Savard Trade…Hmmm…

June 28, 2010

Rumors are rampant that the Bruins are looking to trade veteran center Marc Savard.  Not sure why they are so eager to trade him.  His cap hit at 4 million dollars is an absolute bargain and with the right linemates, is still a PPG player and easily one of the top 5 playmakers in the league.

Some reporters said the Bruins are looking for cap space, so are willing to take a “soft deal” for Savard.  Well, considering Michael Ryder makes 4 million dollars, I doubt the Bruins trade their most gifted offensive player for close to nothing for cap space.  Also, it seems like there is a good chance Tim Thomas is traded.

Sure, there is a glut at center, but thinking Tyler Seguin will step in and give you 60 points is asking a lot.  Also, Patrice Bergeron is a UFA after next season, so unless they already have a deal in place, no guarantee he comes back.  Seguin and Bergeron could be pushed to wing.

Now, long term, Zach Hamill and Joe Colborne are centers who are fighting for spots, so maybe they are trying to make room for them.  If Savard is traded, it will be for a bonafide winger or defenseman.  Considering most of the great PMD are not going anywhere, trading Savard for a top winger would be a good idea.

Also, the rumors may be there because the Bruins think they can get Jeff Carter for Tim Thomas plus, so they are looking to move Savard.  Who knows, but, I will tell you trading Savard for peanuts is highly unlikely to happen.



June 25, 2010

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June 25, 2010


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Boychuk resigns for 2 years; Recchi Back

June 24, 2010

According to, the Bruins have resigned Johnny Boychuk to a two year contract worth $3.75 million.  Boychuk will receive $1.75 million in the first year and $2 million in the second. His cap hit will be $1.875 million.

UPDATE June 25th 1:30 : According to’s, Jimmy Murphy the Bruins have resigned Mark Recchi to a one year deal. The deal is worth a reported $1 million. The Bruins plan to announce the signing Monday.

Bruins acquire Horton, what does this mean?

June 22, 2010

The Boston Bruins acquired winger Nathan Horton and center Greg Campbell from the Florida Panthers for Dennis Wideman, the 15th overall pick and a 2011 3rd round pick.

This was a great deal by the Bruins, especially with the cap rising to 59.64 million dollars.  Horton will likely play with Savard, and the 3rd overall pick in 2003 has three more years at 4 million left on his deal.  I was surprised Ryder was not in the deal, but Wideman became expendable once Seidenberg was re-signed.

Horton is a guy who could thrive with a great center and change of scenery.  Peter Mueller anyone?  Horton is the type of winger the Bruins needed, and with him and Lucic, look out.

Campbell is likely going to be either flipped in another trade or will play 4th line duty as a PK.  Looks like Daniel Paille could be traded or not qualified.  He becomes redundant with Campbell on the roster.

This deal looks like a precursor to another deal (Thomas, Ryder) for a puck moving defenseman.  More insight to come…

Bruins acquire Horton

June 22, 2010

According to TSN and Bob McKenzie the Bruins have acquired Nathan Horton and Gregory Campbell from the Florida Panthers in exchange for Dennis Wideman and the 15th overall pick.

Trade Winds Heating Up

June 21, 2010

There are lots of rumors going around right now, and it should be an interesting week.  We should start to see some deals start Tuesday or Wednesday and up until July 1st.

The Bruins are reportedly in the mix for Nathan Horton and are looking to acquire another top 5 pick, possibly the #3 from Florida in a package deal.  They are also looking to move Tim Thomas and have been shopping him around.  The Bruins also made a few QO’s to some RFAs.  Let’s take a look at what has happened and what could happen.

Shawn Thornton: The Bruins re-signed their enforcer to a 2 year extension worth 812,500 annually.  About a 300,000 raise from his 517,000 cap hit last year.  Thornton is one of the better enforcers in the league, and a great locker room guy.  He has some skill unlike the Colton Orr and George Laraque’s of the world.  His cap hit is a few hundred thousand less than what most enforcers are making, like Orr and Laraque.  Thornton will likely continue his role on the 4th line and sometimes be a healthy scratch to a guy like Brad Marchand.  Considering this is less than 1/58 of the cap, this is a solid signing.  Remember, someone will need to protect Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin.

Dennis Seidenberg: One of the nice things about the past two deadline acquisitions (Mark Recchi, Seidenberg), is that Peter Chiarelli has been able to re-sign them, meaning what he gave up for them is not as high as if they left.  Seidenberg signed a 4 year deal worth 3.25 million per season.  Most thought he could command around 3.5-4 million on the open market, so the value was great.  He played great with Chara and led the league in blocked shots, which we missed sorely after the departure of Aaron Ward.

QOs: The Bruins tendered qualifying offers to Mark Stuart, Blake Wheeler and Vladimir Sobotka.  They could still sign long term deals, but the Bruins are now able to match offersheets if they are signed.  Interestingly, Daniel Paille, the only other Bruin who played in the NHL all season, did not.  The Bruins are probably not interested in giving him 1.3 million or so when they are so close to the cap.  They might try and re-sign him closer to 1-1.1 million.  He is a great penalty killer and a young PJ Axelsson, but they need as much cap space as they can get.

Now on to the rumors…

There are reports that Mark Recchi will be re-signed to a 1 year deal around 1 million dollars.  He would be a great mentor to either Tyler Seguin or Taylor Hall.  Plus he could score around 20 goals, a bargain price. reported the Bruins were on the verge of acquiring Nathan Horton, but nothing materialized yet.  There was a rumor Marc Savard could be part of a package for Horton and the #3 pick.  I don’t see Savard getting moved, but I could be wrong.  Horton would be a great addition.  I’m sure Ryder and the #15 pick would be the center piece, maybe with a guy like Matt Hunwick also be shipped out to make room for a Johnny Boychuk re-signing.

Johnny Boychuk‘s agent said negotiations were going well.  Nothing is imminent, but I’m confident something will get done.  Some things need to happen prior though.

Tim Thomas has been shopped around the league, and he is willing to waive his NTC in the right situation.  The B’s like Thomas, but that cap hit is too high when they are so confident in Tuukka Rask.

It’ll be an interesting week.  Stay tuned.