Savard out with concussion

Marc Savard was knocked out today’s game after a vicious cheapshot to the head from Pittsburgh’s Matt Cooke. Savard remained on the ice for several minutes before being carted off the ice on a stretcher. There was no response from any of the players.

Absolutely a major penalty should have been given but the referrees didn’t call anything. Savard most likely will miss a good amount of time after suffering a concussion and losing consciousness. However, a sign that is encouraging is that Savard did not need to be taken to local hospital.


67 Responses to Savard out with concussion

  1. Jim says:

    Same kind of hit that got Former Devils Prospect Patrice Cormier suspended the rest of the Season…

  2. Birdman2403 says:

    Have to disagree. Both were bad / cheap hits, but Cormier’s was worse.

  3. Haus says:

    going after cooke dont mean shit to pittsburgh or even cooke in the long run. I say you gotta make that cheap shot have a consequence. I want to see captain canada laid out in return. That will stop cooke running around.

    • zvic says:

      that’s just stupid! that would ruin hockey, I understand you are pissed, so am i, i hate cooke, always have, but why would you take out a classy player like sid? there is always at least one idiot who says something like that. you get them back on the scoreboard and if you can’t do that you cleanly hit everyone that moves on the other team and go after cooke.

      • Bruins says:

        i agree that crosby isnt the one to go after, or any other pen but cooke. i dont agree fully on doing it on the scoreboard. cooke needs to get laid out + the shit beat out of him. honestly, put thornton out there to jump him. that’s exactly what happened with colton orr on begin against toronto, we should do it too.

  4. North B says:

    Check this out – November 2009

    Cooke is a dirty fucking head hunter..

  5. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    i posted a video of a similar hit by cooke this year. its in the previous discussion. pretty cheap.

  6. G cole says:

    Well if the bruins aren’t going to trade for a scoring winger… Not going to score and win games… Can we ATLEAST play to kick some ass?! Please! Something fun to watch

  7. #4 says:

    Well I just looked up a few videos of Mr. cooke. Let me tell you, this guy is a cheapshot and should be kicked out of the league for this hit. As posted above hes thrown identical hits to the one on savard tonight. As well as multiple leg checks resulting in injury a cancer on the game get rid of this guy. But oh wait th eleague has a hard on for the penguins and particularly sid the kid, nothing the bruins can do to win in this situation but suck it up.

    • Bruins says:

      he’s a renowned cheapshot artist, particularly for headshots. he’s also the guy that said there was a bounty on steve moore’s head before the bertuzzi sucker punch. he’s just a classless loser that can only get attention and his name out there for shit like this.

  8. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    Being that Cooke is a repeat offender it will be interesting what Campbell gives him. Especially since this was the exact style of hit from his previous suspension. Totally gutless.

  9. Bruins says:

    on a plus note, tim thomas’ save % is up to .917 as he’s now passed hiller, not to mention being ahead of the likes of luongo and brodeur. where is the respect for this guy!

  10. Pearson says:

    Just read a boston writer saying that not going after cooke was the right decision because there was little time left in a 2-1 game in march.

    What a crock. I dont care what time, what situation, or at what point in the season, if someone goes after your teams star like that there is no excuse for thornton to climb over the boards and run that guy through the glass. Thats why teams have guys like thorty. You need someone to stick up for the guys you cant afford to lose to suspension. This isnt the first time its happened and it wont be the last, so in the meantime, get some revenge.

    What does it say for our team that the guys in this league, that play that way, arent dealt with at the hands of a team.

    I am not impressed with either side in this situation and it makes the nhl look bad.

  11. pearson says:

    also as a note: the penguins will have 4 game between now and the next time they play the b’s in beantown on the 18th.

    just a wild guess on my part says cooke’s suspension gets him at least 5 games so the nhl can avoid more of that next week.

    all the more reason that business should have been taken care of ON THE ICE, in the game at hand.

    if the bruins really had the team chemistry they need cooke would have left with a couple bleeding spots on his face.

  12. G cole says:

    Why can’t wideman or Ryder be the ones to get injured or taken out?! Why is it always the good players..

