Thomas starts in net, Ference re-injured

Tim Thomas will start this after noon’s game against the Calgary Flames.  Very questionable decision to start Thomas with Atlanta only 2 points behind the Bruins in the standings.  The Bruins also play back-to-back games on Monday and Tuesday nights meaning Thomas will probably start one of those games as well. Speaking of questionable decisions, the $2.25 million dollar man has re-injured his groin and will not play in today’s game. No new updates on the oft injured defenseman.


163 Responses to Thomas starts in net, Ference re-injured

  1. da wreck says:

    re-injured? He’s said he needs surgery in the off-season.

  2. mcpuck says:

    hahaha good call wreck. And as far as “questionable start” for Thomas, why wouldn’t you sit your 22 year old goalie who just gave up 5 goals to play your more than capable, Vezina winner backup.

  3. mook says:

    i think thomas is due for a start. he won the vezina last year, ya know.

  4. mcpuck says:

    I’m starting to think that this team could find it’s legs at the perfect time.

    • Bruins says:

      Yeah outside of Rask’s play in one game, the Bruins have been running on all cylinders the last 4 games.

    • Pearson says:

      Not that calgary has a stellar offense but the bruins have been really playing with what they lacked all year. Id really give that to lucic. Hes been playing alot better lately and i hope hes finally realized he brings alot to the team and makes everyone play better.

      Playoff beards are lookin like they the could get real long this year

      • MC Puck says:

        I’m glad someone else agrees with me. When Looch is flying around like a maniac out there, the team feeds off of it. He just needs to keep his energy level up and he’ll jump start everyone.

  5. Bruins says:

    do we have the best goaltending in the league or what?

  6. mcpuck says:

    Krecji “I lika da pee pee today.” AHAHAHAHAHA I just spit out the pizza I was chewing.

  7. Birdman2403 says:

    So help please….I missed the game.

    1) Was Timmy good or just average shots ?
    2)How was Lucic…I thought he has been picking it up lately ??
    3) What was with the 5 min. to Boychuk ??

    Thanks guys…..

    • Bruins says:

      1) timmy was great although he didn’t have to make too many big saves. he was just steady the whole game.

      2) lucic was awesome yet again. he was throwing his weight around, and looks really good skating up the ice with the puck.

      3) it was a retaliation headshot with his forearm. it wasn’t a blindside or anything, and i think the flames player sold it a bit. i didn’t think it was that bad but it definitely warranted a penalty. knowing the bruins luck we’ll be seeing a suspension.

  8. rcehockey says:

    goal tending is not the Bruins problem this year. At that position, we are lucky

  9. backbruin says:

    well we are looking much better of late, well done boys!!!

  10. ELWOPPO says:

    So………Let me get this straight? The Rangers come back late in the game Thursday night to beat the awesome Devels, But……Blow the game to the shitty leafs to lose 2nite????????? UN FUCKING Believable! U gotta be shitting me!!! Dont worry Leaf fan’s the Bruins are gonna fix u faggots next Sat. Fucking losers!!

  11. JRy says:

    I was at the game yesterday and I thought that Mark Stuart had a hell of a game. He must have knocked 15 Flames on their asses with just fore arm shivers! He also was blocking shots and really looking like a quality defenseman. But unfortunately, Dennis Wideman once again looked like a jackass.

  12. backbruin says:

    Stuart has played really hard since the Bruins were criticized after their reaction to Savard’s hit.

    A big reason for us playing better has been because of Stuart and Seidenberg. They have both played exceptionally well…And you see Chara is starting to become more of a threat off. bergy and Krejci are looking like they want to prove to all of us that they can hold the fort in Savy’s absence.

    Did you see the assist Widemen got on bergy’s goal yesterday? It was a complete fan and he started pressing his stick on the ground and looking at his blade….ya right guy!!!it’s the sticks fault you make all those bad decisions?!?!?

