Seguin signs entry level contract

According to Jimmy Murphy of, Tyler Seguin has signed a three year entry level contract.  The contract is expected to be the same that Taylor Hall signed last month.  His salary is expected to be $900,000 and with bonuses he will carry a $3.75 million cap hit.

UPDATE: According to Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe, the cap hit will be $3.55 million, including bonuses, not the original reported $3.75 million.


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  1. Andy says:

    Even though it’s a formality, it’s good to see it actually done.

    Now the drama begins. How do we get under the cap?

  2. ELWOPPO says:



    When it does become official, which should happen by the end of this week, Seguin’s deal is expected to mirror the one signed early last month by Taylor Hall, who went first overall to Edmonton. Hall received a three-year deal worth the rookie max. He’ll have a base salary of $900,000 each year, with up to $2.85 million in bonuses to push his overall cap hit to $3.75 million.

    Those bonuses can be pushed into the club’s bonus cushion, which means they won’t count against this year’s cap, but whatever bonuses he does earn will be applied to next year’s cap. That’s a dangerous way to do business with the uncertainty of next year’s cap as the NHL will be entering the final year of its CBA in 2011-12 and the bonus cushion is likely not going to be available again. Applying two years’ worth of bonuses to one season will make it very difficult to keep the rest of the team together under the cap.

  3. Mook says:

    bruins have so many players coming off the books next year there is no worry.

  4. Mook says:

    Bruins are 1.613mil over the cap right now. Put Sturm on the LTIR, and we gain 3.5mil. If Sturm comes back (and based on his comments when he sustained the injury, he may not) we’ll worry about that then.

    If Ryder tears it up: keep him and demote someone who is shitting the bed, or trade him for picks.

    If Wheeler tears it up: Trade him while his value is high, or keep him and reap the rewards because he is a RFA after this season still.

    Ryder and Sturm (among others) come off the books after this season. Chara and Bergeron won’t get hefty raises…so all is well.

  5. EricD says:

    love this sign.. finally is all i can say!!…
    Now it will be interesting who they will be moving to wing (savard/krecji/bergeron/seguin/cambell..not to mention you have potentially Colbourne and Caron that could make the roster) It is going to be tough to fit everyone in this roster but I believe in the organization and front office to get it done..

    Now that Seguin is signed I dont see the bruins making any more moves unless they get a deal they cannot refuse.. but i dont see that happening.. like you guys stated before about sturm on the LTIR that knocks off 3 mill + so we will be ok to start the season.. and hopefully someone like Ryder, or Wheeler, or Thomas is doing really well so we can use them for trade bait to get some picks

  6. ELWOPPO says:

    Chia also says thier is talks to resigning Chara and Bergeron……What do you guys think it will take to lock those two up for??

    Chara- 5-6 MIL ?
    Bergeron- 4 Mil ?

    • Bruins says:

      I could see Chara signing for around $5.5-6 million on a retirement contract and Bergeron around $5 million. If that happens they still save around $1.5 million between them.

  7. Bruins says:

    I still think something happens with Ryder whether he’s demoted or packaged with a pick for a lower pick or something.


    Ideally Ryder is demoted. Sturm on the LTIR. If he comes back then deal with it then, maybe putting him in place of Caron. Rotate Thornton and Marchand using Thornton when you need a fighter and MArchand if they need more energy.


    Possibly switch Ference and Stuart. I expect Alexandrov to earn the 6th spot over the course of the year.


    Not too shabby.

  8. Andy says:

    It appears, because they can move the bonuses into next year, that, according to, we’re currently over the cap by 3.1 mil. If you put Sturm on LTIR, which is a given, then we go into camp with the current crop of players. I think this a perfect situation in a imperfect cap situation.

    Give Ryder, Wheeler, etc. time to produce, if they cannot, then it’s down to the minors. Hopefully the chemistry between Savvy & Horton will be great, too, so they can lose the fucking idea of trading Savvy.

    Whatever happens, it appears we don’t have to make a decision here until Sturm comes back, which, by all accounts, is around Thanksgiving…

    • Bruins says:

      Yeah the Bruins are actually in a really good situation right now. Where does Ryder fit in though? Back with Krech?


      That’s almost two stacked, considering we beat Buffal last year with a first line of Paille-Bergeron-Recchi…

      • WARD says:

        i would rather see what wheeler krejci and Seguin could do together.

      • Andy says:

        I like the Bergy-Recchi-Seguin combo. That would be very interesting.

        I think you have to go back to Wheeler-Krecji-Ryder and see if they can build back the chemistry of a couple years ago. Krecji was hurt at the beginning of last year and so I don’t think they could’ve ogtten off on the right foot.

        Injured meaning he played, but he wasn’t 100%

  9. willisss says:

    i cant wait until all the “trade chara and bergy folks” come out of the woodwork…

    this hockey team is stacked. imagine is the leafs lay another egg ( and i am sure they will) and we get another top 3 pick next year? granted the draft class is not as talented, at least from what i have read up on. but that bridge will be crossed later

    is it september yet?

  10. Mook says:

    trade krejci.

  11. JRy says:

    I dont think it’s wise at all the put seguins bonuses on next years cap. So we would have 3.5 million or something from seguin on next years cap and then if toronto does shit the bed we could potentially have another chunk of bonuses from our next years draft pick on the cap. That could be 5-7 million of dead space on the cap and suddenly Michael rider and his 4 million dollars to score 18 goals doesn’t seam that bad. I no everyone says we will have open space but with people leaving there is gunna be holes and I don’t think all of these prospects will be ready to be impact players next year. In an ideal world they would all become all stars, but you would be nieve to think they arent going to struggle.

