Thomas to get the start

According to Joe Haggerty of CSN, Tim Thomas will be starting in net today.  Claude Julien does not usually like to play a goaltender on back-to-back days, so the 4 goals allowed yesterday by Rask (none his fault) are not the reason for the switch.  Also Haggerty tweets that Jordan Caron will be in the lineup. Here is the rest of the lineup





With Caron inserted into the lineup, Daniel Paille will be the healthy scratch.  Paille played a horrible game yesterday and single-handedly allowed the third goal- allowing Upshall a clean breakaway from the Bruins blue line.  Hopefully Julien continues to hold players accountable for their actions as the season continues.  Now is the time to give the young players the opportunity to show their skill, especially at the expense of underperforming, overpaid wingers (also see Michael Ryder and Blake Wheeler).

UPDATE: According to the Boston Globe, Andrew Ference is already nursing an injury.  Ference is being paid as a top 4 defenseman on this team, and granted, he could be. However, the guy is never healthy and would have never received that much money or that many years on the open market. Just another questionable move in Chiarelli’s recent contract history.


129 Responses to Thomas to get the start

  1. goosegoose says:

    thomas has some new paint… And why is cherelli handcuffing this team?

  2. Bearblood68 says:

    Hope we see the real Bruins in this game.

  3. Hendrik says:

    hope we didn’t see the real bruins yesterday

  4. willisss says:

    Tons of shots and nothing to show for it. At least theyr skating

  5. Bearblood68 says:

    Luuuuuuch! Yeah baby

  6. Hendrik says:

    Horton is a BEAST!!!!!!!!

  7. willisss says:

    So nathan horton sucks…

    • goosegoose says:

      yea lets trade horton to toronto for a 1st 1st 2nd 2nd and 3rd…

      • goosegoose says:

        although kessel has been a beast so far this year… but it think seguin will be worth it…but torontos pick may not be as good this year

      • Bruins says:

        Kessel is so one dimensional. Seguin isn’t the goal scorer he is but is better at every other facet of the game, as an 18 year old.

      • Bruins says:

        And Horton is the Kessel replacement. The guys shot is almost as good and he brings a way more complete game.

  8. Bearblood68 says:


  9. goosegoose says:


  10. Bruins says:

    Seguin babyyyyyyyyyyyy! New additions working out nice. Where’s the assist on that one Horton?

  11. Hendrik says:

    Seguin! SUCK IT LEAFS HAHA!!

  12. WARD says:

    ryder making a good play?

  13. Bruins says:

    Why the hell are we giving up so many SH opportunities?

  14. willisss says:

    Honestly, I am not trying to take anything away from timmy, but tuukka got such a bad deal. This team was like night and day, had we played like this yesterday, it would have looked better. Timmy played well, aside from the luck, but rask is who needs to be in the net

  15. ryan says:

    cant wait for bergeron to start producing too… this team has some amazing talent!

  16. Mat A says:

    A post-wedding hangover made me miss this game! Good to see Horton having such an immediate impact!! Nice on Thomas for getting the shutout!

  17. Birdman2403 says:

    Credit where credit is due. I’m not a Marchand fan…but he looked good today ! Seguin….24 more of those coming !

  18. ELWOPPO says:

    T-H-O-M-A-S NIGGA! Never count this guy out, He’s a competitor! The poor basterd gonna make a statement this year! Mark my words!

  19. willisss says:

    soo…now we got a week to kill…scrabble?

  20. Bruins says:

    40 for Horton this year?

  21. pearson says:


    a) horton’s goals
    b) tuuka’s wins
    c) timmy’s wins

    which has a higher total at the end of the season?

  22. mook says:

    c. timym’s wins

    who gets traded first?
    a) ryder
    b) wheeler
    c) hunwick

    if we traded wideman, we can trade ryder (who will turn it up for the next 20 games or so)

    • Bruins4life13 says:

      id say most likely ryder, hes on a contract year and we could maybe get some reasonable prospects or picks for him althought i would like this deal

      Bos: Ryder, Tor 1st pick

      Chi: Sharp, Chi 1st pick, Chi 3rd pick

      • pearson says:

        not sure the money works out… sharp also makes 4 mil.

        not to mention hes a center.

        i always thought the islanders would be a good fit. they need to take on money, and ryder/tavares could work out well. blake comeau is a guy that still has upside and could be a cheap player that could imitate ryders potential numbers.

        ryder, 3rd rounder FOR blake comeau, matt martin/justin didenidetto

  23. mook says:


    how long until the “trade tuukka” rumours start? don’t forget…thomas is a great goalie.

  24. seguin>hall says:

    Wheeler, seguin, and ryder for crosby and malkin

  25. chief says:

    How long before that marshmallow head returns from post CUNCUSSION syndrome? What do u guys think?

