Game 1

Here is the expected lineup:










128 Responses to Game 1

  1. Pearson says:


  2. G cole says:

    Man what the hell is the offense waiting for??? PLAY! atleast try to score..

  3. ry.boychuck says:

    what the fuck is wrong with lucic…drop your gloves

  4. ELWOPPO says:

    Bad period……….Better make up for it in the second!!! Lots of hockey yet!!

  5. BearsBB says:

    drop the gloves??? they’re down 1-0 why take a major, its the playoffs, wrong time to become macho

  6. Birdman2403 says:

    The B’s are not skating….too much standing around. Hunwick looks brutal so far…..Lots of time !

  7. mook says:

    the ice looks slow and choppy

  8. G cole says:

    What the hell is this bullshit with the bruins getting outhit and out played???

  9. ry.boychuck says:

    when that douche steve montador has already dropped his and calling you out, i think a couple extra minutes for a power forward who isnt scoring would be ok…did you not see that

  10. BearsBB says:

    buffalo would take that matching penalty anyday…come on man, montador is no where near as necessary as lucic.


    MY BOY

  12. G cole says:

    Let’s give vanek a few more odd man rushes eh? GOD DAM stop plying with fire

  13. BearsBB says:

    how tight are the nets in buffalo?? that shot by rivet didn’t even move the net and fired back as hard as the shot was

  14. G cole says:

    Il be surprised if they can pull this one off.. Hope I’m wrong though..

  15. willisss says:

    who says wideman cant jump

  16. ry.boychuck says:

    thats some great rationale BB, good job

  17. ry.boychuck says:

    they’re playing hard hit two posts, and theyre powerplay looks the best it has since savy went down.

    …i like where theyre at

  18. JRy says:

    If they don’t fire Jack Edwards after this year I’ll be ripshit.

  19. BearsBB says:

    refs ruined a good game

  20. willisss says:

    fuck. my. shit.

    drinking until i black out. see you guys tomorrow

  21. BearsBB says:

    2 penalties in last 6 mins. tough to get any momentum

  22. Gulbickus says:

    Tough game. Shitty refs, hometown calls. I like the way everyone played. I think we can come back Saturday and win.

  23. BearsBB says:

    that wideman penalty was so delayed that i am convinced that ref figured that it was in buffalo so he should call it….he was looking right at it and then raised his arm when roy was getting up.

  24. da wreck says:

    Can someone explain to me how Patrick Kaleta goes off free after boarding Blake Wheeler, while Chara gets called on a similar play for boarding? In the 2nd period Kaleta blatantly trips Adam McQuaid, knocking him on his ass with no call, but Wideman gets 2 for that “trip” in the 3rd?

    Call penalties all game for all I care, but some consistency would be nice. Brutal refereeing.

    • Bruins says:

      Awful reffing as per usual. What a joke. Yeah the trip was as clear as day too. THe refs seem to have it in for the B’s this year.

  25. backbruin says:

    Besides some horrible calls i felt we played through them and outplayed the gaybres the last two periods….As mad as i normally get i feel a sense of peace after that loss like we will be ok!!!

    We own the gaybres and showed it again tonight…they had two chances to be honest and we made to mistakes…we will be ok and i guarantee a bruins win game 2!~

  26. backbruin says:

    made two* mistakes

  27. Bruins says:

    It’s pretty sweet to see that Tuuk didn’t let the pressure get to him (not like I expected it to). I was watching all of his interviews before the game and everyone kept going on about how much pressure was on him going up against Miller. To let in a goal very early in his playoff debut and keep it cool is pretty damn impressive for a rook.

    Good overall energy from the team after the BS call on Chara and the ensuing scrum. Miller is awesome but we were getting pretty unlucky with our opportunities.

    Oh, and someone has to take Kaleta out of the series. He’s a pain in the ass cheapshot artist that will end up injuring one of our guys if we don’t take him out first.

  28. #4 says:

    AWFUL REFFING! Jesus christ….

