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I may be in and out, so if that is the case, I may move the chat to the one on the site so people do not get left out as I have to allow people to talk on this one.  So if you come by later and it is not working, go to the one on the top bar.


3 Responses to Chat

  1. grant says:

    Derek morris to phoenix for a 4th rounder. Money dump move, let’s get a winger!

  2. mook says:

    derek morris is spare parts. with the emergence of boychuck and mcquiad, bruins are heavy in the defense department and he would have been gone for nothing next year.

    ference needs to go though…i used to like him but after watching highlights last night…holy shit.

    who is the defensive coach on the bruins? i’m thinking a change is needed since the whole defense is playing like shit.

  3. John says:

    tuuka rask is hurt and thomas will start tonight and no Patrice either

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