Savard may miss remainder of season

According to Darren Dreger of TSN, GM Peter Chiarelli said Savard may miss the remainder of the season.

In other injury news, Zdeno Chara is injured with a lower body injury and will not play tonight. Jeff Penner will be playing in his first NHL game.


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  1. #4 says:

    Before I was saying dont cheapshot a star back. But after watching sports desk this morning and knowing that campbell isnt goint to do anything about the cheap hit ive changed my mind.

    Given the likelihood of these 2 teams meeting in the playoffs the B’s need an eye to an eye here. Crosby better keep his knees tucked in and stay away from the boards.. or else hopefully. The B’s need retribution here. The league wont do it. And will punish the shit outta whoever hurts crosby/malkin/fluery in 10days but its worth it honestly

  2. Richardo says:

    Chara out tonight!! Penner in…. When it rains, it pours!!

  3. pearson says:

    wait wait wait. what was cooke’s suspension??

    i agree with #4 here. if savard is done for the year, the glimmer of hope that was our playoff hopes really just went in the shitter.

    there cannot be any argument that the hit was dirty and that cooke had intent to injure our best player. well if thats how the NHL and pittsburgh penguins wanna play it out then i am sure thornton, stuey , and looch are going to be off the leash for the next game and aiming relentlessly at pitts numerous stars.

    if this was MY team, cooke would have it coming even if savard didnt miss a game. if hes out for the season, then the regard for the other teams stars goes right out the window.

    with the stars that pitt has, cooke has to learn a message about how dirty teams will play in response.

    get ’em boys.

    • #4 says:

      Thats right pearson off with there freaking heads!

      If the league isnt going to show the B’s justice they need to make their own. Just like the good old days. We need the return of the Relentless Big Bad B’s not the pussy “skill and composure” B’s of late.

      Started off by nixing crosby or malkin, and MANY MANY Skaters better be going ass over tea kettle into fluery just like thomas deals with every night. Fuck the league fuck the Penguins fuck it if we win or lose next game FUCK THEM UP.

      • Gcole says:

        exactly! if we cant get revenge from the league management, or winning the next game against them( which we probably wont) then DO SOMETHING, dont sit back and be innocent and say we cant retaliate! i thought this was HOCKEY, where you CAN GO AFTER AND BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF people, or is this basketball now and youll get a foul for touching someone?

    • zvic says:

      you are all idiots! what a stupid thing to say, just go after hcokey players who didn’t do anything and play clean hockey….wow you guys are complete rejects of society why don’t we just go on the ice with chains and tire irons that will show the NHL! We should bring kids to the game too and tell them this is what you do if you don`t get justice go out and go after anyone you see and to try it at school, it`s a great life lesson.

      • #4 says:

        Zvic go find a hole to live in bum. 99.9% of poster on here agree. So who is the outcast? you.

        If you cant see that Boston is not treated fairly by the league and that its time to make a stand or live in pussy ambiguity forever your the idiot. If the B’s let the league push this one over on them they will never get the respect that teams like Pitt/Detroit get from the league brass. WAKE UP ZVIC. Or maybe your the type person killing hockey. you dont like fighting and you dont like hitting and look what happens a star player gets injured and nobody can do anything about it Grow a pair man.

      • zvic says:

        hey #4, who said i don’t like hitting or fighting? hitting is fine when it’s clean and fights are great when they are between two guys ready to go. we should get cooke next time and bury him I agree wit that but grabbing crosby and punding on him or hitting him from behind to hurt is not okay. Hockey is a league way behind football, baseball, and basketball because when guys do what you think they should, it turns the game into a joke. And i don’t know if you noticed we have a small team if we started shit with other teams there are some who would wipe the floor with us. make a stand? what the fuck are you taking about? this is hockey not a fucking revolution! you are the idiot, listen to yourself! and when the fuck did the penguins and wings get respect by head hunting? dick head! they won cups with skill not by making a “stand.” you act like we are the only team that this happened to and the league is out to get us. I have news for you, you sound like a leafs fan. I am not killing hockey, you are! shit for brains. By taking out star players the dirty way you ruin hockey, we will be left with goons. I have balls and a brain unlike you, when i go after another player in hockey its clean and if I want to fight its toe to toe against another guy ready to go, that takes balls, hitting a guy like Malkin from behind is what dickless cowards like you would do. most of the guys who say shit like you do don’t even play the game! I am surprised you can spell your name you fucking caveman. I love this game way too much for it to be ruined and I couldn’t find many posts agreeing with this one, and you are the only guy saying anything about what i said. are you sure 99.9% of the fans agreee? I don’t know where you get your stats.

      • zvic says:

        and another thing #4 if you are right then why are the Bruins not doing anything? why are the tough guys just playing hockey? why are Lucic and Thornton just playing hockey and not head hunting? becasue they agree with me! going after anyone on the ice isn’t what you do and the proof is in what you see, if Lucic went after just anyone with the intent to injur he would be no different from cooke.

