Tonight’s lineup


Andrew Ference is also back in the lineup tonight with Johnny Boychuk out with the flu.

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  1. Richardo says:

    Chara’s shot hit the post so hard that the net actually shuttered…. REALLY JACK??? did u see that… did u see that!!!

  2. G cole says:

    Well this seems just like another game except the fight… Disappointing so far

  3. Haus says:

    Jesus gcole, what u want them do, throw a grenade on the pens bench? Relax.

  4. Haus says:

    Too bad Sob didnt get Sid square on that open ice hit. Maybe the Pens would see the their captain kibbyhing on the ice. The buildings roof would have blown off.

  5. G cole says:

    This team sucks major balls on the powerplay

    • G cole says:

      I take that back they suck all together. How can they be this bad on a game this hyped??? They have no fucking hearts

  6. Lupe says:

    Haus i second you on the grenade tho.

  7. Birdman2403 says:

    Very disappointing so far. Just no life, plain and simple ! The P.P. is a fucking joke ! If they dont score in the first 5 min, or Pens go up 3-0. Run guys and fight….at least get something out of this game !

  8. Haus says:

    wow, sorry for all the typos.

  9. Habhater says:

    The 2nd Pens goal is an absolute killer. 2-0 Pens after 2. The Bruins had a chance in the 3rd if the score had remained at 1-0. No chance now. Not gonna happen the way the Bruins play. Clearly not enough shots and no net presence. Even i would look good in goal for Pit tonight. The Bruins are making it much too easy for the Pens.

    On a positive note, the Blues lead NYR 3-2 after 2. Go Blues Go!!!

  10. Bruins says:

    this is embarassing. no emotion from the B’s at all. and i mean no emotion. yeah there were a couple fights but did anyone realy feel anything behind them? it just looked like a routine thing where thornton thought he was obligated to give the fans something. this sucks.

  11. Habhater says:

    I agree Bruins. Artificial emotion at best. Such a lack of intensity speaks volumes as to the character of this team.

  12. mattg says:

    Ugh, no words, awful heartless hockey.


    rask looks bad

  14. G cole says:

    I’d like to know who said before that if the bruins make the playoffs they can take out the pens or capitals? I would like to LAUGH AT YOU. With a game this hyped they are getting blown out 3-0 at home. They ain’t beating anyone in the playoffs.

  15. G cole says:

    Do the bruins think “power play” means “passing contest”?

  16. B's on MV says:

    Where is Sturm?

  17. Bruins says:

    unless someone “bertuzzis” cooke in the last 5 minutes, this will go down as the most embarassing and worst bruins game ive ever seen

  18. willisss says:

    epic fail

  19. Birdman2403 says:

    I love the Bruins,but I truly hope they miss the play-offs ! It will be painful to watch this edition of the B’s take on Wash. or Pitt !

    This was one of the most hyped games and one to finally show some balls and heart…instead, FUCK ALL ! Thornton may as well not have even fought Cooke. Wow…the Bruins showed the whole league,”Don’t mess with our superstars !” What a joke…I have never been this embarased and pissed to be a Bruins fan….heartless pussies ! It is 3 nothing and still not a fucking hit or fight or ANYTHING ! Can’t wait for off-season and get rid of the fucking dead weight. RYDER FUCK OFF YOU USELESS PIECE OF SHIT ! FFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK!

  20. Bzibziak says:

    Once again this team doesn’t show up and has no HEART!
    Please dont make the playoffs. we aren’t going any where.

  21. mook says:

    you guys are not fans.

    • G cole says:

      How can you be happy as a fan of this team after this? Were all fans here, it’s just complete bullshit how they are playing, and natural to be pissed off and embarassed

      • ELWOPPO says:

        I agree G cole….This team is a fucking joke!
        but look on the bright side the rangers lost 2nite!

    • Bruins says:

      you can be a fan and be pissed with how they played. i’ve been supporting them all along but tonight literally had to be the worst game i’ve ever witnessed. given the situation it’s inexcusable.

      i thought the only guy that showed heart out their was chara. you could tell he wanted to get something going but nobody else showed up. rask was decent but everyone else took the night off.

      the thornton fight just felt way too staged and lame.

