Savard Trade…Hmmm…

Rumors are rampant that the Bruins are looking to trade veteran center Marc Savard.  Not sure why they are so eager to trade him.  His cap hit at 4 million dollars is an absolute bargain and with the right linemates, is still a PPG player and easily one of the top 5 playmakers in the league.

Some reporters said the Bruins are looking for cap space, so are willing to take a “soft deal” for Savard.  Well, considering Michael Ryder makes 4 million dollars, I doubt the Bruins trade their most gifted offensive player for close to nothing for cap space.  Also, it seems like there is a good chance Tim Thomas is traded.

Sure, there is a glut at center, but thinking Tyler Seguin will step in and give you 60 points is asking a lot.  Also, Patrice Bergeron is a UFA after next season, so unless they already have a deal in place, no guarantee he comes back.  Seguin and Bergeron could be pushed to wing.

Now, long term, Zach Hamill and Joe Colborne are centers who are fighting for spots, so maybe they are trying to make room for them.  If Savard is traded, it will be for a bonafide winger or defenseman.  Considering most of the great PMD are not going anywhere, trading Savard for a top winger would be a good idea.

Also, the rumors may be there because the Bruins think they can get Jeff Carter for Tim Thomas plus, so they are looking to move Savard.  Who knows, but, I will tell you trading Savard for peanuts is highly unlikely to happen.


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  1. mook says:

    no kidding. there is no truth about the savard for grabovski either…that was created by the toronto star.

  2. Mark says:

    No way Bruins get Carter for Thomas.

  3. Pearson says:

    With all due respect, hamill hasnt done anything in prov, and colbourne has barely played outside of college. Krejci ended the season hurt just like the year before, and bergeron is a great player, just not a 1st liner. And i wouldnt want seguin taking the full load right away.

    The problem we had last year was injuries causing shakiness at the depth chart. So yea, its a good idea to get rid of our #1 center????

    Can anyone tell my why we shouldnt hold on to him?our team on paper looks really good right now! The tweeking, prodding, swapping, and poking needs to stop… Put krejci on a wing till hes fully healed! Why not!? We had hunwick play some wing last year! If you wanna drop ryde or thomas then fine, but our best overall (arguably)???? Fuck.

    • #4 says:

      Completely agree pearson. Although I would say keep Thomas how soon we forget Raycroft/Toivenen give Rask another chance to prove himself and timmy a few games to raise his stock. Maybe move him around the deadline.

      Yeah I think Bergy could Def. play wing just fine but I like krejci at center so dont move him and dont worry about that injury. Fractured wrist right?? Im sure he is > 100% recovered by now.

      Team looks really solid the only thing that could make it better is another 25+ goal scoring winger for a good price. I like the position CHIA has put the B’s in here.

      Yes also throwing seguin in too early would not be smart Tavares Syndrome right there. But I think this kids the real deal and starting him on 3rd line wing is what will happen I bet hes on the first or 2nd line before the season is over.

    • Brendan says:

      All right Pearson. I’m all for getting rid of Savard. We need a defensemen that will hit someone and Savard is the center piece. Sure Savard is a playmaker, but we have that covered with him gone. We just need to put a little more of the load on Seguin than expected.

      • Pearson says:

        A dman to hit someone? Oh, you mean like chara? Boychuck? Mcquaid? Stuart surely never hits anyone?

        If we lost savard in a trade we better get a legitimate sniper on the wing.

        Someone or something “confirmed” we got heatley for savard wheeler and something else. It turned out to be fake (obviosly) but thats the type of player id hope to get back for marc.

  4. Gcole says:

    If you want to free up some cap space why would you trade your star #1 center at $4M when you can trade someone like Ryder who is the same hit but sucked!?

    • #4 says:

      Yep I dont think its going to happen. Why go get a 25+ Goal scorer who has been desperate for a playmaker like savard(who took a hometown discount) and then trade savard???? WTF IT pisses off both Horton and Savard and will discourage other big name stars from signing here for fear of being treated like meat by the organization.

    • Birdman2403 says:

      You can’t trade Ryder. Who the hell wants him for 4 mill ???

  5. Mark says:

    I don’t expect any other changes to the team.
    I am satisfied with the team as is.
    We need Savard and Thomas.
    Don’t know of any team stupid enough to take Ryder…Leafs? Just wishful thinking.

  6. chitownbruin says:

    If we’re so concerned about cap space that were willing to give up our best playmaker for less than what he is worth to our team, why wouldn’t we just send ryder down to providence along with his 4mm hit? ryder and savard with the same cap hit how the hell would PC justify moving savard before ryder?

  7. O'Leary says:

    Our team looks great. Keep timmy and sav. They’re the heart of this team. If there’s issues with savard in the locker room, unfortunatly id say he has to go because stuff like that keeps a good team like this being great. One move that needs to happen is to put ryder on wave. 4 mil is retarded for a softy like him. Drop his sal and go after one good winger Or two decent wings. If they need a center. Mike comrie is a free agents who would fit the bs good; less than 2 mil. Ray whitney is also a free agent (possibly) and is under 4 mil. Whitney is one of the most talented players since the lockout. I’d put him with seguin and another winger (wheeler if he can get past his sophmore slump). If they can drop ryders 4 mil and theyre seeking depth; they should go after Derek bougard and evgeny artukin (mispelled both names. Whatever) both players are about one mil. Also, dealing sobotka was a huge mistake…

    • BosBrn77 says:

      They don’t need another center, so Comrie is out. Whitney would want too much. But I would not mind seeing Prospal if they were to sign a free agent. He can play left wing and only had a 1.1 mil contract last year. In 75 games he had 20 goals and 58 points. Cheap money for a third line winger.

      TSN is reporting that Toronto does not have Savard on their radar! And I saw some where else that Boston may be looking at Svatos. Svatos is a dumb move… he made 2.3 mil last year and only had 11 points in 54 games. Honestly, I’d pass on him.

      And the Sobotka deal was because we got Campbell. PC said he spoke with Sobotka and told him he was going to trade him so he would have more ice time. PC said he has a great deal of respect for Sobotka, but felt it would be bad to leave him in Providence. All in all… not a bad move considering it was also in Sobotka’s best interest too!

      • O'Leary says:

        Yeah I like pc I’m good friends with his son. Svatos is awful and is the exact opposite of what the bs need. I’d like to see chris higgins on the bs as a wing. Prospal would fit the bruins great

  8. lucas says:

    i am very excited about next years team. weither we have savard or not this will be a good young team. but we do need to make a few moves.

