Hamill, Colborne, Kamper assigned

Zach Hamill, Joe Colborne, and Steve Kampfer were all assigned to Providence today. With the demotions, it leaves the Bruins with 25 men on the roster.  The current roster will all travel to Belfast tomorrow.  Brad Marchand and Brian McGratton appear to be spare forwards with the expectation that Jordan Caron has made the team. On defense Matt Bartowski and Adam McQuaid are spare defensemen.

With the recent demotions, it is a clear indicator that either Tyler Seguin or Blake Wheeler will now be playing center.  My guess will be Wheeler based on his NHL experience.  I was a little shocked Hamill wasn’t given a shot to at least start the season. On defense, it is not much of a surprise that McQuaid is the seventh defenseman. However, Bartowski being chosen over Kampfer was surprising.  Kampfer is a right-handed shot (the Bruins only have two guys who play the right side regularly – Boychuk and Seidenberg), has excellent speed, brings leadership, and was very impressive in the rookie and preseason games.


147 Responses to Hamill, Colborne, Kamper assigned

  1. jmed says:

    McQuaid should start over Ference

  2. ccm says:

    I get nervous everytime McQuaid is on the ice, he’s way too slow. AS much as I hate Ference, he should be playing over McQuaid.

  3. Bruins says:

    Bartkowski and Kampfer have both played awesome so far. At least management has kept one of them up.

  4. willisss says:

    I would have guessed kampfer, I was loving his play

  5. mcpuck says:

    I liked Bartkowski myself… a little more of that puck mover that Julien loves so much. That being said, it’s a long season, and they’ll both see ice time.

    If you guys are bored, I’m ramping up the From the Blue Line blog and wouldn’t mind your guys input.

  6. mcpuck says:


    (PS Matt and Pekese, I won’t post links if you don’t want me to, just let me know)

  7. willisss says:

    AHL preseason, Provi will be playing Worc tonight at the new england sports center. tickets are $10. games at 7 and its just general admission, I play there twice a week, its a nice facility.

  8. mcpuck says:

    it is nice. and right down the street from pure hockey 😀

  9. Bruins says:

    First period was terrible. No way our full team (pretty much) should be down to the Caps scrubs.

  10. JRy says:

    Lucic Krejci Horton
    Recchi Bergeron Seguin
    Ryder Wheeler Caron
    Paille Campbell Thorton

    Seidenberg Chara
    Boychuck Ference
    Stuart Bartkowski

    Rask, Thomas

    ….I hate hunwick and ference but they seam to be high on ference.

    • Bruins says:

      Agreed. Hunwick should be exiled from the country. Dude is terrrrrrible. Bartkowski on the other hand looks really good. He can move the puck too. Agree with all the forward lines too.

      • Brendan says:

        i wud rather have bergy up on the first line just because of his experience and puck movement but i will agree tht krejci is amazing with the puck just not top line ready YET maybe later on in the season if things go south w/ bergy

  11. Bruins says:

    I won’t be able to watch a full season of Seguin playing between the two pilons. Wheeler is going to have to center that line…

  12. Bruins says:

    It’s going to really uck getting steamrolled by the Belfast Giants. This is almost more embarassing tonight. Oh well, just preseason.

  13. willisss says:

    Weee……..look like shit

  14. moast says:

    Wow…..Im starting to think that it is Julliens system that is holding this team back. Just aweful….I don’t want to sound like the sky is falling but come on…..they put the rookies out against OV and they almost tie/win and then they put the best players out against an OV less team and look like ameteurs.
    Where is the effort…..I cant handle another 0-2 goal a game season with the oldest player in the league being the top goal getter.

    Please help me rationalize and calm myself!

    • Bruins says:

      I don’t think you can blame it on Julien’s system when that same system put up the second most goals in the league two years ago.

      Tonight reminded me of last season, or at least the second half of the game did. We get our chances but there’s absolutely no finish. Just a shitload of blown opportunities. And those were the Capital’s third and fourth string goalies by the way… the CAPITALS third and fourth stringers. Not to mention they basically iced their AHL line-up plus Backstrom and Shultz to our full NHL roster. That’s just sad.

