Here is the lineup for tonight with Tuukka Rask starting in goal once again.






59 Responses to Bruins-Lightning

  1. mcpuck says:

    So Thornton looks awful… he’s not doing much of anything. And poor Rask… both times he’s been hung out to dry.

  2. mattg says:

    My god, we must lead the league in missed shots.

    • mcpuck says:

      NHL keeps those stats. If you want to find a Bruin on the list of Missed Shots, you have to go to #80 to find the Bruins with the most missed shots… Patrice Bergeron… I imagine that we’re no where near the lead in missed shots.

  3. BostonVin says:

    Best player on the B’s tonight Lucic, Bergy, or Krejci??? Krejci may have the points but Lucic looks like the guy I remember from the distant memory that is last season.

    B’s worse play?? Wideman?

  4. Bruins says:

    more than doubling their shots and we’re getting doubled in goals. the one night off that rask takes…

  5. pearson says:

    idk guys, im starting to get fed up with sturm. is it me or has he been invisible? ryder is one story, but im starting to think sturm is just as much of a waste.

    how many times has this guy gotten a breakaway and then just shot from 15 feet out. those are easy saves. frankly, every goalie knows to watch for a sturm breakaway…. but not to worry.

  6. Bruins says:

    i found some interesting stats on rask. his only sub .900 save % performances are against some of the worst teams in the league. NYI, CLB, TBL, ANA. Montreal and Colorado were the best teams that he had one of these games against, and they’re both fringe playoff teams. it’s happening again with tampa tonight

    against playoff teams, he boasts a .932 save %, and if you include the two just outside the playoffs teams in ATL and NYR, he’s up to .936.

  7. Bruins says:

    they need to get rask out of there. so much for the save % lead. his save % just plummeted to .926

  8. BostonVin says:

    Can the Bruins start turning down powerplays? Just tell the refs thanks but we will just take the faceoff in the offensive zone? The only thing with less power than the Bruins was Worcester County after the ice storm last year.

  9. willisss says:

    51 to 18….and we lose by 2…i have never seen anything like this before in my life

    tuukka didnt even that an off night, look at those goals…that was the definition of bad fucking luck.

    my question:

    how do you have 51 shots on net…and not win?

    im going to drink myself stupid and play ice hockey on NES like a champ until i pass the fuck out…and will most likely call into work. top ten worst nights of my life? NO… 5.

    i still love the tuukkster!!!!!!!!

  10. Bruins says:

    ridiculous game. not disappointed about how they played, that was just bad luck.

    thankfully things went decent in the NHL for both our playoff situation and the leafs pick (leafs won, but every single team remotely close to them won as well)

  11. Birdman2403 says:

    Well Nittytitty had a horseshoe up his ass !

    Rask was not his usual self….but he wasn’t the reason for the loss. However, Timmy goes Saturday for sure !

    We have too many deadbeats that eat up valuable minutes:
    1) RYDER 2) SATAN and the winner…. WIDEMAN !!

    The P.P. ia also beyond bad…it is a fucking joke !

    The grind continues…Saturday they better be ready as the Flames are in the same boat.

    • mook says:

      agreed. satan doesn’t play defense.

      i know everyone has a hardon for seidenberg, but i say let him walk. he’s as useless as tits on a bull. he doesn’t hit shit, he plays average defense and he doesn’t get the puck through screens. OFF the powerplay for god sakes! even wideman does better! yes i said it…

  12. mook says:

    no real damage done tonight, boys. atlanta only got 1 point, flyers lost in regulation. rangers won but they’re still 5pts back. islanders won to stay ahead of the leafs…as did Tbay (obviously). carolina lost but got a point.

    nittiimmaakkii played awesome. fuck him! (and more importantly, fuck the flyers! hahah emery! biron won tonight too!!! hahahahaha)

    i have tickets to the bruins/leafs game april 3…that may be the night we lock-down #2 overall!

  13. G cole says:

    Man bruins keep finding ways to lose games. Wasn’t even that bad and we lose by two goals…

  14. B35 says:

    With Savvy out Julien needs to stop playing Bergeron on the point on the PP. He’s the Bruins best weapon right now. He’s needed more down low than he is at the point.

    • Bruins says:

      yeah, i’d like to see him along the wall where savvy was so effective. go something like:


      bergie along the wall, recchi standing in front and sturm playing in the slot. chara for the bomb from the point, and seids quarterbacking it.

      then go with something like


      ryder in the slot, krejci on the wall, wheels in front, boychuk with the bomb and wideman QBing the PP

      the best thing is that those two PPs have chemistry

  15. ELWOPPO says:

    FYI Rask is still first in GAA and 3rd in save%!!!!!!

    • gobruins says:

      Who gives a fuck about individual stats right now! We are in a fight for the playoffs and lost this game thanks to Rask! You are such an assface!

  16. G cole says:

    Just for fun, how effective do you think it would be to have a line (for just a game) of krejci-savard-bergeron? I think it would be bomb!

  17. mook says:

    WEEI.COM/NESN.COM: both reported Andrew Ference’s new three-year, $6.75 million contract could have an impact upon the Boston Bruins available cap space for next season. While the two sites praised the move they noted it’ll leave the Bruins not only with limited cap space to re-sign other key players but also to bring in outside help.

