a list, checking it twice, and he’s going to bang your moms.

    • jimmy50 says:

      Really guys you just don’t make a huge trade, hope that team chemistry immediately happens, and then jeopardize the future of the franchise. I think deadline trades are to do exactly what Chiarelli has done. Improve an area of the team. March 3rd is not the day you change a franchise. That day is July 1st (Free Agency begins), the draft, AHL games, player development camps training camp, regular season, etc…

    • mcpuck says:

      Oh, c’mon Mook. You know as well as I do, the value Siedenberg represents may have represented a 2nd rounder, but to trade morris for next to nothing was crap.

      I’m not ready to give up on the guys I love, but this team needed a shot in the arm, and they didn’t get it. There’s no way to tell if they’ll rally around the decision to not improve, but either way, PC is on the hot seat if this decision doesn’t pay off.

    • jmoney says:

      nickelback is good band. Must be that coldplay making you sound so stupid. we all like the bruins tough guy but ownership shows no balls and we haven’t won squat in almost 40 years. so go down to the bruins locker and suck them all off for doing nothing like they always have and you can tell PC to stand tall for his reach around because him and his 100 draft picks are not going anywhere.

  23. mcpuck says:

    Ok, I’m not pro-Morris or Siedenberg, but be honest, a 4th for Morris and a 2nd, Bitz and Weller for Siedenberg? Chia did an awful job of maximizing his assets here. That pick, Tampa’s 2nd rounder, was a top 50 pick, Siedenberg is a UFA, so unless they think we can win the cup by swapping morris for Siedenberg, they just wasted a pick.

  24. jimmy50 says:

    Not too worried about the pick considering we have a plethora of picks already, not to mention our depth in prospects.

    • mcpuck says:

      you’re either playing to rebuild through picks, or your playing to win. The moves today weren’t either… if you think moving Morris and getting Siedenberg will win them the cup, then you’re delusional. They may still turn it around, but it won’t be because of that deal, it will be because Looch, Wheeler and Krecji all return to form.

      We’re not out of it, but these trades today didn’t do much to improve our chances. and losing that pick is a waste if it doesn’t amount to anything.

  25. mook says:

    can’t say these trades are awful either…but agreed, seidenberg isn’t putting us over the top.

    u never know, seidenberg may get chara going…which could inspire the rest of the team…i think that was the idea. well, i hope it was.

    • Bruins says:

      the thing i’m excited about is that morris obviously benefitted from chara. look at how bad he was in previous seasons. seidenberg on the other hand has been awesome this year and the next best guy he had on his team was…leopold?

      you can bet that seidenberg will play with chara, which should only help him further.

      as for chara himself, you have to think that the finger was affecting him. he was his usual dominating self on defense, but the goals are way down, mainly due to the finger i think, as he probably favours it on shots. the finger is apparently healed now so i hope his goal production goes up.

  26. Kurt says:

    As I have said before I think Chiarelli is a below average GM. His mismangement of the cap has made his abillity to make moves tough. he gives out 4 + million dollar contracts like there Halloween candy. Just because somone has a good year he needs to exercise restaint. Lucic is not a 4 mil dollar player even when he was playing well. His track record did not warrant that kind of money. The crazy thing is Lucic is making more than Krejci, Wheeler or Sturm. I think he is a decent evaluator of talent other than Byron Bitz which I never understood. This team needed a scorer who was having a good year. Anyone who has played on a team with a guy that can put it in the net no matter how bad things are going for the team understand this value how it makes things easier for the team as a whole.

  27. willisss says:

    we should have traded wideman…
    we should have traded ryder…..
    trade recchi.satan.thomas……

    dude..explain to me who wants those contracts? dont be pissed over who we didnt get rid of, because those players just cant be moved. not to mention the team with the lowest scoring in the nhl doesnt exactly have the best poker face when it comes to dealing. teams will ask more based on that fact

    now i have to listen to all these angry moron bandwagon bruin fans calling in the DA show acting like they know all.

    i’m not upset…now come draft time ,if pc tries to pull some trade down bullshit, then i will be the first to rip him. but there is no way that will happen

    • jmoney says:

      you are lost. “explain to me who wants those contracts?”

      who gave those contracts?

