Tuukka Rask will start in net opposite of Martin Brodeur.  Rask relieved Tim Thomas last night, who was pulled for the sixth time this season.  Here is the expected lineup:





David Krejci has been on fire the past couple games, despite playing with struggling and inconsistent wingers.  It might be time to change up that line and move Lucic and Satan up to skate with Krejci.


113 Responses to Bruins-Devils

  1. backbruin says:

    i agree, looch looks better and satan and krejch showed chemistry in previous games!

  2. mcpuck says:

    bergy looks gooooood… it’s nice to have some consistency out of the pivots.

  3. backbruin says:

    We are playing our best hockey of the year, and you gotta love the islanders up 2-0….b’s win + nyr/atl loss = playoffs!!!

    come on boys keep up the intensity!

  4. backbruin says:

    atlanta’s schedule in the last 5 games has them playing pitt twice and the caps twice!!!yuck for them!
    and yummy for us!!!

    but first and for most we win our games!

  5. mcpuck says:

    don’t forget that philly and NYR have home and home to end the season 😀 it helps that only one of those teams can win each game

  6. mcpuck says:

    look at wideman blowing another opportunity… dammit why is he still playing… and against Kovy no less

  7. Birdman2403 says:

    NYR now winning !

    Cut and paste from 50 other posts…. WIDEMAN AND RYDER ARE FUCKING BRUTAL !

  8. backbruin says:

    this kind of game looks all to familiar…let’s win one of these games!!!we are the better team again tonight!!!

    please god do it one time!!!

  9. Bruins says:

    I honestly think we should try to play poorly because we never get any bounces when we play well…

  10. backbruin says:

    oh oh!!!pp devils!!!

  11. backbruin says:

    great kill fellas!

  12. backbruin says:

    oh no another one and accidental!!!oh brother!

  13. backbruin says:

    when do we get our pp…..are the devils saints???hmmmm

  14. backbruin says:

    fkn right boys wooooooooooooooooo

  15. JRy says:

    ya baby!
    Bergeron and Rask….whatta surprize!

  16. Bruins says:


  17. backbruin says:

    stuey,recchi and bergy!!!great job!!!

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm suck it!!! yaaaaa

  18. Birdman2403 says:

    I love Stuart however, he never seems to get his shot through to the net.

    Then in OT he does and BANG……MASSIVE WIN !

    Now Atlanta winning is ok to keep the Leafs way down like the losers they are !!!

  19. bruins4eva says:

    that game gave me a slight heart attack

  20. backbruin says:

    that’s why this is the best game in the world!!!!fkkkkk n right guy!!!!mmmm

  21. backbruin says:

    i will sleep well tonight…we need at least 3 of 4 out of florida and the gay ass leafs!!!

  22. JRy says:

    I don’t care what anyone says Bergeron should be the captain. Chara has not looked like a big strong intimidating Norris Trophy winner he was last year. The captain should be the guy with the biggest heart not the guy with the longest stick.

  23. backbruin says:

    he will be!

  24. Bruins says:

    Tuuk back on top in both save % and GAA. 5 shutouts too? damnnnnnnn he’s good

  25. backbruin says:

    ya and he should have started last game but i will move on!

  26. backbruin says:

    look out whoever meets us first round as we are getting are shit together!!!

  27. JRy says:

    this team is starting to look like they did last year….we just need a couple guys to step up in the scoring department and for wideman to take a long walk on a short dock

  28. minutefan says:

    And fail at saving him!

  29. pearson says:

    i wont be at the game on thursday, but how bout the crowd tries something somewhat new: get loud as fuck and keep it up the whole game.

    yea we all know no one likes wideman or ryder but im sick of hearing about it. thomas too. hes been good and you really gotta hand it to the guy for being content sitting on the bench and letting his vezina collect dust in favor of a guy in his early 20s.

    maybe try not getting all over them and give the whole team that much more confidence going into the playoffs? this can be a scary team, and even scarier when they get the adrenaline running… so lets see if we can supplement some of our own.

    just thinkin out loud.

    • BearsBB says:

      totally agree with you…

    • mcpuck says:

      I’d agree with you on Ryder and Wideman if it was game 15, but it’s game 75 and they’re still the focus of the fans outrage… if that’s not a clue then I don’t know what is… For all the money and time we spend on this team, we have every right to complain on the internet.

  30. G cole says:

    Can they fire Dennis wideman for not going his job?