  12. Mook says:

    anyone have season tickets? i’ll eventually need bruins/kings tickets nov 20…

  13. lucas says:

    just heard the bruins are in on Kaberle. Anyone have any ideas on what we would give up. Maybe Savard and hunwick or Stuart. Maybe Wheeler, Stuart and a pick

    • Vince Mendella says:

      From Eklund? If it says they are in on his site you can bet they are not in.

      • lucas says:

        ya i heard it from eklund. that sucks tho cuz kaberle on this team would be frick’n awesome

    • pearson says:

      duuuuude… eklund sells advertising on his site… saying “interesting” things to atract potential readers gets the guy paid. remember when savard was “e3” to calgary? and wheeler was going to the senators? the kaberle rumor to boston has been posted by eklund everyday for the past 2 years.

      crediblity? eh, not soo much.

    • Bruins says:

      That has been rumoured for like the past 18 years. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  14. MC Puck says:

    we should all make fake e-mail addresses and pretend to be NHL front office “sources” and inundate his (Eklund’s) inbox with bullshit trade info haha, that way we’ll be in on it instead of wondering who the hell sends him this crap.

  15. Studlycodfish says:

    First time poster long time reader huge Bruins fan anyways just got back from the first world jr. Pratice and I got to say boy am I glad the Oilers drafted Hall cause I now have no doubt that we got the best player in the draft! He looks good fellows this this the type of player you build Stanly Cup winners around I am so pumped!!! As for the cap I am not worried at all PC and Cam have a plan and they will work out the cap problem. It’s a good time to be a Bruins fan!!!!!!!! Go Bruins Go!!!!

  16. Birdman2403 says:

    Going to Edmonton Feb 27th !!! SEGUIN vs. HALL !! Going to be awesome !

  17. moast says:

    Just a quick side note….I just saw this on NHLSourcesSay:

    Bruins still trying to find a home for Ryder, not. a lot of interest but Panthers are one of the few teams discussing with Bruins.

    They seem to be pretty legit….nice to see the B’s trying to ship out Ryder for a change than Savard.
    Please Chia….send Ryder with picks/prospects for a 4th rounder….It would make my week!

  18. bruins4eva says:

    lets examine Ryder and Savard

    They both roughly make 4 million in salary cap…

    we all know that if the bruins do trade one of them its not to take any money back…

    So if they are gonna trade one of them it better be Ryder and not savvy

    you cant trade a guy who has 295 points in 275 games and not trade a guy who has done nothing since he got here

  19. Mook says:

    got my tickets for the nov 20 game!

    loge 12, row 15. dead centre, clarence campbell specials.

  20. Neely8 says:

    Guys u need to understand we are stacked at center.We are lacking forwards who put the puck in the net so im not so sure Chia is ready to start trading away his high priced wingers. Savard is my favourite player but look at it this way:
    We need to clear out cap space sooner or later,That’s no secret. So its either you trade Savard who is a low cap hit that can still put up points or,Bergeron who is a young center man that alot of teams would want! Bergy’s contract is up at the end of this year and i doubt the Bruins can sign him and Chara?! So your prob. gonna lose him anyway!!! These are the only two legit candidates that teams would consider talking off our hands! NOBODY IS GONNA TAKE THOMAS,RYDER, OR STURM! Teams are not stupid they know what players are worth trading for and what players are not!!! I know u guys dont wanna hear it but you must face the facts!! This is the business!

    • Mook says:

      worst post ever.

      did someone take wideman? um, yeah…

      so someone will take ryder. if there were not so many goalies available, thomas would be gone too.

      bruins are under the cap right now, siging chara and bergeron will be easy, especially when you consider ryder and sturm are coming off the books (at the latest) after this year.

      you don’t deserve Neely8…you should consider a different name…maybe Featherstone6

    • willisss says:

      wow…they came out of the woodwork earlier then i thought…should be a fun season, cant wait to hear other moronic posts…lets drump seguin, we need the cap space

  21. moast says:

    The Bruins will not lose Chara or Bergeron….count on it. They are a scary team this year as it is and next year they will be a force!
    On a side note, I am from Kamloops, British Columbia up in Canada and I have to say that this has some of the best postings and comments….love it!
    Kamloops is Recchis home town and i have had the pleasure of him coming up to my shop and sign my jersey for me. Real class act and a heart of a warrior….he is exactly what is needed especially with Seguin.
    With that being said, Recchi, Sturm, Ryder off the books….among others, the team is set to have some great UFA’s and rookies coming in!

  22. Neely8 says:

    Even with RYDER, STURM, and RECCHI comming off the books next year, Thats what?…9mil and change? Still not enuff to get Bergeron and Chara signed even if they take a million doller paycut each off thier current salary! Do your math!!! And what other’s are you talking about that are comming off the books next year? Stuart? Hunwick? Thier cap hit is peanuts!!!! Plus you still gotta replace them with other D men if you let them go!!! Any other questions????

    • Brendan says:

      unless bergy has an outstanding season he should be making the same amount or a little less because of his injury record over the past 2 seasons

      • Bruins says:

        Not so sure of that. I think he’ll come in at around $5 million. If you look at his overall game, last season was better than when he was putting up 70 points. And if he plays a relatively healthy season he’ll squash alot of the injury concerns. You also have to consider that he’s a UFA and not a RFA this time. Chara’s lower cap hit will make up for it though.