    To Philly

    Tim Thomas
    Andrew Ference
    a pick (maybe our first next year)
    a prospect

    To Boston

    Jeff Carter

    To Toronto
    Marc Savrad
    and a pick or prospect

    To Boston
    Tomas Kaberle
    maybe a pick or christian hason or kuliemen

    Sign Martin Biron for 1 year for 1.5 million

    Re Sign Mark Stuart for 3 years maybe 2 million per

    Sign Shane Hnidy 1 year $775,000

    Sign Stephane Yelle 1 year $850,000

    Resign Wheeler 2 years $1,800,000 per

    Recchi Bergeron Horton

    Lucic Krejci Strum

    Wheeler Seguin Ryder

    Cambell Yelle Thorton

    Chara Kaberle

    Stuart Sidenburg

    Boychuk Hunwick



    i think this team could be really good…well maybe deal savard somewhere else for a wing and not resign wheeler…i think ryder will have a bounce back season

  9. G-Rant says:

    I think he will too. He had a major family distraction to deal with this season and next season is a contract year for him.
    But please don’t trade savard for picks and/or prospects. Come on!

    • Ant says:

      I agree I think Ryder is going to come back strong. I think Savard Needs to go I was never in favor of the signing he is to wild always throws the puck without looking and causes many turnovers and he is a drama queen with all the dives he takes I think most of his game is luck and he cant handle the puck for crap I think Kreji is twice the player Savard is and can bring the puck in the zone when healthy he can lead this team and is a better set up man then Savard funny how when he went out the Bruins cpould not do anything. He should be on the 1st line with Horton and Ryder/Lucic and sturm needs to go but if not he should play with Seguin and Wheeler as long as he can hold on to the puck. those three together would be one of the fastest lines out there and should generate plenty of offense with thier speed. JMO

      • #4 says:

        What bro seriously??

        Bruins are 0 For Forever without savard on the PP. YOu cant think that Savard at 4mil is a bad contract when Ryder and Thomas make 4 and 5mil each.

        Yeah I think krejci is ready to take over and be the #1 but Savard is still a #1-1a center in that line up and shouldnt be dealt for nothing. Only thing that warrants it is bringing a real big name center to fill his spot.

    • O'Leary says:

      I say We give ryder till the deadline to bounce back.

  10. Pete says:

    Savy is a great asset on this team. They would be crazy to let him go.

  11. lucas says:

    trade him for a good to decent winger ..prospect and picks…and to make space for carter

  12. lucas says:

    and maybe get rid of sturm (hes getting old) and put carter as krejcis Right winger

  13. lucas says:

    alot of players were put on waivers today… out of them i could only really see kotilik or nikolianien getting picked up by a team…noke would be a good 3rd or 4th liner for some1..

  14. lucas says:

    some rumors from Eklunds site

    * The Flyers have reportedly received permission to talk to both Turco and Nabokov now, although neither sound like real options. I get a feeling from talking to people around there that there is still something to trade talks with Boston for Thomas….more than either goalie…

    * The Leafs are reportedly getting closer to a deal for Savard, but to be honest I am not 100% convinced the Bruins are willing to move Savard at all unless they are getting something back to help with scoring…

    * The Ottawa Senators are interested in Savard as well as Alexei Ponikarovski.

    * The Bruins may look to Marek Svatos for some offense.

  15. Loooch says:

    As per TSN: The Leafs’ President and general manager told Toronto’s Fan 590 radio station on Monday that while he’s exploring other options to acquire players, the Bruins’ No. 1 centre was not on the radar.

    Which means the only other place Savvy can go is Ottawa, which seems even more unlikely.

  16. bruinnssss says:

    would savard, ryder and a second rounder for spezza work?

  17. hendrik says:

    considering the trades the leafs have done with us in the past(raskraycroft), they’re probably gonna give us kessel back for ryder or so

  18. O'Leary says:

    To phoenix
    C marc savard
    W Blake wheeler

    To Boston
    W shane doan


    To Phili
    Wheeler Or ryder

    To boston

    Any of these possible?

    • willisss says:

      not a chance

    • bruinsfan28 says:

      Uhh Savard is twice the player Doan is.

      • da wreck says:

        wrong. I’d take one Shane Doan over 2 Savards. Doan is a heart and soul player and has performed on a shitty team for over a decade.

      • O'Leary says:

        Doan is much better for this team. I’d much rather have seguin under downs wing then have him learn the chirpy diving !us of savard

      • bruinsfan28 says:

        He’s heart and soul, and I love him, one of my favorite none Bruins, but Savvy has much more talent. I’m not opposed at all to getting him, but he’s not worth Savard+

      • bruinsfan28 says:

        *meant non Bruins

      • O'Leary says:

        I wasn’t exactly thinking doan but a good veteran winger to comfort seguins game, I know brad richards isnt a wing but a ppayer like that, won a cup, good overall player. Who knows rec could be that player

  19. Bruins says:

    Just listened to Burke on AM 640. He says these rumours are overblown and he has not talked with Chia AT ALL about Savard.

  20. willisss says:

    nothing eklund says is ever legit. the guys a clown, its a waste of time reading up on his shit.

  21. Vince says:

    One thing. If a trade was even close with any other team regarding Savard do you really think a GM would go on TSN (or anywhere) and announce that a deal was about to go down? Of course the GM would say that everything is overblown and nothing is in the works. I think something is going down and personally I don’t like it. I don’t think it is the best move for the franchise to move Savard at this time. We need the points that Savard brings in. I do think it is best to possibly move Thomas at this time and bring in a proven back-up for Rask. Getting rid of Ryder (or down in Prov.) would be the best move for the club.

    If demoting Ryder to Prov. would free up his salary why wouldn’t Chia do it.

  22. BosBrn77 says:

    I say Boston keeps Savard. Ryder is up in the air. He may plays his ass off since this is a contract year… so what to do with him is tough!

    for deals….

    Thomas and a 3rd rounder to SanJose for Clowe.

    Sign a back up for Rask….. Auld, Legace or even Raycroft. All three would come at under 1 mil a season.(Believe it or not… out of Toskala, Lalime, Legace, Auld, Biron and Raycroft… Raycroft has the better save % and GGA and was only 500k.)

    Sign MA Bergeron as the PND that PC wants so badly.




    • BosBrn77 says:


    • bigkniht37 says:

      did you not see MA bergeron post a -15 in the playoffs for montreal? the guy is USELESS on defense…and why pay 2 mil for a Dman to play only on the PP and tax the rest of the defense for his defensive liabilities…horrible idea my friend…and why would san jose ever consider giving up ryan clowe for tim thomas? thomas/savard are going nowhere this year coming off injuries this is all just getting blown out of proportion…think of it this way…6 mil locked up for 2 goalies – thats what most teams have as a situation anyway so why is this so outrageous to have it that way in boston? and why on earth would we bring back raycroft haha thats a real laugher id rather have tim ‘gaping five hole’ thomas in net

      • BosBrn77 says:

        Bergeron is a cheap, puck moving defenseman. Not sure where you got 2 mil my friend… he only made 750k last year. Also in the regular season he posted he had 13 goals and 21 assists in 60 games… and he signed after the season started. That is more goals then any of our d-men last year. He would be a number 6/7 d-man to compete with Hunwick.