      And the first half was just unispired, terrible hockey.

      • moast says:

        Good point about Juliens system. I just cant understand…..Krejci, Lucic, Bergeron, Seguin, Chara, Horton…..they can all score but just cant finish…WTF.
        Savvy is truley going to be missed.
        Heres to hoping that they shit the bed because there going to Europe?
        If they lose over there then Im not sure what to say…….Thanks Bruins, above, not the team.

    • bruins4eva says:

      wow….would you guys calm down…the season hasn’t even started and your already bashing something…RELAX

    • Brendan says:

      whoa whoa whoa bro u gotta remember tht the younger guys are fighting for a spot but the vets pretty much hav their spot except for ryder

  15. pearson says:

    the pats lost to the rams and giants in preseason.

    lets just let the real season start before we start complaining.

    and because the season starts waaaaaay away from home, i wouldnt be too suprised to see shitty games from them in europe. same goes for pheonix….

  16. Nick says:

    can you hockey geniuses relax for once…..PRE….means before….means sloppy play from underconditioned players prior to well-conditioned players as the regular season gets rolling….should we just tank it now too?

  17. #4 says:

    Wheeler playing center. I say we tank it.

  18. Mook says:

    tank the shit out of this season.

  19. moast says:

    From what I saw of the game ast night, I saw wheeler go off side twice and fall down three times…..starting to think that its not his skate choice.

    • North B says:

      Ya, the skates.. Notice the play when Seguin turned and found Wheeler alone 10 feet from the net, Wheeler took the pass and fell down, did not even get a shot off, then took his time getting back up on his skates.. I am still waiting for Wheeler to play like a man.

  20. jmed says:

    Bruins need to make a trade for Defense, Ference and Hunwick were awful last night. they kept getting turned around by the capitals jv team

    • #4 says:

      Haha they always get turned around by anybody. Too bad theres a shortage of worthwhile #2 dman in the B’s price range.

    • Bruins says:

      A trade isn’t necessary. They have some quality guys in hte system that look ready in Alexandrov, Bartkowski and Kampfer.

      • #4 says:

        Theres a differenc between being NHL ready and being ready to be Chara’s linemate. If we could land a Boyle type or even a hardnoised weber or Johnsson type it could be a real Cup Winning type D-Pair.

      • Bruins says:

        You don’t have any faith in Seidenberg? The guy’s a stud, so underrated. He complements Chara really well. And the guys you mentioned would be next to impossible to get.

      • #4 says:

        Yeah im just saying they would be better than Siedenberg who hasnt looked great preseason. But he does play very well with Chara. They would be impossible to get but it sure would be nice to have 2 allstar defenseman back there. When the D is a bit of a ? right now.

      • Bruins says:

        Don’t worry we have Adam Larsson coming in next year with the Leafs pick lol.

        And while the defense doesn’t look that great on paper we’ve finished first and second in goals against the last 2 seasons with a similar blueline. And the turnover machine is gone now too. If only we could do something about Hunwick…

  21. moast says:

    What about Souray? He was just placed on waivers……doesn’t that mean that he would only cost half of his salary? 2 million is pretty cheap for a 3 or 4 guy:

    Chara Seidenberg
    Souray Boychuck
    Stuart Ference

  22. Mook says:

    let’s reunite redden and chara.

  23. Bruins says:

    I’m not saying this is the end of the world as it’s a preseason game, but it doesn’t bode well for a full NHL roster to get beaten handily by an AHL squad, whether it’s preseason or not. The same thing happened in the second game against the Panthers.

  24. Haus says:

    8 dmen for Europe? Chia mentioned a trade in his presser. I think we may move Hunwick.

    • #4 says:

      Hopefully we do. He could be going one of two ways:
      Hunwick+Pick+Prospect for a top2-3 dman or Hunwick for a pick and dump.


