Savard skating

According to Joe Haggerty of CSN, Marc Savard skated today. TSN recently reported that Savard has been working out on the bike and may be able to return if the Bruins advance to the second round. Savard has been symptom free for the past 7 days but has missed the past 6 weeks of game action. If the Bruins do advance, expect the Bruins to be very cautious with Savard.


58 Responses to Savard skating

  1. go b's says:

    not worth it, keep him healthy for next year

    • #4 says:

      I agree. Last thing we need is for his return to be a distraction amongst all else. The team has got its groove back as of late.

    • jimmy50 says:

      Really no shit. You wouldnt want Savard out there on the PP right now???

    • go b's says:

      we arnt gunna win the cup, y have him hurt for next year, look how long it took for bergeron to ruturn to top form. Id love to see savard there but u need to be excited about a 100% savard playing with hall or seguin next season

      • go b's says:

        i dont wanna see him out there if we play the pens either, cook hasnt learned his lesson, he was out there again last night with the cheapshots

      • backbruin says:

        well first off i hate when someone says we aren’t going to win the cup so let’s throw in the towel…that statement blows my mind!! Yes it would be a tough tough road, but never say never….secondly the guy wouldn’t play unless he was healthy and a 75% Savard is better then most 100%….

        And thirdly your telling me you wouldn’t want him back against Pitt????lololol

        are you kidding me….he’s not a Faberge egg my man!!!hahahaha

        That would be a huge story line and would give a great spark to this team!!!

        wow, i’m disappointed in everything you said….

        and don’t give me the reality blah blah speech…were bruins fans and i think were playing great hockey and given the chance could do some damage!!

  2. Bruins4life 13 says:

    def not worth it we should rest him and stuart until next year

  3. backbruin says:

    Sounds like he’s better! Also sounds like he’ll be back if this goes 6-7 games?!?

    wow, he sounds and looks night and day better then a week ago!!!

    come on b’s do it for savy

    • Bruins46 says:

      Yea he’s all better. Skated for the FIRST TIME since the injury YESTERDAY. Definitely ready to jump into the tempo of a playoff game. You need to put on a red nose and make your clown status official backbruin. FUCK man.

      • backbruin says:

        Obviously you have no idea how much the playoffs mean to these guys you fkn hump…If you read one of my other posts i mentioned he may be at 75% if he does end up playing but with your post i’m just happy you can type….

        Yes DUDE i understand his injury and how serious it is, but i know if he’s cleared he will want to get out there….

        The guy is what 32-33 years old, do you honestly think with your peanut brain that if the doctors give him the ok that he’ll say na i’ll wait until next year…

        fk man get your pea brain out of your asshole!!

  4. North B says:

    Why the fuck does Wheeler shoot the puck
    like a 12 year old girl?

  5. G cole says:

    Behind again… Whatever they should come back

  6. North B says:

    WIDEMAN!!!! WOW!!

  7. G cole says:

    Ironic how wideman and Ryder sucked ass regular season and now they’re doing pretty
    dam good

  8. Birdman2403 says:

    Sturm is one guy that HAS to do something. He has been invisible for the whole series !!

  9. BearsBB says:

    my god boychuk

  10. mattg says:

    2 garbage calls! ridiculous

  11. Birdman2403 says:

    Sturms call garbage….Ference was the right call. He’s an idiot….stuck his leg out !

    4-0 Caps….Price in !

  12. G cole says:

    I was just gonna say holy shit how haven’t they scored yet?! Nevermind!!!

  13. backbruin says:

    wow howgood was recchi there…the “wreckin ball!

  14. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    lol i love sobotka, this guy has to stay with the bruins. bergy and recchi coming through again.

  15. willisss says:

    good lord…i love this feeling

    resign sobotka to a 27 year contract

  16. ELWOPPO says:

    Thiers a new sherif in town….
    and his name is TUUKKA RASK!!!!
    Im speechless!

    • backbruin says:

      told ya!!!!!!i’ve said this all year and got jumped on….the guy reminds me of patrick roy in his youth….he’s like a hitman taking out a target…and have you noticed how bad the bruins look like they want to win….their all jacked up!

      • Bruins says:

        Agreed. The urgency they’ve been playing with lately just wasn’t there throughout the season. This energy almost seemed to start right after the Bruins “payback” game against the Pens too. Interesting…

  17. mook says:

    bruins can’t get ahead of themselves now…2 more wins.

  18. da wreck says:

    The best part of the whole game: the shot of Savvy in the pressbox with a lip full of chew. Love that guy. Hopefully he’s well enough to make it back.

  19. patrick says:

    got fucked tonite and had to watch it on an alt channel with an MSG feed. Vs got blacked out for me. nothing better than NESN but Vs is still better than listening to those guys on MSG. i loved hearing the crowd chant TUUKA after the organ towards the end of the game. Go B’s!!!