        The rumor at the trade deadline was that San Jose was considering trading Clowe….. maybe THAT is why!

        And again… Raycroft had good numbers last year at a very cheap price. We only need someone for 20-25 games… and Raycroft was not that bad when he was here….. considering he won the Calder! Hmmm…. 500k for a reliable back up? I’d like to keep Thomas, but it honestly sounds like he is gone before Savard is!

    • BigBadBruins says:

      Not bad actually, would be a good team to watch.

  23. Edski says:

    So i been watching bruins NESN damn Wideman had alot of assists in the playoffs

  24. DanD says:

    Don’t the B’s still have Sabourin down in Providence?

  25. ELWOPPO says:

    Look at this blog i found on sportsnet from a retard leaf fan…ha ha ha

    in response to: sportsnet_ca
    Re: Leafs, Bruins expected to continue trade talk

    This should not be this difficult for people to comprehend…

    Boston HAS to trade Savard…they are cap strapped, not just right now but consider next summer Chara is UFA – see him taking a pay cut? me either.

    Toronto is the only team Boston has any hope of trading him too. They need to convince Toronto to take his over rated ass… meaning they essentially will give him away. There is not need for Leafs to expend and asset like Kaberle to get “concussion head” Savard.

    Other thing to realise is Money…not cap, but actually dollars paid. Savard gets $7M, $7M, $6.5M, $5M over his next 4 years at annual cap hit of $4.007M. They are moving him to save actual money also. Boston doesn’t have the financial coffers the Leafs do – I could even see this being an owners request to move him just to clear the money. Afterall, they have Seguin, why pay Savard all that money when Seguin will take his place?

    I’m not sold as to whether it’s a good move for the Leafs, but if they do it, it will be cheap trade to a cheap organization.

    Also – Leafs do not HAVE to trade Kaberle. Burke would like to trade him for a 1stl ine winger, but he’s not going to dump him if he doesn’t. Boston does not have that luxury, they need to move Cap money, and real money. Bottom line is the Bruins are in trouble and are going down, Not like the Leafs who have soooooo much young talent and such a bright future ahead! Dont worry Leaf fans were gonna take the Bruins best players one by one! First kessel, than savard…Who’s next? Chara?

    • da wreck says:

      Sure. Trade Chara. 3 straight game 7 playoff exits. I’m not sure he can dig in and carry a team. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great player. For his contract and having that C on his chest, he better do more for the team when it counts than he has.

      Case in point: Chris Pronger.

      • bbears24 says:

        please do not compare chara to pronger…i just gagged when i saw that, i get the whole captain thing but my god chris pronger!!!! I wish someone could just say that pronger had outstanding forwards this year, because he did, and he was an assist machine because of it. All playoffs it was driving me nuts with all the childish things he did, and the media make it look like he’s awesome for doing it…somebody ask byfuglien if pronger had an impact against him…NAH didn’t think so

        P.S. that Leafs fan has some crazy grudge against boston

      • bbears24 says:

        especially in game 6 of the finals, when pronger took 2 awful penalties that chicago converted on, just because he was trying to act like a tough guy

      • da wreck says:

        And how many games did Philly win in the playoffs because of the way he played? You’re going to take penalties with that style of game, but ask anyone who played against him if it was tough or not. Even Byfuglien.

        Pronger was also huge in the gold medal game in the olympics.

        Speaking of which, What happened to Slovakia, a team Chara was captaining do in the olympics?

        Lost 2 huge do or die games.

      • bbears24 says:

        again your argument on how deep their team got in the playoffs is irrelevant, philly had the better forwards of any team in the east, and they all clicked at once against boston…ooo and did you forget that Canada was the clear cut favorite in the olympics on their HOME ICE (that the US took them to overtime) and again forwards were stacked, so enough with the reaching for an argument because that’s all it is, a reach. Also, everyone knows slovakia sucks dick at pretty much everything so if you expect Chara to carry a tiny country to the gold medal game, your high off your ass, and im beginning to question your knowledge of hockey.

      • bbears24 says:

        and too answer your first question….they didn’t win enough

      • Mate says:

        do me a favour and go buy a Leafs jersey and chear for them because idiots need to stick together and they have chosen the leafs for their club, you would fit right in, The bruins don’t need you.

      • Mate says:

        by the way bbears I love the youtube clip

      • Brendan says:

        bbears is right about Chara. there was no way he could carry Slovakia to the gold medal game with the talent they had. i mean damn, Krejci was a starter and that’s saying something. Krejci is a good player but not olypic material YET. Its amazing he even took them as far as he did

  26. Bob says:

    Why trade Savard and Thomas now? Both are coming off injuries and sub-par years. Their market value is low right now.

    Savard’s cap space is reasonable ~$4M but his salary front-loaded salary is not very appealing to budget strapped teams. Thomas cap hit is also too high $5M when there are other more affordable options available. Don’t sell low now. At least, wait until mid season, when they have proven that they are not washed up and then trade them if we must.

    Definitely, I would love to acquire Jeff Carter. Thomas and two 2nd rounders in 2011. Especially since Chia blew this year’s 2nd round (Knight? and Spooner?).

    • bbears24 says:

      did we watch the same draft??? All the hockey “experts” said boston was top 3 in draft selections and espn gave them an “A”…they said knight could of been a top 15 pick but since he has diabetes it was an issue for other teams, and spooner supposedly was very underrated, i bet you were one of the guys who wanted kabanov the kid who quit on his team in russia and goes out and does illegal stuff with his deadbeat dad…they aren’t going to be impacts in the NHL this year but eventually they will.

  27. bela7744 says:

    elwoppo you fuckin maple leaf fag

    • BosBrn77 says:

      How are you jumping on ELWOPPO? Did you miss the first sentence of his post?

      ****Look at this blog i found on sportsnet from a retard leaf fan…ha ha ha*****

      Re-read the post jackass! He is a Bruins fan! and has been posting on here for quite some time!

  28. Brendan says:

    I for one am a fam of getting rid of Savard. He’s getting old and he may still be able to move the puck around but he’s not the player he was when he came to Boston. Above all we need someone to take a body and Savard is a turtle.

  29. bela7744 says:

    i agree bob says let them try to prove themselves.savard will have no problem but thomas???

    • ELWOPPO says:

      bela means beutiful in my language, Maybe its you who is the fag? Next time read the posts carefully, before you open your mouth…..Goof!

  30. willisss says:


    ….per eklund

  31. mate says:

    all you guys who are ready to trade our man Savard are assholes! are you fu$%ing kidding me? He and Chara are and have been our best players since they got to Boston. You name me one center in the NHL that would have kept their mouths shut after losing their productive winger and being paired up with pylons and i say trade Savard for him! He is a class act and one of the best centers in the NHL, keep the centers we have let our #2 pick play in Prov one year like ottowa did with Spezza…cap room? are f-ing kidding me he is a bargain at 4 million. i don’t beleive you guys, show some loyalty to this guy like he has shown loyalty to the city of Boston, un fucking believable!