    Boychuck has played better and is settling in nicely of late. Ferrence,chara,seidenberg,stuey,boychuck and someone other then hunwick and widemen would fill out are def very well!!

    we need atleast one of these next two games against teh devils and sabres…go b’s go!

  13. Pete says:

    I was at the game right behind the B’s bench. Calgary is a strange team. If you look at their roster, they’re stacked with skill but they just can’t get it together. After watching them play I don’t feel so bad about the Bruins scoring problems.

  14. Bruins says:

    The top 2 pick situation is still looking pretty good. The Leafs would have to finish with 10 points in their last 7 games in order to be more likely to not finish 15th in the East.

    As for the Bruins, we can finish with 6 points in our last 8 games and still be more likely to make the playoffs than not.

  15. jimmy50 says:

    Biggest two games of the year tonight and tomorrow. Lets see what the Bruins can do.

  16. Richardo says:

    Has anyone heard of any discipline for Boychuk???

  17. mook says:

    nah boychuck shouldn’t be suspended..the league owes us one (especially after that lucic bullshit suspension in the playoffs too…)

    tonight i think the burins will steamroll the sabres. i feel it in my bones…

    don’t expect brodeur tomorrow, either.

  18. mook says:

    CSNNE.COM: reports Boston Bruins defenseman Dennis Seidenberg wants to stay with the club beyond this season.

    SPECTOR’S NOTE: Seidenberg’s been a good fit on the Bruins blueline but of course it’ll come down to salary, and if he’ll ask for the same salary as this season ($2.2 million) or more and if the Bruins can fit him under their steadily tightening cap space.

    Mook’s Note: $2.25 mil should do it. He doesn’t deserve more than Ference. If he wants $3 let him walk. He doesn’t hit anything.

  19. Bruins says:

    Here’s some things I’d like to see happen this offseason. Pretty realistic I think.


    – Jordan Caron signed to an entry level deal
    – Max Sauve signed to an entry-level deal
    – Keep Joe Colborne at Denver another year to develop
    – Yuri Alexandrov signed to an entry level deal
    – Tyler Seguin picked at #2 and signed to an entry level deal
    – Derek Forbort picked at #15 (possible)
    – Emerson Etem picked at #32 (big stretch)


    – Dennis Seidenberg resigned (4 years, $13 million?)
    – Mark Stuart resigned (3 years, $7.95 million?)
    – Johnny Boychuk resigned (2 years, $2 million?)
    – Adam Mcquaid resigned (1 year, $550k?)

    – Blake Wheeler resigned (3 years, $7.8 million?)
    – Dan Paille resigned (2 years, $2.4 million?)
    – Shawn Thornton resigned (1 year, $525k?)
    – Mark Recchi resigned (1 year, $750K?)
    – Vladimir Sobotka resigned (2 years, $1.3 million?)
    – Mikko Lehtonen resigned (1 year, $450k?)

    – Danny Sabourin resigned (1 year, $600k)


    – Micheal Ryder to NYI for RW- prospect Rhett Rahkshani (they can take the salary, and might want to try to win more now after years of misery)
    – Dennis Wideman to Colorado for Tom Preissing and a 2nd (COL 2010) (As bad as Wideman has been, Preissing has been useless. Colorado could use another D-man as well. That would tempt them to throw in a 2nd as Wideman is only one year removed from his 50 point season. This saves the B’s over $1 million, and Preissing only has one year left opposed to Wideman’s 2)
    – Tim Thomas to Philadelphia for LW Simon Gagne (Straight up. The Flyers are desparate for a goalie, and Thomas can still play. The Bruins gain $25k in salary, but Gagne is only signed for 1 more year. He’s injury-prone, but is a great player otherwise)
    – Matt Hunwick to Anaheim for LW Dan Sexton (Maybe a bit unlikely, but Anaheim will be wanting defensemen if Niedermayer retires.)