    I dont mind when Reffs calll everything or call nothing as long as its one or the other… I guarentee you all that if the B’s had started that scrum after the hit on wheeler(if the Refs actually gave a penalty to BUFF) That the B’s wouldve been down like 5-3 because that…

    But no BUFF pussies do it and the refs give a no-man misconduct penalty to keep thier man advantage BS ALARM WEEEWOOOWEEEWOOOO!!!! Sabres Cock up there ass and montreal jersey’s on under the reffing equipment last night..

    Going to play pick up hockey PISSED today!

  29. #4 says:


    The B’s Looked really good Particularly the
    Sturm Krejci Satan
    Lucic Sobs Ryde

    Lines They need to win game #2 because this series is only going to be won by the B’s if they steal a game or 2 in BUFFALO lets go b’s on saturday!!

  30. mook says:

    AM640 sports said the NHL will be talking to the refs before Saturday’s game.

    Apparently both the Sabres and the Bruins made complaints about the officiating…
    (you have to admit, the bruins got away with some stuff too, not to mention the complete loss of control of the game).

    • pearson says:

      yea, agreed. i think the b’s got away with some stuff as well. when the officiating is that questionable its tough to lose a game 2-1.

      that whole issue with chara in the 1st was redic! imagine if he scored on that wrister? oh man…

      i think the team looked good though. i wasnt that upset with the loss. i think ryder looked better and showed little glipses that he might be out of his funk.

      satan looked good too.

      if there was anyone to blame for that one its ryan miller hahah

  31. ELWOPPO says:

    I didnt see Millar make 1 great save the whole game!!! Rask made the more dificult saves and stole the show if u ask me! Miller didnt do Fuck all! Ya we outshot them but dont kid yourself 95% of those shots were not great scoring chances! Buffalo’s defence is GREAT!!! Thats why you never see us with breakaways,2 on 1’s or 3 on 2’s cuz thier VERY disiplind team!! Need to get traffic in front of him and have good board play cuz Buffalo does not give up any odd man rushes, Thats just the way it is!!

  32. mook says:

    we beat miller 3 times last game…just were a few fractions of an inch away off the post.

    don’t worry…if my gut is right, bruins will STOMP the sabres on saturday, then i’m going to get jumped in the parkinglot.

  33. Bruins4life13 says:

    were gunna get em next game 3-1 win
    lucic,bergeron and ryder will score for us

  34. Bruins4life13 says:

    it might have been a mistake starting rask a little too much pressure i might give thomas the nod next game just to get tuukka hungry for a start
    also i think wheeler should be scratched and trent whitfeild takes his place
    if only the injuries werent always plaguing boston we might have had a legit shot at the cup this year that and if we could score some goals
    my prediction bruins lose to buffalo in 7 games

    • BearsBB says:

      absolutely fucking not dude its the playoffs!!! it’s not the time to get guys hungry on the bench, if the bruins go down 2-0 this series is pretty much over, they aren’t exactly a power house at home

    • Loooch says:

      ya, great idea. sit the #1 goalie in the league to make him “hungry”. and then predict a sabres win. worst post ever. go away.

    • Loooch says:

      ugh, im not done. maybe its bc I’m a goalie myself, but comments like that piss me off. WE SCORED 1 GOAL. Not going to win many games scoring 1 goal. Last night was the same story its been all year. Solid D and tending, no offence. Plus a few brutal calls. Seriously, no more posts from you.

    • #4 says:

      Wow how bout not??

      Like looch said sit the Best Goalie coming off a 94% SV and 2GA game?? seriously?

      Then you predict Buffalo winnig in seven…. IF it wasnt for some questionable reffing/3 Posts that game coulda been easily Bos 4,5 Buf 2 so expect to see rask in net on saturday.

      Wheeler looked ok he ran into Miller once the only bruint to do so. Is going to come easier for the bruins tomoro Im going to say Bos 4 buff 2 tomorrow

    • Bruins says:

      lol wow

  35. mook says:

    did tuukka make a mistake or something?

    • BearsBB says:

      apparently to bruins4life13, he wants to put in thomas because he will be able to handle the pressure?? More so than tuukka.

  36. Birdman2403 says:

    I say B’s 3-2 tomorrow ! If not….they are done in 5 !

    They have to be physical right away, I thought they took the first period off in game 1. A few bounces and a few calls….could have been a different game.

    Look for Ryder to FINALLY do something !