  20. pearson says:

    can someone confirm for me if they sell sobotka or boychuck tshirts in the proshop?

    boychuck has absolutely unloaded on people this series. get that man a long term deal!

  21. pearson says:

    thought you guys would all like this:

  22. Andy says:

    That vid was great! Ok, now, about Savvy, I’m sure most of us played competitive sports – at some level. There is NO way that if the tests say he’s healthy that he is just going to sit out. Savvy wants to be out there more than anything. With Bergy, whose concussion was worse, it was wishful thinking b/c he wasn’t cleared to play, so the decision was obvious. If Stuart and Savvy are cleared to play, the B’s will be cautious, but they will certainly play!

    Another HUGE win tonight, boys (stating the obvious)! Game 4 will be the key to the series. If they can put the same kind of effort in as they did tonight and win, ALL of the pressure is on BUF. Having said that, we all know that doesn’t mean it’s over by any stretch, but I’d much rather be in that position.

    You know who had an outstanding game – RYDER! Where the hell was this guy during the regular season?! He was flying all over the place and could’ve easily had 2 goals. He’s a streaky player, but I like where the streak is heading right now!

  23. #4 says:

    Boychuck the reaper god this kid is nasty. What a friggin hit. That hit basicly broke buffalo’s spirit and Ellis’s collarbone at the same time. B’s win this in 5. TUUUUKKKA

  24. BearsBB says:

    you guys should hear all the same shit talking buffalo fans (prior to the series) after tonight’s game…apparently vanek was going to have a hat trick every game from here on out, and that is why they are now losing the series..HAAHA, oo and tuukka was just straight up lucky (Buffalo fans), hopefully the bruins win this series as quick as possible and then have those degenerates look forward to another bills season

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Tell them, Were missing our top scorer aswell, and also two of our top 4 D man! So…..I think were pretty even wouldnt you agree???

  25. Bzibziak says:

    Ryder and Wideman have been great this series. Both stepping up when needed the most. Lets apoligize for how bad we were to them. They cna be on my team any day!!!Wideman showing he is our number 2 guy!! Way 2 go guys!! Up 2-1 in series
    Cant say enough about Boychick and Sobtaka. Both are amazing. We need them 2 signed for next year!! Im sorry but lucic is over paid for 4 million. he is a 3 million doallr man. Love him but not for 4. what u guys think?

    • Bruins says:

      The way he’s playing right now he’s not, but he will be over the course of his contract (it starts next season). When he’s fully healthy and out there banging and crashing, going hard to the net, scoring goals and fighting, there really isn’t another guy like him in the league.


    PC most important off season re signing BOYCHUCK

  27. Bruins says:

    One of the best games they’ve played all season.

    Ryder was without a doubt the best player on the ice (not named Rask) in my opinion. He’s done a complete 180 since his name was put on the block. No points, but he was all over the place tonight and had the puck on a string.

    Boychuk was a close second. That hit was monstrous and he was always making good plays out there. He seems to have a great knack for getting pucks on net too to create opportunities. I just hope he doesn’t demand too much at the end of the season.

    Sobotka gets my third star for Bruins skaters. Banging and crashing and a sweet feed to Wideman on the first goal.

    Bergeron wasn’t quite his usual self (particularly in the faceoff circle) but big-time players step it up and that’s what he did. Maybe a nod for the Selke tomorrow?

    Recchi, what can you say? 42 year old tossing guys out of the way with his will and determination. Great stuff.

    Rask. Unreal performance. The two highlights were obviously his saves at the end and that other reactionary save in the second I believe. I love how he hasn’t stepped up his game nor regressed in the playoffs. It just goes along with what I’ve been saying about him all along. He’s a machine. He’s going to go out and play near perfect hockey all the time. Outside factors such as pressure just don’t affect him.

    As for the guys that weren’t too hot, I’m going to have to go with Krejci, Lucic and Sturm. Krejci had a couple nice plays but was maing too many mistakes out there. Likewise, I remember a couple good back-checks by Looch, but he just didn’t have a great game. Sturm was his usual self shooting from anywhere right at the goalie. He’s really starting to get on my nerves. You can’t question his work ethic though.

    Let’s get another win in Boston on Wednesday!

  28. Bruins says:

    I’ve been having arguments all year with people about Rask vs. Howard and Halak. I think the playoffs should shut those people up a bit.

  29. #4 says:

    Wideman took like the best shot I think I have ever seen last night. That was a fucking bomb he killed that one timer. Great feed by sobs too.

    Buffalo is relying on these clowns like Grier, and Rivet to score goals it wont last. Thats going to dry up and boston is winning everygame from here out. Do they really think Rivet, or Grier are going to snipe like that ever agaiN???

    Meanwhile Ryder turns into sidney crosby overnight and the B’s look like they are on fire. They light up miller. No other goalie is safe!

  30. Richardo says:

    I’m not hating on the B’s success of late… but Miller still has the ability to steal games!! One game at a time boys..