    UFA Signings

    – Sign G Brent Johnson to a 1 year $650k contract
    – Sign D Brett Lebda to a 1 year $550k contract
    – Sign LW Matt Pettinger to a 1 year $450k contract


    Thornton (used sparingly as an enforcer)

    Lebda (solid 7th d-man)


    Potential AHL Call-ups

    Centers: Zach Hamill, Max Sauve, Trent Whitfield, Drew Larman
    Left Wingers: Dan Sexton, Matt Pettinger
    Right Wingers: Jordan Caron, Mikko Lehtonen
    Defensemen: Adam McQuaid, Andrew Bodnarchuk, Tom Preissing, Jeff Penner
    Goalies: Danny Sabourin

    I’m not sure if it would make it under the cap as I don’t really want to add it up…but I’m sure it does.

    So basically I think that the offseason should deal with removing dead weight and deepening the prospect/draft pick pool even further. At the same time measures have been made to remain competitive (Gagne and the resignings), while still keeping the long-term cap situation in check.

    Over the course of the year I think you would see both Caron and Sexton work their way onto the Bruins roster (Sexton should arguably be starting up there anyways).

    I would love to see Caron and Lucic on the same line. Both would be able to keep the puck down low, and both are big-bodied guys.

    Gagne could be on any of the top 3 lines. He can be the scorer that any of the centers need, or he could play an effective checking role with Bergeron when all of the centers are healthy.

    I think Alexandrov would be a big upgrade over Hunwick, and he can provide all of the puck-moving ability that the Bruins would be losing with Wideman and Hunwick. Seidenberg and Boychuk here the whole time would be great to have as well. Lebda is just a solid 7th defenseman to have.

    Johnson is actually a decent back-up to have. He’s performed well in limited duty the past few seasons. Sabourin is back for insurance again. I am pretty comfortable with Rask at this point. As the I like the most about him is his mental game and composure, I’m ok with trading Thomas (pending that damn NTC of course).

    • Gcole says:

      threres one problem in your lineup.. recchi is retiring after this year.

      • bruins4eva says:

        and if he doesnt retire he has to make over 1 million….thats for a player over a certain age

      • Bruins says:

        it’s what I’d like to see happen, not what I think will. I think there’s a realisticc shot at him coming back after he’s been this good this season.If not, I’m perfectly fine with giving Caron a shot.

      • BearsBB says:

        yeah i could definitely see recchi coming back, he wasn’t suppose to rack up these many minutes this year, and he’s probably realizing he has a lot left in the tank…I hope he does.

  20. Bruins says:

    Caron is leading the QMJHL scoring race for points and goals: 6 GP – 6G, 7A, 13P. And he provides alot more than that too. We’ve got a keeper.

  21. Bruins says:

    Who’s getting the start tonight? Timmy is coming off a shutout and Rask is coming off of a bad game, but what message should the coaching staff send? I say go with Timmy tonight and Rask tomorrow against NJ. Thomas was brutal against NJ last time anyways. After that, go with Rask.

  22. backbruin says:

    well bruins i usually agree with everything you say and vice verse and i know after a shutout the cardinal rule is to play him but…..i go back to rask tonight and tell them both that timmy plays against the devils….timmy back to back off shutouts this year yuck…i actually don’t know his record but i don’t think it’s very good….you see how settled down he was against the flames. when he starts playing consecutive starts he gets a little too loose and starts wandering…play him sit em for the next two games rthen go with rask!!!split them against the caps as we get them two of the last three games!!

  23. backbruin says:

    Boston, however, has taken three of four from Lindy Ruff’s team – winning twice in Buffalo – behind Tuukka Rask(notes), the NHL leader with a 2.11 goals-against average. Rask has a 1.72 GAA in four starts against the Sabres, all coming this season.

    i think timmy is going but i would play rask…i hop3e timmy proves me wrong!

