Wheeler awarded $2.2 million

According to Jimmy Murphy of espnboston.com, Blake Wheeler has been awarded$2.2 million on a one year contract. The Bruins have 48 hours to accept or decline the awarded salary.


83 Responses to Wheeler awarded $2.2 million

  1. Bergy37 says:

    What’s left for cap room if we sign him

  2. Andy says:

    We had $12k in space before the award, so we’d be 2.1988 mil over the cap and that’s without signing Seguin. Although if you take Sturm’s LTIR money off, we would have about 1.3 mil in cap space once the season starts. It would come back once Sturm returns (unless he retires!)

    Assuming Seguin signs for 3 mil, we’re going to have to trade someone or demote Ryder BEFORE the season starts. Otherwise, the other option is to send Seguin back to Plymouth, which obviously ain’t gonna happen..

  3. Bruins1 says:

    2.2 million is a steal for Wheeler, who I think will score 20 plus this year. Its only his third season. Now only if we can get rid of Thomas’s 5 million, we would be in solid shape. Getting excited about our potential this season. Forwards look dangerous


    Trade Thomas and sign Turco for 2 million

    • Haus says:

      Why wouldnt a rival GM just take the slight drop off in talent and sign Turco? Just save 3mil (assuming thats the market number) and dont have to give up anything.

  4. Haus says:

    good number for Wheeler, he doesnt get enough credit on these boards for his versatility in my opinion. Unfortunately, I dont think we have heard the end of the Savard leaving town saga. I would love for him to stay but alot of damage may have been done with all the rumor publicity. If by some odd consequence Savard remains, Ryder is the obvious waiver candidate

  5. Andy says:

    I keep reading that he was only paid $850k last year, but that was his base. His total, including bonus, was 2.85 mil. I doubt he reached triggers, but doesn’t the entire thing count aganist the cap anyway?

    If that’s the case, he just took a $600k paycut. I’m probably wrong, though. I’m sure he wouldn’t be satisfied, which he seems to be, if he took one.

    2.2 mil for a guy w/ 20 goal potential. I’ll take it. Plus, I think the best part is it’s a 1 yr deal. You don’t bring your A game this yr, buddy, it’ll be your last here..

    • Dolo says:

      I agree, sign him to a one yr deal. He was pitiful to watch last season, but at 2.2 mil let this be his last chance in boston.
      Also, I might be wrong, but isn’t the league max for a rookie contract only around a mil? That should help them sign seguin.
      Oh yeah, and DUMP RYDER

      • Haus says:

        yeah, but then you figure in bonuses which count against the cap. His cap number will probably be around 3.5mil.

      • Andy says:

        The base salary max for a rookie is $900k, but the max contract, including bonuses, is 3.75 mil, which is what Hall signed with EDM for..

  6. Haus says:

    dont forget Wheeler has a big fan in President Neely, who spearheaded him coming here in the first place. I would think he hit all his bonuses the last 2 seasons. He only missed 1 game in 08-09 none last year. Played in all situations and had pretty good numbers overall. Im guessing that he signed the first, bonus heavy contract understanding that unless his number were astronomical, he would have to take a little paycut.

  7. Mook says:

    BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports it’s now up to the Boston Bruins to accept or reject Blake Wheeler’s arbiter-awarded contract of one-year, $2.2 million. The club is expected to accept the award, which would push payroll to over $60 million. To free up cap space they’ll likely start the season with Marco Sturm on LTIR while he recovers from a knee injury, and if Tyler Seguin makes the cut could demote Michael Ryder and his $4 million salary.

  8. seguin>hall says:

    I’m really surprised that no one has thought of this.. Why can’t we put Timmy in Providence, or buy him out? He’s a damn good goalie.. But everyone knew this was a bad deal from day 1

    • Richardo says:

      The cap hit would be the same if we bought him out. He has a 35+ contract. He gets all of his money no matter what. So its trade em, demote him, or hang with him.

      • #4 says:

        You cant demote Timmy.

      • Andy says:

        Even if Timmy retired today, you’d still have to eat the money tied to the cap. It’s another aspect of the 35+ rule. Basically, you sign a 35+ player, you are literally locked into that contract.

        Probably another reason why teams would want to gtake their chances on another, younger goalie and the reason why you usually see 35+ guys sign for only 1 or 2 years..

  9. Dbruins says:

    Timmy has a no movement clause I think, which means he can not be put on waivers.

  10. #4 says:

    35yo contract w/ no movement clause Timmy isnt going anyhwere unless he wants to. The last thing he wants to do is go back the minor leagues.

