Seidenberg out 8 weeks

The Bruins have announced that defenseman Dennis Seidenberg has undergone surgery on his left forearm. Seidenberg is expected to miss at least 8 weeks, meaning his season is over unless the Bruins make a Stanley Cup run.  In Seidenberg’s absence look for Hunwick and Boychuk to receive more minutes, especially since Mark Stuart and Andrew Ference are out.

34 Responses to Seidenberg out 8 weeks

  1. Birdman2403 says:

    Why is this not a surprise ! Ahhhhh….maybe Wideman will fall off his bike this week, hit his head and remember how to play again ??? We can hope !

    • #4 says:


      Remember that movie Rookie of the Year! He needs something like that to happen LOL.

      So wtf is our defence im sure Chara will miss one game or not be the same with a cage on. SOoo
      Let me see here


  2. Richardo says:

    Is Chara gonna miss any time???

    • BearsBB says:

      julien said no, and i think he would play either way…hes playing with one good hand i think he could handle a busted nose

  3. Bruins says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

  4. G cole says:

    Well son of a bitch. Why is it never someonelike Ryder, wideman, or a fourth liner getting hurt! It’s always someone valuable

  5. mook says:

    i don’t think our defense looked so bad the last game…aside from the usual wideman gaffes things looked ok.

    • #4 says:

      Mook thats not the question though…

      Chara has a broken nose, how bad i dont know. But if it calls for him to wear a cage or something it could mess up his game. Now siedes is done for the year. Their dropping like flies man what if someone else goes down.

  6. mook says:

    I’m saying that Seidenberg isn’t a huge loss. He blocks shots which is great, but aside from that he is just average. He is also great at screening our own goalie…

    Chara has a broken nose. Big deal…he’s a big boy. Give him a cage, it will keep him from fighting (and keep him out of the box).

    As far as experience goes…Seidenberg has been to the playoffs once. Fuck him. Putting a rookie in a playoff game will definitely put some hair on their chest. Instant balls.

    Chara – Wideman (it worked last year, fuck it)
    Boychuck – Hunwick
    McQuaid – Wozniewski

    and hopefully Stuart heals quick, maybe even Ference. Too bad Wheeler can’t skate backwards…

    Done and done. Plan the parade, bitches.

    • Bruins says:

      The B’s can still get it done, but losing Seidenberg is massive. I never understood why you never liked him that much. He was more reliable than Chara most of the time.

      And please, anyone but Wozniewski. I’d prefer to keep Bodnarchuk up and play him roughly 10-12 minutes a game. Hunwick has shown he can handle close to 30.

  7. mook says:

    I don’t think Seidenberg is all that special. If he was a free agent signing (instead of a trade for Morris) noone would care. He’s been hyped…that’s all.

  8. backbruin says:

    I really like seidenberg and it gives me confidence when he’s on the ice…to me it’s a big blow but what do you do…we’ve dealt with this shit all year long so it’s another bump in the road!!!

    but mook this guy is as solid as they come, and he’s been hyped for good reason!!

    • Richardo says:

      Who knows maybe the other Dennis steps it up and plays some D in the absence of 44…

      The B’s need to suck it up and win these 2 HOME games coming up… We wont have to worry about any scoreboard watching if they just take care of business at HOME…. But just in case, I’ll be rooting for TOR tonight against NYR…

  9. Richardo says:

    That wasnt meant for you BB…

  10. bruins4eva says:

    im gonna sum up the bruins year…real quick…i think the reason for the lack of production this year is due to injuries from lucic and savard…if anyone remembers last year the first month was so so for the bruins but after they played together for awhile the chemistry picked up when your not playing wit the same ppl on your line on a regular basis ur not gonna score goals…and thats minus krechji…cuz ryder blows…so injuries were a big part of why the bruins did not excede expectations this year

  11. ELWOPPO says:

    Im telling you guys I got a strange feeling the Bruins are getting Hall!!!

    Read below” As per NESN

    Center Tyler Seguin Surpasses Winger Taylor Hall as Top-Ranked North American Skater

    Throughout the 2009-10 season, the Ontario Hockey League’s Tyler Seguin and Taylor Hall have been battling for the title of the NHL Central Scouting Bureau’s top-ranked North American player for the 2010 NHL entry draft.

