Bruins Receive 2nd Overall Pick!

All the months of talk and hope, the Bruins got what they needed, a top 2 pick!

The Bruins will end up with either Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin.  More to come.


14 Responses to Bruins Receive 2nd Overall Pick!

  1. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    Just watched it. Glad to see they stayed in the # 2 slot and didnt drop to 3. Burke said he wasn’t goint to watch lol, i bet he was flicking back and forth cursing the kessel trade ha ha

  2. Nick says:

    this is huge for our franchise….I dont care at all who edmonton ends up picking because both kids are studs and are significant upgrades over kessel…..beautiful!!!!

  3. Dallasmith says:

    Couldn’t have been better. All pressure on Edmonton. No second guessing B’s pick. No move at deadline pays off in long run. We’ll take Toronto’s #1 next year too. Dare we say this could light a fire under a few boys Thurs. in Buffalo. Play hard boys, the future is coming fast. WWWWOOOOOOOOOO!

    • North B says:

      Yes, pressure is all on the Oilers to decide between Hall and Sequin.. Chia can sit back and relax.. Perhaps he could call the Oilers GM and fuck with him a little before draft day..


  4. ELWOPPO says:

    Obviously I cannot stress to all of you guys here how “HUGE” that lottary pick was….The Leafs just handed us a superstar in the making!!! If its Hall he’s gonna have to change his number! Another good piece of news is that Chiarelli annouced today that Should the Bruins make it to the 2nd round, Savard may make a return to the lineup!!!!!!!

  5. Birdman2403 says:

    Hall is a Bruins fan and what we need…a winger ! Seguin is what the Oilers need…a centre to play with Eberle ! Win-win, perfect !

  6. Pearson says:

    Cheers everybody!

    Hope everyones growing the playoff beards

  7. BearsBB says:

    i hope the oilers take seguin i really want hall

  8. ccm says:

    i want hall too…i really hope edmonton takes seguin

  9. Wil39 says:

    I’m just glad that Hall or Seguin will be playing for the Bruins. Like Chiarelli said, either way an impact offensive forward will be coming to town. Both seam like kids with good heads on their shoulders from the VS. coverage.

  10. Bruins says:

    Chiarelli on having second overall pick: “I’ll be keeping this pick. If anything, I’ll try and move up.”

    Good news. I personally wouldn’t even trade up. I prefer the second pick to the first. Less pressure on the guy picked at no. 2, along with the organization, and no.2 will have more to prove. They are too close to separate.

  11. Mack Arnold says:

    Just saw the Kane v. Cooke… I like him, I want him on our team… I don’t care if it was a lucky punch or how he plays hockey… he’s good in my book!

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