  24. mook says:

    timmy is playing.

    timmy’s bandwagon has plenty of seats, boys. hop back on!

    i see the seidenberg trolly has filled-up nicely…4mil per season!!!

    • Bruins says:

      lol what do you have against him? The guy is rock solid and can do everything. Besides Chara I don’t think we’ve had a better defenseman since Bourque (Gonchar as a rental doesn’t count).

  25. Bruins says:

    Colborne signs! I don’t want him to be rushed and would have preferred him going back to Denver another year, but I guess playing for Boston in the preseason and a full year + in Providence could do him some good. I just hope they don’t rush him into a position full-time with the B’s. He hasn’t developed enough yet. He’s going to be a beast in time though!

  26. backbruin says:

    How can it not, this guy is solid….not flashy but dependable and plays great positional hockey and slows the game down or picks it up at the right times…

    and i love timmy but rask has played very well against buffalo, and i for one won’t let my emotions get in front of stats!!!

    Mook, we all love timmy, but stats don’t lie…we need to win and like i said i hope Timmy proves me wrong tonight. i would play rask considering his stats and timmy’s bounce back stats after a shutout!!

    sorry dude!

  27. #4 says:

    Mook is right about many things but his dislike of Siedneberg has me guessing lol.

    Hes always in position, makes good decisions and runs the PP well. Hes an upgrade over all the defenseman currently on the roster but chara. He doesnt hit often no but his positional play and overall heads up might be allowing chara to be more physical/creative.

    Mook did you grow up playing O or D, im a natural defenseman and I watch Siedenberg closely he makes better decisions overall than 1/2 of the current defenseman, solid skater and passer. So what does he suck at mook??

    • Bruins says:

      He doesn’t hit often? He averages more hits per game than anyone on the Bruins except for Begin, Sobotka and Lucic. Did you see what he did to Parise? He’s a load.

      The guy’s a beast. He really doesn’t have a weakness in his game.

  28. #4 says:

    Also I dont like this goalie game going on right now…

    Rask has one off night so he sat, but now Thomas gets the nod 2X? They need to pick a goalie as a #1 right now and i say take Rask. Everytime Rask slips up you axe him and go with Timmy next, it makes for a great chemistry/tandem. But to still be shuffling is a mindgame and not good for eithers confidence.

  29. BACKBRUIN says:

    Cmon boys let’s get the first one a keep rollin rollin rollin…keep rollin rollin rollin!!!

    i’m pumped to watch this game tonight and the beers are flowing…. I honestly think we are getting back to last years form and doing that without savy means alot in my eyes!!!prove me right boys…WOOOOOOOOOO

  30. backbruin says:

    No Vanek, NO Connoly tonight, we need to take advantage of this and get a win!

  31. mcpuck says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but they’re giving Thomas a chance to win back the starting gig before the playoffs… maybe I’m wrong, but as a Bruins fan, I don’t really care as long as he plays well. If not, then we have Rask so.

    • Bruins says:

      That’s the beauty of having a platoon. Having your starter slump just doesn’t matter, and it motivates both goalies to try to steal the number 1 job from the other.

      • pearson says:

        its like the old time hockey. one goalie plays till he loses, then the other one plays. and so on and so forth

  32. mcpuck says:

    WTFFFFFF c’mon can someone show Sturm how to deke in practice… at least once… it doesn’t even have to be nice, the Goalie will probably have an brain aneurysm trying to figure out what just happened.

  33. Bruins says:

    holy shit the B’s look good. too bad sturm can’t score on breakaways/penalty shots

  34. backbruin says:

    great start but sturm once again shoots????? don’t the odds say he has to score on one of these breakaways..

    he’s had what 20 this year??come on dude…deek try something new!!!fk the 5 hole go upstairs or deek!!!!!


  35. backbruin says:

    begin has reall picked his game up!!!good work kid

  36. Bruins says:

    kraych with the goal of the year! oh shit!

