Boychuk resigns for 2 years; Recchi Back

According to, the Bruins have resigned Johnny Boychuk to a two year contract worth $3.75 million.  Boychuk will receive $1.75 million in the first year and $2 million in the second. His cap hit will be $1.875 million.

UPDATE June 25th 1:30 : According to’s, Jimmy Murphy the Bruins have resigned Mark Recchi to a one year deal. The deal is worth a reported $1 million. The Bruins plan to announce the signing Monday.


85 Responses to Boychuk resigns for 2 years; Recchi Back

  1. Bruins1 says:

    Awesome deal!! Chia is having an outstanding offseason so far!!! Love Boychuk

  2. Smitty says:

    Wow, great job signing. I heard he wanted more than ference, great job.

  3. chris says:

    awsome love this guy!!!!!!!

  4. Andy says:

    I put the Ference signing as #2 behind Versteeg as PC’s worst move in his tenure…

    • #4 says:

      Yup I didnt get that one, But I have a feeling theres alot more goings on behind closed doors that we arent aware of and contributed to the ferrence deal.

  5. #4 says:

    Chia baby nice, he knew that boston fans wouldnt let him off the hook if boychuck resigned.

    Boychuck also took less money to play here as EDM was going to offer 2mil/3years.

    Gotta love this PC bringing tougher, and better guys like Horton and ReUpping Boychuck. I still smell another deal or two in the works and it smells good for the bruins!

    • bruinsfan28 says:

      Boychuck signed a 2 year 3.75 million dollar deal. How is that less than the 2 year 3 million dollar deal Edmonton offered?

      Anyway, this is a good signing. I would also like to see them re sign Stuart, trade one of Ference/Hunwick, then get a puck moving defenseman, and I would actually call us a contender.

  6. #4 says:

    *if boychuck didnt resign*

  7. Smitty says:

    I read Coyotes and Rangers are interested in Savard…

  8. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    Chia admits he has talked to 4 teams about savard but at 4 million dollar cap hit he is not pushing him out. Sounds like if the right deal comes up he could be gone.???

  9. 2010/11 says:

    Horton – Savard – Lucic
    Hall/Seguin – Krecji – Ryder
    Sturm – Bergie – Rex
    Cambell – Sobotka – Thorton

    Chara – Seidenberg
    Boychuk – Stuart
    Ference – Hunwick

    the only piece missing is resigning Mark Stuart which should happen. I am more than happy with how that team looks on paper right now…

    Savard is not going anywhere…0 for forever on the PP when he was out. Ryder could be bought out if any of the Providence Bruins make him expendable. With the cap at 59 mill, this ought to be doable.

  10. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    Tim Thomas’s agent, Bill Zito granted permission to speak to teams about trade. The Bruins approached Zito. Thomas also has a no-move

  11. willisss says:

    hard work pays off, good job boychuck.

    thomas and savard for st louis and nittymakki/smith? would anyone do that? savard is very cap friendly and i dont want him to leave boston. thomas.wheeler.ryder for st louis and one of their goalies? never going to happen but that would rule

  12. Gcole says:

    the ONE guy we manage to sign longterm for a good price is all of a sudden up for trade?! what the fuck man!! we gonna put boychuk on the trading block now that hes signed too?? what a bunch of crap, get rid of the dumbasses like ryder, ference, and those no one really cares about

    • 2010/11 says:

      Ference was just signed earlier this year, he isn’t going anywhere…well except to IR. Savard will not get traded, Chia is just doing his job and listening to offers. If you trade away guys that are committed to the franchise, it will not take to long for UFA to not want to go to the B’s.

      • Jefe77 says:

        Exactly….Savvy signed with the Bruins to play in Boston, not somewhere else.

        The Bruins didnt sign Savvy to quickly think of somewhere else he should play.

        Savvy aint goin nowhere but downtown with the Cup.

  13. Richardo says:

    When’s the earliest a player can be put on the IR / LTIR (ie. Sturm).

  14. Trade Thomas for Peanuts says:

    We should trade Thomas and Ryder to who ever will take on thier contracts and then use that extra money to give Bobby Ryan an offer sheet since we have the most draft picks next year for the compensation. We could then use the left over money for a cheap back up goalie

  15. backbruin says:

    Does anyone honestly think after FINALLY acquiring a stud winger that they are going to turn around and trade SAVY?!?!?

    makes no sense in my eyes, but i do expect some sort of big name signing at some point tomorrow!

    go b’s!

  16. Bruins says:

    It’s crazy how many options the Bruins have. Chiarelli has done an awesome job. Hell no to all of the rumours though. All I would do is send Thomas to San Jose for Vlasic, and dump Ryder for a late pick and call it a day.

    • Bruins says:

      Oh yeah and trade Wheeler for something as for some reason I think he possesses some value on the market.

