Seidenberg resigns

According to TSN the Bruins have resigned Dennis Seidenberg to a 4 year 13 million dollar contract. More to come later.


110 Responses to Seidenberg resigns

  1. lucic crew says:

    sweet signing led the nhl in blocked shot sounds good to me

  2. lucic crew says:

    amongst one of the leaders anyway

  3. Birdman2403 says:

    Someone has to go….who ?? Chara ?? Ryder ?? ( No one wants him ) Thomas ??

    • Patrick says:

      Someone has to go.
      How about Milan Lucic”
      he makes $4 milliin and does ot contribute much.
      He played not to get hurt!
      Sobotka played much more physical than Milan Lucic despite of his injured shoulder.
      I’d trade Lucic with Ryder.

      • Patrick says:

        Someone has to go.
        How about Milan Lucic”
        he makes $4 million and does not contribute much.
        He played not to get hurt!
        Sobotka played much more physical than Milan Lucic despite of his injured shoulder.
        I’d trade Lucic with Ryder.

      • Birdman2403 says:

        Not a chance Lucic gets traded and he shouldn’t !! He’s young and had an awful injury year !

  4. pearson says:

    i dont know how they fit everyone in now. im not complaining, but its crowded.

    someone is gonna get traded.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      what do you mean? They only have 5 defencemen signed? If u wanna get technical they still need to resign either Stuart or boychuk! Thier not crowded at all?

  5. backbruin says:

    There will be a trade made and don’t expect it to be a blockbuster for us….i can see us trading thomas or ryder for picks and a possible lineup player!!!

    So when this happens let’s not get bent out of shape because getting rid of thomas/ryder’s contracts will be a godsend!!!

    open cap space, get picks, with our soon to be lineup smells like a cup run….

    what’s thomas/ryders contracts worth 10 mill. combined? if that were the case we could go out and get a real good player!

  6. Andy says:

    Worst case, Ryder gets bought out, ala Schaefer/Murray. The B’s would save 2.667 mil (2/3d’s salary) and then he’s off the books after next yr. I believe that Wheeler is going to be packaged with maybe our no. 15 pick to try and move up for a 2nd pick in the top 10 to get one of the D.

    You also have to worry about not only signing Stuart/Boychuk (who sadly I think is gone), but also Recchi and perhaps Satan. It’s not going to be easy, since we have about $47 mil right now (w/ Seidenberg) and we still have our free agents and have to sign Hall/Seguin. I think Recchi will still come back for around $1 mil, but you still have the others. We’ll see what happens. I don’t see them trading Thomas – one b/c he has a NTC and two b/c his surgery is going to keep him out until late Sept/Oct (which I think will keep teams wary of giving up a lot for him).

    I still think the Ference signing was one of the worst of PC’s career. We could’ve used that 2.25 mil on more than a 5th D…

  7. mook says:

    the cap is going up next year by about 2 mil. we have cap space, relax. you guys want a ryder buyout? then his hit stays with us for 2 years.

    trade chara?

    here’s what will happen: ryder will start the season playing with savard. he’ll score 20 goals in his first 30 games, then we’re all going to go out and buy ryder jerseys and beg for him to resign.

  8. mook says:

    My trade wish:

    Wideman & Thomas


    Huet and negotiating rights to Byfuglien.

    Throw-in some picks (maybe the Bruins 1st round pick for Chicago’s 2nd round pick) <— Not our #2 overall, our regular pick (14th or whatever it is)

    • bbears24 says:

      ive been saying all along that i would love to see byfuglien in black and gold, him and looch punishing other teams….with that said won’t happen chicago has the highest cap in the league i believe, so they will be looking to unload especially if they win the cup.