    • Brendan says:

      I kind of agree but losing to PHI 4-3 after up 3-0 in both the series and game 7 opened the Bs eyes. They need to change and Savard is getting into his later years and can be a good bargaining chip for some top young players to come.


    dont forget he was paired with bitz for a while lol.


    lets see savard finally has someone to actually pass it to this year and you guys want to get rid of him lol. lets see came back from a grade 2 concussion played with people like bitz and ryder his left wing was hurt most of last year and they didn’t replace the right winger. So now that he has either segiun or horton to pass it to he becomes expendable? Dont use the excuse he is injury prone either because most of are centers have suffered serious injuries.

  34. ohniner says:

    lol this is to much why oh why trade savy cry me a river…… maybe cause hes a b* tch doesn’t hit doesn’t go in the corners wines to the refs all the time great passer ya lucky does he even look if i wanted to watch fakers or actors or even cry babies i would watch the HABS ( HE IS NOT BRUINS MATERIAL JUST ASK CAM NEELY HE HATES PEOPLE LIKE SAVARD ) CRY BABIES

    • Brendan says:

      THANK YOU THATS WHAT IM SAYING. someone who understands me. Amen.

    • Chago says:

      What have you been smoking? Savy has been our best center for a couple of years, setting a lot of people up, and you wanna trade him because he doesn’t go in the corners and wines to the ref. Do me a favour and just shut the f**k up

    • Mate says:

      LOOK AT THE NUMBERS! HE HAS THE HIGHEST POINT TOTALS SINCE HE GOT HERE SHIT HEAD! HE IS OUR BEST PLAYER! who should we put as our number one center? do you know something we don’t? remember when he got hurt this year by a cheap hit (which lucic did nothing about) and the team needed a number one center? did it get filled internally? I don’t think so. I’VE SEEN HIM GO INTO CORNERS, AND EVERYONE YELLS AT REFS. Go buy a leafs jersey, he isn’t a winer like i said name a skilled center that would be paired up with bitz, begin, and ryder, and watch a winger like Kessel go and not wine about it all season… in fact resign and take a hometown discount! stick to football you shouldn’t watch hockey with stupid comments like this…I don’t think you should even be a leafs fan either…or habs

      • Brendan says:

        Savard is definitely the Bruins best skilled center, but the only time I saw him hit a guy was when Ott and Avery came into town with the Stars on November 1, 2007, and he never took off the gloves getting a stupid penalty. We lost the PHI series because no one went after the man and turtled when they got hit. Getting rid of Wideman was the best thing that could have happened, and Savard would be a tremendous piece to the puzzle for a skilled scorer and/or a physical defender we need so badly. Think about that.

        The Bruins are going to be a dominant team this year with or without Savard, and yes it would be dumb to trade Savy if we don’t get someone in return that would put up 3/4 of the assists that Savard produces annually.
        If we do get rid of Savy it should be for the Gonchars or the Ovechkins in this league.

    • bruinsfan28 says:

      I’m convinced you know nothing about hockey. Not every player is going to be as tough as Cam Neely, get over it.

      Didn’t know you knew that Neely hated Savard. Did he tell you this?

    • Really says:

      Have you seen Savard’s numbers? He is a point per game player by far our best offensive player and you the blockhead wants to get rid of him. Why not get rid of Ryder he is soft and very inconsistent. Four million dollars for Ryder who put up around thirty-three points in eighty-two games. You and that other idiot Brendan should stop commenting on the Bruins because if you really have been watching the Bruins you would know how intregal Savard is for the Bruins offense.

  35. Paul says:

    I don’t think you can have a whole team of Cam Neelys, you have to have depth, Seguin isn’t going to a Cam Neely. With that said I think Savard would be an excellent mentor, he also makes our team better.

    Has Colby Armstrong been on anyones radar? Ive only seen him play a few games would he fit on this team? Second line wing?

  36. Bruins1 says:

    I would love the Bruins to trade Savard for some picks and prospect , along with Thomas for soem picks and prospects.
    Then give some of the young P-Bruins a chance to play:
    Marchand, Hamil, Caron, Colbourne.

    Get Wheeler and Stuart signed, and then sign some free agents

    I would like to see them sign Shaone Morrisson (sp) from the capitals as a free agent, the defenseman we drafted and traded to get Gonchar a few years back. Maybe even get bacl Nokkelein who was released yesterday. he was a tough player 2 play against

    Here would be the line-up and a very dangerous team

    Lucic-Krecji- Horton
    Wheeler-Seguin- Ryder
    Sturm-Bergeron- Recchi
    (Nokkeliein), Marchand, Caron can be placed in for injuries or if they win a spot.

    Stuart – Seidenberg
    Ference- Hunwick/Morrison(sp)

    **Not a bad team and looks very tough to play against. How does any team lock down one or 2 lines each night?
    What you guys think??

    • bbears24 says:

      not sure….definately wouldn’t have bergeron on the third line with seguin ahead of him, i know a lot of people are all giddy about the new addition, but he’s gonna be on the 3rd line at least

    • bruinsfan28 says:

      Savard is worth more than picks and prospects. You don’t trade your best player away for that. Get a good puck moving defenseman or scoring winger for him.

      • Bruins1 says:

        u get picks and prospects for savard because we need the cap space, not players. We still need to sign Wheeler and Stuart. Rather have cap space so we cna have flexibilty, because don’t forget Sturm comes back half way through the season.

      • bruinsfan28 says:

        Savard has a very good cap hit, and if they want to dump salary, dump guys like Ryder, Thomas, Strum etc., you don’t dump your best player to get cap room

  37. Haus says:

    I am shocked at how quickly people have turned their back on Savvy. If they do in fact trade him, and its a good possibility they do, they better get a good return. Savvy has been a good Bruin and an incredible playmaker for this team. He literally spilled his guts and left it all on the ice for this team. You fucking turncoat chuckleheads!!

  38. Haus says:

    Who do you think has been Krech’s mentor on this team? Who is always the first to jump in a scrum when one of his teamates gets run? Who is gonna run the power play from the half-wall? Who replaces all those assists?

  39. NS Bruin says:

    We should be taking Neely and Chiarelli to task for this!!!! Win the cup, don’t fantasize about it.

  40. Haus says:

    so bruins1 you just want to throw away any chance at the cup this year and go into rebuild mode? Oniner you have no idea what you are talking about. I know what lucky is, and doing it consistently for as long as he has, thats not lucky, thats seeing the game two steps ahead than others and anticipating. Ant and O’Queery, dont drink and post.