  26. moast says:

    Did I read that correctly….Andrew Ference is injured….nooo…..really?
    Fucking Brutal…..Chia is now in a tough spot!
    Hunwick, Wheeler and a pick for Kaberle?
    We need defence, and throw Bartkowski in Hunwicks spot.
    They need a top d man to solidify this defence, especially without Ramsey in the system!

  27. jmed says:

    Anyone read that ryder isn’t top on the chopping block when savard and sturm are healthy….. does this mean Ference is going to be gone and Paile

  28. Mook says:

    why do u hate ference so much? he plays well when he plays!

    he is just made of glass.

  29. Bruins says:

    Wisniewski gets 2 games for calling Avery a cocksucker. Same number of games as Jones for nearly killing Bergeron and 2 more than Cooke for fucking Savard’s career up. Gotta love the NHL.

  30. Bruins4life13 says:

    well how about this:

    Bos players: M.Ryder, Tor 1st pick, Bos 1st pick 2012

    Nyi players: N.Niederreiter, B.Comeau, Nyi 4th pick

    nyi gets ryder, and 2 1st picks and boston gets a top prospect and a cheap replacement for ryder boston might have to give alittle more such as a dan paille type player

    • Bruins says:

      Top notch prospects that have just been drafted never get traded.

      • moast says:

        Agreed…..but something is going to happen soon. If Ference is down and out, along with the slugish start, will have to trade to solidify this d corp:


        As well as the forwards….I mean really, we have Savvy and Sturm coming back. Will Caron go back down? Will they get rid of Paille? the forwards are good right now but add last years top scorer and savvy?


        I’d like to see Hunwick, Ference, Paille, Ryder gone….maybe even Wheeler?

      • #4 says:

        Moast I agree after watching the 2 leafs games Chara/Kaberle may be the best D pair in the league if it could happen.

        Id like to ship Ryder/Hunwick/Considerations over for him if at all possible.

        Then line up


  31. bruinnssss says:

    anyone know what end of the seat chart the bruins shoot twice? is it loge 6 and 7 or 17 and 18 at the other end?

  32. Mook says:

    2 games in and we’re talking trades?

    • UEDkop says:

      Seriously. Ryder looked great and if Wheeler just sticks to shooting and stays away from trying to make plays he’ll be fine. Hunwick wasn’t all that bad either, and we have enough depth in Providence to replace him if need be. We saw what Caron could do in place of Paille. Hell, even Marchand looked capable.

      If the Bruins remember that they are actually hockey players and CAN skate, there will be plenty of 3-0 wins in the future. Changing the roster could only hurt us at this point.

  33. backbruin says:

    Marc Savard (concussion) worked out on a stationary bike on Wednesday while his teammates practiced.

    According to GM Peter Chiarelli, the Boston center will take an exertion test of a 15- or 20-minute bike ride and he said that he is progressing!!

    sounds positive, he deserves it!

  34. Bruins4life13 says:

    this comment is adressed to MOAST, we dont knw for sure if savard will even be coming back and if he does we might have good enough chemistry to be honest in the playoffs with the exception of the ot goal in game 1, he sucked and shoouldnt have rushed back to ice time. as for getting kabrele, we have cap issues as it is idont think we can afford to take on another 4.25 million

    • moast says:

      Understandable….but I am meaning that they have a full roster right now and at some point will need to fit in Sturm (top scorer last year), and Savard (will be a ppg player again). This means that two of the roster spots will have to be moved or back to the minors. This is where my dilema is at. I don’t want to see Caron in the minors and it also seems like Marchand and Ryder are playing pretty good too.
      My point was that the top 6 d on this team aren’t that good. I’d love to see this:


      Bartkowski replaces Hunwick and Ference can go fuck himself…..yah he is good but is too fragile to rely on.

      So with the addition of two top forwards, they will have to move someone. Why not trade one of the forwards along with Hunwick/ference and picks/prospects and get the top 4 player they need to make a cup run. I’m sure they can manage that under tha cap, depends on who they move.

      The D looks awful and with Fragile Ference injured and the loss of Ransey……need a top 4 Dman.

  35. #4 says:

    I just think they need a true top 2. I know its early and philly did good with pronger carying the load but id like to see

    obv. I view hunwick+ferrence as completely expendable and ryder as well for his money. thats like 7mil but IDk how that works out with the sav-sturm situation.

  36. willisss says:

    I think I’m the only person here who is pro hunwick. When he starts scoring, and he will, you guys will see. His plus minus his first year was off the marks, soph slumps happen. I will admit he has clear giveaways but let him fall into a groove until your ready to throw him to the dogs

    • Bruins says:

      I usually never judge a player by +/- as there’s so many variables that can lead to it. All I know is that his turnovers are Wideman-like.