  9. CapGeek says:

    Relax everyone. We have $50,265,475 invested in 14 players as follows:

    Thomas $5,000,000
    Rask $1,250,000
    Chara $7,500,000
    Wideman $3,937,500
    Hunwick $1,450,000
    Ferrence $2,250,000
    Seidenberg $3,250,000
    Bergeron $4,750,000
    Ryder $4,000,000
    Krecji $3,750,000
    Sturm $3,500,000
    Savard $4,007,142

    • CapGeek says:

      Sorry about that – I hit the submit button by mistake … continuing

      Lucic $4,083,333
      Thornton $812,500
      Schaeffer (buyout) $766,667
      Eaves (buyout) -$41,667

      Assuming the cap stays the same we have $6,534,525 left to sign 2 defensemen and 6 forwards. Word has it that the cap is going to be an additional $2M more than last year. So we will have $8,534,525 left. Also, don’t forget that Sturm will start the first 2 months of the season on LTIR so we get relief for his cap # for 2 months.

      I suspect that Wheeler and the #15 pick will be packaged for a top ten pick and I believe that Ryder’s days are numbered. That being the case we will have in excess of $12M to sign 7 players. Sounds good to me, especially when you factor in Hall/Sequin and another top 10 pick (Gormley hopefully) for the entry level price of $9,000,000, bonuses excluded.

    • Patrick says:

      Lucic 4,400,000
      and does nothing!
      sobotka took Milan Lucic’;s place! If he’d have more ice time like Lucic, sobotka would have scored!
      Trade Lucic, Ryder and Wideman
      Total losers crew!

  10. bruinsguy17 says:

    i would love that trade mook

  11. Andy says:

    Cap, I don’t think that Sturm can go onto LTIR for only 2 months. I thought for LTIR you had to be out for the season in order to use it, although I could be wrong.

    Assuming, conservatively, that we can retain Stuart and Boychuk for $4 mil total (2.5 to Stuart, 1.5 to Boychuk) and sign Hall/Seguin & another top 10 for $2 mil (rounding up), plus Recchi back at $1 mil, that ties up 7 of your $8 mil – and that’s assuming that the cap WILL go up $2 mil.

    That is only 2 more forwards and 3 d (although the 2nd top 10 pick – a D – would probably replace Stuart or Boychuk). Let’s even say we brought back Satan for the same pay.

    This is what you would have (no particular lines or pairings) :



    Rask, Thomas

    You still need 2 more forwards, although I guess you could go with Marchand & Sobotka, but that’s still going to be VERY close or OVER the cap. Someone needs to be moved…

    True, Ryder’s buyout would be 1.33 for 2 yrs, but that SAVES you a much needed 2.67 THIS year. The other option is to send him to Providence, which, as far as I know, wouldn’t count the ENTIRE $4 mil towards the cap!!

  12. mook says:

    bruins will trade one of those troublesome players. i’m not worried about it…

    i can see it being ryder or thomas quicker than wideman.

    thomas to dallas? wait for it…

  13. goosegoose says:

    wont segan or hall be like 850k because of the new league minimum for rookies?

    • Bruins says:

      Around that for a soft cap hit but top picks like them could get up to around $3.5 million if they hit all of their bonuses.

  14. jimmy50 says:

    With out depth no gurantee they start. Don’t forget Hamill, Colbourne, Caron are all waiting.

  15. Birdman2403 says:

    EKLUND…idiot …has Spezza to B’s for #2 pick !! Where does he make this shit up from ??

    • BosBrn77 says:

      That guy is a complete moron! I’d almost say maybe the 15th pick… but why Spezza when we have Savard, Bergeron, Krejci, Sobotka, Colborne, Hamill, Marchand……. I think we are set with centers! Not to mention a 7 million dollar cap hit! Yeah… smoke another one Eklund!

  16. BosBrn77 says:

    If Boston can’t trade Ryder, Thomas, Sturm or Wideman then I would rather see them bury a contract in Providence then do a buy out.

    I hope they sign both Stuart and Boychuk! Stuart is rock solid and is a future captain on this team! Boychuk has a rocket that Iafrate would be proud of! Hunwick can always start the season in Providence and be called up in case of injury. I’d rather see competition then guys floating, knowing they have a spot.

    I’d like to see Boston trade someone (most have mentioned Wheeler) and a couple picks to move up to grab a highly touted young d-man…. or maybe another winger. We have a nice bunch of defensemen coming up……. and quite a few centers. Be nice to see the winger core grow too. But if you could get a bonafide stud d-man… go for it!

