Stuart close to signing an extension

According to, the Bruins and Mark Stuart are “very close” to reaching a contract extension.

Stuart figures to receive top four minutes this season especially with the trade of Dennis Wideman.

UPDATE: is reporting that the Bruins and Mark Stuart have agreed to a one year deal extension at $1.675 million.  Stuart will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

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  1. Mook says:

    i’m anxious to see how much he signed for.

    german newspaper says sturm is considering retirement.

    • ccm says:

      If he retires do we still pay his salary?

      • MC Puck says:

        Nope. He’s 31. The only contracts that count towards cap are ones that are signed after a player turns 35 and is at least in the second year of that contract.

        NHL CBA, under Article 50, Section 50.9:

      • ccm says:

        Wow, that would be nice, clear up some space.

        Nice explanation, thank you.

      • Andy says:

        Now that the “Vote for Youk” is over, should we start the “Retire Sturm” campaign?

        I would fucking LOVE it if he retired. Precious salary room saved and for a guy who could be as cold as he is hot. Plus, maybe they wouldn’t have to trade Savvy!

        New lineup :


      • willisss says:

        if we dumped ryder, caron could make that list. screw marchand, trade that clown away

    • Brendan says:

      sturm isnt retiring at 31. he’s got a good possible 6-10 yrs left in the game

      • ccm says:

        Age makes no difference at this point? Look at his injury history. Being 31 and having that many injuries, might as well be 50.

  2. bbears24 says:

    VOTE FOR YOUKILIS!!!! over that scumbag swisher

  3. Ward says:

    Stuart blows in my book slow skater he has no offence and he is avrege in the defensive zone.

    • willisss says:

      stuart is an animal…i think he may be legit insane. i like the guy, always have, always will.

      • MC Puck says:

        haha I’ve been saying this forever, he’s nuts… he looks at guys like Tyson looked at women and children… it makes me afraid for people.

        And he may not be the fastest skater, but to say he’s average in his own zone is crap and shows you’re not using anything but a below 100% Stuart from last year to make your point. He’s a good defensive player whose responsible when by himself and he has potential to be a top 4 guy for this team.

  4. mook says:

    stuart is a #5 or #6. good utility defenseman who is willing to chuck knucks. fuck wheeler.
    our problem is all these bonuses tuukka is earning! c’mon thomas…play some games.

  5. pearson says:

    wow. for anyone to say stuart sucks….wow. hes a great defender with barely any offense. #5 or #6? youd rather have ference, or hunwick out there?

    let me guess, ward, youd rather have a “puck moving defenseman?”

    how many times has he demolished opposing hot shots coming straight up the middle with their head down?

    im off to youtube, ill be right back with some material.


      yes i would rather have ference or hunwick out there

      • Brendan says:

        ward your a complete idiot. both of those players suck and i would gladly get rid of them. Stuart is a good top 4 so fuck your logic

      • WARDOFTHERINGS says:

        really how did stuart do in the playoffs yeah averaged -4 in 4 games with 0 points. dont get me wrong stuart is decent but he is not worth over 2 mil.

      • Gulbickus says:

        Yeah, Stuart had a bad playoff series. There is a reason for that dumbass. He missed the last month of the season and the first round of the playoffs to an injury..for christs sake, cut the guy some slack. He’s a top 4 dman on this team and has a ton more talent than your namesake, Aaron Ward

      • WARDOFTHERINGS says:

        Arron Ward had better numbers in the playoffs. check the stats bro.

      • WARDOFTHERINGS says:

        not saying is awful he is just not a top 4 defense man.

  6. pearson says:

    sorry to clog up the board buttt…..

  7. pearson says:

    and i wont post em, but i think i forgot about how many people johnnyBOY destroyed last year. glad we have him back.

    i would just like to go on the record and say that with boychuck, chara, stuart, lucic, and now horton… our team is gonna break some people.

  8. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    just announced stuart signed for 1.675 mil. This is a great deal for the Bruins. Love him back in the fold.

  9. Bruins says:

    Good stuff on the Stuart signing. I heard it’s a 1 year deal. It’s good to have alot of money coming off the books next year. With so many impressive prospects it might be good to bring them in next year if not this year. Outside of Seguin, Caron, Colborne, Alexandrov ( and maybe still Hamill and Marchand) I think you could see guys like Knight, Spooner, Warsofsky and Button up in Boston sooner rather than later.