  31. BaltimoreBruinsFan says:

    Great Game, thanks for the lines pekese

  32. Cebbie says:

    Great win last night – If they keep this years streak alive they will choke at home against Florida – they need to get thier shit together in home games or it will be a 4 game playoff series if they make the playoffs – Frustrating as hell – they have the talent in all areas but cant get it together for a few games in a row – Which team shows up is always the question – I have my fingernails chewed down to the knuckles already and the playoffs havent even started.

  33. jimmy50 says:

    With no more back-to-back games until the last two games (hopefully clinched a spot by then) I think Thomas will be on the bench until one of those last two games.

    Chiarelli has to trade him when the season is over to free up 5 million in cap space and find a scorer for the first line RW position.

    Then a back up Goaltender for next season has to be proven vet that can win some games still at a low cap price. I say go after Dwayne Roloson.

  34. mook says:

    well they coulda had gagne for thomas…

  35. mook says:

    Great link about the final stretch of games for all playoff contenders…

  36. ELWOPPO says:

    Maybe The Bruins get Hall?
    Read below my follow B’s fan’s,

    Seguin, 18, was ranked No. 1 overall among North American skaters by NHL Central Scouting in their preliminary list last year. The 6’1″ 172-pound centre led the Ontario Hockey League in scoring this season with 48 goals and 106 points.

    Taylor Hall of the OHL’s Windsor Spitfires dropped one spot to second on the list. Though he also tallied 106 points, Hall finished second in OHL scoring with 40 goals scored and six less games played because of his stint with Canada’s national junior team.

    The margin between the two players is razor-thin statistically and either could go No. 1, according to draft-nerds and pundits. Tim Wharnsby of CBC Sports was recently asked which one would be a better fit for the lowly Edmonton Oilers and said:

    Oilers president Kevin Lowe admitted in a radio interview Edmonton’s CHED last week that there is not much that differentiates Hall and Seguin other than “Hall appears to be a little more ready physically.” But I believe the Oilers should take Seguin because he plays the centre position. A dominant centre is more difficult to find. Seguin is a playmaker, and although he is not as powerful as Hall right now, he can skate and play the game at full speed. I believe he has more potential to fulfill than speedy and determined Hall.

    • Gcole says:

      good we dont need another centerman we need a winger that can SCORE

    • Bruins says:

      Honestly I really don’t care which one we get. This is the closest I’ve ever seen the top two picks. For those who say we don’t need a center, Seguin can apparently play wing, and as a right-handed shot he’d be perfect for the top-line RW spot. Hall is a left-wing. Either way, I believe indrafting the best player available regardless of position, and because there really is nothing separating them in terms of how good they are or will be, I would prefer the second pick over the first.

      I’d also be thrilled with the third or fourth pick because Fowler and Gudbranson are studs too.

  37. #4 says:

    nice post on an otherwise slow day woppo. But like the article points out theres not much difference either kid can score. But bos could benefit more from someone allready physically ready like hall. Should be a very interesting final strecth here.

    Hopefully Boston can take 1-2 of the games left with the Ovechkins and finish like 6th instead of 8th. Tht would be niceeeee.

  38. ELWOPPO says:

    Im not worried about Boston NOT making the Playoffs, Due to The thrashers TUFF remaining games….Im more worried about these cocksucking Leafs passing the shitty Lightning or Islanders! I hope Buffalo and Boston take full points from the leafs this week! If so that would pretty much wrap up that 2nd overall pick!!

  39. #4 says:


    suck Maple Queefs Suck

    (Wow sounded grosser than i thought it would)

    It seems like hte islanders are tanking it on purpose to gaff that #2 pick from us grrrrrrr

  40. Bruins says:

    Colborne, Caron, Hutchinson and Kampfer now officially signed. I heard that Colborne only has the potential to make $1.1 million a year if he hits all his bonuses, which is uncommonly low for a prospect of his stature. Good news for the Bruins.

  41. da wreck says:

    This is all assuming the Bruins get a #1 or #2 pick after the lottery.

  42. North B says:

    Montreal just finished shitting the bed and lost to Carolina..

  43. ELWOPPO says:

    Can somebody please tell me who holds the tie breaker should the leafs tie Florida and NYI in points?


    • Bruins says:

      The first tie-breaker is wins so it can’t be known yet for sure. However, as of right now Toronto has 28 wins, Florida has 30 (72 pts) and the Islanders have 31 (72 Pts), and both have a game in hand over the Leafs.

      Should the Leafs be tied in both wins and points with NYI, then it would go to head-to-head record, and the Islanders would take that as they are 3-1 vs. the Leafs.