      • #4 says:

        Zvic it happens to players all the time. Your the one who just wrote about a 3page essay on how im dumb and dont play the game… Wrong ive played for 20years up even practiced with junior teams and still play mens league/ public hockey.

        Ive been cheapshotted, and seen multiple bruins players take cheapshots. Face it certain people get away with shit others dont.

        So as sombebody whos been there I can say that im sick of seeing the B’s on the receiving end. Even if it means going after crosby and w/e happens happens. Dont you think thats what was expected of cooke with savard?

        Its how the game is played and I have never once thrown a cheapshot, and I guarantee if you wanted to fight me id fucking kill you so stop calling me a pussy you because being an internet tough guy is the sign of a true pussy.

    • TheBellEnd says:

      #4….you’re missing some chromosomes aren’t you…seriously…you must be the biggest fuck I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading on here….

      • #4 says:

        Bell end why dont you and Zvic go find a fucking corner to scissor your pussies in together you faggot. Talk about the bruins all you fucking low lifes do is insult me via eboard. Say it to my face ill fucking kill you or shut up.

      • TheBellEnd says:

        yup…sure are a retarded fuck….

        by the way…writing death threats about somebody on a message board probably isn’t the smartest thing to do either…

        but then again,,,,you’re retarded, so we won’t hold that against you

      • #4 says:

        Buying a computer 600 dollars.

        Paying for internet/cable 100 dollars a month.

        Listening to a pussy insult you on the internet who wouldnt ever say shit to someone in real life. Priceless.

      • TheBellEnd says:

        pretty sure those “priceless” things kinda died in the late 90’s, pal…just sayin..

        PS…I love you

  4. ennis22 says:

    wow what does the nhl have against the bruins? i’ll never forget lucic being suspended for a “reckless forceful blow to the head of his opponent”. well please tell me how the fuck cookes hit WASNT a “reckless forceful blow to the head of his opponent” regardless of it being elbow or shoulder???? id say campbell is the one who needs a beating.

  5. mook says:

    no chara now eh?

    i wonder how we can blame all these injuries on chiarelli…

    bruins 5
    leafs 2

    easy peasy.

  6. #4 says:

    No chara or savard…….. Its hopeless now. Wtf will be the first line?

    Sturm-Bergeron-Satan (yuck stinks of no chemistry)

    Id rather see

    Begin rotating through.

    I dont see a place for satan without savvy sorry to say it. This will be an intersting team agianst the queefs tonight.

  7. Hammer says:

    Looks like time to focus on next season.

  8. Haus says:

    This is what ive said all along balance the sheet of ice and go after one of their stars. If anything we will see how arbitrary and hypocritical the league really is. Hey campbell, watch the leagues darling smashed with a clothesline because you didnt do what was right the first time.

    • #4 says:

      Haus I was saying that stuff about not going after a star until I read that Colin Campbell saw NOTHING wrong with Matt Cookes hit. Despite the fact that hes a repeat offender.

      Just garbage purely. Campbells call honestly lost the playoffs for the Bruins last year by allowing Scott Walker to maliciously injur Aaron Ward without penalty. Next game Walker scores the winner.

      Lucic in the first round suspended for defending himself with a cross check to the face area. Do you not see a pattern here???

      Its ok to do it to the B’s but the B’s cant do it back. I say FUCK THEM ALL Injur these top guys ore the string of injured bruins greats will never stop Orr, Neely, Bergeron(coudla been),now Savard if the B’s dont retaliate inspite of league reprimands Ill never have hope for this team to win the cup.

  9. BruinsMadness says:

    if savard miss 15 games…. then give 15 games to cooke… if he miss 25 games well give 25 game to cooke….

    • Gcole says:

      great chara too… so much for getting healthy after the olympics. if they dont play with some GRIT, MEANNESS, KILL PHIL KESSEL mentality tonight, then why in the hell will i waste my time watching the rest of the season?

    • lets tank it says:

      an eye for an eye?

  10. backbruin says:

    WOW really? i’ve lost complete respect for the NHL brass!!i’m speachless!!

  11. #4 says:

    The league should have one of 2 policies. If a bum injures a star in our case Cooke vs Savard. Then a player of the equivalent position on the team who commited the infraction should sit not even Cooke. In this case Pittsburg should lose Crosby for at least 1/2 the time savard is out.

    Or You take the player who was cheapshotted salary(what does savard make 4mil?) and reduce the team who commited the infractions salary cap by that amount. In other words until savard returns Pitts has to do without 4million worth players on the roster however they want to deal with it. SO if the Cap is 56mil then pitts can only use 52mil untill savard returns.