  31. Bruins says:

    Bergie just got screwed out of a Selke vote. Jordan Staal? Give me a break.

    Player GP Pts +/- ES Pts SH Pts ES TOI/G SH TOI/G PK TOI/GA ES TOI/GA GvA TkA GvA/TkA Net TkA/G
    Ryan Kesler 82 75 1 46 3 14:12 2:39 10:23 19:05 28 83 2.96 0.67
    Pavel Datsyuk 80 70 17 45 0 16:17 0:44 9:56 29:37 73 132 1.81 0.74
    Jonathan Toews 76 68 22 42 4 15:28 1:32 19:31 23:31 24 69 2.88 0.59
    Jordan Staal 82 49 19 41 3 14:08 3:20 9:27 25:46 31 41 1.32 0.12
    Patrice Bergeron 73 52 6 42 2 14:16 1:56 10:05 23:09 19 55 2.89 0.49
    Mikko Koivu 80 71 -2 42 1 15:06 2:10 9:07 21:12 60 55 0.92 -0.06
    Mike Richards 82 62 -2 29 2 14:58 2:09 8:02 23:37 49 42 0.86 -0.09
    Travis Zajac 82 67 22 45 1 15:31 1:48 9:18 30:18 28 51 1.82 0.28
    Marian Hossa 57 51 24 38 6 14:37 1:26 11:42 28:44 24 44 1.83 0.35
    Daymond Langkow 72 37 2 25 3 14:04 2:33 15:23 26:40 36 63 1.75 0.38

    Bergeron basically dominates those stats and he’s not even a player you judge by stats due to all of the little things he does so well.

  32. Bruins46 says:

    Went to the game last night and caught Recchi’s autograph as he was signing sitting in his car for everyone. Had to tell him I respected the hit. He is the man.

    • backbruin says:

      hey fk stick not that i need to justify anything to your tiny brain but what they were saying the other night and what this says i think i was in the realm of possibility with what my earlier post stated…..but i’m not a doctor like yourself so……

      Marc Savard (concussion) skated by himself for a second straight day.

      He will take a neuro-psych test later on Tuesday and if he passes then he will be cleared to resume practices. This could be a big step to Savard returning down the road in the postseason, so stay tuned

      i say second round would be a possibility!!

  33. Bruins46 says:

    Thanks Bozo…oh I mean Krusty…or is it Bubbles? I always get all you clown mixed up!

  34. backbruin says:

    wow that was a lame comeback…………………..

    well i shouldn’t expect something witty now should i.

    I do know you have a fixation with clowns, and guys with bottle coke glasses….

    oh i get it your family works for the’s the bearded lady right!!

  35. backbruin says:

    Anyways now that i’ve wasted my time with monkey lips, did anyone hear how Savard’s neuro-pysch test went?

    • Bruins46 says:

      Poor little backbruin always resorting to childish insults. Looks like your monkeylips are attached to Savard’s nuts.


      This guy is like the host of America’s Most Wanted. UPDATE. Chill bro…we all want Savard back but we’re up in the series in case you haven’t noticed.

      • backbruin says:


        you throw stones first and call me childish????

        All i said was what is true yet you feel the need to be an idiot…

        so i respond which was my first mistake….that’s why you responded the way you did….because once again bruins46 was wrong!!!

        go away, maybe to a Sabres site!!

      • backbruin says:

        Wow you stating the obvious gives us all such a life lesson…..go back and read what i posted dummy….i’ll await your apology!!!

        come on bruins46, be a man for once in your life….i’ll accept it!

  36. backbruin says:

    Savard Update
    The Bruins have released the following update on Marc Savard:
    “On Tuesday afternoon, Marc Savard passed his neuropsychological testing. He will continue to work towards regaining his game shape, and will have a final meeting with Dr. Kelly McInnis at MassGeneral Hospital before being cleared to play in games. There is no date or time line scheduled for this meeting.”

    “Yeah, I’m getting my wind back still, but head-wise, everything’s clear,” said Savard. “So like I said today I’ve got that neuropsych test and that’s the next step I guess.”

    The B’s center said that he had upped the intensity of his workout.

    “Oh yeah, for sure,” he said. “I went 40 minutes today and I didn’t do any stops and starts yesterday. I did some stops and starts today and felt pretty good.”

    Savard was asked if he would be back for this first round series against the Sabres.

    “I mean that’s always the hope you keep,” said Savard. “Like I said, and I’ve said it before, I’ve got to be realistic here. When I’m 100 percent, condition-wise and mentally positive that I can do this, I’ll be ready to go.”

  37. Bruins46 says:

    UPDATE from Savard’s personal secretary once again! Thanks for the novel! Now stop pulling your tiny prick and watch the rest of the series you dumb shit.

  38. MURNL says:

    Lots of traffic tonight in front of the net, get the 1st one! Finish them off, i expect a big game from Lucic tonight!

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