  13. bruins4eva says:

    i dont think savard is going to be out long….he never went to the hospital…my guess is he is fine

  14. joe says:

    I like fighting and solid hitting in the NHL. I hate the CHEAP shots, cooke should be gone as long as savard is out. Hes a nobody player, no one will miss him.
    As someone who has watched one of my best friend get nailed on the ice, with a cheap shot.
    Responding to a cheap shot by attacking the first person you see is just plain dumb. Everything is moving so fast you can’t be sure what happend, plus the bruins were losing down by a goal it should have been a 5min major. By starting a fight you may loose that advantage.
    And if you think savard would want his team to go crazy for him and beat ppl up your wrong. If someone hit me while i was not looking, I would like my friends to defend me. But if it was in a sporting game, i would hate it if we lost an advantage that could help us win.

  15. G cole says:

    Here’s my proposal for cheapshots. Any player that cheapshots another player and puts that player out if the lineup will be suspended for twice the amount of games that the injured player misses due to the injury. Sounds fair to me what you think?

    • Bruins says:

      i dont agree with that at all. personally, i think it should be all about the motive, and have nothing to do with the end result.

      based on that rule, a player could take his skate off and try to slit another guy’s throat. if he just misjudges and the guy comes out fine there would be no suspension.
      then if you have a questionable call like the ryder hit yesterday and the player suffers a career ending injury, it just wouldn’t be fair.

      • G cole says:

        Well maybe not for all cases, but it would be good for cases where severe concussions or long term injuries are the result.

      • Bruins says:

        but then where do you draw the line for what justifies implementing this rule and what doesn’t? the suspension-system as it is right now is far from concrete right now, but i think that rule would just lead to too severe (or not severe enough) suspensions.

    • zvic says:

      that’s a great idea

  16. Richardo says:

    I think pearson nailed it… The NHL will not allow cooke to play until after the b’s face them next week… If he does play… GOOD LUCK!!

  17. Bruins says:

    some good and bad news in the playoff/draft races:

    bad: – anaheim fucked up a 3 goal lead to montreal
    – philadelphia distanced themselves a bit by winning

    good: – toronto lost
    – edmonton won
    – rangers lost (in overtime though)
    – the canes beat the thrashers

    so, all that leaves us in 8th place, 1 point behind the canadiens (we have 3 games in hand), 3 points behind the flyers, 2 points ahead of the rangers (we have 2 games in hand), 3 points ahead of atlanta, 4 points ahead of tampa.

    edmonton is only 4 points behind the leafs, and the closest team in the leafs sight are the islanders who are 8 points ahead.

    there’s still some hope.

  18. Haus says:

    I dont know what is so ‘stupid’ about what i said. When another team delibrately attempts to injure your top offensive star you let them know theirs is fair game. I think if i said the same thing and replaced malkin with crosby you guys would be agreeing with me. The only thing ‘stupid’ is the crosby man-crush you got.

    • goosegoose says:

      Agreed. Fuck Crosby

    • Jefe77 says:

      Nothing you said was stupid, and sorry zvic; I want some Sidney blood.

      Want to send a message to Colin and Gary? Give the Pens the same treatment to their MVP.

      And to respond to the post below, absolutely you run their goalie. FUCK THEM ALL.

    • Bruins says:

      i just don’t think doing anything drastic to crosby is the answer. sure you can rough him up a bit and hammer him or something but you don’t mean cheapshot him do you? i’m all for cheapshotting cooke back, but taking out crosby doesn’t make sense. he’s not the one who did it.

  19. Haus says:

    Btw, if we make the playoffs this is most likely who we got in the first round. Savvy for cooke? They will take that trade-off all day. And while we are on it fedotenko ran timmy the very next shift. So are you saying that we focus all our attention on fedotenko or do you to their net hard and without abandon too?

  20. Haus says:

    *edit*go to their net

  21. Haus says:

    Jefe, you are my blood brother on this site haha. I knew i would rankle some of our canadian friends feathers by mentioning sid as a target. Lane McDermid, pack your bags and head north for the return game vs bitchburg. All we ask is one shift of mayhem.

  22. Haus says:

    Did savard do anything? the intent was to injure, they came back and tried to take out thomas next. Chances are this is our playoff opponent. I know from playing when someone goes after your stars, you retaliate on theirs. Its called balancing out the ice. Stop with the crosby love already. I stand by what i said that if i called for malkins head, you would all be on board.

  23. Haus says:

    Do you remember when savvy had his back broken by begin before the playoffs 2 years ago? There was meaningful and effective intent then as is now. Dont think players look at the standings? Do you think we would have won that series if either savvy wasnt hurt or we responded on kovalev with the same?