  25. Bruins says:

    Rumours are that Chara is looking for a deal that would take him up to 45 years old. Hmm…

  26. pearson says:

    bruins, what do you see the leafs doing this year? be honest. how high will our draft pick be, and who is scheduled to go with that pick?

    ie: who should i/we all be keeping an eye on?

  27. Mook says:

    where did u hear this rumour?

  28. Bruins says:

    Honestly I don’t know what to expect from the Leafs. I’m pretty confident it will be a top ten pick though. And if Kessel goes down for a significant amount of time I’m pretty confident it will be a lottery pick (top 5). People keep talking about how their defense look really good put the fact is that they’ve been at the bottom of the league the last couple of years for goals against. Wilson likes playing a wide-open style of hockey so that might happen again as tehir goaltending doesn’t look to strong as well.

    Here’s what I see happening with this year’s class though (and alot can change as it looks pretty wide open right now):

    The Big 3:

    1. D Adam Larsson – He’s an absolute stud. He’s keeping pace with what guys like Peter Forsberg and Magnus Paaravi did in the SEL… as a defenseman. He brings a very solid all-around game as well.

    2. LW Sean Couturier – A big winger with a very mature and complete game who led the QMJHL in scoring a year before his draft year. Not the fastest player but he has great hockey sense so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. My main issue with him is that I personally think the Q isn’t a very good league right now. He did play very well at WJC camp against the best players though so that shouldn’t be too big of a concern. He’s scoring at a goal-per-game and almost two points per game pace right now.

    3. C Ryan Nugent-Hopkins – I think he’s the Seguin of this year. He’s ready to break out in a huge way. He is on the small side but he has off the charts hockey sense and skill level.

    Best of the rest (very wide open from here):

    4. D David Musil – Awesome all-around defenseman. Not terrific offensively but he does provide a bit and has some upside there.

    5. LW Matt Puempel – Probably the best pure sniper in the draft. He’ll be playing with Spooner and first round pick Austin Watson this year so expect huge numbers. Already off to a great start.

    6. LW Brandon Saad – He’s your prototypical powerforward. It’ll be interesting to see what he does in his first year in the OHL. Off to a solid start.

    7. D Ryan Murphy – I’m higher on him than most. There are some major concerns defensively but his offensive potential is unmatched in this class. He can skate like the wind and is very skilled. Would be the perfect puck-moving defenseman.

    8. C Victor Rask – He might be the most well-rounded forward in the draft. He can play any position up front, is very good on faceoffs and is very responsible defensively. Not the highest offensive potential but he does have solid offensive ability. It would be cool to steal another Rask from the Leafs too…

    9. RW Seth Ambroz – Similar to Saad, he’s another prototypical power forward. He has shown great scoring touch and has good playmaking ability to boot.

    10. RW Gabriel Landeskog – Yet another power forward. Great scoring touch and plays with the mentality of going into the corners, and is a solid hitter.

    11. RW Shane McColgan – Undersized but very explosive. He’s adept at making plays at top speed.

  29. UEDkop says:

    Anybody know if the games in Europe will be broadcasted anywhere? The Bruins’ website doesn’t say it’ll be on TV. Kinda seems silly to send them all the way over there, make a big deal about it, and then not let us see it.

  30. EdSki says:

    Any idea of the bruins signing Satan?

    • #4 says:

      Maybe if at the deadline noone is clicking with krejci and hes down for another 375k deal.

      • CCMGoalie says:

        I’m hoping that in this rumored trade that we free up enough space to pull Satan back in for another full season. I’d like to see what a line of Satan, Krecji, Horton would do. Krejci and Horton clicked pretty well it seemed during the preason so far. (I know all the nay-sayers are gonna jump on me and say ‘Oh, but it’s just preason, these guys are chumps,’ but regardless their chemistry was undeniable and since for the prolonged future we don’t have Marc Savard I think putting at least those two together would be pretty devastating to other teams top D lines and then throw Lucic, Bergeron, Recchi out there against a 2nd D-line and they’ll put up some numbers.

