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  1. Gcole says:

    Seguin is better than kessel in my opinion so the deal worked out good already

  2. Bruins says:

    Seguin is WAY better than Kessel, andI’ve been pushing for him over Hall all along. We have a Stamkos/Toews mix with him.

  3. Brendan says:

    You cant really say that Seguin is better than Kessel just yet because he hasnt seen a single NHL game where as Kessel is almost a given 30+ scorer already

    • Bruins says:

      All Kessel can do is score. He’s literally one of the most one-dimensional players in the league. Seguin is a guy that gives you a bit of everything, along with being a better scorer should he live up to his potential. Add in the fact that Kessel is a team cancer and that Seguin is one of the more personable players in this draft (certainly more so than Hall).

      With scouting nowadays the top picks are more of sure things. This isn’t 1993 anymore where a guy like Daigle will slip through the cracks.

  4. Brendan says:

    Now away from the draft, the Bruins really should package Thomas and Ryder to get either a top notch defensemen to replace a crap Dennis Wideman or an above average goal scorer to help in the immediate future until Seguin sees action or Paille doesnt resign

  5. bbears24 says:

    jesus kevin paul dupoint is a real debbie downer…he’s saying seguin will be in juniors this year, and said there is a chance he won’t have an impact for a year or two, and he compared him to joe thornton saying he might let down a lot of people…how bout looking at the big picture, and of course he brought up that the bruins might be regretting the 15th pick since fowler dropped so much, you would of thought the bruins took so joe schmoe at number 2 with the way he was talking

  6. Bruins says:

    That video sums it up. This kid will not disappoint. When’s the last time you’ve seen a guy that smooth? I mean the shit he pulls at 2:30 at top speed? He had a ton of Savvy-esque passes there too. The only thing I’d put Hall over him for is tenacity but that will only get him hurt at the pro-level. He already gets knocked around in junior.

  7. Bruins says:

    Things are shaping up nicely for tomorrow too. I’m shocked that John Merrill is still on the board. If the Oilers don’t take him he should be the Bruins guy. Taking Justin Faulk would be a nice consolation prize.

  8. Pearson says:

    Bruins here def knows his shit. Whats the deal with kabanov? Is he not worth a gamble? I mean he was supposed to be the top pick… Is the 2nd round too soon of a “gamble” i mean this team def needs another top winger……

    • bbears24 says:

      well i feel like a lot of people want kabanov, and chances are good considering there is only one pick before the bruins in round 2…and I doubt edmonton will take another winger, so he most likely will be there at 32 unless the bruins have other plans.

    • Bruins says:

      Just taken by the Isles.

      His agent just dropped him right before the draft. There are obviously very serious issues around him if your agent does that.

      • bbears24 says:

        they said he quit the team he was on, and gets injured as much as a person changes their underwear hahaha

      • Bruins says:

        Lol yeah. He was injured for most of the year and then when his team was in the playoffs he wanted to go play for Russia at the under 18’s. When he got there the Russians kicked him off the team because they said he wanted to be the star or something.

        He has said that he’s staying in North America no matter what (he has to because he’s been banned from Russian hockey).

  9. Birdman2403 says:

    Flyers deal Hamhuis to Pittsburgh. To free up money for a Thomas deal ???? We will see today I guess.

    I’m looking forward to Seguin scoring more goals then Kessel and the Bruins getting another top 10 pick form the Laughs !

  10. patrick says:

    birdman i think that also means pitt is letting gonchar go too. god i pray chiapet doesnt get his injury prone ass.

  11. ELWOPPO says:

    Whats all this talk of Seguin not playing this year? Thats absolutely insane? If Duchene ripped it in his first year, Im pretty sure Suguin(the OHL player of the year) can do even better! And Duchene went 3rd overall!

  12. mook says:

    all this talk about seguin not being nhl ready comes from pierre mcguire. he was saying it the whole draft…and he started saying it only after he heard the bruins took him. it’s no secret that mcguire hates the bruins…

  13. Jefe77 says:

    So I got Tyler to sign a Bruins hat before he was drafted outside Staples…I told him the Bruins were getting the best player, and then went to my seat praying for that to happen…

  14. Pearson says:

    If you watch his highlight reel theres no way anyone would be able to convince me he wont be on the team this year.

