Don’t expect a top three pick

All season long it appeared as if Toronto was going to finish with the worst record and lowest point total in the league. Well, since the trading deadline, Toronto has picked up the pace and is now only 3 points behind Florida and 4 points out of 10th, where there is a cluster of 3 teams.  Now the teams in front of Toronto have nothing to play for. Florida, Tampa, and the Islanders all dumped players at the deadline.  These teams obviously are aware that there are three franchise players in this year’s draft.  So don’t be surprised to see them not bring their A game every night. Carolina on the other hand, also dumped players but they’ve been on fire lately and seem determined to play meaningful hockey for the remainder of the season. A playoff position is not out of the question for the Canes and we all know the damage they could do if they get hot.  Toronto has nothing to lose going forward. They have no reason to tank games since they know their draft position is going right to the Bruins. It may actually be motivation for the players to give it their all for the rest of the season.  What looked to be a sure thing for most of the season is suddenly slipping away and I would not be surprised to see the Maple Leafs finish above 4 or 5 teams.

43 Responses to Don’t expect a top three pick

  1. Bruins says:

    chill. the leafs always do what’s worst for their organization. before they would be terrible and go on a late season run to get a worse pick. now they’ll bomb at the end to give us a top pick. they’re a joke of a team. don’t worry about it.

  2. willisss says:

    i wouldnt bet the house on that hypothesis pekese.

  3. Edski says:

    This is a stupid post something that the bruins have no control over what so ever. These guys are professional athletes they dont throw games they have to much pride. Esp in a game like hockey all it takes is one hit and teams get all upset. Lets worry about making the playoffs. Right now would be a good time to get hot

    • zvic says:

      i agree players arn’t going to tank a season, they have not only pride but stats on the line which turn into bigger contracts for themeselves, they don’t give a shit if a team they might not be playing for much longer can get a franchise player. the leafs had to start winning eventually, and it emphasizes my point about Kessel we lost a superstar in the making

  4. ennis22 says:

    the b’s finally play a good game and you post this? lolwut. who cares about torontos pick right now. we should be worried about the b’s hanging on to 8th, not worrying about where toronto finishes.

  5. pearson says:

    cmonnn maaaan. ive been trying to ignore the fact that we might not get those picks but lets not bring it up; and its a very pessimistic thought.

    they cant do anything about it, and regardless… the picks were well worth kessel

  6. jimmy50 says:

    Only 10 games to go they wont be that far up the standings. We are pickin top 3 fo sho.

  7. mook says:

    by your logic, atlanta should be in dead last right now…

    this blog gets more ridiculous with every day that passes. now i can’t even feel good about the picks we got?

  8. mook says:

    AND florida won tonight, so that puts them 5 points up on the leafs.

    leafs play in their last 10:
    atlanta x 2 (playoff contender)
    rangers x 2 (playoff contender)
    pittsburgh (division title)
    buffalo (division title)
    bruins (playoff positioning)
    habs (playoff positioning – hopefully bubble team)
    philly (contender/positioning)

    i say they win 4 of their last 10 at BEST. Which means tampa, isles and carolina need to win 2 games (10 left) and florida needs to win 1.5 (11 left).

    leafs have less wins and more loser points than most teams, so fuck ties. i’m thinking #2 boys…fuck 4th or lower.

    and with some luck we win the lottery.

  9. Edski says:

    LETS TALK PLAYOFFS: the way I see it the bruins need 88 points to make the playoffs so 12 points out of 11 games. They have 4 games against “non quality opponents”. I think it will be kind of tough but I think its obtainable.

  10. Bruins says:

    those thrashers keep on winning. who wouldve thought? the good thing though is that even if they make it the bruins maynot have to worry.

    the canadiens are on fire but they are inconsistent so who knows what we’ll get from them.

    the sens are playing like the shittiest team in the league right now. their little run is over.

    the flyers just recently lost their top 2 goalies.

    every single one of these teams is 3 points up on us but with one more game played.

    from the teams battling for one those last 4 spots in the east, only the canadiens have been better than the bruins lately.

  11. MC Puck says:

    With ten games remaining and how tight teams 6-12 are, there’s no way in hell Toronto climbs anywhere higher than the # 3 or 4 pick, which still gives us a chance at #1.

    Don’t worry about the pick, the draft is so deep we’ll get someone worth a look regardless if it’s #1 or # 5

  12. G cole says:

    The oilers beat the sharks 5-1!?!?

  13. Edski says:

    Now that we are in a situation of pretty but all must win games do you think Thomas is done for the year? I mean we have to ride tukka out right???

    Prediction: Wheeler Ryder Krej line is going to catch fire real soon… They have tons of opportunities and just havent found the back of the net. Did u see lunneys save on Ryder i mean come on he barley got any of it.

  14. go b's says:

    ESPN trade rumors says the Oilers are willing to trade any combination of players to get 2 picks in the top 3.

    The Edmonton Oilers are reportedly willing to trade any combination of their roster players for a top three pick in the NHL draft, and since they’ll already have either the No. 1 or No. 2 pick, this might mean they’re trying to nab both Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin.

    The Boston Globe writes, “The Oilers dangled Dustin Penner and Tom Gilbert Boston’s way before the trading deadline. They could come calling with Ales Hemsky or Sam Gagner or Andrew Cogliano.”

    One team that might jump at this offer is the Boston Bruins, the Globe writes, because they have a lot of holes they could fill with this trade. However, if it doesn’t work out, the fans could have Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli’s head on a stick.

    • pearson says:

      wow. ANY combination? penner is awesome. and hemsky gagner or cogliano added in there for a top 3 pick…. idk guys… i would take that and run.

