Some Notable Players

First off, went to game 3 and going to game 4, and my god was the Garden rocking.  I’ve been to the NBA Finals back in 08, but I have to say, this was up there as one of the best atmosphere’s I’ve been a part of.  There is nothing better than playoff hockey.  Hockey is such a fast pace game back and forth, unlike any other spot.  Possession can change in seconds and it’s the best sport to watch.

Vlad Sobotka- I was never a fan of this kid, and never understood why people in Providence loved him, but I can see it now.  He is so strong on his skates, an while I pictured him as a grinder, he is a good playmaker, as seen by his pass with Wideman.  He has been probably the best center this playoff’s for the B’s.

Michael Ryder- Where has this guy been?  Absolute beast the past few games, and while he didn’t score game 3, he was strong on the puck and his line with Wheeler and Sobotka has been great.  He is shooting more and creating more scoring chances.  He’s looked like a 4 million dollar player.  He steps up his game in the playoffs.  I still want to get rid of him this offseason, but I’m starting to change my mind.

Tuukka Rask- Kid’s a boss.  I thought he could go Carey Price on us in the playoffs, but he’s been strong.  He’s given up a few softies, but also made some spectacular saves.  For his first playoffs, I like what I see.  He is composed and shrugs stuff off.  Whenever you think he is rattled, he’ll come up with a huge save.  Kid is the future, no lie.  If he flopped this playoffs, you’d have to wonder if you want to deal Thomas, but so far so good.

Mark Recchi- Bring him back.  Guy has been great in the playoffs.  His play for Bergeron’s 2nd goal was classic Recchi.  Guy is winning the battles and going to the dirty areas.  Love Rex.

Johnny Boychuk- Kid is great.  Booming shot and a physical game.  Hope he returns next season.  He has been playing very well as of late.


109 Responses to Some Notable Players

  1. Loooch says:

    Man, after watching game 3 on TV, I need to be there!! It came off great on TV. The Garden looked rockin. You guys were standing the second half of the 3rd!! Thats awesome!! Such a different team and atmosphere from when they got boo’ed off the ice in the reg season.

    Also, can somebody from Boston chime in here: Some dirty ‘ol Sabre fan asked me during game 2, “How’s that hole in Boston doing?”, to which I replied “WTF are u talking about old man? Sabres suck!!” Does anybody know wtf this old man is talking about??

  2. bruins4eva says:

    savard was cleared to play after taking neuropsych test today… im assuming that if the bruins win game 4 which we know they will lol….savvy wont return for this series but if boston loses then he might come back around game 6 or so…

  3. BosBrn77 says:

    PC HAS to re-sign Boychuk!! This kid was a steal from the Avs! And he would look awesome in a Bruins jersey for a long long time!

    • #4 says:

      The B’s #2 Defenseman NO DOUBT at ALL!

      He plays so well with chara its straight up redic must sign him. Ference gets 2 mil Give Johnny boy 2.5

      • Bruins says:

        if we can get seids back too our backline will be the deepest it’s been in a looong time

        If we could mange this it’d be sick:

        Alexandrov (hopefully if he comes over from Russia)

  4. Richardo says:

    It’s going to come down to choosing two out of Seidenberg, Stuart, and Boychuk… I dont see Seindenberg back unless they have some sort of deal going with Ference or Hundwick… Mcquaid will end up signed and playing for Providence…

    • #4 says:

      It sucks to say but yeah that injury to Sides was real bad for his contract situation. I would take any of

      Ferrence I still dont get that signing. And all those who said it wasnt bad in the first place. If you knew we it could mean no Stuey,JBOY, or Siedes youd never take ferrence!

      • WARDOFTHERINGS says:

        take ferrence over stuart any day

      • #4 says:

        The guy who’s missed a total of 20 games over the last 4years(except this one)
        – Stuart

        Or the Guy whose played a total of 20 games over the last 3 years

        Why take the fabrige egg over the iron man?

      • Andy says:

        WARD – are you fucking high?! Obviously Stuart had a tough go this year, but injury history is far and away longer w/ Ference. Stuart is younger and, ultimately, is captain material.

        Plus, speaking of being high, that’s how Ference looks half the time he is out there..

      • WARDOFTHERINGS says:

        Where do you get this captain material from. The only reason I would take ferrance over seid and Stuart is because 1st ferrance came pretty cheap plays very well in the defensive zone if Stuart or seid signs for cheap for under 3 mil then great I would love to see them back but it probally won’t happen just saying I won’t be angry if they don’t sign them.