  31. Gcole says:

    So this fucking game against Belfast isn’t even broadcasted?? WTF. Instead nesn is showing REDSOX IN TWO!! JUST WHAT EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE!!

  32. Kurt says:

    That’s ridiculous……Fucking John Henry who owns NESN wants to cram his lame ass bridge year product down our throats. If we had a real hockey owner he would make his own TV deal with another network that would gives his games priority.
    Good point about Satan I thought he was good offensively without too much defensive liability. I am really hoping we see some the youth early on this year if players like Ryder do nothing.

    • CCMGoalie says:

      I’m willing to bet that Ryder is a main source of interest for trades (for the bruins) because of his lackluster numbers last season, I like the guy as a player. He’s as pure a shooter as they come, he just needs to stick to that game and start firing the puck with that infamous snap shot that he came onto the Bruins and scorched the score-sheet with. Ryder needs to shoot quicker and not take as many little secondary touches on the puck and he’ll score 20-25 again.

  33. mook says:

    today’s d:
    chara – seidenberg
    hunwick – stuart
    bartowski – ference


  34. willisss says:

    this would have been an awesome event to watch. No one is streaming at all?

  35. moast says:

    bullshit….cant find anything anywhere….keep it posted if you do find something

  36. ennis says:

    i dont understand. whats the point in sending them overseas for preseason games if nobody at all is covering it.

  37. Jefe77 says:

    this is bullshit

  38. moast says:

    Wow……Sa Jose vs Adler Mannheim is streaming on the adhenet site and no B’s Anywhere! Oldest NHL team, original 6 and the best fans ever and this is something not to be moissed……shame on you NHL and BRUINS!

    • ennis says:

      especially considering all the irish blood in boston. this is like the only game where theres an actual connection between the two cities and its not covered by anyone… what a shame…

  39. moast says:

    I agree….San Jose is also live on NHL.com…..brutal
    Boston doesn’t capatilize on the fist pp.

  40. UEDkop says:

    No no no, it’s ok guys! We can watch the Hurricanes vs St Petersburg!

    … oh… wait… I forgot that the hurricanes had one of the lowest attendance records in the league and nobody likes them. Huh. I guess there’s a lot of St. Petersburg fans in the states begging for the NHL to show a game or two.

    Funny how an entertainment industry such as hockey doesn’t provide us with the game.

  41. moast says:

    Yah its wicked fun refreshing a slow blog by Bish….nice fuckin work!

  42. moast says:

    0-0 after the first and it sounds like Belfast is dominating….brutal….wonder how many excuses will be used this year throught there stumbles.

  43. ennis says:

    could be worse… SJ is losing lol

  44. moast says:

    Im watching that game and man San Jose is gettin worked…

    • Bruins says:

      Really? I think it looks like SJ is on a PP the whole time. THey’re still down though.

      • moast says:

        I watched a 5 minute section that they were stuck in there own end and coldnt catch them at all….but the last half of the game has been in mannheims end for sure.

  45. Bruins says:

    The Bruins were massively hyped up for this game in Belfast. I read one article that called Ference a star. I have a feeling the Belfast fans may be a little disappointed.

  46. moast says:

    I signed up for the nhl live on there website…..20 a month not too bad, except that they wont show any preseason or overseas games…..cheap bastards!!

  47. Bruins says:

    From the sounds of the blog I’m on the B’s are getting dominated right now…

  48. moast says:

    thanks guys…..bishs is slow and boring…..this one is alot better. So here is the million dollar question…when is it time to panick? Don’t say relax its the preseason but really when will be the panick time?

    • Bruins says:

      Not time to panic because it’s just preseason. I’m sure they’ll turn it around at some point this season but it doesn’t look very good for the start the way this team is playing.

      It also makes us the laughing stock on the NHL if we lose here, but I guess we already were after blowing the 3-0, 3-0 leads.

