It wasn’t meant to be

I’m killed.  I’m heartbroken.  I had never been so excited in a game.  A 3-0 lead, I was all smiles.  How could a team, the Bruins, who were so good defensively blow a 3 a goal lead?  Impossible.  Or almost.

They scored 3 goals in the first 15 minutes, and then didn’t register many more scoring chances there after.  Four game 7 losses in four consecutive playoff appearances.  3 of them at home.

They choked.  The biggest collapse in NHL history.  They were one goal away from an ECF appearance.

The Bruins didn’t come to play games 5 and 6, and like the Carolina series last year, it cost them.

This loss has more ramifications than one can imagine.  Aside from the choke, the Bruins chance at being a legitimate thing in this city is over.  The Bruins are the laughing stock of the NHL right now.  What will this do to Tuukka Rask?  The man who carried us to this point, arguably cost us this game.

Not only did they lose, but they had a good chance to beat the Montreal Canadiens, and it would have been one of the best playoff series in recent history.

The Bruins blew a 3-0 series lead, a 3-0 lead in game 7, and fittingly, they lost on a too many men on the ice penalty.  Fitting.  It wasn’t meant to be.


87 Responses to It wasn’t meant to be

  1. MattG says:

    3-0 and 3-0, absolutely heartbreaking, hard to hold back tears. Who’s to blame here, why the huge lack of energy with a lead (series or game), captain? coach?, who knows. The worst thing is that this team is so good when they have the drive but can’t seem to muster it when it really matters, they should have done better, but apparently they don’t deserve it.

  2. Fuck this says:

    THis team has done nothing except let everyone down I wish they would have not made the playoffs what a fucking joke and a disgrace to these fans I am so sick to my fucking stomach I cant stand them.

  3. Gcole says:

    i have to disagree and say if they won they would have gotten their ASSES KICKD by montreal. think about what montreal has done, are the bruins better than pittsburgh or washington. no.

    as for tonights game. fuck you bruins, im pissed to be a fan right now, no excuse. no heart, no will to win.

  4. goosegoose says:

    epic fail

  5. bbears24 says:

    just another case of taking the foot off the gas again, and now we are back to “what if” until october swings around

  6. goosegoose says:

    Let’s be realistic. To start the season it was said to be Washington vs Boston for #1 in the east. after alternating wins and losses all October then having a sub .500 november and a December not to remember, the Bruins were said to have a chance at 2 top 3 picks. we lost Savard and Looch twice. we lost sturm. we lost lrejci to swine flu (i had it too) we find ourselves in 13th place in January. we get healthy and kick ass untill we loose savy for a 3rd time. we squeek into the playoffs when the Bruins were written off as maybe an 8th seed to be one and done vs washington. we some how fight and finish the same place we finished last year. how can anyone be mad? our top 2 scorers were out since game 4 and we have not scored goals all season. Look forward to 2 months when we get hall or segan. the Bruins will be a dynamo next year if they can stay healthy. it was a great season and the fliers wanted it more. there are worse things that could have happened

    • Andy says:

      Are you fucking shitting me with your “how can anyone be mad”??!!!

      Regardless of any of that shit, they blew a 3-0 lead in the series and the game. THREE TO NOTHING ON HOME ICE!! I don’t care about your injury status, pre-season predictions, how they made the playoffs, etc. THEY HAD A THREE TO NOTHING LEAD IN GAME SEVEN ON HOME ICE – AND BLEW IT!!

      I don’t usually do this – but that comment was one of the STUPIDEST I have EVER FUCKING heard!!

  7. Bruins says:

    Are you shitting me about Rask? How the fuck did he blow it? What goal could he have stopped?

    1st goal – unlucky bounce off of a broken stick
    2nd goal – bad defensive coverage off of a rebound
    3rd goal – freakish bounce off of Hunwick on a wrap-around
    4th goal – bad defensive zone coverage on a powerplay.

    Kid’s a stud and doesn’t get rattled.

    • Andy says:

      I will give him that he’s a rookie and this was his 1st playoffs, but he gave up 4 goals in 4 out of 7 games. Even a guy like Michael Leighton shutouts the B’s for almost 2 games. I understand the B’s aren’t an offensive juggernaut, but neither are the Flyers.