      • JRy says:

        I would definitely try to trade ference to sign seidenberg Stuart and boychuk. Stuart is the type of bruin that this town likes to watch. He is a hard-nosed, strong, durable, tough, American defenseman. Not to mention the other day after a game when he was leaving the parking lot he was one of the few who stopped to sign autographs and even took the time to have a conversation with a wide eyed kid who wasn’t over 3 feet tall decked out in all bruins apparel. Sure that has nothing to do with how good of a defenceman he is, but it is an admirable asset to a player you want on your team. Before he was injured, he was an intimidating force from the blue line and was one of the few not afraid to drop the gloves. So without a doubt I would take Stuart over ferrence even with ference’s work with the starving countries.

    • Bruins says:

      I don’t think Boychuk will be asking for too much. Maybe something similar to what Hunwick got (remember how good he was last year), so I’d think $1.5 million max is what boych would get.

      Seids is a bit tougher to tell. I remember seeing an interview with him before this season when he was looking to sign somewhere and I got the impression that security and term were more important than a big money contract on average per year as he just wanted to settle down somewhere. Personally I’m a HUGE fan so I’d be willing to go pretty high for him, but I’d expect something like a 4 year $12 million contract or a 3 year $10.5 million contract.

      Stuart is another tough one. He was injured so much this season which hurts his value but being an RFA he won’t have the upperhand in negotiations like Seids. I’d expect something like $7.5 million over 3 years.

  5. John says:

    If savard plays who comes out of the lineup and what do you think the lines will look like

  6. ELWOPPO says:

    Nevermind all this nonsence…Can someone Please tell me who the Bruins would play next “SHOULD” they beat the Sabres? Pitts or Wash?


    • pearson says:

      it all depends on who else wins. they essentially re-seed the teams so that the top seed always plays the “worst” remaining team.

      i know you said SHOULD, but tread lightly on what you say… 2-1 lead is nice, but theres alot of minutes left to play.

      GO B’s

      • Bruins says:

        it’s looking like it will be caps vs. flyers and bruins vs. pens. we have a shot at facing the flyers if the canadiens win though

    • da wreck says:

      How about let’s just see them finish this series first and worry about whatever happens later. There’s still lots of hockey left in round one.

    • BearsBB says:

      did no one learn from last year…worry about this series first!

  7. #4 says:

    Yupp Big BIG Game tonight!!!! Series defining moment here. Bos needs to score first for a change!!

    Chara Sturm Satan All score tonight!
    3-1 Boston
    Rask with 30+ Saves again

  8. #4 says:

    Really your just hopping on the Sobotka wagon now?? Hes been great all this year and last. So what if he skates kind of like a goon, and gets his head taken off every other shift. Kid plays like he gives a damn and makes some really nice plays especially carrying the puck or forechecking in the offensive zone.

    Me and my friend always compare how we played in our Mens League game to bruins players. Im always Boychuck/Bergeron(If I play O or D) and my boy is always Sobotka they skate exactly the same and play it too! Crazy wierd.

  9. Birdman2403 says:

    The Bruins just need to keep playing nice and steady. Who cares if we score first, obviously it would be nice, but we have been behind in all games and by 2. Both have come from behind and won.

    The major keys are the physical play and good cycles ( time in Buffalo zone ).

    The B’s have a perfect play-off style and need to just keep pluggin’ away !

    Bruins 3-1 in hounour of what the series will be !!!

  10. G cole says:

    No disrespect to savard but don’t bring him back unless they start losing, right now you have lines finally producing and being effective. Bringing him back will mess up lines and him not playing in a while won’t help much.

  11. Bruins says:

    Did anyone see Sobotka in that fight? He was dodging punches worthy of Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin. That was sick! If he added some knockout power a MMA career awaits!

  12. BearsBB says:

    sabres call up “tough guy” cody mccormick haha…i wonder why?? should be interesting tonight

    • Bruins says:

      lol that should help them beat Rask. I know they want to get tougher but what’s this going to do? If he tries to start something, sick Thornton on him. The Sabres are one of the softest teams in the league. One tough guy isn’t going to change much.

      • BearsBB says:

        ruff tried to make it sound like he is going to contribute to the game also haha….side note: ellis (out); vanek (questionable)

  13. COUCOUROU says:

    Any news about Vanek ?

    • pekese says:

      Vanek practiced and is a game time decision.

      • Bruins says:

        I don’t understand how he’s a GTD. I thought he got a high ankle sprain. We all saw what that did to Looch. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as his though.

      • BearsBB says:

        i think they might just be trying to play mind games with the bruins, watching him trying to get off the ice the other day was painful and you think he’ll be good enough to play 5 days later especially when wearing a boot the other day…i won’t be shocked if he’s out for the rest of the series.