  22. mook says:

    i agree that being pissed and criticizing is our right as fans, but once you start saying shit like “tank the season” or “i hope they lose quickly so this season is over” then you put yourself on the habs side of things.

    once the bruins make the playoffs and they punish the caps…all the naysayers will eat their words.

    i mean…even if the bruins lose 2nd round, if they beat the caps i’m gonna feel pretty damn good.

    Next year you add hall or seguin into the mix and BOOYAH.

    even when the bruins win 1 game out of 15, i feel wicked after that one win.

  23. backbruin says:

    pathetic…nuff said!

  24. backbruin says:

    oh ya, if we win the next two games that will pretty much lock us in to the playoffs..


    suffice to say they are the biggest two games of the year…wouldn’t you say..

    I still think we would be one and done, but stranger things have happened!!

  25. Birdman2403 says:

    Mook…’s hoping I eat my words. If I am to eat my words, a totally different Bruins team must show up !

  26. Bruins fan upnorth says:

    Put Marchand back in the lineup and bench Satan it not like he’s going to score anyways. Bench Hunwick or Ference once Boychuck feels better. Boychuck is one guy you can’t keep out of this lineup.

  27. BearsBB says:

    i honestly think they need to re-evaluate everyone on this team…i think they need to get some bigger forwards, i’ve seen way too many plays this season where our forwards were totally knocked off the puck by opposing forwards…i don’t know what it is but it’s like night and day compared to last season. P.S. I don’t really care about losing him but kessel was definitely missed this year, last year teams had to focus on the likes of kessel and krejci and now just krejci and his numbers have dropped off big time. Ball is in your court Chiarelli.

  28. willisss says:

    wardo, rask looked awesome. the first goal was a snipe, 2nd goal was a tip, 3rd….eh…ill give you that one, but the game was already in hand. tuukka stood on his head when the bruins failed to get it out of their own zone. that game could have been 7-0.

    noone wishes that we lose, people just say it at the time when the pain from an ass kicking is fresh in their heads. even though that was by far the most disapointing game i have ever watched, wer are still in the playoff run and i cant fucking wait to do work post season.

    i know its hard, and it sucks, and i’m of course pissed off, but chill..holding on to 8th

    • Bruins says:

      agreed on rask. his consistency is unbelievable. the third goal was kind of weak but it’s not like we were ever in the game anyways, so oh well.

  29. mook says:

    how many fucken posts did we hit in the first period? fuck sakes…

    • #4 says:

      3. Two on the PP Chara-Siedenberg on back to back shots. Then somebody hit one a few mins later right? Pitts hit one too in that timespan.

    • Bruins says:

      yeah really. they showed some spark at the start but the unluckiness reared it’s ugly head yet again. i remember two posts like 5 seconds apart.

  30. #4 says:

    Julien needs to figure some shit out.
    1) Not everyone on the team shows up every night. Some show up more often than not and you need to accomodate that.
    2) Bench entire lines that arent doing anything, Begin Satan Hands of Iron Paille what did they bring last night? A whole handful of nothing. But they skated with their line the whole night.

    So just bench these guys and either bring up marchand and try somebody else out (find some rookie luck)or skate 2-3 lines. Clearly the B’s arent deep enough to run a full 4 against a team pitts. Julien shoud recognize that if Wheeler-Bergeron-Krejci are the only skaters who showed up put them out there together.

    THe B’s only hope is to put together their “best possible” line forget running four if you cant score any goals. YOu dont have the talent to split up and run 4 lines.

    My 2 cents.

    Anyways I am going on sunday and I really want to see the B’s in the Playoffs this year. I could see chara shuttind down ovechkin and Rask standing on his head.. For a round. The B’s would show that at their WORST they are better than than 1/2 of the conference still!

  31. Birdman2403 says:

    Oh thank God…there is an excuse, I mean reason for last night. I just watched Julien’s post game, guys had the flu ! I knew it just couldn’t be the Bruins lacking heart or balls….it was the flu !