      Rask needed to almost literally stand on his head and he didn’t. I wouldn’t say he blew the game himself, he just brought his “B” game..

  8. mat allen says:

    Bring on 2010/2011

  9. Paille says:


    …The rest can go
    Give Colborne and Taylor Hall some playing time with Krejci and Berg

    • Bruins says:



      I think the Bruins should develop Colborne in Providence like they did with Rask. I think Caron and Sauve are more NHL ready now and could make an impact as soon as next year.

  10. Paille says:


  11. Paille says:

    oh yeah, keep rask too

  12. Gcole says:

    does anyone else think chara is not the caption who will lead us to a cup? hate to say it cuz hes one of my favorites but still.. look at mike richards, guy played his ass off all series.. pronger too

    • goosegoose says:

      Bergeron is our capitan

    • Andy says:

      Thank you, GCole! Thank you! I have said it a couple times on this site, but mainly have thought about it often. Chara is not the leader we need in this city. We need a guy like a Richards, Iginla, Toews, etc. who would NEVER allow his team to collapse like this.

      Interesting stat I read – did you know that Chara has been in 5 Game 7’s in his career – and has lost them ALL!!! Not exactly leadership material…

  13. dan says:

    Absolute disgrace

  14. Paille says:

    looch for captain?

  15. mook says:

    i am crushed.

    the difference was krejci. fuck.

  16. Matt says:

    Series changed when Gagne came back.

    Even with Krejci out, we had a chance. That comboed with Gagne was a killer. Gagne’s impact was MASSIVE.

  17. mook says:

    whoever won this series had a free pass to face chicago in the final. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Bruins says:

    Still hoping we can swing a Thomas/Gagne deal. After this series that might be tough though.




    • pearson says:

      why would THEY do that deal though? with what boucher and leighton have done why would they trade a (obvious) impact player for a position they alreay have a log jam at.

      i think timmy should have been traded while his stock was still high… he hasnt played in what seems like ages… it might be hard to sell him

  19. Vince says:

    Can’t believe what I saw tonight. Wearing my Bruins jersey all day at work everyone was on my case. Told them the mojo would work and the Bruins would win. I was close. Now I don’t know if I can show my face at work on Monday, everyone will be on my case.

    Good news is I am going to see Hall play the Calgary Hitmen on Monday night at the Memorial Cup. Can’t wait to see the future of the Bruins play.

  20. nick says:

    All captains do things differently, you can’t pull the c off anyone’s sweater… Bruins played horrible at times in the post season, no different than the regular season. I was certainly disappointed that they didn’t win tonight but there was a long stretch that I didn’t think they were going to make it into the playoffs. This was an exciting series, exciting season just not a great ending.

    I think the lack of depth was a problem, hopefully that second pick, no matter which one will help up front, but we are still a free agent or two away from a team that could be a serious contender for next year.

    Bruins also need to address the inconsistency in play, could be something in the locker room (missing Ward or PJ) that is disrupting the team or a coaching issue… either way I’m happy we were able to talk hockey into May and excited to pick things up in October.

    It was fun reading with you guys, I’ll check back in just before the draft…

    • Bruins says:

      I think Chara is the best d-man in the league but he has no heart. Bergeron is the captain. Always has been always will be.

  21. da wreck says:

    If I was Pete Chiarelli I wouldn’t sign Wheeler. You can bring a guy up or draft a guy that produced like him, for 800k a year. I’m not sure I’d sign Paille either, but he is a good penalty killer and 3/4th liner. Maybe for a good price?

    Also, Miro Satan’s going to go somewhere else for a bigger paycheck than the Bruins will offer, which is all good, because if they want to re-sign Boychuk, they’re going to need some cap space. After these playoffs he’s going to get a big raise.

    After the playoffs that Leighton and Boucher have had, do you honestly think the Flyers would bite on a $5 million dollar, 35 year old goalie? I’d say no.

  22. willisss says:

    whos drinking?

    • Bruins says:

      Pretty sure every Bruins fan is.

    • MC Puck says:

      At the time of your question, I had just invented my “way to fucking blow it Boston” drinking game. Drink a shot of 100 proof schnapps for every ball your opponent sinks (we were playing pool).

      Then it was 5 am and I was waking up on a couch in a Computer room.

  23. da wreck says:

    yeah I’m going to go get shitty drunk now.

