Trade Deadline Updates

9:43 am – According to Joe Haggerty of CSN, the Bruins are no longer in the running for Carolina forward Ray Whitney.

10:35 am – Derek Morris to Phoenix for a fourth round pick in 2011.

Darren Dreger suggests the Bruins may be in on Hamhuis again.

11:34 TSN is reporting Dennis Seidenberg and Matt Bartowski have been traded to the Bruins for a second round pick, Byron Bitz, and Craig Weller.

12:10 PM The Fourth Period is reporting the Bruins have had discussions about Wojtek Wolski of the Colorado Avalanche. The Avalanche want a first round pick in return.

12:19 PM CSN is reporting the Bruins have been in talks with Columbus about Raffi Torres.


168 Responses to Trade Deadline Updates

  1. G cole says:

    Well shit… Let’s go after someone that’s not OLD, need some fucking life with this team

  2. Bruinschoke says:

    we’ll be seeing alot of “the bruins are no longer in the running for ___________.” PC, suck a d@ck… thanks for teasing us last year. To bad you lost all those bandwagon fans that you picked up last year. Did you see all those empty seats for the Montreal game last night? What a joke

  3. Spencer says:

    usually i would agree with you about the crowd last night, but i have to say that was not a “bruins-canadiens” game, that was a bunch of overpaid soft hockey players, most of whom played without heart. I am a season ticket holder and dont miss a game, and will stick with the team through the thick and thin, but i expect heart and passion, not necesarily W’s. The play last night was unacceptable for any game, ESPECIALLY montreal. and what the hell is wrong with looch, is he taking hormone medication, jesus christ my retarded grandmother hits more people than he does

    • Bruinschoke says:

      thats why it wasnt a full house, cause fans are realizing that this team doesnt have the heart. WE have lost more leads in the third period this year than the last 3 years COMBINED! I am i diehard fan since i was 3 (30 now) and have never been more frustrated. This is pretty much the same team as last year (sturm kind of replaces kessel since he didnt really play last year) and almost every player is underachieving. That says to me that there is a leadership issue!!!

    • zvic says:

      i have been saying this since he came back wtf!? I say trade this loser while his stock is high

  4. Bruinschoke says:

    Derek morris traded to phoenix. We are in selling mode. WTF………

  5. mook says:

    hamhuis eh? hmmm….

  6. bruins823 says:

    Just heard that the b’s might land whitney and corvo from the canes

  7. Robert says:

    I would much rather see Hamhuis instead of Corvo but Whitney would be very nice….

  8. mook says:

    corvo plays well in the right system. maybe the b’s have a sysytem which suit him. frig, i hope so.

  9. mook says:

    here’s a suggestion…rather than say “i heard” please post the link where you read it. if it is from eklund’s site, don’t bother.

  10. Boston2213 says:

    gotta agree with mook on the I heard shit.

  11. mook says:

    bruins may not be in an hamhuis.

  12. bruins823 says:

    ya, im making it up. go to nesn and get bback to me.

  13. Boston2213 says: says the bruins are going after kaberle and stillman, and possibility of thomas to the caps

    • Boston2213 says:

      gotta im not sure what there obsession is with 35 plus year olds who will not add depth or scoring from what we already have

    • Bruinschoke says:

      There is NO WAY Thomas is going anywhere. He has a FULL no trade clause and just moved his whole family including parents to boston.

  14. Andy says:

    I think PC wouldn’t have traded Morris if he didn’t have the framework for another deal in place. Here are some links on Twitter to look at :

    @TSNBobMcKenzie (Dreger and Mac both work for TSN, but sometimes they hear different things)
    @TheFourthPeriod (really good site. Pagnotta’s got good sources)
    @Murphyslaw74 (James Murphy from NESN)
    @kausatoday (the Dreger/Mac in the US)

    I’ve got them all up. We’ll see what happens. I think Eklund would be the last place to go….

  15. mook says:

    is this what you “just heard” at 10:56 this morning?

    originally posted at 10:12am. not saying i dont appreciate your contribution, but when you say “just heard” it implies new information (as in, not an hour old).

    don’t mean to be a dick, but eklund already has this talk cornered. E4

  16. G cole says:

    Why Morris he was GOOD! Get rid of wideman, ference, hunwick, shitty guys

  17. G cole says:

    FOURTH round pick for Morris? Wow he’s worth way more than that! What a bunch of crap!!!

    • Andy says:

      G, he’s an UFA this yr and like most people were saying, it was just to clear space. They probably would’ve accepted a bag of pucks.