    • Baltimore Bruins Fan says:

      I’m not saying that I disagree about the flu being a lame excuse but how can you say they lack balls or heart last night??? While agree this has been a problem this season, but not last night. There were two fights, Thorty took care of Cooke on Cooke’s first shift. They simply lack chemistry and quite frankly a bit of talent. They are in desperate need of a goal scorer (not to state the obvious), they had Kessel and let him go. PC took a gamble in letting him go to Toronto and thought the trade deadline would produce more than it did and now they are stuck. I feel your frustration man. But one of the only things I think they did well last night was to show some grit and some heart.

  32. Kurt says:

    This team sucks. This GM sucks. This coach sucks…..Same ol Bruins.

  33. Andy says:

    First of all, we’re all fans, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Secondly, I think any of us have every right to be pissed off when you basically had a game, at home, where you could’ve sent a message – not necessarily to Cooke – but to us fans that you were going to buckle down and prepare for a playoff push. Instead, we get the same no heart, passion, or character performance (aside from Thornton and Chara’s fight) that we have seen many times, especially at home. Sorry, if you have heart and passion, you make sure that ONE of the fucking FIVE times you had to get the puck out of the zone on the PK, prior to the 2nd goal

    I do have a question for the guy(s) that mentioned us beating WSH in the playoffs. Are you INSANE? Sure, everyone has a shot in the playoffs, but you can’t seriously think we have ANY chance of beating them – we can’t score, don’t play w/ heart and they are an offensive juggernaut!

    We’ll see what happens in the next 2 games, but keep in mind we are at HOME, where we have SUCKED since Xmas!!

    This team needs an overhaul, like someone else said. Chara is not the leader we need, we know about Ryder & Wideman and I’m telling you right now, I would rather pay $5 to a couple character guys who can get 80-90 pts COMBINED than to Bergy for winning faceoffs and the PK. He is a 45 pt scorer and save the crap about not giving him anyone to play with. If he was a STAR, they would find someone to play with him. Sturm doesn’t cut it. Recchi is a good player, but ancient. If Savard was here, Bergy would be centering the 4th line. I think given the cap space, it would be a good time to move him for prospects/picks and he has only 1 yr left, so another team wouldn’t feel cash strapped for taking on the contract. I love Bergy, but we have to realize what he is – a 50 pt, 3rd line center, faceoff/PK specialist. That’s not worth $5 mil/season. And before you call him our leading scorer, he isn’t even in the top 100 in the league!! I’m not blaming him, I’m just saying that it is a contract that you could move much easier than Ryder/Wideman and get something in return…

    Oh, and by the way, has anyone noticed that TOR is 4 pts behind CAR and 5 behind NYI & CLS? Hall or Seguin is definitely not a LOCK yet…

    • Andy says:

      I meant I’d rather pay $5 mil to 2 character guys who could get you 80-90 pts combined and also that if Savvy was here, Bergy would be centering the 3rd line, not the 4th…

      • B's on MV says:

        Seriously? His first 2 full seasons he was a 70 point guy, and less his injuries and not having line mates that can score all season, he’ll be over 50 points this year. If you average out his points per game during his NHL career, he averages 0.75 points/game. Savvy averages 0.89 and Krecji 0.67. As you said he produces and kills penalties and wins faceoffs, I just don’t see the B’s moving him. It doesn’t make any sense. I don’t see how they could replace that for under $5M.

        I suspect we will see some movement in the off season, it will be interesting.

        I’m convinced someone has a Bruins voodoo doll and they are getting us good this year. You couldn’t make this shit up-it’s been one continuous cluster f#*! after another this year. But I’m still looking forward to Sunday. Let’s go B’s.

