Paille re-signs for two years

Daniel Paille has signed a two year deal with the Bruins.  He will make $1.0 million in the first year and $1.15 in the second.  His cap hit will be $1.075 million.  Paille has hands of stone but he is a very reliable penalty kill forward with great speed.  At that price and as long as he stays on the fourth line, this looks like a solid signing.


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  1. gibbz says:

    James Murphy — “Source to me just now: “Savard has not waived NTC but just may to play with “Iggy” in Calgary. No confirmation any deal in place though.”

  2. Andy says:

    Bullshite trade. I love how our plan is to trade our best F, on a team w/ no scoring last yr and who just traded for a scorer who needs someone to dish to him, for a no. 2 D. Same salay. Regher is signed for 3 more yrs..

    Seguin better score 60-70 pts next yr, because apparently that’s what they’re banking on, being so desperate to trade Savvy.

    It doesn’t even appear that they are in “if the right deal comes along” mode. They’re DESPERATE to trade him!

    No wonder this team can’t win a Cup!!

  3. gibbz says:

    St. Louis 4 yr extention

  4. gibbz says:

    sobotka signs one year with blue worth .75m

  5. Andy says:

    Derek Morris signed for $11/4 yrs – 2.75 mil. Remember when we signed him for 3.3 mil last year?

  6. Mat Allen says:

    Maybe Savard for Boumeester (sp?)

  7. O'Leary says:

    U can’t get rid of savard man come on. The first year We have a solid team We want to tradeour best offensive passer for Nada. Savard isn’t going anywhere, why else would We get horton?!

  8. Andy says:

    I’m at a loss for why they would trade him. Hopefully it’s all speculation.

    Personally, and this is NOT because I dislike Bergy, but considering his injury history, the fact that he’s a UFA next yr, AND most importantly, that we don’t have cap space, if we could trade Bergy for someone like a Jack Johnson and a prospect/pick, that would be a nice trade. The only reason being is that, although he’s a better all-around player, I think we can still be solid defensively without him. If we trade Savvy, there’s NO way our offense doesn’t suffer in a MAJOR way.

    However, I believe Bergy’s NTC went into effect today

  9. TheBellEnd says:

    I know Paille isn’t the best player out there…but he’s from my hometown and my dad worked with his father for years and I’ve been watching him play since he was 14…this guy wanted nothing more than to re-up with the organization and I for one couldn’t be happier!!!

    For a birthday gift, Paille took my jersey to Boston and got most of the team to sing it for me…amazing!!!!

  10. Haus says:

    paille is an excellent pk guy, but i thought the bs could of went with marchand in this slot. at least there isnt a big cap difference.

  11. Bruins says:

    All of these UFA defensemen signings shows just how good of value Seidenberg is.

  12. Pete says:

    I would have kept Sobotka over Paille. Danny is a big chunk of unrealized potential. Sad when you think about it.

    • Bruins says:

      He’s a good role player and probably the best PK forward on the team. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t put up big offensive numbers because it won’t be hi role this year. He’s more valuable than Sobotka.

    • Gcole says:

      He’s making one mill can’t expect much lol

    • Pearson says:

      He scored on one of his breakaways once….speaking of which… How much does sturm get!?!?

  13. bbears24 says:

    how the hell do teams like pittsburgh and new jersey sign all of these free agents, and we are always flirting with the cap?? Are you allowed to play over the cap and just pay a luxury tax?? For example Chicago last season, all year i heard they don’t have any money left.

  14. Andy says:

    Go to The guy actually updates it real time, so it’s up to the minute.

    PIT’s got $2 mil in cap space. NJ’s got $5.4 mil. PHI’s got $500k. We got 4.4 mil left.

    I thought the same thing. But if you look at it, we got 5 forwards making at least $4 mil, 7 making at least 3. We got 27.5 mil tied up in D (w/o Stuart, Mcquaid, or Woisniewski) and another $6 mil in goalies.

    A lot of these other teams are paying 3-4 guys big bucks, but it drops off somewhere (i.e. Philly paying $2.5 mil COMBINED w/ their goalies, Pitt having no wingers, NJ having no backup G and having only $13 mil tied up on D).

    I looked at the numbers and now it makes sense to me.

    Sorry to go all mathdork on you…

  15. edski says:

    what about Savard for Iggy

  16. Andy says:

    CGY signed Jokinen. Savvy’s not going there…

  17. gibbz says:

    bruins sign jeremy reich to a one year deal

  18. Gcole says:

    Where the hell would Reich fit in? Must be going to providence??

  19. mook says:

    “Chiarelli said that he had spoken with Steve Begin and Miro Satan’s agent and told them the Bruins were in “a holding pattern.”

    which means…fuck off.

