The Future of the Bruins Organization On the Line Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the 2010 NHL Draft lottery. It will be the day that forever changes the fortunes of the Bruins franchise for the next 20 years.  The Bruins currently own the pick of the 2nd worst team in the league.

If any team not named the Panthers, Lightning, Islanders, or Blue Jackets win the lottery, the Bruins will be picking either 1st or 2nd overall, with a good chance of landing winger Taylor Hall.

Now whether Hall is of the Patrick Kane mold or the Stamkos mold when it comes to scoring, that is to be seen, but for now he is seen as a franchise winger.

Even if Tyler Seguin falls to the B’s at number 2, he could end up being one of more dominant two way forwards in the league who can also score in bunches.  Either one is a the young franchise forward this team has been in search for since the days of Joe Thornton.

If the Bruins fall to number three, it’s still okay.  Cam Fowler could be the next Drew Doughty.  The issue is that defense solves little to nothing for the Bruins.

We can only pray the ping pong balls go our way, and we don’t get the Boston Celtics curse.  We’ve won the lottery once, let’s make it two for two.

Retaining 1st overall
1995 Ottawa (LA won moving 7th to 3rd)
1996 Ottawa
1997 Boston
1999 Tampa Bay (Chicago won moving 8th to 4th)
2005 St. Louis
2008 Tampa Bay
2009 New York Islanders

50% of the lotteries have retained the 1st overall pick, while only 35.7% of worst teams actually won the lottery.

Moving from 2nd place to 1st
Never happened

Moving from 3rd to 1st
1998 Tampa Bay (San Jose’s pick)
2001 Atlanta
2002 Florida
2004 Washington

28.5% of lotteries were won by the 3rd overall team.

Moving from 4th to 1st
2003 Florida

7.1% of lotteries

Moving from 5th to 1st
2000 New York Islanders
2007 Chicago Blackhawks

14.3% of lotteries.


35.7% of last place teams won lottery
0% of 2nd place teams won lottery
28.5% 3rd place teams won lottery
7.1% 4th place teams won lottery
14.3% 5th place teams won lottery
0% 6th place teams won lottery
7.1% 7th place teams won lottery
7.1% 8th place teams won lottery

50% worst teams selected 1st overall.


51 Responses to The Future of the Bruins Organization On the Line Tomorrow

  1. Bruins says:

    I’m so nervous about this. I’d be thrilled with third too, but a top 2 pick would be so awesome. About a 60% chance we get it.

  2. BearsBB says:

    i have been thinking about it and i hope that chiarelli doesn’t use this pick for iginla like that rumor floating around keeps mentioning…maybe five years ago but he is 32 now and who knows how much longer he will be a force in this league…also i am real excited about the guys in providence we just signed, I think the bruins will be real happy for several years to come..a lot of talent waiting to come up.

  3. backbruin says:

    most of you have probably seen this but it pumps me up and gets me ready for the Sabres…enjoy!!

    gives me goose bumps!every time

    • Bruins says:

      Neely was/is a BAMF. Great vid.

    • #4 says:

      hes so much faster and more skilled than Lucic.. ITs too bad Lucic could never fill those skates

      • Birdman2403 says:

        To say ” could never” might be a little early. Neely had 3 30 pt. seasons before he got rolling. Lots of time for Lucic !!

      • Bruins says:

        Lucic is a different breed of player in today’s NHL. I mean the closest person to him that offers his skill set would be Clarkson. I never liked the Neely comparisons though. He’s not going to pot 50 in 49 games. He’ll just be his own player, and I think that will be great too.

  4. Bruins says:

    Haha he was so good that it looked like the other team was helpless against him. It would’ve been sick to see him play.

    • bruinsfanupnorth says:

      was lucky to get to see orr play when i was a kid. I can honestly say, of all the players I have seen play the game, he was the only one who put you on the edge of your seat. You knew when he got the puck something special was going to happen. Can’t remember who said it but i think he says it all about orr and gretzky. Orr changed the game gretzky perfected it. As far as i am concerned he is by far the greatest guy to play the game. Great highlights.

  5. #4 says:

    What time do the Balls Drop???

  6. EdSki says:

    balls drop at 8 on Versus. I bought 20 tickets to game 3 i promise 20 crazies will be their to rock the fake garden

  7. Gcole says:

    wow moving from 2nd to 1st has never happened, but 3rd, 4th and 5th has numerous times?? great.. and what the hell would be want seguin for? we already have three dominant centers!! unless seguin can do wing too?

  8. G cole says:

    So does anyone know if seguin can play winger too? If he can’t really than getting him isn’t a good idea with three sold guys at center already

    • Bruins says:

      I think Cherry said he can play wing. With him being a right-handed shot, it would most likely be right-wing, which is more of a need than left wing, which Hall is.

  9. Bruins fan upnorth says:

    If that is the case, Bruins move Bergeron to a wing.