      • Andy says:

        Neely, I will admit that I previously originallly proposed the idea of trading Bergy, only from the perspective of the cap problem, not that I don’t love Bergy! My point was that he’s not the projected 8-90 pt scorer he was when he signed the contract – even though he does a lot of other little things well, plus his injury history, the fact that he is going to be a UFA, and that he could bring a nice return. It was purely a business decision, but the other factor was that IF you traded Savvy AND Bergy walked, that would leave us w/ only Krecji & Seguin, and we have NO idea what Seguin will do (although we all hope it’s turn into a bonafide star). That would be a huge risk. So I can’t lambaste you like these other guys. Having said that, you act as if we HAVE to do it, as opposed to me just proposing the OPTION. I think this team is great as-is, until mid-to-late Nov.

        As for your point about the books next year, we have 14 players accounting for 36.4 mil. This is not counting Bergy & Chara. IF you could sign them for $5 mil/piece, then it’s $46 mil for 16 players, meaning we would have about $14 mil (assuming the same cap number) to sign 6 more players…

  23. moast says:

    Hey Neely8 are you joking or just fuckin retarded?
    Even if we only have 9mil come off the books next year, what about the money we are already paying Bergeron and Chara? If there off the books too then thats about another 12.5 mil + the 9mil discussed which equals 21.5 mil to re sign them.
    You do the math ya hand biting fucktard!

  24. Bruins says:

    We have $28.302 million coming off the cap next year and need to sign 13 more players. Chara and Bergeron will come in at a cap hit less than they are together right now, say $11 million. That’s still over $18 million to sign 11 more players. We have a shitload of guys like Caron, Colborne, Alexandrov etc. that are on ELC’s that can step in at a low cap hit. That’s plenty of room. I did the math.

    • Andy says:

      Bruins, where are you getting your math? has it as 14 players right now (not counting Bergy & Chara) for 36.8 mil

      Roster size – 14
      Salary cap – $59,400,000
      Payroll – $36,836,309
      Bonuses – $2,650,000 (Seguin)
      Cap space – $25,213,691

      As I suggested above, if PC can find a way to sign Bergy/Chara for around $10 mil total, that gives us 16 players for almost $47 mil, still giving us $12 mil to sign 6 players (need 22 – 12 F, 6 D, 2 G, 2 reserve).

      In any case, we would need 4 F (Ryder, Sturm, Recchi, and according to this, Wheeler would be a RFA, not UFA), and 2 D (Stuart UFA, Hunwick, RFA).

  25. Neely8 says:

    I hope you guys are right? By all the trade talk about Savard and others going, It seems that we are in more cap trouble than you guys think!! Other wise trading these guys for cap relief wouldnt be an issue and we wouldnt be having this conversation!!! But Bruins made a good point above, Maybe we can replace some of our more expensive guys for the young talent comming up? That would save alot of headaches!

    • Jefe77 says:

      Calm yourself, the Bruins are fine. Not sure what math you have been doing, and what ‘trade talk’ you have been paying too much attention to, but the answers are available. The math is easy, and the future is bright.

  26. ohniner says:

    Wow how many GMs on this site ? Ya thats what I thought !! Is our team better then last year ? I would say yes. Can we win a cup with this roster ? I doubt it but you never no ( If I was a betting man i would say our chance are better next year ) either way where all going to watch them so NUT UP or SHUT UP ya bunch of women.

  27. mook says:

    hhhhere we go…

  28. willisss says:

    love it

  29. Vince Mendella says:

    Is it that time of the season?

  30. Richardo says:

    Matt and Pekese really need to post more.. Even if it’s just opinions or poll questions…. after 30 comments on their posts, it just starts to go downhill… GO B’s…

  31. #4 says:

    Lets trade Chara for Picks/Prospects then we can move Hamill/Savard/Seguin and bring in Crosby/Malkin!!!!

    • Vince Mendella says:

      Was it on Ek’s site that we are getting Crosby & Malkin? I think it might have been an E4! It must be true.


  32. Mook says:

    breaking news:

    toronto trades tomas kaberle, vernon wells and demar derozan to boston for michael ryder, david ortiz and ray allen.

  33. Bruins says:

    I was just on another site and saw a Leafs fan post that he would not trade Kaberle for Savard, Colborne and the Leafs 2011 1st round pick back. Think there’s a bit of bitterness from Leafs fans towards the Bruins because of the trades?

  34. Mrllama says:

    Ya. Bruins might get Malkin/Crosby. I put that trade in NHL 2010 and it was accepted. So it’ll probably happen.

  35. Neely8 says:

    What would happen if Julian put Lucic, Riech, and Thornton on the same line……..?????????

  36. mook says:


    doesn’t seem like it makes sense, but i bet it works and julien tries it.

  37. Brendan says:

    What I find fascinating about all of this is how it went from the Seguin signing to some bullshit comments almost asap

  38. Haus says:

    Reich may stick on the roster. Hes a veteran that isnt delusional about his role and is versatile. He knows he will be scratched often, but can be responsible when called upon. He may come in handy to protect Seguin and any other rookies up here, also he could lighten Thortys workload, which was quite heavy last year. His cap number is only .5 and fills a roster spot on the cheap.

  39. Bruins says:

    Even though I doubt this happens (at least not any time soon), I’d love to see a Lucic-Bergeron-Caron line. That’s a line that could cycle the puck for ages if we need to hold a lead.

  40. BosBrn77 says:

    With the Sturm issue on the table, it looks like the cap issues are “ok” for now! But what about a minor trade and signing?

    I know some blasted me a while back for bringing up this player, but hear me out.

    I’d like to see PC trade Ference (Islanders, Kings… Atlanta for Chad Denny?) for a pick or prospect. Then turn around and sign M.A. Bergeron.