    • Bruins says:

      meh im not going to argue it. it’s just not something i’d do. i’d cheapshot cooke and go after the rest of the team with big hits.

  24. Bruins says:

    thought we could use some positivity on here after the savvy injury, so here’s a couple vids on the two newest bruins for next season:

  25. Haus says:

    Thanks for the vids!

  26. mook says:

    savard may play tuesday night if he feels okay today after lunch…bill watters said he spoke to someone (who’s name i forget) this morning on q107.

    no retalliation on shyt like this please. we don’t need to justify it like that. it stinks of the todd bertuzzi incident. like begin said in the preseason…if you want to win games, you’ve got to play a little hockey too.

    best way to get back is either win, or lay-out someone on their team with a nice clean hit. ideally, crosby. hey, i’m a crosby fan once every 4 years only…so he’s got time to recover from a devastating open-ice hit from wideman (he’s good at those…when he connects)

  27. #4 says:

    Nobody is catching crosby on the B’s to hit his ass sorry to say. The best thing to have done would have been to react to it like the stars game last year. Start brawls and the B’s showing they wont take it.The sherif punching that kid in the face priceless Lucic should’ve grabbed letang or someone. Then RECCHI JUST MISSED THAT TIP it was shot just a bit too hard by wideman, seriously that would’ve changed the game more than anything.

    Next time Penguins next time. If cooke does play do you thnk thornton can miss some time for assault?
    After that missed I feel like the B’s just quit last night. Scary when somebody goes out on a back board.

    • Pearson says:

      Man, i miss sheriff shane.

      And i agree about crosby. I hate him, but im sure hes smart enough to stay out of harms way for the remaining minutes.

      As for when they come to boston next week, i dont think going after a star is the respectful thing to do. Go after the big guys like talbot or maybe staal, but at least have enough respect for the game to leave crosby or malkin out of it unless they want to get involved.

  28. cebbie says:

    I kthink they should suspend Wideman and Ryder for 15 games for the hit on Savard.

  29. mook says:

    savard flying to boston to meet with concussion specialist.

  30. BCobb says:

    Bruins need back what they had last year, and not just the goal scoring but the physical presence. Last year if even Hnidy took a dirty hit you could bet your ass someone would immediately take action. The Bruins have lost their physical play, granted Lucic has been riddled with injuries all year as well as Chara, teams aren’t afraid to play the Bruins like they used to be. I wouldn’t go as far to say Julien needs to be replaced, however he needs to be harder on his players and not every once in a while call someone out like he did Wideman, Ryder and Krejci earlier in the year. Bruins were so successful last year because they were a physical team, and regardless of trades we could have made, goal scorers/playmakers we draft, the chemistry needs to be there as well…I don’t want to count them out just yet but they need to get their shit together…

  31. backbruin says:

    Well we need to show Tyler Seguin because it’s him or Hall!!!

    here it is:

    • Bruins says:

      yeah there’s another seguin vid i posted above the hall one. it just won’t show two links in one post.

  32. mook says:

    oilers are only 4pts back of the leafs right now…

    can’t know chia after that trade. sure everyone makes a couple mistakes (see: wideman THIS YEAR but noone was complaining last year, were they?) but would you trade kessel for a top-3 (possibly 1st overall) player? fuck i would, especially when you tell me i also get another 1st rounder and a second rounder.

    i still think the b’s make the playoffs this year…and lucic better start earning that 4mil or say good bye!

  33. Boston2213 says:


  34. Boston2213 says:

    another thing… starts with the captain on the ice, he did jack shit as well.. You think when savard watched that replay he didnt notice no one did anything… If i was him id take a big mental note of that especially after takin a pay cut to stay here

  35. Haus says:

    2213, apparently you didnt see the game. Lucic went straight after him and could be seen punching 2 of the pens in the head that stuck up for cooke. Granted, i also wanted to see a team response and crosby to be put on alert that he was next but he did.

    • Boston2213 says:

      I was watchin the game actually and you know if lucic wants someone hes going to get him better then fash washes to the face, i wouldnt call that going after someone, i remember after avery decked lucic from behind savard toss his gloves off and started throwin hay makers

  36. backbruin says:

    BOSTON, MA – Boston Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli announced today that center Marc Savard has been diagnosed with a grade two concussion.