    Also moving some “dead weight” for picks and grabbing a winger in free agency would be nice too! Maybe an UFA would take a little less to come play here. We have a great young core building here… and a lot of guys have said they WANT to play in Boston…. unlike the Sinden and O’Connell years!

    OK… off my soap box! I hope everyone is doing well! Been dealing with surgeries and stuff with my daughter. My apologies for not posting as much!

  17. Gcole says:


    sounds good to me..

  18. Andy says:

    I think the B’s will be making moves at the draft. It’s easy to say on our end to trade Ryder, Wideman, or Thomas, but that’s A LOT harder in reality. We’ll see what happens, but they have to unload a player or two. I don’t know if we have enough to get Fowler or Gundbrandson (prob have to get into the 4/5 slot), but it would be great to try to package Wheeler, no. 15, and maybe a prospect. We could use a young stud D in the system…

  19. JRy says:

    I trulely believe we shud work to move purr 15 pick up. We have solid forward prospects in Hall/Seguin, Colborne, Hamil,etc., but I don’t see the same prospects on the defensive end. Fowler, gudbranson or gormely would be huge! Our 15 pick, Wheeler, and o would even give Hamill.

    • pearson says:

      instead of packaging wheeler, a pick, and hamill… could we get rid of thomas, the 15th pick, and wheeler for another top 5 pick?

      columbus and tampa have top 5s and are both teams that could use thomas to coach the younger goalies in their systems. i did not check the cap numbers but can then take on high salaries while sacrificing a top D prospect? maybe.

      problem with trading thomas is his NTC. maybe wideman goes and we can get o-johnny-boy resigned?

      if wideman is included we may need to sweeten the pot with a young prospect of our own.

      • Andy says:

        I like we’re you’re going with that, Pearson, but I would think the 3 stud D go by no. 7 – which means FLA (Vokoun), Columbus (Mason), NYI (a shitload of money tied up in Dipietro), and CAR (Ward) probably wouldn’t want to take on TT. The only match I can see is TB at 6, but now they have Stevie Y, who knows his shit, so probably not a great chance there.

        If we were able to trade TT, we’d probably have to take back comparable salary in return, which is why the TT/Gagne possiblity makes sense…

  20. Bruins1 says:

    why isnt anyone asking to trade Chara? If u trade Chara and get a another top 6 pick, you get a young stud d-man. Our 6 defensemen would be:
    Seidenburg- Boychuck
    Wideman- Fowler/Gormley
    Stuart – Ference

    It isnt a bad d-pair at all and we save 7 towards the cap

    • Mook says:

      trade our best player? for who? sturm, stuart and primeau?

      • Andy says:

        Our best player? He looked slow and lethargica t many times last year and more importantly, I don’t think he’s the guy to lead this team to where we all want to go. I wouldn’t lose sleep at night if we didn’t re-sign him next yr.

        If we traded him, though, it’s not like a team woudl just take his $7 mil without having us take on any back. However, decent point. It might be worth exploring…

      • willisss says:


      • Bruins says:

        We should learn from our mistakes and at least get a 4th round pick or something back too this time.

  21. lucic crew says:

    no way trade chara absolutely not. Wait and see what a healthy chara does next year mark my words!

  22. bbears24 says:

    Bergeron could be dealt
    7:04AM ET
    Patrice Bergeron | Bruins
    Top Email

    With so much depth at the center position — and perhaps more coming — the Boston Bruins could look at dealing Patrice Bergeron.

    At least that’s what one Eastern Conference front office guy tells the Boston Globe, adding that he could yield an offensive-minded winger — something they desperately need.

    Part of the reason that source suggested a Bergeron trade was because of his $4.75 million cap hit, which expires after next season. The Bruins are locked into several big contracts, so this would free up cap space while filling a need.

    If a deal happens, it will likely be before July 1 when Bergeron’s no-trade clause kicks in.