    • Andy says:

      Since his 1st 2 seasons, he has had 2 concussions, numerous other injuries and obviously isn’t the player he used to be. I don’t blame the contract because at the time, $5 mil was a steal for an 18 yo on the upswing. However, given the current production, you CANNOT re-sign him for that amount again. However, if he is willing to take a paycut for about half, then fine. But he is NOT worth $5 mil. If we had plenty of cap space, I wouldn’t be bringing it up. But we don’t, and he’s the easiest contract to unload, while also getting decent prospects/picks, in return…

  34. backbruin says:

    I didnt’ realize that half the team was battling the flu and a couple guys couldn’t finish…it did look like they had something wrong with them…they’ve had better jump the last couple games but looked flat…they can make it all better with a win Sunday!

  35. #4 says:

    Im sitting right behind the Rangers net on Sunday the B’s offense better show up! Unlike last night.

    They are a flat team and I think its a few guys in particular whos bad attitudes permiate and destroy the chemistry. Begin(Juliens pet, only reason I can see hes on the team), Satan(Boston was his olympic warmup, he is scared to get hit), Paille(seems to be just winging it), Ryder(He plays 2-3 mins a game at full speed and he looks good really good, rest of the time not so much. The list goes on its a no chemistry flat line up.

    I guess guys like Ward, Hnidy, Kobasew, Even Kessel brought more to the team than anyone realized. Id say barring some “montage-esque” event of team bonding they wont pull together to win in the playoffs, they might not even make it if they lose the next 2 games. I dont want to tank I want to see them pull together but id give it low odds at best that the team starts clicking.

  36. Baltimore Bruins Fan says:

    Hey Pekese, thanks for posting those, it’s nice to see what they are bringing before the game starts.

  37. BearsBB says:

    time for season ticket prices to go back down…the jacobs brothers were salivating after one solid season last year.

  38. jimmy50 says:

    I think Chia and gang have to reevaluate the teams position on contract negotiations. It bugs me to see Kesler sign a 5 million a year contract in Vancouver while we have Ryder for 4 million, Dennis Wideman 4 million, and Thomas on the bench at 5 million.

    • pearson says:

      i think timmy is traded for sure. you cant ride a “backup” goalie for this long and still call him “backup”

      whos gonna take ryder at 4 mill? if no one does, are his glimpses of hope better than someone that could be drafted or called up? likely not. g-bye mike.

      wheeler def stays. hes big, he trys, and we all know hes got potential. give him his raise with the money saved from thomas and ryder.

      bergeron is a reeeally tough call. its sorta like giving away your pet cuz your landlord says ya gotta. he’s good, but is he 5 mill good? the concussion has really hurt his stats but is that an excuse to keep him? if he’ll stay for 3.5 – 4 then jackpot.

  39. pearson says:

    the most i think we can all hope for now is that our team squeaks into the playoffs and gives us just something to cheer for. if that means a big upset against the caps or just pushing the series to 7 games then maybe ill go through the offseason thinking that the season wasnt a complete waste

  40. G cole says:

    I’m not even sire what this team needs to wake up… Seems like anything that should make them do good doesn’t have an affect on them… Definately took steps backwards from last season

  41. Haus says:

    Pearson, if u wanna get rid of ryder, and noone wants him, then u gotta buy him out. Thats a over 1.5mil of dead money. Unless someone hands over a 4th rd pick, hes here next year. I think we all agree that wheeler is having his ‘sophmore slump’. He will and should be resigned. As for Bergy: hes on the books for a 4.75mil cap hit for next season. This isnt the NFL. There is no renegotiating a deal to soften the cap hit. Hes back. The year after? We will see. Definitely agree with your analogy.

    • pearson says:

      def not smart buying him out. we’d be better off paying 1.5 mil to the team that takes him and at least get something in return.

      maybe just trade him for “a player to be named later” so we can just get him off the books and any other team can take a look at him? i think hes a decent player if you got him the right teammates… not sure what teammates those would be though haha

      for some reason i though bergy was a free agent. oops.

      • jimmy50 says:

        Next season is a contract year for Ryder. Just hope he comes back with a big season, then don’t resign him.

    • Birdman2403 says:

      Wheeler has been one of the better Bruins this year. He is only 9 points off last year’s numbers with 12 games to go. And this team has scored nothing compared to last year !

