2010 NHL Draft Lottery for Conspiracists

The Bruins locked up a top 3 pick regardless of the Lottery with Toronto’s loss to the Rangers tonight.  The Leafs have clinched the 2nd worst record in the league.  Now the top 5 teams can draft 1st overall, but the top 6 can get 2nd overall.  The bottom 6 teams will be Edmonton, Toronto, Tampa Bay, Florida, Carolina and Columbus/Islanders.

Does the NHL want the 1st overall pick going to Edmonton?  I don’t think it really matters as Edmonton will get either the Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin.  It’s more of a question does the NHL want Hall or Seguin in Boston or somewhere else.  Hall or Seguin in Edmonton is equally as good or bad for the NHL depending on how you look at it.  It’s more likely since Hall seems to be the more sexy name, that the NHL could lean towards not wanting him in Canada (bad for TV) and in a city that is not all that popular.

Remember Sidney Crosby?  The Penguins franchise was floundering, ended up with Crosby and the rest is history.  Remember the Blackhawks? They were another struggling franchise, had Toews, ended up moving from 5th overall to 1st and selected Patrick Kane.  Now they are one of the best teams in the league.

Tampa Bay. It’s hard to see them winning the lottery because they had the 1st overall pick in 2008, selecting Steven Stamkos.  They had the 2nd overall pick in 2009 selecting Victor Hedman.  Why would the NHL want to give Tampa Bay, of all franchises, a ton of top 2 picks.  It’s not like they are in a big market.  Plus they had the 1st overall pick in 1998 and the rights to the one in 1999, which wasn’t all that long ago.  They also won in a cup recently and have talent with guys like Lecavalier, Malone, St. Louis and Stamkos.  Doesn’t seem like a logical choice for the NHL to want this one.

Florida. This is the one if they win will call all the conspiracists.  Florida had the rights to 2002 and 2003 1st overall picks.  That wasn’t all that long ago.  They have one of the smallest fan bases in the NHL and is one the teams people call to be relocated.  They have been a bad team for some time ever since Bure left.  They have made some questionable moves (Luongo, Jokinen, Bouwmeester) and can’t seem to get there stuff together.  I don’t see why the NHL would want a Taylor Hall in one of the smallest markets in the league and in a place where hockey is not a popular sport.  Having Hall land in Florida would be awful for the NHL.

Columbus. They already have a guy named Rick Nash, and just drafted Nikita Filatov but who knows where we will end up.  The Jackets suck at drafting, and giving them ANOTHER top pick would also be bad for the NHL.  Columbus is not a hockey town, and they have already had their chances at top picks and failed aside from Nash.

Carolina. Already got Eric Staal, and have some decent players.  They aren’t that bad, winning a cup recently and making the playoffs last season.  Carolina also is not a big hockey market, although bigger than Tampa and Miami.

Islanders. Just picked Tavares 1st overall, and have Okposo and Bailey developing.  Not a chance they get 1 consecutive 1st overall picks.

The best situation for the NHL is for either Edmonton or Toronto (Boston) to win the lottery.  Having any of the other 4 teams win would be bad, as there are no other big market teams in the lottery.  Taylor Hall in Florida or anywhere else down south would be bad business.


212 Responses to 2010 NHL Draft Lottery for Conspiracists

  1. Andy says:

    Matt, buddy, the NHL doesn’t decide the lottery. It is completely random. The only way that the NHL gets involved is if the “balls” drop someone, say, 3 spots back. For instance, Edmonton can fall no farther than 2nd. So if the lottery balls pick EDM 5th, they would still be 2nd overall.

    As for the B’s, there is now a VERY good chance of getting Hall or Seguin. The worst we can do is 3rd, as you pointed out. I would hope, if we do get 2nd, EDM takes Seguin, who was the top rated prospect in the list unveiled by Central Scouting today (Hall was 2nd), only because Hall is a winger and unless we’re thinking of shifting him to wing, using him on the checking line, or getting rid of Bergy or Krecji, we need a wing.

    As I’ve said before, if I had a choice, I would rather have a top 3 pick than make the playoffs this year, only b/c a top 3 pick means the FUTURE and this yr’s team doesn’t score enough to make a deep run.

    Having said that, 1 pt up on NYR w/ a game in hand. These next 2 games are HUGE, which goes w/out saying. If we can get at least 2 pts, I think we’re in b/c I don’t see the NYR sweeping both games aganist Philly.

    We’ll see. For now, I’m VERY excited that we have a top 3 pick (as well as another pick TBD)…

  2. Bruins says:

    If there’s a conspiracy theory, Hall will be in Florida. The NHL loves to help out floundering franchises, and wouldn’t give the pick to a team with so many already. Putting Hall or Seguin in an already good hockey maret is like beating a dead horse. If he goes to Florida, maybe they get some people to go to the games.

    I don’t know about anyone else but I want the 2nd pick more than the 1st. I’m indifferent between the two top guys and would prefer to pick the one that falls to 2 because:

    A) Less pressure on the number 2
    B) More to prove for the number 2
    C) No pressure on management to go with the “sexy” pick of Hall if they truly believe Seguin will be better

  3. ELWOPPO says:

    Knowing our fucken luck this year the Bruins miss out on Both Seguin and Hall!

  4. pekese says:

    I hope Chiarelli’s love for defenseman doesn’t make him take Fowler over Hall or Seguin. This team needs goal scoring.

