Your Dream Bruins Offseason Version 1.0

Obviously there will be many of these, but let’s start out now.

Draft Taylor Hall 2nd overall

Draft Jeff Skinner 17th overall

Draft Kirill Kabanov 32nd overall

Trade Michael Ryder, Andrew Bodnarchuk, Mikko Lehtonen, 2011 1st round pick, 2011 2nd round pick (Minnesota) to Calgary for Jarome Iginla.

Trade Tim Thomas and a 2011 4th round pick to the St. Louis Blues for Brad Boyes.

Trade Matt Hunwick to the Phoenix Coyotes for a 2011 3rd round pick.

Re-sign Johnny Boychuk to a 2 year, 1.9 million dollar deal (.95 per)

Re-sign Blake Wheeler to a 3 year, 6 million dollar deal (2 per)

Re-sign Mark Stuart to a 3 year, 5.4 million dollar deal (1.8 per)

Re-sign Vlad Sobotka to a 1 year, 850k dollar deal.

Re-sign Daniel Paille to a 1 year, 1 million dollar deal.

Re-sign Shawn Thornton to a 1 year, 500k dollar deal.

Re-sign Dennis Seidenberg to a 3 year, 9.9 million dollar deal (3.3 per).

Sign Martin Biron to a 1 year, 1 million dollar deal.

Re-sign Zdeno Chara to a 8 year, 40 million dollar extension (5 per) 9,9,6,4,4,3,3,2

Re-sign Patrice Bergeron to a 7 year, 28 million dollar extension (4 per) 4,5,5,6,3,3,2






47 Responses to Your Dream Bruins Offseason Version 1.0

  1. mattg says:

    Seems so easy and so hard all at the same time.

  2. Bruins says:

    Thomas to PHI for Gagne.

    Ryder for a pick.

    Resign Seidenberg, Stuart, Wheeler, Recchi, Sobotka, Boychuk, Mcquaid, Thornton, and sign Brent Johnson.

    Draft Seguin at 2, Forbort at 17 (or trade up a bit to get him), and Skinner at 32.




    • TheBellEnd says:

      seguins a natural center…dumb to place him on the wing

    • bruins4stanley says:

      sign brent johnston obviously you dont read the sports articles or watch any of the channels do you because pittsburgh signed him to a 2 year extension but thanks for trying

      • Bruins says:

        wow relax buddy. i dont really care if it’s johnson or sabourin or whoever. any random goalie will do.

        and it’s johnson, not johnston but thanks for trying

  3. vince_m says:

    Will Recchi be back next year or is he retiring? I thought this was his last year.

  4. willisss says:

    i like allot of what you said…but not the Hunwick deal. nor so i think mikko should be traded. i am however loving the biron signing as well as the thomas for boyes…but once you said this is v1.0. there is so much off season to be factored in, however i want to do nothing but focas on this years playoffs. weird things happen during these months and i cant wait to watch it.

    hunwick really deserves more credit then everyone gives him

    • bruins4eva says:

      would rather see them bring in alex auld again


      the last three to four weeks hunwick has been playing awesome i don’t know why you want to trade this guy i would rather see them trade wideman i know it wont happen because of what he makes but i can always dream.

  5. willisss says:

    side note, Hall is going 1st overall. no question about it

  6. BearsBB says:

    hope chiarelli looks at this site haha…i know hall is a great talent and i want him on the bruins, with that said i am not sure why the oilers would take hall, they have some decent forwards and no centers.

  7. Bruins says:

    Chiarelli said he’s seen Seguin play all three forward positions and he’s seen Hall play both wings. No worries about positions.

  8. #4 says:

    Woah blowing it up for igilna huh??

    If we have Savard-Chara-Igilna on the team that right there is 3 superstars very nice. Then bergeron-krejci-hall-lucic-boychuck are all rising stars. That I would say cup soon enough rocking that roster.

  9. #4 says:

    I wathced the Sens-Pens game last night. Watching the sens play I began to root for them like they were the B’s. I dont know if its because the Sens play a similar game, or because I hate the PENS wwith a passion but id love ottowa to win that series!

