Savard cleared for round 2

Marc Savard has been cleared to play in round two of the playoffs. The Bruins will either play Pittsburgh or Philadelphia.

Mark Stuart and Dennis Seidenberg are both expected to miss the upcoming series.


21 Responses to Savard cleared for round 2

  1. 77 says:

    Same blog that says tank the season now writing about round 2 playoffs. Nice call guys

  2. Matt says:

    you people all set tank the season.The bees just knocked off buffalo with there olympian ryan miller one of the best goalies right now. We keep playing team defense and we can make a push for the finals.

    • 77 says:

      you have zero credibility with me.

    • Bruins says:

      Right after Kovalchuk was traded to the Devils you came out with a post saying tank it. Some people agreed but alot of people didn’t so saying everyone said it is wrong.

      I, along with alot of others on here, were waiting for people to hop back on the bandwagon through all of the negative posts on here (tank it, deadline a failure, don’t expect a top 2 pick, etc.). Looks like that time is now.

  3. Bruins says:

    I’m pretty much drooling over the thought of playing the Flyers next round. Boucher (even if he did play well last round)? No Gagne or Carter?

    The human eraser (Chara) and Bergeron’s line should pretty much cancel out Richards. The Flyers have some depth up front but Gagne and Carter out take away from that alot. Although Pronger is capable of the same thing, with Savard back, Sobotka’s emergence, and Krejci and Satan playing like they are, we can roll 4 lines so who does Pronger match-up against? Bergeron’s line? Hell, if Savard gets even close to back to form Bergeron’s line could be our 3rd line this series and focus on checking.

    Carcillo is a marked man by the refs and his shennanigans will be watched closely.

    It would be great to draw the Flyers in round two.

  4. ELWOPPO says:

    Guys whoever we play, We should be confident and have NOOOOOO problem scoring goals on either Boucher or Fleury!!! We just lit up the Best goalie in the league! Also with the addition of Saavy We “SHOULD” be even deeper! But im no physic, So we will see if this magic run can continue!! Im still confident though, For the record!

    • Bruins says:

      I’m confident against either team but I’d prefer the Flyers because Chara will be able to contain one of Crosby or Malkin but not both.

  5. Edski says:

    What are predictions on lines….. do you put savy in between wheeler and ryder and move sobodka down a line and scratch thorton

    • Jefe77 says:

      Scratch Thornton, and I would start playing Savvy with Satan and Looch. He will need physical presence, and a scoring touch, so maybe we get Sturm going playing with Savvy and Looch.

      Flyers this round, a more beat up Pens team in the 3rd round would be preferable, I think.

    • Bruins says:

      The things you can’t break up:


      As good as Sobotka is playing, maybe move him down to the 4th line IF Savard can take on a decent workload. Ultimately, I’d try:


      To be perfectly honest though I’m perfectly willing to move any LW to any line to find the best chemistry as they’ve all been underwhelming so far. I like the idea of putting one of Lucic or Sturm on Savvy’s line.

    • Bruins says:

      As for the PP I’d like to see any of these combos up front for the first PP unit:

      Recchi-Bergeron-Savard (Recchi in front of the net)

      Savard is a beast on the wall.

  6. ry.doyle says:

    i like him on the power play everyday and sunday but i’d start him on the third line first game, too much chemistry right now to break up either of those lines. you drop him to the fourth and scratch begin.

    him with ryder and wheeler…the way that ryder has been playing (with the exception of last night), that could be a real interesting line…especially if wheeler keeps playing like he’s 6’5″ and not 5’2″

  7. ry.doyle says:

    *drop sobotka to the fourth i mean

  8. pearson says:

    im uncomfortable scratching thornton. i think he brings more to the team than what shows up on the scoresheet.

    i would not be opposed to scratching sturm and putting savard on a wing with bergeron and recchi.

    after 2 games scratch thornton and dress a hungry sturm.

  9. Pete says:

    We beat Miller and we didn’t even have Cindy Crosby the guy who single handedly won the gold medal.

    How do we get rid of Ryder?

    • Baltimore Bruins says:

      I agree, I say scratch Ryder and leave Thorty alone on the fourth line, maybe move Paille up. He works his ass off and defends the guys. He definetly brings more to the table than what shows up on the scoresheet. I don’t know, I say that and Ryder will have the series of his life, I just say if there’s a way try and keep Thorty in the lineup.

  10. theteach444 says:

    Sturm and Wheeler are pathetic. Neither one of them can put the puck in the ocean. Last game Wheeler missed not one but TWO open nets. Both guys have a lot of speed but cannot finish. Paille is another guy in the same boat but atleast he can kill penalties. If those two guys ever got hot we would be awesome.

    Go Bruins

  11. fred says:

    agreed sit wheels.

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