  10. Bruins says:

    I’d go with this for next year:


    Maybe switch up Stuart and Hunwick as Stuart might be a little redundant with Boychuk.

  11. #4 says:


    Order the bash brothers shirts.

  12. ccm says:

    Stuart is more valuable than we signed him for, the guy does it all. Great signing by PC. Anyone saying that Stuart sucks obviously doesn’t watch the Bruins because the guy is an ANIMAL. And WARDOFTHERINGS why don’t you pick a stretch of game where he wasn’t injured/coming off an injury then check back in with us, thanks.


      im pretty sure savard came off a major concussion and played better than Stuart. and half of you want him gone so…..

      • Brendan says:

        of course he played better than stuart because he was our nom.1 center and staurt is a hard hitting defenseman. damn so of the crap u post is so stupid and irrelevant

      • WARDOFTHERINGS says:

        did you actually watch the playoffs he got beat every time and also ferrence came back from injury and actually played well with mquaid.Using excuses due to an injury is irrelevant bro.

      • WARDOFTHERINGS says:

        and he was out 4weeks compared to savard’s three months bro.

  13. Pete says:

    We need Stuart. We’ve had a lot of good player over recent history that have been let go for some reason. I’m glad we’re keeping him.

    • ccm says:

      That’s one thing you really can’t knock PC for. The Bruins were known for letting their valuable players walk and thus far, he’s not only retained them, but have them signing for discount prices to stay in a Bruins uniform. This shows us that not only do we view them as valuable, but so does the management which translates into them wanting to stay here.

  14. North B says:

    Great news.. Stuart is the rock solid D-man every team needs in the 4-5 spot..

  15. Pearson says:

    I like the deal most because he took a paycut IMO, but can re-up next year when some of the salaries come off the table. Stuart is a great player that has been injured, i know that adds into it but his potential is still very high if he can stay off the injury report.

  16. ELWOPPO says:

    Whats the story on cap room?

  17. Habhater says:

    Per my calculations we have available cap space of $1,687,230. 18 players are signed – 2 goaltenders (Thomas & Rask), 6 defensemen (Chara, Seidenberg, Boychuk, Stuart, Hunwick & Ferrence) and 10 forwards (Bergeron, Ryder, Krecji, Sturm, Savard, Lucic, Thornton, Horton, Paille & Recchi).

    IMO we need to sign or promote 1 more defensemen (McQuaid? qualified at $660,000) and 3 forwards – Seguin ($900,000 cap hit per CBA). Assuming that those 2 are signed as above, that leaves only $127,230 available in which to sign 2 players.

    Sturm will be on LTIR once the season starts and is not due back till December or early January. As such we can expect some cap relief of about 1/2 of his hit of $3.5M, or $1.75M. That relief plus the $127,230 is still not enough to sign or promote 2 players. Something still has to give.

    Ryder is the obvious solution; however there are no takers for him due to his $4M cap hit. If we buy him out we save $2.7M; however it comes with a subsequent 2 year cap hit of $1.3M. Do we really want to do that?

    What about waiving him? If unclaimed we save $4M? But what kind of message does this send – the Bruins will honor your contract, but only if you play in the AHL? That is not exactly the way to attract players to play in Boston.

    Another possible solution is to waive him and recall him. We may get lucky and have someone claim him on recall waivers and we are then only on the hook for 1/2 of his salary, or $2M.

    What to do?

    • MC Puck says:

      Just so you know, the waivers work like this. There’s a 48 hour period in which if a player is claimed, the team claiming him takes on 100% of the contract. If he hits “re-entry” waivers (hour 49) then if a team claims him, each team is responsible for 1/2

      As for the buyouts, there’s two categories. If the Bruins buy out a player UNDER 26, then they’re only responsible for 1/3rd of the remaining salary. For players 26 and older, it’s 2/3. Ryder is 30, meaning we’d be on the hook for 2.7 million, not 1.3

      • Habhater says:

        My understanding is that we save $2.M this year and are the hook for $1.3M for each of the next 2 years.

