Chara signs – 7 years $45.5 million

According to NESN, Zdeno Chara has re-signed with the Bruins for 7 more years worth a total of $45.5 million.  His annual cap hit will be $6.5 million per season.  The contract will end when Chara is 41 years old. 

Re-signing Chara was obviously a priority of Chiarelli’s list, however the length of the contract may make this deal a bad one in the long run.  Chara is the leader of this defense but will he really be able to preform at the same level when he’s 39, 40, or 41 years old? Probably not. Only time will tell if this deal works out in favor of the Bruins.  Right now, starting next season is $6.5 million a bargain for Chara? Absolutely.  However, as the league brings in younger and faster players over the years will Chara still be that top notch shutdown defenseman?  His skating isn’t the greatest to begin with, in seven years there’s obviously going to be more of a drop off. 

UPDATE: According to capgeek, here is a breakdown of Chara’s salary and cap hits.

2011-2012 $8,500,000 $8,500,000 $6,916,666
2012-2013 $6,000,000 $6,000,000 $6,916,666
2013-2014 $8,000,000 $8,000,000 $6,916,666
2014-2015 $7,000,000 $7,000,000 $6,916,666
2015-2016 $7,000,000 $7,000,000 $6,916,666
2016-2017 $5,000,000 $5,000,000 $6,916,666
2017-2018 $4,000,000 $4,000,000 $4,000,000

37 Responses to Chara signs – 7 years $45.5 million

  1. ccm says:

    Great moves by the B’s, I have a feeling Chara will return to more of form from two years back, he just didn’t have as much physicality last year. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS GAME TO START!!!

  2. Gcole says:

    Well the powerplay pickedup where it left off last year

  3. moast says:

    My 5 from the first:

    1- Hunwick should be traded….bottom line!
    2- The defense needs a legit top 2 puck mover
    3- Rask is a beast!
    4- Wheeler actually looks stronger and more physical
    5- Savvy is sorely missed as shows with 4pp fails!

    I know its the first period of the forst game but Im just sayin what I saw….thought?

  4. North B says:

    Rask looks good, Wheeler is still a pussy..

  5. oneandonly#4 says:

    More reactive than being proactive. The B’s need to push the envelope here & slow the yotes with their physicality. Enough of this passivity – grow some balls!!

  6. willisss says:

    Tuukka is the balls

  7. Kurt says:

    I think the glaring difference is the Bruins team is comprised of slower puck possession type players. This is not a fast team and they are playing on a big sheet. conversely I think that Phoenix has a much faster team. I am pissed to think that Spooner and Caron are not playing for this team and useless players like Ryder are.

  8. willisss says:

    4 breakaways…can’t stop em all…this is fucking pathetic

  9. ELWOPPO says:

    I say 5-1 final…..if were lucky! If not 5-0!!!!!!!

    • Bruins says:

      Have we gotten a good chance all game? We’re being held to the outside every play by the Coyotes defense. Bryzgalov won’t let one in if that keeps up.

  10. Bruins says:

    Holy epic defensive fail this is awful. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen any defense be so terrible. What is that now 5 clear breakaways from the other Coyotes blueline? Rask has actually played awesome. If not for him we’re getting murked like 10-0 if not more after two periods. That’s how bad it’s been.

    Offensively there hasn’t really been anything to talk about. I think Horton and Krejci look pretty good but Lucic has been invisible.

    Seguin with Paille and Ryder? You sure are an expert on dealing with young players coming into the league, Julien…

    As for Z’s contract I think it’s fair. He shouldn’y lose too much of his game when he gets older because so much of his game relies on his reach and positioning. Good deal.

  11. mook says:

    best defenseman tonight is ference.

  12. Bruins says:

    So now we come out like crazy when the game is already lost. Nice to see Horton with his first as a Bruin though. What a shot!

  13. Bruins says:

    Horton again! Comeback maybe???

  14. UEDkop says:

    Marchand is so bad. I forgot how much I dislike him.

  15. Kurt says:

    Julienne sucks!

  16. Birdman2403 says:

    Hahaha…here we go again. Here are my few points:

    1) Why is Hunwick on 1st P.P. Bergeron,Boychuk,Seidenberg al better options !
    2)Giveaways cost us the game…Recchi and Paille brutal in this department.
    3)Get Marchand out….never will be NHL player !

    Rask looked good…Timmy tomorrow.

  17. oneandonly#4 says:

    You get what you pay for in this league. A piss-poor 40 minute effort gets you a loss. No effort = no points!!

  18. Kurt says:

    Birdman……Couldn’t agree more that’s why CJ sucks. The only person in mid season form is Katherine Tappen is looking good! 😛

  19. Andy says:

    Guys, I watched the 2nd half of the game and they looked like there were getting quality scoring chances, but sounds like they were pretty shitty in the 1st half. Those giveaways were fucking brutal, too.

    Good to see Horton net a couple. Guy has a wicked wrister. If Saavy comes back soon, I can see 40+ easy, although I think he’s comfortable w/ Krecji.

    As for Chara, it is too long & for too much money. As he gets older, as someone pointed out, the speed of the game might take its toll. However, you can’t argue with a 6.5 mil hit, as opposed to 7.5. I just wish it would’ve been a 5 yr/32.5 or 4 yr/26.5. It is what it is, though.

    As for this game, let’s take it easy. It’s one game. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I say that Bartowski is up w/ the club & Hunwick is sent down by the end of October. Lastly, looks like 2.5 mil could’ve been spent on a younger, puck-moving D than the lethargic Ference. Shittiest signing (not trade) of PC’s career…

  20. mook says:

    i say we…

  21. goosegoose says:

    Kessel has been a beast and so have the leafs…

  22. pearson says:

    god i cant take this site. so pessimistic. we are 0-1. and playing a solid team, IN EUROPE. everyone needs to relax 110%

    everyone is right though, hunwick is trash, ryder doesnt have time to improve now, and wheeler is def. a lost cause.

    but hey, at least horton is on pace to score 164….

    • Bruins says:

      I think 164 is unrealistic, no way he keeps that up. Expect something around 100 goals at the end of the season.

      First two periods were shit today, no other way around it, especially on defense. The third period we looked great though. And I think you have to give some credit to the Coyotes today. They were awesome. I mean that passing play on I think their 4th goal? Not too much you can do about that, just a great play.

  23. #4 says:

    What was hunwick today a -4??? At least 3 goals were him having nobody covered. I want to see Bartkowski and Caron in bench Hunwick/Paille/Marchand.

  24. Gcole says:

    Im loving the Horton krejci lucic line

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