Bruins acquire Horton, what does this mean?

The Boston Bruins acquired winger Nathan Horton and center Greg Campbell from the Florida Panthers for Dennis Wideman, the 15th overall pick and a 2011 3rd round pick.

This was a great deal by the Bruins, especially with the cap rising to 59.64 million dollars.  Horton will likely play with Savard, and the 3rd overall pick in 2003 has three more years at 4 million left on his deal.  I was surprised Ryder was not in the deal, but Wideman became expendable once Seidenberg was re-signed.

Horton is a guy who could thrive with a great center and change of scenery.  Peter Mueller anyone?  Horton is the type of winger the Bruins needed, and with him and Lucic, look out.

Campbell is likely going to be either flipped in another trade or will play 4th line duty as a PK.  Looks like Daniel Paille could be traded or not qualified.  He becomes redundant with Campbell on the roster.

This deal looks like a precursor to another deal (Thomas, Ryder) for a puck moving defenseman.  More insight to come…

101 Responses to Bruins acquire Horton, what does this mean?

  1. bbears24 says:

    let’s go get byfuglien for ryder, prospect, and futute pick!!! looch, byfuglien, and horton wreaking havoc!!!!!!!!!

  2. #4 says:

    bhears that would be like an 800 pound line probably break the ice in half!

    Horton is a great grab he’ll look great in B&G Ive been saying they should get him for over a year!!!

    To dump wideman in the process is great. They’ll probably try and move higher in the draft with another trade and go after one of the top few defenseman. Or maybe Kaberle or something go B’s this is the first ive been able to think about you since YOU RUINED MY YEAR!!

  3. bruinsguy17 says:

    definately more to come!!!

  4. mook says:

    i’m concerned that we picked-up another often-injured forward.

    i also dislike the prospect of moving thomas. i mean, him and rask together is only about 6mil. that’s a good combo for any team. we need to pick-up someone in return who is reliable, will start about 25 games and be able to take over is rask shits the bed. i dunno…i’d stand pat right now. we have cap room so i think we’re good 🙂

    fuck it.

  5. Bruins4life13 says:

    we dont even need to trade except mayber for a goalie but no other forwrds keep in mind we have hall/seguin coming in the draft that spells AMAZING offence

  6. Bruins46 says:

    I feel like I’m being repayed a little of what I was owed after we traded Boyes for Wideman. We got a solid forward for an inconsistent defenseman. I like this one on paper but as always, we’ll see what happens.

  7. Pearson says:

    Wideman was turning it around late in the season and into the playoffs. Lets not all be surprised when he does good for florida. What he needed was a place with less pressure and he gets it in florida.

    Horton, a #3 pick, has been playing in front of no one for the past couple years. He also needed a change of scenery.

    I think we hit the jackpot. Great trade for BOTH sides. I still think we’re gonna trade up for a Dman and sign one more forward.

    Idk about you guys, but im AMPED

  8. MurNL says:

    What about bringing back either Hnidy or Ward for dirt cheap as a 7th dman seeing both are UFA’s? Great guys to have around if they sign for under a mill.

  9. North B says:

    Sweet goal by Horton..

  10. North B says:

    Horton can also GO if required..

  11. Stef says:

    Horton should fit in well.

  12. ELWOPPO says:

    id bet my left testicle that Neely had something to do with this signing!!! great move boys!!

  13. ELWOPPO says:

    Can somebody tell me how much money we have left towards our cap ?

  14. Habhater says:

    Thomas $5M
    Rask $1.25M
    Chara $7.5M
    Ferrence $2.25M
    Seidenberg $3.25M
    Hunwick $1.45M
    Savard $4,007,142
    Bergeron $4.75M
    Ryder $4M
    Krecji $3.75M
    Sturm $3.5M
    Lucic $4,083,333
    Thornton $812,500
    Horton $4M
    Campbell $750,000
    Schaeffer buyout $766,667
    Eaves buyout ($41,667)

    Total cap hit to date = $51,077,975

    If the cap is set as $59,640,000 as is stated within this blog, then the Bruins have $8,562,025 in which to sign 3 defense and 4 forwards.

    2 of those 3 D should be Stuart & Boychuk. I have seen various posts that the 3rd could conceivably be Kaberle (for 2011 1st round pick), or Souray (Ryder + 2010 1st round pick for Souray and Edm’s 2010 1st round pick). Of course the B’s could also acquire Gudbranson, Gormley or Fowler with their pick instead of Sequin/Hall but I don’t see that happening.