      As for Wideman, he’s locked up for another 2 years at $4 mil per. They would either have to take back salary, throw a pick and/or a current player in there. Easier to get rid of Morris..

      • Bruins says:

        dominic moore just got a second. it makes sense as a salary dump but why not get a higher pick?

  18. habsfan10 says:

    just head that gretzky is coming back to bail you ignorant boston fans out.

  19. mook says:

    gretzky to bruins. E3.

  20. Whopperfoo says:

    Getting rid of morris could just be to clear cap space and there was nothing better out there.

  21. BearsBB says:

    With this rumor about thomas going to washington…who will be rask’s backup??

  22. joe says:

    Thats a quick dump in salary they are doing something quick. There moving in on deal before someone else is they need the money. Something is gonna happen soon

  23. Bruinschoke says:

    wideman has a 4 mill cap hit, why not move him for a 5th or 6th rounder? I would def. send hundwick down and spot boychuck back in the lineup with mcquaid.

  24. Andy says:

    From kausatoday

    “With cap space cleared in Boston, we are now on watch for the Bruins’ big move. Boston needs a scorer.”

    Obviously, but PC must be working the phones hard. In my opinion, they’re probably looking at Whitney/Corvo first, then maybe somebody like Torres as a backup…

  25. Mike says:

    We got seidenberg

  26. ccm says:

    bruins acquire seidenberg from panthers

  27. Bruinschoke says:

    sidenburg to boston bitz is gone

  28. mook says:

    siedenburg is getting a $1mil bonus at the end of this year…

  29. Andy says:

    From Dreger :

    “Seidenberg to Boston”

  30. bruins4eva says:

    WHAT A WASTE….morris for seidenberg…im on my way up to boston now…im hooking up a chain to my truck and draggin chia…thru town whos wit me

  31. mook says:

    and he’s a defenseman…so not sure how that means bitz is gone…

  32. kman says:

    Pierre LeBrun of THIS JUST IN: Boston has quickly replaced Morris on defense: Bruins have picked up Dennis Seidenberg from Florida, a source tells us

  33. Andy says:

    It’s for Bitz, Weller, and a 2nd rd pick…

  34. mook says:

    ah gotcha. duh.

  35. Ron says:

    TSN reporting
    Bruins get : Dennis Seidenberg
    Mathew Bartowski

    Panthers get : Craig Weller
    Byron Bitz
    2nd Round Pick (tbd)

  36. Bruinschoke says:

    How much is seidenberg cap hit?

  37. ccm says:


  38. willisss says:

    haha oh man, you know those posters you get at the garden at games? the player posters? i have about 10 on my wall…byron bitz fell to the floor saturday, in which i turned to my buddy and said ” bitz will get traded…” after hearing the news, ive duct taped and tacked tuukka’s poster to the wall…

    morris was a cap dump, theres got to be more happening

  39. Boston2213 says:

    whats seidenbergs contract like anyone know ?

  40. BearsBB says:

    damn..i liked bitz, ill be honest im not really sure what is going on…who the hell is bartowski?

  41. Ron says:

    BArtowski plays for Ohio State. He’s not sposed to be a “impact player”

    • BearsBB says:

      awesome another college player we traded for, i never saw the point in those, considering it wont impact them for a couple of years.

  42. bruins4eva says:

    the fourth period has boston and l.a. pushing for Raffi Torres

  43. Andy says:

    Bartkowski is a soph D at Ohio State – 7th rd pick in 2008 :

    Weller’s a journeyman AHLer and the 2nd rd pick is the one we got last yr from TB for Recchi.

    As for the cap hit, it is prorated from 2.25 mil, so you’re probably talking about $750k for the rest of the yr…

  44. Kurt says:

    Thank Christ the Byron Bitz experiment is over!

  45. ccm says:

    this is his last year 2,250,000 for this year, then hes a UFA

  46. BearsBB says:

    what do you think their summer plans will be with free agents? Will they be able to sign a top FA or will they invest in their picks?

  47. kman says:

    Damnit why did PC have to trade Tampa’s 2nd

  48. Bruinschoke says:

    The bruins now have some “room” to make another move. I would like to see them move wideman and pick up kaberle or move ryder and pick up a top 2-4 winger for savard. I will be disappointed if they do nothing for the LAST ranked offence in the league. Savard somewhat called out PC the other day saying he hopes they make a move to give him someone to pass to…

  49. BearsBB says:

    espn in rumoring a oilers-bruins blockbuster??? who could that include??

  50. kman says:

    In response to someone asking how the Panthers did in the Seidenberg deal.