  24. leaf fan says:

    boohoo hahahaha stupid fucks i told you dummies see you next year faggots im out just like your loser bruins

  25. bruins4eva says:

    i just gotta say who ever is writing these posts is a fucking idiot….i mean come on tuukka is a future…this series was just a lot of lucky bounces…look at game 4 and game 7 both games very similiar….lucky bounces you cant blame rask we came out firing…and did that but in the end they had the bounces

  26. Birdman2403 says:

    I didn’t write last night as I would have smashed the computer !!

    This team has a lot of talent however, NO HEART !! The Habs are fucking brutal, but everyone has taken it to a play-off level every game !!

    Changes need to be made…year after year same fucking result ! I dont know if blowing it up is neccessary however a ton of changes are needed.

    Julien – GONE !! This guy is a creature of habit and it ain’t working. Sticks with line combo’s too long, bad d-pairings and always uses the old guys ( Whitfield ) instead of some energy youth !! Look at what PK Subban has brought the Habs, energy and excitement.

    Others I would try to trade or let them go….

    Thomas, Wideman, Chara, Hunwick, Wheeler, Satan, Begin, Thornton, Paille.

    Thomas I love, but too much $$. Wideman, useless at the game of hockey. Chara complacent, under user of skill and size and need a new C ! Hunwick, good 1 game bad for 5. Wheeler same thing, skates like the wind and does nothing. Satan….well if he comes back for $500 000 again do it. Begin, Thornton, Paille = dime a dozen. Need young fresh blood !

    Anyway…I’m sure lots will disagree but that’s what I see.

    Anyway……have a great summer B’s fans and we will do it again next year !! At least we have #2 pick to look forward to…not much else at this point !

    • TheBellEnd says:

      you are officially a retard

      • Birdman2403 says:

        Well hockey genius….that has never been on here before….what do you say ?? You seem to be so smart about this ! Yeah….largest choke in sports history following a collapse last year, yeah I’m a retard for suggesting change !

    • bruins4eva says:

      WOW…if i remember correctly the coach before Julien was Dave lewis…aka HITLER…julien brought this team back from the dead…and turn them into a legit contender…firing him would be MORONIC…you guys are just looking for excuses….we have the number 2 pick this year and hopefully its taylor hall

  27. Paille says:

    Hopefully some time off will do good for Savard’s game. It seems like he was still having trouble recovering throughout this series. Trying to make too many pretty passes.

  28. Bruins1 says:

    Let me first say, I am a die hard Bruins fan. However lets speak the truth. Thsi team needs a change. We truly don’t have a #1 center (which I said all year long) and a man that can be a game changer. Hearing this, let the offseason moves be this:

    1.) Trade Savard for some kind of top 6 winger or package for a top 10 pick. Savard is not a true number one center like most teams have. He is a number 2. I know about his injury, but how many goals does he score when you need it the most. I recommend trading him because I would rather have Bergeron and Krecji.

    2.) Package Wheeler and our 1rd pick to get a top 5 pick in this year’s draft (Colombus). I would love to Get Connoly or Fowler as well to go along Sequin or Hall.I like Wheeler but I need a forward who will hit. Hitting is not his game.

    3.) Try to get rid of Thomas’s contract by any means. It was a BAD deal!!!

    4.) And if Chara doesn;t sign long term for a pay-cut, trade him. he is not worth 7.5 million a year. We can use the money else where.Love us to tarde Chara to LA for Jack Johnson and a pick.

    5.) Im not wasting my time saying trade Ryder, Wideman, or Sturm. Wont happen because they nake too much and I actually like Wideman’s game.

    6.) Try to get Bobby Ryan for the Ducks who is a RFA

    So I would like this team to get younger, and be built more more tough. No more Satan, Begin, Thornton, Ference (bad deal), Savard, Thomas, and Chara.

    Here would be my roster next year.

    Lucic- Krecji- Ryan
    Sturm- Bergeron- Seguin
    Ryder- Sobotka-Recchi
    Marchand-FA- Suave

    Johnson- Seidnburg
    Wideman – Stuart
    Ference- Boychuck

    Rask- Biron

    • TheBellEnd says:

      why is everyone on here just absolutely fucking retarded!!!!!!!….

      • #4 says:

        dude Im pretty sure that if you dont have anything inteligent to say yourself you should stop calling people retards..