    However, i hope all the pressure doesnt get to him. I think its gonna take him a month or two into the season to see what he really has to offer

  15. BosBrb77 says:

    Two more centers?? WTF!!! Knight and Spooner? We passed on Merril AND Faulk? Are we not set on centers? And Knight wasn’t even ranked in the top 60!

    • Bruins says:

      Based on Chia’s second round history I’ll trust him. I would’ve prefered one of the defensemen but Knight looks pretty good.

      • BosBrb77 says:

        I hope you are right Bruins!! Most of the deals PC has done…. I’ve been all for. I just would like to see them add to the defense and left side a little! Hopefully these two can play the wing as well. It isn’t like they will make the team in the next two years…. but Merril slipped a bit and could have looked great in Black and Gold in a few years!

  16. Andy says:

    Absolutely! Sure, the Seguin pick is great, but did I miss something or do we not have ANY FUCKING DEFENSIVE PROSPECTS?!!! WHAT THE FLYING FUCK DO WE NEED MORE CENTERS FOR?!! This has been happening for 3 years, too. Hamill, Colborne. Couldn’t believe my fucking ears when we actually drafted Caron – a WING last year. Is this front office, honestly, fucking retarded when it comes to drafting?

    When was the last time we had an in-house D prospect that we drafted? Nick Boynton?! And he is a 3rd D pairing at best! Honestly, did they not get the memo that we need DEFENSEMAN in the system? And there was certainly 1st rd D talent at 32. Un-FUCKING-believable!!

    • backbruin says:

      because we are probably going to see Savy traded and a def. coming back in one way or another!

      just guessing but it makes sense!

    • Bruins4life13 says:

      hey asshole i dont know if u know this or not but providence is jammed full of defensive prospects and d-men that we signed so when we are scoring 4 goals a game next year i bet u will be sittin there thinking to youself “i wish we drafted more defensemen” u fuckin idiot

  17. Bob says:

    I can’t believe that we passed up on Merrill (38-NJD), McFarland (33-FLA), and Kabanov (65-NYI). I know that these guys all have ISSUES but at 17/18 year old that can be expected. I hope we don’t regret this day.

    The draft is about taking risks but Knight (rank 82) probably would have around in round 3 or 4. We could’ve traded a pick from next year to acquire him in a later round.

  18. Andy says:

    And on Savard, it seems that Dupont, Shinzawa, and anyone else that covers the B’s thinks it’s going to happen, and no one has a problem with it?!

    You are searching for offense, just acquired a potential 30-40 goal scorer, and now you’re going to get rid of the guy that set him up?!

    And there’s no talk of trading Bergeron or Krecji? I think everyone would agree that Savvy is our best offensive player. Has anyone thought of the fact that if you traded Savvy AND they didn’t extend Bergy, you are then down to Seguin and Krecji for 2011-12?

    I’m just amazed how everyone has just written Savard off, as if it wouldn’t be the biggest bonehead fucking move of Chiarelli’s career – short of Versteeg!

    Not to mention – Seguin can play WING – you fucking retards. They act as if it’s a foregone conclusion you have to get rid of a center because Seguin is a natural born center. Get your heads of your arses!!

    • BosBrb77 says:

      I really do not want to see Savard traded! Trade Ryder or bury him in Providence, but keep Savard AND Thomas!!

      As for Versteeg…. NOBODY would have thought it would turn out like this. We can say it is a bone headed trade NOW…. but when it happened, every one of us was happy to get Bochenski. He came to Boston on fire and we all had him pegged to be a 3rd line winger… maybe a 2nd. But to point a finger at PC now…. three years later… that is not fair! At the time we thought we had won that trade!

      Rumor on the web (I’ve been surfing all morning so I forget where) but Boston is looking to move Thomas and a defenseman to Philly. Not sure on who (Hunwick?) and not sure what is coming back. Also Nashville is talking to Boston.

      • Bruins says:

        Not to mention the Boychuk trade turned out to be the exact same thing for us except in a good way.