    Pierre LeBrun:
    Brian, really really well. They got a regular in Bitz with upside, a prospect in Weller that people like a lot and mostly for a UFA-to-be… Great job by Randy Sexton

    Am I the only one who feels that this guy might work for the Panthers?

    • mook says:

      A regular healthy scratch in Bitz, an oft-injured career AHLer in Weller that noone really knows about for a shut-down defenseman who–like pretty much everyone else being traded today–is a UFA next year.

  51. Bruins says:

    the 2ns in the seidenberg deal was TB’s 2nd

  52. Bruins123Gone says:

    Seidenberg a $1 million bonus at season’s end

  53. JRy says:

    Well mueller and wolski are out….

  54. OhNiner says:

    it mite be a lil pre mature but im getting ready to call for PC’s head Come on WTF

    • Bruinschoke says:

      ill agree with that if nothing is done up front but i like the Seidenberg move cause it saves almost 2 million (1.3 with morris and .675 with bitz) still think something else is in the works though

  55. mook says:

    what do you want pc to do? magic?

    • Bruinschoke says:

      no not magic, just improve the WORST OFFENCE in the NHL. Thats all. Looks at the numbers on if a GM cant make any moves to improve the worst offence in the league then he is the one responcible. They obviously have a good defence (6th) so adding some scoring could go a long way in the playoffs

  56. OhNiner says:

    anyone that can put a puck in the net

  57. mook says:

    my suggestion: bergeron and a pick for carter

  58. mook says:

    i’d love that but not sure anyone would go for it…leighton is playing like mike richter

  59. Richardo says:

    Yeah Thomas isnt going anywhere until at least the summer…

  60. Birdman2403 says:

    Yaa Hoo….Morris is gone ! That was 1 of my wishes ! Now a scoring winger……..

  61. Bruinschoke says:

    PS…if morris resigns with phoenix that pick turns into a third rounder…and by the sounds of morris that is the only other place he would rather be besides boston so there is a good chance that the pick is a third rounder not a fourth

  62. mattg says:

    “bruins are highly interested in tkacjuk” what a fucking waste

  63. MurNL says:

    Seidenberg leads the NHL in blocked shots for those of you bashing the deal.

  64. Boston2213 says:

    longer the bruins wait for a winger the more trouble there in… everyone there said to be interested in is going

  65. Haus says:

    How do you know that, 2213?

  66. Haus says:

    I mean, we cant be sure, cuz they havent mentioned any names directly. Maybe there is someone that nobody thought was available. Also, we got the room for boyes now.

  67. Bruinschoke says:

    Sorry to all you Wideman haters (me included) but according to…..
    Posted by Fluto Shinzawa, Globe Staff March 3, 2010 01:21 PM
    According to a team source, Dennis Wideman is not in play prior to the 3 p.m. trade deadline. Wideman has two years remaining on his contract.

  68. Bruinschoke says:

    Tick tock said Peter Chiarelli’s clock….

  69. mattg says:

    love to see boyes back

  70. JRy says:

    Torres is gone.

  71. Paille says:

    say goodbye to torres… to buffalo

  72. Vince_M says:

    nobody new coming to the Bruins. Give up hoping to get an impact player. Every team wants one and we don’t have the balls to go get one!

  73. MurNL says:

    Lets cross our fingers on Boyes

  74. nick says:

    boyes! put him next to savvy – 40 goal scorer

  75. Bruinschoke says:

    nesn just reported from bruins locker room that the players EXPECT another move….interesting

  76. Haus says:

    vince, you gotta have a little faith buddy. Remember you said they wouldnt make any deals at all.

  77. mattg says:

    deadline passed, way to go pc

  78. Bs says:

    were fucked

  79. Haus says:

    deals get announced beyond 4pm just have to be in nhl office by 3pm.

  80. Birdman2403 says:

    Very dissapointed in PC !!! We have needed scoring for 6 fucking months and nothing. Mueller, Wolski, Torres…even Tkachuk, NOTHING ! So we push forward with the worst first line in the league !!!

    Oh hey…..we have Toronto’s first pick though !! That will be good in 5 fucking years !!

    Fuck you PC….I hope this costs you your job !

  81. bruinsfucking suck says:


  82. Haus says:

    nice handle, buddy

  83. JRy says:

    Corvo is gone.

  84. Bruins311 says:

    From the Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch: “The Bruins are done. There won’t be any deals in Beantown for a forward.”

  85. Bruinschoke says:

    From the Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch: “The Bruins are done. There won’t be any deals in Beantown for a forward.

  86. Bruinschoke says:

    This is so disappointing….Lets start a FIRE PC POST!!!!!!