  49. moast says:

    Wow….panick time now? Belfast 1 Bruins 0

  50. Bruins says:

    Belfast goal. What a fucking joke. If there’s a way to embarass themselves, the Bruins will do it.

    • moast says:

      I have been hearing about the lack of effort in the Bruins all preseason and now I guess the excuse will be The Ice was real big…..wouldn’t want these millionaires to give some fucking effort

  51. oneandonly#4 says:

    the b’s are once again shitting the bed. when will this team ever learn? play assertive – not passive and take no prisoners. the pussy-footing around crap is infusing life into the giants.

    • Bruins says:

      “We’ve got this, it’s only Belfast.”

      “We’ve got this, we’re up 3-0 in the series.”

      “We’ve got this, we’re up 3-0 in game 7.”

      It’s like there’s something missing with this team.

  52. ennis says:

    its probably better the game isnt on TV or my anger would probably be like x5

  53. Bruins says:

    Thank God for Savior Seguin.

  54. oneandonly#4 says:

    The b’s score? holy shit, i’m amazed!!!

  55. Bruins says:

    Hahahah 3-1 Bruins. About time!

  56. oneandonly#4 says:

    Bruins score again! Chara, from Thornton and Campbell

    holy crap – another one- Marchand.

  57. Bruins says:

    3 goals in 45 seconds. See what this team can do with a bit of effort?

  58. moast says:

    I am honestly thinking that its Julien….Borin defensive play with no accountability. Why not bring in a coach that will make them play fucking hard!
    You all may hate me for saying this but really its just an observation Kesell has like 7 goals and 4 assists in the preseason. Idont think that Horton and seguin have half ofthat combined. Don’t get me wrong, I would rather have Horton and Sguin! Just saying.

  59. moast says:

    Of course when I open my mouth, they make me pay!
    Should have been that score after one though.

  60. moast says:

    Its true about Kessel….its just bee on my mind.
    MAnnheim just scored again 2-1 over San Jose with 5 minutes left.

  61. oneandonly#4 says:

    4-1 bruins!! Lucic!!

    I feel a blow-out coming. 7-1 B’s!!

  62. ennis says:

    i really hope some video highlights of this game are shown somewhere tonight

  63. ennis says:

    props for taking san jose to the shootout adler mannheim…

  64. oneandonly#4 says:

    5-1 final.

  65. Bruins says:

    There better be some highlights somewhere. I wanna see Seguin’s goals. Apparently his penalty shot was sick.

  66. mook says:

    here we go, all the assholes dumping on the bruins before the season even starts…

    fairweather fans!

    • UEDkop says:

      Seriously. If there is a sole reason why NHL teams have trouble in Europe it’s not because of jet lag or home-team advantage. Do you guys SEE the size of those rinks? European players are used to skating around them – Mannheim was skating circles around the Sharks. The only reason why the Sharks won was because they’re tougher and better at handling the puck.

      At least the Bruins put down the Giants, it silenced the doubters.

  67. Bruins says:

    Not sure how many people remember Jordan Sigalet but I thought this wa a really good tribute to him:

  68. pearson says:

    alright, honestly guys, 75% of the last comments were “this is a joke, juliens system, kessell, seguin?, effort”

    its a week away from game 1 of 82. i love this site, but honestly shuuuuuut upppp. we have a lont way to go before we really know what this team is capable of.

    so can we all just settle down for a couple weeks and just enjoy the fact that hockey is finally back and the pain from last year can start to go away?

    and yea, fuckin right jordan sigalet.

  69. #4 says:

    WOW I just wrote a fucking like 2page essay about what you said pearson and how this team is built for the next 3-4years to be the moment we’ve been waiting for where the B’s are cup challengers every year. I talked about the youth and the core of players under 26 but that all got erased by the stupid website when I clicked submit Errr..

    So all i got is



  70. Bruins says:

    Satan signs a one year deal with HC Slovan Bratislava. No more Satan rumours.

