Rumor: Savard, Wheeler to Columbus for #4, the NBC hockey blog, is reporting a rumor in which the Bruins would send Marc Savard, Blake Wheeler and the #15 pick to the Columbus Blue Jackets for the 4th overall pick, in which they would draft Cam Fowler or Eric Gudbranson.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

First off, Marc Savard has a NTC, and he just signed a lifetime contract at a very good cap hit.  He, when healthy, is still a top 5 playmaker in the league.  A 4 million dollars, he is a steal.  Second, trading him, and Wheeler AND the 15th overall to move up 11 slots is a little insane in a very deep draft, where picks 3-20 are in no ways a locked order.  Third, we would be trading our best center, our arguably most skilled winger (sad, isn’t it?) for a prospect who may not be NHL ready.  We were the worst offensive team in the league, this would not help us.

If you need cap space, you trade/waive Michael Ryder, Marco Sturm, Tim Thomas and/or Matt Hunwick.

I don’t see this deal happening.  A realistic offer for the #4 pick would be #15, #32 and Brad Marchand or #15 and Wheeler.


11 Responses to Rumor: Savard, Wheeler to Columbus for #4

  1. chris says:

    that would an awful deal and I doubt savvy would waive his NTC to go to Columbus

  2. backbruin says:

    cmon blogger, don’t post crap like this!! we have been knocking down rumors like this for a week now!!!


    If that happens i’ll stop drinking!

  3. Gcole says:

    So why would we trade our best offensive player, a young talented forward for a DEFENSEMAN? aren’t the bruins the worst offrnsive team this year? So let’s trade away more offense for another fucking defenseman!! GREAT IDEA!!

  4. Smitty says:

    You said:

    where picks 3-20 are in no ways a locked order

    So then you go on to say:

    #15, #32 and Brad Marchand

    So our 15th pick is equally as good as the 4th. That cancels out. Then we do what? Throw in the 32nd and marchand?

    Marchand is still young and is getting better every year. The 32nd pick could turn out to be a second rounder like Krejci or Lucic and be a great player. Are you insane? Thats an awful deal. If the draft wasn’t so deep I’d say hey go for it, but you said it yourself the draft IS VERY DEEP. If we were going to give up a lot for a defenseman it would be someone we think could eventually replace chara and theres no clear cut best defenseman in this draft.

  5. Haus says:

    This rumour is complete horseshit. Next….

  6. JRy says:

    Honestly the bruins have been in most of the NHL rumors to this point in the offseason and I feel like we are going to get excited just for chiarelli to sit on his thumbs….Again.

  7. Haus says:

    nothing exciting at all about this deal. If the bruins even gave this a second thought, chia, sweeney, and neely should all get fired/deported

  8. lucic crew says:

    terrible just terrible

  9. Mallory says:

    Trading Savard would be the worst thing deal for this year, but you never know what Charelli is gonna do. I believe this deal will fall apart.

  10. BigBadBruins says:

    So glad it didn’t happen.

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