      • BosBrb77 says:

        Good point Bruins! I bet Colorado fans are just as mad about Boychuk! Not to mention….. Caron, Colburne and Hamill are all great prospects….. and they are not up yet. A 2nd round d-man…. like you said Bruins….. would be a few years away anyway!

        Lets stand behind PC! He has improved this team amazingly since O’Connell left.

        And think about this…. how many other teams added two players who will (or should) play this year out of the first round? We got Seguin…. AND Horton!

        I still hope they keep Savard. Lucic-Savard-Horton would be scary!!

      • Bruins says:

        Exactly. And don’t forget our injury troubles last year. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if our offense rose as much this year as it fell last year.

    • Bruins4life13 says:

      david krejci although he hasnt had a 90 or even 70 point season, is a better playmaker than savard and krejci actually shoots to. look at 08/09 him ryder and wheeler were making it look like an all star game with all the good and fancy plays they made i do like savard but he is 31 krejci is like 23 and bergy is 25 so the old one would be the odd one out. plus he has the highest cap hit

      • bruinsfan28 says:

        No, Krejci is not a better playmaker than Savvy. When healthy, Savvy is probably a top 5 playmaker in the game, Krejci isnt even a top 20. Also, Savard does not have the highest cap hit, Bergeron does, and Savard’s cap hit isn’t a whole lot higher than Krejci’s either.

        The whole idea of trading Savard is insane. They traded for Nathan Horton, and they believe he can be a 40 goal scorer. Guess what, he can’t even score 30 if he doesn’t have Savard setting him up. Bergeron and Krejci can’t set him up near as good as Savvy could because #1: They aren’t near as good of playmakers as Savvy and #2: Savvy is a left handed shot and Horton is a right handed shot. Match made in heaven. Krejci and Bergeron are both right handed shots, same as Seguin. It won’t work near as well.

        And say you trade Savard, and Bergeron walks this year as a UFA. That leaves you Krejci and Seguin. Wouldn’t work. If I’m going to trade to trade one of Savard, Bergeron and Krejci, my first choice is Krejci, but remeber Bergy is a UFA at the end of the year and if he doesn’t re sign he should become trade bait. So trading Savvy= STUPID IDEA.

      • Brendan says:

        hey bruins fan. trading savard would be a great move. we’ve got a lot of soon to be top notch playmakers. the most recent being added is seguin and we savard doesnt hit at all. the really only two tough guys are lucic and chara. we need brutes and a savard trade could get us the big guy we need

  19. Andy says:

    Another fucking FORWARD! Thank Christ it’s a fucking WING this time.

    Apparently we don’t need defenseman. Even though we need offense, we’ll trade Savard for Kaberle..

    Doesn’t look we’re winning a Cup with this administration anytime soon….

    • BosBrb77 says:

      Andy… you are wearing blinders! Calm down a bit. We need left wings too! We are loaded at center….. and have a bunch of RWs!

      They are looking to trade… so wait and see!


      yeah the defense was a huge problem last year. are offense def carried us last year…..

    • Andy says:

      Just my personality, Gibbz. This team is just so frustrating. It just seems we have absolutely no direction! Yes, Seguin was great, but we act like we just want to be in the hunt for a playoff spot – not be a serious Cup contender.

      I just can’t find one reason why we wouldn’t draft any D (it’s like all those years that the Pats had an obvious need for secondary help and drafted fucking TE’s and FB’s).

      And on Savard, how is a puck-moving D like Kaberle going to help our OFFENSE. Sure he might get some points, but you have one of the best playmaking centerman in the league and you are going to trade him because you drafted a centerman, who can obviously playing wing? It makes absolutely NO sense!

      They trade Savvy, and I’m DONE! Not one of those half-ass proclamations I made to myself like after blowing a 3-0 series and game 7 lead. I’m literally fucking done if that’s the kind of mentality this front office has, then what’s the point?

  20. Bruins says:

    The thing people have to realize is that you should ALWAYS go for the best player available. If no defensemen are worth taking at that spot, don’t take them. We have some good D prospects anyways and it’s not like a second round defenseman would step in right away. Things change so much in hockey. You might see a 4th round pick defenseman emerge all of a sudden and a first round forward collapse. That’s why you don’t draft for need.

