Ference signs 3 year extension

Andrew Ference has been resigned to a 3 year contract extension. The deal is supposedly worth 2.25 million per season. Terrible move by Chiarelli given the history of injuries Ference has dealt with the past few seasons. 2.25 million is a huge overpayment for a defenseman who doesn’t play on the powerplay and is generally used as a bottom pairing defenseman.


82 Responses to Ference signs 3 year extension

  1. G cole says:

    Why ference???

  2. Haus says:

    Wow I look like a horses-ass!

  3. cebbie says:

    Not a huge overpayment – locked up three years – not having a no trade clause will not mean he will play in boston next year – Teams always overpay for defenceman and 2.5 a year for three yearss he can be easily moved – I think this is only a move for a future deal this summer.

  4. #4 says:

    lol haus.

    When he is healthy he is good. But the problem is his Groin, Shoulders etc… are all made of glass the B’s would be lucky if he’s healthy for 2years of the 3.

  5. Richardo says:

    Does this mean we dont resign Seidenberg??? Oh and what about Boychuk or Stuart??? He must be getting moved in the summer…

  6. #4 says:

    I hope they resign siedenberg hes been good so far. They better resing my boys Johnny and Stuey or wtf?? Hes gotta be getting moved with the teams injury problems I cant see them seriously considering one of the guys with the most persistent problems regarding his ability to play.

  7. mook says:

    ference is making 1.625 this year. he’s a good defenseman who hits and actually PLAYS DEFENSE!

    sure, injuries…but u can’t take that into consideration unless it is something serious like an ankle.

    seidenberg does not come back if wideman and/or ryder does. we have plenty of defensemen in the system.

  8. mook says:

    Why do you guys think we overpaid? there are currently 103 Defensemen who either make more or the same as he will at $2.25mil.

    Rank Name Team Age 2010 Salary
    1 Redden, Wade NYR 32 8
    2 Chara, Zdeno BOS 32 7.5
    3 Lidstrom, Nicklas DET 39 7.45
    4 Campbell, Brian CHI 30 7.14
    5 Bouwmeester, Jay CGY 25 7
    6 Timonen, Kimmo PHI 34 7
    7 Visnovsky, Lubomir ANA 32 7
    8 Boyle, Dan SJS 32 6.667
    9 Phaneuf, Dion TOR 24 6.5
    10 Pronger, Chris PHI 34 6.25
    11 Jovanovski, Ed PHX 33 6
    12 Niedermayer, Scott ANA 35 6
    13 Rafalski, Brian DET 35 6
    14 Rozsival, Michal NYR 30 6
    15 Markov, Andrei MTL 30 5.75
    16 Gonchar, Sergei PIT 35 5.5
    17 Hamrlik, Roman MTL 35 5.5
    18 Souray, Sheldon EDM 32 5.5
    19 Johnsson, Kim CHI 33 5.3
    20 Green, Mike WAS 23 5
    21 Hainsey, Ron ATL 28 5
    22 Kubina, Pavel ATL 32 5
    23 Brewer, Eric STL 30 4.5
    24 Hannan, Scott COL 30 4.5
    25 Jackman, Barret STL 28 4.5
    26 Martin, Paul NJD 28 4.5
    27 Weber, Shea NAS 23 4.5
    28 Kaberle, Tomas TOR 31 4.25
    29 Ballard, Keith FLA 26 4.2
    30 Beauchemin, Francois TOR 29 4.2
    31 McCabe, Bryan FLA 34 4.15
    32 Liles, John-Michael COL 28 4.125
    33 Streit, Mark NYI 31 4.1
    34 Komisarek, Mike TOR 27 4
    35 Ohlund, Mattias TBL 32 4
    36 Pitkanen, Joni CAR 25 4
    37 Spacek, Jaroslav MTL 35 3.833
    38 Commodore, Mike CLB 29 3.8
    39 Orpik, Brooks PIT 28 3.75
    40 Salo, Sami VAN 34 3.75
    41 Stuart, Brad DET 29 3.75
    42 Wideman, Dennis BOS 26 3.75
    43 Kuba, Filip OTT 32 3.7
    44 Sarich, Cory CGY 30 3.7
    45 Bieksa, Kevin VAN 28 3.5
    46 Blake, Rob SJS 39 3.5
    47 Carle, Matt PHI 24 3.5
    48 Clark, Brett COL 32 3.5
    49 Finger, Jeff TOR 29 3.5
    50 Gilbert, Tom EDM 26 3.5
    51 Mitchell, Willie VAN 32 3.5
    52 Phillips, Chris OTT 31 3.5
    53 Poti, Tom WAS 32 3.5
    54 Rathje, Mike PHI 35 3.5
    55 Regehr, Robyn CGY 29 3.5
    56 Rivet, Craig BUF 34 3.5
    57 Seabrook, Brent CHI 24 3.5
    58 Suter, Ryan NAS 24 3.5
    59 Sutton, Andy OTT 34 3.5
    60 Whitney, Ryan EDM 26 3.5
    61 Zidlicky, Marek MIN 32 3.5
    62 Burns, Brent MIN 24 3.4
    63 Schultz, Nick MIN 26 3.4
    64 Scuderi, Rob LAK 30 3.4
    65 Van Ryn, Mike TOR 30 3.35
    66 Morris, Derek PHX 30 3.3
    67 Salei, Ruslan COL 34 3.275
    68 Edler, Alexander VAN 23 3.25
    69 Foote, Adam COL 37 3.25
    70 Kronwall, Niklas DET 28 3.25
    71 Meszaros, Andrej TBL 23 3.25
    72 Tallinder, Henrik BUF 30 3.25
    73 Volchenkov, Anton OTT 27 3.2
    74 Ehrhoff, Christian VAN 26 3.15
    75 Grebeshkov, Denis NAS 25 3.15
    76 Lydman, Toni BUF 31 3.15
    77 Allen, Bryan FLA 28 3
    78 Barker, Cam MIN 23 3
    79 Enstrom, Tobias ATL 24 3
    80 Jones, Randy LAK 27 3
    81 Oduya, Johnny ATL 27 3
    82 White, Colin NJD 31 3
    83 Witt, Brendan NYI 34 3
    84 Salvador, Bryce NJD 33 2.9
    85 Staios, Steve CGY 35 2.8
    86 Corvo, Joe WAS 32 2.75
    87 Greene, Matt LAK 26 2.75
    88 Preissing, Tom COL 30 2.75
    89 Wisniewski, James ANA 25 2.75
    90 Tyutin, Fedor CLB 25 2.7
    91 Gleason, Tim CAR 26 2.5
    92 Hamhuis, Dan NAS 26 2.5
    93 Murray, Douglas SJS 29 2.5
    94 Pothier, Brian CAR 32 2.5
    95 Sopel, Brent CHI 32 2.5
    96 Ward, Aaron ANA 36 2.5
    97 Vlasic, Marc-Edouard SJS 22 2.4
    98 Daley, Trevor DAL 25 2.3
    99 Vandermeer, Jim PHX 29 2.3
    100 Aucoin, Adrian PHX 35 2.25
    101 Gill, Hal MTL 34 2.25
    102 Klesla, Rostislav CLB 27 2.25
    103 Seidenberg, Dennis BOS 27 2.25