  5. Rask_the_cup_man says:

    Completely random thing. Doesn’t matter what the NHL think. No team in the bottom five can fall more then ONE spot. Bruins are a lock to select #3, at least, which mean that they will end up with a very good player. Hall/Seguin gone? Fowler might be a Boston Bruins…

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Yes u make a good point, but if The Bruins miss out on Hall and Seguin it will be a disapointment considering these two are expected to be NHL stars!!!

  6. #4 says:

    Guys im feeling really good about next year right now. 50% chance of getting Hall-Seguin in the draft, trading Thomas in the offseason to bring in a veteran scorer. We get Savard-Stuart-Chara all back to full health. So we can roll lines like

    Sturm – Thornton – Ryder

    Chara – Siedes( I hope they resign, and his injury takes away from the money he gets.)
    Stuart – Boychuck
    Wideman – Hunwick

    (FA Goalie Signing)

    As for this season I just dont know. Im feeling like they are going to be heading into a full blown firefight with wash. carrying a pee shooter for offense. So its gotta be about next year boys.

    • Bruins fan upnorth says:

      You forgot they signed Ference. So no Siedes for next year. So the D will look more like this.


    • Bruins says:

      If we get Seguin, I’d try something like this:

      Trade Thomas to PHI for Gagne

      Trade Wideman for anything
      Trade Ryder for anything
      -without taking too much salary back for both



      (replace Hunwick with Alexandrov if we can sign him)


      • Andy says:

        The only problem there, Bruins, is that Seguin is a center. Hall is the wing. Although it’s not out of the realm of possibility that they could switch him to the wing, the kid’s been playing center his entire career.

        That being said, I don’t give a shit where they put them, as long as they GET one of them…

      • Bruins says:

        Yeah I know but I’m thinking that with Seguin being a right-handed shot, he can play the RW spot next to Savvy. He did get almost 50 goals with no supporting cast. And I’ve heard he can play the wing.

    • BearsBB says:

      u think sturm will be on the 4th line??

  7. Habhater says:

    The Bruins need to bring their “A” game, effort and intensity tonight and come away with 2 points. 2 points will put pressure on the NYR to win tomorrow and regardless if they do, the Bruins can clinch on Saturday against the Canes. I would much prefer to go into Sunday’s games with the Caps knowing that we have clinched rather than trying to take points.

  8. Edski says:

    when is the lottery for the draft? whats the date

  9. ELWOPPO says:

    Try it out, Mock lottary draft:
    Just copy and paste Link below


    • #4 says:

      omfg dude I just did this 10 times and the B’s only picked 2nd, 2 fucking times…. Never once won the lottery……

      Makes me feel shitty!!!

      • #4 says:

        20X more times!!!!

        B’s only picked in top 2, twice again!!!

        OMFG what did they put in that calculater??

      • mattg says:

        I did it 10 times, and the Bruins won 5 times lol. Edmonton only got it once, random is random.

    • Brick says:

      1st try, Phx drafts 11th….2nd try BOS drafts 1st overall….it’s all good boys, we’re in good shape lol

      • #4 says:

        you clicked it 2x I clicked like 50 lol and bos only made it in 2x its not for sure at all……………

        I wouldnt be surprised to see us with fowler at the end of all this.. Again worse stuff could happen but it is what it is

    • Bruins says:

      30 draws: 3 1sts, 12 2nds, 15 3rds.

      1st: 10%
      2nd: 40%
      3rd: 50%

      Wow that was unlucky.

    • North B says:

      1st try and the bruins select number 1.. no problem there..

      Perhaps the NHL should change the format.. The bottom five GM’s up on stage, spin the wheel like the price is right..

  10. Loooch says:

    Interesting piece of afternoon info for you all:

    It’s not a big surprise the Sabres have only one goaltender on the ice for practice, but what is a surprise is which goalie it is.

    Patrick Lalime, who missed Wednesday’s practice with the flu, is the only one manning a net. Ryan Miller is absent, and Jhonas Enroth is in the back hall riding a bike. Upon conclusion of practice, we’ll find out exactly what that means.

  11. G cole says:

    You make it like the league decides who
    gets what picks… It’s not that way is it??

  12. mcpuck says:

    we’re 1 point behind Philly… I’m fairly certain if we win, we clinch… if Philly sweeps the home and home, Rangers miss, if Rangers sweep, Philly misses, if they split, Rangers miss… as long as we end up with 2 points in the last two games we’re in… unless something weird effects it.

  13. Richardo says:

    You do have to worry about OTL’s…

  14. Loooch says:

    Lalime missed practice yesterday because of the flu, but is getting the start tonight. Light em up boys!! 5-2 Bruins.

  15. Spyder says:

    Call me a worry ole soul, but I’m not quite sure if it is a good thing that we get the Sabres 2nd string goalie tonight. The Bruins have not exactly been lighting it up at home and have the very bad habit of making 2nd string goalies look exceptionally good.

  16. Bruins says:

    A win tonight would mean:

    If PHI wins both games in regulation: CLINCH

    If NYR wins both games in regulation: CLINCH

    If PHI wins one regulation, one OT: CLINCH

    If PHI wins both in OT: CLINCH

    Split in Regulation: CLINCH

    Split but with NYR OT win: CLINCH

    If NYR wins one regulation, one OT: 1 point in last 2 games

    Split, but with PHI OT win: 1 point in last 2 games

    Split, both games OT: 1 point in last 2 games

    If NYR wins both in OT: 2 points in last 2 games

  17. ELWOPPO says:

    Could Marc Savard make a shock return to the Lineup should the Bruins make it to the second round?
    lol!! regardless of the outcome im just happy he is feeling much better!!!Click on link below guys!


