Seidenberg skates

Dennis Seidenberg skated today and remains on track with the expected recovery time. Originally when Seidenberg suffered his arm injury it was projected he would be back late in the third round, if the Bruins were to make it that far. More updates after practice.


93 Responses to Seidenberg skates

  1. pearson61 says:

    if he comes back who is the odd man out?

    i think hunwick has been good enough to stay out there. is it possible hunwick plays the wing? he has before… and obv. scratch whitfield?

    • #4 says:

      Stuart maybes, tough call though, but Stuart still has a port in his arm and complains about how sick the medication makes him. If siedes comes back maybe they would give some more time

      I dont think Hunwick or Fagador played well on the wing at all last year tbh.

      • Bruins says:

        I actually liked Hunwick on the wing but I’d go:



        Hunwick would be good to have in if anyone of Seidenberg, Stuart or even Marchand isn’t up to par.

    • jmed says:

      FERENCE – his plus minus is a negative 4 or 5

  2. Gcole says:

    Just because he skated doesn’t mean he’s coming back next game, there’s probably a good week or more before a return?

  3. Jefe77 says:

    At least, I would think. But hopefully the Pitt-Habs series goes 7, and maybe he would be ready by game 3 or 4 hopefully?

    Gots to take care of business Monday first though,

    Cmon Bruins fans, dont lose the faith now. Everyone knows its hard to close out a team in a sweep in front of their home fans, but the Bruins sure gave them a run for their money and came so close. It will be funner to clinch in Boston…

  4. patrick says:

    well shit. we possibly got pitts now. grrr.

  5. backbruin says:

    Let’s win this series first….one at a time boys!!!

    3-2 B’S IN O.T!

  6. JRy says:

    Believe it or not I’m glad we didn’t sweep them because last year I feel like since we st around so much waiting for the Hurricane we were sluggish and didn’t play as well. But I am hoping we close it tomorrow because we deffinetly need a little rest!

  7. Froggy says:

    I’m kinda glad that we won’t get the Habs. In a funny sort of way, I think we stack up well against the Pens at this particular time and they can be had.

  8. bbears24 says:

    kevin paul dupoint just said that carcillo got hurt at the end of game 4…what’s the deal with that?

  9. bbears24 says:

    little preview of game 5?????

  10. Gcole says:

    Kick their asses tonight and that will take care of it, no more dealing with that fuckface carcillo. Anyone notice don cherry calls him “con-cillo” instead of car? Maybe he thinks it’s an N instead of an R?

  11. Birdman2403 says:

    I think the

  12. Birdman2403 says:

    I think the Bruins really looked tired last game. Rask just didn’t seem to have the edge he normally has.
    Chara also looked bad. It happens in the course of a long run. 2 days off and a trip home was exactly what the Dr. ordered.
    They will come out flying and put them away tonight…..


  13. Andy says:

    Gentlemen – we’re on the brink and at home. As much as it SUCKED losing Fri, you’ve gotta love the resilency on this team – coming back 3 times to tie it, in that hostile environment. Plus, Tuukka did not have a great game. That is going to happen, though. A guy can’t stand on his head EVERY game!

    If they can come right out of the gates firing, take the play to them, keep grinding, and find a way to get this W at home, we’ll be looking at being somewhere we haven’t been in 18 years!

  14. Richardo says:

    Do you think the conference finals will be more spread out or will there be the same old every other day???

  15. Richardo says:

    Jack is Back…. Tonight!!!

  16. Birdman2403 says:

    No. I would think it would be every second night or close too. If not the Final would be in July !

  17. ELWOPPO says:

    5-1 tonight kiddies!!!!

  18. Gcole says:

    Anyone notice the wb mason commercial that fat taxi driver is yelling “the lights green already!”? Well look to te far right of the screen and you can see they’re at a stop sign.

  19. Gcole says:

    What a boner kill of a first period. They can’t score to saw their ass… Like the regular season

  20. North B says:

    Wheeler and Ryder need to wake up!

  21. Gcole says:

    Do the bruins think this series is over and this is just a practice WHAT THE FUCK

  22. Gcole says:

    Well then… Flyers goalie gets hurt, they get a powerplay… Nothing. Now they get scored on again… I guess this team really didn’t learn their lesson from last years second round of looking too far ahead

  23. Bruins says:

    What the fuck…seriously. Good time for the most uninspired game of the year I’d say. This team is so goddamn frustrating. I swear to god if they blow this 3-0 lead…I’m done with this for tonight.