  17. backbruin says:

    bruins, i agree with everything accept Wheeler..I think we are all giving up on a kid who has a ton of talent and size who went through the sophomore slump as many do…Let’s hold on to him unless they make some sort of big deal…I wouldn’t count that kid out yet. They dealt with big injuries in his notoriously bad second year where more pressure was on him then a normal healthy year.

    He can score and he proved it in year one. I think he will thrive next year with a now deadly supoorting cast!!

    • bruins4eva says:

      well said…i really didnt wanna get rid of wideman ..i felt he was one of boston’s best players in the playoffs considering the year he had ….and im even more pissed that boston isn’t bringing back ALL HAIL SATAN…i thought he and krechji played awesome together

      • #4 says:

        Satans not coming back because his use isnt as an all season 2 end player. He is a specialty goal scorer and will only get signed by a desperate team or at teh deadline.

    • Bruins says:

      I’ve just grown completely impatient with him. So much potential yet his offensive instincts are just brutal. He’s disappeared down the stretch two straight years.

      Honestly I’m completely indifferent on whether he’s back or not. I’d rather package him with Hunwick and picks/prospects for an upgrade on defense.


      i am glad you guys aren’t gms lol trade savy are you people retarded. Granted he didn’t have a good playoffs but he just came back from a grade 2 concussion you know how long it took bergy to come back from that. It only took savy 3 months the guy is going to be a beast next year. the team is fine, if you can get rid of big contracts like ryder or thomas than do it if not whatever this team offensively is going to be 10 times better then it was last year. lineups next year

      lucic savy horton
      seguin kreji wheeler
      sturm/ryder bergy rechhi
      paille/carson/campbell sob thorton

  18. Bruins says:

    Just a heads up to people (particularly Canadians I guess): at 9 ET the Oilers have a special on TSN called Oil Change that shows behind the scenes their decision on whether to draft Taylor or Tyler, including interviews with them and everything. That comes on after TSN’s draft special at 7.

  19. Bruins1 says:

    U pro savard guys don’t realize we have a lot of centers. Chia wants to let our young studs get some experience in now. Colbourn and Hamil waiting, along with Caron. If we get rid of Savard, boy are our guys good and young. We would be with Chicago with the up and coming young guns.

    Bergeron, Krecji, Seguin,Colbourne, and Marchand as our centers
    Lucic, Wheeler, Horton, Sturm, Recchi, Caron, and Ryder as our wingers.

    • bigkniht37 says:

      marchand isnt a center nor is he an up and coming star…its krejci not krecji or krechji as you folks have been spelling it…and caron and colborne arent TOUCHING the NHL roster this year so get that through your heads. the reason trading savard is a moronic idea is because nobody will ever take a hometown discount again…because theyll see we will just flip them by taking advantage of the low cap hit which wont bode well for pending UFAs signing here

      • BosBrn77 says:

        Although I agree with your reasoning as to why we should not trade Savard….. your attitude needs a little toning down! So he didn’t spell Krejci correctly? BIG DEAL!! And even though Marchand is NOT a center… he is still an up and coming “young gun” as was said! He would make a great 4th line agitator…. which is always useful in the NHL!

        Caron may not make it to the NHL this season… but I think Colburne may surprise you! With a couple injuries… or even a strong camp… why would they not put him as 4th line center? He will be in camp to win a job!

        Bottom line… we are all Bruins’ fans…. so please… keep the attitude to yourself! And again… I 100% agree with what you said regarding Savard! You do not trade a guy who took a discount to stay here!!

    • really says:

      Trading Savard is incredibly stupid. Savard is an integral part of the team’s offense. The team couldn’t score at all with out him. When Savard wasn’t playing the team’s average goals per game went down by one goal. (This stat was shown on NESN a while back) Marc Savard can put up 80 to 90 points a year and we got him at what 4 million per year. That is a pretty good deal. I think you’re crazy for wanting Savard traded. That won’t improve the team.

  20. backbruin says:

    tsn has a draft special right now and dreger is talking about tim thomas as i type!

  21. Bruins1 says:

    How about this trade I have been thinking about for a while:

    To San Jose: Thomas and Savard
    To Boston Joe Thornton

    Thats right, JUmbo Joe back to Beantown!!

  22. Birdman2403 says:

    Carter being shopped for starter….Thomas for Carter !! Make it happen PC, that would be unreal !

  23. BearBlood says:

    Carter to B’s sounds great, but it may be end up in a brawl between Looch and Carter. Don’t think Looch is gonne give up No 17!

  24. Gcole says:

    Jeff carter please! What’s his cap hit anyways?

  25. da wreck says:

    Jeff Carter’s a center.

  26. Birdman2403 says:

    The more I read the Savard rumour will not go away ??? I have faith that PC, if he trades him, will get what we need ! Going to be an interesting day…..

