Thoughts on Seidenberg

Seidenberg for a second round pick seemed like a steep price, especially since Derek Morris only netted the Bruins a fourth. However, Seidenberg has impressed me with a solid overall game.  If the Bruins had been so impressed with Seidenberg why would they elect to sign Morris to a $3.3 million dollar deal insteal of Seidenberg to a $2.5 million dollar deal (which he signed with Florida, after Morris)? Being an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season, I would definitely like to see him back at a similar cap hit next season.

57 Responses to Thoughts on Seidenberg

  1. grant says:

    Agreed. He is a solid 2way player and has given the B’s a nice upgrade. Like his game alot

  2. Pete says:

    Yeah, I agree too. He’s someone we needed and we should keep him.

  3. Bruins says:

    i’ve been behind this trade since day one and toldeveryone that they’d change their opinion on seidenberg and stop bashing chiarelli whe they saw him play. the guy’s rock solid.

  4. Kurt says:

    It’s a nice side note to a team that needs far more than just this guy.

  5. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    I liked the seidenberg pick up as well. One thing that stands out is how solid he is defensively. He definitely knows how to play the 2 on 1 and 3 on 2 rushes properly, keeping the guys to the outside rather than giving up the middle of the ice. Even his pinching is done at the right time. Just a solid dman who makes smart decisions.

    As for the Bruins, I loved their game the other night. Physical and smart offensively. there were flashes to what we saw last year. I just hope they can keep this up on a consistent basis.

  6. Gcole says:

    yea hes done good but he isnt what this team needs…

  7. ELWOPPO says:

    To early to tell but he does have 3 points in his first 5 games with the Bruins! I also like his shot blocking skills and his physical play!!!

  8. mook says:

    and the tide changes…

  9. Pete says:

    Having a good solid defenseman back there allows the forwards to increase the pressure.

  10. goosegoose says:

    anyone know if rask is in net tonight? I cannot watch NESN to see the starting goalie, I’m in DC (saw the caps loose 😦 ) but I have NHL Gamecenter live so I can actually watch the game. I need to know so I can start rask for my fantasy team. Thanks

  11. MC Puck says:

    Sidenberg is as advertised, and I don’t think anyone familiar with the game of hockey thought he’d be a downgrade from Morris. I still would have liked to see a goal scorer, but if we make the playoffs, having him back there certainly makes me more comfortable than someone else.

  12. craig says:

    Rask gets the start

  13. goosegoose says:

    fuck the bruins games already over…Dam NHL Gamecenter live blacked out the game but I found a feed online…our PP sucks, there is always next year

  14. Paille says:

    im just glad wideman is getting less time with chara… seidenberg’s been solid

  15. Pearson says:

    No question hes been solid. Not stellar, but a quiet, mistake free dman that has helped for sure.

    Maybe a bigger question is; has the absence of savard helped this team out? Maybe a sense of added responsibilty is what has pushed other players to perform better?

  16. Paille says:

    I agree with that. Im glad that berg is getting some time on the top line. also, sabotka on the third line is def great for that guys confidence. hes a good young player who i think will benefit from being relied on for more than just a grind line scenario. thoughts?

  17. ELWOPPO says:

    Fucking Lucic, He’s gotta stop that retaliation shit!!! And how about Wideman’s stick breaking on the PP….lol you fucking dummy you!!!!!!!!

  18. Boston2213 says:


  19. Birdman2403 says:

    Terrible play by Rask costs the game. I don’t care how well he has played…that cost the game ! Huge loss tonight !! If the B’s would have won tonight it had the weight of an 8 pt. game….now fighting for life again.
    For a team that is fighting for a spot…no jump or extra life at all !! CHARA was awful tonight. This now makes it a very tough road ahead !

    • bruins4eva says:

      just a bad bounce off the boards nothing he could do

      • pearson says:

        a bad bounce that went slowly through his stick. when you get a bounce like that, you gotta watch the puck, not where you wanna pass to.

        misplay that he was at fault for.

        although all the other amazing saves hes made, as well as that glover tonight, ill give him a pass. tough to lose more points to the division opponent, but i dont think they looked terrible.

  20. backbruin says:

    I pvr’d the game and just finished watching it and we simply beat ourselves..the habs had nothing to do with that win!!!they actually played about 10 minutes of good hockey and the bruins did the rest!!!

    really disappointing outcome losing to our most hated rival when we outplayed them 50 of the 60 minutes!!!

    rask unlucky, and that’s two goals in three games that have went off our dmen in the mid slot, and both times our guys were hesitant on whether to block or let it go through!!!

    habs three goals

    1- off our reluctant dmen
    2- grubby scroungey goal at the post that we should have cleared
    3- obvious bad bounce and overplay!!

    that sums up our luck and some day-month -or year it has to go our way!!!

    we looked better then them tonight but that doesnt help the standings!!!