  37. Bruins says:

    If San Jose chokes again maybe the Thornton experiment will be over. We should put together something for him, maybe something like:

    Sturm, Ference, Weller, Fallstrom and a 2nd in 2011

  38. BearsBB says:

    if there is one guy who shouldn’t be allowed to talk about the bruins, it’s gary tanguay…im listening to him on sports tonight right now and u would of thought they lost 5-1…i wish he would just keep doing his celtics pre-game show and wearing his big 3 pj’s at night, and stop acting like he knows anything about sports

  39. da wreck says:

    Game 2:

    Rask in net: Close game either way.

    Thomas in net: 5-1 Sabres.

    I love Tim Thomas don’t get me wrong, but he’s fighting the puck way too much this season to throw him into the playoffs 1 game in.

    Rask made 30 saves also. The first goal was an absolute sniper’s goal, and the second he was screened. He played a good game. Definitely enough to give the Bruins a chance to win.

  40. BearsBB says:

    kind of hypocritical pen’s fans eh? They are booing sutton for a clean head on hit…haha

  41. jimmy50 says:

    FUCK 1PM GAMES. People do work on the weekends you know!

  42. mook says:

    See you in buffalo! i’ll be sitting 1st row in the upper deck right behind tuukka.

  43. da wreck says:

    I’ll be sitting 1st row in my Dad’s basement. You’ll probably hear me screaming from there.

  44. G cole says:

    My god did they talk about anything but Ryan miller this pregame show?! I understand he’s good but let it go! There’s two full teams to talk about

  45. G cole says:


  46. BearsBB says:

    hey begin decided to finally screen a goalie…too bad it was tuukka, and the buffalo fans should give up the tuukka chant, it lasts for about 10 seconds

  47. G cole says:

    Who are these bums these arent te bruins! Bruins don’t get outplayed, outhit and not respond back at all

  48. go b's says:

    how many times does chara want to get burnt this period?

  49. mattg says:

    ugh, refs are determined to decide this series, just let em play

  50. G cole says:

    Yea there you go let myers just casually
    skate into the goal on tuukka!! What the fuck!!! FLATTEN HIS FUCKING ASS! Don’t let him just do whatever he wants anymore

  51. BearsBB says:

    series is over my friends…

  52. G cole says:

    If they’re gonna lose atleast kick their ass! Don’t just sit back and take their hits and goals.. Bullshit

  53. mattg says:

    one down, 21 to go

  54. go b's says:

    chara needs to stop being a bitch and take that cage off

  55. G cole says:

    The way everythings going just makes me pissed off to be a fan on this team.. If someone doesn’t flatten Tyler myers Il be pissed, this kids just gettig space and time to do whatever he wants

  56. G cole says:

    This offense is a fucking joke…

  57. BearsBB says:

    bruins should sign goldberg and put him in net, and then have him shoot knucklepucks from the blue line

  58. Birdman2403 says:

    Brutal effort in a must win game ! Were Chara and Lucic out drinking all night ???

    Fucking joke…..same story, no intensity ! Rask awful secong goal. They don’t even make Miller do anything….every fucking shot at his chest !!

    This team pisses me off ! I know we can’t score but, PLAY WITH SOME FUCKING BALLS AND HIT SOMEONE !

  59. BearsBB says:

    i wish they were a little better at home this year, then i wouldn’t be so worried, but they were better on the road this year and look how they’re playing

  60. justaguy says:

    someone should tell these retards that its the playoffs and not fucking pre-season. sturm is a waste of space, that whole line is the shits. whatta joke

  61. G cole says:

    If a sabre doesn’t get knocked out this game il be disappointe (knocked out from a fight or hit not an injury)

  62. Andy says:


    Turnover-prone, can’t make an outlet pass – or tape-to-tape, for that matter, couldn’t put the puck on net if it were spread across the entire goal line!


    • #4 says:

      Dude wideman played an ok game not terrible at all wtf are you saying?

      • WARDOFTHERINGS says:

        did you watch him on the power play where he turned it over like 5 times. beside that though he played below average which is good for him.

      • Andy says:

        OK? Fucking OK?! We pay this guy to be a no. 2 D and you act as if “OK” is good enough in a must-win game?