  18. BearsBB says:

    how about some free agent names that could be wearing black and gold next year?

  19. BearsBB says:

    bruins favored tonight…is miller not playing??

  20. ELWOPPO says:

    We get 2 first round picks this year! Our first pick is anywhere from 1-3
    But what number is our 2nd pick? Tell me top 15 at least?

    • Bruins says:

      Right now it looks like if we make the playoffs, and don’t make a run, that pick should be 15th or 16th. If we miss the playoffs the good thing about the East being so wea relative to the West is that that pick would likely end up dropping to 10th or 11th before the lottery, meaining it would be possible to land the 2nd and 6th or 7th picks.

  21. gibbz says:

    it would be awesome if we won the lottery, and then the pick from toronto pick got 3rd overall. hall and fowler? holy shitt!

  22. Jefe77 says:

    The lottery pick we have is the Toronto pick…wishfull thinking though!

  23. #4 says:

    Here is Central Scouting’s comparison list for their top 30 North American skaters, provided exclusively to NHL.com.

    1. Tyler Seguin, C — Steve Yzerman (retired)
    2. Taylor Hall, LW — Zach Parise, Devils
    3. Brett Connolly, RW — Peter Forsberg (Sweden)
    4. Erik Gudbranson, D — Dion Phaneuf, Maple Leafs
    5. Cam Fowler, D — Mike Green, Capitals
    6. Brandon Gormley, D — Chris Phillips, Senators
    7. Mark Pysyk, D — Duncan Keith, Blackhawks
    8. Emerson Etem, RW — Glenn Anderson (retired)
    9. Derek Forbort, D — Erik Johnson, Blues
    10. Ryan Johansen, C — Jason Spezza, Senators
    11. Alexander Burmistrov, C — Maxim Afinogenov, Thrashers
    12. Nino Niederreiter, RW — Erik Cole, Hurricanes
    13. Nick Bjugstad, C — Andrew Brunette, Wild
    14. Austin Watson, F — Kris Draper, Red Wings
    15. John McFarland, C — Brenden Morrow, Stars
    16. Tyler Toffoli, C — Tim Connolly, Sabres
    17. Dylan McIlrath, D — Ed Jovanovski, Coyotes
    18. Tyler Pitlick, C — Mark Parrish, Lightning
    19. Quinton Howden, C– Todd Bertuzzi, Red Wings
    20. Stanislav Galiev, RW — Alexander Frolov, Kings
    21. Jonathon Merrill, D — Jordan Leopold, Penguins
    22. Riley Sheahan, C — Jordan Staal, Penguins
    23. Petr Straka, RW — Pavol Demitra, Canucks
    24. Charlie Coyle, F — Bob Sweeney, Bruins
    25. Brock Nelson, C — David Backes, Blues
    26. Kevin Hayes, RW — Eric Staal, Hurricanes
    27. Ryan Martindale, C — Steve Bernier, Canucks
    28. Jaden Schwartz, C — Derek Roy, Sabres
    29. Alexander Petrovic, D — Brent Seabrook, Blackhawks
    30. Jordan Weal, C — Jason Blake, Ducks

  24. Haus says:

    i did the mock lottery x20. edm won x7, bos x5, nyi x2 which would keep us at #2. x6 tb fla clb

  25. backbruin says:

    cmon boys!!!

  26. backbruin says:

    wow i have the package up here in Canda and i don’t get the nesn broadcast…i have two options msg on regular no hd and vs on hd….this blows i like my nesn homer broadcast!!!

    what’s up!!

  27. backbruin says:

    oh wait i get nesn…mmmmmmmmm

    like anyone cares!!!i do

  28. ry.boychuk says:

    will someone please stop jack edwards from saying Ottawa like that

  29. backbruin says:

    can i ask a question, how in a huge game like this does the garben sound like a funeral…what the fk is wrong with the bostonians….

    my god it’s disappointing!!!

  30. backbruin says:


  31. backbruin says:

    emotional detachment was the phrase used to describe the bruins building tonight…..disgusting!!

  32. backbruin says:

    I’m sure I’m louder in my home compared to this travesty….cmon

  33. MC Puck says:

    fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck STUPID WIDEMAN

  34. mattg says:


  35. backbruin says:

    OH look it’s wideman once again!!!

    let’s here the fans of this fool stick up for that play….fkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    he’s a god damn joke!!!


    -22 HA

  37. backbruin says:

    instead of trying to put it through the sabre, how about you take it back and fire it far side you dumb fk!!!

  38. willisss says:

    hahahahahaahahahaha wideman oh my fucking god dude….i am a lost for words.

  39. G cole says:

    Good play wideman! Man this guy is terrible. And what you want to bet he’ll be out there on the powerplay?! I thought under Julien players earn their ice time? BULLSHIT!

  40. backbruin says:

    who was the idiot on here sticking up for this guy…

    oh ya it was Pearson….what do you think of that play dummy!