    Here are their stats

    Ference- 31 years old 2.25 mil cap hit (3 more years)
    regular season- 51gp 0g-8a-8pts -7 16pim
    playoffs- 13gp 0-1-1 -9 18 pim

    Bergeron- 29 years old .750 cap hit last year.
    regular season- 60gp 13-21-34 -7 16pim
    playoffs- 19gp 2-4-6 -12 10 pim

    We all say Ference is injury prone. Granted we could all be proven wrong and he could stay healthy (and I have the winning Powerball ticket in my wallet too!). Why not get rid of 2.25 mil and sign Bergeron for 850k- 1 mil? that would save us over a million in cap space, and it gives PC his puck moving defenseman!

    I know I’m going to hear about Bergeron’s +/-. In the regular season he was equal to Ference at -7. And in the playoffs, look who he played against….. Pittsburg and Washington! He would obviously be a number 5 or 6 d-man, but he could definitely help on the PP. Bergeron averages a 1/2 point every game!

  41. WARD says:

    bergeron was terrible on the defensive side of the puck hence he HASNT BEEN signed by any team and wont be.

    • BosBrn77 says:

      And Ference has been a stalwart? Bergeron is a huge upgrade on Ference! Age…. scoring… and especially contract!

      And not for nothing WARD…. A lot of guys have not been signed yet! So your example is kind of blown out of the water!

      Bergeron would not be a top guy…. he would be a 5th or 6th defenseman! He was tied for 5th in scoring on the Canadiens last year… in just 60 games! His total would put him 7th on the Bruins… ahead of Ryder, Wideman, Seidenberg, and quite a few others. Again, not saying he would be the savior…. but he would definitely fit in more ways then Ference… and even Hunwick!

  42. ccm says:

    I’d dump Ference and pick up M.A. Bergeron in a heartbeat, no question. Ference is a joke and i’d give anything for the Bruins to dump that cancer.

    • BosBrn77 says:

      I would too… but in saying that… I do not hate Ference! He has had some injury troubles but the guy does try. I just think the upside is SO much greater with Bergeron over Ference. And I think we could move Ference for a pick or prospect.

  43. mook says:

    BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports Bruins goalie Tim Thomas denied a report earlier this summer claiming he’d agreed to waive his “no-trade” clause, disparaging most speculation in the press as baseless.

    um, we have enough ex-habs as it is…

  44. Vince says:

    Any new posts coming here anytime soon?

  45. bbears24 says:

    went to lucic’s charity softball game the other night…thornton was playing also and timmy thomas was coaching because of the hip surgery…couldn’t believe how big those guys are in person, especially thornton, he looks kind of short on tv but he’s a big boy….those guys are so talented at hockey but when it comes to catching a fly ball or fielding a groundball….it’s almost laughable.

  46. WTF says:

    Took in the 2 Canadian junior development camp intra squad games this weekend. Louis Leblanc of the Habs was clearly the best player on the ice. Seguin looked like a deer in the headlights – not impressive by a long shot. If he can’t impress or even have a few shining moments against the juniors he will have a difficult time against the pros. judging by this weekend’s performance he has a long way to go. Don’t hold your breath boys, he is not the saviour we are making him out to be. He is at least 1, maybe 2 years away.

    • Bruins says:

      Yeah Seguin really needs to work on his early-August scrimmage hockey. This is what defines a great player.

      This puts things in a whole new perspective for me. I for one am going to toss out everything he did in his hockey career because he only picked up one goal in two summer scrimmages.

  47. Neely8 says:

    u must be a dirty habs fan! Or a homo, take your pick!
    Never the less please dont post on Bruin blogs, Montreal fans are not wanted on here.

  48. mook says:

    leblanc and price to st louis for halak.


  49. mook says:

    leblanc = robbie schremp

  50. seguin>hall says:

    I highly recommend watching the documentary called “oil change” on nhl network. It is on again in a couple days. It is about the oilers’ decision to take hall, but it has a ton of stuff on both guys.

  51. Bruins1 says:

    anyone hear yet if LA is looking for Savard? LIke 2 still see us get Jack Johnson

    or some how trade to ottawa for Spezza and Leclair for Thomas and Savard

  52. Craig says:

    Let the Kovy talks begin again.

  53. EricD says:

    Spezza would not fit in Boston, not only money wise, but the way he plays. He is very skilled, but he plays one way and is nto a team player. Last playoffs v. the Pens he was benched after he gave up on the play and allowed crosby to skate in and score an easy goal. Cam Neely and Chia would not allow a player of his work ethics to play in Boston. Savard has more heart and in my opinion more skill and he took the pay cut to stay in Boston becuase he loves it here. I hate the rumors out there that have the Bruins trading him. I can’t see him or Thomas being traded any time soon. The bruins will skate into the season opener just the way they are.. the only question is what rookies will be up to start, and where will everyone be playing…?

    The Bruins have the potential this year to be the Best Team For Boston and make it to the Stanley Cup and they def can win it!!

    • pearson says:

      i look around the eastern conference and i dont really see any teams that got drastically better this offseason…(?)

      adding horton and seguin. as well as getting back a healthy lucic, savard, and an determined chara, more experienced tuukka could easily be the best recipe for success for anyone in the eastern conference

      washington didnt address their problem in net.
      pittsburgh hasnt moved.
      philly traded gagne, and didnt grab a goalie.
      montreal traded their best player/goalie for nothing.
      NJ now is without kovy (for the moment?)
      i do think frolov to NYR was a great signing.
      TB got gagne… even scarier on offense now. but still not a threat(?)
      toronto… hahahahha.

      i mean, am i really missing much?

  54. Mook says:

    marc savard’s contract is under investigation by the league.