    • bbears24 says:

      i don’t think any other teams will take them, maybe begin but don’t really see a fit for him especially because of last season since it took him till the end of the season to bring that enforcer role that we signed him for…and satan could be another mid season signing for a team, possibly the bruins again

  20. Ohniner says:

    Wow So Resign almost everyone make 1 trade (Horton) (Cambell)1 draft pick (Seguin) and sign Riech and now PC is happy WTF hello that deal should have been done last year after you traded Kessel. Hortons not better then Kessel were a year behind PC WAKE UP !!! We needed another scoring winger . OK so if we didn’t resign Ference that money we could almost have a Ray Whitney but NO will keep that piece of sh*t defencemen that only plays half the year. CMON BRUINS FANS YOU GUYS REALLY HAPPY WITH THIS

    • bbears24 says:

      actually i am happy with this team right now, wouldn’t want whitney because the guy is like 39 now and i only would of done that if they got rid of the likes of ryder

    • BosBrn77 says:

      First…. Horton is not a one dimensional player like Kessel, so I have to disagree with you. Look at the numbers Horton put up on a piss poor team. Honestly, I’d take Horton over Kessel any day!

      Second… This is only the first day of free agency! Not even 12 hours in yet and you’re going to have a heart attack! The Bruins still need to re-sign Wheeler and Stuart. Not to mention make room under the cap. Trade someone (Savard, Thomas?) Demote someone (Ryder, Hunwick?)

      Third… as much as I question the Ference signing too, there is a reason why PC is the GM and we are not! What about re-signing Seidenberg, Boychuk, Recchi, and Paille? He sure as Hell hasn’t sat on his thumbs!

      As for Whitney, I’ve never been sold on him! I’d take Prospal over Whitney. 3 years younger, same amount of points in fewer games, better plus/minus, and can play center as well as wing. Not to mention he would come a whole lot cheaper. Imagine Prospal on the left side of Krejci and Seguin on the right!

      So… IMHO… too soon to be mad… but for what he has done so far…. I’m very happy!

      • Andy says:

        Plus Whitney gets the 35+ deal, meaning that you CANNOT wipe his salary off the books for the entire length of the deal, whether you release him, he retires, etc. We couldn’t afford to sign him for $3 mil…

  21. BosBrn77 says:

    Forget Prospal… just re-signed with the Rangers for 2.1 mil! Not too bad since he is still getting 1.167 a year from Tampa!

  22. Ohniner says:

    I have right to pissed off choking all year not to mention 3 0 playoffs embarrassment this is not something that should be taken lightly maybe your ok with just making the playoffs but Im not getting any younger and I would love to see cup in Boston atleast once. Check each player for a heart and then tell them too us it

    • BosBrn77 says:

      You can be pissed all you want… and you have that right! But we are not even 12 hours in yet!! You can’t spend what you don’t have!!

      Yes… they choked in the playoffs… and it sucked…. but nobody ever thought they would make it in, let alone get past Buffalo and the Olympic hero! Not to mention they played 6 games with a full roster all year…. but that doesn’t matter!

      I’m not ok with just making the playoffs… so please do not put words in my mouth! I want them to win… and like you… I’m not getting any younger! Chicago waited longer then us…… and they built a team to win it. Unfortunately for those fans… they had to implode it because it wasn’t done right!

      Like I said… there is a reason why WE are not GMs! PC is building this team…. the way it should be done. This team is head and shoulders above what O’Connell left it at! Look at the prospects we have…. a lot better then anything Mike ever did!

      • Andy says:

        BosBrn, I agree w/ you, but you cannot defend the Ference signing. Yes, there is a reason why PC is the GM and we’re not, but it’s absolutely insane to re-sign Ference for 3 reasons :

        1. He’s constantly hurt
        2. He’s a no. 5 D at best and for that salary, it’s CRAZY!
        3. We have precious little cap space

        That 2.25 mil could’ve been put to MUCH better use and on top of that, it’s for 3 fucking years!

        I rank that signing at by far his worst and the #2 boneheaded move made by PC, short of Versteeg…

      • BosBrn77 says:

        Where did I defend the Ference signing? Look up a little and I said…. “as much as I question the Ference signing too, there is a reason why PC is the GM and we are not!”

        I question the signing myself! I don’t like it! I would much rather have brought Jurcina back at the 1 mil the Isles just paid him…. especially as a number 5.

        Trust me Andy…. that is one of the few deals I did not like that PC did!