    • pearson says:

      yea yea yea… its hard for me to argue that i was defending him. im just tired of hearing how much he sucks. he’s the easiest skapegoat on the team, but my point is, every 8th seed team has guys like that… but with the offense doing its ‘thang its stupid to say we lose games cuz of wideman.

  41. backbruin says:

    oh let me guess it was rask’s fault!!!

    fk me man, and i have to read fools defend him on here!!!

    • #4 says:

      OMfg dude

      Every goddamn Tues/THurs that I miss the first period because class I come on here to see wahts happening from you guys…

      Every time I see this



    • pearson says:

      yea yea yea… its hard for me to argue that i was defending him. im just tired of hearing how much he sucks. he’s the easiest skapegoat on the team, but my point is, every 8th seed team has guys like that… but with the offense doing its ‘thang its stupid to say we lose games cuz of wideman.

      • pearson says:

        i replied to the wrong post.

        this reminds me of the southpark episode where the japanese keep killing the whales…”fuuck youuuu whaale!”

        instead we got the “fuuuck youuu widemannn”

  42. backbruin says:

    i would rather have elwoppo starting for us and on our #1 pp then fk face wideman!!

  43. G cole says:

    Is it me or does Boston show more offensive desire to score while their SHORTHANDED vs on the POWERPLAY?

  44. backbruin says:

    We have total control of the game and then wideman gets cute and booom!!

  45. backbruin says:

    plain and simple, Wideman tries to force a play and can’t recover giving the Sabres best player “roy” a breakaway…it’s the same old story!!!

    You know, if it was one of our other three dman that haven’t played a combined 60 games i may have some appreciaton for the mistake!! but……we are playing a team that has no connoly, no vanek, and their vezina winning miller is sitting and i still have to complain about this shit stick Wideman!!!!

    yes we play tight but we wouldn’t be down one if it wasn’t for this fool!!!

  46. willisss says:

    we will have 73 shots on net and make lalime look like a fucking vezna winner….kind of like what we did to nittymakki…..and clemmemson….and halak…..

  47. BearsBB says:

    anyone notice ryder looking to pass again 10 feet in front of the crease…and then doesn’t even get a shot on net HAAA

  48. G cole says:

    I say we go old school and if no one is willing to take wideman and Ryder from us they just “mysteriously disappear” if they end up dead we don’t have to pay them and keep them on the roster.. This is a last resort obviously lol

  49. Bruins says:

    I missed the first. I hear wideman screwed up though. what’d he do this time?

  50. ELWOPPO says:

    My buddy Wideman again……………..Gotta love this guy! Its like he’s doing it on purpose! How can you be so shitty???? WOW?!?! Im speechless!!!

  51. backbruin says:

    he tried to fire a bouncing puck passed roy which of course hit him and went passed wideman which he couldn’t recover from and roy walked bye him and scored on a breakaway!

    • Bruins says:

      ahh now that sounds like the wideman we all now and love.

      it’s pretty ridiculous. I mean it’s gotten to the point it’s so bad that you don’t think he can possibly do anything to make himself play worse, and then he does. over and over again.

  52. Spyder says:

    Every f..k Thursday it’s the same story – no sense of urgency and no desparation. The B’s have the opportunity tonight to put some distance between themselves and the NYR and the emotion is not there? WTF?

    Our season comes down now to the next goal. If Buf scores – kiss the playoffs good-bye. The B’s with their anemic offense will never recover from 2 goals down. No Vanek, No Connolly and No Miller = no Bruins.

    It’s absolutely amazing to me with respect to the way the Bruins are playing tonight. They desparately need to take at least 1 point tonight.

    C’mon boys – get your head out of your asses!!

  53. backbruin says:

    fkn yaaa satan….what a pretty move baby!!!!

    wow that’s what we needed!!!

  54. #4 says:

    2nd start yer?? My train almost back to the station so Ill be home in 20. hope I aint miss anything good.

  55. backbruin says:

    you’re missing the boo birds sing to wideman every time he touches the puck!!!


    Pearson….i want him to prove me wrong and make me look like a fool….but sticking up for him thuw far makes you look silly!!

    • pearson says:

      i hope so too man. all i was saying is im tired of hearing about wideman. we all know he sucks. but ya win and lose as a team.

      sturm has been the biggest pain in my ass this season.

  56. G cole says:

    Wideman being booed now.. As much as he deserves it I think it’s a bad idea. His confidence (if he even has any right now) is way loww and him hearing his home crowd booing him everytime he touches the puck is going to make him feel and play like shit (even more so, that is)

    • pearson says:

      im gonna tread on this one lightly before i start getting called the lone defender of wideman… but i agree… we’ve seen what he can do [check o9 stats].. can he really go from spectacular to awful in one season?

      i really hope he makes us all eat our words. if he can miraclously come alive we might make a very dangerous underdog

  57. backbruin says:

    i agree, but once again we are outplaying the sabres severley…..

    carolina beating montreal…cmon boys 6th would be sweet!!!

  58. G cole says:

    Milbury is on my side on the booing wideman!

  59. mattg says:

    awesome rant by mike, totally agree, as terrible as wideman’s playing, booing is only gonna make it worse

  60. willisss says:

    dude i felt like i just got yelled at by my dad…sorry milbury

  61. pearson says:

    i also wanted to point out that miro satan has done very well on the krejci line. also, he has 9 goals now in 36 games. do the math and think about what they pay him. not bad.

  62. backbruin says:

    the lucic,bergy,rechi line has been very good!!!

    keep it up boys!!!