      Thomas makes garbage for a vezina winner and alot of teams could have used him. Huet makes more than him and he is a loser. He wasnt waiving his NTC.

      Recchi and Satan make dog shit anyways so moving them is dumb.

      Wideman could be paired with a pick or someone like wheeler and move him.

      • willisss says:

        did you forget the seasons those players had that led to those contracts?

      • jmoney says:

        wideman was the only player who was a fluke.

        Thomas had been playing for us for 3 years and if we let him go everyone would have bitched we didn’t pay him.

        everyone else mentioned got paid we already knew about. we knew what recchi, satan and ryder were going to do. PC’s fault for signing them and overpaying.

  28. Bruins says:

    people can’t blame chia for only getting a 4th for morris. morris had a NTC so he could hand-pick where he went. it’s obviously no coincidence that he ended up with his former team in phoenix.

    you could ask why bother trading him then, but seidenberg really is a significant upgrade over him, and morris was the only guy chia could really move to bring him in.

    we got the best d-man on the market IMO. visnovsky is great, but bringing in that cap hit would make no sense.

  29. Jefe77 says:

    What I want to know, is what ALL you PC bashers were saying last season.

    Was he fool then? No, I doubt you had very many bad things to say. So now, when he watches his team underachieve and refuses to blow it up he is a moron?

    We better all listen to the higher hockey knowledge. Regardless of whether it is strewn with profanity, ridiculousness, insults, prejudice and outright idiocracy.

    Everyone, stop blogging, just listen to “the ones who knows the team better than most”. They hold all the knowledge that any Bruins Brass from Art Ross to Peter Chiarelli could use.

    Please! Save the franchise and hire a spaz to run the team. I cant wait to watch true genius go to work.

    So tell me; WHAT were all you bashers saying about PC last season, when a healthy Bruins team set modern Bruins history with 116 points, the lowest GAA in the league, second highest goal scoring and best +/-.

    Was it… accident? I guess so, because according to some people here everyone sucks and needs to get traded, we need a new GM, coach and hey lets kick Cam to the curb while were at it!

    • Bruins says:

      hear hear. chiarelli has proven himself here so we should give him the benefit of the doubt here. he’s made deals before that looked questionable at the start but they paid off.

      i’ve been saying all season that chiarelli really hasn’t gotten a chance to evaluate this team as a whole. i’ve been confidet they can bounce back offensively if they finally get healthy, and chiarelli obviously believes that too.

      would i have liked to see a scoring winger added? sure, but not at any of the prices today. it was a weaker market to begin with with not as many definite sellers, so we wouldve had to overpay for a guy like…torres? mueller? no thanks.

      • jmoney says:

        do you know what Raffi went for????? A 2nd round pick and some parish fuck who has flipped from minors to the nhl and blows. Don’t comment any more. You are lost. Do you know what kovi went for????? Yeah look it up you will see garbage as well. PC is a pussy. There was no overpayment.

      • Bruins says:

        it’s raffi friggin’ torres.he’s garbage.

        thrashers got a good package for 20 games of kovalchuk too after the whole world knew he was a selfish prick

      • jmoney says:

        ok torres is not garbage but even if he was he was traded for nothing and he has a few goals under his belt. And why is Kovi selfish? Was heatley and savard selfish too? Ovi takes more shots than anyone in the league. Is he selfish?

        Kovi sparks the offense with his 40+ goals a year. I’m sorry but PC is just making all the wrong deals.

        All we have is a team full of midlevel players and a 100 picks that should be all traded to move up.

  30. bruins4eva says:

    the famous chia qoute “and at the end of the day”….haha

  31. jmoney says:

    For anyone defending this team you do not love this team. You have no clue about hockey or how to run a business. 38 years you idiots!!!! For one of the top 5 hockey towns in the US and you are telling me to relax and PC is a savor? Guys we have 7 picks in next years draft. WHY??????????? And we do not even have one player on the team with 40 points. Injuries, salary cap, chara and savard is all just excuses.

