Recchi close to deal

According to James Murphy of NESN, the Bruins are close to resigning Mark Recchi to a contract extension. Murphy tweeted this information after Recchi appeared on his radio show this afternoon.


73 Responses to Recchi close to deal

  1. Gcole says:

    yes! do it!

  2. Jefe77 says:

    Sweet jesus, get him back for another playoff run.

  3. JONOVISION says:

    no way he can do next year,what he did this old for a forward. maybe the B’s will sign him as a coach…lol

    • Pearson says:

      Your right. Hes such a quitter and we all know it. Theres no room on the bruins from someone that wont try and show heart.

      I mean when was he ever a leader anyways?

      Go away dude. Apparently you didnt watch the playoffs

      • charasgoonsquad says:

        what……he showed heart. and who better to train the next b’s star than someone like rexx. he plays the wing and presumbably has the same game as HALL, dude you apparently did not watch the playoffs. when krejci and sturm( yes sturm ) went down the bruins lost ALL depth. all the flyers had to do was play pronger etc. against bergy-recchi-whoever and they could stop the offense. and if you give the argument that savvy’s line was tops….pleez, the guy definetely was not back to top speed. once krejci went down we lost all depth. rex was the leader, led the team on PP and stood up to pronger when others did not. deserve’s the ‘A’ and a spot on the team. he will be a mentor for this year’s number 2 pick. boo hoo PEARSON, yes i am dissapointed in this years team for underachieving( 3 games up 3 goals up ) but don’t talk out of yer ass about mr. ( HOF ) recchi.

      • pearson says:

        i was being sarcastic man. rex is irreplaceable.

    • bruinsguy17 says:

      yeah for real your an idiot. recchi’s has the biggest heart in the nhl

  4. lucic crew says:

    take him that guy has so much heart. Lets no forget amazing tipper

  5. Bruins says:

    Yep arguably the best at deflections in the league. His leg speed is way gone but he can still excel with his hands and smarts, not to mention his chemistry with Bergeron and leadership. He’ll be cap-friendly too.

  6. truestroke says:

    Id take 10 Recchis on my team any day.

  7. Vince says:

    get yer done!!

  8. ELWOPPO says:

    Never mind these old men…..Sign a 30 goal sniper to play with Savard FOR CHRIST SAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BosBrn77 says:

      They will ELWOPPO… his name will be Seguin or Hall!

      We need some veteran leadership. Recchi, even at his age plays with more heart and desire then Ryder, Wheeler and Sturm combined! He plays well with Bergeron and he will come at a very cap friendly hit!

  9. Andy says:

    I wouldn’t at all be suprised if this is a MULTI year deal (2 yrs/1.7-1.8 mil). It gives the option of Recchi coming back depending on how they do next year and gives the B’s a small discount.

    Despite being an old guy, he’s got A LOT of hockey smarts and more importantly, HEART. The problem was that they had to rely too much on him towards the end of the year. He’s a solid no. 2/3 liner and great in front of the net on the PP, but he shouldn’t be one of your key, go-to, guys..

  10. bruins4eva says:

    SIGN HIM IMMEDIATELY…The best Example remember the buffalo series when recchi Hits that guy and throws him to the ground and makes the beautiful pass to bergy for the onetimer….BOOYAAHHHH

  11. Bruins says:

    With my favourite football team being the Vikings it’s the case of two old-timers that keep coming back. And they both are two of the best players on the team.

    • backbruin says:

      Well bruins, I’ve been a vikings fan as long as i’ve been a bruins fan…I always new you were a smart one!

      go b’s go vikes go recch’s and go Favre

      • Bruins says:

        Dude what a time to be a fan of both teams. The Vikings roster is incredible right now. Favre is the man, Peterson will rebound this year and was still one of the best on an off-season, Rice is Randy Moss (without the speed but with a better attitude), Harvin is the perfect slot receiver/return man, Shiancoe is one of the better receiving tight ends, and McKinnie and Hutchinson are great linemen. Loadholt isn’t bad either. The offense is awesome enough but the defense might be the best in the league.

        Seriously have you ever seen a better defensive line? We have the best DE in football in Allen along with the best DT in Kevin Williams. Add in arguably the best run-stuffer in Pat Williams and the x-factor Edwards (who isn’t far off from Allen in terms of rushing the passer) and you c an’t imagine a better group.

        Henderson healthy makes our linebackers go. Greenway will be a perrenial pro-bowler. Leber and Brinkley are great against the run.