    • Andy says:

      Bruins, who are our good D prospects? Penner? Fringe at best. We were in prime position to take a 1st rd talent D who fell to 32. Instead we got a forward ranked 82?! That’s hardly “best player available”. The last D prospect that we had that we thought was legitimate was Lashoff. Who was it before that?

      Boychuk, Mcquaid (our 7th D on the depth chart), and Woisniewski (our 8th) were ALL acquired via TRADE…

      • Bruins says:

        I’ve shown how much potential I think Alexandrov has on here. I think he could make an impact either this year or next. Tommy Cross is another guy with good upside.

        Teams have different draft lists. Why wasn’t Bergeron a first rounder? Detroit is a team that makes off the board picks that turn into gems. THe Bruins have shown they have a tremendous scouting staff. I’d trust them.

      • Brendan says:

        But Bruins, look at these players sizes. they are not really the big boys the you normally see on D. Yeah sure these guys have talent but they need to gain a bit of muscle before they join the league

  21. Bruins says:

    Andy are you serious? This offseason has been ridiculously good. Horton and Seguin? What are you holding out for Crosby and Ovechkin or something? Some people just can’t be pleased.

    • Andy says:

      I’m not saying I don’t like Horton and Seguin. My point is that we are talking about dealing our best forward. I’m suprised that anyone would doubt that. Yes, Savvy is older, but look at our PP (w/ Krecji & Bergy) when he was hurt. He is one of the best dishers in the league. When healthy, he’s an automatic for 85-90 pts minimum. And then I just get frustrated about the lack of D prospects. Yes, we signed Alexandrov, and he’ll be in Providence. From all indications, he still needs to get stronger.

      We didn’t draft ONE D. I’m not saying that a 2-3-4th rd pick is going to step in next year, but at the very least, they might be good trade prospects. It leaves you with having to rely on trades and FA’s, instead of growing your own. Tommy Cross?! C’mon, the last thing I’ve heard about him is that after he gets healthy, he’d be lucky to be in Providence.

      Look at Nashville. Not a great market, but they’ve done a hell of a job drafting guys like Weber, Suter, Hamhuis, etc. and they’re competitive every year. Obviously, we’re a better market and Nashville isn’t looking to be a Cup contender, but the point is that you can’t just draft centers (which hasn’t just been this year, it’s been for at least the last 3).

      That’s my beef. Again, I love Seguin & Horton. I just want to keep our best passer for Horton and keep this team intact as is (unless we can get a good deal for Thomas or Ryder).

      Not bitching just to bitch. I like the team the way it is now…

      • Bruins says:

        I’m pretty sure everyone is against trading Savard (unless we get a great return). And this is all media speculation. False reports come out all the time. What has Chia said about Savard? That he’s taken some calls on him? It’s part of his job.

        Cross’ injury problems are old news. Alexandrov should be ready to step in soon after getting acclimated to teh NA game.

        We did take a couple D but I don’t understand your point about them being good trade prospects. The best player available would be the best trade prospect regardless of position.

        And if you were a Nashville fan you’d probably be going off about the lack of forwards they draft.

  22. Bruins says:

    A little story on Knight, he was snubbed from the combine so he created his own workout video. Here it is:

  23. Bruins says:

    Sobotka to St. Louis for D David Warsofsky. Small defenseman but a good puckmover. 20 years old.

  24. bbears24 says:

    I don’t mind getting rid of sobotka pretty much just an agitator didn’t put up numbers, but for the rights to a 5’9” defensemen?!? We have the rights to like 5 defensemen now that are in college, and I think only one of them is over 6’…Chiarelli must like little defensemen

    p.s. kind of surprised Neely signed off on this trade, I thought he would like to have a guy like sobotka

    • BosBrn77 says:

      Although he was not a superstar… Don Sweeney was small but played huge!

    • Brendan says:

      im with ya bbears because the bruins needed players like Sabotka that will actually hit someone, like when Savard went down there was absolutely no retaliation until the media got pissed about it and pretty much pressured them into retaliating

  25. G-Rant says:

    Bob mackenzie just insinuated on sportscenter, TSN canada, that savard is now expendible and could be reunited with kessel in toronto in the coming days leading to July 1st.
    I really hope it doesn’t happen.

