Savard the Saviour

Well my predictions fell into place last night.  The Flyers defense got timely goals (Parent and Pronger) and made it a game.  Brian Boucher was a little shaky in net, although he was an absolute beast in OT.  Marc Savard capped off the game with a bullet top shelf, “where momma hides the peanut butter and I hide the pornos.”

A great game all around.  Sucked to see Marco Sturm get injured early in the game.  Looks like he will be out for the season. Although he wasn’t producing, he still was a threat to score.  We will likely see Brad Marchand or Shawn Thornton inserted into the lineup to replace him.

I’ll be headed to game 2, can’t wait.


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  1. G-Rant says:

    Sturm should have been scratched anyway, not thornton. We need his heart and soul. Him and stuart are the guys who fought flyers this year. Welcome back shawn

  2. ELWOPPO says:

    Ya I guess we could use thornton’s physical play but im still pissed that Sturm is out on his first fucking shift!!! Come on…Really??? I doesnt hurt to have our leading goal scorer playing, even if he was off to a bad start!!! Oh well, We knocked out Sabres without Saavy, Im sure we can do without Sturm in this series!!! NO MORE BLOODY INJURIES THOUGH!!!!

  3. Gcole says:

    not to be an asshole but it doesnt seem like a bad thing.. essentially were getting rid of a guy that didnt score or do much last series, getting back savard, and thornton will be back now too! so we really upgraded physically and offensively

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Hope ur right! Im just getting tired of all these silly injuries! Its like were cursed or something? I think we will be fine though, We got alot of depth!!!

    • Jefe77 says:

      The thing is, Marco was still generating chances and really looked like he was ready to break through and post some points. Especially with Savvy back.

      This sucks, but they’ll be fine.

  4. ELWOPPO says:


  5. habhater says:

    Absolutely perfect Elwoppo!!! Now if you could only create one for the Habs as you did for the Flyers I would be a happy habhater. They won again today and I’m beginning to have flashbacks of 1993 when they won it all with a mediocre team of shitballs as well.

  6. ELWOPPO says:

    I didnt create this, I saw it on Youtube and posted it for all of us on here! But yeah I hear you, Montreal is definatly defying all the odds and are in good shape heading home with the series tied 1-1. But Pitts are the Champs and are the MUCH better team, Im sure they will eliminate those French faggots in the end!!!

  7. Pearson says:

    By no means am i rooting for montreal, but i guess you could say i really want them to send cindy crosby home. If the b’s beat philly i think we match up alot better against the fags then we do against the penguins.

    But im not gonna get ahead of myself here, but i just dont see the rest of this flyera series being a tough one

  8. minutefan says:

    Does anybody think that it would be a good idea to give Thomas a start in net? I know Rask has been good, but it might be a good idea to show our 2 headed monster between the pipes. Any Thoughts?

    • da wreck says:

      wow, really?

    • Gcole says:

      I understand what your saying but no. Tuukka is great, so DONT CHANGE ANYTHING.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      He’s lost 2 times in 7 career playoff games!!!! Why would you put Thomas in??? Dont fix what aint broke!!!!

    • JRy says:

      I see where you are coming from, but i really don’t like that idea….right now we don’t need a two headed monster between the pipes.

    • Pearson says:

      Yea if we absolutely blow em
      outta the water the next 2 games and go up 3-0. Otherwise. No f-ing way

      • Birdman2403 says:

        Even then….NO ! You don’t rest guys at this time of year when things are working. You don’t want the other team getting the chance of any momentum.

  9. minutefan says:

    Good, I feel the same way. I overheard some people in class talking about it the other day and I just wanted to see what people thought. In the words of Hank Hill, “Don’t mess with success”.

  10. willisss says:

    why am i hearing thomas starting rumors on the radio? this better be moron fans that dont know shit about hockey just calling up and hoping.

  11. Birdman2403 says:

    The Bruins have to be better tonight. Philly was rusty after the lay off and after blowing leads we were lucky to get the OT win !