  55. Dolo says:

    “In arbitrator Richard Bloch’s ruling favouring the NHL in the Kovalchuk case, Bloch apparently compares contracts belonging to Chris Pronger, Marc Savard and Marian Hossa to Kovalchuk’s and suggests that the league is putting them under the microscope.”-Toronto Sun

    I doubt they will void Savard’s contract, but apparently the league is looking into it.

  56. pearson says:

    wow. hurry the fuck up september.

  57. pat says:

    i didnt know it was possible to get hard and cry at the same time. we need hockey STAT!!!

  58. Mook says:

    i wish the league voided ryder’s contract.

    rule 1.2.3.d subsection 4:
    a newfie’s contract can be voided at any time. suck it, you hoser.

  59. Bruins says:

    It will be such a joke if the NHL voids Savard’s contract. It’s like reverse precedent. It doesn’t make sense.

    • Jefe77 says:

      Just a technicality that they are looking into all the recent long term deals.

      Marc and his contract are safe, and he will be rippin it up all season long, along with everyone else.

      I am really starting to get impatient for Bruins hockey!!

      • Bruins says:

        It isn’t just a technicality though. They have the power to actually reject theses deals. I don’t think it will happen but the even the possibility of it happening is a joke.

  60. Mook says:

    Marc’s contract is not safe. It is not new that the league is investigating, the Bruins have known since December 2009 that his deal was suspect.

    “We are cooperating fully with the League in its investigation of the Marc Savard contract extension,” Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli said in a statement released on Tuesday. “The League informed us upon their registration of the contract on December 1, 2009 that they would be investigating the circumstances surrounding this contract.”

    “From that point on, they commenced their investigation and it has been ongoing since then. On August 4th, I met with two League appointed lawyers as part of the investigation. We will continue to cooperate with the League in any future investigative proceedings if necessary and we will have no further comment on the matter at this time.”

  61. #4 says:

    Anybody notice how “positive” Fluto was with the fact that this means that savard could walk for free???

    Why do Boston writers have to hate on good players so much and try to run them out of town. SAVARD SHOULD NOT LEAVE atleast for 1-2 years I mean comeon.

    If savard gets rescinded on by the league the b’s will have to shoot ryder between the eyes maybe send ferrence down and resign savvy for like 5.5 per 2year deal or something NOT LET HIM WALK!!!

  62. EricD says:

    This Savard contract is fine, i highly doubt the NHL will revoke his contract… I think just after the kovy thing, the NHL is just trying to cover their own asses by “looking into” other long term deals to say “hey we didnt single out kovy”

    • pearson says:

      completely agree… youd have to think they would revoke the contracts of hossa, luongo, and zetterberg far before they did savards.

      i do not like the front loaded contracts because its an easy way to get around the salary cap. i think if the nhl wants to change something they should simply say that deals cannot exceed past the players 40th bday, and cannot fluxuate even 50% (?) from the highest year value.

      • Bruins says:

        I don’t think it’s fair to stop a contract at 40 but I love the 50% rule.

      • JRy says:

        I think savards contract will be fine because it ends when he is only 39, I think luongos might be in trouble because it ends when he is 43 or something like that.

  63. Neely8 says:

    Laughed my ass off! This is how I felt when we lost, I swear to God!!!

  64. Hendrik says:

    hey guys, I don’t have much of a clue about hockey, but i got a question which is kinda off-topic:
    Why do all the bruins fans seem to hate marco sturm?
    I mean, sure, he is injury prone and has a big cap hit, but still he has been the bruins’ leading goal scorer last year, and if healthy, he should be able to score like 25 goals a season easily ( at least playing with savard or krejci).

    • BosBrn77 says:

      I don’t think any of us hate Sturm. He is actually a really good player. But it really would be nice to have him healthy. I just think injuries have taken their toll on Marco.

    • Bruins says:

      I don’t hate him as I like guys that work hard but it’s unbelievably frustrating to watch him shank opportunities. He seems to fire it right at the goalie every time.

      • Andy says:

        To expand upon what B’s said, not only does he miss MANY scoring opportunities, but he simply isn’t clutch. If you ask most B’s fans, would Sturm be one of the 6 guys you have on the ice with the goalie pulled, down by a goal, late? Maybe, but he’s not a lock. The fact that he scores 25 goals is fine, but scoring 25 goals, honestly, is like 10 yrs ago when getting 1,000 yd in the NFL was considered “elite”. Not anymore. If you’re a 30-35 goal scorer, you’re considered elite and it’s probably closer to 40. Sturm’s a decent 2nd line player, but that’s about it. Again, it goes back to not being clutch and his 3.5 mil contract on a team tight aganist the cap is probably something most B’s fans would be happy to get rid of…

  65. Vince Mendella says:

    Here’s something alitte off topic for the moment.

    My son’s AAA team will be in Minneapolis next weekend for a tournament and I was wondering if Wheeler would be in Minnesota and if there was any way I could get him to come out to the game and meet the team. I think the kids would love that. Our team jerseys and logo are a replica of the U of Minnesota ones.

    Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?


    • Mook says:

      Call Marc Savard. here is his phone number in Oshawa: 1 416 967 1111

      • #4 says:

        No idea…. I got to meet Cam Neely at a JV game once though it was awesome.

        He showed up to support marthas vineyard who we crushed like 12-0 🙂 of course in honor of Cam I ran like 4 of there players.

        Best part was the ref made an awful call on someone for tripping on there team when they were losing like 7-0. Cam started screaming at the ref who was going to throw him out til he realized it was cam neely chewing his ear off lol.

      • Birdman2403 says:

        hahahahaha ! I called, got his voicemail !