        That said Trade Chara for Johnson and a Pick?? Are you kidding me A) Chara is the shit when healthy B) LA would laugh in your face.

        Savard Im on the ropes he did shit since coming back aside from that OT winner not at all like Gagne and Concussions+Age usually are career derailers for a guy like savard.

    • ennis22 says:

      haha what thebellend said. maybe if this was nhl 10 bud.

  29. Andy says:

    Ok, my 2 cents. First of all, FUCK the excuses. I’ve heard everything from bad call (you shouldn’t have been fucking TIED in the 1st place) to “we won’t win until Jacobs sells the team” (it’s a salary cap era and we’re up aganist it). The bottom line with this team is their Jekyll & Hyde approach. Take last night. Come out gangbusters at home and are rolling. You know your season is on the line and you LET UP in the 2nd?! How can anyone in their right mind do that?!!!

    There are many reasons for it, but really this team is a good, not good enough team. Sure, we had our injuries, but ultimately, like past years, in the end, we just don’t have what it takes to get it done.

    I’m not sure where to go from here. We have some good building blocks, and sure, we have the no. 2 pick, but I think this team really needs to take a LONG, HARD look at personnel. I’m not going to play GM and say “do this scenario”, but again, I think we need to find players who have the heart and willingness to compete EVERY night, for 60 minutes.

    We also have to stop signing MEDIOCRE fucking guys (we all know who they are) who are simply streaky and don’t add much to the lineup when they’re “OFF”.

    FUCK the excuses. This loss was inexcusable. Did Krecji’s loss hurt? Absolutely. But despite that, we had a THREE ZIP LEAD IN GAME SEVEN AT HOME!! We weren’t missing him with 10 min gone in the 1st, were we?

    The day after, at this point, I’m not sure if I can even look at anything having to with this team for the next few months. Since I’m a diehard, like all of you, I will inevitably come back in the fall. But for right now, it makes me literally sick to my stomach to be a fan of a team that could self destruct into one of the worst collapses in playoff history.

    Probably the worst part is the fact that I can never again truly enjoy the 04 ALCS, now that I’m on the other side of the coin…

  30. #4 says:

    Here are the guys that are CANCEROUS ON THE BRUINS~!!


    Borderline Useless’s (aka dime a dozen players)


    Those Cancers on the team are such a detriment to a team in soo many ways. They dont care, they dont get emotional, they have been around the league and you know why??? BECAUSE THEY DONT GIVE A SHIT THEY DONT PLAY WHEN YOU NEED THEM TOO…. “OOOH WERE UP 3-0 TIME TO LOOSEN THE SKATES, UNBUCKLE MY CHINSTRAP, PUT ON MY THONG AND WAIT FOR A PAYCHECK”

    Unacceptabe this team needs players with potential who care not guys who are mediocre now. Id take an average prospect with potential and enthusiasm over a mediocre Journeyman any day. Its the attitude of those careless players that drags down the players who care and fucks it all up.

    • bruins4eva says:

      what the hell are you talking about…first of all Satan played very well and deserved his 800,000 or whatever he gets….once krejchi went down with his unjury i knew that anything could happen…and look at what did that same play were krejchi went down was the last time Satan scored…they played really well together…dont comment on who is useless and cancerous cuz thats stupid they overcame a lot of criticism due to injuries…if u look at that series the flyers got healthier and the bruins got more injuries…simple as that this team when healthy can be very competitive

      • #4 says:

        Yeah but what did Satan do w/o Krejci????

        Nothing He got beat for at least 3 goals I can remember since krejci went down. Its called Cheechoo Syndrome Play with ona the Greats and youll look great too. Now Satan did play well offensively but did nothing defensively didnt go into a corner once hat I remember.

        Begin Ryder Wheeler just honestly never seem to care. IF youve ever been on a team where a few guys are just passive and dont seem to care that much you know how it drags down the entire team attitude.

      • bruins4eva says:

        yea but ur gonna tell me that he wasnt better then ryder or wheeler or pretty much anybody else offensively CHIA didnt sign him to go into corners….he signed him to score and he did just that he is the reason that boston made it to the second round…

      • bruins4eva says:

        oh and you cant say they didnt care watch the mark recchi postgame reaction when he talks about his teammates each and every guy cares…the reason they lost that series comes down to a few things one losing krejchi…two….penaltys both dumb and penaltys that were horrible calls and the third just some lucky ass bounces

      • #4 says:

        OK you got me on satan!