      • Andy says:

        That’s fine. The whole “there’s a reason why he’s the GM and we’re not” statement made it sound like he must’ve had good reason to do it and I don’t see one conceivable reason why PC would do it, regardless of whether I’m a fan, he has more info, or is on the “inside”. From whatever angle, it made no sense, regardless who is the GM…

  23. Ohniner says:


  24. Ohniner says:

    Im embarrassed to call him a Canadian . His mom must be Russian

  25. Brendan says:

    I’d dump Ryder and Thomas for prospects and picks. Wouldn’t even bother me a little. Dump about 9mil for some young talent any given day of the week.

  26. Pearson says:

    I think paille is a great deal at 1 mil. Hes like having a 3rd defenceman on the ice. He backchecks the whoa which creates spurts of opportunities from the 4th line.

    Hes the perfect example of a hockey player that teams need, that does the OTHER things besides dekeing and shooting top shelf.

    Ps, i love this team RIGHT now if they hold onto savard and thomas. Not to mention ryder makes me curious to see what he does in a contract year, its really a do or die year for him in terms of his hockey career.

    PSS, micheal ryder looks like thom yorke, so i have to sorta root for him

    • willisss says:

      ryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyydddderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, slowwwwwwwwwwwwwww dowwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

      • #4 says:


        saw them last summer one of the best shows Ive been to in a long time. Gotta love comcast center for being so easy to sneak into the covered seats area 😉

      • Pearson says:

        Me too #4. it was tailgate/pregame friendly, and then easy to sneak the halucinigenics in haha

    • Bruins says:

      Lol yeah he kind of does. No lazy eye though. I guess it’s the only thing going for him.

  27. Andy says:

    My gut feeling says they give Ryder a month and if he doesn’t get off to a blazing start, he’s demoted…

  28. Mook says:

    Souray on waivers. Anyone?

    • Joe G says:

      I like our defense at the moment. At least our top 4. Not too thrilled about Hunwick and Ference. Point is: instead of making a move for Souray, why doesn’t PC make a move for Bobby Ryan? It’s starting to sound like he wants out of Anaheim. I’d like to give Ryder a shot – given Pearson’s earlier point that it is a contract year for him – but I definitely wouldn’t mind scrapping him and a draft pick for a Ryan.

      It’s a shame Ryan’s a RW, but I’m sure with our abundance of versatile Centers Claude could make something work.

      • Pearson says:

        Ryan wouldnt happen. This is almost exactly like the kessel situation: Hes a great player, but do you want someone like that on your team, AND ruin your draft picks for the next year or so.

        Remember, hes not a UFA where we could simply make him an offer with thr tremendous amount of cap room we have(sarcasm) and if hes turning down 5 mil for 5 years, why would the ducks send him somewhere for a low price when they know the compensation of an offer sheet would be better.

        I wish we could have him too, but i also wish the celts could get lebron, and the sox could trade for strasburg.

  29. jeff says:

    keep savvy… enough said he’s to valuable to get rid of. thomas on other hand i do love the guy but he’s not going anywhere. with nabokov and turco not getting any decent contracts yet, there is no way a team is going to take on thomas’. in that case use him to our advantage and rotate so that we have freshness when we get to the playoffs. a hot, rested goalie can go along way!!!!!!

  30. bbears24 says:

    we have a little under seven million to sign stuart, wheeler, and mcquaid(even though im not dying to get him back)…i see it this way, stuart for 2 or 3 year at about 2 mil per, wheeler at 3 years for no more than 2.5 mil probably more towards 2 mil (he should know that after last year he isn’t that valuable to this team), and lastly mcquaid for 2 or 3 at about 1.15 mil per…that leaves about 2 mil left of cap room, don’t know what we could do with that?

    • Smitty says:

      We have a little under 7? I thought it was 5?

      Seguin .9
      Stuart 2.15
      Wheeler 2
      McQuad 1.15

      = 6.2

    • Andy says:

      Wheeler, Stuart, Campbell, & Mcquaid were all given qualifying offers. This means that the MINIMUM that they can receive is what they made last year. This is why Paille was not given a qualifying offer and signed for LESS than what he made last yr…

      Wheeler – 2.8
      Stuart – 1.3
      Campbell – .8
      Mcquaid – .6
      5.5 mil

      Plus, Seguin at 900k, and we will have at least 6.4 mil…

  31. bruins4eva says:

    he updates quicker

  32. gibbz says:

    DELAWARE COUNTY TIMES: Anthony SanFilippo reports on the latest regarding Simon Gagne’s agreeing to waive his “no-trade” clause and the Philadelphia Flyers efforts to shop him, possibly to the L.A. Kings. The Flyers are looking for a veteran goaltender for 1-2 years before turning the reins over to a younger goalie. It could be a player and a package of draft picks returning to the Flyers.

    vet goltender…Thomas!
    lets go pc

  33. Andy says:

    We all know that Eklund is typically complete bullshit and talks out of his ass 90% of the time. However…

    Rumour: Flyers/Bruins/Kings Deal in Discussion (E3)
    “more to come…hinges on Kovalchuk getting done in LA”

    • Pearson says:

      Im gonna guess it would centered around savard to la, gagne to boston.