    But, to be frank, a Bergeron trade seems very unlikely at this point. He’s a favorite of coach Claude Julien, and if anything, David Krejci might be a more likely trade candidate. There has already suggestions of Krejci going to Toronto for Tomas Kaberle, so perhaps that’s just a sneak preview of the trade talk that will surround him as the offseason unfolds.


  23. DBruins says:

    Krejci for Tomas Kaberle would add to the salry cap, so it aint going to happen.

    • JRy says:

      Don’t trade Bergeron! He’s probably our best defensive forward, he’s a team leader, Hes good offensively, he’s a role model (Patrice’s Pals, etc.), and I think he would have the P.J Axelsson effect if he leaves. I am a huge Bergeron fan and think he should be captain. I would probably even rather have Savard, Krejci or Chara go before him.

      • gibbz says:

        word. thats. bergeron better not go, or i’m going with him to watch that team, hes een my favorite player since he got drafted.

      • Bruins says:

        Hands down my favourite player not only now but of all time. I’d be devastated if he went. He seems to be most people’s favourite Bruin too.

  24. Whopperfoo says:

    Apparently Thomas’s parents both have cancer and is on big reason why he’s here (boston hospitals). His parents did sell their wedding rings etc. to pay for his hockey equipment though so if he/they want to wing a cup, I’m sure they will sacrifice the medical care here and move elsewhere. However, it does look like he has a great chance to win a cup with boston, even if it is as a backup.

    • Caps fan says:

      We want Tim Thomas. Washington DC has good hospitals too.
      Plus it’s not that far from Boston. they can travel , it’s only one hour flight.
      Tim Thomas can win a Stanley Cup with The Capitals.
      You keep your Tuukkk

    • Bruins says:

      YEah plus he has his kids in school and stuff. I fully do not expect him to waive the NTC. Can’t blame him and he’s done so much for the team anyways. Pretty solid tandem to have as Tuuk hasn’t shown he can handle a 60-70 game season yet.

  25. Birdman2403 says:

    I hope Ramsay doesn’t go to Atlanta !

  26. Caps fan says:

    Washington Capitals may want Tim Thomas.
    If the Bruins let Thomas go we ‘ll take him!
    Lot’s of rumor is already out.
    Caps want Tim Thomas.

  27. ccm says:

    I have seen two rumors in the past two days…Tim Thomas and Vladimir Sobotka to the Caps for Alexander Semin. Likely? Probably not, but definately feasible. If we can’t pull that off I say we focus on Chicago who needs to dump salaries and take a run at Patrick Sharpe or Dustin Buyfuglien.

  28. jimmy50 says:

    Semin doesn’t fit. Buyfuglien does though! Have to trade Ryder and Thomas. Sign Wheeler, Recchi, Paille, and Stuart to reasonable deals:

    Lucic Savard Hall/Seguin
    Wheeler Krejci Buyfuglien
    Sturm Bergeron Recchi
    Thornton Sobotka Paille

    Chara Seidenberg
    Wideman Stuart *McQuaid, Alexandrov,
    Ference Hunwick

    (FA Backup)

    • Gulbickus says:

      Yeah, I mean why would we an elite left winger on this team…..? How doesn’t Semin Fit? Especially with Sturm going to miss considerable time and Wheeler being underwhelming. If the Caps will give us Semin for Timmy and Vlad, I’ll drive them to the airport.

  29. backbruin says:

    Semin doesn’t fit?????? bahahahahahahah….bahahahahahahhahaha…omg you’re joking right?

    wow sometimes i wonder where you guys get your smoke from!!!!

    semin doesn’t fit???bahahahahahahah

    • Andy says:

      Back, I think he meant salary cap wise. He obviously would be a great addition. It would actually work b/c Semin is making $6 mil in the final yr of his deal, TT makes $5 mil and Vlad makes $750k, although he is a RFA, so why would WSH want him unless they knew they could sign him?

      The only issue that I’ve heard about Semin is that he lacks heart, which is something this team is already missing. At the same time, though, we do need someone to actually put the puck in the back of the net.