  9. backbruin says:

    Well i love seidenberg and new he would be good for us…And um did anyone see the thrashers two best chances last night….ya well they came off to brutal plays by Widemen….Let me say this WHEN we do make the playoffs and we get down to a game 7 and you see widmen getting the puck passed to him at the blueline, and he either fumbles with it, shoots it and the guy blocks it and goes the other way, orrr he falls down and we lose i will be saying the same thing you guys are….FKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK



    • #4 says:

      Lol hey wideman scored that lucky ass game winner on sunday lets lay off him for a week. I think he deserves it lol. He didnt look nearly as awful as Bogosian either lol they must both get their skates made at the same place or something.

      • backbruin says:

        watch the game back and look at the two complete muffs that lead to the thrashers best two chances….go look!!

        believe me i would love our widemen back, but even Claude Julien said publicly that he has had more chances than anyone to right the ship and his patience is waring thin!!

      • #4 says:

        Yeah I agree, its to the point where “we all know” so after the 4-0 win I thought wideman ragging may have been laid off until the next game. He was my favorite player like last year im so pissed the falling out hes had.

        IDK if they get rid of him or not, I just got rid of him for boyes straight up in my new NHL10 BE AGM LOL

  10. mook says:

    In fact, if he had to renegotiate his contract, he should just print my last post and hand it to an arbitrator. there’s some pretty pathetic guys on this list…

    Rank – Name – Team – Age – 2010 Salary in Millions

  11. Andy says:

    Mook, you’re missing the point. If we had $8-10 mil in cap space, MAYBE. But you’re talking about a no. 5 defenseman making 2.25 mil!! This is another example of overpaying to keep or sign guys. Of course, if we had ANY D prospects, maybe this wouldn’t happen. But of course that goes back to drafting.