  21. Bzibziak says:

    Im a Bruins fan for life, but come on lets be honest. there is no way we are going any where. especially against washington. Lets tank it and get a good draft pick and build for next year!!

  22. mook says:

    why bother posting if you don’t really like the bruins or hockey in general?

  23. Bruins says:

    tuuk was average tonight. some great saves but two big softies on the 2nd and 3rd goals. oh well, he’s been light out all season, give him a break tonight. one reason i love this guy is how calm he is. after the game he just completely accepted all the blame and didn’t get himself down about it.

    overall i thought the bruins were decent, or at least they kept getting better as the game went on. one big plus was hunwick. i thought he played very well today. wheeler as well. he looked great. he’s really turned into a good PK guy with that speed.

  24. Bruins says:

    oh and if anyone was watching the CBC feed with coach’s corner, don cherry absolutely RIPPED into matt cooke. it was awesome. here’s the highlight:

    “You’re going to see this thing with Cole coming up and last year in the playoffs in Carolina, I met him (Cooke) in the hall. Or he met me in the hall. … He met me in the hall and he said to me, ‘Are you going to have the guts to say to my face what you say on TV?’ And I said, ‘Yeah,’ about six inches from his face, ‘you’re a gutless, backstabbing, little fu. . . and I can’t say what I called him.”

    • #4 says:

      Wow unreal i feel sick. I hope somebody puts crosby through the boards CLEANLY and he misses a few games from whiplash but nothing serious. I hope Lucic gets a hold of matt cooke and breaks his nose, eye orbital socket, and knocks out a few teeth that muther fucker sickens me.

      Heres my question though what was crosby thinking after that happend:

      Cooke just leveled Savard holy, I hope we dont have a major penalty against here?

      Oh mah Gawd! That coulda been Me’s?

      Matt cooke is such a dirty fucking prick I cant believe he just did that to Marc Savard a fellow hockey player, Bergeron tell lucic not to kill me please!!?

      • pearson says:

        hahaha hell yea! just by the way bergy is lookin around, shaking his head, then glaring at crosby; sid doesnt take his eyes off of the ground when hes talking… he just looked scared shitless.

        that video showed me alot of “hits” cooke has thrown. didnt know he was THAT dirty.

        anyways, lets look at this from PITTS perspective… what do you say to cooke before the game? do you scratch him? what do crosby and chara say to each other before the game? if your the penguins coach do you put him out on the ice for the first shift to get the punishment over with quickly?

        its gonna be interesting, i just wish i could be apart of it haha

  25. Habhater says:

    Nothing will happen Thursday against the pens. Sure it will be a chippy and spirited affair but nothing beyond that. The so-called NHL brass plan to be in attendance and the Bruins will be on their best behaviour showing what true sportsmanship is. The bottom line is that the company line will be towed. Mind you, if it so happens that Cooke, Crosby or Malkin find themselves in a vulnerable position, then fuck the company line.

    What I’m saying is that the Bruins should not go looking for it. Not this game at least. There is always next year when both Lucic and Chara will be a lot more healthy then they are now. If the result is a match penalty at that time, then so be it.

  26. MC Puck says:

    Somewhat unrelated, but do you think Ovi will face any discipline for his boarding on Brian Campbell? After all, from what I understand, when his son is involved, Colin Campbell can’t make the decision, but I imagine he can influence it.

    • pearson says:

      should be reeeally interesting… NHL’s posterboy VS. the JUDGE’s son. (PS i did not know there was a relation between colin and brian)

      i love OV. he plays every game like its game 7 overtime in the stanley cup. hes GREAT for hockey but regardless, a hit like that, i say 2 games.

      i dont think there was intentions to injure, but either way, it was reckless.

    • #4 says:

      Yup pretty reckless I watched most that game I cant believe that Wash won anyways. Im going to be really interested to see that ruling. Ovechkin mixing shit up once again.

    • G cole says:

      I can’t believe that was worthy of a major and game misconduct! What a bunch if crappppp. Maybe he should just blindsided hit people the head, won’t get any penalties then…..

    • MC Puck says:

      Campbell is out of the season courtesy of that hit. I feel angry towards the NHL brass for their lack of respect. Players are losing their seasons and they refuse to do ANYthing to protect people by setting a horrendous precedent that if it’s a close call, you’ll get off.

      Guys who play like assholes are realizing they have a long, long leash.

    • Loooch says:

      Colin Campbell’s son is Greg Campbell with the Panthers, not Soupy.

  27. Bruins says:

    tuuk or timmy tomorrow?

  28. Jefe77 says:


    Tuuka has let some softies go in his last two. He still makes big saves, but hasnt looked as good as before he went down with his knee injury. If the Bruins are going to make the playoffs, a goalie needs to step up NOW. Timmy is the man.