    • Bruins1 says:


      How am I throwing away the season and rebuilding. I don’t think Savard is needed this year. We played most of season without him anyways. I think we are better off w/o him. We can grab another forward out of FA to fill in the 3 lines deep. Not to mention, when are we going to use the P-Bruin guys? Arent we ever going to let them get a chance? Chicago did and look what happened with them. I want Marchand, Caron, or Colbourne to get a chance at least. see what they are all about. I always said I wanted to trade Savvy. His age and his so called #1 center was a question to me. I still would trade him to Edmonton for Hemsky.

      • Haus says:

        By rebuilding I mean using an 18 year old and depending on him to be your number 2 center, using your number 2 center as a makeshift number 1, relying on a rookie like Caron or Colbourne who have a combined 3 pro games between them to play big minutes on your checking line (dont forget Sturm is out for a long time). Nokky was cut for a reason, bro, and is out of position when not playing center. I do agree a trade of Savard is something to be looked at, just not this season. Gotta ease in Seguin, give Caron and Colbourne a chance to get used to pro hockey.

      • Haus says:

        This year Marchand should be the rookie given a chance, I prefer him to Paille on the 4th line. McQuaid as the 7th D or playing regularly in Prov and 1st recall.

      • Really says:

        You obviously don’t realize that the Bruins offensive numbers plummented when Savard was out with injuries during the season. The Bruins average goals per game dropped by one full goal when Savard was out. That was a NESN stat by the way. Don’t need Savard are you kidding me how dumb are you? Did you chug a can of lead paint because let me just say anybody who thinks we are better off without Savard is just plain ignorant. Savard has been putting up a point per game during his time as a Bruins. He consistantly puts up 80 to 90 points a season when healthy.
        Thank god you’re not GM because you would destroy this team.

      • bruinsfan28 says:

        Yeah, we played most of the season without him, and we sucked for most of the year. Our powerplay was crap without him. You want to rely on guys like Colborne and Marchand? Give me a break. Marchand was not that great last year, and Colborne is not NHL ready.

  41. Haus says:

    If you want any chance at winning the cup, you need a proven number 1 center. The Bruins have a good core of centers, but as of now Savard is the only proven number 1.

  42. Brendan says:

    Here’s my look at things.

    The Bruins will be in top form with or without Savard. Savard is easily the Bruins top forward, but has never hit a guy in his life. The Bruins lost the PHI series because they were afraid of being hit. It would be a throw away trade if we don’t get back the assists that Savard brings but it may be worth it to take a slight reduction and get someone a little worse and get a big boy Dman to show some force.

    We should bring back the meaning of old time hockey at the hub and become The BIG BAD BRUINS again. Savard is our center piece to get that done.

    • Bruins1 says:

      Couldn’t agree more. savard is not a game changer. Our top point guy yes, but its time to pass the torch to Bergy and Krecji.

      • bruins4eva says:

        savard isnt a game changer??? really??? do you not remember game 1 against philly? or in 2008 when boston faced montreal game 3??? both overtime winners…you can’t say he isnt a game changer…

    • Haus says:

      Fair point, but who does Toews, Vinny Lacavalier hit when they won the cup? Hell even Datsyuk and Sid werent running around either. If Savvy is running around hitting people doesnt that take him away from his strengths of picking up loose pucks and converting them into chances via a pass or shooting himself. That the power forward, namely Looch, job. I know a big, bad Bruins renaissance is popular amongst us fans, but does that style win anymore? Even so, that would require us to completely blow up this team and rebuild, we dont have enough size a la Anaheim. I for one dont think thats necessary. There is no way in hell for Savvy we get a top 6 forward and top 4 Dman with size without taking on more salary.

    • Ward says:

      Yo bro you make me laugh to much

  43. Mook says:

    are you guys stupid? savard being traded for NOTHING is rumors…

  44. Haus says:

    Who said trade Chara further in the thread??? And then your number 1 shutdown D is………????? Fucking shit head.

  45. TheBellEnd says:

    Here’s my take…Savard obviously is one of 2 of the following, if not both…He’e a selfish fuck who is afraid to own up to mistakes and physical play (eg: when he tols Crosby he’d fight as long as he took his visor off…Crosby took it off on the bench and Savy turtled like a bitch), or his head is way more fucked up than we were or are being led to believe…

    Either way, I dont really have a problem moving him due to the fact that we are more than OK down the middle…but if PC trades this bitch to Toronto, I will be more than pissed…makes NO FUCKING SENSE to do this seeing as we stand to grab potentially another lottery pick next year…

    If you gotta trade him, even for next to nothing…go ahead…but not to Toronto!!!!

    • bruinsfan28 says:

      Savard isn’t an NHL player to be physical. He’s an NHL player because he’s one heckuva playmaker and he’s not the b****. That would be you.

      • TheBellEnd says:

        oh I’d say there are probably quite a few players and coaches who’d agree that he’s a bitch…and just for the record, I myself would like to keep Savard…I think trading him is stupid…but if he must go…please not the Leafs

  46. backbruin says:

    I like our current lineup, if you feel the need to trade savy let it happen during the season, when we have an idea what we are lacking or need to improve…but as of now chill….We were all dying for savy to comeback and now that he has a deadly supporting cast it’s not the time to trade him for a bag of pucks and some stick tape….

    People mistake whining for a thing called competitive attitude….

    I want to start the keep savy club…who’s in?

  47. mcpuck says:

    Okay, everyone quit trying to see into the future because you know as well as anyone else who follows this team, that just because we *think* the team will be this or that doesn’t mean ANYTHING. Coming off a 116 point season we thought we were in the money, after all, the team “got better”… instead we played for 8th place most of the year and that was WITH Savard.

    This is hockey, quit the elitest bullshit “Savy is whiny boo hoo.” Really? That’s your argument? That’s bullcrap… Crosby is whiny too, but you wouldn’t be bitching “trade Sidney, he’s whiny and doesn’t hit.”

    Bottom line is we can’t get better by trading savard unless we move money FIRST… there’s not a better player in the NHL with his cap hit… just the reality of it.

    I’m in favor of doing anything to improve the team I love and root for, and I can’t see a single scenario that makes our team better that doesn’t involve Savard in a Bruins jersey.

  48. Bruins1 says:


    Savard is not a top, true number 1 center. More like number 2. He doesn’t hit, he dives, he is much older than the other centers, is not the guy that carries his team on the shoulders when u need him, and he is a locker room problem right now. And if u mention the Philly game in the playoffs, that was one game. Where was he games 2-7??? Come on now, lets be serious. I would rather keep the young guys and see how they do. I want Bergeron, Krecji, and Sequin over savard. One has to go, and it has 2 be Savard. You are not going to get a huge return because theGMs know Chia is in a bine due to cap restraints. Prospects and picks is the best we will get. Where else will we get the money to sign others. I would rather have Thomas stay to make sure Rask is ok. Savard must go to sign the others bottom LINE!!