  30. willisss says:

    i would hate to see vlad go. but if it means shipping out timmy then so be it. new trade:

    wideman, thomas, wheeler for


  31. Bruins says:

    Good thing no hockey’s on tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing how good Strasburg is.

  32. jimmy50 says:

    Oh your right. The one way player who had incredible regular season numbers playing with Backstrom and Ovechkin fits the Bruins/Julien system. My bad I must have been thinkin of another Semin. Back to the grass.

    • backbruin says:

      The guy is a pure scorer and at LW…Don’t bother with sarcasm as it makes you look dumber then you already are!!!

      Ya, why on earth would we want a pure sniper to finally play with a top 3 set-up man “in the nhl”??

      what were we thinking?!?!?!?

      • jimmy50 says:

        I agree with sniper and LW. I believe my “sarcasm” made a valid point. And if we need a sniper to win then why didn’t we resign Kessel but signed others instead?

      • Andy says:

        Cause Kessel didn’t want to be here..

  33. mook says:

    why would we want a scoring winger? we don’t have any of those. let’s just get more lucic-type players. it will be like choosing all fat guys in “ice hockey” on nintendo.

    • Birdman2403 says:

      Lay off Lucic ! This guy is young, has size, can fight and score with the right people ! Mark my words watch next year !

      I’ll donate money to buy out Sturm and Ryder !!

      • lucic crew says:

        100% agree

      • bbears24 says:

        i know sturm is injury prone…but he was our top goal scorer this year, and the guy can fly…i can live with ryder leaving, but not sturm

      • Andy says:

        I would not only drive Sturm to the airport, I would buy his luggage, air ticket, and maybe his house to wherever he’s going.

        He is completely inconsistent and although he was our leading scorer, that’s not saying much. Plus, what did he go 17 games w/o a goal at one point?!

        Plus, if he was so good then why did no one give a shit when he was coming back in last year’s playoffs? Because his stats are OK, but think about this-

        If we were down a goal w/ a minute left, is he one of the guys that you want out there when you pull the goalie. Most would say yes, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be a resounding “YES!”. If that’s the case, how can he really be that important?

  34. jimmy50 says:

    Can we at least agree the injury plagued season is the reason for scoring inconsistency? Going back two seasons ago you wouldn’t have said that. Plus we are about to draft Taylor or Tyler.

    Looking forward to see how the roster will look around July 3rd or so.

  35. northeastern says:

    i heard some crazy rumor through word of mouth, im guessing its comoplete bull shit, but it went along like this:

    ” the oil proposed a trade to give up its number 1 overall for krejci and chara, giving the bruins the 1st and 2nd overall, the bruins quickly said fuck off”

    once again, word of mouth whos source said eklund maybe? we all know hes a joke

  36. Ohniner says:

    Sounds like florida really wants our pick offer us there 3rd pick and a few opinions for PC to think about . I dont care what they offer I want #1 or 2 these kids are very good dont pass on this PC

  37. mook says:

    so nick boynton is about to win a cup…

  38. bbears24 says:

    congrats chicago….goes to show goon hockey and flopping can only take you so far, the hockey gods looked over the true hockey team in this series.

    P.S.–Pronger might of been the most over-hyped defensemen in the playoffs

  39. ELWOPPO says:

    ha ha ha ha Phily! U bunch of fucken lucky basterds you! Have fun playing golf! Maybe they should invest in a goalie in the off season, That was horrible! Leightnen blew the game for them! Juctice was served! Congrates Hawks, You guys deserved it! Enjoy the stanley cup!

  40. MC Puck says:

    As nice an idea as it is, we won’t get another top 10 without giving up a second rounder in addition to 15th and Wheeler… not realistic. Lets not forget the sheer number of picks we have this year and next means we have a pretty good chance of landing a stud D-man, and if not, we have plenty of trade bait come the deadline…

    Everyone relax and enjoy the show, our team has so many pro’s and very few con’s in my opinion.

  41. Andy says:

    Yes, congrats to the Hawks. Thank God Philly didn’t win! I want to take my stick and tomahawk Hartnell right in the fucking teeth! What a pussy! And could Philly get any more fucking bounces going their way? From the last 4 games of the B’s series on..