    Have to stay physical and out of the box ! And have to keep the Wideman-Hunwick combo off the ice !!

  12. jimmy50 says:

    any word on line combo’s tonight?

    My guess:

    Lucic Savard Satan
    Sobotka Bergeron Recchi
    Wheeler Krecji Ryder
    Thornton Begin Paille

  13. Mook says:

    change for the sake of change. people are saying “start thomas” so if tuukka gets shelled, they can say “shoulda started thomas”. remember all the dummies saying that after game 5 in buffalo?

    and sturm will be missed, don’t kid yourselves. you wanted to sit sturm? for what!?!?! being fast? hitting posts? i’d bench thornton sooner…he’s got cement in his skates.

    if you need something to complain about, complain about the flyers and how they are always complaining (see the irony?)

    pronger: “that was clearly a pick”

    was it? you greasy fuck, the reply CLEARLY showed it was not. go suck a dick, donger.

    • Andy says:

      I personally don’t miss Sturm. The reason being is that he really was not doing anything out there, besides hitting the 1 post.

      He was invisible for the 5 games aganist BUF. And it’s not just he was invisible. Even when he got the puck to make a play, it would be AWFUL. I remember seeing a couple shots he attempted in game 4 go off into the CORNER when he was in the slot!

      What amazes me the most is that no one missed him last playoffs and we probably won’t miss him this one, either. Amazingly, though, this is the same guy with a fucking NTC!!! Unfortunately, we have to keep him next yr, too, because he won’t be back until Nov/Dec. The good news is that he’s a FA next summer and we won’t have to worry about it.

      It just irritates me when people talk about 20+ goals for 6 seasons or whatever when NO ONE missed him last year, so obviously, he isn’t that crucial. The other thing is that PC obviously signed him because we had to keep at least ONE piece of the Thornton trade. I can’t see any other reason giving him 3.5 mil and a NTC!

  14. backbruin says:

    Ya i like sturm over Thornton for the simple fact that sturmy was do and i had a feeling he had something to prove after all the criticism.

    Start Thomas…bahahahaha

    And Pronger is making excuses already???perfect…Ryder was obviously standing still when the flyers player took two strides into him while following the play on the boards!!!

    Big baby Pronger should take care of business instead of whining about a phantom pick!!

    I agree Birdman i think we need to come out like we did in O.T, and we should be fine!

  15. MC Puck says:

    It’s less about start Thomas and more about don’t sit Tuukka. Besides, Thomas always goes nuts when he plays Philly, going after guys like Hartnell is a no-no in the playoffs.

    We’re not going to miss Sturm as much as we missed Savard, and we were good enough to finish 6th and beat the Sabre’s without him. A lot of us made the point that the Bruins aren’t built around one or two players, they’re built to survive regardless of who they lose (within reason).

    And in my opinion, the Bruins are a better team than Philly… 46 shots, 5 goals translates to a good amount of offensive dominance. If they can minimize the mental errors from last game, they shouldn’t have too much of a problem controlling Philly’s offense.

    Oh, and split up Wideman and Hunwick… neither one of them is playing so badly that I can really bitch, but the Briere goal is proof that you can’t have two smaller, offensive minded forwards against the other teams best players.

  16. Birdman2403 says:

    No they seemed to be paired up…hopefully not tonight.

    Here are my predictions ( for what they are worth )

    1. Begin, Thornton and Wheeler have a great game. They play valuable minutes and score a goal !

    2. Lucic finally finds the back of the net….maybe even twice.

    3. Boucher comes back to earth. Not a strong game by him tonight.

    Well…..we will see in a few hours if I know what I’m talking about or if

    • Gcole says:

      3-1 bruins, with an empty netter by bergeron. lucic and savard with goals.
      this site should have a competition where you guess the scores/ goal scorers and see who can guess it right.