    Sens 5 Pens 4
    PHI 2 NJD 1
    PHX 3 DET 2
    COL 2 SJ 1

    A pretty surprising opening night if you ask me. I predict that the PENS and Detroit will bounce back in there series but SJ is deffinatly sinking like the titanic!

  10. mook says:

    nice post but…um…aren’t we in the playoffs RIGHT NOW?

    • #4 says:

      so you dont watch any games except the bruins? Im scoping the future competition the B’s are going to go far this year methinks..

      Every things allready been said about the game tonight;


      Bos defense has a bunch of injuries, but the young core is playing good so thats a real question for tonight. Boychuks going to come up huge he can cover ovechkin 1-1 he can play anyone in the nhl.

  11. Bruins46 says:

    Looks like this wouldn’t be the frst Taylor Hall to play for the Bruins, if we do get him that is.

  12. kman says:

    Maybe not the first Taylor Hall to play for the Bruins, but possibly the first to get a point for the Bruins?

  13. G cole says:

    That’s pretty interesting, would all of those trades/signings actually fit under the salary cap?

  14. #4 says:

    Re-sign Johnny Boychuk to a 2 year, 1.9 million dollar deal (.95 per)

    id give Johnny more 1.25/year

  15. Michael Ryan says:

    This dream unfortunately dies when edmonton takes hall…but i wouldn’t mind seguin on that front line either

  16. Andy says:

    We gotta be realistic here, Matt. Although the picks are nice, I don’t think there’s ANY way Calgary takes that package. Plus, Ryder’s deal is done after next season anyway. Personally, I’d rather see Wideman go b/c we’re on the hook for another 2 years.

    I also agree that you can’t trade Hunwick b/c he is really starting to show signs. Definitely have to keep Boychuk – he could be a steal! I like Paille over Sobotka and you have to re-sign Stuart. However, I think I might let Wheeler go. He’s too inconsistent and I could understand his rookie year last year, but now he’s got 2 yrs in the league and it appears he’s a 15-20 goal, 35-40 pt scorer. Not worth $3 mil.

    Before you even think about re-signing Chara or Bergy (or an Iginla trade), you have to unload Thomas. I personally like the Gagne proposal. He makes $250k more than Thomas, but he’s an UFA next year (if you re-sign Gagne, he basically washes w/ Ryder being a UFA and has more upside).

    Finally, I would NOT give Chara or Bergy any more than a 4 yr deal MAX. I’m not convinced Chara’s the leader to take this team to a Cup (ala Jumbo Joe) and Bergy is injury-prone…

  17. Andy says:

    As for the draft, I also think EDM will take Hall. Here’s why – Seguin is DONE w/ his season (knocked out by Hall’s Spitfires). Meanwhile, Hall is still playing and possibly for the Memorial Cup.

    Basically, more exposure for the Oilers to fall in love with him…

  18. BearsBB says:

    i hope to god the bruins don’t trade this pick, unless it is to #1, on rumors it says the bruins may trade the pick to the likes of florida if the price is right!!! Question is what kind of deal would chiarelli be dumb enough to accept this to trade the pick away?? I feel sick to my stomach, please someone tell me this won’t happen!!

    • G cole says:

      Probably a defenseman like usual. Let’s hope not, if anything someone who can score fucking goals like the real problem is

  19. ELWOPPO says:

    2nite We SMASH!!!!

  20. mook says:

    Neither the Sabres nor the Bruins can claim scoring as their strength, but Buffalo still has a considerable edge on offense in this series. Combine that fact with the way Miller has played this season and the Sabres head into this opening-round series as a clear favorite.
    Yet, Boston won four of the six regular-season meetings between the clubs and the Bruins have also claimed five of their seven all-time playoff encounters against the Sabres.
    Game 2 of this series is set for Saturday afternoon in Buffalo.
    The Sabres were 25-10-6 as the host this year, while Boston had a solid 21-13-7 record as the guest.