    You are all so quick to forget the past. And you don’t have to look too far to see failure. When the Bruins have made it to the finals and stop bringing in overpaid shit then I will call PC a winner. Until then he can fuck off. Bruins finished in first and second in the east before and way before PC ever came along. He hasn’t shown anything different that Harry or that big idiot Mikey O.

    Bruins are idiots. Take a look at the rosters for the last 10 years. Spells it right out. Two or three quality and the rest were junk. Same team every year.

    • Bruins says:

      think you typed in the wrong website. try

    • mook says:

      please…habs fans should stick to the habs blogs. who are you guys…glen sather? you can’t buy a winner.

      stupid gm? see every toronto gm for the last 40 years.

      shit team for a long time? detroit in the 80s. look at them now…fucken dynasty. (maybe not this year…but they have bertuzzi who brings death like the reaper).

      so you’re right…we should have traded all our picks for some shit winger to play with savard…like torres! he’s the pussy version of lucic.

      all you guys should stop buying tickets so they can move the team to quebec city. then you can all cry like jets fans. that will show them…

    • Bruinschoke says:

      its eight picks….2 first and two second in 2010 and 2 first and two second in 2011 and there is no fing way we can sign them all…PC told us fans at the beginning of the season when he made the kessel deal that he now had the chips to replace kessel before the trade deadline…He had 6 MONTHS to do something…did you hear him stuttering during the press conference. How can you have 7 players on your board and fail to get any of them with the richest draft picks in the league. He knows if they dont pull out of this he’s gone. I have been a diehard fan for 25 years and i am sick over this. I stop everything to watch the B’s, pay 150 plus food and drink to watch the 30th ranked offence in the league. BULL SHIT…its his job to improve the team. He says he still has confidence in the offence. Its been 60 GAMES, what the f@ck are you waiting for…obviously when you have an old mark recchi and Dan paille (PJ Axellson replacement) on the first line, you got major offencive issues. I really feel bad for Mark Savard. He’s probably kickin himself for signing that extension….FIRE PC….FIRE PC….IM going to the garden tomorrow with a paper bag over my head and i sign sayin “FIRE PC”

      • Bruins says:

        please do. “your” team is in the playoffs right now and you definitely wouldn’t look like a retard going to a game with a paper bag over your head.

        i actually can’t wait util you guys hop back on the bandwagon later this season

      • jmoney says:

        no they traded one it’s not 8. I am boston born and raised. Think before you type. Wow playoffs there bruins? Another person who can’t read. Oooooooohhhh the playoffs in the east. Yeah I’ll be eating my words when they do their one and done. That’ll show me. I’ll be so impressed by making the playoffs and getting knocked out like they always do which.

        Im sorry boys. Love to entertain your minds but I can’t even break myself down to read nothing.

        BRUINSCHOKE- you are the only one that has said anything right. The bruins are jerking everyone around and all of you fools who think that PC is great and you love just making the playoffs you just don’t use your heads or the past to come up with well thought out ideas.

        I feel sorry for all of you. Remember me next year when the bruins have all the cap space to work with and picks and UFA’s and they end up doing nothing as usual.

        Just like when we had the most dollars and cap space to throw around after the lockout too. Go see what are team was the year after the lockout and we had millionsssssss to spend.

        BANDWAGON!!!!! hahahahahaha what bandwagon you idiots? Bruins don’t even have one to get on or off.

  32. Haus says:

    Poni and wolski only top 6 forwards traded today. Bruins equivelent for what was traded for poni? Hamill and stuart. Bruins equivelent for wolski? Wheeler and marchand. I think ill pass, thanks. However, robbed on the morris deal. I like seidenberg i think hes a better fit but it shows that PC fucked up and got the wrong guy this offseason. Probably were better off riding morris then chasing seidenberg in july when you have to trade nothing to get him.

  33. Bruins says:

    yet another good reason for today’s deals i thought of: they freed up enough cap room this year for when tuukka hits his bonuses (pretty damn likely). if you go over the cap the bonuses have to be relayed to next year where we’re already tight against the cap with players to sign.

    people have to look at these types of things before saying stupid shit like “let’s give away everything for kovalchuk! what, he’s gone? let’s give everything for torres then! throw in the leafs first rounder. it’s like 3 whole months till the draft anyways and i dont have that attention span!”