  17. Birdman2403 says:

    *** I’m full of shit ?!?! ***

  18. Popeye says:

    Philly will be much improved, stronger & desparate tonight. The B’s need to elevate their game & match their intensity. The Flyers use a fierce 2 man forecheck. So imho if the B’s can retrieve and exit the zone quickly the Flyers will be chasing all night. Otherwise it may be a long night for the B’s. We all know the trouble the Bruins have at times in clearing their zone effectively & efficiently.

  19. Gcole says:

    please don’t give Hartnell and carcillo a reason to think they can do their bullshit and draw penalties!! Don’t need those two little girls starting shit and drawing penalties on retaliations

  20. North B says:

    Carcillo the diving bitch..

  21. backbruin says:

    speaking of picks, sobotka needs to use the glass there…ok let’s go boys!!

  22. Birdman2403 says:

    Yes giveaway by Sobotka. However, Wideman and Hunwick just get pushed around out there…. BRUTAL PAIRING CLAUDE…..WAKE UP !

  23. backbruin says:

    Well they always play the reverse, but sometimes they over play it and need to know late in the period that high of the glass is the way to go…not a bad period but they need to pick it up a notch!!

    cmon boys!

  24. backbruin says:

    I think i like this 81 better!!


  25. North B says:

    The devil is hot!

  26. Gcole says:

    Anyone else think Satan should be signed?

  27. Gcole says:

    Way to SUCK ASS on the powerplay and then let briere score!!!

  28. backbruin says:

    saw that coming….time to switch up the pp!!!fk sakes boys!!!

    i know how good they were in the first series but dead right now!!!

    why do we let these guys score late in the period time after time!!!omg

    well played period but once again fell asleep and let briere walk in!!! he had no pass and the d man should have forced him !!!!

    ok well were in a dog fight!!

    fkkkkkkk sakes!

    • ELWOPPO says:

      frusterated are we??? Now u know how I felt last game!!!!!!!!

      • backbruin says:

        no dude not frustrated, just know we need to switch up the pp…2-2 long way to go and philly really hasn’t had any good chances!!!

        we got this!

      • backbruin says:

        It’s ok to be frustrated but last game when we were tired you were chirping that the game was over?????

        come on my man!

        pp b’s, i want to see savy on the first unit here1

  29. mook says:

    game winner: krejci

  30. Gcole says:

    Wonder if savvy really did bite his finger? I’m
    not sure whether to be disappointed in him or laugh

  31. Gcole says:

    Thought the powerplay was supposed to be good with savard! Well another chance coming now… Hope it’s better than all the other pathetic ones

  32. Gcole says:

    I don’t care what anyone says that was a shitty win lol, they pulled that out of their asses late

  33. backbruin says:


  34. backbruin says:

    Let’s face it, besides SOME of us NOBODY gave us a chance to be in this position! We steal one in Philly and were staring at a conf. final!!


  35. Jefe77 says:

    That’s why we should always remember to “Keep the Faith!!!”

    Go Bruins.

  36. ELWOPPO says:

    Looch….Finally! We get him going and Philly’s got more to worry about other than thier gay orange jersey’s!!! IM proad of the B’s 2nite talking game 2 is huuuuuuuuge and scoring late goals to win YET again!!! Just gotta get more Physical, I felt that the flyers pushed us around tonite!!!

  37. Gcole says:

    what is this bullshit NESN not covering a game till GAME FIVE?! fuck VS and NBC, i thought NESN was supposed to be the home network.. its not like the redsox are even good right now!

  38. Jefe77 says:

    Boston is Hhockeytown USA….people will realize that again soon.

  39. willisss says:

    thank god we won, the bruins need to play a whole lot better then that

  40. bruins4eva says:

    my favorite moment from game 1 which i was at…walking out from by the harp….a guy selling t-shirts has a HAIL SATAN it was the last one…i ran with that shit….almost got mobbed lol

  41. Bruins says:

    I can’t stand Carcillo. What a little bitch. The only thing I can’t stand more are the refs. Some of the worst reffing I’ve seen in a while. Pretty sad with the Sobotka and Savard penalties. Good thing our PK is the shit.