      Buuuut its eklund. However other legit sources say theyre talking as well.

      The kovalchuck to islanders rumor is awesome. Dooo it kovy!!

    • bbears24 says:

      definately wont happen because i think salaries wouldn’t match up, but imagine if it was a blockbuster and we shipped off both savard and thomas to whatever teams and we got gagne and jack johnson in return…..just got excited

      • Andy says:

        The only problem there, bears, is that many sources are saying that LA wanted a FA D-man, but missed out, so I doubt they want to send out JJ.

        Great idea, though. Even though I’d hate to get rid of Savvy, Gagne & JJ would be exciting. Only thing there is that Gagne is injury-prone and is an UFA next yr, but that would save us 2 yrs of having to carry TT’s contract..b/c Gagne makes 5.25 mil this yr. We’d probably need to send someone like Hunwick to make the salaries match up.

        Also possible that guys like Dustin Brown and/or Wayne Simmonds could come back.

        Seems to me that LA & Philly are really the only places in need of a #1. DAL is a longshot, though…

      • mcpuck says:

        If Kovi signs in LA (which I think is realistic if he takes a 7-8 year deal as opposed to the 10-12 he wants) then I imagine they’d try and move some salary.

  34. ccm says:

    Well Gagne did just waive his no trade clause so…

  35. mcpuck says:

    The only Eklund headlines you can trust are the ones he steals from haha.

    Sabourin is gone, to Washington…

    • Andy says:

      True, the only reason I posted it is because there are 3-4 other people saying the same thing about Gagne/LA/Boston/Philly…

  36. Haus says:

    philly doesnt have the money to take on thomas, even if they shipped out gagne. so forget it.

  37. ELWOPPO says:

    See guys, They really do care about us…lol


  38. spencer says:

    why not try and acquire kevin bieksa who has been made available by vancouver with their additions of hamhuis and ballard. his contract has 1 year at 3.5 mil left, i dont know what we have that theyd want, besides savard but i believe we are one D man short right now, in terms of a solid 6. I also do believe if we trade savard we are one forward short, especially when it seems as if seguin will take some time to develop. Im a huge advocate of going for it big, and going for the cup. The bruins true depth right now is in goal, and if they do have faith in tuukka long term, then do your best to trade Thomas for a D man and try and win the damn thang. GO B’s

  39. If Only says:

    With the imposed cap penalty of $1,759,795 the Bruins only have cap space of $2,705,562 in which to sign 4 or 5 players – Seguin, Stuart, McQuaid, Wheeler & possibly Campbell or Satan.

    This is an impossible task for Chia unless we move players & salary. I know I’m dreaming, but consider the following –

    Kovalchuk signs with the NYI. LA having since lost the Kovalchuk sweepstakes, have cap space of $17,526,666 and are seeking scoring depth. To attain this depth they acquire Gagne from PHI for a pick(s.
    Gagne cap hit is $5,250,000 and this provides relief for the Flyers who are only $577,737 shy of the cap. The Flyers are looking for an expereinced goalie despite having signed Backlund, Boucher & Leighton. The Bruins therefore trade Thomas & a pick to the Flyers for Boucher. The Bruins then trade Savard, Ryder & a pick to LA for Simmonds & Johnson.

    LA improves its offense by adding Gagne, Savard & Ryder in exchange for Simmonds & Johnson. PHI acquires the expereinced goaltender they seek in exchange for Boucher and Gagne and acquire much needed cap relief. The Bruins acquire Boucher, Simmonds & Johnson in exchange for Thomas, Savard & Ryder.

    Oh well….. back to my weed.

    • Haus says:

      Whoa!! What cap penalty?? Where did you get this info??

      • Bruins says:

        Yeah it’s true. It’s because we would have been over the cap last year with the bonuses to Tuukka and others. The Hawks were hit with a cap penalty of over $4 million and the Leafs were hit with a $1.4 million penalty. I don’t think any other team had a cap penalty over around $350,000.

  40. Froggy says:

    Give me some of that weed!! Not gonna happen – ever. Why? – the fly in the ointment is the fact that Turco would be considered by the Flyers and Thomas would not even appear on their radar. The acquisition of Johnson is wishful thinking, i.e., not gonna happen.