    THAT WOULD BE FAIR. The way it is right now just encourages gooning. Added to the leagues simple dislike of boston(i wonder if its jacobs?) you are going to see alot of B’s players cheapshotted and thomas/rask getting rammed into like a drunk 19yo’s pussy at a frat party.

  12. mook says:

    i am not giving-up hope.

    krejci should use this opportunity to challenge for the #1 centre. he has been playing like it recently…and maybe a bit of anger for a fallen teammate could be the fire under his ass.

    there’s always a positive side to things, and the bruins may want to win out of spite.

    what better way to fuck over the whole league (including bettman) than to drop shittsburgh in the first round? (apologies to those from pittsburgh)

    • #4 says:

      I agree with the krejci comment. I think Boston is going to be forced into re-building AGAIN now.

      We need someone to really step it up till the end of this year, im hoping for Krejci and Ryder to really step it up. Then we can only be stronger next year.

      And mook, It would be amazing to see a tatered B’s team playing with nothing but heart de-throne shittsburg(thats good 1) in the first round this year!

  13. backbruin says:

    Were not finished yet boys!! hey were in a playoff spot now and we’ve missed star players all year!!


    I think we will see some ugly boring hockey over the next month and that’s the only way were going to make the playoffs!!!

    let’s wait ubtil after this week to give up all hope!!!

    we go 2-1 and were still in this thing!!

  14. Jefe77 says:

    Sidney Crosby. On the ice, not moving. Head at weird angle, limbs fail to move. Out for remainder of the season. Think about that, and tell yourself what would happen to any perp regardless of past incidents.

    Gee, would THAT get the NHL’s attention? Not saying I would condone it, but I am interested in seeing what would happen.

    I’m sorry to offend anyone with my position, and I am willing to admit Savard has been my favorite Bruin since arriving. But lets take some things into consideration.

    First, in my opinion, and unarguably Savvy is and has been the Bruins MVP for over 4 years. There is no ambiguity there, and if you dont share my opinion he is the MVP and you have watched, he has to be at least 1a behind Chara.

    Cooke after the game was quoted “I almost got hit the same way but managed to duck out of the way”. This to me speaks of pre-meditation. He almost got hit bad, and went after the Bruins BEST player in a vulnerable position.

    Cooke obviously lined the hit up. We all saw him glide into it, and aim for his head. These guys have excellent control over their bodies, that was NOT an accident that he didn’t pull up off the hit.

    Cooke is a repeat offender, and for the NHL to not take this as serious as ANY hit to the head shows they clearly don’t KNOW what the FUCK they are doing when it comes to gray area. Too much gray area has existed in Gary s suck this dick, suck that dick regime.

    I say to hell with it. If its prison rules, then show them prison rules. If there is no suspension, and Cooke walks away without some kind of monumental beating when they come back to Boston, i will be truly ashamed. I imagine most of you would be as well.

  15. backbruin says:

    Well said jefe and i agree wholeheartedly with every point you made. I have said and thought the exact same way and can’t imagine Cooke not being suspended.

    It’s ridiculous that anyone would believe the verbal diaphrea spewing from that idiots mouth. Of course this hits home as it’s one of our beloved Bruins that had this happen to them but if it was anyone from any other team i would say the same thing.

    I have played a good level of hockey and of course if you do you look for a game changing type hit, but to target a guys head “and that’s all he targeted” with such blatant disregard to me is almost criminal. If you look closely at it, he almost went completely by savy’s body and stuck out his “UPPER ELBOW” to deliver a knockout blow.

    Bettman, campbell and the rest of these pencil pushing fucks need to grab some balls when it comes to the health of it’s players and make a couldn’t shut the Bettman’s mouth when Balsillie was trying to move a franchise to Hamilton ONT Canada. and i have heard nothing from that troll looking mthr fr about any of these disgusting hits!!

    wake up NHL because eventually someone won’t get up and then the blood will most definitely be on your hands!

  16. #4 says:

    Ovechkin is so nasty. (random but im jealous as hell of the caps)

    Also I didnt know Brickley announced for the caps as well

  17. Gcole says:


  18. Peter says:

    More injuries. Good thing our boys dont play aggreesive they would all be out of the lineup. Seasons over. The leafs will come out tonight really aggressive and Kessel will score his first goal against the Bruins since the trade. Colton Orr will be like a lunatic with no Chara around and someone else for the “B’s is going down. Just an exclamation mark on a rotten disappointing season

  19. backbruin says:

    wow peter peter pecker eater…tell us how you really feel!!!

    the way i look at it is we have nothing to lose, so let’s have some positive vibes and hope for the best!

  20. backbruin says:

    I know lucic has a broken nose, but i’m taking a shit kicking from leaf fans saying that looch is a pussy and Orr is way tougher…trying to explain the injury and how looch isn’t quite healthy and not himself, is like talking to a wall with these morons. So i hope he reddems himself broken nose and all which i highly doubt he will…but time for thornton to step up and throw em…

    someone will fight Orr tonight!!!!that i guarantee!!