  37. mcpuck says:

    I can’t believe I had an argument a few weeks ago with someone who thought Krecji was overrated… sheesh what a huge goal.

  38. backbruin says:



  39. backbruin says:

    Watching the b’s on tsn2 and the thrashers/hurricanes on the computer!!

  40. Bruins says:

    fuck…i swear if this turns out like the tampa game…

  41. backbruin says:

    omfg widemen can you just die!!!!”i don’t mean that but fk me!!!he will be the end of us!!!

  42. mcpuck says:

    it seems the only goals I can remember Wideman having a hand in, are the deflections past Bruins goalies… 😦 if management ever listened to what fans have to say, i’d hope it’d be about getting rid of Wideman.

  43. G cole says:

    Nice goal by wideman!…

  44. Bruins says:

    we just can’t get bounces to go our way. it’s unbelievable

  45. mook says:

    nice screen, wideman. see how pissed thomas was? lol

  46. backbruin says:

    the thing is it went through widemens 6 hole but thomas also needs to follow that better….he saw it until widemen and he needs to see that better!!!

  47. mcpuck says:

    OMFG Wideman again give me a fucking break.

  48. Bruins says:

    thomas fucking sucks. unreal

    • mcpuck says:

      that one wasn’t Thomas’ fault. It was on the ice, then it was on Wideman’s skate blade, then it was tumbling up and over Thomas’ pad… he almost made up for that one but if that was Tuukka we’d be saying poor Tuukka

      • Bruins says:

        the rebound was his fault though

      • mcpuck says:

        I dunno… the rebound wasn’t very good, but it went through two bruins before it hit a Buffalo stick. I’m not saying it couldn’t have been avoided if he played it better, but still, wideman blew it twice, once by not clearing the puck and again with the redirect.

        I couldn’t help but laugh when they showed the top minutes and the other announcer tried to say how good he was and Brick was like… um well he was good last year but


      are you fucking retarded stop blaming Thomas for wideman’s mistakes.

  49. G cole says:

    WOW! Wideman deflects another one in Jesus Christ!! PULL WIDEMAN!!!!

  50. pekese says:

    Wideman again. I agree with Backbruin Thomas should have made a better attempt to see that shot.

  51. backbruin says:





    • jmoney says:

      thomas is fine. goalies can’t be expected to stop redirections. wake up

      • backbruin says:


        WAKE UP MORON!

      • jmoney says:

        no sory your wrong sweetheart. it went off widemans skates. Faggot

      • backbruin says:





      • mcpuck says:

        Back, the 2nd goal did go off Widemans skate, it jumped about a foot and a half off the ice afterwards.

      • backbruin says:

        i was talking about the first goal which is what we were talking about!!

      • mcpuck says:

        lol I think there’s a bit of a misunderstanding going on, but either way, both were avoidable goals and Wideman only made it worse. Can we all agree that wideman blows and Thomas doesn’t look as sharp tonight?

      • backbruin says:

        1000% MC PUCK YOU SAID IT!!!


  52. jmoney says:

    wideman is so dumb

  53. backbruin says:



  54. Bruins says:

    we’re playing so damn good too

  55. Birdman2403 says:

    I’m SO FUCKING SICK OF WIDEMAN ! Give Toronto’s 1st to whatever team will take Wideman !

    • #4 says:

      woah there buddy…. Your at like an 8 we need you at a 5 lol..

      Not even watching this game on the Commuter Rail home but I guess wideman fucked up bad whatd he do?

      Also Wideman for a bag of pucks = trade of the year.

      • Birdman2403 says:

        Both goals he has screened and tipped in with his skate ! Thomas did give up bad rebound on 2nd !

        I thought B’s cams out great ….hitting ! Lots of time left….Keep Wideman sitting beside Rask !