  18. #4 says:

    Why not buy out sturm in that case or waive sturm?? 2 new acl’s and had a rough season last year.

    • Habhater says:

      Good point; however Sturm cannot be bought out while injured. PC may however buy him out once he return from LTIR. That does not alleviate our immediate cap issue. By the same reasoning I believe he also cannot be waived.

      • #4 says:

        Aww thank you I did not know of that rule. So this also does very little to help us.

        My conclusion is now TRADE FERRENCE FOR NOTHING. Somebody will take him for nothing somebody has to the B’s need the space and he is a soft-oft injured defender. Although he is good when playing McQuaid is capable to step in for a whole season I believe he would have a similar season to Stuarts first season next year if this was the case.

      • Andy says:

        AMEN, 4!

    • Brendan says:

      he led the team in scoring last season…

  19. MC Puck says:

    WAIVER vs BUYOUT clarification:

    Waivers work as thus – If a player is claimed within the first 48 hours, the team CLAIMING them takes on 100% of the salary. If a player is claimed after 48 hours (re-entry waivers) then each team involved is responsible for half.

    As far as buyouts, there’s two classes of buyouts. Players under 26, and players 26 and older. If the player is under 26, the team is on the hook for 1/3 the salary, 26 and older it’s 2/3.

    PS Pekese and Matt, I’m working on a blog entry explaining how NHL transactions work. If you want to post it, let me know (I’ll provide a link via e-mail for you if you want to read it.)

    • Haus says:

      Good work I hope they link it. That would be a big help and comparing the nhl cap and contract issues to other sports, is pretty simple and straight-forward, so easier to understand.

    • Bruins says:

      Hey Mcpuck isn’t it 1/3 or 2/3 of the cap hit and not the salary?

  20. bbears24 says:

    i think the sharks and flyers might be intereseted in thomas again since nabokov went to russia and both of these teams passed on turco

    • BosBrn77 says:

      Sharks signed Nittymaki and the Flyers are too strapped for cash! They are worse off then us after signing Zherdev.

      Now the Sharks might be interested in Ference, especially if Chicago matches the offer sheet.

      The Isles have to sign some guys to get above the cap basement. Maybe offer up Ryder and a nice prospect (Hamill, Marchand, Arniel?) or a pick for a prospect and/or a pick. It would give them a player that can play, a prospect or pick to use later, and put them above the basement with his salary coming off next year! Heck, if the Rangers will trade for Eminger… anything is possible!

      • Andy says:

        The thing that sucks is that Ricky Dipietro has that monster contract! Even though he’s always injured, they couldn’t take a guy like Thomas for 3 years b/c if RD comes back, they’re in the same situation we are – a backup G making 4.5 mil/yr. Plus, they have Roloson.

        Otherwise, it would be a great place to send Thomas (not that he would waive his NTC to go there).

        I’m sure PC has talked to EVERYONE about unloading Ryder for a used jock and there have been no takers.

        The interesting part of it is that he’s only got 1 year left. For a guy who can score 20 goals (although massively inconsistent), you would think that a team would take a flyer on him…

      • BosBrn77 says:

        I honestly think we will keep Thomas. Like I said in another post, we are spending on Thomas AND Rask, what Buffalo is spending on Miller.

        I’m sure PC has asked about Ryder…. that is why I think PC would HAVE to sweeten the deal with a prospect or a pick. But Ryder has two things going for him. 1) He is in a contract year, so I expect him to play his ass off. 2) He was one of only two Bruins to play all 82 games last year. So he does stay healthy.

        But I agree with everything you said, Andy. I was thinking the same thing.

  21. mcpuck says:

    the entry on the CBA will have to wait seeing as I’m drunk and only half way done hahahahahaha. Go Bruins!

  22. willisss says:

    soooo who does tampa have for a goalie? mike fucking smith? i cant belive those floridian ass holes won a cup in my lifetime but the bruins have not….

    here is how the deal should go down…

    ” whats up tampa, its peter….ive been ok yourself?….. good glad to hear it, and the kids?…… yea those little bastards drive me ape shit, hey while we are on the topic, want tim thomas?…itll be fun, i promise…what do i want back you say? hmm…how about that dude ( as PC points to some dude in acounts payable, for the sake of this fantasy convo, his name will be eric)…sweet great deal!”


    yea ive been drinking and fleet foxes just came up on is good

    cheeeeeeeeers HYVAA ILTAA!