    Decent game today. They didn’t dominate like they did for parts of last game but it was a solid effort.

    Rask was awesome again. Screen on the first goal and a snipe on the other (probably should’ve had it though), with some key saves.

    Bergeron and Satan were amazing tonight. I thought Ryder looked good yet again too. Bergy going 16 for 22 on the draws? Wow. The whole team was winning faceoffs too. Good to see Thornton doing his job well in limited time too. We still have the option of putting Marchand in if we need more of a Sturm “replacement”.

    Savvy looks pretty rough. You can see some of his usual creativity but I don’t think his conditioning is even close to being good right now. He still has to play a reserved role until he gets his feet under him.

    The only guy on Philadelphia I’m worried about is Richards. The guy makes something happen every time he’s on the ice. Chara and Boychuk have to step up covering him even more.

    • Andy says:

      Agreed, B’s. Carcillo is a little douchebag – just look at that faggot mustache!

      Talk about the whole biting thing and how you haven’t been bit since 5th grade? I haven’t seen someone go down like such a little bitch when Begin retailated since 5th grade, either. You pussy!!

  42. jimmy50 says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the NHL looks into Carcillo’s hit on Begin. Defenseless and directly to the head. I couldn’t believe a penalty was not called in the play.

  43. Gcole says:

    i hope savard didnt really bite carcillo.. because then carcillos going to be looking to get even, and i dont like the idea of someone as cheap as him trying to get back at someone. especially savard!

    • Bruins says:

      IO don’t know how much more he can get after Savard. He’s been on him the whole series.

    • pearson says:

      idk guys, i love hockey because of guys like carcillo. i love that this sport isnt just made up of the ‘jocks’ that can skate fast, stickhandle, and shoot it top shelf. carcillo shows -glimpses- of hockey ability, but his job is to get into the other teams head and cause a distraction.

      if the tables were turned, and we were all flyer fans, wouldnt you want carcillo hounding on savard all game long? i mean, savard is a GREAT player that can single handedly change the game, and hes coming back from injury… ya cant make it easy on him or else he’ll kill you.

      hard, dirty, rough hockey IS what i want to see.

      (disclaimer: cooke does not play hard, dirty, rough hockey; he plays cheap and with all intent to injure.)

  44. ELWOPPO says:

    As per Nesn:

    Report: Mike Richards Threatens to Knock Marc Savard Out ‘For Another Six Weeks

    Though Daniel Carcillo’s accusations that Marc Savard bit his finger in a scrum stole the headlines overnight following the Bruins’ 3-2 win over the Flyers, it was something that was reportedly said on the ice that may have been worse.

    As Savard skated to the penalty box after getting slashed and punched by Carcillo, Flyers captain Mike Richards threatened the Bruins’ top center, according to’s Joe Haggerty.

    “You were out for six weeks?” Richards reportedly asked Savard. “We’ll put you out for another six weeks.”

    Richards, of course, quite famously collided with David Booth of the Florida Panthers back in October, leaving Booth with a concussion. Booth didn’t play for three full months, and he suffered another concussion in late March, ending his season.

    Haggerty did not reveal who exactly passed along that bit of information, but whether it’s true or not won’t prevent it from adding fuel to the fire that is this Bruins-Flyers series.

    • Gcole says:


      Bruins center Marc Savard has denied a report that said Flyers captain Mike Richards threatened on Monday night to knock him you “for another six weeks.”
      “No he never said that to me,” Savard told’s James Murphy at practice on Tuesday. “I don’t know where that came from.”

      • bbears24 says:

        i kind of wished it was true, that shit fires me up….i would of begged chiarelli for a one game contract so i could cross check both richards and carcillo across the bridge of the nose, and then carcillo will have a legit head injury instead of that flop after a cross check to the ribs

  45. Mook says:

    Joe Haggerty is the Eklund of sports news.

  46. Birdman2403 says:

    The Bruins PP has to get going. If we can steal 1 in Philly…Eastern Final !!