      • willisss says:

        +/- rating is such an underrated stat

      • Bruins says:

        Underrated? I think it’s an ok stat to use in the right context. Just saying someone is probably a good all around player if they have a good +/- doesn’t cut it. You have to look at how good the team is at 5 on 5 play and the level of competition they faced.

        Hunwick was a +15 but he did it on the best 5 on 5 team in the league while playing on a defense pairing that would almost never face top offensive competition.

        It’s like Bergeron was an underwhelming +6 last year, but he did that while playing on a goal-starved team while facing the top offensive opponents every night.

  37. Mook says:

    i like hunwick too. before his spleen exploded, he was great!

    ok soo…

    who starts on saturday?

    thomas or rask?

  38. backbruin says:

    The golden rule is Thomas after the shutout but considering the wait I believe they’ll go back to Rask!!

    win win

  39. jmed says:

    Hunwick is at a major turning point in his career, he could be a great dee or we will chase him out of town like we always do. I would give him a few months before we get on his case

  40. Bruins says:

    I say we go with Rask on saturday and then have them split the Washington games.

  41. Bruins4life13 says:

    Bos players:

    M.Ryder,Tor 1st pick, Bos 1st pick

    TB players: S.Downie TB 1st pick, TB 2nd pick

  42. Bruins4life13 says:

    what do u guys think?

  43. backbruin says:

    I think your wack! wtf are you talking about dude…Ryder should go to the khl so he can disappoint the russians for the next 5 years!

    The Leaf pick is slowly becoming worse as we go “what you talkin bout willis” says were two games in!

    go grab some beer and forget about hockey for a night!

  44. CCMGoalie says:

    Look the fact of the matter is this: We do need someone to step up and take control of that top 2 spot on D, whether in a trade or by someone taking command. I think Stuart could be that guy, keep in mind our Defense, for the most part, is still fairly young. Trading away a Hunwick (I’m not a huge fan of him right now either) or someone before we see what they have the potential to be would be stupid. Give it time, I think Stuart is about to have a big year and very well could take a top D spot. I’m not against trading Ference because he is WAY too fragile for the NHL. I do, like Willisss, however think it is WAY too early to be overly concerned with trades and dropping certain guys. Give it some time, let everyone have a chance to settle back in on North American soil and play some games. The Bruins are going to be a team to beat in the Northeast this season, they just need to figure the system out again and make it work.

    • CCMGoalie says:

      Also +/- is a bush league stat because it doesn’t always mean the player himself is making things happen. It wasn’t two years ago when Wideman was top 7 in the league for +/- and then tanked.

      • willisss says:

        Wideman’s home +/- was 2nd to last out of every single D-man in the NHL last year. bush league stat?

    • UEDkop says:

      Surely I’m not the only one who think Seidenberg is a Top 2 D-man. I also think that Boychuk and Stuart have the potential to be top 2 D-men. We have Bartkowski in Providence and Hunwick will either come around or be shipped out. Is 2 games in the time to evaluate where Hunwick is going? No. Do I think at some point a trade will be made? Probably. But it’s useless and unfaithful to our B’s to speculate right now. They looked like cup winners on Sunday. Show some support!

  45. willisss says:

    you got me there, I do in fact like hunwick. i actually like all bruins because i am a real bruins fan, not some dip shit who is ready to blow up the team after 2 games. bruinsfairweatherfan4life13

    • Bruins4life13 says:

      im not ready to blow up the team im ready to get rid of the dead weight and dead salary cap space to IMPROVE the team i know they have only played 2 games, but if those two are a sign of wahts to come its discusting. they can lose 5-2 and then beat the same team 3-0 the next game? thats not very consistant, and the way to win in this league is to be consistant every single game. and as for the dip shit part, im pretty sure i know more about hockey than you besides how old are you anyways

      • Bruins4life13 says:

        because you know, i am a coach of the fort wayne comets

      • willisss says:

        This is a bruins blog, not a dick measuring contest, relax. You can’t judge the consistancy of a hockey team after 2 games, it doesn’t matter “how old” someone is to know that.

      • Bruins4life13 says:

        wanna bet the bruins wont hit a four game or higher win streak this whole year?

      • willisss says:

        i hear the bluejackets are looking for fans, maybe you should find their blog

      • willisss says:

        and sorry for questioning a coach of the mighty and prestigious powerhouse hockey team that is the fort wayne comets

      • Bruins4life13 says:

        hey willis? who do you coach and why dont you type in the name al sims into google and see what comes up before you judge me
        and we are mighty we won the championship in 08-09

      • willisss says:

        google search my balls, big al

      • pearson says:

        hahaha i googled the fort wayne comets. turns out its not the fort wayne COMETS, but rather the KOMETS.

        thats unfortunate.

        oh and in case you were wondering, bro, williss was my coach for District-5 pee wee hockey up in minneapolis back in the 90’s.

        gordan bombay mother fuckerrrrrrrr

      • willisss says:

        its true, i taught him the triple deke…quarter of an inch pearson…quarter of an inch

      • Bruins says:

        Coach Bombay huh? Coach Wolf ‘The Dentist’ Stansson here, you might have heard of me. I know a thing or two about Icelandic hockey.