    If you are going to tell me you want Savard over Bergeron, Krecji, and Sequin, you are nuts and if you were GM, the bruins would be in trouble.

    • BosBrn77 says:

      How do you know that Savard is a problem in the locker room? Because he called out Sobotka? I bet every player was pissing and moaning that they lost that series! They ALL dropped the ball and choked! EVERY one of them!

      Second… who says we have cap restraints? As of right now, Boston has roughly 6 million to sign Paille, Wheeler, Campbell and Stuart. And that does not include Sturm being on IR for the beginning of the season.

      Why would we not want to play Seguin on the wing? He would look great playing with Krejci. Not to mention, placing Seguin on the wing takes a lot of responsibility off his shoulders and allows him to get used to the pro game!

      As much as I would love to keep Thomas…. how quickly will he get frustrated over lack of playing time? If we were going to trade either…. I’d go Thomas first.

      That leads me to my final point….. BURY Ryder in Providence! That saves us 4 mil and allows us to have some cap space. If we can dump him for prospects or another team’s unwanted player… go for it. But that would be the easiest option!

      I say keep Savard unless the return is well worth it.

      • Haus says:

        Well said…. Remember Bergy started his career at 18 and on the wing. I envision Seguin doing the same. Not so sure about burying Ryder, its a contract year.

      • BosBrn77 says:

        I’d only bury Ryder if we needed the cap space. But I don’t think we will!

    • Gcole says:

      so if the bruins are to get rid of savard, why the fuck would they sign him to a seven year contract in which he was willing to make it cap friendly for the better of the team, AND NOW THEY STAB HIM IN THE BACK AND OFFER HIM TO OTHER TEAMS!! complete fucking bullshit, if i were savard i wouldnt want to fucking play in boston anymore, they sure arent being very loyal to him.

      • BosBrn77 says:

        I know what you are saying Gcole, but from what has been said…. PC has not offered him to anyone…. but has listened to what others may offer.


      SAVARD NOT A NUMBER 1 I HATE HOW CASUAL FANS POST ON THIS SITE. go back to watching baseball.


      you know nothing about the game of hockey and the cap shut up bruins1.

    • Haus says:

      Who says you need to trade one of them this year??? Whats the urgency?? Savard doesnt need to go anywhere this year, its not a good move for the team. Among the top 5 playmakers in the league basically gaurantees you are a number 1 center. Where do you get that he is a locker room problem?? Is this Fluto? Lets say you do deal him for your coveted picks and prospects. That brings back no immediate help for your NUMBER 1 CENTER, its something teams who believe they got no shot do. Also, and this is most important, it sends a clear message to all in-house free agents and FA’s from around the league that this front office returns no loyalty, and is quick to stab their own in the back. Who in the fuck would want to sign here if the message is that if you lower your cap hit for us we will use that to sweeten shipping your ass out of here??? If this is the current philosophy, I sure wish I was the GM.

    • bruinsfan28 says:

      Its spelled Seguin not Sequin.

      Yes, we have cap issues, but not because of Savard. He has the best cap hit on the team. Bergeron’s is higher than Savvy’s. Ryder has the same cap hit, and Savvy is 1000 times the player Ryder is. And what the heck, you’d rather keep Thomas over Savard? Thats friggin stupid. Seguin has not played one single game in the NHL, don’t think he’s going to take the league by storm this year. If he makes the team, he’s not going to put up more than 55 points. But yet, Rask has proven himself in the NHL, and you want to keep a 36 year old goaltender with a 5 million dollar cap hit on the team to make sure he’s okay? Stupid.

      And no, 1 of Savard, Bergeron, Krejci and Seguin does NOT have to go. Seguin has played on the wing before, and he can play there easily enough

  49. North B says:

    Savard and Ryder for Kulemin and Kadri..

    Kulemin is a big winger with skills, 23 years old… Kadri is the leafs 7th pick in 2009 has not played in the NHL yet, however he plays on a line with Jared Knight (Bruins 32nd pick 2010) for the London Knights and these two shot out the lights..

    Chia could get Burke fired on this deal..

    • mcpuck says:

      Kulemin is overrated and not currently signed… he’s had 30 points in his 2 years in the NHL meaning I highly doubt he’ll suddenly turn into a 60 pt guy, maybe good for 20 goals and 40-50 points if we’re lucky… I’ll pass on that.

      As for Nazem Kadri, I love the kid, he’s been a beast in the OHL, but he is still unproven in the NHL, and I also doubt that Toronto would want to trade it’s 19 year old superstar in the making, doesn’t make sense to trade a guy you can have making an impact for 10+ seasons for an aging Center who despite his obvious playmaking ability, probably only has 3 or 4 productive seasons left in him.

      AKA this trade makes no sense for either team.

  50. Brendan says:

    I think anyone would trade Savvy if the right deal was offered. Wouldn’t anyone agree?

    • Haus says:

      Yeah, of course. In that case anyone is available. For Savvy ill take Getzlaf, but that ainth appening. Im convinced the best value you will get for Savard is to have him playing this season in Boston.

  51. Brendan says:

    Lets see now. We picked up 3 players in the draft that could have been 1st rounders and we got 2 in the 2nd. Seguin, Knight, and Spooner. All 3 are nearly NHL ready and can make an impact early on. To see them on a line together would be amazing. Can’t wait until this Savard trade wind to unfolds. Even if he stays or goes its a win win for the Bruins because there is no way he’s not going for picks and prospects it would be for some top players, and if he stays he could be a great mentor to all these young players.

    • Haus says:

      From what I understand Knight needs to get bigger and stronger, in other words grow up a bit, and will probably finish up his junior eligibility. Spooner is still a liability defensively so will also do the same. Give em time.

  52. goosegoose says:

    do you think if the bruins move thomas they can make a bid for kovi?

    • Brendan says:

      Thomas blows. He’s great if he stays in his crease, but last season we say very little of that. He won the Vezina Trophy a couple seasons ago because he stayed in his crease. If he can’t stay in it, dump him. We ease our cap, and have a much more mature goalie already in Rask.

  53. lucic crew says:



    the only person i would trade savy for is datsyuk and that isn’t going to happen.

  55. Haus says:

    I think there is a sane argument for trading Savard, I just happen to disagree with it. What I think is off-the-charts retarded is when people are shitting all over him to try to help their case. I think its undisputable that this guy has worked his ass off for this team and has worn the sweater with pride.

  56. DanD says:

    Ya trade Savard because he doesn’t look when he passes!!! He should look directly at the guy he’s passing to. Actually he should send a note to the opposing goalie to let him know who he’s passing to. Fuck this creative playmaking thats hard to defend. And the guy does not check!!! He should stop playing the puck and just check everyone in site. why play your role on the team when you can just be out of position and check all the time. Who cares about goals when you can have a higher amount of checks than the other team. That’s how you beat em on the scoreboard!!!