  26. JRy says:

    Dave warsofsky is from marshfield massachusetts and so am I I have never been so excited about a bruins trade.

  27. BosBrn77 says:

    Bruins made qualifying offers to Stuart, McQuaid and Wheeler. Paille has not received one yet, but they said he will. Kevin Regan was not given an offer.

  28. Gcole says:

    no trading savard!! WTF

    • bbears24 says:

      so you would rather have bergeron out of his natural position in favor of an 18 year old??

    • BosBrn77 says:

      Where is Recchi? And Campbell would be centering Thornton and Paille.

      Maybe this….

      Ryder(until Sturm returns)-Bergeron-Recchi

      • ELWOPPO says:

        u guys “do” know that Savard is good as gone, RIGHT? Chia is looking to trade him…..

      • BosBrn77 says:

        I think that would be a foolish move on his part ELWOPPO…. but I do think you are right. I’d rather see them move Ryder…. and even Thomas before Savard!

      • Gcole says:

        Lol my bad I thought i was forgetting someone, and it’s just a suggestion because threes so many fucking centers haha

      • Andy says:

        Has anyone considered that Marchand might make the team out of camp, instead of Paille? I like that kid.

        And as far as Savvy being gone, Woppo, do you agree that we SHOULD trade him? Not that we won’t, but that we SHOULD?

        It just seems absolutely INSANE to me!

      • mcpuck says:

        We’re all Bruins fans, and that much is evident, but honestly… just because we don’t see the value in trading away a guy like Savard doesn’t mean there isn’t or that we won’t make out better than before. It’s the nature of sports that if you think you can improve, do it, regardless of what easily-frustrated fans say.

        And there’s always a risk of being wrong, but I’d rather my team take a risk in order to get better than not take any risks and stay mediocre.

    • Brendan says:

      campbell needs to grow so i’d put him down in Providence.

      Horton-Savard-Ryder (Scoring)
      Thornton-Bergeron-Lucic (hitting)

      The reason for line 4 is to give wheeler and seguin a touter in the very much experienced Recchi, which will probably be his last season

  29. ohniner says:

    Relax guys half this shiit should have been done last year and PC knows it. The worst is it took him a playoff collapse to see it. We need guys that bring it game in and game out …….. Savard has to show up a little more often then what he does to be called a #1 centrre …. NOW that being said Krecji is ready NOW you have to give this kid the #1 slot … so you either trade savard or put him on 3rd line and give him PP minutes but come on thats SEGUINS spot .. that means the door ( Krecji has flashes of Datsyuk don’t hold this kid back he might be great yes great ! ) Krecji down = Quick playoff exit enough said PEACE

    • da wreck says:

      Seguin needs to earn his spot. I know he’s a top end pick and prospect, but until he proves himself with the big boys, he’s just that.


      If I’m the Bruins, I don’t give him anything. Perform and be rewarded. Show what you’ve got. Otherwise, back to the O.

      • mcpuck says:

        I agree, but at the same time, I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well he fits in our system. I don’t care what anyone says, but Seguin was a better fit for now AND the future. And in 2 years or so Seguin will have eclipsed Hall immensely in overall impact (IMO).

    • Andy says:

      Guys that bring it game in and game out and you reference Krecji. I’m not talking about work ethic, nor do I dislike Krecji AT ALL. But the fact of the matter is that there were PLENTY of times last year that he looked like a shell of the guy in 08-09. I will chalk that up to not being 100% comfortable coming back from injury (or coming back too early), but I certainly wouldn’t put him as a #1 center, not Bergy (although he is a SOLID no. 2).

      It’s amazing, he makes a bad mistake on the too many men call, and they are ready to ship him out, but they should’ve NEVER BEEN in that position!

      I think this year would be screwed if we traded Savvy.