  21. backbruin says:

    we have been kind of down on are bruins but……

    Bruins — The Bruins have won six of their last eight games and have taken points out of eight of their last 10 contests to move into the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference with 69 points. The club is currently in a stretch that will have them play 11 of 13 games on the road (6-2-0 thus far) between Feb. 7 and Mar. 16.

  22. backbruin says:

    well well nice to see a little urgency from the boys for once. Seems like their skating a little better tonight…

    stay tuned!

  23. backbruin says:

    Thomas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!close you fkn legsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Bruins says:

    honestly why the hell do the bruins repeatedly get screwed over? thomas was run into for the 100th time in the last two games and no call for the 100th time. leafs score right after one this time…

  25. backbruin says:

    i know were all bruins fans but does anyone notice that most goals scored against us are on our brutal turn overs or complete shit deflections that bounce too and fro all over the ice and find their way in!!!

    maybe it’s a fan whining but i never see great goals scored against us and it’s frustrating!!

  26. backbruin says:

    Timmy has played great but it seems the more games he plays in a row the farther he ventures out of his ne and gets sloppy!!
    cmon timmy stay focused in the third!

    • G cole says:

      Didn’t it look like he was going to smack that guy in the head with his stick when he ran into him lol

    • BostonVin says:

      As a goaltender I totally agree. Timmy was way more positional and sound the first few games. Tonight he is playing well but you can see a few sloppy plays. I still have all the confidence in the world in Bruins goalies. They can win games just because of Rask and Thomas…the offense just needs to score more than two goals…..FUCK Leafs just scored….let me recant. The Bruins need to score more than three damn goals.

      • Bruins says:

        i don’t think timmy has looked that great tonight. he’s been average. bergeron though, holy shit. he’s playing awesome yet again.

        it’s just the usual tonight. refs FUCK us over. i’m listening to the game on a leafs channel nad all the time you hear there announcers going “whoa…that should have been a penalty against the leafs.” it just pisses me off.

      • Bruins says:

        i take this statement back. his only bad goal was the primeau one. he was a beast otherwise

  27. backbruin says:

    yes but you see another puck flipped tipped flopped fanned and in!!!!

    i don’t remember a goal that was a great passing play against us!!
    always tips flips turnovers deflections!!!
    fk me!!

  28. G cole says:

    I don’t remember the last time there HASNT been a goal scored on them in the third period…

    • Bruins says:

      yeah third period play has been awful this year. it’s weird that it’s like that as we’re one of the best defensive teams in the league

  29. goosegoose says:

    why is it that every time the bruins score 3 goals our D takes the day off?

  30. goosegoose says:

    i swear if kessel gets another breakaway…

  31. G cole says:

    How many dam breakaways are they going to let kessel have Jesus Christ..

  32. goosegoose says:

    um too many men? that was like 8

  33. backbruin says:

    wow widemen blows every time kessel had a break he was on the ice!!! he does nothing in either end…he gets set up in th e slot twice a game and either miises the nee or loses the fkn puck…he stinks!

  34. goosegoose says:

    awesome…another OT game…this means the bruins are really lucky or really shitty…

  35. goosegoose says:


  36. BostonVin says:

    Classic loss. Fucking awesome.

  37. Bruins says:

    ryder an wideman tag team effort on the game winner…of course.

  38. Bruins says:

    i’m so fucking pissed with this bullshit reffing though. like, jesus christ

  39. backbruin says:




  40. #4 says:


  41. Peter says:

    Had enough of these jokers….lose to an AHL team. bring on the Yankees and lets watch an organization who knows what winning really is. Watched my last Bruins game for this year cannot take the frustration.

  42. Bruins says:

    would you guys say that this game perfectly sums the bruins up this year?

    – injuries? check. try our best forward, defenseman, and goalie out.
    – questionable reffing? check. thomas being run all night, one of the leafs goals happens right after one of theses instances.
    – blown lead in the third? check.
    – overtime? check.
    – wideman and ryder somehow working their way into single-handedly losing the game? check. why not make it a tag-team effort on the overtime goal?
    – bergeron once again by far the best player on the ice? check. the man cannot lose a battle along the boards.
    – timmy doing everything under the sun to give the team a chance, only to get no help back? check.
    – no bounces go our way? check. how many posts did we get, and how many of the leafs goals were off of bounces and mad scrums?


  43. pearson says:

    shiiiit. i refuse to give up on em, but is there really a bright side to all this? i might be missing something

  44. Bruins says:

    what’s the news on chara? i know he’s been playing injured all year, but is he expected to miss alot of time?