    When’s the last time you heard a player say that they WANT to retire in Boston? go ahead…I’ll wait

    Sign the guy to a lifetime extension then ship him out less than a year later. That’s setting a great precedent. Free agents just cant wait to come to Boston

    • #4 says:

      Well said very well said.

      I cant believe the amount of stupidity that has swarmed this board over the summer. It wasnt even close during last year. I mean trade savard for a bag of pucks?? Dump his salary you people are fucking idiotic. Goddamn not only are you stupid you are dishonest, disloyal and backstabbing fans.. In the words of Mr. Barkley thats Turrible.

      Back to the Point this team is in much better shape than it was at any point last year.. Lets see here

      Chara healthy – Check
      Savard Healthy – Check
      Stuart Healthy – Check
      Krejci Healthy – Check
      Ryder – Playing for Money should light a fire under his ass.

      Lucic – Savard – Horton
      Recchi – Bergeron – Seguin
      Wheeler – Krejci – Ryder
      Thornton – Campbell – Paille

      Very very good boys. Dont throw any of this out the window yet. Also let Sturm retire in peace remember all that he did for boston the past 3 years people..

    • mcpuck says:

      ahahahaha I actually laughed when I raid this. I think you hit the nail on the head. You have an elite NHL center offering to play for you on the cheap and simply play out his career there… you can’t trade him, it just makes terrible business sense.

    • Brendan says:

      haha DanD its been a while.

  57. Jefe77 says:

    Couldnt have stated it any better.

  58. Dolo says:

    Trading Savvy will not make this team any better.

  59. mcpuck says:

    What I don’t understand is that if you want to make cap space, you need to say WHY you want to make cap space.

    Savard’s cap hit is 4 million, and he’s usually good for about 80-85 points… put a solid winger on his line and he’ll give you 90+. That being said, break it down like this: $50,000 per point. The only way dumping his cap space works is if you’re planning to rebuild and not shoot for a championship NOW or you think you can find better value somewhere else.

    If you think you can sign a guy previously mentioned like Datsyuk or Getzlaf with his money, then I have no problem with the trade from a money standpoint, but the fact remains that there’s no one in free agency whose contract even comes close to the value that Savard’s does, and there’s no one being dangled that makes sense either. It would be a pure cap dump and that would be incredibly stupid and wouldn’t get us anything in return but a lower offensive output.

    There is NO scenario that you could present that either makes sense for the Bruins or that makes sense for the other team. Savard for Datsyuk? Yea, I’d do it too but it would never be on the table.

    I heard on 98.5 this morning that any talks with Toronto for Savard are either dead or non-existent. He isn’t going anywhere.

  60. willisss says:

    datsyuk a bruin? i would get a boner…

  61. Mat Allen says:

    Wow. – This was an intense read Boys.

  62. willisss says:

    i cant believe all the closet savard haters. its crazy how a simple rumor can just 180 someones opinion of a player. what if the rumor was krej? or bergy? would people start bashing them and picking out all their minor flaws and justify a salary dump?

    cap friendly, offencive force. stick around savy!

  63. Nick says:

    Could the train be coming to the Hub?
    Cheechoo was bought out by the Sens, I wouldn’t mind seeing him on the wing at the right price.

    • JRy says:

      Ya I like it, try to get him for a one year deal, make him play fir contract next year and put him with one of our great centers. He’s bound to be at least as impactfuk as rider and we could bury ryder in providence to make it happen.

    • #4 says:

      Are you two serious??? Lmfao sign Cheeechoo Really? Haha his stats 5-9 +/- (-14) last year and he was cut from the team after 1 game of the playoffs.

      Ryder last year 18-15 +/- 3 IM SURE He would be better………… God damn I cant stand some of the stuff I have been reading on here.

  64. ohniner says:

    lol i think everyone would agree we want Ryder out ! the real question is can we move him ? I doubt it . However if you package him with value ie.(savard) (thomas) then one would think it could be possible. Now that be said Atlanta only comes to mine possibly Thomas, Ryder fit . any other good trade possibilities from you guys. KNOW PIPE DREAMS PLEASE

  65. JRy says:

    Honestly I wouldn’t be that upset if we traded savard if a team came to chiarelli with a great offer, but by the sounds of it chiarelli is trying to force a trade that isn’t there. If they trade savard just to trade him I will be very disappointed in chiarelli.

    • Jefe77 says:

      If Savvy is traded for any reason, whatsoever, I will be officially PISSED at PC for the first time.

      Savvy is a Bruin. He wants to play here, and he has the heart of like a Bruin. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

    • BosBrn77 says:

      You are 100% wrong JRy. PC has said a few times that he is NOT actively trying to trade Savard… but any good GM will listen to offers! And that is all he is doing… listening to what other GMs are offering. He said it would have to be well worth it to even consider moving Savard.

      Same goes for Thomas. He said a few times, that Thomas has not asked to be traded but he was listening to offers to see what was out there. He said they were going with Rask, and if he could move Thomas to get him (Thomas) more play time, then he would.

  66. #4 says:

    What about making an offer to Modano?? You know kind of like a reverse bourque(only with dallas). You think he would come here for cheap for a chance to win??

    He scored 30+ Points in 50 games last year and a left shot where the B’s could really use someone on the left wing.

  67. #4 says:

    What do you guys think of any of these players potential to be a bruin??

    Ilya Kovalchuk

    Age: 27
    2009-10 salary: $6.39 million
    2009-10 statistics: 76 GP, 41 G, 43 A, 85 PTS

    Maxim Afinogenov

    Age: 30
    2009-10 salary: $800,000
    2009-10 statistics: 81 GP, 24 G, 37 A, 61 PTS

    Matthew Lombardi

    Age: 28
    2009-10 salary: $2.35 million
    2009-10 statistics: 78 GP, 19 G, 34 A, 53 PTS

    Alexander Frolov

    Age: 28
    2009-10 salary: $4 million
    2009-10 statistics: 81 GP, 19 G, 32 A, 51 PTS

    Ray Whitney

    Age: 38
    2009-10 salary: $3.55 million
    2009-10 statistics: 80 GP, 21 G, 37 A, 58 PTS

    Olli Jokinen

    Age: 31
    2009-10 salary: $5.5 million
    2009-10 statistics: 82 GP, 15 G, 35 A, 50 PTS

    Other forwards of interest: Lee Stempniak, Matt Cullen, Saku Koivu, Alex Ponikarovsky, Manny Malhotra

  68. #4 says:

    Of those I really like Lombardi, Frolov and Whitney…

    But of course Kovalchuck would be a force in a bruins jersey. I dont think anyone can deny that, he would be so dominant with the likes of Krejci/Bergy/Savard around him.

  69. Loooch says:

    I personally like the Modano idea. Agreed with all ur points #4. Cheap and a left hand shot. I think he almost signed here a few years back? Who says 40 yr olds cant go anymore? (ala Rex).