  47. backbruin says:

    Boy who cried wolf huh Carcillo you dummy!!!when you dive all over the ice and act like a retard people stop believing you! IF he did it it, couldn’ t have happened to a better guy!!!well Cooke maybe better!!

    what a dink!

  48. Pearson says:

    I cant be the only one here you likes carcillo and wishes he was on my team…..

    Idk. If savard bit him, thats kinda low…

    • bbears24 says:

      i think u are the only one in this case bud, he’s almost in sean avery’s class

    • bbears24 says:

      actually now that i think of it, you were just joking…right?

    • Gcole says:

      how the fuck can anybody like someone like him? i hate ALL of those ‘agitator’ douche bags that start shit and stir everything up because they dont BACK UP THEIR SHIT, just bitch and complain to draw penalties.

    • backbruin says:

      ya pearson, once again you wowed the croud with your hockey I.Q…the guy has dove all playoffs long, yet you stand up and believe him (carcillo) that savy bit him????

      give your head a shake my man, “kind of low” hhahahahahahahahahahahaha wow!!

    • pearson says:

      except im serious. this sport isnt about all the ‘jock’ players that can skate fast, deke like charlie conway, and shoot top shelf. his role IS to create opportunities for his team, by A) fucking with the other teams star B) throw off the opponents discipline and C) just being an asshole.

      sean avery is a great example. he might not score often, but his job is to agitate, and he does it perfectly.

      we are all sitting here arguing about him, imagine what its like to play against him? as soon as we all start focusing on him we lose focus on the BETTER SKILLED players… THATS HIS JOB!

      the bruins or any team can overcome this simply ignoring the guy… but when your that big of an asshole, im sure its pretty tough.

      • backbruin says:

        Hos job is to cause havok by hitting people, getting in tight on the goalie cause fights and to get under the skin of his opponents. Not to dive and fake injuries…..This isn’t soccer pearson where you need an acting degree to participate!!!

        I don’t mind all the other junk because yes that’s hockey…but to insult the integrity of the game by diving EVERY game and all phantom high sticks to the face that don’t touch his waste has to go!!!

  49. mook says:

    i don’t like players who dive. they deserve beatings.

  50. bbears24 says:

    im watching the game on versus right now, and i know he’s on the canadiens, but i really like this subban kid, he plays all out

    • mook says:

      wait till someone catches him open-ice. pens are pussies, but when cooke finally catches subban on one of those spin-o-ramas he’ll get crushed. that was subban’s problem in the ahl…

      • bbears24 says:

        yeah i know what your saying but i still like how he’s playing, and i hope the habs beat them, talk about an intense eastern finals…if we make it….knock on wood

  51. Mook says:

    tonight: bruins 5, flyers 2

    krejci (2), bergeron, hunwick, paille (en)

  52. Gcole says:

    bruins 3 flyers 2 (OT)
    Lucic, chara, bergeron

  53. willisss says:

    Bruins 3 – flyers 1

    bergy – sobotka- chara

  54. Bruins Fan From North Of The Boarder says:

    Carcillo is probable for tonights games because of a nibbled finger.

  55. Andy says:

    Have no illusions – they are going into a VERY hostile environment tonight. The thing they CANNOT afford to do is come out the way the Flyers did in Game 1. They have to keep putting the pedal to the metal.

    The Flyboys, obviously, will be much more desperate tonight and know that they need a win. The B’s have to play 60 minutes tonight. No letups. No lapses. Special teams will be crucial.

    If they can do that and find a way to win, we’ll be in the driver’s seat!