  45. JRy says:

    Fuck this. I say we take out Matt Cooke and then tank the rest of the year. Nothing good comes from just barely missing the playoff or losing in the first round. It hurts to say but we obviously aren’t winning the cup this year because we can’t even get out of our own way! We should have traded chara for a third first rounder this year! Haha maybe not but we should focus on next year with Tyler seguin or someone else in the mix and a dozen of these guys out of town.

  46. mook says:

    hey Bruins are 6-2-2 in their last 10. not too shabby, boys.

    if they can pull their shit together…

  47. mcpuck says:

    It’s not over until it’s over am I right? Maybe it’s because I’m an eternal optimist, but we still have Bergy, Krecji, Sturm, Thomas and Rask, and a few other guys like Paille who show up and play good hockey.

    I’m dumbfounded by Wideman’s inability to figure his shit out… for a guy who had a career year last year, he really looks out of sorts… could there be something wrong with him aside from a case of the sucks?

    They’ve got what… 17 games left? I think they have a shot at making the playoffs, and we all know once you’re in, anything can happen.

  48. G cole says:

    The problem with trying to make the playoffs is were gonna end up playing the caps or penguins, so they’re just goingto get their asses kicked…

  49. Haus says:

    mcpuck regarding wideman, all season my brother and i have been talking about whats going on with him and this is what theorize. I would bet you dollars to donuts hes using different make/model of stick than last year. I think he tried what hes using now and it felt great til the games started. Basically, and especially when you have a year like he did last year, you get contracted by a maker to use their sticks and they get to put your name on it etc. Now hes stuck using something that just isnt good for him. Next year, he will most likely get out of that model and get something different. Second, wideman always struck me as a guy with a more fragile psyche than most pros. I believe hes got the equiptment issue in his head and the rest of his game has suffered. Last night, i thought until the 3rd he was playing outstanding.

  50. mook says:

    bruins can beat the caps or the pens.

    caps: while a scoring juggernaut, there have been rumblings that caps players are not happy in the dressing room because of reduced ice time. the additions of players like walker has really upset the chemistry and–according to don cherry–boudreau will have his work cut-out for him. PLUS thebruins seem to be able to deal with teams that have good offense and shit defense…and let’s face it…caps have crap defense and shaky goaltending.

    pens: KARMA is a bitch! Shut-down the crosby line and you have an average team. goaltending is great, but has shown inconsistencies this year. going to need a bit of luck, but it is doable. gonchar cannot play defense, and the bruins know it.

    flyers: this team sucks worse than the bruins do. period.

    who i wouldn’t want to play 1st round:

    jersey: awesome defense and goaltending. always performs in the playoffs and is just a bitch to break the trap they set. they’ve had 15 years to perfect it…plus ilya. fack!

    habs: just cause i’m tired of seeing this shit team and hearing those fucken ole ole ole songs by the french. fuck. you. probably won’t happen given the standings.

    rangers: underrated team. probably won’t happen given the standings.

  51. Ty. says:

    I was at the game last night and it seemed like the only Bruins player that had any jump late in the game was Seidenberg. I don’t know if it’s because he hasn’t been molded into the Bruins Defense at all costs attitude, but he made 2 or 3 rushes in the 3rd and OT that had me excited that they’d do something with the play.

    I know that puck possession is key in hockey but the Bruins need a bit more urgency in their play.

    Who do we have that could take that breakaway pass and actually be a threat? (like I watched Kessel do at least twice)

  52. Dolo says:

    Youre completely right Ty. We have a couple guys who can set up a big play but nobody that can close. We have a bunch of guys that have “potential” (Ryder, Wheeler, etc) but potential doesn’t win championships. After a while you just have to cut your losses and part with some of these guys this offseason.

    I’m afraid if the b’s actually make the playoffs again, that the Jacobs will have their reasoning to up prices again and do next to nothing to help the team!

  53. Bruins says:

    so the nhl has now put in a headshot rule, which means that savard was the final guinea pig in the nhl for headshots. i think we should all feel alot better now…

  54. #4 says:

    Will it be called the “Savard Rule” hahaha like the infamous “Brady Rule”. Sucks but im glad they changed the rule no need for that to happen. I cant believe it took them this long to figure out that atleast 200pds of hockey gear armored man going 15mph vs a 10pd head was a recipe for disaster

  55. Jefe77 says:

    I feel so much better

  56. Gcole says:

    so does that mean they slapped cooke on the hand and said dont do it again?! SUSPEND HIS CHEAP ASS

  57. Gcole says:

    does anyone else notice how michael ryder looks like hes ALWAYS about to bust out laughing during interviews, hes got that smile like hes holding back on laughing. aggrvates me.. need to anger him a little and maybe he will do better

  58. Loooch says:

    TSN is reporting NO suspension for Cooke….off with his head on the 18th!!!

  59. mook says:

    thursday’s game will be a good one.

  60. Dolo says:

    The league has become a joke, but I don’t think any of us expected a suspension anyways. I hope there’s a welcome party on the ice in Boston on the 18th

  61. mook says:

    Sidney Crosby’s missing stick and glove have been found.