    Of the 4 forwards, one should be Recchi ($1M) and another should be Hall/Sequin ($0.9M).

    Souray, Boychuk and Chara launching bombs would be deadly aling with the additions of Horton, Hall/Sequin. The Souray cap hit concerns me but the risk may be worth it if we get Hall.

  15. Birdman2403 says:

    Well, I just returned home today with a new Bruins fan ! My daughter was born Father’s Day…what a gift !

    I love the Wideman deal ! Wideman overachieved 2 yrs. ago and was normal last year. We needed a scoring winger and got 1, that will be very good with Savard, Krejci or Bergy, as he can play any style !

    We are fine on D with Chara, Boychuk, Ference, Stuart, Seidenberg, McQuaid, and like mentioned earlier, a Hnidy type guy.

    Hall or Seguin is the cherry on top ! If we could unload Ryder….massive bonus !

    As for Thomas…I’m 50-50 on this one. I love the guy and it wont hurt to have a great tandem….he may also get us something good in return. Rask is ready and sign a cheaper guy to play 20-30 games…Biron ??

    Anyway…looking forward to Friday night !

  16. Bruins says:

    We’re stacked. No other way to put it. As for people worried about the cap, don’t forget that Sturm will be on LTIR for a while which will take down the cap hit and the cap is going up to over $59 million.

    I was reluctant on trading Wideman until we got a bonafide puckmover but when we signed Alexandrov and re-upped Seidenberg I had no reservations about seeing him go. I would’ve been ok with having him in a salary dump, but to turn him into a guy like Horton is incredible. Chia continues to fleece Gm’s around the league.

    It was well documented that Horton was unhappy in Florida and playing with inferior talent he still did some great things. You put him with Savard and watch the magic happen.

    • Andy says:

      Bruins, how does the LTIR work? I was under the impression that if you put a guy on LTIR, he was done for the year. I remember in 08 when there was the possibility of Bergy coming back, that they could have put him on the LTIR, but didn’t, because by doing so, he couldn’t play the rest of the year…

      • Bruins says:

        I might be confusing the IR with the LTIR but all i know is that if Sturm is injured for the first 41 games and is healthy for the last 41, his cap hit would go from $3.5 million to $1.75 million.

      • Andy says:

        Gotcha. Maybe that was the difference between him and Bergy..

  17. BosBrn77 says:

    I almost posted this last night… on what I would do if I wanted to re-vamp the team and save some salary cap room.

    Thomas, Wideman, Hamill and the 45th to Tampa for Malone and the 6th.

    Ryder, Wheeler, the 15th and next years first to Florida for Horton and the 3rd.

    Offer the 32nd and McQuaid to the Oilers for them to select Seguin.

    Draft Hall 2nd, Fowler 3rd and if he is available still Gudbranson 6th.

    I do like the Horton deal. I wish we could have sweetened it some more to nab the 3rd overall pick. Does Campbell mean we may look in to moving Sobotka or is he going down to Providence?

    But rumor has it that we are talking with Columbus for the 4th. Toronto’s first next year and Wheeler?

    PC could still try and trade Ryder or bury him in Providence. I would not mind seeing them try and trade a 2nd rounder to Chicago to get Versteeg back, or to even go for Byfuglien. Our top three lines look pretty good right now.

    Sturm-Bergeron-Recchi(So long as he is signed)

    • TheBellEnd says:

      You make it sound so easy…how come you dont have the GM job???

      there is not a chance in shit that any GM could make all that happen…ever

    • bruinsfan28 says:

      There is no way on earth that all those, or even one of those deals happen

      And if we had Hall he would not be playing with Krejci and Wheeler

    • BosBrn77 says:

      It was just a thought. Rumors are Thomas to Tampa and that we were (and obviously did) getting Horton so what not play with some deals.

      If Hall is not playing with Krejci… where then? And where is Horton playing if not with Savard? I think Hall’s speed would be better suited with Krejci. IMO.

  18. da wreck says:

    Has anyone heard of any Savard to Toronto for Kaberle rumors? I heard it on the radio this afternoon and I got sick to my stomach.

    • Bruins says:

      That’s Toronto media for you. If half of the rumours there came true they wouldn’t even need to play the season because they’d win the cup every year.

      Savard signed at a discount on a career ending contract saying that he loved Boston and wanted to retire a Bruin. He has a no trade clause. There’s no chance he’s moved.