  63. backbruin says:

    That a boy Wideman!!!!

    prove us all wrong and make up for your mistakes!!1

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fkn right boys!

  64. willisss says:

    haha soo….this is awkward…..yay wideman?

  65. G cole says:

    Hmm wideman scores… Either it’s a miracle or the crowd needs to start booing Ryder! Haha

  66. backbruin says:

    The thing is the Sabres don’t deserve to be in this right now, and if the habs lose and we win we have a huge chance to play them in the first round which would be huggggggggggggggggggge!!!

  67. G cole says:

    Paille can’t score on a partial breakaway, what else is new????

  68. backbruin says:

    You know what’s funny, we outplay everyone lately…. we really do….we out chance we outplay….what the fk are we worried about….

  69. Richardo says:

    YEAH BABY!!!

  70. backbruin says:

    being Canadian i say fknnnnnnn EHHHHHHHHHHH

  71. backbruin says:


  72. backbruin says:



  73. da wreck says:

    The Edmonton Oilers have booed players out of town on numerous occasions, and look what it’s turned into. Nobody wants to go play in Edmonton. Suprising? Definitely not. Who wants to play in a city where you’re booed for poor play? Not that I’m saying he doesn’t deserve it at times, but it’s terrible for the player, team and in the end it’s bad for the city.

  74. backbruin says:


  75. backbruin says:


  76. backbruin says:


  77. Bruins says:

    So right now in the worst case scenario: Montreal beats Toronto on Saturday, and the Rangers eat Philadelphia 2 games straight in OT, we’d still only need 2 points in the last two games to clinch. Other than that, any other combination would either see us clinch or need 1 point in the final 2 games to clinch.

  78. Edski says:

    Who would you like to see first round…….Penguins wiht the whole savvy thing…Buffalo because we dominated them but they have miller….Devils with lack of offense but marty b….

    • pearson says:

      i have said it once, and ill say it again; the capitals.
      our d can slow OV, and our offense will look better against their defense.

      the caps are the household name this year. lets shock everyone.

      although, what are the chances we actually land back in the 8th spot though?

  79. da wreck says:

    Nice. Leafs locked up 29th overall.

  80. BBears2 says:

    i know it is unrealistic because of the salary cap and all, but what would we have to give in return if we wanted the likes of iginla?? just a thought.

  81. BBears2 says:

    p.s. lets go flyers!!! bruins clinch with rangers loss tonight

  82. Loooch says:

    Huuge win last night boys!! We are rolling now. Just in time too. I am liking our chances more and more each day going into the first round. The underdog can be a great spot because no one expects much out of us. I would love to see Wash in the first round. I know we can take them. When we played them last week, their brutal defence made our brutal offence look spectacular.

    Anyways…..Wideman. Being up here in Canada I dont get to see many Bruins home games, but I watched online last night and was completely embarrassed to call myself a Bruins fan after hearing the HOME crowd boo him. Unreal. Is this a regular occurance? Chirp him all u want on these blogs, but that is too much. What do u think that does for his confidence? He is only gonna grip his stick tighter and make things tougher. Cheers to Milbury.

    And speaking of his stick, I read last night ( The Herald I think) that Wideman started using Krejci’s stick a week or 2 ago, and now he has 2 in his last 2!! Wasn’t someone on here saying a while ago that he switched sticks this season? Good call!!

  83. Richardo says:

    Win out and we clinch 6th!!!! SWEEEEEEEET

  84. Birdman2403 says:


    1) Bruins beat Carolina
    2) Rangers win both games in OT
    3) Leafs beat Habs


  85. Brudawg fan says:

    I agree… Everyone get off Wideman. Sure he is not having a year a write home about, but none of the bruins are. (except for Rask & Bergy) Wideman is a quality D would is an excellent distributor of the puck, what else do you want? Do you think we can get a better D to move the puck for the price, we tried Morris and how did that work, exactly, see-ya-later, What? you want Tomas Kaberle, I live in toronto and unfortunately watch the Leafs and this guy is pure junk! I’m not sure how kaberle gets points. I think after goals he skates by the refs shouting out his number for apples. Wideman is FINE for the price tag, deal with the mistakes once in awhile.


      you probably dont watch bruins hockey if you think wideman is a good puck moving defense man he is pure garbage most over rated d-bag ever had one good half of a season and everyone fell in love with him sucked with the blues sucked in the playoffs and is THE WORST DEFENSE MAN IN THE LEAGUE RIGHT NOW!!! if he wasnt getting paid 4 million he wouldnt be in the league right now!!!

    • MC Puck says:

      You must be watching replays from last season, because if you’ve watched more than one or two B’s games this year, you’d know that Wideman’s first pass has been awful this year, his decision making has been beyond sub-par, and positional play has been responsible for at least 3 losses in games we would have otherwise won.

      I’m not saying he’s a terrible hockey player, it’s quite the opposite, but the fact remains that he hasn’t gotten it together for more than a period or two here and there, and it’s either because he sucks, or is a head case, and in both scenarios he’s not worth 3.6 million a year… I can GUARANTEE if the bruins could have moved Wideman instead of Morris that would have been the move we made.

  86. mook says:

    sure we had lots of injuries and many of our players didn’t play up to potential but don’t forget…

    the northeast division is a tough one! i mean…how many teams in the northeast are sitting out of the playoffs? just 1? fuck! no wonder washington is mopping the floor, their division sucks nuts.