  15. Edski says:

    I guess PC will have to figure out if Hall or Seguin are going to be like Ovie and Sid or if there gonna be busts. I personally believe that you keep the pick and work them into the system

  16. Bruins says:

    jeff carter of the flyers is out 3-4 weeks. while you don’t like to see any player get injured (minus matt cooke), this is terrific news for the bruins.

  17. Gcole says:

    i dont know anything about the prospects in the draft besides their names, but beyond the top three, whos the next best? i know hall seguin and fowler are the top 3-ish. isnt there a kabanov or something like that?

    • Bruins says:

      My personal rankings after the top 3:

      4. D – Erik Gudbranson

      – I’m a huge fan of this guy. He’s just a big solid defenseman, that’s great in all zones. He can provide some offense too.

      5. D – Brandon Gormley

      – An offensive defenseman that could get things going from the back-end for the Bruins. I thought he should have been taken as the 7th defenseman for the WJC Canadian team.

      I also see three big wildcards in this draft that could challenge this group of 5 (no higher than 4th though), but have too many questions surrounding them for me to put them in there.

      LW – Kirill Kabanov

      – Before the season started, I had him at no. 4 overall and thought he would really push Fowler for number 3, and maybe even break up the top 2. He went down early in the season with an injury and only got back late in the season. He’s unquestionably very talented though and will get a chance to improve his draft stock in the playoffs on a very strong Moncton team.

      F – Vladimir Tarasenko

      – The Russian factor is the biggest setback. While he does play against better competition than anyone in the draft, the prospect of a Russian already playing in the KHL doesn’t bode well for an NHL team drafting him. He’s also shown to be somewhat inconsistent.

      RW – Brett Connolly

      – Similar to Kabanov, Connolly went down early in the season and only recently came back. He has looked great in the few games he’s been back, but not being able to showcase his talent in the playoffs is unfortunate.

      Other than that there’s also another couple guys that I like in Nino Niederreiter and Alex Burmistrov. Niederreiter is a big LW that is strong on the puck and shows good creativity offensively. Burmistrov is your typical offensive Russian center that is playing on the best team in the CHL. He is more of a playmaker, but he does have good scoring touch.

      • Gcole says:

        well you seem to have your shit together haha thanks.. well i would definitely skip the two D man and get a god dam scorer!!

  18. mook says:

    oilers don’t have enough talent to acquire a top 3 pick.

    jeff carter or eric staal = #2 overall

    not gagne+penner

  19. mook says:

    fuck i can’t believe what people try selling as rumours…PENNER! hahahaha

    espn thinks everyone forgot about the burke/lowe offer-sheet debacle over that useless asshole…

    • da wreck says:

      With the salaries of currently signed players, and Zdeno Chara looking at resigning, I can’t see the B’s trading for any of the Oilers mentioned. Penner and Hemsky are both over $4 million a season and Gagner is an RFA who will definitely be getting around 2 million+.

  20. pearson says:

    id take that in a heart beat. penner + any of those other guys? sweet deal.

    is there much truth to this rumor/is it very likely? prolly not. so dont worry.

  21. North B says:

    Draft day will be interesting if the Bruins end up with the 2nd pick.. Aside from the Oilers there could be many teams offering sweet deals.. Chia has an opportunity to dangle the pick and Thomas/Lucic.. A huge trade could go down..

    • jimmy50 says:

      Looch isn’t goin anywhere. Thomas will prob get another season with the B’s cause of his cap hit unless we get real lucky with a trade.

      Hopefully Chara and Bergeron take hometown discounts. Also need Hall/Seguin to be instant help with their low rookie salaries.

    • BearsBB says:

      LUCIC??? Did you just come up with that? Why would they trade away a young stud winger?

      • go b's says:

        hes no stud

      • BearsBB says:

        anyone who can kick the shit out of guys twice his age is a stud in my book…he might not be a sidney crosby but he doesn’t have to be the leading scorer on the team, he’s an enforcer we have so many forwards who should be able to score but they are all pansies with the exception of sturm and bergy

      • BearsBB says:

        and possibly recchi but it’s painful watching him skate

  22. goosegoose says:

    the yotes are winning the cup this year…you heard it first here…

    • mook says:

      i’d love to see that…

    • Bruins says:

      there’s no way. so may of their wins are in shootouts, and other close games. i’m taking any other team they play against in the first round to beat them, except maybe colorado.

      the only way they win is if bettman and co. rig it…which may actually happen come to think of it.

  23. mook says:

    so is this when philly finally falls out of the picture?

    no jeff carter. no goaltending…c’mon! go away already.

  24. #4 says:

    Ok bruins its time to catch fire.

    Im going to be looking to a few players here to be key for the rest of the year. These are the guys that will win whatever is won for the bruins or lose it.

    Bergeron, Krejci, Wheeler, Lucic, Siedenberg, Chara, Boychuk

    These are the guys I am going to pin the hopes of the season on here. I didnt include Rask well because we all know that he will bring it. We need these guys to step up and win games for us now. Go B’s big game tonight just like always when your riding the last playoff spot!

  25. Edski says:

    Very nice to see Bergeron giving back to injured hockey player from mass class act and really has shown up this year.

    Some might think I am crazy but here are my impact guys for tonight. Sobodka, Stuart, Sturm, Hunwick.

    Sobodka and stuart need to bang along the boards

    Sturm and hunwick need to fill the net

  26. backbruin says:

    Just finished watching the game and was very impressed by their effort in such a big game…teams better be careful of the b’s style come playoff time as this is what they do…and what else can we say about Rask!!!awesome and in control….we look good again tonight boys and have for a few games minus the penguins, which i will put an asteric besides due to the obvious!!!

    i feel good right now and belive that atlanta may still make it but it will be philly or the habs that are looking in from the outside!!!

    great job boys!!!!

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