      • BearsBB says:

        still that first one could of been stopped even with the deflection, it was a little floater, thomas was out of position (again), that’s why everyone thinks hes a good goalie, half the time he’s out of position and has to flop around like a fish and occasionally knocks the puck away or knocks it down…he’s gone this summer!!

  56. Bruins says:

    It just figures. We play one of our best periods of the year, and of course we would be down at the end of it after two bounces that didn’t go our way.

  57. ELWOPPO says:

    This Mother fucker!!!!!! Bench this cocksucker!!! He’s a fucken disgrace!! WIDEMAN Go HOME U FAGGGGG!!I had ENUFF of this Fucken GOOF!!!

  58. BearsBB says:

    hate how julien gets man crushes on our goalies….Thomas has a good game and suddenly it’s timmy time again, until he fucks up (tonight), and then rask will be in next game……..RASK SHOULD OF STARTED TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BearsBB says:

      can’t be having open tryouts with 8 games left in the season while fighting for a playoff spot

      • backbruin says:

        I said and explained that rask should be in…now i know widemen plays on our team which is disgusting…..but rask plays wat better positional goaltending and we can’t sfford these soft one’s going in at this point!!!!

        I can’t remeber the last good goal that was scored on us…

    • #4 says:

      See my post earlier I said the same thing.

      No more game here its clutch time the B’s need to pick a starter and have an axe. So Rask plays one bad game you go with the axe(timmy) in the next then you go back to rask after timmies game almost regardless of how he played(barring a 55 save shotout or something).

      Julien needs to say YOUR THE STARTER to someone and stop these mind games with the goalies what is tuuk thinking. If I play bad once im out for 2-3games at a whack???? Thats sucks.

      and Timmies case Hes been sitting all year and has no grove seems to play better when he comes in every 3rd or 4th game.

      My point is this “tryouts” is not good for anybody at this point in the season.

  59. backbruin says:

    Thomas and rask are ruining my buzz!!!!!

    let’s come back boys!!!!COME ONNNNNNN



    • mcpuck says:

      it’s early in the 2nd, what are we blaming them for again? they could win this game, then what? we’d be blaming them for…. lol

    • backbruin says:



      • mcpuck says:

        give me more credit than that geez. I’m not anti-rask or even pro-thomas. well.. for the record my laptop wallpaper has been Rask since before the season so haha. I’ve agreed with you before as well that Thomas overachieved last year and he’s not playing very well right now.

  61. #4 says:

    How come wideman hasnt been demoted to bottom pairing or X’d at all this year????

    Seems like Julien never enforces any punishment on people for making dumb mistakes and wideman is usually a culprit. Then you get Timmy+Wideman teaming up with stupid mistakes nad omfg shoot me.

  62. mcpuck says:

    ATTA BOY LOOCH! get angry. despite those two gaffs in the first, I’m liking this Bruins team right now. It’d be 3-2 if we weren’t playing the Vezina leader.

  63. mattg says:

    take. thomas. out.

  64. mcpuck says:

    … *sigh* I defend ya Timmy, don’t make me look stupid


    ok that was a bad goal but wideman still sucks

    • backbruin says:







  66. backbruin says:


  67. G cole says:

    Omg wideman… I know your not supposed to blame one player for the team losing but god dam I’m definately blaming his stupid ass!

  68. backbruin says:

    Rask didnt even play that bad against tampa…it was our D that sucked!!!!

    every turnover we have which doesnt happen often ends up a goal!!!


    • mcpuck says:

      I agree with you there, Rask got hung out to dry in that game. I think it’s not even a question who the better goalie has been over the course of the season… Rask needs to play if we’re going to make the playoffs.

  69. backbruin says:

    were done, 2 goal deficit? when do we come back from that!!!!against miller no doubt!!!

    widemen,julien,thoams in order of blame!!!

  70. mattg says:

    does sturm seriously not know how to deke???

  71. backbruin says:

    sturm again with a break and it looked like he wanted to shoot it wide???
    wtf is he doing!