  87. Andy says:

    I will be very upset as well, knowing that we needed a scorer. The guy I feel the most for is Saavy. He takes a paycut to stay here, even though he could’ve made 6-6.5 mil on the market, and how does he get rewarded? “No hands” Paille on his left and “Fossil” Recchi on his right. Really not fair to him.

    Having said that, trades are announced until 4pm, so we’ll see what happens. I would love to hear the explanation if they didn’t stand pat. If you’re going to fucking tell me that Columbus was asking for too much for Torres, when it was a 2nd rd pick and some no-name, you can go fuck yourself!

  88. mook says:

    don’t break an ankle jumping off the bandwagon!

  89. Andy says:

    From :

    3:03 p.m.: From the Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch: “The Bruins are done. There won’t be any deals in Beantown for a forward.”

    If that’s true, Bruins fans will not be happy.


  90. Bruinschoke says:


  91. Andy says:

    How about this, Mook?

    Per MacKenzie on Twitter – @TSNBobMackenzie

    “Boston did not make any more trades.”
    3 minutes ago via web

    When he says it, it’s fact…

  92. #4 says:

    Fire PC Fuck him he is a terrible GM.

    We all were looking to the players well fuck that fire Julien and Chiarelli Fuck that. So pissed off.

    Something needs to give be it the Management, the players or the Fans! Someone is going to leave and not come back!

  93. gibbz says:

    this is bullshit.

  94. Bruins says:

    i think that seidenberg is a better defenseman than morris (he leads the league in blocked shots), but it doesn’t really make sense to me. our problem was offense and we trade a defenseman that is probably better offensively than seidenberg

  95. Robert says:

    How on earth can they NOT trade for a forward? Their need was a scorer, has been all year long, and they don’t do it…..strange. I know people will say things about the cap and whatnot but if Toskala can get moved twice in one day, Ryder can certianly get moved along with a few other players will bigger contracts.

    IF (that’s a BIG if) we make the playoffs, we won’t survive.

  96. #4 says:

    “Washington ends up being busiest in the east by acquiring Corvo, Jurcina, Belanger and Walker. Getting ready for a run”

    See even teams that can win 15 in a row make trades to get better! Teams that lose 10 think they can bounce back by adding a 2nd string defenseman

  97. pearson says:

    wow. i might puke.

  98. Bruins says:

    we have to look at it relative to the rest of the league though. there were no big trades really. and colorado paid an insane price for mueller. torres was traded for a rety hefty price too. we still got the best defenseman available and one of the better players available, even though it really wasnt our main need

  99. Vince_M says:

    still cheering for the Bruins (till the day I die) but very upset at what management is not doing to improve the team. They trade away Kessel (which was a good move) but do nothing to replace the goals that went with him. One good thing about that is the goals did not follow him to the Leafs. But, PC knew we needed some scoring help and did nothing to improve it. Sad day in Beantown!!

  100. jcarb23 says:

    with no deal today by the bruins i hope they realize they just lost a shitload of fans…after a few good seasons and the team looked like they were dedicated to winning it looks like the complete opposite this year…

  101. Leafstank says:

    this is bullshit. i cannot believe PC did pratically nothing.

  102. Trevor says:

    Peter C. is a fuckkkking asshole……ByE bruins I’ll watch ya next year! (maybe)

  103. Trevor says:

    Peter C. is a fuckkkking asshole……ByE bruins I’ll watch ya next year! (maybe)….MORONS

  104. Haus says:

    if you look to improve the back end with seidenberg, and drop off some money in the process, then NOT get a forward, you are running in circles here. It dont make any fucking sense to me, and it didnt make any sense to sturm when he was on nesn a few mins ago either. Disappointed.

  105. #4 says:

    Wow Should I pull out the BandWagon for you all next year when we sign some scorer’s this summer and kindly escort PC to the door.

    If we dont come outta the offseason with Seguin-Hall and a top UFA scorer/Offensive DMAN we might ill join you but im not giving up on them yet.

    • mcpuck says:

      no one’s giving up on them but regardless of how much you love the bruins, being up beat isn’t going to extend the deadline. they blew many opportunities

  106. mcpuck says:

    It’s pathetic that they did nothing to improve this team… PC has done some strange things lately but this makes no sense. if the season folds I’ll be surprised if he keeps his job

  107. #4 says:

    Regardless of how the season turns out he should be fired.

  108. Haus says:

    lots of fairweather, johnny-come-lately assholes on this site. Do us all a favor and dont root for the bruins anymore.

    • Birdman2403 says:

      Wrong….we are hardcore fans ! That’s why this pisses us off !! If we were fairweather, then who gives a shit what they do ???