    Hes a #1 somewhere let him build up some stock by playing him a bit early on and then look to move him before the halfway point of the season. That is if he wants to move.

    I actually think Sturm/Ferrence are the 2 contracts @6mil total that this team could SERIOUSLY survive w/o. I think McQuaid could play solid as a 6th D and why cant Chara play like 28mins a game as long as he’s healthy?

    They would be my options to get off the books asap. I mean look at this


    where does sturm fit in, Supposing ryder is on the upswing this year. Also somethings fishy about the Ferrence contract I never liked it, never liked him either.

    • Haus says:

      Ference actually is a pretty solid player, good speed, plays smart in his own zone, big open ice hits and isnt afraid to drop the gloves. His problem has always been staying healthy an entire season. If he was more consistently in the lineup, i think he would probably justify that contract. But since he has never really proven he can stay on the ice, the cap number and risk is a mistake. I hope he can be sturdy this year.

      • jmed says:

        Ference drop the gloves…the radio station used to play “fire fly” every time he called in because hes soft.

      • Haus says:

        are you saying Ference never drops the gloves, Jmed? And btw, for WFNX to be calling anybody soft is a joke, everybody at that station is either a guy wearing nail polish, a dipshit alt band groupie, or some other form of skinny jeans wearing queef. but thats not even the point. they called him “fire fly” because he mentioned in an interview that he didnt like the song “fireflies” by owl city so they teased him with it. you know what? Ference was right, that song sucks.

  11. Vince Mendella says:

    from Jimmy Murphy via Twitter:

    “The Bruins have signed Blake Wheeler to his one-year, $2.2 m contract awarded in arbitration as I’m sure my colleagues have tweeted.”

  12. willisss says:

    wheeler signed

  13. bbears24 says:

    yesssaaaa….everyone loves blake again!!!!!! WOOHOO

  14. moast says:

    Could they buy out Sturm after he returns? No Buy out window I assume. I like the lineup we have…..pretty deep and solid.

    • Andy says:

      That’s a good point, Moast, could they buy out Sturm NOW, or is it that you can’t do it with a guy on LTIR?

      The other thing that I guess we could take into consideration is that TT is HURT, right? Is he going to start the season? He’d have to come back and get into some games. I think similar to the NFL, it may be a matter of a team who THINKS they have solid goaltending right now (SJ & Nittymaki – are you kidding me?!) but then when it doesn’t work out, they’ll be looking to upgrade during the season…

  15. moast says:

    I can definately see TT getting moved…..lots of teams going to have a reality check when there backups cant perform like starters…..they will come knocking…..I hope?
    As far as Sturm is concerned, I’d love for them to waive, trade, mybe even buy out? there is no room for him and quite frankly I’d rather have Ryder on the team…..that really hurt to say! WTF!
    What about the rumours of Bos and LA talking about a potential Savard & Stuart/Hunwick in return for a PMD and a scoring winger.
    Seems kinda like a wash to me.
    Savard & Hunwick/Stuart for Jack Johnson and Simonds?
    that might look pretty good if it was hunwick…..or maybe Savard, Hunwick and Picks/Prospects?

  16. #4 says:

    Guys Guys dont worry so much about the cap. I cant believe we didnt realize this earlier….

    Ferrence is going to go down in the first game and be LTIR for 70 Games this season *AT LEAST*.. Theres 2.2 Mil in cap relief DERRR..

    Pc is a genius we just didnt realize it!

  17. Mook says:

    ryder = providence

    all problems solved.

  18. Bruins1 says:

    Sto saying Ryder to Providence. He isn’t going anywhere for a few reasons.
    A.) He has potential to score 20 goals.
    B.) It looks bad for the organization on the veterans when they see you send a guy down to the AHL to save money.
    C.) Ryder belongs in the NHL, its not his fault he is being paided 4 million. Don’t forget we had 2 pay him that much because no one before recently wanted to come to Boston, Modano, Forseberg, and Hossa wanted nothign to do with Boston

    Lets suck it up and give the guy some confidence. He may surprise us all. If you are a true Bruins fan, which most of you are not, just talkers. You will support the team we have now. Our only resources for a trade are Savard and Thomas right now. So if we need cap space, one will have to go. But please stop with the Ryder comments.

    Krecji didnt score as much last year, is anyone complaining about him??

    • Haus says:

      i hear you, man. Its just my opinion that despite the ability to get a return for Savvy, demoting ryder is better for the bruins competitively this season. Dont get me wrong, if someone else takes him via trade, he will have a good season.

    • ccm says:

      So you’re saying you’d rather trade Savvy, a potential 90-point player, pivot man on the power play which sucks without him, and the guy who wants to retire a Bruin, rather than Ryder because he has the potential to score 20 goals?