    With the penalty, PC has to trade players for picks or unknowns or bury funds in the AHL. Although we acquired a star in Seguin, it appears he is now on a sinking ship.

    • BosBrb77 says:

      Sinking ship? WTH are you talking about? 1.7 mil is easily buried. Sturm doesn’t come on the books for some time. McQuaid, if re-signed goes to Providence anyway.

      Like you said… bury Ryder and his 4 mil hit and we are fine.

      • mcpuck says:

        hold on to Ryder for a little while… Sturm’s money is off the books, and if Ryder plays well we can trade him, and if he plays like crap, THEN you bury him or buy him out.

      • BosBrn77 says:

        I agree mcpuck. That is why I mentioned Sturm not being “on the books” so to speak. I should have been more in detail… sorry bout that.

        I think Ryder could play his ass off, since it is a contract year. And if he out plays his expectations….. send Sturm down….. or someone else.

        I would rather see them send someone down to Providence then buy them out.

  41. bbears24 says:

    bruins want to sign nikolai zherdev according to espn insider

  42. Bruins says:

    I’m a Zherdev fan actually. If he’s in the right situation he’s a great player to have. If he signs with Boston over any other team it means he wants to be here and will try as opposed to letting his talent go to waste.

  43. johnny mac says:

    wheeler didnt actually make 2.8 million last year, he signed the max entry level contract, which counts as 2.8 (i actually thought it was 2.5 but whatevs) towards the cap. seguin will make 900k, but his cap hit will be higher.

  44. Bruins1 says:

    How about this trade scenerio:

    To Anaheim: Chara
    To Boston: Bobby Ryan

    To La: Savard
    To Boston: Jack Johnson

    WE get a power forward we desperatly need and a young , puck moving , promising defensemen.

    Here is the lineup

    Horton-Krecji- Ryan

    Seidenberg- Johnson

    Looks pretty good. what u think?

    • mcpuck says:

      don’t like it. Trade our best defensive and offensive players for a guy (Ryan) who is solid, but has yet to reach the potential he has (30ish goals and 60 points when playing with elite guys like Getzlaf doesn’t translate to 40/90 with the Bruins) and for a guy (Johnson) who despite all his ‘blue-chip’ potential has done nothing but put up middling numbers and dropped down the franchise depth chart behind aging journeymen like Sean O’Donnell just seems like a bad idea to me.

      • mcpuck says:

        How about instead of that, we go Savard and rights to Stuart for Blake Comeau and Streit… you guys all want a proven puck mover and Streit is one of the best. 5 mil coming our way 4 going theres? We could go for Bailey (low low cap hit) if we wanted a Center to play NOW instead of Seguin, but if the Islanders are serious about pursuing Kovi, Savard may be a nice bargaining chip… maybe get back what we deserve for him?

  45. Bruins says:

    It won’t be too high though. Alot of people think that he’ll be a lock for $3.5 million but that’s only if he hits all his bonuses.

  46. Haus says:

    With the salary cap penalty and the need to present a full roster I think all we can afford to do from this point forward is salary dump.

    • mcpuck says:

      with the cap penalty (1.8 if we’re rounding up) our cap space is around 5 mil to resign wheeler and Stuart…? Unless my numbers are off, I think this is feasible, and I wouldn’t lose sleep if we let Wheeler sign else where and collect on the offer sheet picks.


      Chara – Siedenberg
      Stuart – Hunwick
      Ference – Boychuck

      I imagine we can resign Stuart for around 2mil(ish) and Marchand’s cap hit is relatively low.

      • Habhater says:

        Not bad from a cap point of view. At least we get to keep Savvy & Thomas. I would hate to lose Savvy right now and I believe that it is wise to hold on to Thomas as a more than adequate back-up to Rask for this year. Rask has made enormous strides but I firmly believe the Bruins still need a life-line in Thomas as Rask continues to develop.

        From a cap point of view, our net cap for this year is $59,400,000 less the penalty of $1,759,795, or $57,640,205.

        Horton – $4,000,000
        Savvy – $4,007,142
        Ryder – $4,000,000
        Looch – $4,083,333
        Krecji – $3,750,000
        Seguin – $900,000 (league minimum excluding bonuses)
        Paille – $1,075,000
        Bergeron – $4,750,000
        Recchi – $1,000,000
        Marchand – $600,000
        Campbell – $838,750 (qualified – 10% over last year’s salary)
        Thornton – $812,500
        Chara – $7,500,000
        Seidenberg – $3,250,000
        Stuart – $2,500,000 (assumption)
        Hunwick – $1,450,000
        Ferrence – $2,250,000
        Boychuk – $1,875,000
        Thomas – $5,000,000
        Rask – $1,875,000
        Schaeffer buyout – $766,167
        Eaves buyout – ($41,667)

        Total cap hit = $57,376,520. That leaves available cap space of $2,023,480.