    If the Bruins dominated the Sabres in the regular season, they both suck with offense and goaltending are both top-notch, how are the Sabres the CLEAR favourites? Not to mention the Bruins are the all-time heavyweight champions of matinee games…
    OK i shouldn’t get mad because the person who wrote this article is not a Bruins or Sabres fan…BUT had they done 5 minutes of reasearch and not just looked at the standings this article wouldn’t suck nuts the way it does. Oh, and I see we forgot about Miller taking a shit right before the olympics…and the way the Sabres eased into the playoffs 5-5-0.

    bruins in 6. suck it. fat-ass bob mackenzie is gonna eat a whole baker’s dozen after this one.

  21. mook says:

    interseting stat courtesy of sportsnet:

    bruins only had a full roster (no injuries) for 6 games all season.

    the bruins–despite all the bullshit–have had a tremendous season. regardless of how they do in the playoffs. having said that…the playoffs is a different season. we got great goaltending, solid defensive systems and a “surprising” offense. sabres are dead in the water.

    • Bruins says:

      Those 6 games were the first 6 games as well, and that’s when Krejci was playing like shit because he came back too soon from his hip surgery. So basically we have never iced a full roster this year.

  22. #4 says:

    Dumped on class early tonight boys!

    I take school seriously but nothing comes between me and my B’s when it comes playoff time!!

    Tequila when I get home I think so
    Beers in cooler+ice(Livin the highlife)
    Joints Pre-Rolled and ready to go

    ARE YOU READYYYYY!?!??!?!?!?!

  23. Joe says:

    First, why would you get rid of Hunwick over Wideman. Hunwick has been huge, especially at the end of the season. I know this is your dream scenario, but I think it is a no brainer to keep Hunwick. Also, Let go of Stuart, injury has hurt him and I think that Mcquaid should step up soon. Second, As much as I want Iginla, I don’t think it will happen because of cap space and he is getting older. While the age adds experience, I just can’t see it happening. Go for Simon Gagne, I think he is a better option and will cost less while provding us with scoring. Third, sign Boychuck and Wheeler to longer deals. They have helped us a lot. 4th. Where is Recchi. He needs to come back. He never slumps and he should come back because he is the behind the scenes player that the Bruins need. Lastly, I think Caron or another minor leaguer should get a spot for that last spot.

  24. Bruins4life13 says:

    honestly get rid of thomas even for a 4th pick if we have to and use that space to get a scorer like brad boyes or somethin

  25. craigga says:

    The unfortunate thing about your idea’s (Which I like ) is that It would put us over the current cap by 4 Million and that very cap is expected to go down. The one thing I would change is forget Boyes and keep Recchi. Move Thomas to late draft picks to dump his contract. Also find it hard to believe anyone is going to take Ryder. Might have more luck moving the other waste of space Sturm.

  26. BosBrn77 says:

    What if??

    I was thinking today…. who and/or what would you trade to Edmonton to get the first overall pick…. and still keep the second? I know I’m dreaming, but I’ve heard that Edmonton would listen to offers. Can you imagine Seguin AND Hall in Boston??

    • BearsBB says:

      edmonton wouldn’t have any fans left if they did that sort of trade…edmonton would probably want our top 3 players to even think about trading it (savard, bergeron, and chara)

      • BosBrn77 says:

        They have fans now? LOL

        I heard they would listen to offers. I doubt it would take all three…. even two. But it would be a hug package!

  27. Jonovision says:

    all hail the mighty SATAN! it took a supernatural being to beat miller.thats the pp goal thats gonna get Ruff to many men on the ice.reminds me o Grapes.

  28. Monaco says:

    I would send to

    EDM- Bruins 1st round ( not from the leafs)
    Leafs 2nd round pick 2010
    Leafs 1st round pick 2011
    David Krecji

    Bos-Edm 1st pick 2010

    Edm fans would go nuts if they dont get back a good name brand player in the trade, but lets be honest Hall or Seguin isnt going to help this team, and 3 picks and Krecji seems should give them something to think about. But to be honest the Oilers probably are taking Hall because they already have a great C in Eberle and Hall and him played together at the world juniors and did great together.

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