      Your reasoning makes no sense. Demoting Ryder wouldn’t look nearly as bad to other players as trading Savvy would in the first year of his cap-friendly contract to keep him in Boston until he retires.

      Krejci had a hip injury, and never seemed to catch his stride that’s why you don’t hear people complaining about him. If Ryder had been hurt I bet you wouldn’t hear it as much. He’s also being paid $4million a season, so yes, we have a right to get on him.

      No offense your entire post makes no sense, every point is wrong. And we aren’t the true Bruin’s fans?

      • ccm says:

        Sorry for the rant, just felt like I needed to voice my opinion. Didn’t intend to be rude.

      • Andy says:

        Don’t you know that if you don’t have Bruins in your screen name, you’re not a true fan!!

        We’re all B’s fans, here, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. We are all free to give our own opinions. Look at me, I got lambasted for merely suggesting a trade of Bergy, which was presented as an option, given our cap situation.

        Realistically, though, Ryder’s cap hit, given the situation, is really the only way out, unless we trade Savvy, which I’m completely aganist, because you’re losing your best player. Again, remember how bad our scoring was when he was out and how happy we were to see him come back. As for Seguin, you can’t expect this kid to replicate that production, at least not this year. Remember, Jumbo Joe got something like 16 pts his 1st yr.

        Back to Ryder, everyone knows that the contract was too much at the time and the only reason he signed for that much is that we were desperate for scoring. I don’t think other future FA’s would look at it as a negative. A guy needs to produce to earn his contract. He hasn’t been awful, but certainly not worth $4 mil per. You don’t hang onto that, because of our cap situation, to look good to other FA’s and CCM made a good point, it would look TEN TIMES worse if you traded Savvy, after just signing a cap-friendly contract…

      • #4 says:

        *Did the Lambasting*

        haha its ok Andy we still ❤ you.

  19. seguin>hall says:

    As it is… This team is one of the top 3 teams in the league. I really do believe that.

  20. bbears24 says:

    i don’t understand why the NHL can’t go over the salary cap, but every other sport can…i wish they would allow it and just pay a luxury tax all this non-sense could be avoided

    • Haus says:

      because that would render the salary cap bullshit, just like the nba. Luxury tax is garbage circumvention. Nhl has the best cap because they keep it simple.

  21. jimmy50 says:

    Do you think a Savard and Ryder for Kaberele deal would happen?

    Just a thought.

  22. jimmy50 says:

    …or (TRADE THOMAS)

    Lucic Savard Seguin
    Wheeler Krecji Ryder
    Recchi Bergeron Marchand (Sturm)
    Paille Campbell Thornton

  23. Haus says:

    jimmy thats a ripoff deal. Cmon man!!

  24. seguin>hall says:

    I never want to hear the term “puck moving defenseman” again. Savard for a “pmd” makes me want to vomit all over myself. I want “body crushing defensemen” on this team. Kaberle is as overrated as anyone in the league.

  25. jimmy50 says:

    Well it seems we want to get rid of Savard and sign Seguin. Also try to get rid of the dead weight in Ryder. In this deal Toronto gets Savards cap friendly contract for 7 years and has to deal with Ryder’s for one year. In return we get a potential 50 point D-Man, who, yes had a -16 last season but was plying for the Leafs!

    Chara Seidenberg
    Stuart Kaberle
    Boychuk Ference

    That is a sick D-Pairing. Plus the offense would be good enough still to keep Tuukka and Thomas in between the pipes.

    Lucic Krecji Horton
    Recchi Bergeron Sturm
    Wheeler Seguin Marchand
    Thornton Campbell Paille

    • #4 says:

      Dude Kaberle’s wishy-washy play, lack of defensive prowess, and Body Checking. Within 2 games you’d be crying wheres RYDER????

      While the MakeMe Laughs have Savard-Kessel-Ryder first line moving into a top 15team instead of a guarenteed bottom 5.

      Dude seriously that is an awful idea.

      I know how to fix the team lets trade Savard, Chara and TO First Rounder next year to TO For Kaberle and Finger that’ll save us!(sarcasm)

    • Andy says:

      Jimmy, again I’ll go back to how bad our scoring and especially the PP was last year when Savvy was out. You don’t just replicate those kind of numbers. Plus, we went out to get a guy like Horton and now we’re going to trade one of the best playmakers in the league?!

      Plus, Kaberle is a UFA next year and no, I don’t like him either. I think the “puck-moving D” factor is completely overrated!