  56. Mook says:

    flyers will shit the bed. don’t worry, this series is OVER.

    bruins in 4.

    don’t forget that the flyers have me playing in net. no goaltending = low scoring team’s friend

  57. Mook says:

    oh, and i expect marchand to spear carcillo right in his mouth tonight. knock-out the rest of his teeth…

  58. willisss says:

    4-0 bruins

    Rask (2) ,thornton, carcillo (en)

  59. Habhater says:

    Not a great game played by the Bruins on Monday and while I’m happy with the win they need to come out tonight with a stronger effort, especially on the PP (worst I’ve seen it all year in game 2 and that’s saying something considering how bad it was all this season) The Flyers are now in desperation mode right now & I wouldn’t be surprised at any of their antics tonight. The B’s just have to be prepared for anything, survive the adrenalin rush by the Flyers in the 1st, stay out of the box and play their game the rest of the way. GO BRUINS!

    With respect to Carcillo, as long as everyone keeps hating on him and the Boston bench is in altercations with him, goon or not, he’s doing his job and that’s the bottom line. Sorry guys but that is the truth and the sooner the B’s stay disciplined, the better off they will be.

  60. Hound Dog says:

    I knew it – I knew it. If I kept searching I would eventually find the place where all Bruin fans go to shit on other teams.

    You guys are full of yourselves. I mean, you actually think that the Bruins will beat the Flyers tonight? You’re more idiotic that I thought you were. 5-2 Philly tonight, at least!!

    The series will be tied in game 4 and the Flyers will now win in 6. Mark my words B fans. The momentum swings in our favor tonight and the B’s will be palying their last playoff game for this year a week from today. Oh, by the way – Danny boy scores the winner tonight – Carcillo that is.

  61. backbruin says:

    Here’s my prediction clown dog, We go up 3-0 tonight and we never here from your punk ass again!!!


  62. Gcole says:

    Satan strikes again! Glad they signed this guy holy shit

  63. Pearson says:

    I like this #81 better…..

    • BACKBRUIN says:

      to qoute myself…..oh oh krejci’s shoulder????i haven’t seen him out since the hit!!!

      please say he’s alright!

  64. BACKBRUIN says:

    ya he’s hurt!!!guaranteed shoulder injury! fk face richards caught him hard in the shoulder!!!!clean hit but you see the head hunting!!!


    • da wreck says:

      It’s the playoffs. Of course you wanna hit someone hard and hurt em. As long as its clean, you really shouldn’t get mad.

      • BACKBRUIN says:

        DUM WRECK….. i said it was clean!!!!!!!????????? i understand this for fk sakes!!!!!!read my post…i said it was clean idiot!!!!!

        What I’m saying because i know i realize i have to spell it out to you, is to get the fkr back!!!!!!!

        we may have lost him for the playoffs you moron!!!!!!

        don’t just respond for the fk of it….your a bruins fan….my god!!!!

        Yes dumb wreck, it was clean but you know his history Alla David booth!!!!that means he’s taking ANOTHER LIBERTY AT ONE OF OUR SKILLED PLAYERS!!!!


  65. Gcole says:

    Well Richards already took krejci out…. TAKE HIM OUT!

  66. BACKBRUIN says:

    I just hope it’s a stinger and not a seperation!!!please god please god!!!!

    i agree chara or looch needs to bury that fkr!

  67. ELWOPPO says:

    un fucking believable!! Didnt see who it was initially, But I KNEW WHOEVER IT WAS, IT WAS ONE OF OUR STARS AND I ALSO KNEW THAT HE WOULDNT RETURN……

  68. Edski says:

    I hoe its not bad Claude just said they are not gonna rule them out….we are not playing very agressive right now

    • ELWOPPO says:

      ? not quite sure what ur trying to say? Thier not gonna rule “HIM” out!

      FYI both Kreijci and mcquad are not returning!! As per TSN

  69. Gcole says:

    Dropping like flies god dam, think we can get a mercy trade for a defenseman? Lol

  70. North B says:

    Whats up Carcillo you fucking dick?