    • jmoney says:

      again raffi and kovi went for nothing. The bruins didn’t have to give up anything to get them.

      Stop saying stupid shit.

  34. pearson says:

    soooo how the leafs lookin now? number 1 overall is def. possible….

    that 1st line for the leafs is scary good: kessel-wallin-kalumnin

  35. mcpuck says:

    It’s kind of ridiculous. Each side of the argument exaggerates to try and prove their point.

    We have every right to be frustrated with this Bruins organization.

    First, Julien can’t find a line that scores. He’s moved guys around on a nightly basis, and it’s yeilded not much. That’s fucking frustrating.

    The team needed some major help scoring, and despite what anyone says, we had the assets to grab someone without giving away the future. We got no one… that’s fucking frustrating.

    We’re handcuffed by a few poor contracts… Thomas, as good as he is, was given a deal that didn’t have an ounce of forsight to it. Rask in Providence? oops, forgot about him. Lucic has been injured all season, so I’ll give him a bit of a pass, and when he’s clicking on all cylinders, he disrupts teams as much as anyone out there. It’s fucking frustrating.

    We’re entrenched in a really tight playoff race… one that don’t deserve to be in and we wouldn’t be if it weren’t for Rask and some stout defense.

    The fact remains, I’m not required to like the deals, and as a fan who dumps inordinate amount of money on jerseys and apparel, tickets, tv packages, subscriptions etc etc, I’m entitled to be pissed that this team didn’t do anything to improve at the deadline.

    Oh, and the argument that “chiarelli was good when he first came here.” doesn’t make much of a difference considering that we’re not better right now.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed that Wheeler can find his game but still, there’s some big problems with this team. It bugs me as well that we’re basically wasting Bergy on the 3rd line… I’d rather them play HIM on Savy’s wings, fuck his face off wins, I’d rather have goals lol.

    • Bruins says:

      i’ve already explained the thomas thing. firstly there’s no way he’s not going to accept a contract unless it’s for a lot of money and a lengthy term. if we let him go and hand the reigns to rask who knows what would happen. raycroft? toivonen? remember those guys? you cant just throw him into the fire.

      i’m not saying chia was only good at the start. he’s been good all along. look at all the youn talent that has come up because of him. even this year he just (most likely) got taylor friggin’ hall + another two high picks for a team cancer that forced the bruins to trade him! how hard are you people to please?

      all season i’m hearing stupid shit like chiarelli is an idiot for not giving up the farm for kovalchuk, and “might as well tank it” after not selling the farm for other lesser players.

      we’ve somehow stayed competitive with all of these injuries to key players ALL the time. if we do manage to stay healthy for a friggin’ game we should do some damage.chiarelli realizes this team hasn’t been at full health and knows they can be better if healthy. i cant wait until all of you eat your words.

      “we wouldn’t be if it weren’t for rask and a stout defense”

      last time i checked those are parts of the team as well. we’re a defensive team and win games because of it. and who built all of that up? chiarelli. he even pulled off the biggest rape of the decade with the rask trade, but no…he’s an awful GM.

      • WARDOFTHERINGS says:

        i agree with you on some points but he has also made some awful moves.

        trading versteeg to the chi
        paying big money and giving multi-year deal to a streaky player like Ryder who was benched during the playoffs the year before
        giving big money to an overrated player to miss the net WIDEman
        not replacing kessel after he was traded
        trading boyes for wideman.
        trading ward who i believe was the captain of the team last year.

        some good moves have been

        traded to prospects for mark recchi and 2nd round pick

        signing Chara

        drafting lucic and kreji
        getting claude as coach
        trading for tukkkkkaaaa
        signing savard
        resigning players like savard lucic kreji tukka
        signing wheeler

        yet to know if they are good or bad
        kessel trade thomas signing

      • WARDOFTHERINGS says:

        oh and i am also glad pc didnt go after a rental player like kovy.


    they could have spent a 4th rounder for a guy like ward that already now’s the bruins system and has played with chara and used the 2nd rounder to pick up a decent goal scorer nuff said end thread/

  37. Jefe77 says:

    Great post Mc.

    The frustration of everyone is the source of argument, as the Bruins doing well would leave no argument to be had.