  23. Brudawg says:

    Love Thomas but he needs to go as soon as possible. Yes, the cap situation is not too bad on the goalie category right now. (6.5M) however, in 2 years it is going to be closer to $10M once Rask reups and that is insane. If can’t trade him now, Start Thomas as many games as possible at the first of the year and hopes he stands on his head and creates some value in the market.

    Who says we need to have the all the cards in place for game one of the regular season. Hopefully we can dish Thomas and Ryder to teams makking a cup run during trade deadline and the bruins can trade for a key player who is an UFA or RFA next year with the thought to resign him.

    PC, good work on Stuart. Key depth for good rate.

  24. willisss says:

    does anyone know if psands or jefe are still alive?

  25. moast says:

    Mark Stuart deserves this contract and will prove himself into a longer term next year!

  26. Jefe77 says:

    Stuart just like Savvy shouldn’t be judged to harshly on their playoff performances. Stu is as solid a hitter there is, and as someone mentioned above the way he looks at people is f’n scary. He has the taste for blood, which makes him a great Bruin to me.

    He’s young, durable, possesses leadership all for 1.6? Seems like a steal to me and they will give him his due raise when they have more cap space next season.

  27. ccm says:

    I feel like that’s what PC told him.

    “Hey look we’re tight up against the cap, sign for one year so we can fit you under the cap, then next year when we have more cap space we’ll sign you to a multi-year deal with much more.”

    Especially since Stuart is one of those guys who would take a pay cut to stay, and just plays because he loves the game and isn’t worried about all the money.

  28. backbruin says:

    Just to let everyone know how are first round pick is doing in camp right now, have a read!!me’s like what me see’s

    Tyler Seguin has been extremely impressive during the first few days of the Bruins’ development camp.

    He has played with a tremendous amount of skill, speed and poise and has essentially wowed the Bruin brainstrust. “Terrific speed,’’ said Boston general manager Peter Chiarelli. “He pushes the puck at that speed. He’s always attacking with speed. That’s one of his assets. A tremendous asset. The stuff that he has, you don’t find. All the things that he has in his whole package, there’s not many players that have that.’’ Although Seguin is showcasing his talents against other unproven rookies, he is a tremendous prospect and will be given every opportunity to crack the Boston lineup come September. If he does, he can register 60-70 points in 2010-11

    • JRy says:

      How do Colborne and Warsofsky look?

      • EricD says:

        i was there saturday..
        Colbourne: Looks great, his hands are excellent, and his moves are just as good. At 6’5 he will be a perfect Bruins (def put him on the wing)
        Warsoftsky: I was excited to see this kid, and he did not disapoint. It seemed every shot he took went in and his defensive mind was there too. He is a solid, small, dman but his offensive skills looked good

      • JRy says:

        Nice! I hope warsofsky will become one of those feel good stories because he turned into a great defensman despite being so small.

  29. Vince says:

    If they are unable to trade away Ryder cannot they bury him in the minors to clear up his salary? Would that be enough to get us out of the salary cap trouble that we are now in?

    I think it is a big mistake to get rid of Savard (and I hope PC knows it). If they can get a good return for Thomas I would go ahead and do that.

    • BosBrn77 says:

      I honestly think they will send Ryder down to the minors. That would clear up 4 mil and resolve any issues we need to sign the other players.

      I also think they need to keep Savard. I think his knowledge would be great to help Seguin! They can always sign Chara and Bergeron to a long, cap friendly deal during the season. Ones that will free up space to keep certain players and sign others.

      Other options would be…

      1) Trade Ference. San Jose is looking for defense since Blake retired. It is said that Chicago will match the offer sheet the Sharks made.

      2) Trade Thomas. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like many teams are really in need of a starter. We may need to just run with Rask and Thomas. Also, Thomas has a clause in his contract where he can’t be demoted.

      3) Trade Wheeler’s rights or walk away from his arbitration reward.

      4) Demote Sturm when he returns. His salary will not count while he is injured.

      Even though PC has some cap issues, he does have ways to move around them.