        All I have to say to Bruins4theday13 is that the Comets are going down, that’s where you’re going.

  46. mook says:

    hey backbruin, the leafs won 3 games out of 82. you got your parade-planning notebook out?

    that’s still a top-10 pick.

    hey let’s trade noone. we can’t have a team with 20 superstars. let these guys get a few games under their belt, then we’ll see. worst case scenario is cam straps on some pads and plays RW with seguin and wheeler.

    oates, ranford and tocchet to washington for allison, carter and the net detective. maybe the caps will throw-in lee goren…who knows.

  47. Bruins says:

    I think Bruins4theday13 has a point. I’m pretty sure the Blackhawks never alternated between a win and loss last year.

    Hell, the Flyers were probably even more incosistent than we were last year and they made the Finals.

  48. ELWOPPO says:

    Cant we all just get along???? Lol

    • #4 says:

      This coming from you?? Haha

      I project the B’s will need a true top2 dman come the Deadline for a real cuprun, but your all rite its only been 2 games maybe somebody can really step it up.

      BTW leafs now 4-0, is this fake life?

  49. pearson says:

    ps guys, i work for the bridgeport sound tigers, and i coached a peewee team 2 years ago for community service. also, i used to fill up the water bottles for my older brothers high school team. SO I THINK I KNOW ALOT MORE ABOUT THE NHL AND WHAT EVERY TEAM IS ABOUT TO DO THIS SEASON. THE BRUINS ARE 1-1 AND LOOK AWFULLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!! OMGGG

    jesus! williss, i think there might be a job opening with some team in fort wayne; if your interested… eklund is reporting E5 that their coach is going to be fired for “imitating” that “i-am-sam” movie everyday.

  50. Richardo says:

    You gotta love the NHL Waivers this year….

    Redden – $6.5 mil
    Huet – $5.625
    Souray – $5.4
    Nylander – $4.875
    Finger – $3.5

    That’s almost $26 mil being paid to 5 guys who don’t even play in the NHL (at this moment)… Add a soon to be Ryder @ $4 mil and you almost have $30 mil for players… That shit is nuts!!

  51. backbruin says:

    Hey mook, i’d invite you to the parade, but i’m sure you’ll already be attending one at that time!!!I don’t have to say it do I!

    4-0 leafs aren’t as bad as you guys think and believe me i hate to my core admitting that!

    And by the way mr. smart guy, i don’t think their making the playoffs but don’t expect a top 5 pick!

  52. backbruin says:

    Anyways let’s get this ball rollin tonight, i want to see effort out of these guys!!3 periods of hustle and we should be able to run over the 16 player bench of the devils!

  53. Bruins says:

    Timmy’s getting the start tonight.

  54. N.Horton18 says:

    hey guys, leave this Bruins4life guy alone hes clearly starved for attention so just back off him lol

    especially you williss hes prolly some 13 year old kid trying to act tough, so just ignore him

  55. Vince Mendella says:

    Can’t wait for tonight!! Anybody know if the game is broadcast anywhere?

  56. ELWOPPO says:

    The holy Quran kids! 1-1

  57. hendrik says:

    2-1 ryder. Incredible the guy can score

  58. Gcole says:

    Hmm looks like seguin and ryder are good together.. Didn’t see that one coming

  59. hendrik says:

    if ryder can keep it up, its gonna be a harder decision what to do about the cap when savvy and sturm return

  60. ccm says:


  61. UEDkop says:

    So I take back everything I’ve said about Marchand. He’s scrappy but he’s fitting right in with Campbell and Thorton. Love that line, they were the best in the game.

  62. willisss says:

    Ryder is dead weight, let’s trade him

  63. Haus says:

    Chiarelli should be working the phones as we speak. I think its time to move some parts and rebuild this year.

  64. Bruins says:

    Timmy is a man on a mission this year. I love it.

  65. willisss says:

    is it tuesday yet?

  66. mook says:

    captain jumpthegun says:
    let’s extend ryder.

    hunwick had a pretty good game too, no?

    • Bruins says:

      Yep last game proves that Ryder should be locked up long-term and Hunwick is our number 1 defenseman. Also I think it’s about time we cut Bergeron from the team.

  67. Bruins says:

    Lol I love how Leafs fans are chirping Bruins fans about Kessel during one of his streaks. It’s cute how they still don’t realize what kind of player Kessel is. I predict that late November they’ll be calling for his head when he’s put up 1 goal in the last 15 games.

    • N.Horton18 says:

      lol id agree with that anydy of the week
      i also predict that by late november seguin will have more points than kessel

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