    • Bruins says:

      Yeah that’s an option, but I’m sure Seguin can play the wing too. He’s almost as much of a natural scorer as he is a playmaker.

  10. Wil39 says:

    The Future of the Bruins Organization On the Line Tomorrow? A lot is on the line – yes. But with the picks this year and next, the maturation of Rask, prospects like Colborne, Caron, Sauve, Cross, Soderberg (Maybe if he ever come to N.A.), Alexandrov, McQaid along with the young talent (Bergeron, Krejci, Wheeler, Hunwick) the team has. The organization has a pretty nice foundation, now it needs to build on to it.

    The statement “The Future of the Bruins Organization On the Line Tomorrow” is a bit drastic don’t you think?

    I would love to see the Bruins with 1 or 2, but the 3-5 ranked prospects all seam to be very solid NHL prospects.

  11. Brick says:

    MAybe it’s a little drastic but the step forward that this organization takes should it get a chance at Taylor Hall is astronomical…tomorrow is def huge to see where this team is going

    • Wil39 says:

      No doubt it would be a great step forward. And don’t get me wrong, I’d be as happy as anyone to see Hall or Seguin. I just thought the statement was a bit bigger and more dramatic then it needed to be; given the team that exists (when healthy), and the prospects in place.

  12. #4 says:

    Its time for the Bruins to stop having to rebuild. I want Hall in a B’s uniform next year. Sick of it if they get Hall+Sav+Berg+Krejc+Chara+Boychuck and most of all RASK I think a cup would be eminent.

    • Bruins says:

      That would be a ridiculous core, and you still aren’t listing Colborne, Caron and Sauve (who I think could be the best out of those three).

  13. Bruins says:

    People cant think that this is Hall or bust. Seguin has every bit as much potential as Hall, and Fowler or Gudbranson would be amazing too.

  14. Bruins says:

    Should we get the number 3 pick, who woud people go with? The most likely options are Fowler, Gudbranson, Connolly, and an outside shot to Gormley.

    Gudbranson is my favourite player in the draft so I’d go with him. Terrific all around D-man that is future captain material. However, getting Fowler would be just as good, and would instantly make Wideman expendable as Fowler would be our puck-mover right away (have you seen this guy skate?). I’m iffy on Connolly just due to the fact that he’s been injured all season. A strong showing at the under 18’s would help though.

  15. Bruins says:

    Fowler’s skating:

  16. Bruins says:

    Hall skating:

  17. Bruins says:

    Captain material:

  18. Bruins says:


  19. Bruins says:


  20. Bruins says:


  21. Sabres4ever says:

    U guys are toast….. Remember the last time the Sabres played the Bruins in the playoffs??? Let me take you guys back to memory lane!!!! HA HA HA

    • Bruins says:

      If you’re going to go back to the stone ages, here’s the high point of the Sabres history.

      And hey, what is your most memorable Stanley Cup win? What? The Sabres have never won the cup? The Bills have never won the Superbowl? Buffalo is the biggest joke of a sports city in the world?

    • Gcole says:

      i cant stand that guys scratchy voice, and how old is this clip? 15 years? how does an old clip of an overtime goal prove we are inevitably done for?

  22. willisss says:

    why did the bruins call up the entire provi B’s

  23. Bruins says:

    I’m pretty sure you have to have a set number of players called up before the playoffs or something. I could be wrong though.

    Stuart is expected to be out the entire series as well.

  24. Michael Ryan says:

    this was a really in depth and insightful article. Love the work guys keep it up. Hope the B’s get the #1 overall pick

  25. Andy says:

    People seem to forget, too, that we also will have anywhere from #15-#18 if we lose to the Sabres, plus #32 from TOR.

    I would love to see Hall/Seguin, but what you also have to consider is if we fell to #3 and got Gudbranson (whom, like “Bruins”, I really like as well, def more than Fowler), he is supposed to be another Pronger. Also consider that we do NOT have many good D prospects. In fact, Boychuk, Mcquaid, & Woisniewski were all TRADED for. Hunwick & Stuart are the only draftees.

    Again, although I would like to see a franchise forward like Seguin or Hall, I would certainly not be disappointed with our 1st real franchise D since Raymond…

  26. G cole says:

    If the bruins end up with #2 were golden, either hall or seguin!

  27. #4 says:



    #2 yeah!!!!

  29. ccm says:

    that’s perfect, all the Edmonton papers are predicting they take Seguin, so expect Hall to be in a Bruins uniform next season.

  30. Gcole says:

    well now its official either hall or seguin. THANKS TORONTO! hows kessticle doing?

  31. BostonVin says:

    Very happy with the number 2 pick. Now, what are they going to do with the other picks they have this draft?

  32. Andy says:

    Love it, boys! We’ll have a franchise forward, either way. Future’s looking bright, I gotta wear shades!

    (Ok, that was gay)

  33. d-dawg says:

    Since Chia’s in Toronto tonight, he swing by Burke’s place and buy him a drink.. Cheers!!!

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