  42. Kurt says:

    Andy, my friend you make a hell of a lot of sense. We could only wish that Chia had as much forsight regarding contracts now and in the future. Couldn’t agree more regarding Bergeron. He just isn’t durable enough nor does he provide enough points per year to warrant 5mil.

    This team has been in trouble for quite awhile. Last year they had a great regular season but were exposed in the playoffs. I am not saying that I realized the extent of their problems at that time then again no one is paying me the big bucks to evaluate this team. Chia has to be very careful moving forward when he is going to throw money at his guys. When they re-up with Chara I wouldn’t give him more that 4.5mil. The money that Lucic is getting is ridiculous. I am not saying that he won’t be a real good player in the future but there was not a big enough track record to warrant that kind of money. The kind of players I would want moving forward are the kind of guys that were on the US team i.e Kessler,Johnson,Kane,Whitney,Langenbrunner,Stasny,Drury types. Gritty with pride and good amount of skill and the abillity to play physical.

    • Birdman2403 says:

      I would like the guys on team Canada to move forward… Crosby, Iginla, Nash, Heatley, Richards, etc, etc. Remember USA won silver, Canada GOLD !

  43. jimmy50 says:

    Bergeron does warrant 5 million.

    • bruinsfanupnorth says:

      Bergeron is the top scorer on this team right now. He plays power play, penalty kill and has been the best player game in and game out. The leafs payed 5.5 mil for kessel and Bergeron is definitely worth more than him.

  44. Bruins says:

    bergeron absolutey does deserve $5 million. i think he’s playing better right now than he was when he was putting up 70 points. for the most part he’s being used as a checker and once e was moved up to the first line with savvy out he started producing at about a point per game. i honestly believe there isnt a more versatile player in the league. he can play absolutely any role you want him to, and does al of the litte things right, which is so uncommon now.

    • bruinsfanupnorth says:

      agree 100 %

    • B's on MV says:

      I too, think Bergeron is playing the best hockey of his career right now. Yes, it took him some time to get back into his groove coming back from his concussions, but that is to be expeceted. I suspect Savvy will have similar issues coming back as well, but hopefully it won’t take as long.

      I was just listening to a replay of the Cam Neely interview on WEEI and it got me thinking even more. Many of the B’s players today, really don’t get or care about the history of the B’s and the pride, etc…. I won’t pick on Lucic, Wheeler or Krecji, as they are really in the 2nd full year of NHL play and two of them have had some serious injuries. Guys like Ryder, Wideman, Begin, Sturm I don’t think they understand or care about the uniform and you never know how they are going to play every night.
      Guys like Bergeron and Recci do get it and do show up every night, while they are battling the other teams top line. I’m on the fence with Chara. Last year he played and tried, this year he’s been invisible at times. I watched him in the olympics and thought he was a beast and then he comes back to the B’s and shows up on some nights, but not others.
      While pondering all this, I had to ask myself what is more important to me? Winning the cup or watching good hockey with character players. Of course, we as fans want both-but I’m not sure in todays salary cap days we can have it all. Players that bounce around aren’t invested, which is the period I think the B’s are in right now.
      I’ve decided that I want character players and that will get us the Cup, one of these days. I can’t imagine having a Cooke on the team.
      I think Bergeron will resign at a reasonable rate, like Savard did.
      I’ve also decided that I’m just not going to read the jack ass comments that some are making on the B’s blog sites. The true fans hang on and believe – I still have hope that a few key players will pull there heads out of their asses and that we’ll make the playoffs!
      Looking forward to tomorrow! Let’s go B’s.

  45. DanD says:

    It’s funny, you talk about the team not having heart and that being the problem. Then you say get rid of Bergeron?!?!?! He has the most heart of anyone and you want to get rid of him?! you are not making sense! Give the guy someone to play with instead of marco “I get breakaways all the time and take a wrister from 60 feet” sturm. Put him as a wing on the powerplay not at the point, sorry but he does not have a slap shot, but he does have playmaking ability. He’s not comfortable playing the point let him have some space to move around and find passing lanes instead of going D-to-D to chara

    • pearson says:

      last year the line of looch savard and kess worked well because of the chemistry caused by the types of players they all were.

      wouldnt lucic – bergeron – wheeler be similar? muscle, playmaking, and speed/dekeing/skill

      julien hasnt done a good job putting the right lines together; injuries or not.