    • Andy says:

      Vince, I would tell you to email the B’s. I don’t know the address, but I’d go to to have a look. I live in Minneapolis now and even though Wheeler is from here, I don’t know if he spends the offseason here. Emailing the B’s would at least hopefully get word out to him and if he’s in town, maybe he would come..Good luck!

  66. Dbruins says:

    Thats the number to the Pizza Pizza on Harwood Avenue.
    Did Marc Savard get a summer job there in the offseason just incase his contract get nulled by the NHL?

  67. #4 says:

    Saw this on the boston globe boards..

    NHL2011 RATINGS:

    Seguin : 79
    Hall : 81

    Other notable B’s:

    Boychuk: 81
    Tuukka: 88
    Seguin: 79
    Lucic: 82
    Wheeler: 81
    Savard: 87
    Horton: 86

    I would honestly make JBO an 83 and Savv an 85 probably chara an 85 and Krejci like an 86-87.. Other than that seems accurate to me. What you all think?

  68. Mook says:

    EA Sports is in Vancouver.

    What is Luongo? 99??

    • #4 says:

      lol I think the highest are like Ovechkin 94-95 and Miller 94-95 and Lou is like a 92 or something…

      • pearson says:

        i can see miller being a 94. if that guy had the defense the bruins had hed be a 97.

        luongo? 92 ? “child please.”

        as much as a tuukka fan as i am, i think 88 is generous. not saying he sucks, just im worried about giving him the crown after a year (see raycroft/toivenen)

        seguin is 18 years old. 79 is understandable.

        horton is an 86? NICE! hes gonna rock then, right?

        and honestly, chara in nhl 10 is like cheat code. he injures at least one opposing player every other game, and his slapshot goes in EVERYTIME. everytime.

        and what does all this have to do with real life hockey? nothing; but god i love the ea nhl series. if anyone wants to play, im a little drunk and my gamertag is pearson61

      • willisss says:

        jasperrockbotom….lets go to work

      • #4 says:

        Took Yer J0B

        The 0 in job is a zero not an o ill dangle fest you guys

      • willisss says:

        the only thing that will be dangling are my balls in yer faaaace after an nhl sized smack down……im not even sure what that means…

      • #4 says:

        Willis when I got outta work in 30mins im going to link to some of my NHL10 Highlights so you can see whats coming! You may be the first and last case of broken ankles from getting dangled in NHL2010 buddy.

      • #4 says:

        If only wheeler had this finish in him

        I picked Horton b4 Chia LOL

        All just Dangles??? I can pass 2…

        Dangle those nuts willis

      • gibbz says:

        jesusofhockey add me lets goo

      • willisss says:

        i am a jobless 24 year old that lives in his parents basement and plays video games while watching cartoons all day…trust me, i can hold my own

  69. willisss says:

    ryders 2011 rating should be π

    • willisss says:

      and yes…that is pi my friends

      • #4 says:


        that actually made me laugh out loud on a bruins forum haha…

        Horton 86
        Rask 88
        Lucic 82
        Ryder 3.1415926527832329323263396496374374962349632426349632438296432986432643243824893463824982369864932493409324073209473204327409327472374743283470432704370432874973289374239897432

  70. #4 says:

    Rask and Hunwick Ferrence for

    Miller and Myers e12

  71. moast says:

    Any chance Kaberle is a Bruin today?
    Wheeler & Ryder for Kaberle?
    Would it be enough?
    It would also open a roster spot for Caron or Colborne.

  72. lucas says:

    i think that the bruins are seriously in on kaberle. i also think they would have to ship a defensman along with a foward or two. maybe hunwick or stuart. I’d rather keep Stuart

  73. pearson says:

    i think we might end up with kaberle today. just saying.

    im not sold on him, but as long as savard (and the obvious untouchables) arent going anywhere, we’ll win the trade.

    • Bruins says:

      I don’t like Kaberle at all but if it’s only involving Wheeler + Stuart or something I’m down.

      • pearson says:

        thats what i was just thinking. wheeler has shown glimpses of excellence and has only finished 2 seasons. that might be the selling point for the bruins. it may make the bruins feel better that the leafs have essentially nobody to center him or kessel still.

        i think i saw somewhere that burke has been quoted as wanting a “young, big, top 6 forward.” well, you gotta say that wheelz fits that very well.

        also of note though is the bruins salary cap situation. IF they got rid of wheeler and took on kaberle’s 4.25 mil that ryder is a goner as well. whether that be to the minors or to the islanders(?) for just a 3rd round pick or so. therefore we lose 2 wingers and add defense. i like caron, and colbourne, but i would hate to find out later that they arent ready and the team still cant score.

        if we get him, okay. if we dont, oh well.

      • Bruins says:

        Same thinking here. I actually feel pretty comfortable bringing Caron up right now, although I understand there’s a risk. Put him with Rex and Bergy and there’s less of a risk though. Colborne I’d like to keep in the AHL right now.

  74. oneandonly#4 says:

    Kaberle is junk!!

  75. ohniner says:

    Im not a fan of kaberle either he turns the puck over like widemen but I will say this he is very good on the PP he just needs to shoot more often. Could be a good pairing with Chara

  76. Eric D says:

    honestly if we get kaberle we prob wont give up much.. burke will prob give us kaberle 2012 and 2013 first rd picks for wheeler ryder a bag of autographed pucks and a bobby orr jersey NOT signed and we will just pooch TOR again.. god i love Brian Burke… hes the best GM the bruins have

    • pearson says:

      gimme a fuck yea. putting all that “he wants to be traded, now that the bruins are shopping him” rumors to rest.

      savvy is gonna be hungry next year. and playing with a big chip on his shoulder.

      im fuckin amped for this season gentlemen… CUE THE DUCKBOATS!