  24. Birdman2403 says:

    If this continues we are witnessing the 3rd team to ever come back 3-0 !!

    Chara wake the fuck up !!! You are the captain and you are playing Providence worthy.

    Get Paille out of the line-up, Marchand in. Everytime he touches the puck the fucks the play. Bergy and Recchi can do nothing with him.

    Ryder and Wheeler….TWO USELESS CLOWNS ! Trade them to Philly for Carcillo, at least he competes !

    Get Rask out of the net now. His confidence will be shot and maybe an injury could happen !!


    • Bruins says:

      Agree with all of tha except Rask. He’s been stellar tonight again. He doesn’t get rattled so keep him in. He’s never been pulled in his career.

      • Gcole says:

        I wouldn’t call it stellar, but it’s definately not been bad… Might be the best time to try Thomas I think

      • Bruins says:

        He’s made big saves and you can’t fault him on any goals. You can’t really ask him to be any better.

      • Birdman2403 says:

        I was simply meaning pull him for some rest and not risk injury. He, by no means, was the reason for tonight.

  25. Gcole says:

    This looks like the bruins from the trade deadline, can’t score as if there’s a magnetic resistance of the puck and the goal line, don’t seem to give a shit in a game that means so much, and looked too far ahead like LAST YEAR, and don’t seem to have learned from it… If they do win this series, no way in hell arethey beating pit/mon!

  26. Gcole says:

    Dennis wideman back! RUN!!!!!!!

  27. Gcole says:

    Hey mook I think the bruins were listening when you said “I say we tank it”

  28. bbears24 says:

    i wouldn’t of cared about this loss if they played well, but they look like they are bored….kind of starting to lean on the panic button

  29. da wreck says:

    wow. that was special.

  30. Birdman2403 says:

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again. DENNIS WIDEMAN is awful !!

    I don’t give a shit if he has 10 assists, blah…blah.

    Really watch this guy. His skating is slow and awkward, puck is like a bomb on his stick and he is softer then a wet noodle.

    I know the score was 3-0 when he broke his stick. However, that was the worst effort and care factor I have ever seen. Tackle Gagne….do something other then stand there like a fucking idiot. Of all the injuries, why not him ??????????????

    • Loooch says:

      Dude that play wasn’t about effort, it was about trying to interfere with Gagne, without getting an interference penalty. Which he did, unfortunatley Rask couldn’t stop him. This isn’t football.

      • Birdman2403 says:

        Are you serious ?? Yeah he really ran some quality interference ! If the guy is on a breakaway…you take the penalty ! WIDEMAN is a clown and continues to hurt the Bruins every game !

  31. willisss says:

    the bruins have played their best when they needed to…in all fairness, it was not a MUST win for boston. relax.

    we will take it home wednesday night

  32. Mook says:

    The Bruins went head-to-head with Red Sox-Yankees and Celtics-Cavaliers and averaged an 8.3 local rating on Versus, the Red Sox a 6.3 local rating on NESN and the Celtics a 4.1 local rating on ESPN. That translates to 200,000 households for the Bruins, 153,000 for the Red Sox and 99,000 for the Celtics

  33. Eric D says:

    Get of wideman, he’s a good player, he had a rough season, but besides Monday’s game with his stick breaking, he’s had an average, if not a little bit above average playoffs, and if you look at how the rest of the team is playing, he’s right with everyone else.

    you need to take paille of the line with recchi and bergy.

    And i still think/believe the bruins will win this series, but the LOSS of KRECJI is a lot bigger than people thought it would be. he was easily the best player all year, not to mention he was the best player in the Olympics, he is one of the most gifted players out there, and when he got hurt it put a huge hole in the bruins lines. Lucic and Satan were turning it on with the help of krecji.

    like i said, Bruins will win Wednesday night in Philly, and end up playing the winner of game 7 pitt v. habs- i want a nice rivalry game B’s v. Habs if you ask me (not to mention that would give us home ice!!)

    • Gcole says:

      What I don’t get is how krejci gets hurt, people say oh no we just lost our best player! Savard got taken out: oh no our best player. Bergeron was hurt; he was our best player… Everytime someone gets injured they are suddenly our best player.. If the bruins are such a well balanced team shouldn’t it not matter so much to lose one guy?