  30. ELWOPPO says:

    Things are looking good ladies and gents! The Future is VERY BRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Vince Mendella says:

    In something totally off-topic.

    Was celebrating my birthday yesterday and my wife gave me a autographed picture of Terry O’Reilly. Terry’s brother is a regular at the restaurant that my wife works at and she asked if she could get an autographed photo of Terry for me. Well it came yesterday and now it is up with my Winter Classic program and all of the rest of Bruin merchandise.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Nice!…..Sounds like your a bigger bruins fan than me “Brotha”

      • Vince says:

        Was going to paint the basement in Black and Gold – had the paint and everything. Wife came downstairs as I was taping off the trim and kinda put a stop to that. Don’t worry, one night when she is asleep I will get it done. I was actually thinking of airbrushing the photo of Orr flying through the air on one wall.

      • DanD says:

        My room IS black and gold!
        I’ve got pictures of players all over the place and a bruins logo fathead. it’s sick

      • Brendan says:

        that is passion vince. i say go for it. it would look awesome.

  32. jmed says:

    How is Fluto a sports write for the boston globe?? read this paragaph below from espn insider. PC would never put Savard on waivers, this guy is a moron

    “It doesn’t look like there’s any active discussion of a deal that would send Marc Savard to the Toronto Maple Leafs and Tomas Kaberle to the Boston Bruins. But as Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe writes, “The trade makes too much sense not to happen.”

    There’s also some speculation that Savard could be placed on waivers so the Bruins get the cap relieve, but GM Peter Chiarelli probably wants to get something in return for a top center like Savard.”

    • Andy says:

      Never liked him. I love how he says the trade “makes too much sense not to happen”. He’s always jerked off about getting a puck moving D. Since you’re the beat writer for the team, did you notice they were NEXT TO LAST IN GOALS SCORED last year, you dumbfuck?!! Yeah, let’s get rid of our top scorer and bring in a high-priced D! Idiot!

      Now, I want to say this disclaimer that I am not at all racist, but I’m wondering why 2 asians are covering the team (Futayama rinkside). I know it’s a stereotype, but I wouldn’t think that Asian people are foremost experts in hockey, enough to be reporting on it on a daily basis.

      I mean, it seems like he gets the overall jist of the game, but I take his “analysis” with definite skepticism, especially when he’s putting out ridiculous claims like Savard for Kaberle is a no-doubter!

      To anyone who was offended, I sincerely apologize. That wasn’t my intention…

  33. G-Rant says:

    He is terrible. I’ve found his suggestions and predictions are often far fetched and rarely accurate. Go cover wrestling or something

  34. ccm says:

    His name is Fluto, enough said.

  35. #4 says:

    omfg peoplpe.. Lets start a petition to get one of us hired at the globe. I am pretty sure Fluto never played hockey in his life read this article

    His first suggestion: Trade Savard for Kaberle or Waive savard if you cant. Are you f’ing kidding me let a 70+ Point scorer walk for nothing.

    Then he follows it up with this:

    EXtend Blake wheeler stating that Blake wheeler could have scored 30 goals on Chicago’s 3rd line but that the bruins are just too defensive minded.

    Wow…. Just wow… I am freaking pissed I cant read the next 3 pages let me know what other moronic verbal diarrhea seeps out of his mouth……

  36. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    yeah and we all know there haven’t been any bizarre proposals coming from this site.

  37. Birdman2403 says:

    The Bruins need to go after Sharp…BIGTIME ! This guy would be a perfect fit !

  38. backbruin says:

    ya great idea, how do you fit him under the cap…don’t say trade Ryder because he’s way to hard to deal at that price….I think we would all love a Sharpe on our team but we need to be realistic….With all the talk of Savard being dealt, i think it’s safe to say we won’t be adding much more at this point in time! I would be ecstatic if we went on with what we have to start the season!!

  39. willisss says:

    hahahahaaa savard placed on waivers….the stupidity of these people are second to none

  40. Bruins says:

    It makes no sense for the Bruins to trade with the Hawks. They need to dump salary and we can’t take any.

  41. backbruin says:

    Ya and i was shocked they put that much money into jhamarlson*….I figured they would have to let him go at that price (14mil). Not sure how they can afford him at that price but anyways!