        What the fuck are YOU talking about?!

  63. G cole says:

    Well this turned into a hell of a game! Thanks for waking up bruins!

  64. Pearson says:

    Hey guys: ryder is alive? And hitting?

  65. Birdman2403 says:

    HUGE !!! CHARA showed up in the 3rd !

    If you scroll back I said B’s 3-2 and RYDER would finally do something !

    Vanek getting hurt and B’s coming home…me likey !!!

  66. #4 says:

    Reading this board id think the B’s lost huge win

    Ryder+CHara+Recchi all playing like beasts

    BEgin and thornton also decided toshow up. Cant wait till they come to boston huge game 3 B’s are winning this series!

  67. Birdman2403 says:

    On TSN all Buffalo fans crying about Boychuk on Vanek ! Calling for suspension for slash ! What a bunch of crybaby pussy’s !

  68. BearsBB says:

    time to get hammered and hibernate till monday night

  69. willisss says:


  70. Andy says:

    Gentlemen – HUGE win. They showed the passion and determination necessary to come back. Let’s just hope that we don’t play at home like we did for the most part during the regular season.

    The need to come out with the same passion in Game 3. It isn’t a “must-win” like today was. However, if they come out guns blazing, the crowd gets behind them, and they end up winning, ALL of the pressure is on BUF, who do not want to go back home down 3-1…

    Gritty, impressive effort in the 3rd boys!

  71. Jonovision says:

    good game B’s,man Chara was on his game today,that Boychuk guy is actually not bad,shoulda cald him up earlier, Woohoo Bergy n Rask n the rest o the gang…even ryder.

  72. da wreck says:

    3 players who were HUGE today:

    Johnny Boychuk: Solid everywhere, and actually tries to hit whenever he has a chance.

    Daniel Paille: Nothing fancy, but great game using his speed to create space and time.

    Zdeno Chara: Rebounded from the mistakes earlier and carried the team. He’s the captain for a reason.

  73. mook says:

    GREAT GAME to be at! Right up until i got pelted with beers…

    • Loooch says:

      beers mook?!?! fuck’n sabre fans. i was gettin chirped hard all day. got pelted with 50/50 tix in the back of the head after the game. haha. it felt good to walk out of there, head held high

      • mook says:

        after the 4th goal, me and a bunch of other bruins fans started a “miiiiilllllleeeerrrr” chant…an old lady threw a beer at us! hahaha fack.

  74. Jonovision says:

    man Luc is lookin spetty sloppy n slow,he has to step it up,way much dingle dangle for krejci,andi dunno whats up wit Ryder scoring 2 goals?.wtf…Big Z? well hes Big Z for a reason gg man awsome!!!B’s in 6

  75. Felger is my Co-Pilot says:

    Could the Bruins put together a package for the 3rd overall pick this year – so they could basically draft Hall/Seguin and Fowler?

    A combination of the 17th pick, Toronto’s 1st next year, 2nd this year, Colbourne or Hammil, etc – Would Florida want to trade out of this spot to get a few more pieces?

    • BearsBB says:

      yeah they could, not sure what your thinking is behind that though, there are a lot of good players in the draft this year so the #17 pick will be a good pick…fowler is described as a good player, but supposedly plays soft at times…and not to mention colbourne and hammil will probably good players for us at some point. Also, very good chance that the 1st next year will likely be in the top 10. Ultimately, a little too much for my liking.

  76. Felger is my Co-Pilot says:

    From what I’ve read the draft next year looks pretty weak – The pick wouldn’t need to be Fowler, it could be Gudbranson or Gormley – Just thinking could/would the Bruins trade back in to the top 5 to draft that young stud defenseman that they need – although the B’s have developed a few defenseman, the pipeline looks to be running dry (For a top tier defensman)

  77. willisss says:

    i hate people that hate jack edwards

    • G cole says:

      I like him most of the time, sometimes he’s just aggrvating, but you gotta love how much he loves the game though

    • JRy says:

      I hate Jack Edwards. He says the stupidest things and half the time has no idea what he is talking about. I hate his voice also and believe Dale Arnold was much better. If I here Jack edwards say someone “dangled” one more time when really he just turned away from the defender in the corner I swear I am going to punch my television.