  34. Bruins Fan From North Of The Boarder says:

    I say move Paille back to the fourth line. But Wheeler on the Bergeron line with Recchi. Sit Begin and put Marchand with Sobotka and Ryder. Put Stuart with Wideman and Hunwick with Ference.

  35. B_Orr_fan says:

    Put Thomas in for game 6. He will be playing for his job so you KNOW he will be trying his hardest to win! If he shits the bed you go back with Rask for game 7. We need a shake up in these last couple of games!!

    • Mook says:

      hahaha i knew someone would suggest this!!!


    • Loooch says:

      haha, fuck mook. unreal eh. what a stupid idea. There aren’t many players we can rely on to bring their A game, every game, but Tuukka is def one of them. Rask is our #1 goalie ppl. Get it thru ur heads!!

    • Bruins says:

      Haha yeah let’s bench the only guy that showed up last game and the guy we’d be nowhere near the playoffs without.

  36. Birdman2403 says:

    Hey Eric D….If you have had a bad season and your not playing well, then sit your ass on the bench.

    Wideman has sucked all year and in the playoffs, he isn’t a d-man he plays like a winger.

    This isn’t pee wee where everyone gets another chance to prove themselves. Wideman has had more then a few chances….and this is the NHL..SIT !

    Mark my words…Wideman will cost us ! And at this point it will be HUGE !

    • B_Orr_fan says:

      No question about it,Wideman is a fucken idiot! not just last game, His defensive play All season long is a joke and hasnt improved through the playoffs! He can stick all those assists up his ass! I agree with you 100%

      • bruins4eva says:

        i have to disagree with that statement…he did have a rough season but has played well throughout the playoffs with the exception of lastnight u have to chalked it up as bad luck…the bounces did not go bostons way the breaking of widemans stick was just the exclamation point…even if they blow this series…im satisfied with the way this season went with injuries…and being dead last in scoring NOBODY had boston getting past buffalo so lets prove everyone else wrong again and beat PHILLY

      • bruins4eva says:

        Oh you cant win games taking stupid penalty’s and not scoring….

  37. Manitoba Fan says:

    That game was terrible. I believe that the bruins can do it but a few things need to changein my opion. I would like to see whitfield taken out completely, paille put back pn the fourth line, and marchand playing on the wing with bergeron and reechi. I thought they worked well at the start of the season and in my opion marchand is a better offensive player than paille. He competes hard for a playr his size. I got my finers crossed for tommorrow and hope the best. I hate going to worked pissed off and listening to those fuckin hab fans!

  38. Birdman2403 says:

    O.k….I just woke up and it is nice and sunny here in Winnipeg ! I’m going to go golfing….hoping that is what Philly will be doing tomorrow !!

    I’m going to have a fresh attitude for today’s game. Last game sucked, no doubt about it. However, that was the worst game in a long time…I guess it happens.

    I’m also wishing my friend, Dennis Wideman, a good game tonight. I also hope Wheeler and Ryder can step up….we need them now !! Tuukka…just do what you do !!!

  39. willisss says:

    i had a dream that we won tonight, paille scored in double overtime….

  40. Richardo says:

    Screw this OT shit…. Lets do this boyz!!! Shots Shots Shots….. And Maybe just maybe Wideman can go get a stronger stick to play with… And Im not hating on Wideman…. just his stick!!!

  41. Mook says:

    something tells me the bruins will bring it tonight.

    4-2. goals by bergeron, wheeler, lucic and wideman (en).

  42. jizzmaster69 says:

    i believe lucic will jizz all over carcillos FACE. IN THE FACE!!!

  43. bbears24 says:

    why is every prediction i see involve overtime……how bout a regulation win!!!

  44. #4 says:


    • B_Orr_fan says:

      miss it bud, what do you want me to tell ya?

      • #4 says:

        Err DVR set first prick with a black bery to tell me what happened gets his shirt pulled over his head andthrown down hockey fight style.

    • da wreck says:

      Haha, that sucks… I have a game tonight but it starts at 11:15. I’m either gonna play pissed off, or just have fun depending on the Bruins.

      GO B’S

      • #4 says:

        Well I guess this game was more exciting than the B’s game was.

        My Team the Brewins tied the Surgeons 2 to 2 with each team scoring a goal in the last minute. Oh and a few fights in the first game as well.