  72. G cole says:

    Can someone explain to me why wideman is out there as first line on the powerplay????????

  73. Birdman2403 says:

    I know we bash him and he deserves it but……Can someone please explain what the Bruins coaching staff see’s in Wideman ??

    He has been bad for most of the year, yet continues to pile up minutes. Seriously…I would like some real answers….what are they thinking ???

  74. mcpuck says:

    he’s a damn head case… it sucks because we know how good he can play when he’s comfortable. But he’s dug himself such a deep hole that he can’t get out… we need to move him to somewhere so he can get a fresh start.

  75. Birdman2403 says:

    Man….we need a great 3rd…1 pt. would be huge !

  76. backbruin says:

    all i can say is go carolina…when do we comeback down two in the third..hahahahah

  77. backbruin says:

    Rask stellar again…julien come on dude!!!besides all the timmy die hards this wasnt that tough a call!!!

  78. backbruin says:

    hold canes holdddddddddddddddddddddddd….holddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  79. backbruin says:

    rask has beat the sabre twice out of three starts and had a 1.72 gaa!!!!why did timmy start!!!deflections or not it was a bad call!!!

  80. Bruins says:

    rask has played awesome. why do we have sturm and wheeler though?! all they do is miss on their opportunities

  81. Bruins says:

    SEIDS!! i LOVE this guy!

  82. mcpuck says:

    We are right back in this boys… keep the faith!

  83. G cole says:

    Wonder what Thomas is thinking watching task go out and stop everything then get an assist on the next goal!!

  84. mook says:

    it’s okay…carolina beat atlanta.

    so atalnta doesn’t gain on us, and carolina moves further from toronto. florida also won…so that’s great 😀

  85. Bruins says:

    well wideman and thomas are the goats. the rest of the team played unbelievable tonight. we might as well try to play poorly and maybe we’ll get some bouces, because playing well results in no bounces going our way this season.

  86. Birdman2403 says:

    These games in hand are doing nothing for the B’s. Every time they can put a gap in the standings they lose !

  87. mook says:

    sorry i thought the florida game was over…and they fucken lost! got a point in ot anyways…

    • Birdman2403 says:

      Just bugging you….but yeah at least a point !

      O.K….B’s have to win tomorrow, because Atlanta plays Toronto. N.J. just got spanked….going to be tough !

      • Bruins says:

        The Leafs don’t have the tie-breaker on anyone though. So they have to make up 4 points, not just 3, because they have less wins than any other team with all of their OT and SO losses. They also have less games left than anyone.

  88. bruins4eva says:

    i dont understand CHIA you think he woulda traded wideman’s ass before morris…i hope they get him back and trade widepieceofshitman

  89. Bruins says:

    So are we all agreed that Thomas should get the start tonight? lol

  90. willisss says:

    whats up with the boston bruins website? all the avs shit on it? almost looks hacked

  91. #4 says:

    Wiedernberg is mah man you gotta keep this guy, he was giving 200% at the end of that game and got a goal out of it. Beating Miller with a 60ft wristhot is a nice move. Siedes is one of the few B’s it seems along with Krejc that can turn it on when it matters out there.

    Its too bad they lost, but the B’s looked good right till the end Miller just stood on his head and Chara/Sobotka fanned on the 2 possible tieing shots.

    Big game tonight and if everyone carries over the momentum from last night im putting the B’s up at least 3-1 Sobotka, krejci, satan all score.

  92. Loooch says:

    Why is everyone so high on Seid’s?? He played decent. That goal he scored was a one in a million shot. He fanned on a handful of passes, one ended up being a clear cut breakaway that Rask bailed him out on.

    I think we are all in agreeance that Rask should have started. He is our #1. Why is Julien still giving Thomas the benefit of the doubt. I don’t give a shit what he did last year. He has proved that he is not a consistent tender. The team also seems to play much better with Rask in net. Probably bc they are more confident with him back there.