        I’m not quite sold on your lines. Would prefer to have Wheeler or Satan in place of Campbell and the lines then juggled somewhat. However the cap numbers work fine and leaves the Bruins with some breathing room moving forward.

        One question – what about Sturm? I assume he will be on LTIR until some time in December and when he returns Marchand is returned to the p-Bruins.

      • mcpuck says:

        either that or Ryder is moved before hand. having Ryder in a contract year makes him mor desirable, and if not, we can bury his salary and be none the worse for it.

      • mcpuck says:

        hey Habhater, keep in mind that Campbell will Center the 4th line… so if you want to bump Wheeler into his spot, who takes faceoffs?

        I think with Sobotka gone, you HAVE to give Campbell the 4th line.

  47. mcpuck says:

    I do not want Jack Johnson. Maybe the most overrated “puck moving defenseman” in the league… 3 years as a starter for LA… 58 total points, and a -52… yea, I’ll pass on him for Chara

    • mcpuck says:

      I usually don’t make anything out of +/- as usually it’s a result of a struggling team, but last season he was a -15… considering who he plays with on the blue line (doughty +20, Scuderi +16, Sean O’Donnell +14, Matt Greene +4, and even part time bottom pairing guys like Randy Jones posted a poor but better -3…) I don’t know why, but a -15 for a “puck moving defensmen” in a “career year” when he wasn’t even the 3rd best defensemen on his team… I don’t know

  48. mook says:

    Sorry to change subjects, but i need Pats tickets!

    I’m visiting Boston in November, so Pats vs Colts on November 21 would be great. Please email me

    Now, if Horton scores 30 goals, we’re back in business. Ryder is in a contract year, and he doesn’t want to be the next Chris Higgins. I’m predicting 30 goals for him, too.

  49. Haus says:

    habhater, im confused. You say that after the penalty we have 57.6m (rounding). The lineup you list the total is 57.3m (rounding down). But then you state that we would be left with 2m in cap space. Im guessing thats an oversight. Also, marchand cap hit is around 825-850k, which adds about 200k to your hypothetical. As far as sturm is concerned, his 3.5m is cap hit is available while he is on IR, but whoever replaces him on the roster would have their cap hit prorated toward our limit. (cap number/service days). We are fucked for cap space, and noone and nothing has convinced me otherwise.

  50. Haus says:

    by the way, in order to send ryder or anyone else to providence you have to waive them. If another team claims them on waivers, they take on 1/2 the cap hit while you are stuck with the other 1/2.

    • mcpuck says:

      wrong. Any team has 48 hours to claim him (meaning they take one 100% of his cap hit) if not, he hits re-entry waivers, and THEN the team who claims his is only responsible for 50%

  51. Andy says:

    You guys are still forgetting Seguin.

    In any case, I know that by getting qualifying offers, Wheeler, Stuart, Campbell & Mcquaid are guaranteed to make what they made last year.

    My question is this – what IF, say, Wheeler, didn’t actually sign a contract, yet had no offers from other teams for us to match? Basically, as an RFA, is he essentially on the team, with the same contract next year, if we get to training camp and he still hasn’t signed?

    The reason I ask this is what if we didn’t sign Wheeler and just signed Stuart, Mcquaid, & Seguin?

    Here’s the lineup :



    **This is considering Sturm is out

    • mcpuck says:

      This is exactly my line up from above except instead of Campbell you have Hamill lol. I think this team has plenty of options both now and at the trade deadline, Also I bump up Ryder to Savy’s line only to split up the big guys (horton and looch) and to give Ryder a chance to balloon his value or make it easier with the fans to buy him out.

    • mcpuck says:

      and no, in my scenario, I did include Seguin’s 900K+ hit, but it doesn’t interfere with my suggestions. Letting Wheeler walk and signing Stewey for 2 million(ish) doesn’t kill our cap and allows for some flexibility when Sturmy comes back.

    • Pearson says:

      I hate that 3rd line. If seguin is to play wing id put him with krejci. Bergy and rex can create enough offence i think

      just saaaayin….

  52. BosBrn77 says:

    TSN is reporting Kovalchuk is going to sign a 7 year, 60 million dollar deal with the Devils.

    So much for the Kings and Islanders. 8.57 mil is a big pay day… but rumor was that the Isles offered a 10yr/100mil deal.

    Islanders need to get above the cap cellar, maybe we could deal Ryder or Ference that way?

  53. BosBrn77 says:

    TSN is also reporting that Bob Probert died today! He collapsed on a boat and attempts to revive him were unsuccessful!