        The only place we struggled last season was in the secondary but that shouldn’t be a problem anymore because alot of that was because Winfield was injured all season. Cook will help out too.

        Not to mention Longwell is one of the best kickers too.

  12. JONOVISION says:

    why do we need age? we need scoring and speed…theres lotta young fast guys who can score…

    • backbruin says:

      your dumb, go cheer for the habs!! We will get scoring but need a guy like recchi for his skill, knowledge that he will share with Hall/Seguin that could help them for years to come!

      You haven’t a clue HOMOVISION!!

  13. Birdman2403 says:

    Recchi needs to come back for sure…1 milion / 1 yr. deal. Then get him involved in the P-Bruins as a coach !

  14. JONOVISION says:

    ok um jus kidding guys,i like Recchi.showed up everynight,leader,scorer,personality…i was jus tryna lightnup the room lol…GO BRUINS

  15. Pete says:

    With all the new talent arriving for next season we’ll need a guy like Recchi to school them.

  16. ELWOPPO says:

    dion phaneuf captain of the LAUGHS, LOOK OUT EVERYONE!
    maybe they clinch 25 overall insted of 29th??

  17. Edski says:

    Whats the deal with ESPN and bruins getting spezza?

  18. Vince says:

    How about Ek reporting Brodeur for Semin trade. Wonder what that guy has been smoking. And people actually pay to get his season pass?

  19. ELWOPPO says:


    • bruins4eva says:

      he has been basically already president….there hasnt been one since 2006 and he has been vice president for awhile now

      • ELWOPPO says:

        ur right, Being promoted from vice president to president is no big deal! Happens all the time! what was I thinking!?!?!?

      • bruins4eva says:

        its not that it happens all the time but when ur vice president and there is no president what does that kinda make him?? a president it was just a matter of time

  20. Bruins says:

    Here’s some analysis about next years draft that I found:

    1. Sean Couturier- F- 6’3 185- CAN- Simply put, he is the best offensive weapon in the draft. Sean is blessed with an exceptional package of size, skill, and grit. He isn’t afraid to get into the corners, and he has the hands and vision of a premier NHL star. He is the top of this draft class, and he will battle Larsson for this top spot, but I think the offensive talent goes ahead of the defensive force.

    2. Adam Larsson- D- 6’2 209- SWE- Here is the best defensemen in the draft. He has been compared to Hedman and has a very similar skill set as well. I have taken more notice of him since the WJC, and he really is a very talented player. He will challenge for the number one spot come June, and it will be a tough decision for any gm to decide between Couturier and Larsson.

    3. Matt Puempel- F- 6’0 190- CAN- One of my favorite prospects for this draft. Just a complete workhorse that got better everytime I saw him. He has great goal scoring instincts and is not afraid to create the dirty work needed for goals. Has solid size already, and by next year more people will be talking about this kid.

    4. Seth Ambroz- F- 6’3 198- USA- The premier power forward in the draft. Not much else to say about this kid that hasnt already been said. He has handled himself exceptionally well in the USHL, and should continue to shine at Minnesota next season. Players like this do not come along every draft, he is a top 5 lock as of right now.

    5. Brandon Saad- F- 6’2 190- USA- The other heavy hitting power forward for the draft. Brandon could be even better then Ambroz especially when he heads to Saginaw next season. I cant wait to see this kid in the OHL next year. He has an NHL frame right now, along with tremendous hands, feet, and vision. He really can do it all.

    6. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins- F- 6’0 160- CAN- I might be a tad low on him, but his lack of size or more so weight does scare me. With Couturier, Ambroz, and Saad all looking like grown men right now, I just can’t put the shifty Hopkins ahead of them yet. There is no doubting Ryan’s tremendous talent and his ability to create offense out of thin air. He is a top prospect no doubt that hopefully hits the weightroom hard and comes out next year around 175 lb’s if possible.

    7. David Musil- D- 6’3 191- CZE- The only player that can honestly challenge Larsson for top dman spot is Musil. This kid has it all, and imo, doesnt get enough respect on these boards. I love his strength, size, and his amazing IQ and hockey sense. This kid is showing just how much of a two way stud he really is. Very smart and very gifted, look for David to move up the ranks even more next year.

    8. Boone Jenner-F- 6’1 193- CAN- Here is another tough as nails competitor. I love the way Jenner plays the game, and I strongly feel that guys like him will rise come draft day. I like him compared to Ryan Johansen, as I think he comes into next year with a huge growth spurt and hits around 6’3 210. He could join Ambroz and Saad as premier power forwards next season without a question.