    SPECTOR’S NOTE: I commented on this yesterday on my blog. Offensive depth could be an issue to address in the off-season, but if the Bruins secure the first or second overall pick at this year’s entry draft with the Maple Leafs first round pick the selection of either Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin could address that problem provided they have little problem adjusting to the NHL.

  18. mook says:

    any word on savard?

  19. Baltimore Bruins Fan says:

    pekese, thanks for ppsting the lines, it’s much appreciated.

  20. mcpuck says:

    Mattg mentioned the missed shots stats. I’m not sure if this was a fruitless effort, but I compiled the entire leagues Missed Shots and Missed Shots percentage just so you could take a look. It won’t let me post the info here so here’s a link to the entry.

    Most missed shots:
    1. Toronto Maple Leafs (1,002)
    2. Detroit Red Wings (971)
    3. San Jose Sharks (952)
    4. Pittsburgh Penguins (948)
    5. Washington Capitals (946)

    Least missed shots:
    1. Colorado Avalanche (682)
    2. Columbus Blue Jackets (684)
    3. New Jersey Devils (707)
    4. Atlanta Thrashers (738)
    5. Edmonton Oilers (790)

    From there it’s a logjam with 5 teams under 810. The Bruins rank 20th in missed shots with 807.

    Now, I didn’t think this was a good cross section considering that if you shot more, you’re obviously going to miss more, so I did some percentages.

    Highest Miss %:
    1. Calgary Flames (43%)
    2. Carolina Hurricanes (42%)
    3. LA Kings (42%)
    4. Toronto(41%)
    5. Vancouver (41%)

    There’s a few teams tied with 41% but I rounded up or down on some of the decimals.

    Lowest Miss %
    1. Blue Jackets (32%)
    2. New Jersey Devils (33%)
    3. Atlanta Thrashers (33%)
    4. Colorado Avalanche (34%)
    5. Chicago Blackhawks (34%)

    The Bruins are the 6th most efficient team at 36% shots.

    • Bruins says:

      interesting. thanks for looking all that up. very surprising that the Bruins are that efficient, it seems like they’re always missing the net.

      • mcpuck says:

        well I’m fairly certain that those stats don’t include blocked shots, but that’s more on opposing defenses than any inability on the Bruins part. The only thing I’ve been able to get out of this (aside from a sore butt from hours of sitting and doing the math lol) is that the teams who have higher % are the teams that have the more fearless guys. Otherwise, missed shots really isn’t indicative of success or failure, it’s relatively even across the board.

  21. d-dawg says:

    Savard to speak tomorrow at noon. Should be interesting.

  22. wayne says:

    For the life of me cannot understand the Ference signing….even if they wanted to keep him why would they not let him test the FA waters and then matched the offer…theres not a team that would have paid what Chiarelli handed him….another bad move ….Stuart Boychuck or Siedenburg all should have been settled first…Chiarelli is a no mind and I am nervous he will find a way to botch the draft in June….if a flop like Wideman is a hockey player in his estimation what can we expect!

    • #4 says:

      To a point I agree, that Siedenberg Stuey and Johhny Boy should have been taken care of first. But the Ferrence deal isnt all that bad, if Chia can lock

      For a D set next year we will be doing pretty damn good in that regard. Just gotta find something to do with wideman. He had a Career year last year and I think a change of location will do him good if they can move him.

      Though I disagree that the draft will be a flop basicly choosing in the top 3 you cant lose unless for some reason he doesnt take Hall/Seguin with a top 2 pick. THen we can all get together and go burn down the garden.

  23. mook says:

    let seidenberg walk. i’m not convinced…

    thomas should get the start today.

  24. ELWOPPO says:

    Who’s this “gobruins” fella? He needs a shot in his fucken head! Fucken goof!

  25. #4 says:

    Fuckin Savvy man this is making me feel bad. But he WANTS to get cooke back BAD! He kinda pussyfoots around it with how he’s phrasing stuff but it sounds like he wants blood. Looks better than bergy did this far into recovery thats a good sign.

    Lets go today B’s I think LOOCH goint to start off the scoring today.

  26. #4 says:

    HAH lol “especially on the PP” haha

  27. ELWOPPO says:

    Poor basterd…He seems like he is strugling to talk? Must be frusterating for sure but it seems like he is determind to come back SOONER RATHER THAN LATER…Whatever that means? MOTHERFUCKING MATT COOK!!!

    • #4 says:

      I fucking hate that POS Mat Cooke hes the biggest faggot inhockey I cant believe he “tried to get savard’s number” What would savard say “I fucking hate you, I am going to kill your whole family”? savard is going to do something next time their on the ice together. Hopefully lucic is near, but savard might just rip off his skate and shank him happy gilmore style.

  28. bruins4eva says:


  29. #4 says:

    Giving rask the chance to make up for last game. I like the decision gotta be tough on Timmy though.

  30. ELWOPPO says:

    “WIDENBERG” Baby!!! And a new Bruin is born!!!

  31. G cole says:

    3 power play goals?? Was that a pig that just flew by my window too?

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