      Should the Leafs tie the Panthers in both wins and points the head-to-head record is tied at 2-2. At this point it would go to goal differential. As it stands right now Florida is at -29 and Toronto is at -49, with 6 and 5 games left respectively, so it would basically got to Florida

    • mook says:

      first it goes by games played (this wont matter after all 82 are played, obviously), then by number of wins, then by the head-to-head series (points). THEN by overall goal differential for the entire season.


      the leafs are unlikely to finish with the same number of points AND have an equal amount of wins as either florida or NYI. IF they do, then:

      Florida and toronto season series is tied 4-4 points, but Florida’s goal differential is -29 right now, and the leafs is -49. I don’t think the leafs can make-up 20 goals on florida in 5 games. So a tie in points and wins would be won by Florida based on goal differential.

      Islanders and Toronto season series was won 6 points to 3 by the islanders. So a tie in points and wins would be won by the Islanders based on season series.

      Toronto has 5 games left, Florida and the Islanders each have 6 left. Toronto needs 4 more points than either of those teams to screw the Bruins out of 2nd overall pick.

      Magic number: 3.5

      (Interestingly, Toronto won the season series against Tampa, but Tampa is 5 points up on them in the standings both with 5 games left. Their magic number to finish ahead of the leafs is 3).

  44. Bruins says:

    Magic numbers to clinch 29th place and a top 3 pick.

    Any combination of:
    Toronto losses and Islanders wins totalling 3.5 (6 GR)
    Toronto losses and Florida wins totalling 3.5 (6 GR)
    Toronto losses and Tampa wins totalling 3 (5 GR)
    Toronto losses and Carolina wins totalling 2 (5 GR)
    Toronto losses and Columbus wins totalling 1 (5 GR)
    Toronto losses and Rangers wins totalling .5 (6 GR)

    Leafs remaining schedule
    vsBuf; vsBos; vsPhi; @NYR; @Mtl
    Bruins own pick is currently 16th. (Depending on playoff finish)

    • Bruins says:

      So it looks like we’re only concerned with NYI and Florida.

      NYI remaining sched:

      vs. PHI; vs. OTT, vs. MTL; @PIT; @NJD; vs.PIT

      FLA remaining sched:

      @BOS; vs. NYR; vs.OTT; vs. NJD; @TBL; vs.TBL

    • Bruins says:

      If TOR goes 5-0, FLA and NYI need to go 3-2-1.

      If TOR goes 4-1, FLA and NYI need to go 2-3-1.

      If TOR goes 3-2, FLA and NYI need to go 1-4-1.

      If TOR goes 2-3, FLA and NYI need to go 0-4-1.

      If TOR goes 1-3-1, they’re done, unless Florida specifically goes 0-5, and the Leafs win their one game by like 20 haha.

  45. #4 says:


  46. Richardo says:

    Rask of ice first and Ference out A—-GAIN!!

  47. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    tonights lineup

    bruins vs FLA- bruins in OT
    Phi vs Islanders- lets go Isles in Reg
    Buf vs Tor- lets go Buf in reg
    Atl vs Wash- lets go caps in reg

    • mattg says:

      Don’t forget Carolina over Ottawa in regulation, there all still long shot chances of Boston passing Ottawa and Carolina finishing lower than Toronto.

  48. ELWOPPO says:

    Can one of you guys tell me who’s in goal for Buffalo tonight ?

  49. ELWOPPO says:

    Thank the Lord…
    Cheers bruinsfanupnorth!!!!!

  50. #4 says:


    Bear > Cat

    Bruins will win in regulation, Siedenberg’s going to play big his first game back in FLA right?

  51. Nick says:

    lets let it go to overtime… give Florida a point to keep some padding between Toronto

  52. willisss says:

    congratulations tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkaaaaaaaaa

  53. ELWOPPO says:

    Well not happy with the score in our game…But cant complain in the other games!!! Hope they all end up winning! 3-0 ils over Phy after one…WOW! Whats up with that?

  54. BearsBB says:

    i dont know how he does it, but millbury always makes it sound like the bruins are down 5-0

  55. G cole says:

    My god these guys can’t score a goal if their life depended on it!

  56. BearsBB says:

    i love this goalie, he was a stud at bc but i might throw up if he shuts them out with this much pressure…he looks like brodeur

  57. Birdman2403 says:

    What a difference 2 REAL goal scorers would be ! You don’t get points for chances. The Bruins do 2 things on offense
    1) Shoot it wide 2) Shoot it at goalies chest !