  78. Gcole says:

    vanek has a high ankle sprain, doesnt sound good for him.

  79. mook says:

    tsn update on savard: should be ready for the 2nd round. is doing “extensive” workouts on the stationary bike.

    • da wreck says:

      That’d be a huge boost for the team. They could get dangerous if he plays anything like his old self.

    • G cole says:

      Would it be worth rushing him back in to play? I don’t think it would be really, as much as I would like to just magically have him back and healthy

  80. guest says:

    If Savy comes back who gets the bench? a month ago it would be #60, but hes been playing great hockey

  81. pearson61 says:

    i just dont know how to feel about savard… with the intensity of a playoff game wouldnt you be worried about him getting knocked back to 3rd grade and ruining next season?

    i think the team just played the best game they have all year, and the line chemistry, and heart is there… id just tell savard thanks but no thanks

    keep in mind we just locked him up long term

  82. Birdman2403 says:

    Bruins 4-3 ! I’m going with Wheeler as the man tonight ! I picked Ryder last game….let’s see !!

    • Bruins says:

      No way Tuuk let’s in 3 again! 3-1 Bruins, Tuuk makes 30 saves, Big Z with 2 assists, Bergie with a goal, Wheels pots one, and Paille puts in the game-winner. He’s been buzzing around for a while now so I think he cashes in.

  83. ccm says:

    I think a little on time on the bench is exactly what Ryder needed. Look at his play since he got demoted to fourth line late in the year. He’s been one of their best players since then. Scoring, grinding in the corners, hitting open ice? This is a whole new Ryder, i’m impressed.

  84. ccm says:

    And by the way you’re right, if Savard comes back you can’t sit Sobotka, he’s been awesome in my opinion and has great chemisty with that third line.

  85. ccm says:

    And by the way you’re right, if Savard comes back you can’t sit Sobotka, he’s been awesome in my opinion and has great chemistry with that third line.

  86. ELWOPPO says:

    Marc Savard Skates at TD Garden, Hopeful to Return by Game 5

    Marc Savard, out since March 7 with a Grade 2 concussion, skated at TD Garden Monday morning and addressed the media with some very encouraging news.

    Savvy was asked if he could play in this series, and if it were strictly based on desire, the Garden would see No. 91 on the ice Monday night.

    “If you’re asking me that, I’d like to play tonight,” said Savard. “I’ve got to be realistic here and take the proper steps. I’m hopeful.”

    According to Savard, “realistic” means that he could be back during the Sabres series if he passes a neuro-psych test, which will be administered on Tuesday. He’ll also need to pass an exertion test. He would then need to get the green light from doctors, of course. The confident yet cautious centerman believes that Game 5 would be his earliest return date, but the Bruins have not set a timetable for such a return.

  87. Whopperfoo says:

    Also savard quoted as saying “I feel unbelievable” and “I feel like my self again”.

    If he clears some tests (physical and neuro-psyc) he said there’s a chance we could see him this series. I say game 6 at home is the one!

  88. #4 says:

    Lets see how game 3 goes before we get our panties in a bundle about savard coming back.

    In playoff hockey every game is more important than other game ever. So the B’s should focus on the task at hand.

    Ryder, Sobs, Krejc, Chara, Boychuck, Rask are playing huge they need to focus on that and keep it up!

  89. pearson61 says:

    i hope im not getting ahead of myself, but wouldnt it be awesome to see savard back possibly in the next round against the pens and completely light up fluery?

    id be down to see him drop the gloves with cooke
    although im not sure how that would turn out…

    • Gcole says:

      wow really, you would want him fresh off a concussion from a cheapshot artist, to drop his gloves and fight him? i believe thats why we have guys like thornton, lucic, chara… so our skill guys dont need to fight people.

    • ennis22 says:

      dont think cooke is dropping them any time soon anyways after getting merked by kane lol

  90. Bruins says:

    All this Savard news is awesome. I agree with Mook that they won’t rush him back unless he’s ready, but I’d still be uneasy to watch him play.

    If he comes back maybe just ease him into it on a bottom line and pretty much exclusively playing him on the PP. Go with something like:


    If Savvy can’t handle that much just move Sobotka back up.

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