        HE wont be back anyways though $$ has other priorities and seeing him beat for those goals last nite made me SICK to my stomache!

      • bruins4eva says:

        i am behind you 100% on that it was rough just watching that lead dwindle…its a shame but i am really looking forward to next year alraedy starting with the draft i hope we get hall did u see his moves at the memorial cup….wow lol

  31. ELWOPPO says:

    Very disapointed and shocked! BUT at the same time i didnt expect them to make the playoffs with the loss of Savard, They did! I didnt expect them to eliminate Buffalo(Niether did the experts) They did! So i look at it as Bonus hockey and experience for the young guys! Next year you guys will see a much different team! Would you rather they NOT make the Playoffs? How do you think Canes fans feel after making it to the Eastern Conf. finals last year and missing the playoffs this year! Or how about Ranger Fans? Or Pathetic Leaf fans, They havnt smelt the playoffs in 5 straight years!!! Bottom line is we still have a good team here mixed with vets and great young talent! With the addition of Hall or Seguin and a few off season trades or signings the team will be competing for the Cup with the best of them, BELIEVE ME!!!!

  32. pearson says:

    seems like as soon as they werent in the underdog role they completely lost composure.

    the loss cant be put on sobotka(too many men penalty) whitfield(controversial non-scratch) rask(4 goals) or anyone else… EXCEPT CHARA.

    i love the guy, hes the best dman in the league, but the C on his chest means has to be MORE than the best dman in the league. he has to LEAD the TEAM. when a team is slipping out of control as hard as it was last night there needs to be someone to step up and light a fire under some asses. if rex comes back next season (im praying he will) hes got my (useless) vote for captain.

    in the first i noticed ALOT of trent whitfield smashing people along the boards, getting in the dirty areas, and even if it didnt produce goals: his teammates HAD to have seen that and got all fired up.

    i also want to give credit where credit is due… scott hartnell played unreal last night. he was mixing it up, trying to creating penalties for boston, his backhanded was from a crazy angle and it went top corner… he looked completely dialed in. i want that guy in black and gold.

    we all just rode the same roller coaster guys, cheers to everyone here thats been on this site all season, its been tough, and now embarrassing, but its going to make next season that much sweeter

  33. willisss says:

    top ten worst hang overs ever.

    and the healing process begins…i cant even listen to claude talk right now. i have stayed with this team through thick and thin, i have bitched at bandwagoners, shit talkers, morons…the works. to be apart of the greatest choke in sports history??? it will be hard to forgive this team.

    its 1pm…i just woke up…im going to go golfing, get drunk yet again, and sing some fucking karaoke

    things could be worse though…we could be leafs fans

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Better yet go to rehab, with your drunk ass! All you do is talk about getting drunk? U might have a problem Willisss! How old are you BTW?

    • #4 says:

      Sounds good minus the Karaoke… You going to go sign “down in a hole” or something depressed?

      Also Golfing could get frustrating fast with this shit in the back of your mind.

      • willisss says:

        haha actually, i started with “everybody hurts” then ended with ” hurt” johnny cash version

  34. MC Puck says:

    What really pisses me off the most is that a team whose image is supposed to be “The Big Bad Bruins” couldn’t bring any ‘nasty’ into the arena. I gave them a pass on the road games, it’s tough to play in Philly against a team that’s fighting and clawing to keep playing hockey. I cannot excuse, as a life long Bruins fan who spends the majority of his ‘fun money’ on this team, a team that goes up 3-0 and stops playing the game.

    Now, truth be told, this team could have done without a few injuries. Still, it’s a sad day to be a Bruins fan. Where do you go from here? I see everyone calling for players/coaches heads, and to be honest, I think we’re all right. Julien is a great coach, but he is in large part to blame. Chara is a great d-man, but he’s in part to blame. I don’t care which player you are, they should all feel responsible for not winning that game.

    Now, as far as next year, I’ll be wearing my jerseys and hats, talking shit to Laughs and Gaynadiens fans as usual. I’ve been a Boston sports fan all my life, so one little historical set back isn’t going to stop that.