    It seems clear to me that the answer is one most Bruins fans don’t want to hear; the players we have here now, need to turn this around.

    When things are looking bad, a natural tendency is to look to other side of the fence and see greener grass. Players like Torres, Whitney, etc all of the sudden are much more enticing. Fact is, most Bruins fans would have balked at players like that at the start of the season. Why? Well, we watched them score over 270 goals last season, and who did they subtract? Just Phil. But what happened is the season started with no chemistry on the first line, then Savvy and Luc go down and miss more than a quarter of the season right when they were volatile.

    That of course is just part of the story; Chara and Thomas have underachieved more than anyone after winning the Norris and Vezina. I have stood by Thomas for years, but the fact is Tuuka has been better, and Timmy started slipping after actually doing pretty well in the first 30 games.

    I was disappointed PC couldn’t land any scoring either. But look at what was available, and try to imagine what they were trying to take from the B’s. In the end, if we did add a forward; he wasn’t going to turn things around himself. It still takes a team effort to play a team game, and there were NO major game breakers available. C’mon, Raffi Torres? Ray Whitney? I might have taken Paul Kariya, and a couple other guys that seemed to elude the market, but isn’t it obvious that the Bruins target certain players? It is comforting to me that they have a plan, and they don’t just jump on the next best supposed name. Lets not forget the history of deadline trade flops, how much would that hurt? To watch a top prospect or Blake Wheeler kick ass for the rest of his career, so that we could watch some ass clown play his way out of Boston in 25 games?

    I understand there is not much merit to you and others that PC was good when he came here, and you have every right to be pissed. I think he is a very wise and patient GM. I am quite satisfied with the job he has done, and maybe I was just used to the ass job and damage done by O’ Connel and Sinden. But, I stand by the fact that PC has a plan. He signs players that are targeted for a reason. Not just any player, but one who could be a Bruin.

    As with most arguments in life, the answer lies somewhere in between the extremes.

    Fact is, the team we have needs to turn things around, regardless if whether they upgraded offensively or not.

  38. mcpuck says:

    Can we drop the injuries crap? We’ve lost like 60-70 man games due to injury… there’s 3 maybe 4 teams with LESS time lost than us, everyone else has lost 30-50% more, and forget about the top few teams, Edmonton has lost 250+ for example.

  39. #4 says:

    I think its funny that some you guys go yell “bandwagon” at everyone that got something to say. Really we are all fans and we can hate PC or love him, I think he looks scared. He knows his job is on the line. But do you really need to berate everyone that bitches about him comeon.

    He did fuck up by not getting anything really done, but he didnt lose out too bad on anything either. TOrres?? Come on really not the savior people look a little farther forward at the 2first round draft picks, UFA season.. Hopefully they pan out for the B’s.

    If they dont I wouldnt want to be PC come next september.

  40. Peter says:

    I have been a Bruins fan for over fourty five years and I am not a Bandwagon jumper as some of you suggest to others on this site. Its been 38 years since this team won and I have stuck with them every step of the way. We all know this team needed scoring all year and we expected P.C. to do something to improve it and it did not have to wait until trade deadline to do it. If I am critical to management its because they deserve it on this regard it is to bad. I think I paid my dues to this team and as fans we expected better. I have heard the term next year to many times and its wearing to thin. Put up or shut up. We want action.

  41. Gcole says:

    well i have a proposal: If the bruins will not trade for a scoring winger, will not try to help the team now, and everyone on the team is going to suck basically.. can we ATLEAST KICK SOME ASS?! enough of this lucic and chara being pansies, be bullies!! i mean come on, we have shawn thronton, milan lucic, and zdeno chara and none of them seem to be willing to fight, what kind of bullshit is that?! atleast make the games fun to watch.. if were going to lose, atleast lose the game while beating the crap out of them!

  42. KST says:

    The intro is well stated. One can only assume that the trades that were made were a set up to a bigger deal. PC failed on the big deal and hence the other trades look stupid, to say the least. Having said that I would hate to see them trade away a chance at a first line forward in the upcoming draft for an aging defenceman/forward. Build through the draft.