  14. Loooch says:

    Vanek is GTD, but is most likely not dressing. Ellis is out. McCormick is in.

  15. G cole says:

    So much for scoring first…

  16. BearsBB says:

    lucic boarding call was pretty bogus…had make-up call written all over it

  17. Birdman2403 says:

    Lucic and Sturm HAVE TO BE BETTER ! The puck is like a bomb on their sticks…they want no part of it. We’ve been down before, no big deal.

    D need to shoot more and harder….fuck going for the tip pass !

  18. G cole says:

    What the hell ever happened to lucic? He’s NOT the lucic the bruins had before this year…

  19. backbruin says:

    well…buffalo scoring chances 1……and it’s in!!!

    they really do nothing all game but seem to cash on their minimal chances!!

  20. Habhater says:

    The Bruins need to skate more and ratchet up the intensity before the opportunity passes them by. More traffic in Miller’s face, more shots and a helluva lot more controlled emotion is needed in the 2nd. Both Kaleta & McCormick have the B’s ticked off and not thinking about the task at hand.

  21. Cartman says:

    I agree. The B’s time and opportunity to beat the Sabres & advance to the next round starts right now in this game. They cannot give the Sabres hope.

  22. G cole says:

    Digging themselves into a big hole… SCORE A GOAL!!

  23. mita says:

    holy fuck man, i dont give a shit what some people say, the boston bruins have to fucking trade DENNIS WIDEMAN!!!!!!, in game 4 he deflected another goal in his own net, its like omfg wideman, either block the shot or get the fuck out of the way!!!!!!!!!!

    • da wreck says:

      The whole team is doing that, and it’s driving me crazy. Get down and block the shot or just go for a stick check. That goalie stance type shot block never works.

  24. G cole says:

    I think the games over if they don’t
    score on this powerplay…

    • G cole says:

      Hmm they can’t score once through two periods with three powerplas, how they gonna score twice in the third and hold off buffalo atthe same time…

      • joeyb says:

        G cole youre a disgrace to boston sports and bruins nation. youre a moron! jumping on and off the bandwagon. a 2 goal lead is the most dangerous lead in hockey…proven once again. why dont you start shutting your mouth and watching the games from now on. you know nothing about hockey, you suck, and may God have mercy on your soul…

  25. Bruins says:

    Good to see Wideman back up to his old tricks. Good God he’s been awful, and not just on that beauty tip.

    I’ve been hard on Sturm but he’s playing pretty well out there. Sobotka looks good again. Recchi has been their best player though. Everyone else has basically been invisible.

    Can’t fault Rask on either goal and he’s looked sharp once again.

    I really can’t see them beating Miller tonight. He looks awesome.

    • da wreck says:

      He’ll stop every shot that he sees. Get some traffic in front and drive him nuts.

    • Birdman2403 says:

      I think Sturm, Lucic and Wideamn are SHIT ! Sturm akates fast up the wing and does FUCK ALL with the puck. Lucic and Wideman look like they can’t even skate !

      No emotion tonight like the last games ???

      • joeyb says:

        youre and idiot birdman. why are you talking shit right now? fairweather fan much? youre a joke, and insult to common sense. Besides hunwick, wideman is the bruins second best defensive skater. hes playing well right and punks like you get on his back when he makes an error, but gives no praise when he does something well. As Lucic? hes 21 years old dude, there is always growing pains in developing young players. youre pathetic

  26. mook says:

    poor wideman…

  27. Cartman says:

    Done like dinner!!! Back to the same ole, same ole, cannot score!!

  28. backbruin says:

    where’s krejci been????

    i’M GOING TO GO AGAINST THE GRAIN….if we score in the first 10 minutes we win!!

    sorry but we need a bit of positivity on here!

  29. G cole says:

    Well then il eat my words they scores two in the first 7 minutes… Who saw that coming??

  30. backbruin says:

    About time oh wait i was the only guy on here being positive…cmon boys join in it’s fun!!

  31. G cole says:

    What a fucking save by rask!!

  32. ELWOPPO says:

    If Boston wins ill be shocked!! Definatly will go down in all time victories since ive been a fan!!! But its to good to be true!!! I hope im wrong though!!??

  33. G cole says:

    Come on I have to wakeup in the morning.. Better not be staying up for nothing lol

  34. vince_m says:

    Talk about a nail biter!! Let’s go B’s!!!

  35. BearsBB says:

    somebody should tell wheeler it’s okay to try a corner….the mother fucker tries 5 hole every god damn time without a deke either

  36. backbruin says:


  37. backbruin says:

    i told ya sooooooo boys….keep the faith…you can thank me later!!!