  26. ELWOPPO says:

    Can someone explain to me Seguin’s cap hit if we sign him? Some people tell me 3.5 others tell me rookie max at 900k per year! Whats the answer? Ive also heard bonuses but its insane to think a rookie would cost the bruins 3.5 mil in his first year! Doesnt make sense to me? Why would an nhl club sign a “rookie” too that amount???

    • bruinsfanupnorth says:

      his cap hit this year would be roughly 900 k. if he hits his bonuses this year they count against the cap next year. ( i think)

    • Andy says:

      I believe how it works is that you have to make room for the TOTAL contract (3.5 mil) on the cap in case Seguin DOES make the bonuses.

      That’s why Wheeler’s cap hit was 2.85 mil, but his base was only $875k.

      The thing that I hate about the rookie deals is that they only last 3 years. Here you have a franchise player, but within 3 years you have to sign him to a monster contract, or he becomes a RFA and you have to guard aganist an offer sheet (ala Bobby Ryan).

      Hopefully they correct that in the next CBA. I listen to NHL Home Ice on Sirius/XM and I’ve heard multiple people say what an awful deal it is for teams, especially the EDM’s/TOR’s of the world..

  27. moast says:

    I do not want to see Savvy gone but if he is DEFINATELY not to Toronto. Does Boston really want to see the Kessel and Savy 1-2 punch again? Especially play against them all the time? Not only that, make the Leafs 1 pick next year go from top five to ten to twenty? Calgary is the only real option to me (other than NYI but Savy wont go there)….assuming Savy waives to go there.

    Savard, Ryder & Hunwick
    Regehr, Prospect/Picks

  28. ohniner says:

    Ryder and Ference will be fan targets this year . Who ever said trade sturm over ryder should be shot maybe you were joking but thats not funny STURM HAS A HEART AND GOES INTO THE DIRTY AREAS. he only lead the team in scoring last year with alot less games played. CMON GUYS relax next year will be are retool year with way more money to do so. we also look good on paper this year

    • #4 says:

      Sturm is on his 3rd THATS RIGHT 3rd Replacement ACL. Hes out until Dec and he missed on what about 45 consecutive breakaways and had like 0 points the end of last season. Lets face it when he whent down that game nobody was jumping upo going “OMG NOT STURM WHAT’ll WE EVER DO!!!”.

      No dude he’s looking at retirement I dont really think Heart overcomes 10pds of plastic for knees, guy needs to think about his future and being able to walk pas the age of 40.

      Ryder on the other hand never gets hurt, and has a good upside(I thought he looked real good end of last season) as long as he plays with some fire in his belly. I think a Contract year might be enough to get him going. If its not then we can him before the deadline.

      Either way you need cap relief and sturm/ferrence provide about 6mil without taking much of whats important. Either of those guys could be replaced by one of the upcoming kids with very little negative impact on the team as a whole. Its the cap era you cant keep everyone just because YOU like them.

      • ELWOPPO says:

        #4 couldnt have said it better myself! Not only does Ryder have better upside and hardly gets hurt, He has one of the best snap shots ive ever seen in my life!!!! I like sturm but the fucken pussy gets hurts EVERY FUCKEN season! Plus ive never seen a player awarded so many penalty shots in a season without scoring on at least one of them?!!! He doesnt know how to deke!

      • Andy says:

        I couldn’t have said it better! Sturm has heart, but he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn door most of the time last year.

        All this talk about the “7 consecutive years of 20+ goals”. That’s all well and good, but that’s like saying JD Drew is justified for getting $14 mil per because of his OPS & OBP.

        The bottom line with both of them are that you cannot rely on them in the clutch.

        Didn’t hear too many people in 2009 wondering when we were going to get Sturm back in the playoffs. THat tells you right there that he’s a fine complentary player, but that’s it!

  29. Vince says:

    What is the cap hit right now with Sturm on the LTIR and with Seguin signing for the league max (including bonuses)? Are we able to start the year right now with this lineup with Sturm in the LTIR and still be under the cap?

    There is no way Savard should be moved. Sign Chara and Bergy to new contracts and build the team. Bring up some that are in the minors next year and grow the team. If needed bring in 1 UFA next year but start to play the players that we are developing.

  30. Andy says:

    Vince, go to capgeek.com. Guy is great and updates his shit right away!

    Here it is :
    Payroll Bonuses Cap Space
    Boston Bruins » $62,537,771 $950,000 $-2,187,771 21

    21 is the # of players under contract. 12 F, 7 D, 2 G.