  77. Gcole says:

    can toronto finally fucking trade kaberle SOMEWHERE so every god dam offseason and trade deadline i dont have to listen to all the bullshit about him going to be traded finally!

  78. Bruins says:

    Kaberle to Boston for an autographed picture of Horton’s wife?

  79. #4 says:


    maybes time for a new post?

  80. Gcole says:

    am i the only one that just noticed boogaard signed in the east for four years over 1M a year?! what the hell does he do besides break faces that deserves that much money??? for gods sake he has no talent at all. maybe now il get to see chara/lucuc vs him! been wanting to see that fight for a while.

  81. mook says:

    “the future captain of the boston bruins” just signed with chicago for 500k per year.

    can’t get them all right, grapes.

  82. lucas says:

    i know that this is off topic but i was just looking at dennis sidenergs stats he really has never put upany good numbers and has never even played a full season

  83. willisss1221 says:

    i now know what big Z feels like….i got my face TORNNN UPPP last night…good thing i was drunk because im guessing it would have hurt more…

    looove hockey!

  84. G-Rant says:

    Lehtonen signed in sweden according to the globe.
    Kid has skill but needs to grow into a hungray hockey player.
    B’s retain his rights

  85. Neely8 says:

    This Savard situation is starting to bother me now, Do you think it will effect his play, If he even stays?? Watch Below!

  86. ccm says:

    “Bruins in on Bieksa” via

    I figured it was only a matter of time until they looked into him. It’d be a great pickup for the money and leave us with one of the best defensive corps in the league. Would have to do a little juggling but it could definitely be made to work.

    • ccm says:

      And it would make me ecstatic to push Ference even lower on the depth chart, or possibly even move him.

      Vancouver is looking for 3rd line depth and maybe a pick so what about Paille and a second?

      Or maybe some kind of 3-way trade sending Ryder to Minny with a second or something like that. Just speculating.

      • pearson says:

        if they’re really ONLY looking for 3rd line depth ryder would have been gone as soon you could say “bieksa”

        im not squashing your idea, i just think we should start the season with the team we have right now. ryder is a question mark, but he cant get worse than last season. if hes better we could get bieksa and maybe a draft pick from van.

        a line with the sedin’s and ryder could be narsty. although, a line with the sedin’s and anyone could be narsty.

      • ccm says:

        He wouldn’t be gone because he’s an overpriced third liner, that’s the difference.

        But I agree I want to see how the team does because I really can’t wait for the season to see Seguin, Horton, and a healthy Savard. Its going to be an unreal season I can already tell.

      • BearBlood says:

        I love this idea! Bring Bieksa on and try to ditch Ryder, they were in to Ryder a while ago, so..Man, what a D’s in the B’s line up would that be. Scary!

      • Richardo says:

        Bieksa would be a good fit “BUT” Ryder would not be involved at all… The Canucks are over the cap as it is by 2.5+ million… Ryder = 4mil and Bieksa = 3.75mil.. Just doesn’t make sense…. A pick wouldn’t even sweeten that deal… Ryder’s here to stay guys… at least until Sturm is back…

      • ccm says:

        Richard, the talks were about Ryder and a pick/prospect and just having Vancouver do the dirty work for the B’s and bury Ryder, taking the $4million hit to the owner.

        They obviously wouldnt keep him unless they could move much more to accomodate.

  87. Seguin>Hall says:

    Boys… This current team is the team that you will see when the puck drops on October 9th. They’re under the cap (until Sturm comes back), and they are awesome. Depth at every single position. We are in a great spot…. period.

  88. Dolo says:

    just got a bunch of tics to the thurs rookie game. Can’t wait to see Seguin play!

  89. Dolo says: EDMONTON JOURNAL: Peter Adler reports the Washington Capitals are in talks with the Vancouver Canucks and Edmonton Oilers about moving forward Tomas Fleischmann. It’s believed the targets are either Kevin Bieksa or Sheldon Souray.

  90. #4 says:


  91. moast says:

    As per Darren Dreger:
    Sources say the Bruins will not be trading Marc Savard. I’ve seen a few rumours to the contrary…

    About fuckin time this goes away, at least for this year. Im too stoked on a Lucic Savard Horton line that will dominate and punish!!

    Man I miss hockey…..

  92. moast says:

    doesn’t this years team look stacked……I mean its as deep as it has been in years. The only thing though, we need that last defensman to finish of the roster.
    Hunwick and picks/prospects for Bieksa?
    Not sure if it works cap wise but look at this and try not to lose your mind:

    Lucic Savard Horton (Deadly!)
    Wheeler Krejci Ryder (Rebound Year!)
    Recchi Bergeron Seguin (Best 3rd in the league?)
    Paille Campbell Thornton (Best 4th in the league?)

    Chara Bieksa
    Seidenberg Boychuk
    Ference Stuart

    Mean, Scoring Punch, Deep with all the spare parts in the minors……..BRING ON OCTOBER!!!!

    • #4 says:

      Agreed id love it fi they could fit beiska under the cap idk if just hunwick+picks is enough to make that work…

      + it would be
      Chara Siedenberg
      Bieska Boychuck

    • pearson says:

      id put seguin with krejci. bergeron and recchi seem to do enough damage on their own and theres something im unsure with ryder and wheeler on the same line. i dont think they compliment eachother well with the styles they play

  93. moast says:

    I agree about ryder and wheeler not complimenting each other but I do want to see Seguin with Recchi and Bergeron. Its a win win….he will learn from two of the best and that also makes that 3rd line (in my opinion) one of the best and smartest lines that will produce extensivley as a 3rd line unit. If he lights it up on the 3rd line…..move him to create either of these top two lines:

    Horton Savard Seguin
    Lucic Krejci Seguin

    Damn these lines even look pretty f’n sick!