  42. Bruins says:

    Apparently they see him as a core uy. He’s a good player and a great second pairing guy but they’re royally fucked with their cap situation right now so it’s surprising that they matched it. I heard that the Hawks have just over 100K in cap room with 8 or so players left to sign (the minimum salary is 450K…).

  43. backbruin says:

    Ya that’s what i mean. Whether he’s a core guy or not they are in real trouble, and i could see them falling from grace next year!!!they are losing other “core” guys that mean more then jhalmarson.

  44. moast says:

    What about this for a cap fix $ wise.

    Savard and Ference to Calgary for Regehr
    Ryder to the minors
    Wheeler and Pick(s) to Chicago for Sharp

    Lucic Krejci Sharp
    Horton Bergeron Recchi
    Colborne Seguin Sturm
    Paille Campbell Thornton

    Chara Regehr
    Seidenberg Boychuck
    Stuart Hunwick/McQuaid


    • Bruins1 says:

      I still like
      Chara to the Ducks for Bobby Ryan
      Savard to LA for Jack Johnson
      Sign Wheeler and now have our line-up
      Send Thomas to NYI fot 2nd rd pick

      Lucic- Krecji – Ryan
      Horton -Bergeron- Wheeler
      Ryder- Seguin – Recchi
      Paille- Campbell- Thorton


      • #4 says:

        That defense is weak…

        The moast post makes more sense but both are dumb keep the roster the way it is.

      • willisss says:

        chara shouldnt, and will not, go anywhere. wake up man

      • really says:

        So you want to trade Chara the Bruin’s number one defenseman and Savard their best offensive player for Jack Johnson and Bobby Ryan. Further you seem to have no problem resigning Wheeler a player who hasn’t lived up to expectations and has made some stupid errors on the ice. You also want to trade Thomas for a pick. Who is going to replace him as backup?

        Did you just recently become a Bruins fan because you obviously don’t know what you are talking about. That or you are high of some powerful narcotic.

      • Brendan says:

        we signed shaefer, peter’s little brother, who is a goalie and i wouldn’t mind dumping $5 waste of money player for picks and prospects.

  45. backbruin says:

    Everyone is so on wheeler day in and day out…do we not remember his 20 + goals his first year? Don’t let last years injury plagued year influence how you look at this kid..The sophmore slump has taken players with bigger names then wheelers over the years…Don’t be so quick to throw this kid away as he does have talent, and with guys like Neely in the operation to better his game. If he has a first half that continues like last year then i would raise a red flag but the whole team suffered last year so putting it on a sophmores shoulders and say he sucks is way offside!

    Let’s se how he plays with a healthy lineup and some added support first!

    • willisss says:

      well said. i also think wheeler is much better then he showed last year. but if its midway through the season and hes still looking like soph slump wheels, then the bruins will have a problem

    • #4 says:

      With the arbitration how long do the B’s have left to sign people??

      They need to sign
      anyone else? Maybe another rookie or 2.

      • Andy says:

        Wheeler should be gone. The reason why everyone jumps on Wheeler is that in his 2nd yr, yeah, he was our 3rd leading scorer. I hate that argument. We were one of the WORST scoring teams in the league!

        Plus, bottom line, along with Sturm and Ryder, he’s just too inconsistent. There were games last year that he was completely invisible! It’s been noted that for a guy who’s 6’5, he doesn’t like to play the body.

        His 1st yr, he had a bad slump towards the end. His 2nd yr was the same thing. Why would anyone think it’s all of the sudden going to change in his 3rd?

        He’s a 3/4 liner who yes, can put 15-20 goals and 35-40 pts a year, but I don’t want to pay 2.5 mil for a guy like that! He is what he is and I don’t think it’s worth the money…

      • Brendan says:

        Andy you are the man. No one could pin the point on the head like you just did. Thank you I’m not the only one who saw that last season.

      • backbruin says:

        Exactly it was his second year….Is second year players suppost to put up 30-30 now? When the team went through devistaing injuries, and the “senior” guys really showed the “2nd” year players alot last year didn’t they….gimme a break man, you’re giving up on this kid way to early. Like i said, give him half the year to gel with more consistent line mates which i’m sure we will see barring an injury plagued season as last.