    As for the draft, I def think it will take Wheeler and probably no. 15 AND no. 36 to move into the top 7 (I don’t see Fowler, Gundbrandson, or Gormley going any later). Perhaps, though, we can give them one of our 2nd rd picks NEXT year.

    I think there’s going to be a LOT of activity over draft weekend, with picks as well as current roster players. It’ll be interesting to see what happens…

    • bbears24 says:

      i agree, but I don’t think that boston would of gotten past montreal they were just too banged up…and I’m sure everyone here would rather lose to philly than montreal.

  42. backbruin says:

    great now we can get excited about hockey again…let the rumors begin!!

  43. Pearson says:

    Question for Bruins cuz ouve def shown you know all about the prospects: we all know the first round is loaded, but the current b’s lineup has some solid 2nd rounders. Whats this years 2nd look like?

    • Bruins says:

      This draft is very deep in general. The top of the second round in particular will be much better than in past years. Personally I think the top 50 or so is very strong and there are sections that players are very close in quality, which I thonk will spark more trades than usual.

      No matter how much ISS or Central Scouting tries to predict who will end up where, you’ll always see guys falling and other teams taking huge reaches in the first round because teams always have way different draft boards. I think that will be particularly true this year because of how wide open it is, and you’ll end up seeing some guys still on the board that people thought would be surefire first round picks.

      Some names that come to mind that I think could be on the board at 32 that the B’s could target (and this is a crapshoot guess by the way with how this draft is stacking up) are John McFarland (drafted first overall in Seguin’s OHL draft, big and fast and excels in big games), Tyler Toffoli (sniper at right wing), Jordan Weal (a top scorer in the WHL), Jarred Tinordi (big American defenseman).

      At 45 I’m thinking some guys to target are Hall’s teammate Justin Shugg, local prospect Kevin Hayes, or maybe even Brock Beukeboom.

  44. HockeyEast says:


    2010 [BU] recruit Charlie Coyle returned from the NHL combine in Toronto where he interviewed with 27 of 30 NHL teams and “finished in the top 10 in several categories during fitness training,” is expected to be a late first-round or early second round choice in the June draft.

  45. jimmy50 says:

    14 days until draft!

  46. willisss says:

    as much as i love seeing philly lose, what a horrible way to end the playoffs…this is just coming from a spectator, it was rubbish. maybe it hurts more to philly having it end that way, in that case, i love it

    • pearson says:

      i was dying for a game 7. is there any better event that an hockey fan anywhere can hope for? the cup being decided by 1 game?

      ultimately i wanted chitown, but i agree, that goal was a terribly gay way to win the cup.

      props to philly though, they suprised alot of people by getting to the cup and even taking it to OT in 6 games. as much as i still want to hate them, they showed lots of heart.

      • bbears24 says:

        they might of shown a lot of heart, but i don’t like how they go about things especially when you have the likes of carcillo, pronger, and hartnell doing things just to draw penalties and act like tough guys

      • Gcole says:

        They got so fucking lucky..

  47. mook says:

    so…what would it take to pry rick nash from columbus?

    maybe a 2nd overall pick? i’d do it.

    • bbears24 says:

      let’s keep the #2 and package the rest of our picks for stamkos and byfuglien

      • bbears24 says:

        along with wheeler and ryder….and some more picks for next years draft

      • Gcole says:

        stamkos? yea cuz im sure they want to just shop him around, thats about the only good thing happening in florida hockeywise..

      • bbears24 says:

        does anyone have common sense…i know they wouldn’t give him up, just a fantasy guy

  48. Bruins says:

    Lmao do people not realize there’s a cap, and that the Bruins are pretty close to it?

  49. willisss says:

    rick nash is the real deal, the guys a monster and hes got the whole package with size and skill. but there is no way i would give up the number 2 overall

  50. Bruins1 says:

    just a thought: we send

    # 2 overall, Ryder, Wheeler ,and Hunwick
    to Columbus for Nash and the #4 pick.

    Its an idea. wont happen but what you think?

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