  87. Jefe77 says:

    That division sucks perennially.

    It speaks volumes in regard to the lack of goal scoring that by virtue of trade and injuries that the Bruins lost the chemistry of the first line altogether this year. All season this has been allowing the opposition to spread out the defensive pressure, on Krejci’s line specifically.

    But, you have to look at the core of the team, and the Bruins are doing just fine, not to mention a most likely top 2 pick…PC just might win his favor back from all the haters.

    Bruins fans need to be patient, we all have been wanting a legitimately built team that will emerge as a winner. How can we not recognize that PC has been comparatively genius vs O’Connell and Sinden? Our reputation has been restored, and he signed Savvy; the BEST UFA the Bruins ever got,….that I can remember in my time as a Bruins fan. No UFA’s would EVER come here with numb-nuts and needle-nits at the helm.

  88. Bruins4life 13 says:

    id like tyler seguin to be out pick and have him take that useless sack of shit ryders spot

  89. North B says:

    If the Flyers win in regulation tonight, Bruins clinch a spot..

  90. Brudawg fan says:

    I hope PC is targeting Chicago for an upgrade on offence in the off-season. I think these 2 beauties would look real good in a bruins uni next year:
    Patrick Sharp
    Kris Versteeg (He was Bruin draft – traded for Brandon Bochenski) Opppps!
    Chicago has no cap room must alter their line up and the bruins have draft picks to burn, could be a good match.
    Shed Ryder and Thomas salaries and we maybe able to get both.
    I don’t like the Gagne rumours to the bruins, too injury pron and I think he may have lost a step.

  91. backbruin says:

    Does anyone have a rough idea of the playoff games as far as 1vs8 2vs7 3vs6 and 4vs5…dates that is?

    if so can you copy and paste…i don’t need the teams as that’s obviously not settled yet, i just want the days!!

    • John says:

      Likely won’t be settled until the NHL knows who plays who availability of the arena television here in Canada can’t have ott and mlt play same night on CBC you know

  92. vince_m says:

    How about trading away next years Toronto first pick (don’t know how deep the draft is next year). Should be able to get something good that pick.

    As much as I like Thomas, we could use his cap space for more offence. Don’t really care for Ryder so we can use his cap space as well. As for Wideman, I think this year was just a bad year and will bounce back next year (at least I hope so).


      wideman is AWFUL and always will be he had a 1/2 a season where he did good nothing he did with the blues was any good. and he was awful in the postseason for us.

      • MC Puck says:

        okay Wardo, lets step back here a bit. Wideman WAS a solid prospect when we picked him up from the Blues… he showed some flashes of the puck moving D-man we wanted when we traded for him, but playing in a sports market like Boston isn’t for everyone, and I think that Wideman doesn’t belong here… he may thrive somewhere else, like a Minnesota or Nashville, where the pressure is on the owners to put fans in the seats rather than for Wideman to be an elite defenseman.

      • WARDOFTHERINGS says:


  93. backbruin says:

    bBers are chilling waiting to celebrate the big win today!

    let’s go boys, seal it! then let’s get 6th!

  94. backbruin says:


  95. patrick says:

    same here backbruin. gonna have a BBQ with a bunch of buddies and watch the game. just wondering if anyone else thinks that buffalo isnt playing miller just to rest him but to hope that rask blows a few games and drops his stats so miller can be back on top. also im so glad OV got 50 last night first before the ChapStick sponsored Cindy Crosby. GO GO BLACK AND GOLD!!!

  96. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    i think they are resting miller and has nothing to do with rask. As for crosby and ovechkin, i would prefer to see crosby get it before ovechkin any day of the week.

  97. backbruin says:

    Kovalev has a torn ACL and is done for the year reports Ottawa’s official Twitter feed.

    just a td bit for yall!

  98. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    too bad for ottawa lol although he wasn’t doing much for them anyway.


    great job chara

  100. Edski says:

    Ward is seeing alot of rubba right now

  101. backbruin says:

    Wow is anyone watching Ryder out there…he’s skating like he’s 95 years old….my god i complain about Wideman but at least he gives efoort out there….

    Ryder has to go and he makes the top of the list on players that have to go!!!

    Wideman looks good today….

    and so do the rest of the bruins…

    i love satan right now!!!

  102. backbruin says:

    Great hustle paille!!! nice finish!!

  103. backbruin says:

    bahahahahah two short handers the same penalty…wow boys i’m starting to believe!!!

    and the scary thing for all other teams is that are players are aswell!!!

    bahahahahahaha as i’m typing they got their third bahahahaha


  104. backbruin says:

    our player are*

  105. backbruin says:

    wow great job fellas…
    i believe!!

  106. backbruin says:

    wow horrible ref..absolutely horrid!

  107. gibbz says:


  108. Birdman2403 says:

    Hate to bring it up but everytime Wideman takes 2 steps forward and plays well…..he fucks it up and takes 10 steps back ! The second goal was his stupid turnover AGAIN !

  109. backbruin says:

    ya cross ice pass in your own end is always a no no..he played really weel until that and it cost us!!!

  110. patrick says:

    refs fucked us on that 4th goal. o well guess we should be used to it.

  111. backbruin says:

    omg the curse almost had us…great save bergy…omfg..hahahahaha

  112. mattg says:

    oh my god, what a save by bergy!

