Bruins acquire Horton

According to TSN and Bob McKenzie the Bruins have acquired Nathan Horton and Gregory Campbell from the Florida Panthers in exchange for Dennis Wideman and the 15th overall pick.


29 Responses to Bruins acquire Horton

  1. Joe says:

    They get Horton and Cambell for Wideman, 15 pick, and another pick. Its a done deal. haha. updated first.

  2. ccm says:

    Thats awesome, weary about that 15th pick, but getting rid of wideman for a player like that…priceless

    • Joe says:

      I think the Bruins will still get a pick in return anbyway.

      • Joe says:

        edit: I think the Bruins can still get a pick in return anyway in another trade. We still Have Thomas, Ryder, Wheeler, and other picks that we could move up with.

  3. bruins4eva says:

    this is joke…RYDER’S fat ass should have been traded

  4. DBruins says:

    what I don’t get with this trade is that we do not save any money. There has to be something else. If am not wrong he actually makes more money.

  5. Edski says:


  6. bbears24 says:

    espn rumors says byfuglien is being shopped around…..ryder and wheeler anyone???????

  7. Loooch says:

    This is hugeee. Well done PC. We needed a scoring winger. We got one. We hated Wideman, hes gone. Friday will be the icing on the cake. Good day to be a B’s fan.

  8. ohniner says:

    So does this mean no Paille or no Begin ? cause somebody not resigned other then that woooooooooooo widemen gone that mean less turnovers woooooooooooo great move its about time PC HORTON CAREER YEAR WITH BRUINS woooooooooooo

  9. ohniner says:

    need to move salary if we want to improve anymore then horton so don’t get your hopes up just but Byfuglien would be nice sounds like a pipe dream i like it

  10. Jefe77 says:

    Exactly what the Bruins needed to do.

    Think about it, Wideman gone, Hall or Sequin added along with Horton?

    Also, consider the fact that Ryder could get packaged with Thomas, or one of the two of them could go for more scoring depth.

    The Bruins just got tougher, and will pot many-a-goal next season, I think.

  11. lucic crew says:

    wow pc good for you gooooooooooooooo bsssssssssssssssssssss

  12. Andy says:

    I don’t necessarily like the fact that we gave up no. 15 for this, especially since we were giving up Wideman, but hopefully Horton can come in and be the “noticable” 20 goal scorer that Sturm is not.

    The big question is, though, is can we sign Stuart & Boychuk? As someone mentioned, we actually took on about $1M MORE salary with this deal (Wideman 3.75, Horton 4, Campbell, RFA $750k). There’s got to be more deals coming..

    I like Horton, I just hope he’s not a bust. Campbell actually got 32 pts the year before last. Not bad for a 3rd/4th liner…

  13. Mook says:

    worst-case scenario: ryder starts in the minors a-la peter schaeffer.


    thomas will get traded, and ryder will play with krejci and recchi (and score 30 goals).

  14. Mat says:

    Who fills Wideman’s role on D?

    • Andy says:

      Assuming we can sign Stuart and Boychuk – and worst case scenario, someone offers a sheet to Stuart and we can match (don’t see that happening, though). The D pairing looks like this :


      Not too bad. I think this whole “puck-moving D” thign is overhyped..

      • Mat says:

        lol – that’s right, I totally blanked on Ference… and who fills Ference’s role in October?

      • Haus says:

        Having puck moving d-men overhyped? You mean like Seabrook, Keith, B Campbell, Hjalmarsson and Sopel?

      • Gulbickus says:

        Stuart on the 3rd D pairing…I think not.

        He is the 3rd best defenseman on this team..if they manage to bring him back that is.

      • Andy says:

        I’m just talking about what the D pairings are. As for the Chicago puck moving D, obviously there is certainly a place for them. I’m just sick of guys like Fluto Shinzawa talking over and over about how the #1 priority is a puck moving D. Yes, it’s good to have them, but I think we can do fine with what we have…Wideman is obviously the example of how puck moving D backfire..

  15. Jefe77 says:

    My sister

  16. backbruin says:

    awesome p.c this is what we needed, add seguin and it’s instant offense!

  17. backbruin says:

    look to see a cenetr traded possibly??

  18. backbruin says:


  19. Haus says:

    Love this deal. Campbell seems like a make weight money-wise. Its possible Sobotka is being asked for by teams looking to take on Timmy, or possibly Campbell has a very short stay in Boston and is part of another deal.

    • Andy says:

      Campbell is an RFA this summer. He could easily be demoted or bought out if it doesn’t work out. Having said that, it appears he had an off year last yr with 17 pts and 2 goals. He had 32 pts the year before. I would take that for a Sobotka type player..

      Also, FYI, he’s the SON of Colin Campbell. Maybe now that fuckhead will stop suspending our guys and letting opposing teams’ players off the hook!! DOUCHEBAG!!

      • Haus says:

        Holy shit thats right I forgot he was Colins son! Fluto may drive you nuts but he is right. Transition hockey is championship hockey in todays NHL.

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