    9. Shane McColgan- F- 5’11 175- USA- Like Nugent-Hopkins, Shane has all the talent in the world…unfortunately he isnt blessed with too much size. Labeled as a perimeter player, Shane needs to bulk up some next year and silence some critics. Shane has such elite offensive skills, that if he can just get a little stronger, he could absolutely dominate the WHL next year. If not, he will be tail end of the top 10 with some tough questions to answer.

    10. Ryan Murphy- D- 5’11 160- CAN- Not your prototypical dman by any means. Ryan is a shot of redbull on ice. The kid has tremendous vision, hands, and skating ability, but ofcourse you see his size and you must have some concern. Ryan will need to grow some as well, but what he currently has is an array of offensive skills that many scouts are drooling over.

    11. Ty Rattie- F- 6’0 167- CAN- By far and away, Rattie is one of my favorite players for the draft. He battles for every inch that he gets, and he actually has some very nice skills to go with one hell of a work ethic. He might get overlooked at times, but I have little doubt that he emerges as one of the better forward prospects for the draft next year. Bulk up some more kid, you have a bright future ahead of you.

    12. Duncan Siemens- D- 6’3192- CAN- Duncan is another extremely gifted blueliner that has excellent size already. Though I dont think he is in the Larsson and Musil league, he still can be one hell of a player. I love his shot and his passing ability. For a bigger guy he does have some offensive dynamics that many are lacking. He could rise even more with a huge year next season as well.

    13. Michael St Croix- F- 5’11 165- CAN- Michael was my early favorite for top dog when I did this a year ago. Though he hasnt lit the world on fire yet, the kid does play for one crappy team. He also is on the smaller side and will need to bulk up some as well, but he does have offensive gifts that will make him a top 15 pick. Needs more consistency, but if he gets some shred of talent to play with, he might blossom even more.

    14. Gabriel Landeskog- F- 6’0 201- SWE- Gabriel is an interesting player no doubt. He has had an amazing year and an even better playoff for Kitchener. I wasnt sure what he could become a little bit ago, but after seeing the playoffs, I am a firm believer; this kid is for real. He can pass and score with the best of them. Could be ranked higher, but he has plenty of time to prove that he is a top 10 talent.

    15. Victor Rask- F- 6’1 194- SWE- Another excellent player from Sweden this year. The Swedes should rebound from a weak 2010 draft to showcase some very highend talent. Though I havent seen a ton of Rask, I can easily see why he is rising on many lists. The kid has excellent size and is a bull on skates. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

    16. Rocco Grimaldi- F- 5’7 157-USA- This sparkplug is one of the more talented players in this draft. Sadly he was blessed with Theo Fleury size. But what he lacks in size, he makes up for in heart, grit, and a never say die attitude. If he was closer to 5’11, I have no doubt he would be challenging for a top 5 pick, but Rocco is going to have to work even harder to show all the critics just how good he really is.

    17. Matt Nieto- F- 5’11 185- USA- I might be a tad bit low on Nieto, but thats only because of the others that have stepped up. I think Nieto has top 10 talent, and will have to showcase it in college next year. He is a more skilled version of Jason Zucker, and is not afraid to work hard for his goals. Very talented and very smart is a tremendous combination to have.

    18. Scott Mayfield- D- 6’4 175- USA- Not on many people’s radar, but this kid is legit. He was just selected in the OHL priority draft, and I expect him to head over next season. This kid has all the tools in the world to be a top blueliner. He has a heavy shot, quick feet, and even quicker outlet passes. He needs to grow more into his fram, but he could be a 6’5 195 force next year in the O.

    19. Tomas Jurco-F- 6’0 170- SVK- I can honestly say that I havent seen much of Tomas. Like many European players, we just cant get a good read on this early on. I know the kid has talent and has some offensive flare, but I need to see more of him at the WJC to get a better read on.

    20. Vladislav Namestnikov- F- 6’0 158- RUS- Another in the long line of high end offensive talents from Russia. Vlad is as gifted as they come, but like many other skilled forwards, he is on the smaller side. He definitely needs to bulk up some, as from what I saw from him, he didnt hold onto the puck that well. That will come with more strength training, but with Russian players, I no longer have any clue how to judge them as many either dont come over here or just fade away completely when they come to North America and this style of play.

    21. Adam Clendening- D- 5’11 187- USA- Pretty much a coming out party for the young rearguard this U18 tourney. We always knew Adam could be a good one, but what he showed in the final month plus has really put him on the map. An even more skilled version of this years Justin Faulk, Adam will need to work on strength training as well, as he isnt the most physical specimen out there for Defensemen.