    VAN, NJ, & CAL are the only teams with more money spent than us…

  31. ccm says:

    Its nice to finally have management spend to the cap to be a competitor every year. We could be like the islanders, thrashers, or panthers and barely break the cap floor—I think we sometimes take advantage how lucky we are, myself included.

    • Jefe77 says:

      I agree. Its a good problem, and I don’t think PC will or has to trade Savvy. I would be crushed to see my favorite Bruin go, but in the end, what a favorable position as a club moving forward regardless. However, i feel strongly that there are many reasons to not trade Savvy regardless of the obvious. You don’t sign someone to a 7 year deal, and months later ship him out.

      I really feel PC will be able to move Ryder or Thomas when a team really needs them; sometime during desperation period a month and a half into the season when a team is underachieving.

      We have a good margin of time to get things done with Sturmie out until Jan, so there is no need to panic. Ryder will be traded or demoted, Ferrence could be moved, Thomas could be moved, if he doesn’t we have a Vezina winning goalie still on our roster, and one way or another we ride the deepest center line a team has had in the NHL in years.

      These are all good problems. And I wholeheartedly agree once again ccm; we should be very grateful for the job PC has done, and the state of the team.

      • ccm says:

        I’m glad someone agrees with me. I know the roster may be a little different come opening night, but I truley believe we have the best team we’ve had in years and that we will being big things very soon. We owe a lot to the commitment financially, and emotionally that the management has made to the club. I mean how often do you see the President and GM of the club fist pumping after goals…gotta love it.

        Get amped for this season boys!

  32. mook says:

    The Boston Bruins’ recent acceptance of the one-year, $2.2 million arbitration award for winger Blake Wheeler raised expectations the club would be forced to make a salary-dumping trade, but it’s possible they won’t have to.

    Even though they still have promising forward Tyler Seguin to sign, the Bruins might be able to fit his salary and Wheeler’s on their payroll without having to make any trades.

    The Boston Globe noted center Marco Sturm is expected to open the season on long-term injury status, allowing the team to be over the cap by the equivalent of his $3.5 million salary, plus they could demote winger Michael Ryder, clearing his $4 million salary from their cap hit.

    Rumors persist they’re shopping Marc Savard, but at this point it remains to be seen if they’ll find any takers, let alone if he’ll agree to waive his no-trade clause.

    Another possibility was floated by THN columnist Ryan Kennedy, who suggested Seguin play only nine NHL games this season and then be returned to the Ontario League to finish the season, giving him a taste of big league action and at the same time not burning through the first year of his entry level contract.

    Whatever option is taken by Bruins management, it’s clear they no longer are under the same pressure to make a trade as they were a month ago.

  33. Craig says:

    TSN reports, Tyler to sign max. entry level contract.

  34. ccm says:

    Where do you see that?

  35. Mook says:

    BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports the Bruins aren’t expected to execute any contract buyouts today.

    SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’ll likely make Michael Ryder a candidate for waivers and demotion prior to the start of the upcoming season.

    • ccm says:

      I think its pretty much a done deal Ryder is out. I’m interested in where Craig saw that report about Seguin signing.

  36. Mook says:


    what is the best way to get from Gillette stadium to the airport? and how long does it take?

    Pats game at 4pm, flight at 9pm. Am i fucked?

    • Mook says:

      or foxboro…whatever the stadium is called where the pats play.

      • goosegoose says:

        yea, you are fucked IF the game gets out at 7:30 AND you paid for one of those premium parking passes that gets you out fast, its still at least 40-50 min to Logan with no traffic. Unless of course you are flying out of Providence.

      • willisss says:

        You may be fucked, I take it your going to logan, 495 to the masspike is a straight shot but traffic will be a bitch, and logan sucks ass. Email me direct dwillis1221@gmail.com if you need more advise.

      • Mook says:


        ah well…ok what’s a good bar to watch the game at then?

      • willisss says:

        if your around the boston area their are tons of places, it depends of what type of scene your into. i try to avoid the hippster joints. cask’n flagon is alright, its right near fenway, but its usualy full of douche bags ( however theirs always chicks )i keep it dive like myself like sullys, but the tv’s they have arnt that great, boston beer works is decent but its big money.

  37. Dbruins says:

    Listening to Team990 here in Montreal . James Murphy is on and said he got a text from a Bruins source that the Seguin deal is done (entry level).

  38. Craig says:

    It was announced on TSN last night after Jays and Yankees game. But can’t find any info this morning. It might have been on sportsnet. Just said they where close to signing Tyler Seguin.

  39. backbruin says:

    Tyler Seguin has apparently signed a three year entry level contract with the Boston Bruins for $800,000 with bonuses. It’ll be interesting to see if the Bruins send him back to the OHL.

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