    Hockey Canada says Crosby’s missing Olympic equipment were misplaced rather than stolen.

    Crosby’s stick was accidentally placed in a shipment bound for the International Ice Hockey Federation Hall of Fame in St. Petersburg, Russia, that ended up getting intercepted in Toronto.

    And one of his gloves was put in a bag belonging to Patrice Bergeron, who sat beside him in the locker-room.

    The items were misplaced in the chaos following Crosby’s overtime goal in the Olympic gold-medal game on Feb. 28.

    After the gear went missing, an investigation was launched and Reebok put up a $10,000 reward for the stick.


  62. Bruins says:

    i didn’t expect a suspension given how big of a joke the league is but still…..WHAT THE FUCK?!

    why the fuck does the league hate the bruins and love teams like the pens? it’s so goddamn frustrating.

    that’s a grand total of two, count ’em two, games worth of suspensions given out to jones and cooke for fucking up both bergeron and savard’s careers, both who were the team’s best player at the time of the incident.

  63. Boston2213 says:


  64. Richardo says:

    He’ll be a convenient healthy scratch on the 18th…

  65. Richardo says:

    Let’s see how the refs police this game… If the refs are anything like the Dallas game a year ago, COOKE BETTER LOOOOOOK OUT!!! Though I think they’ll scratch em… Just a hunch…

  66. bruins4eva says:

    Colin Cambells reason for not suspending cooke….is????
    becuz he did not suspend richards for the hit on booth so he didnt suspend cooke…HAHA thats a fucking joke…man up pussy

    • da wreck says:

      that’s exactly right. Can’t have their “image” tarnished by being inconsistent with their disciplinary actions. They’d rather not answer the questions about letting a star like Mike Richards go free while suspending Matt Cooke.

  67. Andy says:

    What did I tell you? Colin Campbell is the reason why these hits are happening. No consequence for these hits. He wouldn’t have suspended him next year, either. He is a pathetic, inconsistent, pussy!

  68. Scott says:

    They will probably scratch Cooke so I say go after Crosby. Eye for an eye…

  69. Boston2213 says:

    anyone else notice the bruins get the short end of the stick everytime a suspension is for or against them ???? starting to be pretty obvious.. lucic gettin suspended in the playoffs, scott walker not getting suspended, matt cooke not gettin suspended, things like that…

  70. Bruins says:

    Anybody catch Colin Campbell’s press conference? Here’s a direct quote:

    “Well, I was talking to my bud Sid, or Siddy-baby as I so affectionately call him, and he said that Cooke half-heartedly reached out to Savard to ask him if he didn’t mangle his brains too badly. He is clearly remorseful, and even though he has a reputation for this kind of thing…he plays with Siddy-baby, the league’s savior, so he can’t be all that bad.

    And I mean come on, I already fucked up on the Richards non-suspension, due to the fact that stars always get off the hook, and even though this hit was nothing like that, I’m still going to say it was to save my reputation here. My reputation is number one, and players’ safety comes next.

    Let’s goooooooo PENS!!! And fuck you Bruins. That’s all, thank you.”

    Keep it up Colin! Everybody loves ya!

  71. Birdman2403 says:

    THE BRUINS HAVE TO RESPOND TO THIS !! This is absolute bullshit !! Thornton or Lucic….first shift drop the gloves with Cooke. If he doesn’t want to go….open season on the Pens ! They, yes I mean they, the Penguins have to be held accountable. Keep your head up Cindy and Malkin !!!!

  72. Bzibziak says:

    This team has no heart!! Don’t care how much time is in game, you go after the person who took out your top dog. Even in the Toronto game, no one went after the guy who ran into Thomas. These Bruins are soft. I would rather lose n be tough, then lose n be softies!!

  73. mook says:

    thursday’s game is one i’m going to sit-down and watch with 100% attention.

  74. Bruins fan upnorth says:

    Campbell and his committee are a bunch of old farts that can’t see. What a loser. On March 18 they should put Campbell on the Ice and let any player from the Bruins take an elbow (sorry didn’t see the elbow) to his sorry little idiotic head. Then maybe after that his career can be over and someone with some brains can take his place.

  75. willisss says:

    this really makes me sick. barry melrose is such a pile of shit and i’ve lost any respect i had for him. i dont know what bothers me more, the hit itself, the fact that we stood there and did nothing, the none suspension, or the fact that the bruins will probably not do a single thing about come next week. claude lost his balls a long time ago.

    this team has gone through some tough times, and i have stayed positive through it all. I still think the bruins can be a dark horse is the playoffs, but if we play the pens with no heart, and without some form of payback, i wouldnt even know how to take it.

    its the bruins vs the world, time to play like that.