    22. Austen Brassard- F- 6’2 180- CAN- Another solidly built forward that has shown some nice glimpses of what he is capable of doing next year. I am not sure what exactly Brassard will become, but he definitely has the intangibles to be a solid two way checking force in the near future. If he can really get that scoring touch down, he could be one big riser for next year.

    23. Niklas Jensen- F- 6’2 187- DEN- I havent seen any of him to fairly judge him, but I have heard nothing but positives about him. I trust those that have commented to me about Jensen, so I have ranked him accordingly. Feel free to comment about him so others can get an idea of what kind of player he is.

    24. Alexander Khokhlachev- F- 5’11 174- RUS- SEE ABOVE

    25. Garrett Meurs- F- 5’11 170- CAN- I really do like Meurs a lot, as I had the pleasure of watching him play numerous times this season at Plymouth. I think he will definitely get more spotlight next year with the departure of Seguin. Meurs isnt blessed with a ton of size, but I firmly believe he has some hidden skill just waiting to be shown.

    26. Scott Harrington- D- 6’1 190- CAN- I am sure many are going to question how low I have Scott, but I honestly just havent been that impressed with him much. Am I missing something with him? Every time I see him play I just expect so much more. He has an excellent package of size and skill, yet it seems that I am left wanting more. Maybe its just me, but I think this kid needs to step it up big time next year.

    27. Zack Phillips- F- 6’0 180- CAN- Another player that can go either way if you ask me. Phillips doesn’t have that tremendous offensive talent that the others have, but he really isnt a slouch either. I dont know what he really will project ino, but I just dont see top 6 written on him. More of an energy type guy, but maybe he proves me wrong next year.

    28. Tyler Biggs- F- 6’2 202- USA- Another power forward, but unlike Ambroz and Saad, his offensive ceiling is lower. Biggs has pretty decent wheels and hands, but the way he gets to the big show will be by clearly using that big frame and mucking it up infront of the net. I want to see more physical play out of him, as he usually plays better the more physical he gets.

    29. Jonathan Huberdeau- F- 6’1 155- CAN- I honestly havent seen much of Jonathan, and from what I recall I wasnt that impressed. Seemed like a shifty little forward, that really didnt get his hands too dirty. Maybe Scoutman or someone that focuses on the Q can comment about him, as I have heard plenty of good things about him, but I just havent seen any yet. I have him ranked this high because I trust some of those that I speak with on the East Coast that say he will be a solid player.

    30. Robbie Russo- D- 6’0 188- USA- Once considered the best US dman for this draft, I feel Clendening and Mayfield will or have overtaken him already. Russo is a very talented player, but he was hyped through the roof early on, and I think he is starting to look human again. The kid has excellent skills and should be a very solid puck moving defensemen, but I dont think he will be as high end as some predicted.

  21. Mook says:

    NESN.COM: James Murphy reports Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli said he won’t be making any contract buyouts this year during the current two-week buyout period.

    SPECTOR’S NOTE: So much for rumors of Michael Ryder being bought out this month.

  22. willisss says:

    do you guys think theres more to this major anouncment then cam being promoted?

  23. Mook says:

    it’s not july 1 yet, so no major announcements other than eklund is an idiot.

  24. gibbz says:

    hey, i just got a twitter account, who should i follow for all the nhl rumors?

  25. pearson says:

    we shouldnt have traded kessel……….

    ……so pumped for the fucking draft

  26. Bruins says:

    Chia says “I’m not moving that pick. We’re going to take one of those two forwards.” although he said one offer in particular really impressed him. He also says it’s highly unlikely they trade up to number 1 because the gap between the two players isn’t big enough.

  27. Bruins1 says:

    Lets keep the 2 overall pick unless its a trade with Florida. Trade would have to be this though:

    To Florida: Ryder, Ference, and 2nd overall
    To Boston: Horton, Weiss, 3rd overall.

    we get the wingers we needa nd our pick of the best defensemen.

    Chia did say their was one very good offer he thought about.

  28. Bruins1 says:

    I also know its crazy , but what if we did trade for Spezza. I know Savy signed here long term but if we packaged him for Spezza, our centers would be so good and young that we would be set for years.

    Centers would be:


  29. JONOVISION says:

    whatever the Bruins do,will b exciting! win lose whatever i love this team,hav so since i was 6.if we dont get a cup so what…i go through feelings of hoplesness every spring,so its nothing new.when boys when??? the Orr era i way over, bring it home soon…

  30. gibbz says:

    halak to blues. for boyes?