  113. backbruin says:


  114. backbruin says:

    Well boys, we have all had a difference of opinion and we have been through a shitstorm of injuries and goalless droughts and we are still here. Are team hasn’t looked better then they do now and wherever we end up i feel sorry for the top 3 team that gets us!

    The rollercoaster ride has come to an end for the regular season – savy minus looch for 30 games losing seidenberg, a struggling ryder,wideman,wheeler and we may finish 6th…so i ask you, what does that say for our heart!!

    We all questioned this teams heart and should all agree at this point that they never lost it even at the worst times!

    let’s go bruins!!!let’s go bruins!

  115. Birdman2403 says:

    Awesome finish in the last 10. No shit…..imagine if Ryder and Sturm could score a little more !! D and Goaltending get you far in play-offs….WE HAVE BOTH !

  116. cardiac canes says:

    WHATEVER,u dummies can have your stupid win! We did our damage to you guys game 7 last year! REMEMBER?

    Good luck againts Wash, Jersey or Buffalo…..Can you say sweep?????????!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    • MC Puck says:

      really? you’re going to show up and try and rag on us for making the playoffs? good luck with the off-season, oh and come back after the draft lottery, you can bust our balls for our great pick.

      • cardiac canes says:

        Eh? U might not get Seguin or Hall!! Its a lottary…So anything can happen! Mind you, Fowler is good too, but Nowhere near Hall or Seguin! So i wouldnt talk just yet buddy!!!

    • pearson says:

      you cane fans are the biggest jokes in the nhl. and yes, that means more than the habs or leafs fans. at least they have had franchises that have stuck around for a looong time. you guys are invisible and non existant when the team sucks, and ride the bandwagon harder than any team anywhere.

      i hope your management fucks you like it did to me when they moved the whale for the money. tell all your hartford-jersey-fans to take that shit off. you have no idea what it means to wear the green and blue.

      as much as we hate the habs and the leafs, at least theyve put up successful season and can (most of the years) compete; and thats where the rivalry comes from. dont come here with your petty shit especially after you got spanked this season.

      your a f**k… the “caniacs” are the biggest jokes in the league.

      • cardiac canes says:

        Joke? We beat your asses last year…Remember? What about your stupid organization? You went from first in the east last year, To just squeeking in this year!! Congrats B’s fans, Give yourselves a pat on the back!! Isnt that taking a step back…Why are you guys so happy? U made the playoffs? So what? The bruins are going out 1st round anyway!!!
        At least The Canes won a Stanley Cup recently…..WTF did you guys do??? The bobby Orr dayz are over my friend….Wake up!!!
        Joke? I think not!!!

    • #4 says:

      lmao I cant believe your acknowledging this idiot Pearson. In here looking for a rouse after his team locks up a miserly season, misses the playoffs, and realizes they have no potential left in the organization…

      Whats boston got 4 Firsts in the next two years??? Oh yeah and those guys down in provy, and college that are looking good too.. SOrry Canerooo your organization isnt going to last another 5 years , though we’ll take Erik Staal when your team gets dismantled and moved to the desert!

    • Bruins4life 13 says:

      hey man this is a site for fans of the greatest team in the fucking world so why dont you just go eat some fried chicken and watermelon and go watch nascar cuz thats wut southern people should be doin. that and fucking their sister

    • Andy says:

      Hey Cardiac –
      Remind us again how you did aganist Pittsburgh after you advanced? Oh, right. You got SWEPT!! LOL!! It’s hilarious how bad you have SUCKED this year and now you’re gonna talk shit?! HAHAHAHA!! You’re such a fucking loser! Go Bobcats, eh? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

      • Andy says:

        Happy that we made the playoffs? Fuck yeah!!And last year was the only year you MADE the playoffs since winning the Cup, you fucking douchebag. We’ve made it 3 yrs in a row!! Go impregnate your sister, you faggot!!

  117. Gcole says:

    i missed the game, 3 SHORTIES IN ONE PK?? WTF! I WAS WORKING TOO! jack edwards must have shit his pants

  118. Gcole says:

    so wait a minute… they look like garbage on the powerplay, but they score 3 times SHORTHANDED? maybe they should pretend they are shorthanded, or just say”nah we dont want a powerplay, can you give them one instead?”

  119. #4 says:

    Well done today boys!

    Thats the best 1:10 of video on I have on my DVR freaking nasty. Got kind of soft on them after going up 3 goals, cant do that in the playoffs going to have to put teams away in 4 games no more!! Dont want a repeat of the 2nd round last year…

  120. mattg says:

    We officially finish the season in 6th place, pretty good for this up and down, injury filled season. Bring on Buffalo or Jersey!

  121. Andy says:

    Hey boys – just reading this on ESPN Rumor Central (obviously just a rumor). See below. Wideman, anyone? Wides and our 1st for Iginla? I volunteer for driving Wides to the airport. Bon fucking voyage!!

    “Iginla to Bruins?
    3:45PM ET
    Jarome Iginla | Flames
    One of the possible trades being discussed by the media has Jarome Iginla going to Boston for the Bruins’ first-round pick. Several writers have mentioned it in passing, but now the Toronto Star’s Damien Cox writes, “Would Boston bite in exchange for the Bruins’ first-round pick? Only if Calgary includes something else of value to make the 32-year-old Iginla’s contract — three more years at $7 million (all figures U.S.) — easier to digest.”