      The other thing is that everyone looks at the fact that how good these no. 2 picks were back in 2003-04-05, etc. What no one remembers is that these guys TOOK TIME at the next level. Remember how awful Stamkos was his 1st yr? Look at Jumbo Joe. Remember when he wore no. 6 and scored 15 pts or something his 1st yr? What I’m saying is that everyone, including the front office, I’m afraid, just thinks that Seguin is going to step in and score 75 pts next year, so one of our centers is expendable?! C’MON! Most of these guys take time. I’d love to see Seguin do that, but the odds are it ain’t going to happen…

      • mcpuck says:

        Andy, no one here has said they support the Savard trade at all, they’ve just referenced the media. As a matter of fact, I think we’re all on the same page and think it’s a fairly stupid decision.

        Also, lets leave the Seguin and Savard issue’s separate, as in reality, one has no bearing on the other. Seguin spent a lengthy amount of time playing wing, and considers himself a “Center/Right Wing” so lets drop this facade that he can’t or won’t play wing. The Savard trade would be for a single reason: get back more than we get rid of. I don’t like the idea of trading him, but honestly, there is such a thing as a deal you just can’t turn down.

      • Bruins says:

        Yeah agreed mcpuck. If Chia is just dumping Savard for cap purposes I’ll definitely be calling for his head though.

        And Andy no one is expecting that from Seguin. Chiarelli even compared him to Stamkos and said he took a while to get used to the NHL.

    • bruinsfan28 says:

      You say Savvy isn’t a number 1 center but Krejci is? Thats by far the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

      • Brendan says:

        mcpuck im am all for the savard trade. savard is a good puzzle piece that will earn us the big boy D-men that we needed in the playoffs. getting rid of wideman was huge because he had only two good playoff games before he went back to his old ways and we need that leader to be along side chara and savard can get us that

  30. mcpuck says:

    I’d be sad to see Savy go, but in all honesty, I don’t think I’d be as upset as some of you guys sound. I think it’d be stupid to do, as I’m sure there’s salary else where that can be moved, but if PC thinks he can get back the most from Savy then so be it… And before I get called a “fucking idiot” as I’ve seen a few times on this thread, let me re-iterate, I do not support a Savy trade.

  31. ohniner says:

    This kid has it !!! Don’t insult him he’s a star ! Watched him play three times with my nephew in Kitchener, Barrie, and Owen Sound this kid stood out to me should have been on the canadian team hands down cost us the GOLD !! YOU WATCH YOUR MOUTH ! lol

  32. ohniner says:

    mcpuck your a smart man thats what they need to hear

  33. mcpuck says:

    Marc Savard willing to waive his no-trade for… wait for it… Toronto or Ottawa. Yahoo! is reporting,251603

  34. Andy says:

    Look at it this way, we would have the same, dead offense (again, odds are that Seguin takes time and does NOT make a MAJOR impact – i.e. NHL 2nd line center production – his 1st yr) that we had when Savvy was out – both times.

    I would hope if he does get traded, that doesn’t happen, but we don’t have the top to bottom scoring that we need to be a serious contender.

    Having said that, I do understand that we would need to see what we got for Savvy before jumping to any conclusions. Assuming it is prospects or picks, though, and that we have the same offense as last year, I think it’s pretty much a given that we have another mediocre offense next season…

    • mcpuck says:

      I 100% agree with you Andy that it’s a game of wait-and-see. If we get back a top 6 forward and say a speedy D-man with PK or PP ability, then maybe I’m not so upset.

      Bergeron can handle #1 duty at Center… think about what he could do with a proven scorer on his line? He’s nearly as good as Savard, and he proved it last year with little to no help. Krecji, although immensely talented, still needs to continue to work hard to return from another injury…

      No one is untouchable if the right deal is on the table though… NO ONE.

  35. ohniner says:

    On twitter I read NYR got ask if they were interested in looking at savard bruins said that was one place he wanted go to…. this NEW YORK blog or paper said it was straight from NYR GM it would cost them Matt gilroy and I think it was a pick THIS WAS 2 DAYS AGO

  36. bruins4eva says:

    this is what cracks me up….all of the off season i have been saying we need to trade ryders fat ass…and it seems as if they rumors are about everyone around him…what the hell…dont trade savard….trade that turd

  37. BosBrn77 says:

    CSNPhilly is reporting that the Flyers are on the verge of trading…. for the rights to sign Nabakov from San Jose. They will give up a 7th round pick next year if they can sign him.