  31. G-Rant says:

    Way to trade the guy who got you to the conference finals habs!! HA. Love it, made my day.

    Black and Gold

    • Bruins says:

      This would be a bad move. I don’t care about Wheeler but Savard’s injury troubles were massive in the demise of the offense. He’s the straw that stirs the drink in Boston, no doubt about it. Also he just took a hometown discount to stay here and his cap hit is $4 million so it doesn’t make sense for shedding cap either (what’s up Ryder and Wideman?)

      Anyone know when his NTC kicks in anyways? I’m not sure if it’s on now or if it starts at the start of next season. You can bet he’s not going to waive it to go to Columbus.

      • Andy says:

        That’s the most retarded scenario I have heard yet! First of all, Savard is our best offensive player. He makes the PP go. What he needs is someone who can SCORE FUCKING GOALS on his wing! Secondly, if you want to relieve cap space, you could trade Lucic or Krecji. Hell, I’d even trade Bergy and his 4.75 cap hit before Savard!

        Personally, if they get wind that EDM is going to take Hall (unless we can trade up to no. 1), I think there’s a possibility we will trade either Krecji or Bergy, perhaps in a package deal to move up into the top 5. Having said that, I think we would all agree that we shouldn’t give up the world to get one of the 3 stud D.

        If you can do Wheeler, Hamill, & no. 15 to move into no 4/5, then do it. If not, then forget it. They’ll be a solid D prospect at no. 15…

    • JRy says:

      I actually like that scenario a lot. Cam fowler and hall/seguin and free cap space for Marc savard (whose getting up there in age) and Blake wheeler (who I think will b a career bust). Not to mention it isn’t certain whether or not the 15th pick is in there or not. The pick could be the 32nd and all of a sudden we have 3 top 15 picks in a deep draft. But i don’t no why we are even spending this much time thinking about this because savard will NEVER accept a trade to Columbus.

  32. BosBrn77 says:

    Pierre LeBrun reports to keep an eye on Boston Bruins Group 6 UFA blueliner Johnny Boychuk. Talks are going well with the Bruins and he wants to stay in Boston

    Just read this on Spector’s! That is an awesome sign… I hope PC gets this done… and quick! Sign him up long term!!

  33. Andy says:

    Do you notice that there’s A LOT of guys that have a NTC on this team? Sturm, Savard, Bergy come July 1. I mean, it’s fine to give one to your elite guys – but STURM? Christ, PJ had a partial NTC when he was here. Are you fucking KIDDING me?! AXELSSON?!

    It just simply fucking amazes me how PC ties up the WRONG guys (Ference) and might let the guy(s) you really need to keep (Stuart, Boychuk) go. THEN, he hands out NTC’s like they’re candy! No wonder we’re screwed on the cap…


    STUART IS OVERRATED!!!!! god damn

  35. bbears24 says:

    bruins and celtics lose game 7’s…..WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TOOOOO?!?!?!??!!?!?!??!?!!?!?

  36. willisss says:

    savard isnt going anywhere. these rumors are getting more and more redic everyday

  37. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    Heard a Cam Neely interview last night on the Fan in Toronto. They asked him if Boston would be willing to give up the number 2 for a couple of first round draft choices of the leafs and maybe Phil Kessel. Neely chuckled and said they were happy with their pick.

    • willisss says:

      haha thats awesome. kessel for our pick? sounds like a great deal!!!!

      i love that fact that tuukka had more offencive production then kessel in the bruins/leafs season series

  38. Bruins4life13 says:

    savard is not going anywhere same with krejci and lucic and bergy. maybe wideman or ryder but thats it PC isnt the type of guy to make blockbuster deals we all learned that this past trade deadline, when we were in dire need of offense. id be satisfied if they draft hall/seguin and sign a reasonable offensive player come july 1st.

  39. Manitoba Fan says:

    I cant fucking beleive all this get rid of krejci, bergy, lucic talk. UNBELIEVABLE boys come on. Lucic, injury filled season, high ankle sprains are horrible, bergeron was awesome all season i thought, and krejci our best player in the playoffs. Look what happend when he went down so did the team. He had that team on his shoulders, they were flying along with his linemates lucic and satan. I agree that they maybe a little overpaid but i guarantee you the bruins and us fans would completely regret ever trading any of those three. they are the future of this club along with seguin or hall. i could care less who we pick they are both franchise players. Anyways cant wait tell next friday!!!! GO BRUINS GO!

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