      • Bruins says:

        well i think the sturm-bergeron-recchi line is realy the only think going for us so i wouldnt break them up. it’s just the other lines that i’m concerned with

    • Andy says:

      You have to read my ENTIRE post, Dan. Yes, this team does not have heart & passion. Does Bergy play w/ heart & passion? Absolutely. HOWEVER, I was making a completely different point. #1, he is not the same player he was when he signed the contract (partially due to injuries & concussions). #2, Bergy, unlike Ryder, Wideman, Sturm, and Thomas, does not have a NTC clause, and would be the easiest $4mil+ contract to move, probably getting back a couple prospects and a pick. He is NOT worth $4.75 mil and I LOVE Bergy.

      And STOP with the “he’s our leading scorer”. What the fuck does that mean?! We are the LOWEST scoring team in the league!! Yes, he’s a heart guy. He’s also the easiest contract to move, especially to get the best package back in return. If we were not ass up to the salary cap, I wouldn’t even bring it up. But like many things on this team – that’s a fucked up situation too!

  46. D to D says:

    This D to D nonsense on the PP is killing the PP. The passes are made without looking and the D are rushed to make a play as they are covered at all times. The other teams in this league know this and the B’s continue to make the play. We must free up space for the D by playing the PP down low – on the half wall or behind the goal line.

  47. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    Its unfortunate but this team has a whole lot of problems. We all know this team is challenged offensively, couldn’t put the puck in the ocean while standing on the beach. But I think one of our big problems is on defence. If you watch every other team in the league they “close the gap” around the blueline, challenge our forwards at the boards and keep them outside. First goal the other night where did our defenceman(Ference) challenge the shooter, thts right he didn’t. He backed right into the slot and let him snipe the top corner. Wideman is the worse one on the team for this. Part of the problem is we have a guy who used to play forward coaching the defence. What frustrates me more is the coaching. How many mistakes does a guy have to make before you reduce icetime. Against Philly Wideman made the perfect pass to the Flyer forward for their first goal and was out the next shift. Hes our biggest repeat offender. Having said all this i still bleed Bruinis colors. Just cant explain this lack of emotion every other game. As has been said before, the next two games will be interesting to watch. I am just wondering which Bruins team will show up. Throw this question out there, did anyone hear Milburys comment the other night. He said Chara was upset with some of the players on the team. Any guesses who this might be?

  48. Kurt says:

    Just because the Leafs are stupid as well by over paying for Kessel doesn’t mean that we want to model are frachise after their last place asses.

    As far as the Olympics, Canada shouldn’t have made it past Slovakia. Slovakia put up a piss poor effort. The US layed an egg much like the Canadians did in the first game. Unfortunately they were able to get away with losing a game where the americans hadn’t lost all tournement. The real Heros for the Canadians were the gritty guys like Toews,Perry,Morrow,Niedermeyer etc. Those were the grit guys that won the tournement for you. Besides why the fuck are Canadian butt smootchers on this site. Stay the fuck up in Canada you homos.

  49. vince_m says:

    So has anyone heard anything on how Savard is coming along? I know he is done for the season but hopefully he can come back next year. Still can’t believe that Cooke didn’t even get a game. And yes, I think Bergy is the heart of the team and he should be resigned for a looong time contract. Those are the type of players that you want to keep for a career. Bergy is the heart of the team and you don’t want him to play elsewhere.

    Oh and by the way Kurt, I along with many people here are from Canada and are proud Canadians. We all cheer for the best hockey team there is.

  50. da wreck says:

    If it wasn’t for us ‘Canadian homo’s’ you would never have been able to cheer for Orr, Bourque, Neely, Esposito etc. Let alone Savard, Bergeron, Lucic. Etc.

    Get over it buddy.