        I disagree with guys who are so ready to dump these kids after two years….it’s comical to tell you the truth….and as for your last statement which i think is the funniest of them all….name one team in the nhl who wouldn’t take a 15-20 goal man on their third line….bahahahahhahahahahaha….and he’s not going to make 2.5 dude….

  46. moast says:

    Not sure why Savard is going but he is a goner.
    Keep Wheeler as he will definately have a better year.
    Ship out Ryder, Ference to secure a top 4 dman.
    Any word on Sturm? Hearing he is retiring?
    My earlier scenario made a tonne of sence to me as not only are they getting rid of dead weight, they are securing Regehr and Sharp…….no brainer to me.
    Just so its said, I want Savy here centering Horton and Lucic……but he will be moved due to off ice shit (assuming).

  47. bruins823 says:

    Rumor just came out….Savard and Wheeler to Ottawa, very close to happening.

  48. moast says:

    I know I may get shot for saying this but I hope that Chris Neil is coming back to put on the 4th line somehow!!
    Who else could they get more but could just be a salary dump?

  49. bruins823 says:

    I think its a salary dump. Neil was offered 2yrs at a million or so and turned it down because he wants a longer contract. I dont see th B’s getting involved in that.

  50. Birdman2403 says:

    If it goes down I hope Fisher comes our way. Then go after Sharp !

  51. bruins823 says:

    Sounds good, id love to see Sharp come here.

  52. DBruins says:

    Bruins823 Chris Neil is signed up through 2013 for 2 million a year already.

  53. moast says:

    Any validity to this rumour or is it just Eklunds bullshit once again?

  54. jmed says:

    lets trade ference for some good looking ice girls!!

  55. Andy says:

    I HATE the idea of losing Savard, but there’s no one on the Sens who doesn’t make more than he does that I would want – Michalek & Fisher both make more!

    If you have to do it, I would hope it’s a 3 way. I do agree with everyone else. If we have to lose Savard, I would want to find a way to bring Sharp aboard!

  56. Andy says:

    Oh, and it IS probably more Eklund bullshit…

  57. moast says:

    Thought so…..isn’t it weird that Eklund is a fucktard but everyone still listens to it?
    If we dont get a guy like Sharp after losing Savard, we are not much better off than last year.
    Love Horton and Seguin but without savy?

  58. Gcole says:

    So we need to sign seguin wheeler and Campbell… Why can’t we just sign seguin, and bring up two from providence for cheap? I Like wheeler, but there’s no $ for him, and I don’t know a dam about Campbell I won’t lie.. If you can replace wheeler with colbourne/Caron/whoever, why not?

    • Andy says:

      The problem with Seguin is BONUSES. He will get his base salary, which is capped at 900k, but his bonuses, whether he achieves them or not, have to be added to the salary cap. That’s why Hall signed for 3.75 mil with EDM. He only got the 900k base, but another almost 3 mil in bonuses in his contract.

      So what you might be looking at with Seguin is another 3-3.5 mil added to the cap. That’s probably why they haven’t signed him yet, they have to figure out how to get more salary off the books…

      Pathetic, isn’t it. That guys like Ryder, Sturm, and Ference tie up that kind of salary when we have the franchise kid (hopefully) sitting there without a contract – when if we had been more cap conscious, he would have already been signed..

      I think the other thing that I HATE about rookie salaries is that there is a 3 year cap on the initial contract. I understand that these kids want to be paid, but teams draft these kids and hope they can be the future, but you also have to be conscious of the fact that they are an RFA after 3 years (ala Bobby Ryan)

  59. mook says:

    BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont reports Blake Wheeler’s agent said both his client and the Bruins hope to avoid going to salary arbitration. Wheeler filed for arbitration last week and his hearing is slated for July 27th.

  60. moast says:

    Would be an interesting fourth line:

    Lucic Savard Horton
    Sturm Krejci Seguin
    Ryder Bergeron Recchi
    Paille Colborne Thornton

  61. I would like to see Wheeler go, but they would be crazy to let Savard go. Horton will have a career year if he can play next to a healthy Savard this year.

    And the Mark Stuart signing is great, I don’t think you’ll mind a much better deal for what a guy like Stuart brings to the table with the price he cost.

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