  76. willisss says:

    oh and one last thing:

    “So, I was heard…and that is part of fairness, so there was an element of fairness there.” – pc

    fucking push over

  77. patrick says:

    i wouldnt be surprised if the B’s did nothing but try to win next week. you guys all fucking know if ANYTHING at all gets done to ANY pen our guys would get suspended or booted from the league. im telling you the leagues been sucking the whole pens orginization ballsack since the early 90’s. they got saved i believe 3 times from bankruptcy. i didnt see the league helping out any of the canadian teams or hartford from losing their franchises. i say do nothing and rape them on the scoresheet wich can be done cause the pens arent that great outside their offense.

  78. mook says:

    what do you want pc and cj to do? start a riot? c’mon guys…and if they say too much in the media they get fined (just like pat quinn did).

    don’t get too down on the bruins…the nhl is a business, not a recess playground sport.

    • Gcole says:

      i would love to see a riot actually.. lol

    • willisss says:

      i guess im not sure what i expected. it just sucks knowing that savy has gone after people for dirty hits, and hes not the biggest guy whos ever played. i can count a few times where sturm got hit and savy wasted no time going after the other player. you can make the argument that noone saw the play, but when your star forward/leader is not moving on the ice, you find anyone you can and go after it. just how i think. i feel like savy got a raw deal with the reffs, teamates, and with the douchebag that runs the show.

      thornton wants to eat some grilled cheese sandwiches ( best interview ever )

      • Dolo says:

        hahaha, I just hope cooke accepts the invitation to eat grilled cheese sandwiches with him!

      • Gcole says:

        exactly! i remember any time one of his linemates was down savard jumped right in there, and hes not really that tough… he stood up for them every time, and now HE gets cheapshotted and ryder just shoves him and thats it. lucic did nothing… man if im savard im calling myself stupid for resigning here (at the moment).. hes playing with shitty fourth liners, and now this..

  79. #4 says:

    Mook your sounding like a pens fan man. Obviously they cant go all Hanson Brothers, and Tim “Capt. Hook” McCracken on them next game. The B’s have to respond, the fans are going to be calling for blood, so is the (boston) media. Id really like to start Lucic-Thornton with Boychuck and Chara and just fight off the bat. Go after that top line first shift. Out-physical Pitts and then carry that through the rest of the year.

    If you get a chance to send cooke headfirst into the boards fucking do it. As far as crosby/malkin whatever happens happens with them. If looch is going full speed for a blindside hit and malkin leaves on a strecther its legal right??? Colin Campbel just opened the floodgates on Headshots and the B’s need to show the Cooke’s of the league that if you do it it our best we’ll do it right back to your best. Its all fair in war and hockey.

    • Loooch says:

      Amen #4. These Bruins need to take their fingers out of their pussies and stand up for their fallen soilder. Make a statement this Thursday night and make them pray they dont meet us first round of playoffs. If what Cooke did is completely legal then lets give it right back. I’m not saying pull a Cormier, but blindside Crosby/Malkin/Staal and take their fuckin head off!!! I doubt Cooke will dress but if he does I want him to see him taken to a hospital…legally of course(whatever the fuck that means).


  80. ELWOPPO says:

    Does anyone know what “Out for remander of season” means? does that include playoffs aswell? (If we make it)

  81. Jefe77 says:

    There is no official timetable yet. Savvy will see a specialist today and they will probably set a timetable soon.

    I cant see him missing the remainder of the reg season, then playing in the playoffs. Even when he is cleared for contact, there will be a concern for his long-term health. With a 7 year deal in place, the Bruins are going to play this patiently.

  82. Jefe77 says:

    We can still make it, which would be big for this club. It would be a fairly detrimental step backwards for the fans and club if they do miss.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      So in so many words he’s fucked!!!!

      • Jefe77 says:

        Yup, for this season. I think that I would rather watch the Bruins make the best of what they can now. See who can step up, and prove they are worth keeping around.

        If the B’s do make the playoffs which I suspect they will, either they will go down early with the lack of scoring depth or it could get interesting if they find their heart again.

  83. cebbie says:

    I would not be surprised if the bruins use this for some motivation – If not the law was layed down from upper management – If they go out and play for the big hit they will loose for sure – Play smart – pick your spots – hopefully go up by a few goals then crunch that cheap shot fuck into the boards. But unfortunaltly this will not happen – Remeber Neely and that peckerhead Ulf – If they get a shot at him he will likely turtle like the piece of shit he is.

  84. Gcole says:

    oh DAMMIT. i thought the pens rematch was tonight!!! what a boner kill theres still a week to go! shit..