  51. Kurt says:

    Guess the homo thing struck a nerve.(lol)

    • backbruin says:

      No nerve, just commenting back to someone who has no clue! Your comments in that shitstorm of a post were that of a 6 year old. Think before you type as we like responding to smart people “up here” in Canada and not to ONE shit for brain American who has probably never left his street in his life!!

      get out more Kurt the world’s a beautiful place and doesn’t revolve around the U.S!

  52. mook says:

    I guess our gold medal struck a bigger nerve…

    I’m sorry team USA was led by the same guys who are leading the leafs. Blame the world, boys.

    • BearsBB says:

      should be a rubber match, i find it strange one team gets a gold with the same amount of losses and the team with silver.

  53. Birdman2403 says:

    Bruins vs. Rangers on TSN….not good. Always play like shit when on TSN !?!?!?

  54. mook says:

    It’s that fucken Pierre McGuire…he hates the bruins. Just glad they got rid of that tool Glenn “i was a shit goalie, now i’m a shit commentator” Healy. At least it’s a reliable HD feed, NESN sucks balls (well for me anyways, i have to watch it on nhl centre ice, being in Canada we get shit reception in our igloos…)

    Oh, and…surprise surprise.
    Defenceman Andrew Ference said he will require surgery again this summer. He had groin surgery last offseason. – Boston Globe

  55. Birdman2403 says:

    HAHA Mook…same issue in my Igloo !

    Back to Cooke. What pisses me off about this is that Vinny Lecavalier seems more pissed then the entire Bruins organization about the hit. I’m starting this….let’s do what it takes to land Vinny inthe offseason ! I know he is a homo from Canada, but seriously….he has passion !

    Winnipeg Homo

    • Bruins says:

      i gained a ton of respect for lecav after what he said. he doesnt need to say any of what he’s saying but he is anyways. i wouldnt touch him with a ten foor pole with that contract though.

  56. Bruins says:

    i actualy think most people here are canadian. it doesn’t matter where you’re from. we’re all bruins fans here, so let’s keep the other stuff out of it.

    • Quartier4 says:

      I agree…

      • BearsBB says:


      • #4 says:

        I am AMERICAN and very very proud 🙂 In fact I consider it a bigger victory that the USA won Silver and beat Canada in divisional play. Than it is that Canada won gold in the end. Face it Canada you werent suppose to lose one game at all in the tournament. But you did and you lost to the USA AHAHAH Ill never forget that day even if you won gold I still feel like that first game was a bigger victory.

        P.S I know broudeur F’d it all up but comeone give the USA this one, what are you proving by rubbing the gold in our face? Your better at hockey DUH Americans know that.

        Anyways you Canadiens are awsome I wish I lived there actually.. Nobody I know except my Father, and few other serious hockey fans has any Idea wtf I am talking about with the B’s or NHL at all. so consider a blessing its your national sport and you dont have to listen to morons talk about March Madness all fucking day.(Sorry hate college basketball).

        So Canada and USA lets stay classy on here and Root for our B’s.(In fact the Hottest chick I EVER got with was a B’s fan from Toronto yummy canadien chicks rule.)

  57. Bruins says:

    is anyone else following march madness? my bracket is fuuuuuuuuuuuuucked. at least i didnt take kansas to win it all

  58. Andy says:

    Has anyone else noticed how absolutely PATHETIC our D are at hitting the net. I have to believe if they kept stats on this, we would be RUNNING AWAY with most blocked shots aganist – or at least in the top 2. Can’t even get a nice little wristshot on for a rebound. I mean, think about the opportunities (and possible scoring) that we could have if WIDE-man and Co got more shots on net? I have never seen such ineptness. I’ve even seen our D move closer to the BOARDS to take a shot – when a guy ISN’T forcing them there!

    I listen to some of the games on XM and have the Center Ice package. I bet Julien doesn’t even work on this in practice. It’s just downright pathetic when your D can’t even get a little wristshot on net!