  19. Richardo says:

    The Sharks told Nabokov they will let him hit the FA market July 1st…. Thomas to SJ??? Sounds good to me…

  20. willisss says:

    this trade = awesome. no down falls. pc, good work

  21. mook says:

    wideman will have a great year playing with mccabe. i don’t feel bad about that…wideman had a shit year with everyone riding him. won’t have to worry about that in florida because noone goes to their home games.

  22. JRy says:

    Every video on YouTube has Gregory Campbell getting his ass kicked haha. He loves to fight and lose fights against the flyers.

  23. Birdman2403 says:

    Savard to anybody makes no sense ! Worst offence in the NHL last year and they make a trade for Horton to try and fix that. Then trade Savard, the guy that is going to pass to him ???? Makes no sense that 1 of the top 3 set up guys in the league will get traded, when PC is trying to find goals ???

    Not a huge fan of Kaberle either…..we’ll see ??

  24. DBruins says:

    Well I keep on hearing about this all morning here in Montreal that Savard for Kaberle. I don’t understand it. Maybe Seguin will become our third line center With krecji and Bergeron moving up. There has to be more to this trade. It can’t be Savard for Kaberle straight up. Or maybe there is a 3 way trade in progress, some other team maybe involved here.

  25. mook says:

    anyone have PATS tickets?

    sorry for being off-topic…i’m visiting boston in november and i want to see the pats on november 21 and the bruins (vs LA on november 20).

    need pats tix!

  26. Vince Mendella says:

    You can’t get rid of Savard!!! We lost alot of offense last year when we got rid of Kessel (thank god) and PC didn’t replace his point production. Now we get Horton and either Taylor or Tyler, both are point producers. We can’t trade away the player that is going to set them up. What ever you do PC, don’t trade away Savard!!!!!

  27. JRy says:

    Chiarelli now knows that the oilers are going to draft hall and he’s trying to get rid of a center to fit in seguin. It’s tough because I don’t want to see any of savard, Bergeron, or krejci go and I think the bruins should really try to give the oilers pieces to not draft hall instead if trading savard.

  28. Vince Mendella says:

    Give Edmonton something to not pick Hall. Hell, give them Thomas!

  29. bruins4eva says:

    would you guys stop talking about trading savard…savy has been one of the most inspirational player on the bruins in a long time…i was at his game winner against montreal game 3 in 2008 and i was there for his game winner this year against philly…you dont trade ppl like this…and they shouldnt have traded wideman…he was one of boston’s best players in the playoffs

    • Edski says:

      ok wideman was not one of Boston’s best players in the playoffs. He wasn’t the worst in the playoffs but he was not tukka chara bergeron david k. boychuck. If savy means you get someone like hall then you do it other then that I dont believe you move him. Timmy on the other hand great guy but we need to move his cap space

      • bruins4eva says:

        umm first of all one of means there is more…chara no way…he should have been better…bergeron i will give you and krechji…but boychuk was good but wideman let the team in assists and set up lucic a few times in game 7 against philly…so he was ONE of the best players for us in the playoffs

      • ELWOPPO says:

        What about the regular season? He was so good that our own fans were booing him constantly when he touched the puck! Fucken loser….Im glad he’s traded! He blew soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many games for us, Including the playoffs!

  30. Haus says:


  31. gibbz says:

    Thomas, Ryder (10m)
    To San Jose for
    Clowe and Vlasic (6.725m)

    Bruins get puck moving D, and offense
    Sharks get Goltender and a retard.
    Bruins save 3.275m

    posssibly throw in a 2nd/ 3rd rd pick?

    • Andy says:

      You know, Gibbz, that’s the EXACT same trade that I was thinking about. Clowe is a better version of Wheeler and Vlasic is young, solid D. I might even look at Douglas Murray, who costs less.

      If the Sharks would take Thomas AND Ryder, I would look at throwing either a 2nd this year or possibly even OUR no. 1 in 2011, only because Clowe and both Vlasic & Murray are signed for the next 3 years…

  32. chris says:

    Timmy ,Campbell ,and a pick to Tampa for st. Louis plllleeeaaassseee

  33. gibbz says:

    Joe haggerty reporting when he asked PC about the savard rumors he said “No comment” uh oh!!!!!! i swear to god if they trade savard im done.

    • bruinskid says:

      i know gibbz if they trade savvy ill be ripshit. what purpose does it serve to trade your best playmaker?