    Next yr, we have $24 mil tied up in 6 forwards, now $15 mil in 4 D, and 6.125 mil in 2 goalies. That’s $45 MILLION for 12 FUCKING PLAYERS!! How are we going to put a team together?! Not to mention the fact that NO ONE is going to take Ryder or Wideman and TT & Sturm have NTC’s.

    Bottom line, how are we going to make any improvements, besides getting (hopefully) a top 3 pick, next year? We need all the cap space we can get and we almost DOUBLE a NUMBER 5 D’s salary?

    Is PC insane??!!!!

  12. #4 says:

    Mook ferrence is good but you HAVE TO consider injuries especially with a guy like Ferrence. When he on average misses like 20games a season due to injury. I like him I would still take him over Heart Attack – Wideman any day.

    More than anything I would like to see him play a full season and really get rolling I think he could become a stud for boston. But I just expect to see him struggle with injury after injury IDK how you can say that you cant consider that factor.

    • mook says:

      it’s not a factor because of the LTIR. if it were, we shouldn’t have signed bergeron, lucic or savard either.

  13. mook says:

    the other option is we let him walk (and he will get 2.25 from another team) and we play one of our farm defensemen next year.

    so our defense looks like this:

    chara – wideman
    stuart – hunwick
    boychuck – mcquiad

    and when someone gets injured who will play? me?


    $45 mil tied-up in 12 players. 6 forwards, 4 D and 2 goalies. That’s two full lines and the best goalie tandem in the league, you tool. Leaves us with $10 mil to sign Boychuck (1.5), Stuart (1.5), McQuiad (1), Sobotka (1.2), Wheeler (2), Paille (1.5).

    bring-up some guys and sign a couple of junkers (Thornton, Begin) for $500k and we’re done.

    Trade Ryder and his contract…BOOYAH.

    And everyone is under the impression the cap is going down next year? Ron Mclean expects a $2mil increase because revenues are much higher than expected this year.

    If he gets hurt again, put him on the LTIR. that doesn’t hurt the cap.

    • #4 says:

      Ahh i forgot about LTIR. Good points mook, but you left Seidenberg off your list you taht sure he wont be coming back?

    • Gcole says:

      like that defense lineup, but i would switch seidenberg with wideman.

    • Andy says:

      Mook, you numbnuts, we’re basically have the same exact lineup that is struggling to make the playoffs and is the lowest scoring team in the league? That is what you’re satisfied with.

      And I love the “trade Ryder”. Yes, sir. Right away! C’mon!! No one is going to take a guy who gets 30 pts in a season for $4 mil. But whatever works in your “this is what we do” scenario.

      What I’m saying is that we overpay to re-sign and sign FA’s. This year’s team is not a Cup contender and so what you’re basically saying is that your fine not being able to make moves to make us one because we will be right up aganist the cap and we’ll have the same team that has been underachieving all year!

      And if you’re thinking about last year, don’t, because they obviously overachieved last year. Yes, we did have injuries, but we have a boatload of untradeable guys whose production is not worth the paycheck.

      If that is OK with you, then that’s your problem. It’s NOT OK with me…

      • mook says:

        what’s your point? this same lineup missed the president’s trophy last year by 1 stinking point.

  14. Bruins says:

    Not a fan of this at all. Nothing against Ference, but he’s a bottom pairing guy. If Seidenberg doesn’t come back…

  15. Haus says:

    Ive always liked Ference’s game but like I said you could have saved a few bucks and get a bully back there with not so extensive an injury history. Did anyone mention that he requires groin surgery AGAIN this off-season? And mook yeah sure LTIR blah blah blah but if he goes down just who exactly do you expect to be available in the midst of the season that isnt 1) a scrap heaper or, 2) gonna cost you value in return via trade then subsequent logjam upon Ference return? I agree what you are saying as far as the cap hit is concerned but this is not good risk management from where I stand.

  16. ELWOPPO says:

    Guys relax……Im sure the Boston organization know more about whats best for the team than all of us! Ferrence was leading the whole NHL last year in plus/minus before he got hurt! So “IF” he can stay healthy he will be an asset for a fairly low price! He’s a veteren Df with tons of experience plus can hold his own for a smaller guy! Look at the Leafs? They signed Mike Komisarek this year and he only played 34 games, and he was a cap hit of 4.5 mil! What a waste! Ferrence is better than him in my opinion and is half the price!
    So dont feel so bad Bruins fans!