  45. Manitoba Fan says:

    anybody hear of any changes in the lineup for tonights game. I am tired of watching paille kill the bergeron line and watching whitfield fall all over the ice. And he’s only played two games!!!!!BRUTAL

  46. Et Le But!! says:

    Ole Ole Ole, Ole, Ole!!!. My beloved Habitants will advance to the eastern conference final tonight. Too Bad it will not be same for the dirty old Bruins. They will have to play Friday in a game 7 & suffer the humiliation of being only the 3rd team in history to blow a 3-0 lead. Such is the destiny of the Bruins when the Habs are in charge. You may not like it, but think of the alternative if you did advance to the next round. You will be annilhiliated by the Habs in 4. So how do you want your pain? Lose to Philly now in 7, or the Habs in 4?

    See you next year Bruins!!!

    Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole!!!

    • Gcole says:

      dont talk shit until after the games tonight, for all you know montreal will lose and the bruins will clinch and once again a shit talking habs fan like you will be wrong.

      you’re gay, you’re gay, you’re gay, you’ree gayyyyy, YOU’RE GAYYYYYY!!

  47. Gcole says:

    I’m not sure whether it would be betterto play Pittsburgh or Montreal in the finals… Wired way it ain’t gonna be easy..

  48. Gcole says:

    What’s this bullshit with the bruins NOT PLAYING except for games where it’s do or die?? Fuck me man, JUST FUCKING WIN BEFORE IT GOES TO 7!

  49. Bruins says:

    Hey Bruins can you at least try to play as well as Monday and not even worse than that like right now? Fuck.

  50. JRy says:

    Wow I didn’t no Whitfield was a sniper….he managed to hit the bullseye in the flyers logo right in leightons chest on the breakaway.

  51. Bruins says:

    Why the FUCK is Paille on the top line? His stone hands ruin everything. You know you’re in trouble when Trent Whitfield was your best player in the first period.

    I feel bad for Tuukka. He’s been good every game yet he has the chance to get flagged with the biggest collapse in history because of the bums in front of him.

  52. B_Orr_fan says:

    WOW, No disrespect for the frenchies, But WTF happened to Fleury? He shit the Bed 2nite! All but 1 of Montreal’s goals were horrible!!!

  53. Gcole says:

    They don’t seem interested in testing their goalie in his first playoff start WTF!

  54. Bruins says:

    These refs should fucking die. Paille called for making contact with…no one.

  55. Gcole says:

    Well I’ve come to the conclusion the bruins don’t fucking want to win, it is obvious from how they’ve played last game and this, and what’s the excuse now? The flyers fourth string goalie in his first eveR playoff game is good? Krejci is gone so they are terrible? NOTHING, the team sucks. They kicked ass first 3, now are fucking off and letting flyers win. What a bunch of crap. For gods sake I might as well be the flyers goalie, bruins haven’t done much of shit to test him, unless Trent whitfield getting a breakaway is a “quality scoring chance”

  56. bbears24 says:

    i think neely should go in the locker room tell all the guys see you next year because you obviously don’t want to continue on in the playoffs and then rip the C off chara’s sweater….the big fuck has passed on several shots every game and dumps it off to boychuk or dumps it back into the corner, i am sick of the same routine. They might be better off losing because they aren’t getting past montreal with this type of play.

  57. Birdman2403 says:

    The Bruins do it again…..get everyone going and fuck us all. Brutal….everything brutal.

    Get fucking Paille off the first fucking line….get Whitfield out of the fucking line-up !!

    I can’t wait for a summer of …BRUINS BLOW 3-0 LEAD….HABS IN THE CUP……FUCK OFF !

    And for all you…”Yeah true fan…giving up…blah, blah….I’ll glady eat crow if this fucking shit show gets turned around !

  58. mook says:

    how about a goal?

  59. Manitoba Fan says:

    Pathetic. Bergeron needs to burry those chances and the team needs to try hard all game. Not when they re down 2-0. BRUTAL.

  60. Birdman2403 says:

    When the best line is Begin- Whitfield- Thornton….we’re fucked !! Savard and Chara have been nothing shy of awful. Savard, other then the OT goal, has done jack shit !! Chara…well the last time he took a shot on net was against Buffalo. Now he works on his little flip to the corner every fucking time.

    Too much dead weight and it has caught up with us… Hunwick, Wideman, Ference, Paille, Ryder, Wheeler

    Going to bed….preparing for the worst Friday

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