  34. gibbz says:

    Bruins looking for other options before resigning Steve Begin

  35. gibbz says:

    Bruins will give a qualifying offer to RFA gregory campbell…Sobotka minors? Via Joe haggerty

  36. Scott says:

    It doesnt make sense, to me anyways, to trade Savard. He average 87 points a year, taking out last year, without the service of a true sniper.

    Patrice played winger during the olymipics so why not try him there.

    Horton – Savard – Lucic
    Wheeler – Krecji – Bergeron
    Sturm – Seguin – Reechi
    Sobotka – Campbell – Thornton

    Also if that doesnt work, I’ve read before the Seguin could also play winger and since he is so young he could be molded into a winger.


    • Bruins says:

      The great thing about what Chia has done is that he’s acquired alot of versatile guys. Here are the guys that can play both center and the wing:

      Bergeron, Seguin, Campbell, Sobotka, Thornton.

      With Paille getting a qualifying offer I think you might see something like this:


      When Sturm comes back put him with Bergeron, and trade one of Paille or Campbell. Caron and Sauve should be the first call-ups.

  37. ELWOPPO says:

    doesnt look good boys….. Savard could go very soon im reading it all over the internet!! Chiarelli REALLY wants a puck moving defenceman…..FUCKING BULLSHIT…I Hope SAVVY Stays!!!

  38. Bruins says:

    Relax guys. This shitstorm of Savard news is all coming from Darren Dreger speculating that the Bruins might go after Kaberle becuase he’s clueless about the Boston organization. ESPN twisted his words and now you have a full-blown frenzy because some jackass speculated something to stir up the fans in Toronto who are in desparate need of something.

    Remember how Savard was surely signing in Toronto for this season? Right…

    They have guys that can move the puck. We don’t need that defensive liability who is losing his offensive game, who makes more than Savvy and who is a UFA this offseason for a bonafide number one center, top playmaker, and who took a pay cut to stay IN BOSTON.

  39. Bruins says:

    Hawks trade Byfuglien, Eager, Sopel and Aliu to Thrashers for 1st-round pick, a 2nd-round pick, prospect Jeremy Morin and M. Reasoner.

    Great trade for the Hawks given their situation. Atlanta can form a pretty good line with Kane and Byfuglien.

  40. North B says:

    Fuck the Kaberle/Savard rumors.. If you think Wideman was soft and prone to defensive mistakes, Kaberle is a complete homo.. a PP guy and nothing else..

  41. bruinskid says:

    good for the thrashers

  42. Pearson says:

    Everyones gotta stop sweating the savard rumors. Hes staying put.

    Im no expert but my best guess is that the oil takes hall. We get seguin. We just got horton. Id keep horton with savard and put seguin on wing with bergy… I believe bergy is more of a sniper thats great at faceoffs. I say put em together and let them set eachother up. Give em rex to hastle the goalie and that might be our best line.


  43. Bruins says:

    Here’s something that would be awesome if the Bruins could do it. Trade for Brent Burns from Minnesota centered around Wheeler and Hunwick. They’re apparently looking for a top 6 forward. Burns has had some bad luck with concussions lately but I think he’s worth a shot (signed for $3.55 million a year the next two years). Who the hell cares about Wheeler anyways? Wheeler is from Minnesota so taht’s a start.

    • Bruins says:

      For those who don’t know him, he’s a 6’4 defenseman that can skate like the wind and entered the league as a forward. Very sound defensively. It’s just the injury history, but I’d roll the dice. I would have put him on Team Canada going into last season.

      • Andy says:

        I actually live in Minny, so I know all about Burns. I would like it if it wasn’t for the injury history. He is in the mold of a Mike Green (a guy who can move the puck, jump into the play, and score). When healthy, he could be a top 5 scoring D.

        The problem, Bruins, is that they LOVE the guy here. Him, Mikko Koivu, & Backstrom are probably the 3 guys that they would NEVER move.

        It’s a nice idea, though…

      • Bruins says:

        True. The only reason I thought of it was the injury history because I know it’s pretty bad right now. I’ve loved the guy since he came into the league so I’d be ecstatic if we could somehow get him.

  44. gibbz says:

    Joe Haggerty/ Pierre LeBrun report no trade talks between boston and toronto. Toronto has no intrest in Savard.

  45. Vince says:

    I have also read via Twitter that no one has talked to Thomas about waiving his NTC.

    Someone should do something about that!

    • bbears24 says:

      Well the sharks aren’t brining back nabokov so if that doesn’t say they are interested in thomas I don’t know what will

      • Bruins says:

        San Jose would be likely if he waives it. A straight up trade for Vlasic would be sweet.