  29. G cole says:

    How can anyone say we shouldn’t retaliate on Pittsburgh? I thought this was BOSTON BRUINS tough to play against, Taking no ones shit HOCKEY? If this team is going to take a cheapshot on their top center, not retaliate in the game, guy not suspended and then NOT retaliate again against them in a week then what the fuck! And if the reason for not doing anythig is fear of penalties, then this team really has no balls.

  30. Richardo says:

    According to Lebrun, A bunch of league officials ( including cambell) will be talking to both clubs Thursday prior to the game and will be in the stands during the game…. They dont want the league to have the bertuzzi/ Moore incident all over again… And they’ve told Cooke he’s on a short leash….

    • #4 says:

      Its like the child rapist who when he goes to jail costs the tax payers 2X as much as a regular offender. WHy? BEcause now he has to be paid for to be protected. Fucking stupid the league should just let Matt Cooke be taken care of.

      But they allready made themselves look retarded a few times this year with Richards, Cooke, and OVechkin why not seem even more clueless and tell the bruins to “take it easy on cooke” this thursday BRILLIANT!

      (Redbull would be dissapointed)

      • #4 says:

        NO wait I mean

        (Guiness would be dissapointed)

      • Richardo says:

        Colins a deuche bag….

        Make contact every chance you’ve got… Keep it as legit as possible… There will be a few great chances on some big hits… The B’s just have to follow through on them… Maybe even see a guy like Marchant get into some Penguins’ heads… BEAT THE SHIT OUT THEM… just do it the right way…. THATS ALL…

  31. Loooch says:

    Wow what do u guys want out of Rask. The first goal was courtesy of Seidenberg. GET OUT OF THE WAY. Before Cherry ripped into Cooke he ripped into Seidenberg. Let the goalie see the puck. Rask didn’t stand a chance. The second goal was a beauty play by Markov. Had everyone in the building, including the camera guy fooled. Which may I also add started with a brutal giveaway by our captain. And the third goal was a stupid bounce that miraculously ended up in the crease. Chalk that one up under “Bruins luck this season”. And SUPRISE SUPRISE we only scored 2 goals!! Not gonna win many games scoring 2 goals. Easy on the kid. He’s tops in the league.

  32. backbruin says:

    We play Rask no if’s and’s or but’s. we lost because of a couple flukey goals and we don’t hurt rask’s confidence right after. Go back with Timmy tomorrow night against Carolina!

  33. Pearson says:

    I just dont see how the nhl will suspend its posterboy for reckless play. Once everyone found out campbellnmight be done for the season then theybstarted to look into it. Not only is savard out but who knows how long itll take him to fully recover from a serious concussion.

    Here is a blatent double standard being played out perfectly for all sports fans everywhere to see how retarded the nhl can act. Its a shame

  34. ELWOPPO says:

    As per The globe:

    NEWARK, N.J. — Look for Tim Thomas to oppose New Jersey icon Marty Brodeur here tonight when the Bruins face the Devils at the Prudential Center.
    Thomas was the first goalie to exit the morning workout, leaving Tuukka Rask to field a few extra shots. First goalie to leave is typically first in line for puck drop.
    Satan back on blades
    Bruins winger Miro Satan, one of GM Peter Chiarelli’s tire patches this season, made it through the light morning skate. Coach Claude Julien said he expects the winger to be available tonight, but will not make a final lineup decision until after the pre-game skate.
    With rookie Brad Marchand showing admirable grit in Montreal, it could pose Julien a difficult decision if Satan is able to play. Rookies usually are the point of least resistance when it comes time to re-insert a vet, but Marchand’s spunk is impressive.
    Satan sat out the last two games, in Philly and Montreal, with a minor injury.
    Ference improving
    Veteran backliner Andrew Ference, hindered again by a groin pull the last two weeks (tonight is his seventh straight game out of the lineup), skated today back in Boston, Julien reported.
    Provided Ference shows no ill effects from today’s skate, he might be able to practice with the team by the end of the week and possibly play Sunday when the Rangers visit the Garden for an NBC matinee tilt.
    The snakebitten Ference has played in only five games since Jan. 5.
    Savard shows no improvement
    Julien when asked for an update on Marc Savard:
    ”Savvy is still the same–not doing well.”
    Savard was clobbdered by Pittsburgh’s Matt Cooke last Sunday, sustaining a Grade 2 concussions. Cooke and the Penguins will visit the Garden Thursday night

  35. Bruins4life 13 says:

    seidenberg is an upgrade DEFENSIVLY but this team still lacks scoring so i think Via free agency we will aquire a scorer

  36. willisss says:

    So much of me wants to see blood on thursday, and i cant help but to feel that so much of me will be greatly disappointed

  37. MC Puck says:

    So Ovechkin got suspended. So despite the hit being ‘un-suspendable’ based on NHL by-laws, this one gets done, but the league can justify Cooke’s hit? I don’t get it mannnn….

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