    But first, Iginla has to waive his no-trade clause, which might not happen because he wants to stay in Calgary.

    However, if they do ask him to waive the clause, CBC’s Elliotte Friedman writes that the Flames and Iginla need to have an honest talk about things

  122. Bruins says:

    Bergeron fucking rules seriously. Those are the kinds of things that don’t show up on the stat sheet, but the little things are what he does best. The PK record was crazy too. It was nice to see Paille get going just in time for the playoffs.

    Also, with a clinched 6th seed we just have to wait for tomorrow’s Buffalo-New Jersey game to see who we’ll face. If New Jersey wins, or if the game goes to overtime, we get Buffalo, but if Buffalo wins in regulation we get New Jersey. I personally would much prefer Buffalo. We seem to play them well. New Jersey? Not so much. Both are great defensively which sucks though.

    Also, with today’s performance Rask passed Theodore’s Hart Trophy winning season to claim the 7th best all-time save percentage in a single season among goalies playing in at least 22 games.

    I doubt they’ll play him today as this game is meaningless for both teams, so it will probably stand.

  123. Birdman2403 says:

    Savard will sleep well tonight after Cooke got shit pumped by Evander Kane !! Kane you rule…..Cooke OUT COLD !!! Karma is a bitch Matt “gutless” Cooke !!!

    • BosBrn77 says:

      Evander Kane is now my FAVORITE non-Bruin player!! OMG!! He made that look too easy! Like Birdman said…. Karma is a BITCH!!

      Now bring on the Sabres!!!

  124. BostonVin says:

    Anyone else see that Matt Cooke got KOed last night?!! Great punch.

  125. patrick says:

    wow i totally missed that last night. freakin better than morning sex. thank you Kane. only thing that coulda been better is if it were in shittsburgh.

  126. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    it looks like we might get to see hamill finally. the bruins have apparently recalled hamill and penner for todays game with the intent of resting bergeron and chara. nice going in to this game with nothing to lose.

  127. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    compliments of eric ortiz of nesn:

    Remember the words of Herb Brooks, via Kurt Russell, via Josh Sacco.

    Great moments are born from great opportunity. That’s what you have here this postseason, boys. That’s what you earned here. One postseason. If we play our opponents 10 times, they might win nine. But not now. Not this postseason. This postseason, we skate with ’em. This postseason, we stay with ’em, and we shut them down because we can. This postseason, we are the greatest hockey team in the world. You were born to be hockey players, every one of ya. And you were meant to be here this postseason. This is your time. Their time is done. It’s over. I’m sick and tired of hearing about what a great hockey team everyone else has. Screw ’em! This is your time. Now go out there and take it.

    Bring on the Sabres or Devils or Capitals or Penguins. Let the rest of the NHL overlook the Black and Gold.

    Very little has gone right for the Bruins this year. Adversity has attacked them like a rabid dog. A lesser group would have packed it in a long time ago and started planning Caribbean cruises and tee times, but this team dug deep and persevered. They have shown grit and determination.

    Now, it’s a new a season on Causeway Street.

    The Bruins haven’t won a Cup since 1972. This year is as good as any to end that streak and make Bobby Orr, Johnny Bucyk and Phil Esposito proud.

    The hockey gods already delivered some justice to Matt Cooke, courtesy of a one-punch knockout by Atlanta’s Evander Kane. Don’t be surprised if those same gods are smiling on Boston through June.

    Do you believe in miracles?

    The 2009-10 Bruins are ready to produce one

  128. Andy says:

    Bergy, Chara, and Recchi are out today. Good to see they’re giving the Hamill kid a shot. What’s better is that we can just sit back and not worry about anything today – just watch BUF/NJ game on Center Ice.

    Don’t know who I’d rather have. We’ve had BUF’s number, but Miller can steal a series himself. NJ has an underrated offense and even though Brodeur’s getting older, their D still has the “trap” mentality.

    Probably vote for BUF. We would get a tough opponent in the 2nd rd anyway..

  129. G cole says:

    Thatta boy Timmy! Don’t take anyones shit

  130. mook says:

    watch wideman…he’s looking to decapitate ovechkin. i think he’s going to catch him today…

    • #4 says:

      HEy wtf is going on here??

      Ryder, Wideman, THomas all playing great today haha

      Lets go b’s keep up the intensity in the 2nd great afternoon for hockey. Cant wait to watch NYR PHI after this

  131. Habhater says:

    Gotta love the young Bruins compete level today against the big boys. Too bad the Bruins cannot play the Caps in the 1st round. I’m liking what I see!!

  132. Gcole says:

    pretty sweet game. satan sure has some moves in the shootout! too bad theres no shootouts in playoffs.. haha

  133. da wreck says:

    No Art Ross for Ovechkin. Way to shut him out Timmy. Now hopefully Stamkos can pot at least 1 against Florida later and Ovie gets no scoring trophies.

  134. Birdman2403 says:

    I said a while ago….if only Ryder and Sturm could score ! Maybe they are getting going at the right time !!!

  135. MC Puck says:

    I missed the game today, had a street hockey game this morning haha. How was Penner? I saw he had 18 min of TOI, kind of surprising that only paille, krecji and satan played more minutes up front.

  136. patrick says:

    philly advances from a shootout. sabres and devs tied atm. Chapstick got 50 today grrr.

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  138. hote says:

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