    I could care less about Kovi. I hate to bring this guy back up again bc i was sick of seeing his name on this blog around trade deadline, but after watching him a little more closely around that time and during playoffs I am not that impressed for a guy who wants $9-10 M per season!! He’s a puck hog who eventually turns the puck over after he trips over his own feet or the blue line, and then slams his stick on the ice and cries back to the bench. Not Bruins material. Just ask grapes.

    • #4 says:

      I agree on all the Counter-Kovy points. I dont see him as a real option its just you’d have to believe that a guy with that much talent/ability would thrive with Julien/Chara/Rex in the locker room to keep his ego in check.

  70. bruinsss says:

    PC said on WEEI that the B’s may be involved in a few more deals, but not to expect the team to add anymore big name players

  71. O'Leary says:

    Sign madano for one year
    Sign biron for two.
    Realease timmy, if not dealable (cap space)
    Sign prospal for two.
    Lucic sav horton
    Recci bergy prospal
    Madano krecji seguin
    paille campell ryder

    Chara sidenburg
    Hunwick boychuck
    Warsofsky mcquaid


    If you say this team will not be the beast in the east, i want what your smoking

    • bbears24 says:

      D pairings are weak

    • bbears24 says:

      and where’s thornton?…releasing thomas would be very dumb, you would be stuck with a 2.5 million salary hit for the next 3 seasons.

    • Haus says:

      warsovsky is still in college!where is wheeler, ryder,ference, stuart?? where do you find the cap space?? releasing timmy= about a 2.5mil cap hit against the team for the next 3 years. now who is smoking what?

    • BosBrn77 says:

      Modano, even though I like him, would be a wasted signing. I’d rather give Hamill or Colburne a shot up here. Not to mention Wheeler.

      Biron was mediocre at best last year (9-14-4, 3.27, .896) Why release Thomas? Worst case scenario we have 6 mil tied up in goalies. Buffalo has that tied up in Miller alone! Other goalies would be better backups for equal or less money if you did move Thomas!

      I like the thought of signing Prospal! He had good numbers last year (20-38-58 in 75 games) he only made 1.1 million and he can play left wing!




      When Sturm comes back, he goes with Bergeron and Recchi and Wheeler slides down.

    • O'Leary says:

      I forgot a lot of playrs. I wad snowblling. I didnt know about realeasing Thomas, how wed still have to p!y him. I loved wheeler his rookie year but last year her playrd a lot different. H tried to do too much and turned it over a lot.

  72. gibbz says:

    Get afinogenov. get rid of fucken ryder, and thomas if you get a mediocre offer.

  73. mcpuck says:

    No to Kovi (we’d be giving up too much just to clear space to pay him… he’s not worth 10 million sorry).

    Yes to Afinagenov (only because his cap hit was so low last year. If he’s seeking a raise (anything more than around 1 mil and I don’t think the possible rewards outweigh the apparent risks).

    No to Lombardi (He’s a solid guy, a nice 3rd line center… but c’mon why do we need another Center?)

    No to Frolov (I used to be in favor of this kid, he’s got a nice shot, but Ryder has ruined it for me on these fringe snipers. He’s going to want 3+ million, and he managed a very Ryder-esqe 19 goals in 81 games)

    Maybe to Ray Whitney (For the right price [2.5ish] he’s a guy that brings grit and a net presence. He’s good for 25ish goals, and he’s proven he can do it consistently)

    NOOOOO to Jokenin (You’re kidding me right? 5.5 million for what? A scapegoat? I never want to see this guy wearing my teams sweater)

  74. Haus says:

    I can tell you right now it is a no to all of those forwards listed. We are set at the forwards for the start of the season, if injuries trickle in and you want to tweak things at the deadline, so be it. What we should be looking at is possibly a veteran bottom pair D-man with snarl, that would get a one or two year deal at 1,5mil per tops.

  75. Haus says:

    Sorry, if we can find a landing spot for timmy then possibly a PMD. Let me scan who is available. I like Kurt Foster or a deal for Brett Burns.

  76. bbears24 says:

    i know it’s eklund….but he’s saying kings and bruins have been talking

  77. DanD says:

    I say keep the group you have right now and just sign wheeler campbell and stuart. Leave the last forward slot for the Providence players to fight for.

    There is one line that I’d love to see and I haven’t seen anyone mention it anywhere. I doubt that it will happen but I think it would be a beast of a line. Krejci centering Bergeron and Horton. If Krejci gets kicked out of the faceoff you’ve got
    bergy coming in. Or they could just not have a definitive center and just go with who’s hot in the circle, let them get creative with their plays.

    You put looch and savvy on the top line with Ryder who’ll wake up for the games so that he can get some money in his next contract (not with the Bruins)
    and you get Seguin playing with rex to mentor him on the Third line and Seguin will play center. Problem solved no need to trade Savard! YAYYYY!!!!

  78. patrick says:

    Per Pierre LeBrun: Leafs get Versteeg and the rights to winger Bill Sweatt in exchange for forwards Viktor Stalberg, Chris DiDomenico and Philippe Paradis.

  79. Vince Mendella says:

    I really can’t see the Bruins do anything today.

  80. Bruins says:

    I actually think Modano is a possibility. THe only two teams he’s ever shown interest in playing for are Dallas and Boston. Remember he was 50/50 coming out of the lockout on whether to sign with Dallas or Boston.

    I don’t think there’s a spot for him on the roster though. WHere do you play him?

    • #4 says:

      I think you play modano on the left wing with Krejci and Seguin as a 2nd or 3rd line.

      Lucic – Savard – Horton
      Rex – Bergeron – Wheeler
      Modano – krejci – Seguin
      Thornton – Campbell – Ryder

      Of course the RW need to be swapped around depending on who is hot at that time.

  81. Richardo says:

    Paille Signs 2yr @ 2.15M.

  82. Andy says:

    Savvy for Regher per @TSNBobMcKenzie..

    Both have NTC’s and both make $4 mil/yr. Regher signed for 3 more yrs.

    If this is true, seriously, Chiarelli?! Our best player for a solid no. 2.

    I’d love to see their plan in 11-12 if they DON’T sign Bergy…4 centers, down to 2. Nice plan!!

  83. matt says:

    what do you think of this trade

    To Los Angeles
    Draft Pick or prospect

    To Boston
    Jack Johnson
    Dustin Brown
    Wayne Simmonds

    • matt says:

      get a puck moving hard nosed defenseman and a lso two wingers and unload thise contracts. maybe go out and sgn a backup goalie and maybe another winger like alexei ponikarovsky

      What do you think?

  84. Двери, окна, магазин в Чечерске, оптовая продажа, цемент, шифер, гипсокартон…

    […]Savard Trade…Hmmm… « Bruins Rumors and News[…]…

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