  94. Bruins says:

    So many combinations you can go with. Personally I want to see a Lucic-Bergeron-Caron line to cycle the puck down low but I doubt that happens. Right now I think you have to go with:


    I still want Ryder gone but if he stays maybe try to see if the Wheeler-Krejci-Ryder line can rekindle any chemistry. The two pilons on each side are in contract years so they should have some extra jump.

    If Ryder is gone then definitely put Seguin with Krejci. Their playing styles should go great together. Then have Caron with Bergeron.


    Maybe move Stuart up with Boychuk.


  95. mook says:

    remember the most dominant line of the previous season(2008-09) was ryder-krejci-wheeler. if these guys come together again this year…cup.

  96. Neely8 says:

    Just read some interesting facts: Did you know Gregory Campbell led all Florida forwords in shorthanded ice time, hits, and blocked shots with 72! Bergeron was are leader last yaer in that dept with just 45, just to give you some perspective! So our new 4th line center led his old team in 3 important catagories last year…..Not bad for a cap friendly hit of 1.1 mil.

    FYI he also chipped in with 13 goals and 32 points two years ago, Ryder was our second line right winger last year and scored 18, so………….! lol

    • Bruins says:

      Yeah he’s a great guy to have on the fourth line and he’s still relatively young (26 I think). Our PK is even better now with Bergeron, Paille and Campbell as our guys upfront.

      • pearson says:

        pk isnt a problem.

        who ya got on the 2 pp lines?

      • Bruins says:


        Horton as a right hander on the left side and Savard on the wall. Chara with the bomb and Seidenberg to quarterback the PP (not ideal but I don’t like Bergy back on the point that much). Krejci can be the guy to advance the puck up the ice as we don’t have Wideman anymore.


        Same idea for the second PP. Ryder as the righthand shot on the left, Bergy on the wall, Boychuk with the bomb, Hunwick to QB and Seguin to advance the puck.

        Wheeler and Recchi can rotate in at times. You could also use Lucic in front of the net as well.

      • Bruins says:

        Alexandrov could also take Hunwick’s spot.

  97. mook says:

    trent whitfield is done for the year.


  98. lucas says:

    I think the bruins need to make a deal before the season and i think they will but probly not until training camp. There has beeen alot of talk about demoting Ryder but i think that would not be a good idea. Ryder is gonna be playing for a contract so he will preform well. I think he will put 20+ in the net. Plus if he plays well up here we can trade him at the deadline for a pick or something. Or maybe we will even hang on to him. I think trading marc savard this year wouldnt be a good idea either. He is still a great player with a steal of a cap hit. He could be getting like 6 mil. somewhere else. Plus i think Seguin would have a better rookie year if he played his 1st season as a winger. Lastly i think if we can trade Tim Thomas we gotta do the deal. I love Timmy and all hes done for the team but its Tuukka time and timmy has a big contract for a guy in his 30s. Once we trade him we can bring back Manny Fernandez for a season. He would be a decent back up even tho he hasent played in a year and we could get him cheap. i think he would love to retire with a cup. And then after this season we can sign a younger soild backup

  99. Bruins says:

    Here’s my Leafs tank watchfor the 2011 pick.

    Cream of the crop:

    1. D Adam Larsson: Stud. You always take the BPA but it would be perfect to land him with our need for D prospects.

    2. LW Sean Couturier: Complete package. Size, skill and very responsible defensively. Not the fastest but if he works on it he’ll be an absolute beast. Also a LW which is also needed on this squad. The only question mark for me is that I just don’t think the Q is as strong as other junior leagues right now.

    3. C Ryan Nugent-Hopkins: Off the charts hockey sense and offensive skill. Size is sort of an issue but not as much in the new NHL and he can always gain muscle. I fully expect him to be the Seguin of this draft where he puts up crazy numbers and could challenge for a top spot in this draft.

    Second Tier:

    4. LW Matt Puempel – Maybe the best pure sniper in the draft. He’ll most likely be on a line with Austin Watson and Bruins pick Ryan Spooner this season so you will probably see big numbers out of him.

    5. D David Musil – Great all-around defenseman. He isn’t terrific offensively but he does provide a bit. Very solid defensively though. More of a safe pick.

    6. LW Brandon Saad – He’s your prototypical power forward. It will be interesting to see what he can do in the OHL this year.

    7. Ryan Murphy – I’m higher on him than most. He does have major questions defensively but that could be covered up on the Bruins. Unbelievable puck-moving ability and skating and has a good shot too.

    8. RW Seth Ambroz – Another power forward who shows great scoring touch.

    9. RW Gabriel Landeskog – Another power forward with scoring touch. He isn’t afraid to go into the corners and hit.

    10. RW Shane McColgan – Small but explosive winger with a scoring touch. Can make plays at top speed.

    11. C Viktor Rask – He might be the most well-rounded forward in the draft. He can play on the wing, take faceoffs very well and is very good defensively. Might not have the highest offensive upside but the ability is still there. Wouldn’t mind stealing another Rask from the Leafs too…

    So I think there’s a clear top 3 (although RNH is the clear number 3 I think) and then a whole buch of guys after that aren’t separated by all that much in terms of value.

  100. Bruins says:

    *Ryan Murphy is a defenseman.

  101. skate2 says:


    […]Seguin signs entry level contract « Bruins Rumors and News[…]…

  102. Portable Oxygen Generator…

    […]Seguin signs entry level contract « Bruins Rumors and News[…]…

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