    R.I.P. Bob!

  54. bruins4eva says:

    i know everyone is putting there suggestions up on here so here i go…

    i believe the bruins are gonna be in trouble with the cap…they are only a few million short of the top of the cap…and still have to re-sign wheeler stuart and seguin…even tho he will only make 900,000 or less but with performance bonuses he could make somewhere around 2.5 million as a cap hit…and if wheeler and the arbitration think that wheels deserves more money they are out of they’re mind…i say trade wheeler for cogliano

  55. Jefe77 says:

    Performance bonuses for Sequin will not hit the Bruins cap.

  56. willisss says:

    bruins and stuart close to a deal, wheeler files for arbitration

  57. bruins2308 says:

    Why is everone killing the bruins for trying to trade Savard? Im soo tired of hearing it. Do people realize that unless the B’s can clear up some money, they wont be able to sign all their FA’s? They need money to sign Stuart, Wheeler, Campbell, and especially Seguin. Im not saying Savvy is the best locker room guy, but believe me if it wasnt a money issue there would be no way they trade him. Its all about freeing up money in order to sign other players.

  58. Haus says:

    Everyone has to remember that we start the season overseas, which probably necessitates carrying a full roster of 23, seeing that if there are injuries, you cant just ask a kid to drive up 95 from providence. Every scenario that others have shown are bare bones 20 man rosters, and they dont even fit under the cap.

  59. #4 says:

    So when does sturm come off the cap?? I cant believe the B’s are so close to the cap.. . But the notion of losing Savard to free space to sign wheeler actually makes me kinda sick.

    • bruins2308 says:

      Its not just for Wheeler. They need the cash to sign 3-4 guys, including Seguin.

    • Haus says:

      sturm is off the cap until his return. with him off the cap we have 6.2m. you put yourself in a shitty bind if that 3.5m isnt available once he is back.

  60. ELWOPPO says:

    guys,I dont think Chiarelli is gonna ship out Savard to make cap space! At the end of the day he knows dam well that he’s our best player and top 5 playmaker in the league! I think he will move Thomas, Ryder or even Ference before he moves Saavy! Dont listen to all the rumours…..Its the guys who are never mentioned who usually get moved!!! Remember if the B’s move Savard, It will show no class,respect for guys like Chara! Who’s contract is about to expire! Im pretty sure he will think twice before resigning with the Bruins if he see’s how the organization trades away thier allstar vet’s after signing them to long term deals. Dont worry everyone, I think Chia is building a winner and Savvy will def. be part of it!

  61. Hymie says:

    Right on ELWOPPO!!. Chia will find a way out of our cap space quagmire.

    If Wheeler can’t come to agreement with the B’s before arbitration and the award is too rich for PC, we will simply walk away. Been done before and it will be a business decision to put the team first and we must respect that. Besides, Wheeler for all his talent and size does not impress me anyways. I would much rather the B’s pursue Asham who should be able to be had relatively cheap.

    Sequin’s cap hit will be $900,000 plus bonuses. We cannot worry about the bonuses at this point. To do so would be to choke off some of our present for next year. The B’s are close and getting closer each year and we cannot & shouldn’t take such an approach.

    As I see it, Ryder & Ferrence are the albatrosses around the B’s neck and PC should move one of them at the very least. There are 4 or 5 teams who must reach at least the cap space floor of $43.5M and if I were PC I would get rid of those 2 toute suite for picks, pucks or jock straps. We have in excess of $2M in cap space right now & I think it may even be closer to $3M. By ridding ourselves of these 2 appendages would add another $6M+ to the cap.

    Trading Savard & Thomas at this point is a non-starter in my books. Target the underachievers – not those who contribute. The B’s are much better off without the likes of Ryder, Ferrence & Wheeler.

  62. Haus says:

    When speculating who the bruins should trade, imagine yourself as a GM of another team. Does the player improve your team commensurate to the value of his contract and what it cost you to acquire him? My point is, you cant just say “trade ryder”. You need a trade partner that says “yeah this helps OUR team”.

  63. ELWOPPO says:

    Just had an arguement with a stupid leaf fan….Who’s better Phanuef or Chara? right now id have to give the edge to Chara….No?