    We’re Bruins fans, we get pissed, but we always come back.

    • #4 says:

      And we have a right to BE PISSED!!!

      I dont think anyone on here should insult anybody else for whatever ridiculous suggestions they come up with. We all have a right to be furios for now. Wait untill the draft and trade season we can all start to ponder lines and forget all about this horrible day.

      • ELWOPPO says:

        agreed, I still think our future never looked brighter with the picks and prospects we own!!!!!!!!!!

  35. 350 lb fan says:

    Here is next years REALISTIC lineup… considering the B’s complacency and cap room:

    Savard-Lucic-Seguin (NO WAY EDM DOESN’T TAKE HALL)
    Caron-Sobotka-FA Fighter



    I think we need more change, but getting healthy along with adding Seguin could make us a contender. Rask will be better too.

    Another thing that no-one has brought up is that the guy that was missed the most from last year’s team in the playoffs in my opinion was PJ Axelsson. He was a shutdown guy that we did not replace.

    • 350 lb fan says:

      Forgot to mention that I don’t think we’ll get any more than a pick in return for Thomas and his 5 bills

      • jimmy50 says:

        Possible teams to trade Thomas: PHI, OTT, STL, CHI, and WASH.

        Backup G: Biron or Boucher

        Need to resign: Stuart, Boychuk, Seidenberg, Recchi, Paille, Sobotka, Wheeler.

        Trade: Ryder

        Draft: Seguin/Hall

        Lucic Savard Hall/Seguin
        Sturm Bergeron Recchi
        Wheeler Krecji (FA-RW)
        Paille Sobotka (FA-RW)

        Chara Wideman
        Stuart Siedenberg
        Ference Boychuk


  36. joeyb says:

    Dustin Byfuglien is an absolute possibility for the Bruins. Imagine the terror of him and Lucic on the same team?

  37. willisss says:

    i was all about blake wheeler for so long….but watch his game, the guy is a 6’5 tampon. it hurts me to say it because he has such a good rookie year. maybe it was a slump year for the guy, but depending on what he wants for money, his signing could go either way

  38. JONOVISION says:

    Why is everyone bustin up the Bruins,they are what they Elite Farm club.dont be mad cause they lost game 7 wit a 3-0 lead .lol u gotta rembr its the Bruins,a B class team in a A class league.RASK is a rookie! so what,we havnt had a 20,30,40 goal scorer.we should be happy they mad it to second round,they sure fluked off a win ovr donr feel down over a B class team over achieving.which is by FAR what the bruins did! Fuk bruins habs rivalry…go Habs

  39. da wreck says:

    Out of curiosity who are all of you cheering for now, if anyone?

    I’m cheering for Jumbo Joe.

  40. Birdman2403 says:

    Hawks !! A lot of Winnipeg connections.

    Just to add….NO WAY Edmonton takes anybody but HALL !!!

    • pearson says:

      go HAWKS…!
      if you’re from winnipeg, i really hope you get your jets back. im pullin for ya.

      i think edmonton already has some really solid wingers… so they need some centermen to solidify. i think they take seguin.

      heres a idea though… the oil needs some sort of goalie and a good center or two.. could we make a deal for cogliano, penner, or someone in exchange for timmy/sobotka?

      i mean if they know they are going to take hall, and we get another center then we are going to end up with a whole mess of centers. is there a problem that we would have seguin, savard, bergy, and krejci?

      • Gcole says:

        Savard bergeron krejci sobotka seguin. Alot of good centers, but with the way injuries go for the bruins they might as well keep them all

      • Birdman2403 says:

        Thanks Pearson….would be sweet to get the Jets back. With Bettman in charge….I really don’t know !?!?!

    • Vince says:

      Have to agree, most people I talk to here in Winnipeg are going for the Hawks. Now that the Bruins are out I would love to see the Hawks and all the peg connections win. It would be nice to see the Cup come on down to Dakota or Southdale.

  41. Jefe77 says:

    Seguin will play wing

  42. goosegoose says:

    Well we can now look forward to next year. My gf and my cousin and I are planning a trip to Germany and the Czech Republic. I cannot wait to see my boys in Europe!

  43. JONOVISION says:

    the shock is over,the hurt is gone,time to move on.but there will always be that lil sting deep down somewhere…BRUINS 4EVA

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