  38. backbruin says:

    fkn ryder with a heads up pass and satan with a skilled finish fkn mmmmmmmmmm

  39. vince_m says:

    Ohhhh LORD! Satan!!!! What a goal!!!

  40. da wreck says:




  42. Bruins says:

    Hahahaha at Rask getting an assist on the game-winner! What a freak of nature!

  43. North B says:

    That is why PC signed Satan! FUCKIN SCORES!!

  44. BearsBB says:

    i just had a stroke

  45. Loooch says:

    Un-fuckin-beleivable!!! What a game!!

  46. COUCOU says:

    WOW !!! insane ! that’s hockey ! 🙂 by the way both goalie was hot ! awsome game !

  47. bruins4eva says:

    alright i was at game 3….and i have been saying this for the last 3 games….FINALLY someone took patience and made a move….MILLER has been coming out way too far….chara had the chance when miller came way out in game 3 and recchi was right there for the tip JUST LIKE the winter classic goal which he scored….thats where i miss Derek Morris….cuz he had such great vision on those plays …let miller come out fake shot and go by him THANKS MIRO your 700,000 came in handy great signing by chia

  48. Bruins says:

    So Timmy in for game 5? I think we need to get Rask hungrier for starts because he just isn’t showing us anything right now…

    • Loooch says:

      hahaha. Where is that dude?? He was so wise. We need some more of his ideas.

    • pearson says:

      is that for real? i cant tell if you’re joking…..

      rask has been unreal and he has been BATTLING the best goalie in the league, and winning. we all know hes been awesome but i feel like tuukka is (deservingly so) now getting the unreal pressure of bruins fans all over the country, and winning, and getting people amped

      this is HUUUUGE for his confidence and theres NO WAY you sit him

      • Bruins says:

        lol yeah I’m joking. I was making fun of someone who said the exact same thing though. Tuukka’s the man.

  49. Edski says:

    What a great game…i thought loooch was gonna finish it early but he HIT miller with the shot…Both goalies played on their heads

  50. Bruins says:

    Tuuk has now earned the new nickname “Superman” after that save. If I was creative I’d probably make a Soulja Boy remix called Crank That Tuukka or something.

  51. Birdman2403 says:

    Awesome come from behind win !!! MILLER and RASK are freaks !!

  52. mook says:

    i say we tank it.

  53. backbruin says:

    Anyone else notice how well Danny Paille played last night…skating and throwing the body in the corners, and winning battles….guess that’s why he took looches spot on bergy’s line!!!

  54. patrick says:

    Superman has arrived in Beantown my friends!!!

  55. Gcole says:

    easily a top 2 game I’ve ever watched, not sure yet how it compares to the “this building is vibrating” game. talk about a DEFLATING loss for buffalo though holy shit, how can they have any confidence left at all after these last three games, giving up leads, and then losing in double overtime where ryan miller was absolutely amazing!

  56. mook says:

    i guess we’re done with seidenberg? thanks for playing 10 games, bro. pack your bags.

  57. ELWOPPO says:

    It would be nice is Looch, Wheeler, and sturm could contribute a little? No goals yet…Come on? Dont get me wrong the rest of the squad have been great but we need contribution from these guys!!We would be that much more dangerous if they did! Also any news on Saavy yet? Or is he done for this series?

  58. G cole says:

    Though there’s no Stuart or siedenberg. This defense seems to be doing just fine! Maybe keep mcquad and let Stuart and siedenberg go?free up some money for something else..

    • Bruins says:

      McQuaid is ok but he’s made me a bit nervous. He really doesn’t play that much anyways though. Adding Seidenberg and/or Stuart would make the defense that much more dominant.

  59. JRy says:

    Savard has been cleared to play this morning he just needs to get back in game shape.

  60. Andy says:

    Savvy skated this morning, is going with the team to BUF (although he’s probably not going to play game 5)and he thinks the doctors will give him clearance for contact tomorrow.

    I say don’t even play him in this series (unless it goes to game 7)

  61. Andy says:

    Gentlemen, love the way that this series is going and someone else mentioned it, FINALLY someone shows some poise with the puck! Great move by THE DEVIL!

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. We, as B’s fans, certainly know that a 3-1 lead is not a series win – vs. MON in 08 and last yr vs. CAR. We’re on the other end of the spectrum, now, but they CANNOT get complacent. BUF is going to be in pure desperation mode and we have to counter that w/ the same grit and passion as they’ve showed these last 3 games…

  62. mook says:

    it’s amazing how quickly jump on and off the bandwagon…

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