    So much for Thomas and a d-man going to Philly! Only other team that was supposedly interested was Tampa.

    And I think we all agree bruins4eva….. Ryder should go before anyone else! Then again, he could have a breakout season since it will be a contract year for him!

  38. mcpuck says:

    who is they?

  39. Bruins says:

    What would our team look like without Savvy assuming we didn’t bring a forward back?

    Bergeron has to play with Recchi. That’s a given. Sturm would be there too when he’s back. Krejci and Wheeler usually go together. You’d think that Horton and Lucic would go well as power forwards. Would Seguin go with Horton and Looch? I think Caron would have a shot at making the team too unless we keep Ryder in a contract year.


    Give the top 3 lines equal playing time so we don’t have a real top line but rather roll three lines and bring in the 4th lne for energy.

    It still would be so much better to ice this though:


    • 20102011 says:

      What about the Denver kid Joe colborne?

      • 20102011 says:

        And any thoughts on the chances of signing former duck Bobby Ryan? I would assume we would need to move Thomas to open up some cap space..

      • Bruins says:

        Colborne is a possibility but I’d prefer they let him develop in Providence at least one more year.

        There is no chance Ryan will be a Bruin. It wouldn’t make much sense capwise.

      • bruins27 says:

        Why does Bobby Ryan make no sence. The compensation would be a first second and third round pick and what team is better prepared for that than the Bs. Who wouldn’t want a young forward who will make an imidiate impact on this team. All we need to do is trade Ryder and Thomas to free up cap space. Just give them away on a complete salary dump for low level prospects.

  40. backbruin says:

    What is our up to date cap situation? and how many do we have left to sign………….bruins?

  41. willisss says:

    am i the only one super pissed about the sobotka trade?

  42. ohniner says:

    KRECJI is going to be our #1 centre he is our most gifted player and with the ice time he will put up savard numbers maybe even more with Horton on his line MARK MY WORDS KRECJI #1 centre at the start of the year. 2yrs ago he had 3 months that he had more points then anyone in the nhl . Hello don’t insult him anymore by putting him on the thrid line

  43. ohniner says:

    LOL we can’t keep everyone dude where not allowed to have 2 teams between Sobotka and Savard they both cost us the too many men penalty in game 7 and that would possibly be the last straw for PC and NEELY

  44. JRy says:

    Warsofsky is going to be better than sobotka is in a few years so calm down haha

  45. Birdman2403 says:

    I was really hoping Carter would be a Bruin ! That would have been a deadly forward group.

  46. #4 says:

    I think you should keep thomas at least for the first half of the season to feel out rask a bit more. He has never played a full season and Timmy might have to step in and play some games.

    On the other side Savard may have concussion trouble moving forward with his career and the B’s might be wary of that moving forward. Also, Krejci is ready to be a #1 the playoffs and the Olympics he was a stud and will continue to be.

    Now I think that if you can leverage savard for something like Carter or Spezza type in some way it makes sense we need shooters. But those are the best options and the grass isnt always greener.

    I say stay put sign Stuart/Wheeler Idc for paille to much and keep your options open something could always change/come up and with Seguin and Horton now in the mix I really lik ethe position this team is in moving forward into this season.

  47. Gcole says:

    they just fucking signed savard for 7 years, everyones happy.. our offense sucked without him. so now were LOOKING TO TRADE HIM?! WTF!! hes not our fucking problem, dont get rid of him. the guy just took a discount to stay here and retire a bruin and now were going to trade him. THIS IS BULLSHIT!

    • Pearson says:

      I still dont think hes going anywhere. I read a good article about how the situation isnt really that the bruins WANT to get rid of him, its that it was made public by multiple teams that PC listened to a couple offers. As a player, and the type of guy he seems to be, thats gotta piss you off that multiple media outlets around the country are saying that the bruins dont want him.

      He just re-upped his deal to retire a bruin, and took a HUGE discount to do so. Id be shocked to see the bruins make a terrible pr and business decision to move him.

      All this crying last year after the matt cooke incident that “the bruins lost their best player” and now we are looking to trade him for cap space???? Get rid of ryder! Move thomas! Take back ference’s contract!