    • Jefe77 says:

      Couldn’t agree more Haus. Its the fire-sale blog.

      Fact is birdman, there is little consideration to the fact that there are many variables to getting a deal done. Most teams probably wanted something way to valuable for what they were offering. This team is young, and underachieving.

      Don’t blow it up! Let it learn to win. The Bruins did a lot of things last year that showed the potential they have.

      • Birdman2403 says:

        Thaks Jefe77, I didn’t know there were many factors ! That’s what good GM’s do…they figure that shit out. You want someone you find a way to to the deal. You have to give to get ! But lte’s give Ryder and Wheeler 5 more years…they will come around !

  109. backbruin says:

    wow just got back from work and i see we didn’t get a god damn forward???????????????????

    i mean we did need a solid d man but morris has been better then most we have currently!!!!!

    i get excited every year and get punched in the gut year after year and i’m so sick of it!!!


  110. Richardo says:

    its really gonna be a kick in the balls if they work their asses off for the remaining 20+ games and end up with a 9th-10th place finish because they couldnt score goals… I am very confused on the thought process of PC whether prices were to high or not.. There weren’t many goal scorers traded this year but there were a couple… Other teams paid the high prices… we didnt… hopefully it all pans out… WE WILL SEE…

  111. KST says:

    We still have some amazing draft picks. Lets hope there is a Toews or Kane out there.

  112. Haus says:

    thornton now on nesn looking pretty shocked too. I think we ended up with a good dman and really only torres was worth the prices paid for the forwards moved, altho that was steep too. But with both morris and seidenberg ufas why bother? Unless seidenberg shows alot and is resigned.

  113. gibbz says:

    i thought we could’ve gotten more for Morris. a fourth rd for him is a one sided exchange. FUCK PC.

  114. Haus says:

    im talking about the guys that never post on here who now come on and say that cuz of the lack of deals the bruins are losing them as fans, such as jcarb and trevor.

  115. Bruins says:

    “12:10 PM The Fourth Period is reporting the Bruins have had discussions about Wojtek Wolski of the Colorado Avalanche. The Avalanche want a first round pick in return.”

    apparently not. avalanche got raped sooooo bad on that trade it’s ridiculous

  116. Bruins says:

    no first rounders dealt is interesting. that must likely mean GM’s believe the first round is really good this year

  117. Boston2213 says:

    pc just threw in the towel and completely took a step back in getting hockey going again in boston…. what im concerned about is krecjis comment after the game last night wondering why the fans are booing them? Has he not been watching the piss pour effort and lack of emotion out of his teammates. Ticket prices are pretty damn high compared to other nhl teams. Should we clap and cheer at the end of a 4-1 beat down by our fuckin rivals. get a fuckin clue buddy. Everyone whos saying we should build in the draft hasnt been a bruins fan for long. When we do finally get a talent in the draft we trade them away when they hit there potential so what the fucks the point in that

  118. jeff says:

    Do the bruins have cap room now to bring up a guy like hamill who couldnt really get a call up cuz of the cap hit?


    Why would we trade a 2nd round draft pick for a d-man fuck!!!!!!!!!

  120. Andy says:

    Again, I think the real loser in all of this is Savvy. He’s going to regret taking a paycut for the next 7 yrs!

    • Jefe77 says:

      There will be more pickings in the offseason than there is now. Its more than obvious that Savvy needs a gun and I imagine that will be a priority this summer.

  121. Leafstank says:

    wow. i feel bad for morris. he gave a really nice speech on the nhl trade centre stating hes in happy about being traded, and how great boston is.

  122. pearson says:

    im really let down they gave away the 2nd rounder for a guy thats going to be a ufa at the end of the season. bitz and weller isnt a big deal at all

  123. backbruin says:

    i hate that we didn’t get a forward, but i like seidenberg and think he may stabalize “a little” the shit that went down last night….he’s a solid player!!

    but i feel bad for Savy as well, he could be a 100 point guy when healthy with a stud winger, yet even he was mr fancy boy last night which i know is PART of his game. But what were the rest of the team doing in their own end!!behind the back fancy passes know where near where they should be, also losing battles to the fkn soft ass habs…brutal man!

  124. JRy says:

    Earlier I proposed firing pc out of rage we didn’t make a splash. But now I think it’s ok bc the players out there (beside kovalchuk if u count him) wouldn’t realistically mak us better than Washington or San Jose or Pittsburg etc so keeping the pics and the prospects for the years to come. Plus pc has made some good deals so far like the kessel deal (we will benefit when it’s said and done) and of course the tuukka rask deal. If you don’t think I believe this you can ask my puppy….named tuukka. Haha

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