  17. lucas says:

    Horrible signiing…i would only take ference back at a 2 year 1.5 million per deal….but over 2 million is way to much….they should of let Ference walk and resign Stuart, Boychuk and Seidenburg…I think Wideman will have a bounce back year next year…when he has a good year he is a great ofensive D-man…..Stuart is like a younger better ference….and I love boychuk….Siedenburg is good…Our defence would look like this

    Chara Siedenburg

    Wideman Stuart

    Hunwick Boychuk

    i bet the bruins are gonna let Siedenburg go tho………..i dont want them to…..also Wideman plays great with ference

  18. Jeff says:

    Ference is a bad signing. $2.25 mil for an injury prone dman who doesnt even play on the PP for you. He is probably the worst dman I have seen at hitting the net since Hal Gill. Pathetic!!

    He is a 5/6 dman at $2.25. Id rather take Shane Hnidy for $750K and let him be the 5/6 with Boychuk.

    Chara – Sidenberg
    Stuart – Wideman
    Boychuk – Hnidy
    wouldve saved $1.5million towards Kovalchuk

    So now your overpaying Hunwick, Ference, Wideman, Ryder, & Thomas WTF!!

    I am really starting to question Chiarelli as GM. Jacobs shouldve done whatever he had to do to grab Brian Burke. Jacobs is holding us Bruins diehards hostage.

    • mook says:

      is this a serious post? um…please don’t post on this blog anymore. Especially after that last paragraph…

      • MC Puck says:

        Lol mook. I think what it comes down to is that as Bruins fans, we’re confused. Everything seemed so perfect last year, but the truth is players all overachieved, and this year we came back down to earth a little bit. Sure, injuries are a problem, but if things were going a little better, we’d be less likely to lash out about stuff like this.

        Ference is a more than capable D-man, he’s got 10 years in the league, and has played in our system for a few years now. I’d like someone who doesn’t like this deal to explain to me who we’re going to get for around 2 mil that’s going to give us what Ference gives us (a good, stay at home D-man with a little speed and pretty good decision making). Who cares if he is injury prone, we have a few young guys who can step in for short stretches here and there.

      • Jeff says:

        Mook – you like a Jacobs as an owner? What overall grade would you give Chiarelli as Boston’s GM? You wouldnt take Brian Burke over Chiarelli?

      • Jeff says:

        MC Puck – He is a capable dman. I agree. However, he is not a top 4 on this team. Sidenberg makes $2.25M and hes on the top pair. All Im saying is that they overpaid. This wont make or break their future. Joe Haggerty today on WEEI said he didnt understand the signing other than the fact that Chara is close with Ference and this might help resign Chara to an extension.


      Shane really LOL!!!!!

    • Bruins says:

      Please tell me you’re joking with that Burke comment.

      • pearson says:

        i think burke is a good GM. the kessel trade was a little rediculous, but the guy has balls.

        not saying i agree with his post though haha

  19. MC Puck says:

    We’ve been the best defensive team in the NHL over the last two seasons. Aside from Wideman, our defense has been pretty stout. Sure, there’s been some gaffes here and there, but I’ll save my whining for issues that REALLY hurt us.

  20. Rask_the_cup_man says:

    It’s gonna be a fun offseason where Chiarelli will have to find a way to unload his pile of bad contracts. yes, it’s gonna be fun to watch…

  21. BearsBB says:

    i think it would of smarter to invest this money into boychuk and stuart…this is similar to giving j.d. drew and extension..he’s decent when he plays…WHEN HE PLAYS!!!

  22. G cole says:

    So when is PC going to sign someone that will SCORE SOME GOALS?! We need that, all he’s interested in is defense. “defense wins championships” I know, but you won’t win shit if you can’t score goals, can’t win a 0-0 game

  23. G cole says:

    Dam I forgot what an exciting game is like, but those capitals can play some awesome games!

  24. backbruin says:

    6th place is very attainable and we would get Buffalo…that would be are perfect scenario…

    • BearsBB says:

      if they make it in i would rather go up against fleury in a big game rather than miller

      • backbruin says:

        Na, i’ll take the Sabres whom never made the playoffs last year over the Stanley cup champs thank you!?!?!?!

        no brainer really…fk Miller we have are equal in Rask…can you say the same about our “Offense”/scoring!!

        not even close in my eyes!

  25. pearson says:

    who cares about the ference signing. its a decent price for a decent defender. yea he gets hurt, but who didnt this year? hes no all star but i never saw him as a liability.

    i cant believe there are some that are worried about 2.5 million. im sure PC isnt sitting up at his desk thinking about ways to fuck the team.

    we’ll see how it works out… like any contract in hockey really. we should all know by now that anyone on the team can go out with an injury at any time for the weirdest reasons.

    • Bruins says:

      yeah it actually isnt too bad, maybe an overpaymet by like 500K. It’s a safe signing. You know what you’re getting with him: a great lockerroom guy, that’s solid but not spectacular.