  43. POWERSURGE says:

    PC should have tried to see what Boston’s 1st pick would have given him. He could have thrown that outthere to see what he could have gotten for it with some salary dump players prospect(s) ( scoring winger….. )
    Toronto’s first pick is good enough for the draft, this year

  44. ELWOPPO says:

    jmoney u remind me of myself, the way you talk! Let me give you some advise since your a new comer on this site(I think?)Dont waste your FUCKEN BREATH on these people! Thier all hipocrit’s. First they defend Chia than they bash him….They are a confusing bunch! I’m not quite sure what the argument here is? Chiarelli has made excuses ALL season long about making trades, He basically is making a statment to the team by not getting a forward and putting pressure on the current roster to make a playoff push! When we alllll know that EVEN IF WE “HAPPEN” to make the post season, Were gonna get smoked in the first round! With the worst offence in the NHL WTF does Chiarelli think is gonna happen in the last 20 games??????? COME ON GUYS…WAKE UP will YA? Stop defending the guy! CHIA is a joke END OF STORY!!!!

  45. Peter Chiarelli says:

    I am sure Chia tried but it takes two GM’s to complete the trade and if the other GM is asking the desperate Bruins for to much in return what is he suppose to do. Apparently The Blues came close to dealing Keith Tkachuk and David Perron to the Boston Bruins before the trade deadline, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. According to the paper, the Blues had a deal in place with the Bruins, but the trade fell apart and Tkachuk wasn’t even asked to waive his no-trade clause.

    So basically some team just try to see what they can get and waste the Other GMs time to try to make another deal. Yeah Chiarelli had since the beginning of the season to fill the void but I am sure it isn’t as easy as we think to make moves. Its easy for us on the outside to purpose trade they should make but try to be a GM on trade deadline day and then make all the comments you want on here when you succed.

    • Jefe77 says:

      Great logical summary. Unfortunately, there are a few here who fail to understand logic. The same ones who think they know it all, and come across as uneducated knife-punchers.

      They know who they are, and lets hope they start their own blog sometime soon.

      • mcpuck says:

        you’re asking too much Jefe, that would require a slight grasp on the english language.

  46. Andy says:

    I’ve had some time to settle down and think about this after a night’s sleep. I am still ridiculously disappointed, as most of you are as well.

    I don’t buy the “the price was too high” and “we didn’t want to overpay” when the price wasn’t too high and you overpaid for Ryder, Wideman, Lucic, and Thomas.

    HOWEVER, in trying to find a bright side to this – here is what I came up with.

    1. As many of you have pointed out, this team is not close to being a Stanley Cup champ, SO :

    2. We all know we need scoring, but what was the point of giving up players/picks for a Torres, Poni, Mueller, etc. when they really wouldn’t have made a difference on how far we went in the playoffs if we made it.

    3. Now, once the offseason begins, there is no clock for PC to be up aganist in terms of exploring trades for Wideman, Ryder, and Thomas, especially as we get closer to draft weekend. If he can manage to trade even one of those guys, we clear enough cap space to go out and sign Kovy, Torres, Poni, Plekanec, etc.

    4. Even if we can’t trade Ryder, he’s off the books after next season. I’m not sure who is a solid FA in 2011, but again, saving cap space.

    5. “At the end of the day”, we will have a top 3 pick and hopefully Hall, Seguin, or Fowler can come in and make an immediate impact.

    I know I’m probably reaching – and I’m still pissed off – but it wasn’t going to happen this year anyway, so let’s look at the offseason and the future. My God, at least we’re not the fuqin Oilers!

    One last thing – I don’t think we need to be hasty and fire Julien or PC, but the one thing I will say about Julien is he has to STOP rolling 4 lines and try to mix things up. Seems like he has the same gameplan whether we’re on a 5 game winning streak or 5 game losing streak…

  47. Julien says:

    Julien should stop putting slow, old, or 4th line players with Savard. Take Wheeler and Lucic and stick them on the first line or Bergeron and Strum. Anything else besides Recchi and Paille. Poor Savard, must regret signing that contract if these are the guys he’s going to have to play with.

  48. John says:

    Now tuuka rask is hurt this is great, this season is a fucking disaster

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