    Savard, who was injured by a hit delivered from Matt Cooke of the Pittsburgh Penguins at 14:23 of the third period in the Bruins 2-1 loss in Pittsburgh on Sunday, traveled to Boston today where he was evaluated and diagnosed by the Bruins team doctor, Dr. Peter Asnis along with a concussion specialist from Mass General Hospital (MGH).

    At the present time, there is no timetable for Savard’s return to the ice. Dr. Asnis and the Bruins’ medical staff will continue to monitor and evaluate Savard over the next 4-5 days, and at that time the team will have an update on his prognosis.

  37. patrick says:

    i hate to be the negative nancy but im not getting too excited over the draft just yet. theres alot of hockey left and dont forget its still a lottery. crappiest team doesnt automatically get first pick anymore. and knowing our luck as bruins fans we will get shafted somehow if we can. im just saying….

    • Bruins says:

      there’s a big gap between 2nd last and 3rd last and you can only drop one spot in the lottery, and the odds aren’t likely that we would drop a spot.

      the second pick is just as good as the first for this draft in my opinion, and although 3rd this year is a bit of a drop-off, fowler could be a franchise defenseman.

  38. backbruin says:

    The difference between a Grade II and a Grade I concussion is the presence of post-traumatic amnesia (loss of memory after the injury). After sustaining a Grade II concussion, an athlete does not remember events following the impact and may not be able to recall events that led up to the injury.

    Athletes are removed from competition for the day after suffering a Grade II concussion. A complete neurologic (nervous system) examination of the athlete is performed immediately. If there are no neurologic symptoms, the athlete may be sent home provided that friends or family members are able to frequently check on the athlete over the next 24 hours. Otherwise, the athlete may be required to stay in a hospital for a 24-hour observation period.

    The injured athlete is re-evaluated the following day and again in one week by a physician. If there are no symptoms after one week and no symptoms during testing (both at rest and with exertion), the athlete may return to practice or competition. If an athlete suffers a second Grade II concussion, he or she is removed from competition for a period of one month. An injured athlete may return to play only after exertional testing reveals no symptoms. If a third Grade II concussion occurs, the athlete is removed from competition for the season.

  39. jcarb23 says:

    julien has this team playing like a bunch of fucking pussies it’s time for him to go!!No matter what the fucking score when somethin like that happens to your teammate you stick up for him!Turn it into a fuckin bloodbath!I’m so fuckin sick of watchin this team get pushed all over the ice this year.Maybe this is what it’s gonna take to light a fire under this teams ass.It’s time for the captain to set the tempo and get physical.I cant wait for march 18 and i hope it’s that fuckin pussy captain canada laying on the ice.It’s an eye for an eye you take our best player out we take yours.I just hope somebdoy on this team has the fuckin balls to stand up and do it.

  40. bruins4eva says:

    i do not understand how cooke hasnt been suspended yet….this is ridiculous….i remember lucic being suspended in the playoffs last year for far less of a so called hit

  41. mook says:

    bergeron chewing-out crosby at 2:44

    just relax…everyone.

    • Bruins says:

      he was chewing out cooke actually. gotta love bergy. he’s not the guy that will go after players, but he still stands up for them.

  42. Haus says:

    thanks backbruin, very informative post.

  43. Gcole says:

    this is setting up for a good game against the pens next time. just read that apparently colin assface campbell didnt see it as an elbow to head, saying its a shoulder hit to the head, and he will not come down so hard of cooke… WHY?! well at this point i expect nothing less than thornton/lucic to target malkin and TAKE HIM OUT! fuck it! cant be crosby cuz everyone sucks his ass and hes the perfect little media golden pussy face of hockey now.. garbage. hey dont take it wrong, id love to see the bruins beat them in the game, or outplay them phsycially, BUT THEY WONT, so goon it up and take them out the old fashion way!

  44. Andy says:

    Guaranteed Campbell does not suspend Cooke. For some reason, he does not like the B’s. Remember the playoffs? Lucic gets a game for his after the whistle punch and yet pussi Lapierre gets nothing after a high stick to Kessel and we all know about Walker aganist Ward.

    Plus, Campbell has already gone on record saying Cooke didn’t hit w/ an elbow…

    Fucking disgrace if that MF doesn’t get at least a half dozen games..

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