    If you created a player with parts of Sturm, Ryder and Wheeler….you may have a 30 goal guy ! Brutal that these are our “guns” !

    Get Ryder and Wheeler away from Krejci. Put Lucic and Satan with him….Ryder and Wheeler are useless lately !

  58. ELWOPPO says:

    Cant see Boston not getting at least a point 2nite! If they keep up this pressure its gotta go in sooner rather than later!!!!!!!!These Fucken Caps Better win…Dont start this shit hockey gods!!!!!

  59. Habhater says:

    The next goal is an absolute must. The Bruins have a great opportunity here to separate themselves from the Habs & Philly – but we must score next. More net drive, screens and dirty goals required.

  60. BearsBB says:

    no shot on a 2 on 1 shorthanded??? COME ON WHEELER!!!!!

  61. North B says:


    • Bruins says:

      Yeah he sucks. I’m not one to rip on a player on my own team, but the guy is flat out awful.

    • bruins4eva says:

      do you really think that this guy is the problem…lets try someone else like that turd RYDER…

      • Bruins says:

        Well Ryder goes without saying. I pretty much am squarely placing the blame for the lack of scoring (at least lately) on 3 guys: Wheeler, Ryder and Sturm. Sturm at least is a good defensive player though. I thought Wheeler has looed pretty good on the PK at times this year, but he’s too soft.

  62. JRy says:

    when is jack edwards gunna learn what the term “dangle” means.

  63. BearsBB says:

    im gonna throw up

    • BearsBB says:

      i can’t believe they didn’t score….their passing looked great tonight and let a goalie in his 19th game of the year look unbelievable

  64. G cole says:

    Did they just get shut out? Really? Wow… And I’m supposed to believe they are going to go anywhere in the playoffs.. Don’t believe it, sadly.

  65. Birdman2403 says:

    Fuck this team ! Julien you dumb fuck ! Shaking up the lines with 3 minutes to go a little late !


    Yet another night to really take a step to seal up a spot and a ho-hum no desperation fucking effort !

  66. BearsBB says:

    and to lose because of another shitty goal sucks…literally that was that players 7th goal of the season and it wasn’t even that good of a shot…just straight up sucks

  67. Birdman2403 says:

    The only good thing tonight was nothing changed in the draft race !

    • Bruins says:

      It was actually a big help in the draft race even with the LEafs winning. You have to rememebr that every time the leafs play a game, their window closes more and more.

  68. ELWOPPO says:

    WTF is wrong with you guys? It couldnt have gone better 2nite!!! In Case you guys dint notice the Leafs won 2nite! If Boston would have won in regulation the leafs would be with in 1 point of Florida! The Thrashers lost and the Islanders won…. That means were still in 8th spot with a game in hand on the Thrashers. And Florida still remain’s 3 points ahead of the leafs with a game in hand! Perfect!!! I dont know about you guys but I want Taylor Hall, Or Seguin! Dont worry about us not making the playoffs, Atl has a murder-us schedule!!!

    • Bruins says:

      True, outside of the TO game, things went ridiculously well.

      • BearsBB says:

        i agree, but what can we do this offseason…i don’t like what chiarelli is doing here..we have minimal cap space this offseason!!! Do you guys think this team will look totally different next year??

      • BearsBB says:

        p.s. Boychuk is a must this off season

      • Bruins says:

        He can get out of the Ryder, Wideman and Thomas contracts and it will all be fine. You won’t get good vaue back for them by trading them in this situation, but they really don’t need to with our younger guys coming up.

  69. Birdman2403 says:

    What is wrong with us ? There are 5 games before play-offs. If we can’t find a way to score a goal on a terrible team and goalie, how in the hell are we going to score on Pens or Wash ?? If the draft is all we are concerned about…throw the last 5 then !

  70. Bruins says:

    Rask now at 1.99 GAA and .930 save %. Do the Bruins want to reward him with a win? Nahhhh

  71. grant says:

    Clemmonson is a good goalie. Don’t be fooled, he has stolen games before. But ya, let’s get the puck in the net boys. Goin to the game saturday, which is now a must win! Can’t wait. Go B’s!

  72. BearsBB says:

    the calgary game looked like the team from last year i wish they could of carried that with them

  73. gibbz says:

    Nice hit by Boychuk in the first eh?

  74. Birdman2403 says:

    Marchand – Bergeron- Recchi
    Lucic – Krejci – Sturm
    Wheeler – Sobotka – Satan
    Ryder – Begin – Paille

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