  26. backbruin says:

    I can’t believe how much attention Ferrence/2.5 million is getting..the guy is a proven dman who has been around the league for what 8 years?!?!

    We are in a playoff race here fellas so that should be the last thing on our minds…Wait until the draft as i belive there will be fireworks… But until then let’s focus are attention on are run!!!

  27. Haus says:

    For christ sakes, Gcole. The next time you post something that is constructive or makes any damn sense it will be your first time.

  28. cebbie says:

    For a change – on a postitive note – Reading the article about Bergeron and Matt Brown – the kid who broke his neck. Any one who would think about trading Bergeron should have thier head checked – He is the class of the bruins – All bruins should get thier priorites checked and play with the dedication and heart of Bergeron.

    • Bruins says:

      It was Randy Jones, but I agree on everything else.

      • #4 says:

        No not the guy who almost broke bergerons neck. The kid from the MASS state hockey that went into the boards and broke his neck.

        I thought the same thing though cebbie true class act. Also glad to see that Matt Brown is recovering. Hes from the town nextdoor to me, and we have a bitter hockey rivalry but that just sucks. Never want to see a younging go down like that. Get better Matt.

      • Bruins says:

        oh ok i remember that from the game. yeah that’s tragic. hopefully he gets better.

        bergie is a classy guy. i love how active the bruins are in the community.

  29. mook says:

    Anyone who thinks Burke is a good GM does not watch hockey.

    Komisarek: 4mil
    Beauchemin: 4.2mil

    Worst GA in the league.

  30. Birdman2403 says:

    So I said 4-1 vs. Atlanta. Sorry for doubting you Tuukka !

    I say 5-2 tonight !

  31. ELWOPPO says:

    Whitfield will center a line with Looch and Satan 2nite…For fuck sakes! poor Sobotka!!! Just when he was playing great hockey!!

  32. MC Puck says:

    Just a question, I know PC has said numerous times that Hamill “isn’t read” but what can Whitfield offer us offensively? Not much really, and if it’s more than Hamill, I’ll be surprised. Now, my question is, if that 4th line center is only going to play maybe 10 minutes or so, why not try out Hamill? He may click and we’ll get some pop from him, something we know we won’t get from Whitfield anyways.

    • MC Puck says:


    • mook says:

      whitfield’s job isn’t to score.

      people gotta realize that every player–besides the goalie–on the ice isn’t looking to score.

      yesterday was the best with the ference comments about his 8 points this year…he plays DEFENSE! Not supposed to score.

      Ever play “ice hockey” on the original nintendo? it’s like picking all skinny fast guys on your team…

      • Loooch says:

        hahaha. “ice hockey” thanks mook. just had a good laugh. classic game. great interpretation.

      • willisss says:

        im going to have to play that tonight. fatty has a rippppping slap shit

      • mcpuck says:

        I normally agree with you Mook, and I do in part here, but isn’t Whitfield more of a 4th line, grinder type? I know we’re hurting for goals, and adding another guy with questionable offensive skills to the third line only hurts our depth. Hamill may not help at all, but at least to me, he has the potential to bring a bit more offense. Not much of a serious inquiry though, just wondering why Hamill has yet to see the light of day…

    • Bruins says:

      anyone notice how tuuk does that glove save at 1:32 alot, where he goes down, catches it then just sort of rocks there in the splits? and how sick is that save at 1:07?

      • mcpuck says:

        His vision is absolutely incredible. He can stay in position on the shooter, but never lose sight of the guys around him. I’ve also noticed that he’s probably the best I’ve seen mobility wise from the Butterfly G’s we’ve had in net in Boston. He can cover the whole net without wasted movements…

  33. mcpuck says:

    Not sure if I’m breaking any rules here, but in light of the fact that there’s been a slowing in posts here, if you guys want to check out my blog, From the Blue Line, I’d love some feedback and some challenges to my logic.


    • ELWOPPO says:

      Ya looks good “brotha” but is tuukka still considered a rookie after playing 3 years already?

      • Bruins says:

        If you play 25 games or less in a single season, or 6 games or less in 2 seasons you are still considered a rookie. I know it’s less for goalies, but with Tuuk only playing in 4 games and 1 game in the last two seasons, he’s still eligible.

      • mcpuck says:

        Yup, took the words right out of my mouth Bruins. I checked and double checked my rules before that post haha.

      • mcpuck says:

        and I believe the 6 game rule applies to non-consecutive years as well. Still, Rask’s 5 games keeps him under the cut.

  34. fred says:

    lets sign jagr in the off season.

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