Trade Winds Heating Up

There are lots of rumors going around right now, and it should be an interesting week.  We should start to see some deals start Tuesday or Wednesday and up until July 1st.

The Bruins are reportedly in the mix for Nathan Horton and are looking to acquire another top 5 pick, possibly the #3 from Florida in a package deal.  They are also looking to move Tim Thomas and have been shopping him around.  The Bruins also made a few QO’s to some RFAs.  Let’s take a look at what has happened and what could happen.

Shawn Thornton: The Bruins re-signed their enforcer to a 2 year extension worth 812,500 annually.  About a 300,000 raise from his 517,000 cap hit last year.  Thornton is one of the better enforcers in the league, and a great locker room guy.  He has some skill unlike the Colton Orr and George Laraque’s of the world.  His cap hit is a few hundred thousand less than what most enforcers are making, like Orr and Laraque.  Thornton will likely continue his role on the 4th line and sometimes be a healthy scratch to a guy like Brad Marchand.  Considering this is less than 1/58 of the cap, this is a solid signing.  Remember, someone will need to protect Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin.

Dennis Seidenberg: One of the nice things about the past two deadline acquisitions (Mark Recchi, Seidenberg), is that Peter Chiarelli has been able to re-sign them, meaning what he gave up for them is not as high as if they left.  Seidenberg signed a 4 year deal worth 3.25 million per season.  Most thought he could command around 3.5-4 million on the open market, so the value was great.  He played great with Chara and led the league in blocked shots, which we missed sorely after the departure of Aaron Ward.

QOs: The Bruins tendered qualifying offers to Mark Stuart, Blake Wheeler and Vladimir Sobotka.  They could still sign long term deals, but the Bruins are now able to match offersheets if they are signed.  Interestingly, Daniel Paille, the only other Bruin who played in the NHL all season, did not.  The Bruins are probably not interested in giving him 1.3 million or so when they are so close to the cap.  They might try and re-sign him closer to 1-1.1 million.  He is a great penalty killer and a young PJ Axelsson, but they need as much cap space as they can get.

Now on to the rumors…

There are reports that Mark Recchi will be re-signed to a 1 year deal around 1 million dollars.  He would be a great mentor to either Tyler Seguin or Taylor Hall.  Plus he could score around 20 goals, a bargain price. reported the Bruins were on the verge of acquiring Nathan Horton, but nothing materialized yet.  There was a rumor Marc Savard could be part of a package for Horton and the #3 pick.  I don’t see Savard getting moved, but I could be wrong.  Horton would be a great addition.  I’m sure Ryder and the #15 pick would be the center piece, maybe with a guy like Matt Hunwick also be shipped out to make room for a Johnny Boychuk re-signing.

Johnny Boychuk‘s agent said negotiations were going well.  Nothing is imminent, but I’m confident something will get done.  Some things need to happen prior though.

Tim Thomas has been shopped around the league, and he is willing to waive his NTC in the right situation.  The B’s like Thomas, but that cap hit is too high when they are so confident in Tuukka Rask.

It’ll be an interesting week.  Stay tuned.


22 Responses to Trade Winds Heating Up

  1. Ray77 says:

    Thomas for Clowe.

    Ryder, Wideman #15 pick for Horton & Florida’s pick.

    The B’s sign Recchi, Boychuk.

    • Gcole says:

      would you give up horton, and a #3 pick for ryder and wideman? two guys that honestly sucked ass and make too much money?be real…

  2. bruins4eva says:

    eklund has spezza traded to columbus? hmm? i wonder if he is ever gonna be right? doubt it

  3. ohniner says:

    PC whats taking so long pull the trigger. This guy drives me crazy lets stay pat for another year and blow another 3 0 series lead this guy has done nothing to help this team what a joke. examples ( kris Versteeg ) ( brad boyes ) How about the last two dealines only one name pops up RECCHI and ya hes good but dogg old. oh ya and Seidenberg but we didn’t have to trade for him we could have had him at the start of the last year when he was a freeagent instead of Morris. So why is PC so good again ? Is it because the KESSEL deal would feel the same if we didn’t get a top 5 pick I doubt it. Im happy it worked out but because of this trade it set us back 2 years . These kids need time to grow and learn . NOT trying to piss my bruin friends off but really think about it PEACE

    • Pearson says:

      Name me a couple teams who’s gm has done better. Every team that has been successful lately has done so around the draft. Kane, toews, ovechkin, crosby, the sedins were all drafted by the team theyre on now. My point being that you dont trade for a cup winning team. Case and point; san jose.

      • jimmy50 says:

        If it wasn’t for injuries the B’s make it to two straight Eastern Conf Finals and I truly believe that. PC has been amazing. He does things the right way as more players actually want to play here, and coaches want to coach here. Cap restrictions have been the determining factor in some moves that is all.

        That being said having Timmy as a backup isn’t the worst case scenario and Ryder is in his last year of his deal which might lead to his best season seeing how it is a contract year. Then let him go.

        We’ll see what happens Friday night!

  4. Mook says:

    did something happen?

    spector’s site is down. last time it was down kovalchuck was traded to the devils…

  5. ohniner says:

    dude what has he done anyone could over pay Widemen Ference Ryder and give a 36 year old goalie 5mil for 4 years come on man hes not BRODEUR. WE only needed 1 win remember and we had 4 chances that sounds to me we needed more heart on this team.YES injuries hurt us thats why you stock up on a couple postions at the deadline so you have good people in case injuries happen. lol people want come here because were winning and its a original 6 team not because PC. LOL Im talking morons GM that make moves win championship PEARSON you just name them drafting helped but chicago and penguins all made good trades to get to the promise land and here some more ( Devils Avalanche Ducks even the RED WINGS ) I told you to think about it . Must be just kids on this site

  6. lucic crew says:

    preach brother preach

  7. ohniner says:

    Nothing yet just rumors I suggest going on tweeter forr all the different rumors to many to count over the last 5 days I think PC s trigger finger is broke. The latest one I heard was THOMAS , RYDER for PENNER , SOURAY

  8. ELWOPPO says:

    If we somehow pick up a 30 goal scorer trough trade and draft seguin or hall, without trading our Core guys…………You gotta feel confident that this team is favoured to win the east? No???

  9. bruins4eva says:

    bob Mckenzie is reporting that Boston got Horton via twitter

  10. ohniner says:

    its all over twitter man trying to trace it but its eklund so it has a better chance its true and if its not these exact players it sounds like they are talking right now remember don’t get mad at messenger Im just telling you what I see and I try to find a good source or alot of chatter about as long as its not eklund its a good start

  11. ohniner says:

    cool going there now txs man

  12. ccm says:

    Bruins got Horton for another player.

  13. bruins4eva says:

    Bosotn gets Horton and cambell for wideman and the 15th pick and another pick…i really dont like this…

  14. ohniner says:

    Dude this finally a good move by PC losing the pick sucks but WIDEMEN is brutal cambell is hard working player that can pop you some goals and horton is danm good this kid just need some good linemates IM CALLING IT career year for HORTON

  15. jfhockey says:


  16. ohniner says:

    So does this mean no Paille or no Begin cause Cambell ? somebody out or not resigned other then that woooooooooooo widemen gone that mean less turnovers woooooooooooo

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