  71. moast says:

    Hey Pearson….i was definatley one of those guys complaining about the preseason and I will admit that I need to relax.
    Last year was so fuckin painful that I am definatley a little weary but excited as well.
    I am puting a full effort of good JuJu towards the B’s and I will all year long…..thanks for keeping it in perspective, they haven’t even played a single reg season game!!
    All I want this year is consistent effort, alot of hitting and fighting oh and the cup…..too much to ask?

  72. willisss says:

    Ugh…hockey is so gayyy

  73. moast says:

    Any Live streaming?

  74. willisss says:

    I can’t get over how much it bothers me that we as bruin fans can’t watch these games. Not even us local guys. And yet almost everyother team has some sort of broadcast, even the low to none market clubs. What would be the reason to not broadcast? Anyone?

  75. moast says:

    7-1 Cant wait for highlights!!
    Bergy is going to be a beast this year!
    5 point game for him…hell ya!

  76. Bruins says:

    Sucks that we couldn’t get the game but it sound like the boys put on a show. Bergeron with 5 points? Wow. I still think last season was the best of his career but if he can get back to where he was offensively pre-concussion, I don’t know if I could name a more complete player in the league besides Datsyuk.

    Nice to see Seguin and Horton chipping in again. I still hate what they’re doing with Seguin though. He was playing with Paille and Ryder today? Ouch. Still hoping they put him up with Bergy and Rex but it looks like Caron will be getting that spot.

    Andapparently Timmy still had some work today too so it’s nice to see him rebound from last game.

  77. Bruins says:

    Randy Moss possibly going back to my Vikings? That would be fucking epic.

    • UEDkop says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but with Monday’s performance against the Dolphins there is absolutely no reason for the Pats to make any trade now, not even for a defender.

      • Bruins says:

        Rumours are that Moss is going back to teh Vikings. We’ll see what happens.

      • pearson says:

        with the running game in shambles and the TE’s being rookies, i dont see it happening unless the pats get back something to make the deal completely favor them.

        ps. pats have oaklands 1st pick next draft as well as carolinas 2nd………

      • Bruins says:

        In the NFL whenever a deal like this happens, it’s always for picks. You’ll never see a big player for big player type swap like you would in the NHL, and certainly not in the middle of the season. IF this goes down it will be Moss for picks.

  78. backbruin says:

    Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reports the Vikings are “very close” to acquiring Randy Moss from the Patriots.

    How’s that for a shocker? Per CSN New England’s Tom Curran, the Pats’ compensation is “rumored” to be a third-rounder. The deal can’t be finalized until the Vikings work out a new contract for Moss, which Glazer says the sides are currently addressing. Brett Favre has long pined for deep threat Moss as a teammate. It looks like he may get his wish, putting to rest speculation that he could walk away later this season if the Vikes don’t turn it around. Oct. 5 – 7:56 pm et

    wow and if sydney rice comes back my god what an offense..mmmmm

    • Bruins says:

      Moss takes the top off the defence and demands double teams. Rice is a Moss clone (albeit with less speed). Harvin in the slot. Shiancoe at TE. Oh yeah and there’s still AP in the backfield.

      The redzone is where it gets ridiculous. Moss, Rice and Shiancoe? Wow.

      Still rumours but goddamn.. get this done Vikings!

      • #4 says:

        From a Pats perspective I dont get this at freaking all. With Moss gone your going to have what? 3 WIked undersized albiet speedy and tricky white guys scoring all the points?

        With moss Gone WElker gets #1 Coverage then Edelman #2 then Hernadez doesnt get to burn the 4th-5th string coverage and probably his #’s will slow down.

        Can we really rely on Whitehead and Green-ELlis to carry the running game with no moss deepthreat spreading out the D. TRade doesnt make sense are the Pats going to blow this season up wtf…

  79. #4 says:


    Glad my preference of Boston Teams is

    BUt still thats like trading Chara for a 3rd rounder I dont get it.

    • Bruins says:

      They think that Edelman and Tate can step up. They can’t stretch the field like Moss though…

      This is epic for the Vikings.

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