      • gibbz says:

        Or, if he wanted to stay in the east, he could go to Pitt for Gonchar. they are looking to get rid of him, but i still like the Vlasic idea, he can move the puck well.

      • Birdman2403 says:

        Thomas to Philly for Carter !!! Sign Boychuk…draft Hall or Seguin = Awesome team next season !!!!!!!!!

      • Andy says:

        I’ll tell you something, I LOVE the idea that one of the guys had before, and which I was actually thinking about before. Thomas, maybe a prospect, like Hamill, and a OUR 1st or a 2nd next year for Ryane Clowe and Vlasic.

        Imagine having Clowe and Lucic on the same line, let’s say, between Krecji. SWEET!!

  46. Haus says:

    only problem with a thomas for gonchar deal is that pittsburgh already have a goalie. A goalie they rode to the cup. The idea of moving timmy would be to loosen up cap room. Savard for kaberle and thomas for gonchar, both of those would add cap money, cuz gonchar is gonna want big money to sign a short deal.

  47. Haus says:

    and that, my friends, is why they are both bullshit.

  48. mcpuck says:

    No way savy moves. NTC NTC NTC… can’t stress it enough. This is where Savy will retire.

  49. DanD says:

    Horton and Thornton
    can we start a slogan or a T shirt or something

  50. ccm says:

    Anyone else really excited to finally see who we end up with tomorrow?

  51. #4 says:

    NOt friggin good guys not friggen good.

    I just read that EDM is going to offer Boychuck 2mil/3yr deal that B’s feel “hardpressed” to match. OMFG If they let this kid walk I am going find chia and slap him around like no tomorrow, Im sure Cam will join me.

    Ferrence = Fail
    HUnwick = Possible Fail
    Losing boychuck = MEGA FAIL

    oh and PC aint done “fixing the defense” damnit why is he so incompetent at times and genius at others..

    Also, Welcome to Boston Tyler Seguin and Hopefully Fowler/Gudbranson if the B’s trade up like they should!

    • Andy says:

      You have to look at it from the B’s perspective. Boychuk is only a UFA b/c he didn’t play enough games to qualify. Obviously, we know him now, but no one did in October (although he won the AHL’s version of the Norris last yr) and he was only called up on an emergency basis.

      I agree, it would suck to lose Boychuk – which is why I think they’re working hard at keeping him – but they could’ve never dreamed he would do as well as he did.

      It’s a shitty situation, but don’t necessarily blame PC for it..

    • Jefe77 says:

      Its not that he is genius sometimes and incompetent other times, its a complicated business that doesn’t seem to make sense to some. But, to PC and other good GM’s, its a science of balance and foresight.

      • #4 says:

        Well id say that its just not every move is a good move. Sometimes its just the move that you can make or the move that you should make.

        I have never been to particularly hard on PC but Johny Boy is a talent and a cornerstone of our defense for years to come. If he walked I woulda been apeshit and that was clouding my judgement.

        I mean he got Horton ive been hollering about that kid forever now and he did it! I was amped!

        Now watch wides have a career year in FLA thats fine with JBOY CHARA SIDES STAURT and H&F in the backend were more than all set.

  52. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    I wouldn’t pay any attention to those rumours, stories like that can get teams nailed with a tampering charge. Doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe I am wrong.

  53. mm says:

    Boychuk signed an extension according to new england hockey journal. Woo!

  54. Loooch says:

    The San Jose Sharks have come to contract terms with two of their most important players, Patrick Marleau and Joe Pavelski, and also bucked the recent NHL trend of handing out long-term, front-end loaded contracts.
    Marleau, who would have become an unrestricted free agent on July 1st, has agreed to a four-year deal worth $6.9 million per year, while Pavelski, a restricted free agent, has also agreed to a four-year contract, one that will pay him $4 million per year.

  55. Birdman2403 says:

    Sad / mad to see Craig Ramsay go….awesome coach. Good for him though, he has paid his dues ! Good luck Craig….except against the B’s !!

  56. Loooch says:

    Locked up Johnny for 2 years!!
    Well done PC

  57. Richardo says:

    Nicely done Smithahs!!

  58. Bs2011 says:

    Does anyone think that Thomas for Clowe is an option?

  59. Haus says:

    2 year deal for Boychuk. Nice. Just one thing though for all of you who call him kid and the future…… Please remember he is older than Stuart.

  60. catan says:

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