  27. Vince Mendella says:

    When we traded away Kessel last year we lost his 50pts (not sure about total points at the moment) and never replaced it. We were one of the lowest scoring if not the lowest scoring team in the NHL.

    Now everyone wants to get rid of Savard and his 80-90pts. What would you do to replace that?

    We could always go into the negative for points (-3 goals per game).

    Come on smarten up and give your head a shake. The guy signs a hometown discount contract and is a top playmaker and this is how you treat him. If he read all of the rumours I wouldn’t be surprised if he now asks for a trade.

  28. #4 says:

    They better keep savvy around. I dont buy the trade rumors Thomas might move savvy is staying put. Id put money on it.

    Imagine if we do grab Carter holy hell we wouldve done great allready this offseason.



    UFA Goalie

    = WIN

  29. Loooch says:

    These f’n Savvy trade talks are driving me nuts. PC has made some great moves latley, now dont piss us off and trade the guy who signed a hometown discount to stay in Boston!! Paul Dupont has an article up at the globe regrading the Timmy and Savvy trade talks. This is the final paragraph, which is not sitting well right now:

    Overall, it’s a far better bet that Savard is out of here, especially after he heaved Vladimir Sobotka under the bus for the too-many-men mixup in Game 7 vs. the Flyers. Tyler Seguin in, as the No. 2 pick in tonight’s draft. Savard gone. Thomas here to stay — at least for now.

    • #4 says:

      Im at work and I just puked on my keyboard

      • willisss says:

        i was unaware of the vlad comment. what did he say?

      • Richardo says:

        He didnt say anything… thats the problem with the media… He should have publicly come out and owned up to the whole too-many-men penalty against PHI…

    • Loooch says:

      Same here #4. I am elbow dropping mine. No idea what he said. This is the first I’ve heard.

      • #4 says:

        Yeah i went and read the article pretty sure that guy is retarded.

        But the amount of people willing to trade Savvy in the comments on the article is what scares me.

      • bigkniht37 says:

        no he actually did say something after that game…this isnt exactly it but from what i remember he said something about he put his arm up for the change and vladdy “didnt” see it so he decided to stay on the ice and pursue the puck carrier and that let to the penalty…but savvy never said my bad he pretty much laid the blame on sobotka

  30. gibbz says:

    hearing Recchi re signed by bruins per twitter

  31. spencer says:

    if you guys were right that savard took a hometown discount, then id agree. although his cap hit is friendly, it is not due to his “hometown discount”, but a loophole in the salary cap, as the last 2 years of his contract, he makes significantly less money. The first 2 years he is making upwards of 6 million, which is probably his market value, if not on the high end, which is why it was a good financial decision for both parties. I would only trade savard if it freed up cap space, or they took ryder. Trading thomas may seem logical now, but he could have a bounceback year, and i want to see tuukka dominate for another year. lastly, does anybody agree that chiarelli is great at drafting and developing talent, and his trades have been successful for the most part, but some of his free agent decisions do not make sense. ference for 2.25? ryder, 3 years, 12 mil. he couldve been had for 6 mil. thomas to a 4 year contact at 5 million? even lucic, and im his biggest supporter, while 4.25 is not that pricey because of his impact, at least lock him up for 5 to 6 years at that price. in 3 years he will be worth way more.

  32. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    this might be a wild idea. Can’t remember where I read this but savard has not been asked of yet to waive his no trade clause. Whats the chance all this talk about a savard trade is posturing by the Bruins to make it look like they are taking Seguin, a center. Just being done to throw off the oilers. Maybe totally off the wall but who knows.

  33. gibbz says:

    we should just trade savard, thomas and ryder for the sedin twins.

  34. gibbz says:

    Islander willing to trade their 5th overall spot. via nhl hotstove twitter

  35. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    recchi confirmed signing for one yr.

  36. NS Bruin says:

    Well said back there “Bosbrn77”. We are hoping for the same team !

  37. JRy says:

    Seguin and kabanov wouldn’t be a terrible draft.

    • Smitty says:

      Personally think Kabanov will be the biggest steal in the draft. Kid has #1 potential he just got hurt n made some “interesting” choices last year.

    • bruins4eva says:

      dont forget Brett Connelly…alot of scouts have said that if he didnt get hurt he would be going in the top 3…could be worth the risk

    • mcpuck says:

      I’ve been saying Kabanov right along. He’s fallen out of the first round, so he’ll likely be around for the Bruins 2nd round pick 😀

      • JRy says:

        I think the bruins should definitely take kabanov wi the 32nd pick if he is around. He’s like an ilya type…exactly what we need, but Connelly will probably go at 5 so he would hardly be a steal and the bruins wouldn’t end up with him because if they were going to trade to go that high they would likely go after fowler.

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