  85. backbruin says:

    well i just listened to P.C’s interview and he said ” he was disappointed in the way the b’s responded” and i qoute! I think we all know the response was weak at best and that means i won’t be missing the pitt/bos game on the 18th!! i will expect some retribution in some way…that could be minor but a win would be the best!!! pitt should expect fire from the b’s on that day…

    And hey boys, the rangers lost again last night. If we win this were 2 points back of 6th….as bleak as it looks we are still in this and i wouldn’t mind seeing washington in the first series…why the hell not…we will have nothing to lose and i think we can hang! specially with their goaltending situation!!

    let’s win tonigh as this is the biggest game of the year to date!

    • #4 says:

      Well said BB its a new season with 16 games left in lets make a Splash with or without our best 2 players (Z, SAVVY) I think we can beat washington if we can keep Chara-Stuart-Boychuck paired with Ovechkin at all times.

      Also Just found out im going to the Pitts-Bos rematch WOOOHOOO Wearing the slapshot gear to that one lets get a blood bath WOOHOO

  86. BACKBRUIN says:


  87. BACKBRUIN says:



  88. G cole says:

    Nice pass to Carter wideman… Glad your still out there in important situations FUCKING EVERYTHING UP

  89. G cole says:

    Sturm bergy recchi line looks BOMB tonight

  90. BACKBRUIN says:

    hey this may be one of the better ganmes all year!!! oh wait…has widemen been benched??what do you know!!!what a couple great passing plays!!!don’t count us out yet fellas!!!

    P O S I T I V I T Y!!!


  91. goosegoose says:

    man 4 goals they went all out on this one…

  92. BACKBRUIN says:




  93. G cole says:

    Wow krejci gives wideman his stick after wideman breaks it!?!?!! Christ that would be like boogaard taking ovechkins stick!

  94. mcpuck says:


    Whoever gave me crap for defending Bergeron earlier this season. I rest my case.

  95. BACKBRUIN says:




  96. Birdman2403 says:

    As good as the B’s looked tonight…WIDEMAN continues to BLOW !

    I’m serious ! I picture game 7 of the play-offs, tie game, last minute and this fucking idiot passes to the other team and the season is over !!! Why….WHY does he continue to get valuable minutes ???

    Anyway…what an outburst of offence !! Bergy looks 100% more confident after the olympics !

  97. Bruins says:

    what can you say about bergeron? just awesome. great win boys!

  98. mook says:

    7-2-3 in their last 12. That’s 17 of a possible 24.

    I mean…that’s not the record of a team that sucks…

  99. Jefe77 says:

    Beauty, eh!

  100. Jefe77 says:

    It’s a jelly!

  101. willisss says:

    a few things:

    – Rask is back? Rask never left
    – wideman did not play as bad as everyone thinks
    – stuart brought a much needed tough game
    – ryder has stepped up ever since being put on the trade block
    – why brad marchand? speed? sure…hands? at times…does he have any idea what hes doing? no way
    – bergy is the balls
    – is paille still alive?

    this team can do some things when they want.

  102. Richardo says:

    I cant help my self to watch Bergy dekeing Pronger, over and over again… It would have been great if Pronger had actually fell down but still good stuff… Good Game Bruins..

    5 Points Above the Rangers w/ 1 Game on them
    6 Points Above the Thrashers

    2 Points Behind the Habs w/ 3 Games on them
    2 Points Behind the Flyers

    Isles = 61 PTS (15 GR)
    Leafs = 56 PTS (15 GR)
    Oilers = 49 PTS (15 GR)


    We are sitting in a great position guys… The only team I wouldnt like to see in the first round would be the Devils… Other than that, BRING IT…

  103. Boston2213 says:

    great game good physical play. Love how stuart stepped up

  104. Dolo says:

    What an awesome game! The B’s are looking good! Especially since they were playing shorthanded (It’s like playing shorthanded with Ryder and Wideman on the ice). Lets go B’s, fuck the Habs!

  105. Ric says:

    heard a rumor about Neely hitting the dressing room at some point after the leafs game and chewing outthe team …
    can anyone confirm

  106. Habhater says:

    As long as the Bruins play on the edge and take no more shit, they will be fine. That particular part of their game has been missing all year and is a vital part of their success.

  107. mook says:

    I like seeing Marchand out there. His effort is at 150% and he is a shit-disturber.

    Sit Satan. I don’t like this signing…he is a liability on the back-end and NEVER finishes checks.


  108. Nik says:

    You know what will put all us bruin fans at ease, just destroy cooke. End of story, none of this get Crosby nonsense xD i know alot of you are angry, heck im furious too, but i want to see thorton give Cooke a beating he will never forget. Looch hurt his nose right? or else i’m sure he’d throw his gloves to.

    I agree with many of you, Boston is in need of that edge again. The ruthless bears who will eat you like last nights dinner. But who also can play the game like champions. Come on B’s lets maintain that play off spot and bring to the table action packed games!

  109. Bruins says:

    awesome comments by recchi today about the league. with him playing for the bruins, we can expect how big of a fine?

  110. patrick says:

    what did he say i missed it.

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