      If the bruins plan to win a cup in the next 3 or 4 years, youd have to imagine savard would be a HUGE piece of puzzle.

      • Bruins says:

        Yeah it makes no sense. Move our best cap hit player for cap space? And the reports are that they are looking for a soft offer meaning they’d get second tier picks or prospects back…and that he’s going to the Leafs. I call comple BS on all of it as it makes absolutely no sense.

  48. 20102011 says:

    I say we stick with savard and go for Bobby Ryan. I would to see wheeler or Ryder be moved somewhere for a solid D man. Which would also open up cap space for signing Ryan.

    Lucic Savard Horton
    Sturm Bergeron Recchi
    Ryan Krejci Seguin
    Paille Campbell Thornton

    if the bruins can put this together I would be extremely excited for this season.

    • bbears24 says:

      is there even any interest from the bruins, or is this just a fantasy for bobby ryan….just asking because this is like the 5th person ive heard mention ryan (on sites and radio)

  49. ohniner says:

    bobby ryan isn’t going any where LOL and if he did he wouldn’t be on our 3rd line LOL come on guys does anyone watch the bruins play on this site ? man o man brutal !!

    • 20102011 says:

      Haha well if you’ve watched the bruins before you would have noticed that the bruins play their top three lines with consistent ice time. So in all seriousness it doesn’t matter if your listed as 1, 2, or even 3.

  50. ohniner says:

    RFA maybe a offer sheet it well cost us a 1st 2nd and 3rd round picks next year if we have all those picks do your homework

    • bruins27 says:

      There are ways to get around that. We have the pics to get him and the ducks can not afford him. We could either trade for his rights or just offer more money than anehiem. Even if I comes down to giving up a first and 2 second round pics I think it’s worth it. The kids a stud and we had the worst offense in the league a year ago. It’s time to start dishing out some of this teams money to people who deserve it and are not over rated or out of there prime

    • ELWOPPO says:

      What a mother fucken joke HA HA HA HA
      If Chia trades Saavy for Grabovski i renounce myself from being a bruins fan! Is this a Fucken joke? Why is that bald faggot even THINKING about giving Saavy to the Laughs? PLEASE LORD SAY IT AINT SO……………..The Team was looking so good until i heard this crazy shit about trading our best player!!! Chia for the love of god dont do this, We need him on the Bruins……Come to your senses…Please!!

      • Pearson says:

        Next, he’ll send tuukk to pittsburg for matt cooke.

        After that, chara and bergeron to tb for 2 second round picks in 2025.

      • Bruins says:

        I heard that 2025 draft is going to be pretty damn deep. The Lightning should do the smart thing and hold off their picks till 2035.

  51. Bruins says:

    For Ryan I’m not questioning that we don’t have the assets to get him. I’m just talking about our lack of cap space to sign a 2nd overall pick RFA who’s looking for a raise.

  52. gibbz says:


  53. Pearson says:

    Dany fuckin heatley. I gotta sleep on this one.

  54. gibbz says:

    do u think its legit?

  55. Bruins says:

    That’s a false rumour. Just some random twitter account. That would have been sick though.

  56. gibbz says:


  57. Gcole says:

    Adding heatly would be insane!

  58. #4 says:

    Man what if the B’s could add a ryan/heatley type. A power winger that can score and plays with some grit think about the lines they’d beast

    Ryan – Savard – Horton
    Lucic – Krejci – Seguin
    Recchi – Bergy – Ryder
    Thornton – Campbell – Paille TBH that is a nice 4th line.

    I love the talent mix there add Rask and the usual stalwart defense returning we are going to be tough to beat next year.

  59. Pearson says:

    False “confirmation” last night about heatley. I believed it coulda been legit …? Oh well. I still dont wanna see him go

  60. Pearson says:

    Bruins, whats the deal on this warsofsky guy. I know hes a D, played for BU, and that he better be good cuz we gave up one of my favorite bruins for him….

    • Brendan says:

      Pearson i also loved sabotka. he was one of the few bruins that actually hit someone, which is why we lost 4-3 vs PHI bcuz no one stepped up and took the bodies for the puck. we turtled, but the little guy was always there to fight off the hartnels of the league

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