  64. bbears24 says:

    guys if you get a chance vote for youk in the all star game right now he’s tied with fucking NICK SWISHER of the yankees for the final spot, and swisher’s numbers don’t even come close to youk’s…it’s just that everyone hates boston, so they won’t vote for the guy that actually deserves it, instead they vote for the only white guy with a fro-hawk because he plays on the yank-mees

  65. bruins4eva says:

    heres the bruins problem…they have a lil over 2 million to spend on 4 guys…Wheels Stuy cambell…and our prize Seguin…someone has to go… not saying its any of these 4 guys but someone has to

  66. willisss says:

    imagine how good wheeler could/should be? it would suck to drop him only for a breakout year, as much as i bashed him, i want him to do well and make a real name for himself, and i want it to be with the bruins rather then some other hack team. if blake wheeler removes his tampon, he could be somthing big for this team

    • Pearson says:

      So who goes? Easy answer is ryder. But who wants him at 4 mil? If a team were to take him on re entry waivers, and take even half his salary it would leave us 4 mil(ish) for seguin, stuey, wheelZ, campbell.

      Being a gm has gotta suck

      • willisss says:

        i dont know, the ferrence deal should have NEVER happened. i think pc has been having a great off season so far, but i help letting that offer bother me. i hated the tim thomas deal right off the back. i was highly critisized for speaking my opinion on how bad of a deal it really was the day it happened. if thomas can be moved, i would take pretty much anything. he is old but he has to be valued by some team. he still has a lot of talent and lets face it, there are some GARBAGE goalies out there right now. i would take a soft deal for timmy, real soft. and im guessing there isnt a team that wants ryder. maybe nyi? its a shame because ryder is much better then he showed last season. as is wideman. but it all leads back to your original question…who goes? in a perfect world it would be:

        in a realistic world it would be:

        this is why you need to be smarter. tim thomas was the feel good story of the year, but the guy is 4 years younger then jesus christ and he plays to inconsistant. i hate watching floppy goalies.

        begin and satan better start posting on

        for the record, noki is on the market, he would probably take a 2 way for cheap money. this would be a move for depth only

  67. JONOVISION says:

    all in all we gonna have a good team,not just a playoff team.but a deep run can only get better

  68. Pearson says:

    All the tweets from bruins related people on my twitter have been saying colbourne is already impressing at camp. Hes a center. Hes big. Could we possibly throw him in on the 4th line as the pivot? I know his future doesnt entail a 4th line but itd be better than spending money on campbell right?

    Or is that gonna hurt his growth? I wish we still had sobotka.

    • Haus says:

      i think colborne projects better at left wing. just my opinion, and of scouts that followed him. hopefully they and i are right cuz we have plenty of centers.

  69. Mook says:

    sobotka does not have skills. he tries hard, but so do i.

  70. #4 says:

    So Hall is posting a 3.5mil cap hit and Seguin suppose to put up something similar… How do the B’s make that and Stuey/Wheels/Campbell work with only 2mil to go?/??

    Somebody is getting taken to the docks in south boston and given the old irish farewell I assume. But who?

    • North B says:

      See ya Wheeler! We have Horton already and Colbourne will push Wheeler to the press box.. Same with Campbell, one of the rookies will push him out of a spot..

      The only player PC has to sign is Stuart..

      • Haus says:

        still gotta carry a full roster. we have 18+ seguin and stuart=20. need 21 to 23 for a full roster. we dont have enough money to sign seguin yet!

  71. bruins2010 says:

    Guys I was at the rookie camp today and colbourne is in now way ready

  72. Gcole says:

    nabokov to russia, sorry flyers! tim thomas..? even though i dont want him gone yet

  73. willisss says:

    think the campbell family will hate the bruins more if they drop their son?

    • #4 says:

      LOL this could be a networking disaster… Sign this kid asap and get in the campbell family’s bedroom chia!


    I hope to god they don’t sign Stuart for more then 1.8 mil.

  75. ccm says:

    With Nabakov to the KHL hopefully Philly’s interest in Thomas grows. He, Ryder, and Ference are the ideal people to move for cap relief.

    I can’t stand Ference, that guy sucks. Not to mention he’s a lockerroom distraction—i’ve heard from an inside source that Recchi hates him, as so many of the other members of the B’s.

  76. ccm says:

    With Nabakov to the KHL hopefully Philly’s interest in Thomas grows. He, Ryder, and Ference are the ideal people to move for cap relief.

    I can’t stand Ference, that guy sucks. Not to mention he’s a lockerroom distraction—i’ve heard from an inside source that Recchi hates him, as so many of the other members of the B’s.

    Would be nice to unload any one, if not all three of those pieces of dead weight tying up our cap space.

  77. Haus says:

    cant say it enough…..completely fucked on the cap. like i said…only salary dumps from here to the season openers in prague.

  78. #4 says:

    Camp reports are that Sequin and Caron seem NHL Ready Sign Stuart/Seguin let wheeler walk sturm LTIR and your in ok shape I think.

  79. #4 says:

    Time to start using those kids in provy to fill out the roster or grab noke for cheap to do it as well.

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