    The hockey world found out on Wednesday that the Seguin of the Plymouth Whalers leaped Hall of the Windsor Spitfires in the rankings with less than a week to go until the NHL draft drawing on April 13.

    How close was the race? Consider this: not only did they finish the OHL regular season tied for most points (106 apiece), but Seguin ranked third in the OHL with 48 goals, while Hall led the league with 66 assists. Additionally, the two future NHL stars are fighting for OHL playoff bragging rights as Hall’s Spitfires hold a 3-0 lead on Seguin’s Whalers in the best-of-seven series entering Game 4 Wednesday night.

  12. backbruin says:

    good insight elwoppo, i like both players and Seguin plays in all 3 zones…Hall has a couple issues with his game but by a little has greater skill…it’s a tough call but one we should relish as we have a great chance to get either and in saying so we can’t lose!!!

    it will be nice once again to get excited for the draft..woohoo

  13. mook says:

    Elliotte Freidman:
    The Flyers and Bruins could be willing to part with “a good young player” this summer as both clubs are going to have to “change their mix”

    Seidenberg is solid, sure. Just saying he’s nothing special and should–under normal circumstances–log around 17-20 mins per game. Put it this way, notwithstanding the terms of his contract, i’m not buying a Seidenberg jersey any time soon.

  14. backbruin says:

    Well we can agree to disagree on Seidenberg as on our team he’s #2 in my eyes!

    With a good young player? for and who would be my question…Are team is solid don’t let this fight for a playoff spot fool you…

    With the injuries we’ve had we should all be thankful we are where we are…absolutely decimated with our best players in most cases…

    And think of all the underachievers we have 4 come to mind….my god we must be doing something right to be where we are considering…

    By no means should we start trying to blow this team up. Krejci is a stud and will be for many years…the kid is wicked good and will only get better!!

    Mook if i buy you a seidenberg jersey would you wear it loud and proud!! Anyways i can understand your opinion because he’s not your flashy point scoring d-man, but just consider the finer points to the game which i think he’s great at!!positioning,passing,smart plays at the right time stuff!!!

    • Bruins says:

      haha yeah i actually love seids. the guy doesn’t have a weakness! he’s just very good at everything.

      honestly, outside of big Z, i think he’s the best bruins d-man since bourque.

  15. backbruin says:

    haha ya except he doesn’t turn the puck over as much as Bourque did!!

    He’s far from Raymond offensively obviously but def. he’s really good!

  16. mattg says:

    leafs down 3-0, bad for our playoff race, but at least were guaranteed a top 3 pick

  17. backbruin says:

    ya but if we beat buffalo tomorrow night are chances are very good!!

  18. Bruins says:

    How hilarious is it that Toronto saviour Dion Phaneuf still doesn’t have a goal on the Leafs? 24 straight games, and it could be 26 by the end of the season. He has 8 assists and is a -8 (currently -1 in the Rangers game too). And he makes $6.5 million for YEARS! Hahahaha what a joke of a franchise.

    Also, Pierre McGuire quote from tonight:

    “Tuukka Rask would look good in a leafs uniform”

    Haha nice quote Pierre!

  19. G cole says:

    Die maple leafs!

  20. G cole says:

    Lol “gustavson is asking himself what he was doing, he was sleeping towards the crease”

  21. G cole says:

    5-1 with a few minutes to go, leafs are doneeee!

  22. mook says:

    seidenberg isn’t a scoring defenseman so i’m not looking for him to be a “flashy scorer”. i also understand he is new to a different system…i’m just saying that some of the fundamentals in his game lack intensity…that’s all. he hits, but they’re just hits…not thunderous slams that make forwards think twice about going down his wing. he doesn’t like going into corners (neither does chara, as of late) and i can’t remember him skating the puck out of the zone (he likes to chip off the glass, but that may be a florida thing). even wideman gets involved in the odd scrum, he just seems nervous as hell out there…fuck i’d be nervous too if the fans were always on him (even i was yelling at him to get off the ice when the bruins were in toronto).

    sure, i’d wear a free bruins jersey 😀 even if it has fucken “Czerkawski” on the back…

  23. mook says:

    look at the pic TSN uses for wideman’s profile…

  24. ELWOPPO says:

    April 13 is the lottary,
    Next Tuesday we find out what pick the Bruins get!!!
    Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bruins says:

      I’m just praying another “suspicious” winner doesn’t happen. There will be conspiracy theory written all over it if the Panthers get the pick.

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