  71. bruinskid says:

    3-0? i think so…

    Fuck Philly

    Fuck their fans

    get at us…

  72. Gcole says:

    way to curl up and die FAILadelphia

  73. bbears24 says:

    it looked like a bad hit on krejci, but im trying to be optimistic and i am gonna say that it’s probably pretty sore or bruised and they didn’t want to risk any further injury

  74. ELWOPPO says:

    As per Nesn

    Report: David Krejci Taken to Hospital

    Bruins center David Krejci absorbed a stunning hit from Mike Richards during the first period of Wednesday’s 4-1 win over Philadelphia and, according to head coach Claude Julien, was taken to the hospital, according to NESN insider James Murphy.

    Krejci sustained the hit just prior to Milan Lucic’s goal with just over 14 minutes remaining in the first. Replays indicated that Richards hit Krejci in the shoulder, but it appeared that Krejci’s head might have hit Richards’ shoulder.

    Julien did not provide specifics about the extent of the injury.

  75. Jefe77 says:

    Calm down, we’ll take this in a sweep, and Krejci will have over a week to heal. If we win friday, he could have up to 12 days to heal before he plays again starting tonight.

    He’ll be back, along with Stuart.

  76. ELWOPPO says:

    Krejci broken wrist, out for playoffs!!!!
    What a fucken joke! This team is fucken cursed! This is comical now I gotta laugh!!!

  77. bbears24 says:

    this sucks, once everyone starts feeling good about everything something like this happens…i hope we just finish this on friday so we can rest up even though there will probably be a long lay off again like last season. I hope marchand is chompin at the bit to get out there and we will need to have all our forwards capitalizing on scoring opportunities….get well krejci

  78. pearson says:

    besides him getting injured, and misplaying the puck leading to that goal, what are everyones thoughts on mcquaid?

    i think he’s been invisible, and in a good way. means he hasnt been making huge mistakes… could be awesome in the future?

    • bbears24 says:

      yeah i think he’ll be a good piece in the future, but right now let’s focus on getting stuart back…….p.s. im real excited to see this team in 3 or 4 years with the guys they have in providence right now and either seguin or hall, it’s gonna be fun

  79. Whopperfoo says:

    On Stanley Cup of Chowder:

    John Boruk of Comcast Sportnet Philly reporting that David Krejci has broken wrist

    Early reports indicated that David Krejci suffered a shoulder injury, but John Boruk of Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia reported via Twitter that Krejci broke his wrist and is undergoing surgery in Baltimore:

    David Krejci with a broken wrist. Will have surgery in Baltimore. Out for series and likely season.

    This sucks but it’s not like this team hasn’t been in this situation before….

    New Lines:

    paille – bergeron – Recchi
    Lucic – Savard – Satan
    Wheeler – Sobotka – Ryder
    Marchand/Hamill – Begin – Thornton

    Still a pretty decent line up

  80. patrick says:

    screw hound dog. i cant wait to hear from that douche penpal. cause we all know were gonna play pitts next round. its what the league wants. specially since wash is out now.

  81. Andy says:

    Ok, first of all, NOTHING has been confirmed by anyone else but a Philly TV guy! Having said that, it doesn’t look good. I can’t see HOW it was his wrist? I could certainly see shoulder or concussion. In any case, you just have to hope he can recover quick.

    If not, as they’ve done all season,guys are going to have to step up…

    • Loooch says:

      sorry bud. sounds official:

      This one hurts. The Boston Globe’s Fluto Shinzawa reports that David Krejci is done for the season with a broken right wrist.

      Either Trent Whitfield or Brad Marchand will take Krejci’s spot in the lineup.

  82. Vince Mendella says:

    What ever happened to the Hub of Hockey? It is just a blank page now.

    Let’s go Krejci!! Get better and get back on the ice.

    Tuukka Time!!!

    Best way to get back at Carcillo and the rest of the Flyers is to beat them on the score clock. Then the douche bag can go crying back to momma!

  83. #4 says:

    Jesus dont Jizz your panties yet guys theres still alotta potential hockey left to be played here. More importantly the boys need to keep there heads up out there with the Philly Cheap shots


    all looking for blood.

  84. d-dawg says:

    With Krejci gone, we really need Wheeler to start producing, hopefully last night was just the begining…

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