    And Holy Krecji!!! This kid has some dirty hands. That goal was pure skill. Some of those dangles last night looked Kovalev-ish. Very impressed.

    Wideman. Ugh. Not even gonna waste my time. We need to play tonight like we played the last 20 minutes last night. Complete domination.

    • Bruins says:

      Seids in unreal. He can do everything. He blocks the most shots in the league, he can hit despite what some people on here say, he never makes bad decisions, he runs the PP effectively, and he definitely has the best first pass out of the zone on our team.

  93. ELWOPPO says:

    Did any of you guys watch the Don Cherry story on CBC? Wow, felt really bad for him when The Bruins lost that heartbreaker to the Habs in game seven in 79″!! What a shame, We could have won so many more cups with the Teams we had in the past. If it wasnt for the Bad luck and the dirty Habs!!!

  94. Loooch says:

    The Clarion, the student newspaper at the University of Denver, reports that Joe Colborne has signed a contract with the Boston Bruins.

  95. JRy says:

    So we all agree Thomas gets the nod tonight? Hahaha

  96. backbruin says:

    Would be nice to have this finish playing for us next year!!!colborne should teach sturm this move so we don’t see him shooting every breakawa chance at the goalies chest!!!

    • Bruins says:

      I really didn’t want them to rush him. He’s stil a ways away from being ready. Apparently he’s up to 6’6 and 206 pounds though. He’ll be a beast soon enough.

      • mcpuck says:

        I don’t know Bruins. I understand that he’s still learning his size, but at the same time, he’s 20 years old, and would probably come along just as well in Providence as he would in Denver, maybe even better. I’ve read some stuff on him though, and from what I gather, he doesn’t go to the net and is a “self-admitted pass first player” and I don’t think we’re hurting too bad for those lol.

  97. backbruin says:

    I think he would be a huge improvement over what we have now!!!

    anyways, Tor/Atl tough time figuring out who i want to win…present or future!!!What do you guys think?

    • mcpuck says:

      I’m rooting for Atlanta. After all, we should be more concerned about beating the Devils than losing and hoping Atlanta follows suit.

      • ELWOPPO says:

        U absolutly right mcpuck. As long as we keep collecting points, Atl and NYR can win all they want!! Also we should all be routing for the Leafs to lose cuz this draft pick is “HUGE” i am told that Hall and Seguin are gonna be stars sooner rather than later!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully the Bruins will get one of them! “I hope”

  98. Birdman2403 says:

    Well, tonight is our game in hand….must have at least a point !

  99. Bruins says:

    I really am torn between the Thrashers/Leafs game tonight. Why can’t these Thrashers just go away!

    People have to realize that it won’t be the death of the franchise if we don’t land Hall or Seguin though. Yes, they are the the big prizes in this draft, but this draft has alot of good talent at the top.

    Cam Fowler is a huge talent. He’s not a punishing defenseman but his skating and offensive potential is sky-high. He’s just a really smart defenseman, that would thrive as a puck-mover in Boston.

    Erik Gudbranson is my personal favourite in this draft. Living in Kingston, I get to watch him first-hand on the Frontenacs alot, and all I can say is wow. He’s as strong as a bull, has the perfect size you’re looking for in a defenseman and is as good as he can be offensively this year on a Kingston team that really doesn’t have the offensive talent to put up that many goals. Hopefully Kingston can get by Brampton tonight and make it to the second round.

  100. Bruins says:

    Also, Windsor is taking on Plymouth in the second round of the OHL playoffs. That means Taylor Hall and Cam Fowler of the Spitfires will be going up against Tyler Seguin of the Whalers…the likely top 3 picks in the draft. Take note B’s scouts!

  101. backbruin says:

    come on boys, solid effort and no cheapies for the devils…widemen just skate to the corner and don’t touch anything…..big game!!

    I have a feeling the Leafs win tonight!

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