Bruins Land Potential Franchise Forward

The team with the 2nd least amount of goals in the NHL just landed a potential franchise forward Tuesday night.  The Boston Bruins landed the 2nd overall pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft thanks to a trade with the Toronto Maple Leafs.  The highly criticized trade sent former 5th overall pick and young sniper Phil Kessel to the Toronto Maple Leafs for a 2010 1st round pick, 2nd round pick and a 2011 1st round pick.  This year, those will be the 2nd and 32nd overall picks respectively.  The trade, which seemed like a loss, is now a win regardless of how these picks pan out, as any person would do this trade back in September knowing what they know now today.

The Bruins will have their choice of either Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin, depending on who the Edmonton Oilers take.  Each one is a franchise type forward, someone that can be a top 10 forward in this league.  Some scouts have said that last year’s 1st overall pick, John Tavares, would not be a top 2 pick this year.  Having these two guys so close is beneficial to this team, as their is no clear cut number 1, so no matter who we get, it’s not like there is a huge drop off ala Kane and Van Riemsdyk.

Had the Bruins gotten 3rd overall, it would have been very bad.  While Cam Fowler could be a Drew Doughty type player, he is not what this team needs and it’s not certain he goes 3rd overall anyways. Seguin or Hall is type of forward we need after trading Joe Thornton and Phil Kessel.

Taylor Hall would be the next great winger of this league, while Seguin could be the next Stevie Y.

It’s a good day to be a B’s fan, whether we get Taylor or Tyler, thank you Brian Burke.


34 Responses to Bruins Land Potential Franchise Forward

  1. canyousayhall says:

    Good post. This is a new age for bruins cant wait to see either hall or seguin suit up! imagine either packaged with savard and lucic. hopefully seguin can play wing though.

  2. Richardo says:

    I was looking for a player to compare Seguin with… Stevie Y is perfect…

  3. Bruins says:

    The trade seemed like a loss before? This trade was awesome since day 1! Chiarelli with yet another steal.

  4. BearsBB says:

    i think we are getting hall (which i will be very happy) because the oilers need a center, I think they would be foolish to take a winger

  5. Andy says:

    I read somewhere that scouts were comparing Seguin to Stevie Y and Hall to Zach Parise. Obviously, both of those players were/are leading scorers in the league and people that DET & NJ, respectively, built their team around.

    This is GREAT news for us B’s fans. Plus 2 more picks in the top 32! Hopefully next year we can make it another top 10 pick, although I would not be suprised if it was unloaded at some point for another impact player (especially at next year’s deadline if it appears that it will not be a top 10 pick)

  6. BearsBB says:

    haggerty just said that he has heard from numerous sources that the bruins want hall, and may even think about moving up in the draft…don’t know how expensive that would be for us??

  7. willisss says:

    worst case scenerio…we get Seguin…wow that sucks…..who would want to draft anyone thats been compared to a proven leader and franchise forward like steve yzerman?

    quick break down:

    bruins made the playoffs in a higher seed then then habs

    we scored number 2 overall ( let us not forget number 17 overall as well…this draft is deeper then matt cookes vagina)

    to be honest, thats all i really needed this season. a playoff spot and a solid pick

    bring it

  8. Bruins says:|NHL|home

    Good stuff. Chia says that he’s seen Seguin play all three forward positions and he’s seen Hall play both wings.

    From what he said, he isn’t trading that pick unless it’s trading up to first, and there’s no chance of picking anyone else other than Hall or Seguin.

    Also, it seems he might favour Seguin a bit from what he said. He says he looks like a Stamkos/Pat Lafontaine mix. He’s compared Hall to Parise before. Either way I’m stoked.

    Great time to be a B’s fan.

  9. Jefe77 says:

    And Chiarelli is still a bad GM, or is he now the same genius some Bruins fans have recognized since signing Z and Savvy…..?

    Lets hear it.

    • Bruins says:

      I’ve maintained that he’s one of the best GM’s in the league. He had a couple questionable resignings, but you can’t really blame him for it. Thomas was coming off of 4 great seasons and most recently a vezina. Wideman was looking great at the time, and he did great his first year of the contract. The Lucic signing will be fine once Looch regains his form fully next year.

      Other than that he’s had some of the best signings you can find in Z and Savvy and the resignings of Krejci and Tuuk. His drafting and trading record speaks for itself too, with the Versteeg trade the only one that doesn’t look so hot. His two deals with Toronto alone would be enough to solidify him as a great GM.

      • dn45 says:

        what about ryder? 4 mil should bring in a legitimate goal scorer. He has had great signings, but ryder may be one of the worst for that price tag. plus i think chara is overpaid/overrated.

      • pearson says:

        hindsight is 20/20 on ryder. we would all have to agree that it was a pretty good signing when it happened. everyone was saying how he had a couple high-goal scoring seasons under julien in montreal. obviously things dont work out.

        ive criticized pc alot lately and i dont think the draft pick changes my opinion on him much. the kessel trade wasnt even a close trade so we can give him credit on that, but im still a little bummed he didnt go get the needed pieces to put this years team over the top… but we’ll see what happens starting thursday..

  10. G cole says:

    Dam all of this draft stuff is crazy and I just remembered we play buffalo in the playoffs tomorrow!! lol

  11. bruins4eva says:

    i heard that if the bruins make the 2nd round of the playoffs ….savvy could return in the 2nd round

  12. mook says:

    don’t worry…once wideman coughs-up the puck again everyone is going to come-down on PC again.

    “i say we tank”

  13. Loooch says:

    I couldnt resist. Going to games 2 and 5 in Buff.

  14. Loooch says:

    great seats mook. i got row 1 tix for game 5 in section 310. had them a couple times before. pretty much hanging over the balcony. get to watch everyhting break out. game 2 i think im 307, 10 rows back. sooo pumped. 1st & 2nd playoff game ever!!

  15. Richardo says:

    Going to Games 3 and 4… You guys better raise hell up there in Buffalo… How is their arena anyway??

    • Loooch says:

      Oh we’ll be raising some hell!! As for the arena, not a bad seat in the house. There is a bar down the street called Washington Square where we start it off with some beer and the best wings ever, and its usually packed with us rabid Canadian Bruins fans. The only downfall to the arena is all the Sabres fans!! One day I hope to make it to the Garden. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  16. ELWOPPO says:

    U guys are lucky me and BigBadBruins arnt going, Cuz we would end up in Jail for sure!!! U would see us on the 6 O’clock news! Better we watch it on TV! So have fun guys and dont take shit from no Sabre fans!!!

    • mook says:

      nah hsbc arena is full of families, no idiots…a VERY different experience from what we get in toronto. the crowds there are great and the beer is cheap.

  17. #4 says:

    You guys shoud enter im in it free stuff is free stuff!

    MY picks are
    Wash over MTL in 5
    Pitts over OTW in 6
    Bos over Buf in 6
    PHI over NJD in 7

    Avs over SJ in 7
    DET over PHX in 6
    VAN over LA in 6
    Chi over NSH in 4

  18. Bruins4life 13 says:

    this draft looks similar to the ovechkin/crosby draft either way this draft could change the team for a long time

  19. willisss says:

    whos meeting me at sullys before game 4 to tie one off?

  20. BearsBB says:

    fuck the pens and devils

  21. Bruins says:

    Fleury is trash. The Pens will do nothing with him in net.

  22. da wreck says:

    Ovechkin and Crosby were drafted in separate years.

  23. mita says:

    ohh man i really hope they dont pick cam fowler cuz we do not need a DEFENCE!!!!!

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