    • #4 says:

      I too have a big problem with the coaching. I really think a change up top would do this team wonders. The system you say?? YOu mean the one thats last in scoring and gets mocked because of its old fashioned break-out and offensive zone play?

      I wonder if the Bruins organization is a lion with a thorne in its paw(underperforming team) or a Lion whos been whacked in the head one too many times allready and isnt using its paw to the best of its abilities get it.

      Just watch Chi/Detroit/SJ/Pitts/Wash take out your coaching white board and draw those teams breakouts/offensive zone play, then see how different it is than the B’s style. You’ll see how flawed Julien’s system is and how teams prepare for the B’s rather easily.

  59. BosBrn77 says:

    Was I the only Bruins fan pissed that Montreal LOST last night! My wife even looked at me and said, “I know we have Toronto’s pick, but are you feeling ok?!” LOL

    At least the Canes won too!

  60. willisss says:

    you guys know that we will be winning this afternoon right? im feeling good

  61. Birdman2403 says:

    No we need Habs to lose right now…that was a good outcome !

    I was lucky enough to go to Boston last year early April to see the B’s and Rangers. I say same score today…..1-0 Boston !!!!

  62. willisss says:

    i feel bad for any player that cheap shots a bruin from here on out

  63. mook says:

    fucken mcguire and lundqvist…

  64. mook says:

    mcguire with that voice…

  65. willisss says:

    wideman having an excellent game so far

  66. Birdman2403 says:

    I’m not a Ference fan…..but AWESOME pass !

  67. Edski says:

    WIDEMAN with a great play

  68. mook says:

    what?!?!? wideman played like shit all game! one lucky backhand…

    3pts back of 5th. booyah.

  69. Andy says:

    My take – obviously HUGE win today. Too bad that shot deflected off Looch and Rask couldn’t get the SO.

    Is it just me, or did anyone else noticed how BAD Chara was today? How many TO’s did he have? At least a half-dozen! Bad penalties and lack of leadership? It’s called CHARA!

    Ryder’s gotta bury that. Great give & go, though. I didn’t like the way the B’s sat back in the last 5 minutes.

    Again, HUGE win, but Tuesday’s game at ATL is just as huge! Gotta get those 2 pts!!

    • Birdman2403 says:

      Chara was bad. However, overall thought the B’s played with a little more grit. Bergeron gets better and better…all the little battles !

  70. ELWOPPO says:

    Not quite sure what everyone is talking about? The Bruins Played an absolutly perfect game today! VERY physical (gerardi and dubinski left game due to great hits), good defence, and goaltending wasnt spectacular but good when it needed to be! I thought we could have won AT LEAST 4-0 with the penalty shot and the Ryder rob! Lucky goal at the end by the rangers but all in all Great game!!

  71. mook says:

    wideman sucked, as usual. chara played ok…but lots of to’s. thornton needs to sit.

    • willisss says:

      i disagree, i posted that even before his goal. we are so used to seeing him play horrible that we overlook when he plays well.

      • Edski says:

        I agree with willisss everyone rides wideman right now. He played pretty good today. lets be honest hee he won us the game. His goal was all him. Vald Sob plays a great game. Hes a guy we need to keep in the lineup.

      • mook says:

        did you watch the game? wideman played awful. how many times did he bobble the puck? remember that play where the ranger came walking-out from behind the net…and tuukka was diving all over the ice and paille knocked it away with a solid backcheck? that was wideman who let him off the boards so easily. missed coverage, and every time he had the puck in his own zone he rarely made a good play, always dumping it into an open corner causeing an uncomfortable play for his d partner.

        sorry boys, you just got hardons cause he scored. watch the game again (i did, it was on tsn2 and it’s a pretty lazy sunday) and you’ll change your minds.

        people do ride him extra hard, but he has been playing piss-poor lately. probably has something to do with the fact he plays 30 minutes a night and goes for burgers and beers after every game.

  72. Edski says:

    I wanna see the bruins take the puck hard to the net. A little more. it seems like we haven’t banged any of the garbage goals home lately

  73. Gcole says:

    that shot from wideman seemed like a ‘yea whatever’ backhander

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